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mouse-fantoms · 6 months
…you ever think about the fact that this picture exists… but we never saw this moment
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Bc that’s from episode 6 when they practice for Finally Free bc Luke just got back from his parents from his birthday bc he’s in his sad flannel and all we see of this moment is the moment before when Alex does a count off of “1, 2, 3, 4-” and then it cuts to the next scene.
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jukeboxtheatre · 1 month
Tumblr media
Okay. But this???
Is this something they did regularly? How did they communicate that it was happening? Could Luke and Reggie just make eye contact and then turn to Alex and nod their heads?? And Alex would just shake his?? And they nodded again??? And Alex just caves with his beautiful grin?? and moves back a few paces to run up?? It’s rehearsed!! Did they just randomly practice crowd surfing?? Why do they do it here?? It’s so random????
gif from [x]
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breatheslife · 11 months
queer on queer violence in media is so fucking funny to me. like caleb from jatp really saw alex simping too hard for willie and was like ‘look at this miserable little twink. how embarrassing. im gonna make his life hell’
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i outright r e f u s e to believe that Luke’s last words (and the boys’ last words, for that matter) to Bobby were “he had a hamburger for lunch”
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artistmarchalius · 9 months
Tumblr media
Tidied up some of my favourite JatP sketches from the ol’ sketchbook. Have some Alex’s!
I really enjoyed this show, I watched it on repeat during the autumn months. Such a shame it got cancelled.
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Okay so I've spent like a good 2 hours finding posts about Netflix's newest... Jerk move... By canceling Julie and the Phantoms.
There's a bunch of petitions to sign but there's also one thing I found out we can do, we can go to Netflix they have a request form where we can request they bring back Julie and the phantoms.
Apparently that's what they did for sense8 when Netflix canceled it (my older sister told me and we've been talking about it for the past hour when she found out)
So spread the word to try and bring it back.
This show means a lot to me. It helped me find myself when I was trying to grieve the loss of my grandfather who taught me it was cool to be myself. Its also got the most representation I've seen. I mean a gay ghost with anxiety? Close platonic friendships? Close family who aren't always arguing? Latinos that aren't completely stereotyped? People who can both sing, dance and play sports (troy from HSM must be jealous)?
But seriously its a great show and a lot of people really want it back.
@lukesorangebeanie @jaskiers-sweetkiss
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tiercel13 · 6 months
I have rewatched Julie and the Phantoms twice in three days.
Am I hyperfixating? Yes.
Has my fashion sense changed thanks to a 90s rocker with a sleeve allergy and one bisexual bassist? Absolutely
Am I crying over how adorable every relationship is, even the ones that aren't that great? Of course
Am I complaining? Heck no
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a-tomb-with-a-view · 1 year
Alex is the bad influence in willex and Alex is absolutely aware of this and thinks it’s really funny that half the people in his life think Willie is the bad influence, because sure he’s usually seen as the most sensible member of sunset curve but c’mon man on their first date Willie helped him with his anxiety and then like two weeks later Alex asked him to steal a tour bus
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stephxbrown · 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Empty chairs at empty tables, where my friends will sing no more
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Alex on the outside:
Tumblr media
Alex on the inside:
Tumblr media
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mouse-fantoms · 1 month
I would give more than anything to be spooked by them on Halloween:
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jukeboxtheatre · 10 days
concept: sunset curve doing overly cheesy renditions of one direction songs
like this ^
but sunset curve
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julie-and-her-himbos · 5 months
Reggie: Good night Luke! I love you!
Luke: I love you more Reg!
Reggie: We love you too, Alex
Alex, sharing a room with them: Thanks guys, I was honestly feeling a little left out
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Reblog if you’re not Owen Patrick Joyner
we will find him through process of elimination, because he can’t reblog this >:)
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…I did it…
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