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sunny-little-yang · 2 days ago
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the official description for the owl house panel at nycc this week!! dana, sarah, mae, alex, zeno, and cissy are all gonna be there!!
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mohammadask18 · 2 days ago
Still can't stop listening to this song
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chuutoro · 3 months ago
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alex hirsch going rogue… king shit
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alittlelavenderlady · 3 months ago
no one hates on disney more than disney creators and it’s my favorite thing ever
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rabdoidal · 3 months ago
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please watch this video of real ass complaints alex hirsch got for his work on gravity falls, it is comically bad
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senterri · 3 months ago
Remember not to praise Disney itself for diversity and inclusion in new Baymax show. You should be thanking animators and directors for pushing this idea which Disney was probably 100% opposed to in the first place. Remember leaked emails written to Alex Hirsh? Don't get fooled.
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soyalexnajera · 3 months ago
What does this sound to you?
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thechainlink · a month ago
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While I always condone piracy from large corporations, it should never be the only means of watching a movie or series, since it both limits the audience and hurts the careers of those involved, especially with the absence of physical media releases and the attempt to seemingly erase all evidence of them from the internet.
The important thing to do now is continue to spread awareness and support of those series so that they remain in the public consciousness. That includes sharing torrents, making your own copies (preferably physical ones) and creating fan content so that more people know about them.
We shouldn’t have to deal with an entire generation of lost media just because some penny-pinching cunt on a stick decided that they’re not worth supporting anymore.
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stuttersteps · 3 months ago
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and they were……. buddies…. alex hirsch saw disney jumping on the rainbow capitalism train and putting gravity falls in their pride collection and went “remember when you said no homo?”
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hkthatgffan · 3 months ago
Alex Hirsch just posted a video on Instagram that Joe Pitt made on the day that Gravity Falls was greenlit!
All the way back in 2009!!
A perfect way to wrap up the 10 year anniversary of Gravity Falls premiering!
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derrickwildsun · 3 months ago
That video of Alex Hirsch reading S&P notes for Gravity Falls conveys a few things to me:
1) the U.S. entertainment industry (especially animation) is run by older conservative types who make up offensive terms and get really mad about them.
2) the people who run Disney would be the first to fall in line with a fascist regime.
3) most of the media we consume is tailor-made and watered-down to appeal to the tastes of older, deeply religious conservative audiences.
4) conservatism, not the left, is and always has been the biggest voice of censorship in American culture.
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pandoratheprocrasticreator · 4 months ago
they should keep up the trend of disney creators absolutely HATING disney. luz lamenting about how they could have gone to the beach if they had “time for twenty other adventures.” steve the coven guard voiced by alex hirsch crying at the two gay old ladies when disney didn’t let them put the gay old ladies in gravity falls. last episode when severine voiced by dana terrace quit her job from the vague directing and demanding but unrewarding environment of her workplace. pretty sure in amphibia polly disemboweled a mouse toy and hop pop yelled “eat the rich” while chopping a robot’s arm off with a guillotine. someone add more examples i wanna start a collection
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soyalexnajera · 3 months ago
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spookiew · 3 months ago
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the verdict is in
Edit: Now on Redbubble, see my other reblog for more info.
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stephreyna · 3 months ago
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For context, Kevin Manthei was the composer for Invader Zim
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