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babe had no idea there was a camera
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Tumblr media
A Detective and a Gentleman
James Patrick March x Colin Zabel xFem!Reader
TW: Mentions of murder, swearing, smut, oral (relieving)
AN: Sorry if this sucked. Still getting used to writing smut. Please excuse and spelling or grammatical errors
Tumblr media
“I just love that dress!”
Liz sweeps her eyes across your exquisite figure as you waltz into the Blue Parrot Lounge, draped in an intricately beaded floor length black gown with an open back and thigh-high slit. It was expensive. An original design flown out all the way from Paris. A gift from your beloved husband who had picked it out himself. For you, no expense was too outrageous. Not for his best gal.
Well, thank you, Liz.” You beam, doing an elegant pageant turn so she could get the full effect. You felt like a regal queen in it. Radiantly stunning. “James bought it for me. Custom tailored to fit me, even. Isn’t he just a dream?”
Liz tilts her head, admiring the garment before sighing longingly “That man of yours has excellent taste. Wish I could find a man that worships me as much as he does you.” You knew that you had gotten lucky with James. He was everything you could’ve hoped for and more. A true gentleman to you as well as a handsome, compassionate lover. A bit possessive at times but you knew it was out of only love. And he gave you the purest form of it.
“And here he comes now.” She winks. You turn around to find him standing across the room, staring at you in amazement, a glimmer in his dark eyes. No matter how many years have passed between the two of you, he always gazed upon you as if the sun shown for only you. His golden goddess.
He approaches you with lustful eyes, taking in the beautiful, priceless gown he had chosen for you. He had worried that he had gotten your measurements wrong but was thoroughly pleased once he realized that the old thing fit you like a glove. He should’ve known that it would. He knew your body like the back of his hand.
“Afternoon, Liz.” He greets in his booming voice. He always gave his undivided attention to whomever he was speaking to, making them feel special. It was one of the many things about him that you adored. “Mr. March.” Liz smiles “Anything I can make for you?” Liz gestures to the selection of libations behind the bar, already knowing exactly what he wanted. An old-fashioned with extra bitters. He was a simple man.
“My usual, would you please?” He answers before turning towards you, smiling his trademark smile that made you weak in the knees. “And a wonderful evening to you as well, my dearest.” He takes your hand in his, pressing a kiss to the back of it as he always does. His kisses were your love language. “I must say, my betrothed, you look magnificently ravishing in that dress tonight. I could’ve sworn you were attempting to give me heart palpitations.”
You giggle at your husband. Anyone else would find his compliments peculiar but, to you, they were absolutely endearing. “May I have a word with you in private, my dear? It’s rather urgent and simply cannot wait.” A look of worry passes onto his face, causing yours to do the same. “Of course, my love.” You agree. He begins to lead you someplace more private, pressing his hand against your bare back as he guided you. His loving touches made you feel warm inside.
He pulls you into the nearest private room, closing the door securely before speaking with you. “My dear, I’m afraid I have to be the bearer of bad news. I just got word that a gentleman detective will be stopping into the hotel tonight to investigate our…..activities here. I am at a loss for what to do.”
You knew where this was going. It always went this way in these situations. He wanted to kill this man. He wanted to murder him and dispose of the body to prevent him from exposing the going-on’s of his establishment. This isn’t the first time that an investigation threatened to ruin your husband and his reputation.
“I deeply apologize, dearest, but I am left with no choice. It simply has to be done.” You shake your head in disagreement. You didn’t like going against your husband but you also knew that standing by and letting him kill another soul would do no good and would only draw more suspicion. “James, please forgive me, as I know this isn’t what you want to hear but I believe that killing this man, whoever he is, would be a great mistake on your part. My love, there is so much suspicion already. If you murder this man and he is reported missing, the hotel will be the first place they’ll go to look for him. You’ll only be putting yourself in more turmoil.”
James looks at you before silently turning away, pacing. He knew that you were right. He couldn’t kill this man. It would put not only him but you in danger, as well. And he couldn’t have that. “You’re right, my love. I don’t know what came over me. It simply isn’t the way.” James paces. “I’ll have to resort to other measures.”
“Perhaps we could bribe him somehow?” You suggest, making James stop in his tracks. “Or cause a distraction?” He looks over at you, raising an eyebrow. “I’m just making suggestions.” You put your hands up in surrender. “No, my darling, that’s a stupendous idea. We’ll distract him. Get his mind elsewhere. I know just the way to do it.”
You knew your husband well enough to sense when he was scheming. Once he got an idea into his head, there was no way to talk him out of it. “Dearest, I’ll be in need of your presence tonight when the gentleman arrives.” He catches you by surprise with his statement. He never let you get involved in his business or meetings of any kind.
“James, what are you scheming?” You place your hands on your hips, studying him closely. “My betrothed, you know not to question my genius. All I ask is for you to do as I say.”
“And what exactly is it that you’re asking me to do?” You raise an eyebrow. You knew he didn’t like you like this. He strongly preferred you to be obedient but you weren’t going to budge. You weren’t allowing him to blindly throw you into one of his plans.
“Well, if you must know, I’ll be needing you to use your charm and your beauty to our advantage tonight. I’ll need you to seduce our guest. Make it so that he is thoroughly distracted.”
“James, are you asking me to sleep with the man?”
James stops for a moment, thinking about what it is that he is asking you to do. He certainly didn’t plan on having you, his wife, sleep with a complete stranger but he knew that his hotel and your livelihood was in danger. As much as he was not keen on the idea, he was willing to go there if that was the expense it took.
“My dear, as much as I despise the sheer notion of sharing your affection with another gentleman, I am willing to put my boyish feelings aside in order to save our business. After all, I know in my heart of hearts that you belong to me alone and would never stray. Isn’t that true?”
You look at your husband, studying him closely. He knew as well as you did that he was the love of your life. Your sun, moon, and all of the stars above. You would do anything for him. And him alone. You would kill for him if it ever came to it and it was clearly evident that he would do the same for you without even a hint of intimidation. He held your entire heart and soul in his hands. You trusted him with it entirely. “Yes, my love.” You answer, watching him smile. 
“Good. That’s my gal. Here’s what I’ll need you to do...”
Colin Zabel was hit with an eerie feeling as he stepped into the lobby of Hotel Cortez. He had heard so many things about it but he chalked these things up to be nothing more than tall tales spun from the mouths of exaggerators. Now he wasn't so sure. There was something so....ominous about it. Something off-putting. He couldn’t put his finger on it. 
He approaches the front desk, standing calmly as he rang the service bell. Waiting for someone to greet him. Unbeknownst to him, you were standing on the other side of the wall in the front office, being prepared by your husband. You were changed into a red fringed flapper mini dress. Long enough that it barely covered your voluptuous ass yet short enough that it elongated your sexy legs. James’ favorite asset of yours. 
You glimpse yourself in the mirror in front of you, smoothing down your dress as James came up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist. “My darling, you are quite the vision.” He kisses you lightly on your shoulder, making your body tingle. “Are you prepared?” You look at your husband, nodding. You didn’t want to admit how nervous you were. “Just wait right here, my love. I’ll call for you when it’s time.”
The bell dings again, pulling both you and James back into the moment. You both had a plan to carry out. He gives you a quick peck on the cheek before turning to the door, leaving you alone in the room to wait. You knew exactly when he would be needing you. You press your body against the door, listening carefully to the exchange between your husband and the man. You needed to be listening in for your cue.
“Welcome, old boy! Is there any way that I can assist you this evening?” James walks up to the front desk, approaching his guest as he stood across from it. The man was tall and clean-cut. Not as well put together as James was himself but the man looked professional. Serious. 
“Are you the owner of the hotel? I’m looking for a Mr. James Patrick March. Do you know where I can find him?”
“That would be I.” James announces, watching the man with a plastered on smile. Despite feeling challenged or in trouble, James always stayed polite and collected. “James Patrick March. A pleasure it is to make your acquaintance.” James sticks out his hand, offering up a handshake. The man takes it in his own shaking it in an act of good-manners. Meanwhile, he felt as though something was off-kilter about James. Something just felt strange. The man sounded and looked as though he was a native to the 1920’s, despite it being several years past the decade he replicated.
“I’m Detective Colin Zabel. Nice to meet you, Mr. March. I hate to bother you but I’ve been sent by the local police department to do a search of your building. I’m sure it’s nothing but we’ve been getting a few....complaints. As much as I dislike doing this type of thing, I unfortunately still have to investigate. I’m just coming in to look around, take notes, and then I’ll leave. I’m sure there’s nothing here to worry about.”
James hesitates. Complaints? What type and how many? He couldn’t get it out of his mind. “Of course, old boy. Do you have a warrant?”
Detective Zabel unbuttons his coat, pulling out a neatly folded piece of paper before holding it out for James to take. Once in James’ hands, he reads through it. A printed out mash up of words giving this strange man permission to walk through his building. Looking and touching anything that he pleased. He didn’t like that. Not in the slightest.
“Well then,” James replies, beaming charmingly “How about a grand tour? Unfortunately, I do have previous engagements for this evening but I can arrange for someone else to entertain you. How does that sound?”
“Oh no, I don’t-”
“Dearest?” James calls out “Would you come out here please?”
Before Colin could speak up and inform Mr. March that a tour and a companion would not be necessary, you emerge from the office, immediately catching his eye. In that moment, he could’ve sworn that time had stopped. As well as his heart. 
You glide towards him seductively, the sequins on your gown catching the light as you shone brightly in front of him. He didn’t know what to look at first. Every aspect of you was so beautiful. Your face was angelic and youthful, making him swoon as you stood across from him. Your body was supple and perfect, making his mouth water. But it was your legs that had caught his attention the most. They were long and sexy. Elongated by the pair of pointed red pumps that you had on your feet. You looked like a dream.
James instantly caught sight of him staring. Especially at your legs. His own favorite part of you. He swiftly became jealous. Maybe this would be harder for him than he thought. This man would be touching you. Kissing you. Wrapping his arms around your beautiful body. Giving you pleasure as he allowed it to happen. Usually all of James’ plans were foolproof. But this time, he wasn’t so sure.
James clears his throat loudly, attempting to draw back Colin’s attention. He didn’t like the way that he was ogling you. Not that he could blame the man. You were ridiculously gorgeous. “Darling, would you do me the honor of entertaining Detective Zabel this evening? Give the gentleman the grand tour. Do not spare him any of our best attractions. Understood?”
“Yes, my love.” You turn towards Colin, smiling warmly at him. His breathing catches. You were absolutely beautiful. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Detective Zabel.” You curtsy at the introduction, training your gaze onto him. He was already flustered for you. You didn’t anticipate that you’d have to work hard to seduce him. “My name is Y/N. I’d be honored to entertain you this evening.”
James almost visibly scowls as you take the Detective’s hand in yours, pulling him along as you turn to walk off. He fantasized about cutting the man’s arm off, listening him scream in pain as he continued to beat him with it. With every passing second, he was reminded more and more just why James Patrick March did not like to share. He was a jealous man.
Nevertheless, he tries to hide his rage and discomfort. He would simply power through the torture this detective was unknowingly putting him through. He had to put his fate and his plans in your hands now. He knew that you wouldn’t let him down. All of this would be worth it. “If you both would excuse me, I have some business to tend to. If either of you will be needing me, I can be found in my office.”
Without another word, your husband turns on his heels, stalking off towards the elevators. You try not to frown in front of your guest but you knew something was wrong. Maybe he was taking the consequences of his plan harder than you both had expected. You wanted to run after him but you knew that wouldn’t be what he wanted. He would want you to carry it out so that things could go back to how they were.
“Is he usually like that?” Colin asks, turning to admire you once more.
“Not usually. Only when he’s very busy.” You reply, turning your smile onto him as you direct him to follow you. “Right this way.”
“This place is very-“
“Opulent?” You ask, guiding him down the hall towards your hotel room.
“Yeah. Very. How far back does this decor date?”
“1920’s.” You state proudly “Real Tiffany glass wall sconces. The carpets were imported from Italy. Made with the finest materials available at the time. We’ve spent a fortune on the upkeep. But with something this beautiful, preserving it is worth the price tag.”
“I can see that.” Colin nods approvingly.
“I certainly hope you enjoyed the tour. I especially loved showing you all of my favorite places. I know you’re in a hurry but I was hoping you’d make time to join me for a drink in my room? I have a very extensive bourbon collection that hasn’t been enjoyed in quite some time.”
Colin knew that he should get going. It was late and there was already a long list of things for him to do but he couldn’t turn you down. Not with you looking like that. He lets you lead him into your room, closing the door behind him as you offer him a seat on your plush bed. He sinks into it, enjoying the feeling. It felt expensive. Just like everything else in the place.
You grab two tumblers before reaching for your favorite bourbon. You only drank the best on special occasions or when you were aiming to impress. You were sure that this occasion fit the bill. He thanked you as you poured his drink for him, quickly following by making your own. You couldn’t help but feel slightly worried for this next part. Seduction. For the past few years, you had only engaged in sexual intercourse with James. You hadn’t even gone so far as looking at another man besides him. This was going to be a challenge.
You turn, sitting across from Detective Zabel in a velvet armchair, watching him seductively over your glass as you tilt it to your lips, crossing your long legs. You catch him staring, admiring them longingly.
“You know, Detective.” You start, making your voice sound sultry and inviting. “You are an awfully handsome man.”
Colin blushes at your admission, taking a swig of his bourbon. “Thank you.” He replies. “You’re very beautiful.”
“Is that why you’ve been staring at me all night?” You tease, leaning forward slightly so that he could catch a small glimpse of your cleavage, immediately turning him on.
“Don’t be so coy, detective. I like a man that’s rather….forward with how he feels. Do you wish to sleep with me?”
Colin’s face flushes even redder. He was so embarrassed yet so incredibly aroused by your boldness. “I….I don’t know how to-“
“Because if you wish to sleep with me, I’d comply.” You wink.
“But what about-“
“James? Don’t worry about him, darling.”
“So, he wouldn’t mind if I…”
You throw you head back, laughing softly. “Absolutely not. James and I would consider ourselves to be…free spirits. We sleep with whomever we wish whenever we wish. And, in this case, that would be you.”
Before he could reply, you move from your spot on your velvet chair. Settling into his lap instead. He watches you in amazement as you swiftly down the rest of your bourbon, tossing the glass off to the side, not caring where it landed.
He watches briefly as you cast aside the glass, looking confused before you cup his chin in your hand, turning his gaze back onto you. Instead, he gets lost into your eyes, looking at you adoringly. It was a bit strange to have someone look at you with such passion and hunger besides your husband. You quickly cast the thought aside as fast as it came, turning back to your new momentary lover.
“Aren’t you going to kiss me?”
James had vowed to stay in his office and that’s what he had planned to do. That was until his jealousy and curiosity got the best of him. He knew he had put you up to this. He knew he gave you permission to do this but he couldn’t help but worry. He could only think about what you were doing that very moment. Whether or not this gentleman was treating you nicely. But also hoping not as nicely as he treated you. He was at a loss on what to do.
He tried to talk himself out of it. He knew he should stay in his office and wait until you came to him. When everything was over with and settled. Where you two would move past it and never speak of it again. That’s what he had arranged it to be like but, once he was in the thick of it, he suddenly felt like throwing the plan completely off-course. He had no idea what he had been thinking.
Without as much as a second thought, he rushes out of the room to find you before it was too late. He simply couldn’t allow you to make love to another man that wasn’t him. There was simply no way. He’d just have to kill the gentleman like he originally planned. His life was worth far less to him than the importance of protecting the purity of your marriage. He simply didn’t want to admit it, but he couldn’t risk you enjoying or even falling in love with another man. As much as it was hard to admit, James Patrick March was a jealous son-of a-bitch. And he simply didn’t like to share.
Detective Zabel began kissing you, rolling you over onto the bed as he laid on top of you, his soft lips working against yours. At first, you felt awkward and uncomfortable but within a few minutes, you let yourself go. Completely forgetting about James. There was no reason why you couldn’t enjoy yourself. After all, you were only doing what you were told.
Colin begins to nip at your bottom lip, demanding access. You slightly part your lips, letting him slip his tongue inside as he begins to French kiss you passionately, causing you to tilt your head back. You reach up to snake your hands into his hair, moaning appreciatively into the kiss as he continued to make out with you. It had been so long since your lips had met someone else’s. And, god, did it feel good.
Without warning, he begins to move down to your neck, attacking it with soft, heated kisses before nipping and sucking expertly. Your eyes begin to roll into the back of your head as he finds a sensitive spot, exploiting it as you moan out in pleasure. You felt so guilty that he was making you feel so good.
Your moaning echoed throughout the room as James listened through your hotel room door. He couldn’t stop his heart from pounding wildly. He knew what was going on inside but still couldn’t believe his ears. He hadn’t expected you to be enjoying yourself. Especially not this enthusiastically.
He thought about ramming the door down and beating the gentleman to near death as you watched. Reminding you that you belonged to him. But he knew he couldn’t do that. No matter how enraged he was. He had to behave himself.
He places a hand on the door knob, contemplating going in. He didn’t know if he wanted to risk seeing you in any compromising positions that might anger him further. Just seeing you holding another gentleman’s hand had set his anger ablaze. He couldn’t imagine what would happen if you saw him making love to someone else.
He waited in the hall, listening in. Your moans echoing outside of the door, causing his hands to ball into tight fists. He thought about the knife in his pocket and how quickly he could slit the man’s throat. How he could storm into the room right now and slice it open cleanly. For a moment, he didn’t know what aroused him more. The sound of hearing you being pleasured or the thought of brutally killing your new lover.
Inside the room, Colin was slipping off your dress, leaving soft butterfly kisses upon your shoulders as he let the garment drop to the floor, pooling at your feet. He helps you step out of it before you reach down to remove your heels. “Wait. Can you keep them on, please?” Your core begins to pulsate at the small request. The man didn’t look like the kinky type but you were quickly proven wrong. You decided to obey.
You smash your lips onto his, standing in your prettiest Agent Provocateur bra and pantie set. You had put them on just for the occasion but something told you that they wouldn’t be on your body for long. You wrap your arms around his neck, playing with his hair as he kissed you back hungrily. Fighting for dominance. He grabs your ass, squeezing lightly as you squeak in surprise, causing him to smile into the kiss.
He breaks away, looking you in the eyes. “Can I go down on you?” He asks, his cheeks flushed from the kissing. You silently nod, letting him gently push you down onto the bed before sinking to his knees in front of you. He grabs the back of your thighs, tugging you down to the edge of the bed. Your crotch becoming closer in contact. He places a kiss to your left knee before leaning in to kiss your clothed heat. “So pretty.” He whispers looking up at you.
He reaches up to hook his thumbs into the waistband of your panties, pulling them down your legs slowly. Agonizingly slow. You try to push them down faster, earning a soft laugh from him. “Don’t worry, baby. No need to rush.” He tosses your panties aside before grabbing the back of your thighs once more, hitching them over his shoulders as he drives in to devour you. You gasp loudly at the contact, hands immediately flying to his mess of dark hair.
He groans into your pussy as you tug at his hair, turning him on more. You looked like a work of art, spread out and moaning above him. He couldn’t wait to fuck you. Feeling your walls tightly around him once he sunk himself into you. But he knew that he needed to pleasure you first. He was insistent in making your orgasm before penetrating you.
He begins licking you slowly, running his tongue against your wet folds. Teasing you. “Mmm.” He hums, sending vibrations against your soaking core “You taste amazing.” Just the sound of that alone could’ve made you finish. Without warning, he spreads you open with his fingers before spitting directly onto your pussy. Causing you to gasp in surprise. He smirks, diving back down to tongue fuck you mercilessly.
He eats you out expertly for several minutes, leaving you panting and wanting more. You never thought you could feel like this from anyone else but your husband. It was so wrong but felt so right. “You doing okay?” He asks, coming up briefly to breathe. You nod enthusiastically as his hand snakes up to begin rubbing your clit, immediately earning him a loud moan from your lips. “Good.” He smiles, watching your face contort in pleasure as he rubs you furiously. You didn’t want him to stop. It felt so good. His fast fingers working at you, applying just the right pressure to have you writhing underneath him in pleasure.
He kisses the inside of your thighs before looking up at you with his dark eyes. Playing with your clit at various speeds of his fingers. “You gonna cum for me?”
“You know, the key to female orgasm is digital penetration.”
The both of you freeze, looking over to find your husband standing only a mere few feet away, watching. Inspecting as the detective stimulated you sexually. You didn’t know how long he had been standing there. Your face immediately turns red.
“Why so shy, dearest?” He asks, smoking his tobacco pipe casually “Isn’t it the truth?” You didn’t know what to say, still caught in the act with the other man. You didn’t know whether you should push him away or cover yourself up. But what was the point of trying to be modest now when he had clearly seen it all?
“A good girl uses her words. Darling, you wouldn’t dream of being impolite in front of our guest, would you?” You quickly shake your head, watching as James exhales the smoke from his pipe. “No, sir.” You look closer at him, noticing the bulge in the front of his trousers. He didn’t even try to hide it . He was enjoying this.
He slowly walks over, approaching you and the detective at the edge of the bed, clucking his tongue. “While I appreciate the idea, you’ll have to do a little more than that to satisfy the lady. Move aside, old boy, I’d be pleased to demonstrate.”
Colin looks between you and James, his head reeling. “H-hold on. I didn’t realize that this would be a group thing.”
“No?” James asks, smirking at your guest “Is that not of interest to you?”
“I just thought-“
“Well, old boy, you are more than welcome to step out if you choose. Or feel free to stay and watch. Do whatever you like. But we mustn’t leave a goddess like this unsatisfied. I can’t imagine such a tragedy.” James smiles at him before gesturing for him to move “May I?”
Colin hesitates briefly before rising from his knees, giving your husband room to step in for him. James swiftly takes off his coat, tossing it onto a nearby chair before he takes over where Colin had left off, sinking down to become level with your waiting cunt, dripping wet with anticipation. “Well, darling, at least our guest was courteous enough to prepare you for my arrival.”
Before you could reply, James inserts two finger into your waiting core, curling them just right as he hit your g-spot, earning a loud pornographic moan from you in return. He smirks, looking at you lovingly. “That’s it, my dear.” He quickly inserts another digit “Don’t spare me any of your beauteous noises.”
Your back arches as he continues to finger you, hitting all of the right spots as you arched your back in pleasure, whining and needy for his stimulation. Colin stands by and watches, taking in your pleasure-striken face as you husband fucked your with his fingers. Despite James walking in on the two of you, Colin was harder than ever. The crotch of his pants stretched tightly over his erection. He was still turned on. Even more so now for some reason.
James turns around, eyeing his lingering guest as he continued to work on your pussy. Giving you the satisfaction you needed. “Have a change of heart, old boy? Come. Join us.” Colin thinks for a moment. This was completely out of the sexual norm for him. Sure, he had thought about threesomes before. Just not in this way. He never thought that sharing with another man was something that he’d ever do. Yet, there he was, considering it. He guessed that there was a first time for everything.
He slowly walks back over, joining James on the floor in front of you, not knowing what to do. “Go on, old boy.” James encourages. Colin leans forward, placing his thumb onto your clit. Continuing the assault on you that he was doing before James’ arrival. Once he had started to circle your clit, you gasp out in pleasure. “Oh fuck!” You scream out, panting wildly at the sensation. “That feel good, darling?” James asks.
You were too stunned to speak. Two men working on you in tandem, trying to achieve your orgasm was something you had never even dreamed of. Colin continued rubbing you as James’ fingered your tight walls. Both giving you exactly what you needing, threatening to send you over the edge. Colin begins to suck small purple hickies on your thighs, never letting up on his assault.
“Finish her off, old boy. She’s nearly there.” James rises as Colin quickly takes over, sliding his fingers back into you where your husband’s once were. He attaches his mouth to your clit, sucking sweetly on it. “Oh my god!” You moan, grasping at the bed sheets below you. As you start to feel the familiar feeling of your orgasm quickly approaching, you see James standing above you, switchblade in hand.
Your husband kneels on the bed, taking in your reactions as Colin pleasures you. Without warning, James leans forward, swiftly grabbing the front of your bra before slicing it open with his switchblade, freeing your boobs. As it slides off of your body, your husband looks at you adoringly. Seeing you naked was a sight that never got old. “Dearest, you won’t believe how long I’ve been waiting to do that.”
Leaning down, he begins to suck on your nipples, cupping your breasts in his large hands appreciatively. Colin begins to finger you harder, your arousal dripping down his large hands as you whined and moaned beneath the two men. Feeling your orgasm building. “Oh fu- shit! I’m gonna cum!” Colin sucked harder on your clit, finally sending you to your limit.
You moan out uncontrollably, panting wildly as you used one of each of your hands to hold onto them tightly as you came, digging your nails into them. You were seeing stars as you moaned out loudly, never stopping. A long string of expletives leaving your mouth in the process. You feel your body relax as you finally come down, trying to catch your breath.
“How did we do, darling?” James asks, leaning over to kiss you softly on the forehead “Seems like you’ve gotten our guest quite messy.” You lift your head, looking down at Colin’s arm, soaking wet with your cum. His rolled up sleeve stained lightly at the elbow with your juices. Before you could apologize, he strips it off, tossing it onto the floor as he pops his soaked index and middle finger into his mouth, tasting you.
You almost groan at the sight, making you aroused again. James cups your chin in his hand, turning your face to meet his in a soft kiss. “Don’t worry, my dear.” James growls seductively. “We’re only getting started.”
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new (james march) x (maid!reader)
notes : after doing so many evan’s one shots i think it’s finally time for a james one. Also if you have requested for something, don’t worry i’m not ignoring it. It’s currently in the works of it so yea sorry if i still haven’t wrote your request. Anyways enjoyyy 💗
A little simple job application became something bigger
She knew this was wrong
She knows that she shouldn’t be doing it
But she couldn’t resist
Y/n couldn’t help but slowly clean and dust James's room so she could stay longer in his presence. Instead of falling for an actual human and decent person, she fell for James Patrick March. A murderer, a ghost and a psychopath. But even after she learned those secrets about him, her love for him didn’t budge. His dark hair, style, pencil moustache and voice are what really drew Y/n in more.
A shade of pink would always go over her cheeks when James spoke to her, her stomach doing flips as it happens. Sometimes she would even daze out halfway, looking at him, while dusting the shelves. Something would always blossom in her heart just at the thought or sight of Y/n’s boss. Y/n thought back to the time when she had just finished cleaning some bloody sheets and was going to take her lunch break. As she walked through the halls she stumbled across James, a strand of his black hair being out of place caught her attention.
Without a second thought, she walked towards him and stuck down that piece of hair. Realisation struck her at what she had just done. She expected to be yelled at, pushed away or worse, fired as James hated being touched. But to her surprise, he thanked her while gently placing a kiss on her cheek before disappearing. Leaving her frozen in the middle of the corridor, not wanting to wash away the moment.
Y/n continued to fall more in love with James, every thought she had was about him, and every word she talked with her friends was about him. Her mind was just clouded with James Patrick March. Until a blonde-headed woman appeared beside James, she looked expensive and modest. Very ladylike and filled with confidence, her appearance screamed money. Unlike you, a poor 19 year old who is working as a maid. Y/n overheard the conversation and it just shattered her heart into pieces.
" My dearest, I hope you had a splendid dinner. See you during the next one, and do remember you could always request for more than once a month. " Y/n heard the faint sounds of James' voice
" Now James, we have agreed to only meet once a month. " the ravishing lady spoke
Their conversation ended with James kissing her hand and saying goodbye. Y/n saw him look up and she quickly hid behind a wall, weeping silently to herself.
She soon found out who that lady was, the countess also known for being James’s wife. After finding out he already had a partner, she spent less time cleaning up his room as he was always present there having a smoke. Y/n would do what was necessary and leave instead of staring at him in between her sweeping. She would also usually initiate a conversation to break the dense air and make it easier for her to breathe. But now it was always James trying to get a word out of her, asking Y/n how her day was. She would reply with either one word or one sentence, nothing longer or shorter. Y/n pulled the distance between each other further apart so she wouldn’t need to break her heart any longer.
But little did she know, this only infuriated James even more.
Ever since James had hired Y/n, he had his eyes glued on her 24/7. She was just beautiful and had these delicate features of hers that made him absolutely fall onto his knees for Y/n. In his mind, he thought she was the most perfect woman he had ever laid eyes on. Oh, but did he feel things when he first saw her wearing the maid’s uniform.
James sat on his chair while reading a newspaper with a cigarette pipe in his mouth. His attention moved to Y/n as she entered his room, shyly waiting at the door for instructions. James’s gaze lowered down to her attire and how scandalous she looked. The black dress fell above her knees, paired with some black stockings and her white apron. His imagination was interrupted when Y/n coughed to get his attention.
" Ah right you’re here, you can start by dusting the shelves. " he said pointing to the many shelves in the room.
Y/n simply nodded and went to work. While she was dusting the shelves, James couldn’t withstand the urge to not look at her when she squatted or tipped-toe to get to the bottom and top rows. The newspaper he was reading was already long forgotten, being replaced with the beautiful view in front of him. James dazed off, thinking about all the things he wants to do for her. He would do anything she requested, he even wants to wake up next to her, kiss her hand, and have nightly dinner with her.
This was the moment when he discovered he was falling in love again
By the time when Y/n came in regularly, she had James wrapped around her finger. James was obsessed with her, knowing every one of her habits. Every time he hears heels clicking, his thoughts would immediately go to Y/n. The way she walks, her scent, her laugh, her voice, how many times she would loop her rubber band around her hair. All of it was imprinted into James’s mind. He would even find any excuse to bring up Y/n into the conversation, like complimenting her cleaning skills, how she was never late to her shifts, and many more. Slowly all his thoughts were just flooded by Y/n, no matter what he did his mind would be preoccupied with her. He would try to touch her with every chance he had without trying to cross the line of infidelity, even if it was just picking something out of her hair.
During one of the countess and James’s dinner nights, he looked at his darling wife and regretted having such thoughts of another woman. He never wanted to cheat or be unfaithful to his queen so he tried to distance himself from Y/n. Trying his best to ignore her presence whenever she entered the room. Not looking up at her whenever she asked a question or keeping his answers short.
But of course his plans fell short, he didn’t even last a day.
As days passed, James started to get more irritated. Seeing how she would leave after her shifts and hang out with her group of friends that included boys. Especially when he could tell that Y/n was getting more distant from him. He only wanted Y/n to be his, to be able to call her his. Today is when James is going to break his urge and make them come true. He has thought about it with his wife in the picture, and he realised that she had so many affairs so why couldn’t he have his fun?
You were dreading your shift today as it was the time of the day to clean James’s room. You have been succeeding in avoiding him so far and that’s good even though all you wanted to do was kiss him. You knocked three times until you heard James’s permission to come in, walking inside onto the carpeted floor. You quickly got to work so you could get out as fast as possible. Humming a tune to distract yourself from his daunting presence, but as you were dusting the top shelf a sudden touch scared you.
Two hands engulfed your waist and spun you around to face him, pushing your body closer against him so now you were staring straight into his eye. Your heartbeat raced and your eyes widened, goosebumps covering your body. You just froze there, looking at James while his gaze wandered to your lips. Realising what he was staring at, a coat of pink flushed your cheeks making James chuckle.
" I didn’t know I was capable of making you feel this way darling. " he grinned
" Trust me, James, you make me feel way more than this all the time. " you whispered
After hearing your confession, James smashed his lips onto yours. Sucking the air out of you, making a whimper come out of you. He continued sucking on your lips until they were all red and plump, breaking apart to breathe and then diving onto your neck immediately. He sucked on your neck, making hickies to mark you as his. Licking over the skin to soothe all the suction and biting that James has been doing.
" J-James how a-about y-your wife "
" Darling, don't worry about her, all I want is you right now. "
You listened to him and removed her from your thoughts, replacing them with hungry James. He pulled the duster out of your grip and threw it onto the floor. Whispering something into your ear that made you so delighted.
" Forget about your cleaning darling, you’re going to be busy with something else. "
" Like what? "
" Me, darling "
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[ when you're away ]
Plot: you and Evan are away from each other because of his job. And you love to write cute notes and letters to your loved ones so you write him a letter (nowadays sent through messages app)
Word count: 757
Warnings: not proofread, pure fluff, mention of dissociative disorder, comments of sadness and triggering behavior (briefly) and I think that's it.
Note: I hope you like it. It is my first writing post sooo I'm nervous but I hope you like it! Every comment and suggestion it's welcome 💗 comment if you wanna even's answer :3 ok, bye.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I wasn't feeling really good. It's been 3 weeks since I last have seen Evan at the airport. I didn't know this time it was gonna be so hard on my mental health. I miss him so much. And at the same time, I just feel so grateful to be with him, to know the great person he is and the way he loves people. He is so amazing. He has helped so much since the beginning even without knowing about it. I needed to do something about all of these thoughts and feelings because I will go crazy.
And so I did.
I wrote him a letter. The best thing I know.
Dear Thomas,
I have really bad anxiety. I guess life can never be okay with me. I have to struggle with anything. I have to suffer. And cry and scream sometimes. It's hard to sleep every night with this knot in my stomach that never goes away. I think I miss you and I hug my pillow and it's not the same. I have one of my ambient playlist on youtube with emotional music that I don't know if my heart is happy or agonizing in aching. I've never felt or written anything like this. I remember your face and those little and beautiful spots in both cheeks. Your eyes laying on mine like no one did before. Like I am something really important for you. I don't know what you do to me. But I want to be better, for me. I'm tired of crying and not understanding life, people, situations, places, myself.
I know I will always carry this weight, this cursed on my brain. All the things it makes me believe. Maybe I will never find peace and I will never be happy. But I know at least that I want to be better and that maybe I can be better. At least just a little. I wanna make you happy and I want to feel good with you. I want to heal. But it was so hard. All of my ex lovers left me because they couldn't carry me, I was too obsessed with them. Because my cry is ugly, because I shake and break things. because I moan while we have sex. Because I wanna feel beautiful and I don't care about anybody elses perspective on it. Because I gave presents out of nowhere and beacause I can be kissing you all day. And be cause may be I gave them too much of me until I felt guilty. They feel scared. So they ran away. Just like I always do from my problems, my traumas, my well being. But with you I feel it's different. I'm being romantic and I used to hate it. Fuck me.
And here I am writing you a letter like the hopeless romantic I am. Because I love the old ways too. To me, those are the better ways. Because I like the thought that in 30 years you will find this piece of paper and you will remember u. I don't know if we'll still be together. I don't know if I will be in this world. Or with you. But I like that idea. Because I could never feel anything but pain and guilt, shame and anxiety. I always lived frozen. But I think now it's different.
I'm melting. You're building a new me. You're taking care of the garden full of flowers that I can be. And I like it. I don't know why you love me or why you see me as the best thing that ever happened to you. I don't know if it's the astros or the psychological tests or our energy or just destiny. And for the first time I don't care. We don't need to know why. Being there is enough reason to stay. And thank you for that.
I ran out of words to say to you.The dissociative me makes it hard to follow through. But at least I tried it. I hope someday I will be able to tell you all I feel right away. But for now maybe this is it.
There is a lot of things unsaid, that I feel deep in my heart that I just can't seem to put it in words now.
I love you and that I will always be here for you.
Love, y/n <3
When I finished the letter I didn't even read it. I just needed to send it to him. Like I was feeling desperate. And nervous. I was so anxious. It still being hard for me to talk about my feelings and thoughts openly to people but I try with him. Because he's magical - I can with him. And to me that means the entire world. I don't know where I would be without him. He is my angel.
Final note: I'm so excited for this new journey wtitting. I hope you like it and if so comment, reblog or like please 💗🙏🏼 i'm not a native English speaker so sorry if some things are weird, I'm trying my best and always trying to improve!
Hope you have a wonderful day ❤️
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𖤐 kyle Spencer - AHS Coven (2013) 𖤐
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"My name is Luke cooper, I like films." ︴✧
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smash (in a marriage way)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
smash (in a fuck my brains out way)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Y’all better be ready for the amount of caring boyfriend!Colin type fluff I’ve been pouring into SAFE part 7 because it’s literally SENDING me rn…..
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𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐨𝐮𝐭 - 𝐭𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐝𝐨𝐧
Tumblr media
his hand stretched up to hold yours as he left flowy kisses on your thighs. you're in nothing but your panties as he starts kissing softly on your beating clit
you struggle to breathe when he slowly starts to peel down your panties that were practically glued to your sticky pussy, wetness stringing on the fabric as he tosses it to the side. his brown doe eyes are soft, and caring as they look back up to you with reassurance and patience, swollen lips in a smile before all you see is his blonde locks as he licks up a sharp swipe in your slit, he moaned into your cunt, tongue ruthless as he rubs and flicks your clit with it, those doe eyes looking back up to you with pure bliss as he watches you moan and squeal
"Tate! fuck!" you cry out as your cunt gushes and whines against his face, your legs wrap around him as you start to almost hump his face, his fingers tease your twitching hole as it clenches and unclenches around nothing, practically begging for a cock to fill it up.
he inserts a finger before another slips in almost too easily, pretty moans escaping your lips constantly as he starts to fuck his way in your tight cunt.
"you were like this all day?" he asks in pure curiosity, noticing how you squeezed your thighs together all day, your confession earlier on how you've been horny all day leads his cock to start weeping with pre-cum that stains his boxers
"m-m hm" you let out in cries, you can't focus on his questions when his fingers are fucking up your cunny like this. he nods and dips down to start licking at your clit again, his movement are soft and planned out, kissing your pussy before making out with it, his head twisting side to side as he manages to tongue fuck your pussy while his fingers curl upwards towards the spot that has you screaming
"'m gonna cum" you tell him as he speeds up, that pretty little knot you have been building since he had his breath on your cunt snapped and cum spurted out onto his fingers and mouth, he lapped it with excitement and smiled back up to your with a wet, pussy drunk grin.
"that was fun" he smiled
"fuck yeah it was" you said in ragged breaths as he laid one more kiss on your clit before sitting up to lay one on your lips <3
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Tumblr media
Dominique Jackson & Quvenzhané Wallis as Bloody Mary in AHStories S2E5
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Evan Peters as Tate Langdon in Episode 1 of American Horror Story : Murder House, 2011 
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