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Deimos was always the funny one, wasn't he?
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“How do I make up for lost time?” Bucky asked. “Tell me what to do. What do you need?”
Steve inched closer. “You.”
Read on AO3
Stucky AU - The Real Thing (part 3/3)
(Another attempt at manips. Hope you guys like them)
Part 1 || Part 2
My AO3
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Billy Butcher Aesthetic
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Assassin | Agent | Hitman
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Previous set (not transparent)
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Dividers List
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THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS (2021) Directed by Lana Wachowski
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Been thinking about Parker lately
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Prompt #529
[Sidekick] stared blankly at [Agent] as they sat at opposite ends of the interrogation table. The one-way glass spanned the wall to the side of them, and [Sidekick] could guess at least a few of the people likely on the other side.
"So why kill them?" [Agent] asked, their voice calm even as mistrust clouded their gaze.
"I thought I already told you why I killed them." [Sidekick] replied flatly.
"No. I'm aware of what [Hero] did to you. But why did you kill them instead of asking for help?" [Agent] clarified.
"I did."
"You did?"
"Yes, I asked multiple other heroes for help. All of them told me some variation of 'get over it' or '[Hero] does a lot more good for everyone than they do bad to you. So deal with it'." [Sidekick] explained.
"So you killed them because you felt it was your only option?"
[Sidekick] shrugged. "They told me to deal with it, so I did."
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luniellar · 10 months ago
I loved your Druig and Avenger!reader imagine! Could you write one where he (attempts) to confesses his feelings to the Avenger!reader when he’s patching her up after a mission only for someone (you can pick if it’s an Avenger or Eternal) ruins it but they kiss in the end?
Patched Up - Druig X Avenger!Reader
Tumblr media
warnings: some bad words
notes: a very protective and jealous druig
feat: bucky barnes
link to the previous druig and avenger!reader imagine request - but chronologically this one comes before ‘Not Sharing is Caring’
link to masterlist
You bit down on your lips as the sharp pain on your left arm radiated to the rest of your body. The entire ride back to the Avengers campus smelled of iron and medical alcohol as the high-priority agents were getting patched up from the mission this morning.
You held a piece of cloth that you tore off from the bottom of your shirt firmly against the open wound, but you could still feel the initial contact of the cold blade as it gouged into your shoulders. Thankfully, most of the blood was coagulating and only tiny streams of the hot, red liquid made way down the rest of your sleeves.
“Are you okay?” A tall male nurse asked as he made his way over to you.
You managed to force out a smile and nod. “I’m fine.”
In a rush, he looked at your wound with a concerned face and reluctantly moved on to the guy sitting behind you.
When the bus reached the campus building, you quickly made your way outside and over to your dorm room clutching onto your left arm.
“Hey! Wait!” You heard a voice cry out after you, but there was no point in turning back. There were others who needed the attention more than you did and you could take care of this on your own.
When you reached your room door you quickly realized that you had left your keys in your jacket pocket that you left on the bus. The second option was to biometrically scan into the room with your left hand, which would have been a perfectly viable option if it wasn't for your hand covered in blood and feeling numb from the pain.
“Hey, are you back already?” You heard a familiar voice call from down the hall and you instantly felt your body tense in panic.
What was he doing here?
No, no. Druig could not see you like this.
After a short inhale you turned towards his direction trying to make this as casual as possible. “Oh hey. Can you give me just-” The moment your eyes met his, he instantly knew something was wrong.
“What the fuck?! Are you hurt?!” Druig shouted as he came running down the rest of the way to you. In seconds he was by your side assessing the arm. “Why aren’t you at the hospital? Are you crazy?”
This was the first time you saw him break his usual calm composure. Strangely comforted by his worry, you had to fight off the urge to just launch into his arms after the long day. You guys were just friends and nothing more.
“No, not crazy and can you please help me into my room? I just need help raising this arm,” you eyed your left arm.
“No, I'm taking you to the hospital. There’s blood coming down your arms!” There was clear sense of panic in his voice and you couldn’t help but to chuckle in the situation.
“I’m fine, Druig. Others are busy taking care of people who actually need it. I just need to get to my first aid kit. Can you help me? Please?”
He glared at you in doubt. “Y/N,” he let out a long sigh in defeat. “Why are you so stubborn?”
He quickly helped to lift your left arm on the biometric scanner and the door beeped open. Once we were in the room, he quickly moved you over to the couch and asked about the location of the first aid kit. He quickly retrieved it along with towels and a bottle of isopropyl alcohol. He was right by your side in record time with everything he needed.
The comfort of your own space had already started to calm you down. Everything was going to be okay. Druig’s presence was just the cherry on top.
He didn’t speak as he grabbed the scissors and cut off the sleeve of the shirt that you were wearing. You watched his face as he saw the wound for the first time. He clenched his jaw with a straight face as he grabbed the bottle of the alcohol and glanced over at you. Next, he guided your right hand onto his firm arm.
“This is going to hurt,” he warned as he prepared to drown the wound in the alcohol. “I need you to hold on to me, okay?”
The moment the alcohol touched your wound the stinging pain pierced you into pieces. You shut your eyes and bit down on your bottom lip as you desperately tighten the grip around his flexed arm. The exhaustion of the day came crashing all at once and tears escaped down your cheeks. Everything else was a blur as Druig worked to quickly patch you up. As you gained clarity, you slowly loosened your grip around him and the taste of iron lingered in your mouth.
By the time you opened your eyes again, there was a clean bandage around your arm. Druig stroked your hair as he quietly whispered your name, only loud enough for you to hear.
“Thank you for being here,” you managed out.
He took your right hand from his arm and pressed it to his lips, closing his eyes. “The cut was pretty deep so I had to stitch it. Don’t scare me like that again.”
“It better not leave a scar, Dr. Druig.” You tried to smile, but your lips didn’t want to cooperate. “Ow.”
He held your hand close to his lips. You felt his warm breath against your fingers. When he blinked his eyes open, they looked into yours. “It hurts me when I see you in pain.”
“Druig,” you started to say before he cut you off.
“I spent the last 30 minutes thinking of how to find and kill the person who did this to you,” he paused. “I didn't know what I was supposed to do. I-”
There was a knock on the door. Druig pressed his lips together and you cleared your throat.
“Come in,” you called.
The door swung open and Bucky’s tall and built frame was standing by the doorway with a white box in his hand. There was a small red cross marking on the box.
“Oh, I didn’t expect you to already have company,” he replied as he looked at you and eyed Druig on the couch.
“Hey Bucky,” you replied as you tried to get up from the couch. As you tried to prop yourself up, Druig immediately reached for your wrist and stopped you from getting up.
“You shouldn’t get up,” Druig muttered.
“He’s right,” Bucky replied. “I just wanted to make sure you were taken care of.” He glanced over to Druig. “Thanks, man. And I’ll be back to check on you later, okay?”
You nodded and Bucky closed the door on his way out.
“Are you close to him?” Druig asked not long after the door closed.
“Bucky has been helping me since I joined the team,” you answered.
Druig blankly stared at the door and you couldn’t read what he was thinking. There was a long pause before Druig spoke again.
“Can I stay with you for the night?”
Your eyes widened at Druig who was staring intently at you. “Wha- Um, tonight? You don’t need to do that. I should be okay.” Your face suddenly felt like it was burning up.
Druig closed the space between you and him. You stared at him as he placed his hand over yours. “I don't know how to describe how I feel when I am with you,” he started. “I want to be with you when I’m not with you. I’m in pain when you are in pain.”
You felt your heartbeat race in your chest.
“Can you help me? Because I can’t focus on anything else lately. Except you.”
His clear blue eyes caressed you. As you both studied each other in silence, time seemed to slow down. A small smile grew on his face causing tiny dimples that you fell in love with the moment you saw them.
He leaned in and your lips touched his for the first time. His lips gently pressed against yours and you kissed him back harder, reciprocating his confession. The kiss transformed from a gentle greeting between strangers to a desperate calling for each other. He devoured your lips as you fought to taste him. By the time you parted, both of you were trying to catch your breath like teenagers kissing for the first time.
“So is that a yes?” He asked in between catching his breaths.
Giggling, you replied. “Yes, you can stay the night.”
“Oh, good. But, no. I wasn't asking about that.”
You tilted your head in confusion.
And there it was again, the adorable dimples.
“Y/N, will you be my girlfriend?”
A/N: Anon, thank you for the request! I didn't realize how much I had written when I finished this. I’ll be working on more requests I received so keep a lookout :)
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Listen. When I read this bit it didn’t click at first what he said until I was reading it again.
That’s some southern Texas/northern Mexico slang right there.
*You’re a Texican, Ortega*
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83737363748the matrix626376363
(2nd picture isnt in the movie, its of a fan but i cant find their acc)
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(Part 1
This is part 2)
Deimos successfully pulls off a BLJ. 
The properties in Purgatory must be different, after all. 
....... Deimos, what is wrong with you.
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Prompt #3236
"You're the one that left," the agent snapped. "You don't get to act sad that we're over."
"You're the one that stayed," the hero retorted, cape swirling around them as they floated overhead. "The Agency is rotten to the core—everything we were doing was making the world worse. Everything you're still doing continues to make the world worse." They softened, just slightly, the line of their shoulders drooping. "You could...join me. Like I joined you in the beginning."
The agent watched them for a long, long moment. "The only way I will ever join you," they promised, voice low and fervent, "is in death. Keep that in mind next time you think about recruiting me."
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firefly-graphics · 3 months ago
Hii! I love your dividers so i was wondering if you could do some assassin/agent white dividers please! thx ♡
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