#age regression
snailsagere 2 days ago
Please read my dni in my bio before interacting
Sun outfit with cane and crutches for anon! :3
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maple-bear-munchkin a day ago
there鈥檚 something so comforting and perfect about getting those flutters in your tummy when somebody babies you unexpectedly 馃ズ
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traumatizeddfox 2 days ago
so annoying that we cant talk abt our age regression without some weirdo middle age man, or some kink blog turning it into a sexual kink like fuck off i just want to watch cartoons and colour again
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babybearblog a day ago
if you're like me and want little music to listen to, but don't like most kids music/lullabies, there's an artist called Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star that makes lullaby versions of popular music
they have something for everyone, I've been able to find everything from Elton John to My Chemical Romance, so I can listen to my favourite songs and still feel little. it's nice to listen to a melody that you're familiar with and find comforting, but have it played in a more soothing and little friendly way. that way you can enjoy your favourite big songs while still feeling little!
I find them nice to listen to at bedtime, naptime or any time I'm having trouble regressing
this is not an ad and I'm not sponsored in any way, I just thought it would be nice to share with the community :3
SFW interaction only!
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s1ep23 a day ago
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i will collect all the cats mark my words !!!!!!
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sleepyfina 2 days ago
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shiba pubby i drew as a discord emoji :))
sfw agere interaction only
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b0nniwplvsh 2 days ago
TW: Knife!
馃惐馃White kitties stimboard. 鈾
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鈥equested by @babybearblog
Open requests.
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metal-dog 2 days ago
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pastel indoor playground moodboard uwu
do not repost, reblogs are fine
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springtimefrog 2 days ago
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Halloween paci by Inkys.Pacis on IG!
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rancid-men-stimboards 2 days ago
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agere usahana stimboard for @springcoloredgoth !
鉁 鉁 鉁 | 鉁 鉁 鉁 | 鉁 鉁 鉁
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snailsagere a day ago
Please read my dni in my bio before interacting
Red outfit with a wheelchair for anon! :3
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foxymaxwell a day ago
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Love who you are!!! Don鈥檛 let anyone try change you for their own benefit!!!
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teeny-mischa a day ago
Mischa is so supportive of age regression, if anyone in the choir tells him they regress (pretty much everyone in the choir regresses) he鈥檒l be so happy, he might even buy them a blanket or a teddy
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downinthehull 2 days ago
izzy hasn't been sleeping as often as he should. he had assumed he would be able to get away with it, but that didn't seem to be the case.
when his thoughts all begin to get jumbled together and he has a difficult time assigning jobs for the day, he finally decides to go to stede about it.
he walks into the captain's quarters and slowly makes his way over to where stede sits on the bed. the bed looking so much more comfortable than normal.
he climbs into bed way easier and quieter than usual, not even bothering to take off his boots. stede doesn't make a big deal out of it. the poor dear doesn't seem like he has any energy left to do anything other than sniffle while stede helps him at least take off his vest. then deciding to reach down and pull the first mate's boots off for him.
"there you go, dearest. all comfy now?"
izzy doesn't make more than a soft sound of agreement.
stede holds him close to his chest, cooing about just how tired the poor man seemed. telling him he should have come to him sooner.
it was obvious that izzy was beginning to feel small when he entered the captain's quarters, but stede had never seen him slip quite this fast.
"it's alright my love, just try and get some rest." he gently rubs up and down izzy's back, calming him down as much as he can. "you've just been working so hard, darling. you deserve to get some rest."
izzy makes some sort of muffled mumble about only taking a 'small nap' and stede chuckles. he knew that a small nap wasn't going to happen, and that he'd probably have to be up late with izzy, but he doesn't mind.
"mama, sleep?" izzy manages to get out, his eyes mostly closed but he still seemed to be fighting sleep. "p'ease.."
"you want mama to sleep too?"
izzy gives a soft hum and cuddles in closer to the caregiver. he's more than ready to fall asleep, but he can't help that he wants to take a nap with stede. figuring that if it's finally time to rest, he should at least be able to do so with his mama.
"alright, dearest, let's both take a nap then."
stede carefully rearranges himself into a much more comfortable sleeping position, still holding izzy as close as he can. not wanting to upset the regressed man at all.
"mama.." izzy trails off, seeming to fall asleep before he's able to finish what he was going to say.
oh well, maybe he'll remember what he was trying to say after he wakes up. though stede would bet quite a few doubloons that izzy planned on just babbling some sort of cute, very sleepy, coos and mumbles.
stede kisses the crown of his head and sighs in content.
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selfshipagere 15 hours ago
can I get more big brother f/o headcanons!?
yes yes yes u can !! 馃挄馃挄馃挄
big brother cg f/o 鉁煂
He picks you up from behind and swings you around til you're giggling!
he reads to you at bedtime, making sure to use silly voices and make you laugh -- laughing til you're exhausted and fall asleep with a smile on your face 鈾ワ笍
Tickle fights! He lets you think you're winning, but he always gets you in the end.
He's always sneaking you extra sweets. "Shh, don't tell, okay?"
Lots of cartoon-watching with him!
He lets you play with his action figures -- whether they're his old toys or if he regresses too, you're special, cause you're allowed to play with them!
Lots of snuggles and reassurance. You're his sweetest lil sibling and he's gonna protect you forever!
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fandomregression 2 days ago
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denki with sippy cup edits ahhhh hims such a cutie ;^;
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ima-puppy 2 days ago
I'm feeling small so have an age regression board鈾♀櫋鈾
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