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lavender--fairy · 5 months ago
heyy fairy!! (im the anon you talked to in your dm long ago ) i just wanna tell you and everyone THAT I FUCKING GOT INTO THE VOID!! I AM LITERALLY CRYING RN JDCBIJDBCH (long post!!) okay okay so basically i was trying since like 5 months and nothing, i didnt even feel the symptoms that other anons did which made me so frustrated that i cried my eyes out every night. After that my self concept got so down because of all the failing attempts. I decided to keep affirming no matter what, exactly like you told me to do. i affirmed when i didnt feel good, i affirmed when i feel like it wasnt working, i affirmed no matter what and kept trying every night, when i failed i'd still affirm, yesterday was no different day i mean i didnt feel extra powerful or anything i just affirmed for a while and then i slept, after a while i woke up to see myself in a completely black place i couldnt even feel my body and i realized instantly that i was in the void so i affirmed for my desires and decided to come back. and when i got back i felt like crying because after all this time i finally did it!! i was gonna check for my results but i felt exhausted so i decided to sleep when i accidentally knocked something down and when i saw what it was it was THE PHONE I MANIFESTED KDJCBUDHDB!! i literally wanted to scream, but i didnt even check it because idk i wanted to keep it all as a surprise for the morning lol. anyways i woke in the morning and as soon as i did i went to see my face and I STOOD THERE IN SHOCK BROO LIKE THAT IS ME?? THAT PRETTY ASS GIRL IN THEE MIRROR IS ME?? i was so excited omfg. idk even know how long i was just standing there admiring myself and t felt so weird because i never thought i was pretty and then i ran to check my phone and saw that MY BF?? THAT I NEVER HAD BUT NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN DO?? TEXTED ME A GM MESSAGE!! i stalked him for a while and gurl istg i dont think i will ever look at any other guy!! like he is so fucking fineee i was straight up drooling ong. then i thought i was forgetting to check something else that i manifested, until i opened my closet for taking a shower to see sooo many pretty clothes (i just realized i forgot to take the shower and had a fashion show instead byee lmfao) and and and on top of that i also found like a $1000 in pockets of one of the clothes and i already spent some money cause i have no self control. I am just sitting here still processing everything like broo this is real?? ALL THIS IS REALL!! to anyone who needs it: PLZZ PLZZ LISTEN TO FAIRY CAUSE SHE IS THE ONLY REASON I AM HERE WITH MY DESIRES!! keep persisting no matter what!! it will be so worth it, like at this point i dont even remember my struggles i am just so happy and proud. Your subconscious doesnt have eyes, it only listens to what you are constantly telling it, and also please focus on your inner convos i realized that i was talking shit about the void for soo long. To fairy the lmol: bestie you are the only reason i got into the void and no no you cant deny it. i would have given up and would still be crying like a bitch but omg i have everything i could ever want!!
hey butterbean!! THIS IS THE BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO ME OMGG!!! i am so proud of you bestie, i remember how used to tell me that you were on the edge of giving up and here you are!!! omgg i feel like a proud mom lmaoo Guys please please keep persisting and i promise you will be your own success story!!
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blueicequeen19 · 3 months ago
CONGRATS ON 1000!! 14, 17, and 30 for mean Rafe ?!:)
I’ve already done all 3 of these so I’ll pick 3 more with Dom Rafe (;
“I’m afraid i can no longer remain professional”
“You have no idea how much I want you right now”
“I won’t bite. unless you’re into that sort of thing”
1000 Followers Smut Blurbs
Tumblr media
“I won’t bite. unless you’re into that sort of thing.” I joked but the look on his face was anything but amused. The vein in his forehead looked about ready to burst. I opened my mouth to apologize when he suddenly got to his feet, tugging off his suit jacket and walked around the desk to the office door and locked it. The click was deafening. I opened my mouth again but he cut me off with a stern look.
“I’m afraid i can no longer remain professional.” Rafe moves in front of me and leans against his desk, not bothering to hide the steel rod between his legs. My mouth is suddenly dry and my pussy.. soaked. I once again try to find words but he moves abruptly to my side, scaring me to silence. What was he going to do?
“What is a man supposed to do when you come in here dressed like that? Your buttons on your blouse are about to pop, that skirt looks painted on, and those fuck-me-heels? Not to mention that delicious shade of red on your lips that I’d love to see smeared all over my cock.” I feel like I’ve just been punched in the gut. What did he just say? I swallow.
“Rafe.” He immediately holds up a dismissive hand.
“Stand up.” I obey. He points to his desk.
“Bend over.” I obey again. What’s gotten into me? There’s no way this is part of the interview. I was only trying to appear playful, not this. A large hand slides over my ass and my eyes widen in disbelief.
“You will call me Mr Cameron or Sir. You will buy blouses that fit and aren’t see through. You will wear slacks, not skirts. Although it’ll be a challenge for me, I’ve already witnessed enough men looking at your legs today. The red lips can stay but you might want to keep it on hand for special occasions.” I gasp when Rafe fists the slit in the back of my skirt and rips it all the way to the top.
“Don’t scream. Or do.” A loud smack echos, my ass cheek burning. He just spanked me. Im too stunned to make any noise or stop him apparently because he does it twice more, rubbing away the burn after. I can’t breathe as he slides my thong to the side and groans at what he sees.
“You have a pretty pussy.” Rafe says and I blush all the way down to my toes.
“You have no idea how much I want you right now.” It sounds like a warning and although Im partially frozen in fear, the need for more holds me there tighter.
“You’ll come to realize that bad girls get punished with me. Hence why you got three slaps for your wardrobe. But you’ll also realize, that good girls get rewarded and since you’re such an obedient little thing, I’ll reward you.”
A long finger circles my clit and my knees nearly buckle. I press my face into the pile of papers on his desk as he touches me softly. Finally his finger makes its descent and I feel myself clenching in anticipation.
“Such a greedy little thing. When was the last time you were touched properly?” Rafe asks and I can barely speak.
“Never.” A noice like I’ve never heard before rumbles in his chest as he circles my desperate hole. I hear the clink of a buckle and the purr of a zipper and I know what’s about to happen.
“I have a meeting in 20 minutes so this will have to be quick. You may cum this one time without permission, after this you must always ask. I don’t use condoms and I don’t pull out so I hope you’re on the pill.” He slips the head of his fat cock through my pussy lips and I gasp, attempting to turn to get a good look at this thing but he pushes me back over the desk. There’s no way that thing will fit. Who was this guy? It begins to crown me and I groan as Rafe keeps a firm hand in the center of my back.
“Fuck. Let me in. Open up for me. I know you want it.” Rafe growls and I moan louder as I shift my stance and he continues to fill me. Once he’s half way in he starts to rock back and forth, helping to open me up more before pushing the rest of the way in. I’m so full it hurts. He’d definitely put all the other guys I’d slept with to shame.
I fight to fill my lungs with air.
Did this mean I got the job?
“Are you ready?”
“Yes, sir.”
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natsxaddiction · 8 months ago
omg can you write that small drabble wherein I think you said lily was putting stickers at nat’s and r’s forehead 🥺
All of My Favorite Things
notes: it’s Olivia that did it ! Hope you like it friend.
It’s a new sticker book gifted by one Yelena Belova. A present left on the doorstep as an apology for not being able to see her. She left an entire package for the girls. Small knickknacks from her time in California. Olivia, ever the excited one, raced to the front door, leaving the iPad on the kitchen table so that she could get it. You are the one to carry Virtual Yelena through the halls and to the front door. You tap the screen, enjoying the view of Olivia attempting to unlock the door, as you both giggle. New locks higher than her wingspan courtesy of her Mama, Natasha Romanoff.
“Help me please,” Olivia turns back to you with a pout. You finally let her out of her misery. You turn the locks of the front door, giving her room to escape, she grabs the package with both hands, grunting under the weight of it before dropping it in the foyer.
“I hope there wasn’t anything valuable in there,” You tell Yelena. You cross your eyes to Natasha, carrying a clingy and tired Lily in her arms, as she comes to inspect the new gift.
“Hey, Lily, Auntie Lena sent you something very special,” You point the camera to the pouty toddler. She tucks her face and hands into Natasha’s chest. “I think someone’s still tired.”
“She wants to nurse,” Natasha explains the sour mood.
“Ah,” You understand now. You’d be pretty upset too. “Well, maybe once you see what your Auntie got you you’ll be happy?”
“Yeah we got a present, Lily.”Olivia drops to her knees to rip the box open. She frowns when she isn’t able to open it. She looks to you and Natasha for help. You bend forward, gripping a lone piece of tape, before stripping it to the other end of the box. Then, you step back to allow her to rip open the rest.
“Wow, so cool!” Olivia’s mouth drops at the pretty doll she finds inside. There’s two. She grips the other one in her tiny hands before standing to give it to Lily. “Here, for you.” Olivia wiggles it to catch Lily’s attention and the toddler takes it before tucking her head back into Natasha’s chest. She’s still a bit cranky. Olivia returns to the box dumping the rest of the stuff onto the floor.
“What do you say?” You prompt and Olivia looks towards the iPad you’re holding.
“Thank you, Auntie Lena.” She gives a bright smile. You talk with Yelena a few more minutes before hanging up the phone. Natasha ducks off into a corner of the living room with Lily to nurse.
“Mommy, I got stickers.” Olivia taps the cover of the sparkly gray book. You tilt your head to an uncomfortable angle to read the title.
“1000+ Ridiculously Cute, Absolutely Necessary, Crazy, Fabulous, Awesome, Stellar, Cool, Phenomenal stickers!” You read aloud for her as she turns the pages.
“That’s a lot,” Olivia chatters as she runs her fingers over the varying stickers. “I can use them?”
“Yes, after lunch, now let’s go and make a sandwich, I’m starving.” You pick her up, leaving the rest of the items on the floor. Olivia talks with you the entire lunch as Natasha helps to feed Lily who just won’t leave her side today. You work around each other, exchanging kisses whenever possible, as you shared a quiet lunch on the back porch.
Soon enough, you were pulled back into work, while Natasha did a virtual speech therapy class with Lily. Olivia, already having lost interest in her toys, comes marching into her bedroom with a frown on her face and her little arms folded.
“Mama, I’m bored.” Olivia drops her arms.
“Im sorry, Myshka, but I’m working with your sister right now,” Natasha sympathizes. “Maybe after we’re done we can play with you?”
“But I want to play now,” Olivia’s bottom lip pokes out.
“I’m so sorry sweetie,” Natasha’s attention is drawn by Lily’s teacher instructing for them to choose their favorite things.
“Okay, Lily, can you tell me your favorite things?” The instructor asks and Lily nods clearly enamored by her teacher.
Oliva gets an idea and she’s off in an instant. She finds her brand new sticker book, finding a page full of hearts, before she sets off around the house. She needed to pinpoint her favorite things. How else could she remember them if she ever forgot like Mama did when she was sick? Olivia starts in the kitchen, placing a sticker on the fridge, before she opens it. She hearts the strawberries, and the peaches, the carrots, and even milk. Then she moves to the cabinet. She skips over the well hidden peanut butter (something she’s allergic to). She places a sticker on anything else within her reach.
Next she goes to the den, where all of her toys are. She hearts her favorite stuffed animal, her toy box, and even her shoes. She runs to her bedroom to place more stickers. Pretty soon she’d be out. The day goes by and Olivia is played with by both of her parents and her little sister.
Deciding that she can’t sleep, Olivia crawls out of her bed, and out of her bedroom. She grabs the sticker book, finding her saved hearts, to enter your bedroom. She’s tiptoes around your bedroom, quiet as a mouse, living up to her nickname, as she climbs into the bed. You stir only for a second, as she places a sticker on your forehead and then Natasha’s. She abandons the book to poke at your closed eyelids. To see if you’re really sleeping, Olivia uses her thumb to lift your eyelid to see your rapid movement.
“Mommy?” She questions startling you awake. You gasp, opening your eyes, to find her wide brown one’s looking at you so patiently.
“Liv, what are you doing up?” You try to clear your throat and make sense of the entire situation. Beside you both, Natasha groans.
“I want to sleep with you,” Olivia attempts to whisper but it’s too late. Mama is already awake.
“You can,” You pull her into your arms. Natasha cuddles into her on the other side. You close your eyes, hoping sleep comes easily again when Olivia pokes you.
“Mommy?” Olivia says.
“Yes,” You respond tiredly.
“I have to potty,” Olivia confesses and you’re suddenly awake again. You throw the covers back, rushing her into the bathroom to help her. Natasha is giggling in the background though she pretends to be asleep. Olivia does her business quickly. You sit her onto the counter to help wash her hands. Once she’s all done, she looks to you. “Can my doll sleep with you too?”
“Sure, kid, as long as we’re sleeping,” You plead. Olivia nods, running her little legs to her bedroom to grab her new doll. You wipe at your face only to feel something resting on your forehead. You frown, swiping at it again, to find a crumpled red sticker, in your fingers. When did she put that there? You walk back into your bedroom, making eye contact with Natasha, as you climb under the covers again.
“She got you too,” You say as you reach across you to show Natasha the sticker from her head. She glances at it before shaking her head. “Seems she’s been putting stickers on her favorite things all day.”
“A cheeky thing that one,” Natasha smiles.
That she is.
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captnjacksparrow · 8 months ago
Despite the official and "canon" ships and the monstruosity of Boruto, but a lot of times and even in real life we see that the "unnoficcial" things are stronger than the canon-officials one. For example in tv shows were cannonly one is married to another, but deep inside they love another person, so what's more important? His "official" marriage? as Robert Baratheon for ex in got, or the men in Brokeback. So, do you consider SNS as canon or at least is canon down the surface? I mean, you just need to scratch the surfe a little bit to see what a really canon couple is, you dont even have to go that deep because everything is there, it's not even the subtext xD taking into account their behaviours in Boruto, in Naruto manga, and also taking into account that a marriage paper certificate or having kids...actually means nothing.
Naruto and Sasuke kissed each other. It's canon. This one scene is enough to shot down all those ‘They are Brothers’ theories.
After the kiss, To verify whether he is an Heterosexual, Naruto made a deliberate plan to knock off Sasuke and went on to verify his feelings with a known girl and found that, "I like this girl because she loves the boy in a same way that I love him... And on top of that she likes to kiss him, just like I liked the kiss I gave before...". It's canon.
Naruto's Rivalry concept is not to beat Sasuke and surpass him to flaunt his powers. It's mainly to show that he is an Equal to him and save Sasuke from any Danger. It's canon.
Sasuke wanted to walk next to Naruto because he was crushing about Naruto's bravery by stucking a Kunai in his hands. It's canon.
Sasuke said to Sakura and Kakashi that he was going for a walk but in reality he went to train along with Naruto. Sasuke lied. It's canon.
Instead of asking tips from a person who succeeded in the task, Sasuke was asking tips from a Dunce like Naruto. Sasuke is trying to initiate conversation without being obvious. But it was obvious. It's canon.
Sasuke, despite having a lifetime ambition of getting revenge for his Clan, shrugged it aside as if it was nothing and gave his life for Naruto. When asked about the reason, He simply said, "My Body moved on it's own". Indication of cluelessness. It's canon.
While dying, instead of thinking about his happy times he had with his family or Team 7.... He was only thinking about Naruto and his stupid actions like falling from the Tree. All for a boy with whom he never had any proper conversation (Including the Accidental Kiss). It's canon.
Despite being mistreated by the Villagers for all those years, Naruto’s emotions got enraged enough to extract Kyuubi Chakra for the first time on seeing Sasuke’s dead body. A boy he 'supposed' hated the most. It’s canon.
Naruto, a person who makes friends with everyone so easily, was being catty with Sasuke after he gave up his life for him. Shouldn't he be grateful for him???. Instead both were behaving weird by not making eye contact. It's canon.
Naruto, with his persistent Hard Work, impressed Sasuke with his skills. And finally got the Acknowledgement he always wanted. This is one of the happiest moment for Naruto. It's canon.
When Sakura was pinned up by Gaara sand, Naruto attempted save her. He tried to summon Gamabunta Frog by using Kyuubi Chakra but failed. He could produce only 4 Kage Bunshins. But when Sasuke simply said, "I'll act as a decoy even if it means death.... YOU ARE CAPABLE OF SAVING SAKURA.. SAVE HER AND RUN AWAY AS FAR AS YOU CAN.. And I don't want to watch my precious comrades die"... Naruto could produce 1000 Kage Bunshins and could summon Gamabunta without any issues. A Girl in danger couldn't evoke anything from Naruto but Sasuke's words could. It's canon.
On hearing that Itachi came to the Village and was looking for Naruto, The very first concern that crossed Sasuke's mind was to not let Naruto die. It's canon.
Naruto was trembling on the sight of Itachi's Aura.... But when he saw Itachi was beating Sasuke left and right, Naruto could no longer afford to tremble and was pulling out Kyuubi's Chakra which impressed Itachi. It's canon.
After bringing Tsunade to cure Sasuke, Naruto felt something unexplainable on seeing a girl hugging him. He just left that place with an awkward smile. It's canon.
Naruto, a boy who faced worst things in his life, was weeping rivers when he realized that Sasuke was really trying to kill him. It’s canon.
Naruto almost lost in his thoughts when Sasuke was trying to kill him. And his thoughts were all about how he always wanted to be friends with Sasuke but couldn’t because he was a loser and hence he decided to become an equal with Sasuke and become a ‘True Friend’. To be honest, he always admired him. It’s canon.
When Sasuke asked why he was going so far as to stop him.... Naruto revealed that he liked Sasuke back when he was just 8 on the day when Sasuke threw him a simple smile. A fact which Sasuke also acknowledges because he also liked the fact that he was noticed by Naruto. It’s canon.
Conveniently, Rain interrupted Sasuke from completing, “Naruto.... I....” It’s canon.
Sasuke despite saying he wanted to kill Naruto, he pulled his punch when he got the chance to ram his Chidori into Naruto’s chest.... Stared at Naruto for quite a good amount of time with a painful face.... A Visual symbolism very similar to Mary Jane kissing Peter Parker in Spider Man movie which Kishimoto liked a lot. It’s canon.
Naruto wanting to remain as a fool if that means saving Sasuke. It’s canon.
Naruto couldn’t able to find any difference in Sakura’s womanly appearance but could admire Sasuke’s cooler appearance when he was compared with Sai. It’s canon.
Naruto was Okay with Kakashi being replaced by Yamato. But not Sasuke being replaced by Sai. Instead he became hostile, which is very uncharacteristic of Naruto. It’s canon.
Sasuke said ‘I remember someone (Naruto) like that’.... But the moment Sai said ‘I will replace Naruto and get along with you better than Naruto’.... Sasuke put Sai in a Genjutsu. It’s canon.
Sasuke hugged Naruto in a femme-fatale way by wearing open chested costume while asking Karin not to come closer. It’s canon.
Sasuke threw a genuine smile on seeing ‘The Great Naruto Bridge’. It’s canon.
Naruto was brainrotting about Sasuke but when Sakura appeared in front of him, he lied about making a plan to date Sakura. It’s canon.
Naruto wished for Sasuke under the Shooting Star by keeping his hands in his heart. It’s canon.
When Naruto got the chance to finally be alone with Sakura who was caring about Naruto’s health.... Instead of making a romantic move of confessing his ‘supposed’ feelings.... He started to talk about getting closer to Sasuke. It’s canon.
Naruto was happy about the fact that His Wind element was compatible with Sasuke’s Fire Element. Because it would make Sasuke stronger. It’s canon.
Naruto was pining about Sasuke in his Bedroom for an entire night without sleeping. It’s canon.
Sasuke asked about Naruto’s whereabouts to Obito in a subtle way. It’s canon.
Naruto erupted 6 tails after experiencing Jiraiya’s death, his village being reduced to dirt, Kakashi’s death and Hinata’s suicide. But just the mention of Sasuke’s name from Orochimaru’s mouth evoked 4 tails from Naruto. It’s canon.
Naruto became a Hero of Konoha. But got beaten to death by Karui and took all the brunt of her hatred that she had on Sasuke. It’s canon.
Naruto despite breaking the chain of Hatred by forgiving Nagato who killed Jiraiya and Kakashi.... But went on to hint Raikage that there will be war if he kills Sasuke. It’s canon. Hatred what???
Naruto didn’t mind losing his dignity by begging in front of Raikage to pardon Sasuke. It’s canon.
Naruto got into hyperventilation mode on hearing Sasuke was going to be killed very soon. While clearly ignoring Sakura’s life in possible Danger as she was planning to kill Sasuke. It’s canon.
Naruto always knew that Sakura loved Sasuke from the day Team 7 was formed. He confessed that the promise he made to her about saving Sasuke was never for her but for himself... It’s canon. 
Naruto ignored Hinata’s confession even though he remembered that incident. He also rejected Sakura’s confession by saying “Stop lying to yourself” just like he was lying to himself that he hated Sasuke, just like he was lying to himself that he thought of Sasuke as his brother, just like he was lying to himself that he thought of dating Sakura even though he knew she loves Sasuke from Chapter 3 onwards, just like he was lying to himself that he was saving Sasuke for that promise he made with Sakura.... And later, he went on to confess Sasuke as to how he felt about him all along.... It’s canon.
Naruto declared that he will die along with Sasuke. It’s canon.
Naruto literally said he can’t become an Hokage unless he can’t save Sasuke. It’s canon.
Naruto wanted to control Kyuubi Chakra in order to save Sasuke. It’s canon.
Kushina thought Sasuke was a girl on the first glance. And after realizing he was a boy he wanted him to get along with her unborn son, Naruto. It’s canon.
Before her death, Kushina asked Naruto to find someone like her. Sasuke shares lot of similarities with Kushina while Hinata kind of people was what Kushina specifically asked Naruto to avoid. It’s canon.
Sasuke was left in Naruto’s hands by Itachi and he believed that Naruto was the one who could change him. It’s canon.
Sasuke was worrying about Naruto after feeling his chakra from some miles away even though he already planned to kill him. It’s canon.
Minato literally brought Sasuke as a Gift for Naruto. It’s canon.
Sasuke on realizing that the entire shinobi army was going to be destroyed by the Tailed Beast Bombs, immediately created a plan to save Naruto while ignoring Kakashi and Sakura. Sakura who???. All the while, he wanted to kill Naruto personally. It’s canon.
Sasuke gave a three layered protection to save Naruto and his reflex to protect Naruto was much faster than Minato, Naruto’s father and Tobirama.... Both are the fastest shinobis in that Battlefield. It’s canon.
Naruto displayed his feelings about Sasuke to the entire Battlefield and was wondering that “I should have reached Sasuke out on that day”. It's canon. Hinata who???
Sasuke just left Kakashi and Sakura to die in the Lava pit but went on to save Naruto. Even agreed that he saved them during Mugen Tsukuyomi because they were just happened to be next to Naruto. It’s canon.
Sasuke literally called Sakura and Kakashi as useless. But answered Naruto’s question without any mockery. It’s canon
Naruto who speaks endless speech about the importance of Comradeship and Bonds never got angry when Sasuke left them to die in Lava Pit. Instead he was making a callback to that time Sasuke’s body moved on it’s own. It’s canon.
Naruto outright said that Sasuke was not his Brother. It’s canon.
Sasuke said the only living tie was Naruto after Itachi’s death and that he needs to kill him to be alone. It’s canon. 
Sasuke asked, ‘What does Friend means to you?’. It’s canon.
Naruto said, ‘I don’t know why I feel immense pain whenever you are suffering’. It’s canon.
Sasuke literally said that Just by observing Naruto gave the feel of his Family. And that he felt Happiness but also he was distracting him. (Dude, How could someone distract you and make you weak when you were just seeing him??). And this explains why he went so far as to give up his life in the Land of the Waves Arc because he always liked Naruto’s presence. It’s canon.
Sasuke literally said that Naruto came closer to his heart. And he was going to place Naruto as his family and try to feel his pain, hopes and dreams. And also he acknowledged that Naruto saved him. It’s canon. 
Many years later.... We find that Naruto was desperately ignoring his family by choosing to spend his time to count some stupid Head bands. He sleeps separately. He ignores his Son. He ignores his daughter’s birthday. But wanting to go on that long mission with Sasuke. Thought about Sasuke while receiving Hinata’s bento filled with her purest form of love. Thought about Iruka and Sasuke as his bonds made without having any blood connection. Hinata who??? It’s canon.
On the other hand, Sasuke abandoned his Family for 12 years, couldn’t recognize his own daughter’s face and was about to stab her, annoyed on seeing Sakura after many years, refusing to kiss Sakura, made a disgusting face while having a Family Dinner, didn’t keep any memento to remember his family but kept that Headband which Naruto gave to him years ago. And also he don’t mind spending time with his ‘Friend’s Son’. It’s canon.
I might have missed many things but it doesn’t matter because it’s good to be overwhelmed by so many things rather than desperately looking for empty scraps to justify my reasoning to support SNS. 
In a media, where Marriage means an implication of 2 people living ‘Happily Ever After’ and in a culture where a Man or Woman’s life always revolves around the ‘Traditional Family’ under the name of Marriage where Parents’ ultimate job is to care and provide for their Kids in whatever way they can.... The Author literally spat on everything by refusing to give them that ‘Happily Ever After’ and went on to ascertain the Fact that Naruto and Sasuke don’t care about their kids but he made sure to show us that Naruto cares about a random kid named ‘Kawaki’ who looks like Sasuke and..... Sasuke cares about someone else’s kid named ‘Boruto’ who looks like Naruto. 
What more do we require??? Anything more than this would be like a last straw... Like Say if Kishimoto comes out and say “Naruto and Sasuke were Lovers”.... And I’ll be like, “So??? Is there anything new we don’t know already???”
So, Yes... Like every other SNS shippers I felt angry about the Ending... Not because they didn’t become Canon but because they took a route which betrayed everything that they built up till Chapter 699.... 
But nobody can still disregard SNS as Fanon or Crack Ship or Non-Existent ship or Red Herring Ship. (*** It’s the only ship that’s Filled with Only Canon elements not some fucking delusional headcanons***) 
Narratively, Kishi created Haku & Zabuza, Obito and Kakashi, Jiraiya and Orochimaru, Hashirama and Madara to parallel Naruto and Sasuke as to how N and S are similar and yet different from everyone else. If this is just Friendship or Brotherhood, what is the need to create these many parallels???
All the While Main Pairings were horribly written (intentionally) but side pairings like ShikaTema, MinaKushi looks much more cuter and profound in it’s own way.
While we have all these canon incidents which had some clear romantic undertones in a refined manner, What do those ‘supposed’ canon pairings have??? Just the dicks of those boys which was used to spew out some babies and after that those boys went on to ignore everything but they still find comfort in each other’s presence. In Short, NH/SS shippers simply put their value in those character’s reproductive part alone. That’s their ultimate form of love.
If that’s the kind of thing they want under the label of ‘Canon’, Welll..... LET THEM HAVE IT and I don’t mind staying unofficial. AT ALL. And In fact, It’s the only functional ship in Narutoverse with Love and Understanding under the label of ‘Unofficial’ and I think it’s perfectly ALRIGHT. 
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mirclealignr · 9 months ago
cookies for a date | r.w
ron weasley x reader
requested by anon where the reader makes too many christmas cookies and shares them with Ron!
warnings; mentions and consumption of food, dialogue heavy, no pronouns used, fluff!
word count; 1000+
to be notified when I post, follow @mirclesjournal
Tumblr media
“Wow, they smell nice, Y/N!” Harry beamed, entering the common room after Quidditch practice.
You’d spent the better part of three hours baking Christmas cookies in the kitchens, rolling out the dough, cutting out shapes and decorating them in icing. It was a pleasant weekend activity you used to relieve the stress of the week and forget about everything you wished would leave you alone. And they often did once you got started, though, one person seemed awfully reluctant to let go of his hold on your mind. Ron Weasley always had a claim on one thought or another, not that you minded most of the time. And, his presence in your thoughts brought a rather good idea along with them, one that would be the cause for your extra hours in the kitchen.
“Thanks! Reckon I made a bit too many, though,” you laughed half heartedly; it was disheartening to think your hard work might go to work to waste, even if it was only a hobby. But you weren’t giving up on your plan before it had begun.
“Never mind that, Ron will help you eat them,” Harry smiled, sniggering as you became flustered just from the mention of the redhead.
“What’s that?” Ron asked, trailing behind Harry and finally arriving in the common room.
He looked tired; Quidditch practice was often quite draining on the two of them, especially Ron who’d only made the team that year. He seemed to be in good spirits, however, and smiled warmly upon meeting your eyes. And although strands of hair were stuck to his forehead, and his shirt was darkened with sweat, he still seemed the picture of a gentleman when he smiled at you.
“Y/N made too many cookies, I was just saying you’d help her eat them,” Harry explained, raising his eyebrows knowingly and turning toward the stairs.
“Wait! Take a cookie, won’t you?” you asked, and Harry smiled sweetly, accepting your offer before heading upstairs.
Ron dropped down on the sofa beside you sighing deeply and letting the aches and pains from practice melt away on the cushions and by the warmth of the fire. He nursed his knee for a moment before leaning back and closing his eyes with a breath of contentment. It almost seemed too cruel to interrupt him, he did look awfully tired, so you waited until he opened them again to speak. And finally, after a few moments of the fire crackling and the two of you breathing softly, he looked over to you, albeit a little expectantly, and smiled softly, glancing down at the plate of cookies on your lap.
“So, made too many, did you?” he asked, nodding his head to the plate.
“Maybe a few,” you laughed, “Want some?” you asked, offering the plate up to him and watching his eyes light up as the cookies moved closer.
“Well,” he started, shuffling closer, “If you’re offering, couldn’t turn down that hard work!”
“Exactly! It would be terribly insulting,” you teased.
Ron examined his options, looking between each cookie (the deciding factor probably lying within the colour of the icing that adorned the Christmas shape) and finally settled on a red bauble, looking rather pleased with his decision, and bit into it eagerly. In an attempt to hide your anxious anticipation of the verdict for your cookie’s taste, you too selected a cookie from the platter and took a bite. Ron had nearly devoured the whole thing before he showered you with an array of compliments, prompting a flush of heat to your cheeks.
“No, I’m serious! You ought to open your own bakery on Diagon Alley. You could work next to Fred and George!” beamed Ron, taking another treat from the plate.
“I’m glad you like them, but I’m not sure anyone’s looking for sweet things after they’ve been to Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes,” you joked, thinking of all the sugary items they sold in their own shop.
“Maybe you’re right,” replied Ron in between mouthfuls, “But it doesn’t matter where you open it, I’ll bet there’d be queues for miles just to buy a cookie from your shop,” he said earnestly, perhaps unaware of the weight his words carried with you.
“Thanks Ronald, that means an awful lot,” you grinned, “Especially coming from you, you know?” you eyed him nervously, wondering if he’d catch on to your meaning embedded in your careful words.
“Really? Bloody hell, do you mean it?” he asked, almost like a child hearing ‘yes’ to something for which they were sure to hear a resounding ‘no’.
“Of course I mean it!” you cried, “You don’t think an experienced baker like myself makes too many cookies by accident, do you? I know my measurements, Ron.”
“Reckon you do,” he smirked, “Would you like to maybe, now you don’t have to, mind. But would you like to go to Hogsmeade with me some time? They’ve got right good cakes there, and it might be nice not to have to bake what you’re eating for once,” Ron suggested.
He looked rather nervous, awkward even, but it was quite perfect through your eyes. It couldn’t have happened any better–asked out on a date over the freshly baked cookies you’d made for him. You couldn’t have planned it any better yourself, though you might have helped the cause of events a little, only a small nudge as it were. Ron had done the rest flawlessly, and it had rained upon you a type of happiness you had not known existed until then.
“I’d love to,” you agreed, smiling wider than you ever had done before.
“Brilliant,” he sighed a breath of relief, “Can’t wait!” he added, pecking your cheek before jumping up from the sofa and collecting his Quidditch kit to take upstairs.
“Thanks for the cookies!” he shouted on the way up, leaving you smiling to yourself and wondering what your date might be like with Ron Weasley, the boy you’d been crushing on for months.
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supremedinosaur · 11 months ago
ooo, you’re in trouble
WandaNat x Mutant!Reader
Warning: none, just fluff
Word count: 1000
Summary: Bruce and Tony test the limits of the reader’s powers. Set in a world where no one died.
“You have the ability to absorb any solid matter and cover your entire body with it,” Bruce said in awe. Bruce circled your stature, taking in your form covered gold-titanium, the same metal as Tony’s suits.
“Matter absorption and weapon creation,” you corrected as you created a sledgehammer out of the palm of your hand.
“Do you experience any negative repercussions because of them?” He asked as he was writing something down on his clipboard.
“My appetite increases to obscene levels after use and I have to consume the metals to create weapons,” you informed as you summoned the metallic coating to leave your body.
“So, you’re like Kevin 11 meets a Titan,” Tony said with his thinking posture.
“Peter?” You asked surprised he knew those references.
“Peter,” he confirmed. “Hey, I have an idea, want to test your powers against the suit and green giant?”
“Yes, I’m in,” you agreed almost too quickly.
“I don’t know about this, guys,” Bruce said apprehensively scratching his head.
“Don’t tell me Mr. Jolly Green Giant is afraid of losing,” you teased smirking.
“Okay, let’s go, but we have to be careful. I don’t want you getting hurt,” he said leading the way out with the ground slightly shaking from his giant steps.
“Yes, mom,” you and Tony groaned at the same time following him out.
“Oh, fuuucck,” you groaned as Hulk Bruce threw you at the wall and the force of your metallic body made a ‘you’ shaped indent in the wall. Your body wasn’t harmed in the slightest, but the wind was still kicked out of your lungs after the action. You dramatically fell forward, face planting into the ground and pounded your fist.
“What is going on in here?” You heard Steve say.
“My life flashing before my eyes on multiple occasions,” you replied flopping over on your back.
“Oh, come on he didn’t even throw you that hard, right Bruce?” Tony said nudging Bruce’s side.
“That seemed like it was too hard Tony. Y/N, are you okay?” Bruce asked concern clearly written on his face.
Rising to your feet you soon felt the adamantium flood your body. All it took was Hulk’s skin to come into contact with your skin long enough for you to absorb it. You felt immensely denser than the material you previously absorbed. You jumped to your toes and felt the ground shake at the action as your body became enveloped in green.
“Oh no,” Bruce said realizing what was going to happen next.
“What’s the matter, Brucie? Cat got your tongue?” You asked with an evil smile breaking across your face. You suddenly charged toward the men as Tony flew away and Bruce froze in fear. You planted one foot firmly on the ground and kicked your dominant foot up towards his jaw. The ball of your foot kissing his jaw and sending him backwards faster than you could blink, into Tony’s fleeing body, and finally into the titanium wall of the training facility. “I think we can call it even now boys,” you grinned cracking your knuckles.
In the distance, you could just barely hear Bruce groan and fall face forward just moments ago, revealing a just as lifeless and audible Iron Man falling on top of him.
Suddenly, you heard the door open revealing two pensive women you both know and love.
“Y/NN,” Natasha warned with her arms crossed.
In that moment, you felt your soul exit your body. In a feeble attempt to flee you pushed Steve towards them as a decoy and ran away. This was when Wanda used her powers to grab you and float you towards them.
“Ooo, you’re in trouble,” Clint said with a whistle, poking his head out from a random vent he was hiding in. You shot him and unappreciative glare and turned your attention back to the girls.
“Mes bébés, je suis désolé (my babies, I’m sorry),” you pleaded hopelessly as you weren’t permitted to move your body.
“No, Y/N. We told you not to hurt our teammates,” Wanda said firmly as she set you back down in front of them.
“But they did it to me first,” you said stomping your foot like a child, draining your body of the vibranium coating.
“Look at you and look at them,” Natasha said gesturing to you and to them. You, of course, did not even have a scratch on you, but Bruce was clearly passed out cold and Tony’s suit did not seem to be in good standing condition.
“They’re… alive,” you trailed off with a cringe.
“Come on, you’re going to time out,” Wanda said trying to hold in her laugh as Nat dragged you along by your ear. You helplessly trudged along wincing in pain.
Once you got to your shared room, Wanda open the door and Natasha pushed you onto the couch. When you landed in the center of the couch you crossed your arms and pouted. Natasha uncrossed your arm and hopped on, cuddling into you with your arm around her. Suddenly, you grew confused as Wanda did the same thing on your other side.
“Wait, I’m not in trouble?” You asked carefully.
“No, what are you, five?” Natasha chuckled turning the tv.
“We saw the whole thing, anyway, it was payback,” Wanda said intertwining your fingers and giving you a peck on the lips.
“Then, why did you guys make a whole show of it?” You asked with your brows furrowed. You crossed your legs and rest your feet on the ottoman, sinking deeper into the couch.
“It was funny,” Natasha smirked giving you a short and sweet kiss, patting your cheek.
“And… we wanted you to watch scary movies with us,” Wanda said just as Natasha turned on ‘Halloween.’
“Aww, gorgeous girls needed me to protect them,” you cooed, pulling them impossibly closer into you.
“No,” Natasha grumbled but used your hand to cover you’re her eyes when a jump scare was about to happen. Wanda hid her face in your neck and felt a loving warmth spread within you, at the action. In that moment, felt so rightfully loved and needed. When the jump scares finally happened, you laughed at how predictable it was and teased them both. They both pouted but you quickly got rid of them with some kisses.
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twopoppies · 27 days ago
Hi Gina, you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to but maybe you have some insight.
I’m thinking about having kids in the next few years and I kind of want to just have them myself. My parents were so focused on each other and their relationship dramas that me and my sister were definitely not prioritised and when they eventually broke up when we were teenagers there was a real sense of “the family is over if we’re not all together” from my mum and she kind of checked out, we’re still close but she says she sees me as more of a friend than a daughter which I feel weird about. Anyway, I know I do want to have kids and I’m nearing 30 which I know isn’t old but I’m thinking ahead to the next 5 or so years. I want to have kids to be a mum, not to be a physical proof of my relationship with someone.
Basically do you think it’s possible to have kids by myself, everyone I speak to says that’s so sad and I just need to wait to find the right partner, and a lot of mums I know have said it’s not really possible/is hell without a partner. I can do it financially but people are saying I’m naïve to think I could cope emotionally.
Oh babe, I don’t know if you really want my answer. I don’t have the most rosy take on being a parent. But you asked for it, so…
I know this is going to get long, but I’m on mobile and so I apologize for not being able to put this under the cut.
If you don’t want ugly truths, don’t keep reading.
In my opinion, having a child and not having a partner is not “sad” and it’s not necessarily bad for the child. Plenty of people grow up with single parents and are just fine. I assume you’ll end up doing fertility treatments which can be difficult (physically and emotionally) and expensive (all in all, ours was probably about $35K 16 years ago and I was lucky enough to got pregnant after 2 IUIs and one IVF). Then it was almost $1000 a year to store the embryos we didn’t use (that maybe be based on location and quantity… I have no idea. But it surprised me how hard it was to give up the embryos even though I knew I didn’t want any more kids. It took me about 10 year to finally give them up).
I don’t think anyone has any idea just how hard and how expensive raising a child is until they do it. And if you have a child with special needs of any sort, you’ve just exponentially increased the difficulty and expense.
And I know everyone assumes their child will be healthy and “typical”, and I hope that’s the case for you. But things aren’t like they used to be. I’m not talking about just the difficulty of affording the typical — clothes and school and braces and a phone and little league and birthday parties etc. I swear nearly every parent I know has a child with some sort of disorder which means a need for special programs outside of school, a need for therapy, a need for tutors, special schools to accommodate their needs…
And I know if you don’t have kids you may be thinking I mean them being handicapped or not learning to read on time. But what I mean is things like having a child who has such severe anxiety and body dysmorphia that they have to go into residential treatment at 15 for more than $50K a month. Or a child who’s diagnosed with autism as a toddler and would not be able to communicate without one parent giving up their career and devoting every penny the family has to working with the child until they were able to successfully integrate into “regular school” (but that work never really ends because at every step there are new challenges). Or a child who is sexually assaulted by their cousin at 12 and deals with it by cutting, attempting suicide, and getting addicted to oxycodone by 13.
I didn’t just pull these stories out of the air. These are just three close friends of mine. And I could continue for pages and pages with other stories about the neurological testing to determine learning differences and the pain and uncertainty that comes with deciding to put your second grader on anxiety meds. Obviously I do have some friends with “typical” kids, but this is the kind of shit that happens to “nice” “normal” families who just thought it would be wonderful to be parents. And these moms all have partners… if they didn’t, I don’t know how they would have made it through.
And I haven’t even begun to talk about the emotional strain having kids puts on people. If you want to be an involved parent, and are the sort of person who’s aware of how their behaviors affect others (especially developing babies) that means having to deal with your own childhood trauma because parenting your child will very likely bring everything up for you. Even little things you didn’t remember or thought were no big deal. I could go on and on about the self-doubt and the resentment and the disappointment and the loneliness of being a new parent some people feel. Having to cope with that while also having to meet the needs of a small child (let alone multiple small children) can be overwhelming.
Oh, and don’t forget the absolute shit storm that that literally no one tells you about pregnancy and giving birth. From post partum psychosis (and almost dying) to loss of sex drive (for years) to changes in literally everything from hair, skin, allergies, loss of tolerance for foods you once ate with no problem… and yes, again, those are just a few stories from people I know. I was very lucky to have had an uncomplicated pregnancy (even with carrying twins), but I was also able to stop working at the time and do many things to take care of myself.
And I’m not getting into what having kids does to a marriage/partnership since you’re talking about doing it on your own, but I could write a dissertation on that, too.
So, I’m not saying all of this simply to be a Debbie Downer. And I really adore my children. They’re awesome people. But I think there is so much of a fantasy that’s created around the joys of pregnancy and parenthood that so many jump into it without really understanding even a fraction of what could result. Literally they only thing I thought about is that I would be tired in the beginning. 🥴🥴🥴 (meanwhile, my son didn’t sleep through the night for FIVE YEARS).
Yes, it can be done without a partner. But it also can be an extremely emotional, tiring, stressful, complex undertaking. Without having people around who are as invested in your child’s well being as you are, you may end up without your needs being met often enough (which isn’t good for anyone. Including your child). So, given what you said about your family, it sounds like you might not have family you feel comfortable helping raise your child while you work. Because, unless you’re independently wealthy, you will have to work and your child will have to be left with someone (if not family, then a nanny or daycare). And that’s another dissertation I could write because I’ve literally been through it all.
I know this isn’t what you were hoping for. But I wish someone had really been honest with me all those years ago. I could at least have prepared myself better.
Best of luck making your decisions. ❤️❤️❤️
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lokiskitten · a year ago
Loki Laufeyson | a little miracle
Loki Laufeyson x fem!reader
Tumblr media
plot : After getting banned from Asgard, Loki found shelter in your home. You two easily grew closer as time passed, engaging in a long term relationship without you ever being able to carry his child due to the none-matching genetics. During Christmas Eve, you and the demigod stumble upon an abandoned baby on the steps of your porch.
warnings : mention of nudity and child abandon.
The 24th of December marked a rather cold and ruthless evening. The sun had set low hours ago, which allowed you and your long term love interest to spend a delightful night whilst having dinner nowhere far from the soothing sound and warmth which erupted from the working chimney. Even if he often criticized midgardian food, Loki had made an effort to worship your roasted chicken which in fact resembled what he used to eat every day whenever he still was allowed on the lands of Asgard. The man would often tell you about the nice adventures he had had the pleasure to experience, whilst also verbally exploring the many beauties that carried his homeland.
Of course, you never seemed to get tired of hearing his stories. His arrival in your life had offered you well needed company, especially as you lived far from the city; in a little country house within a low populated village. Besides, he was also the most interesting and intelligent man you ever got to meet. No matter how many bad actions you knew he had committed, your heart still managed to hold a special place for Loki within your chest. Often, you would reassure his anxiety by claiming that everyone deserves another chance. Long story short : you felt overly grateful that he was now here to keep you safe and sound.
After dinner, the two of you had moved to the couch before the chimney, easily getting rid of your clothes and engaging in a never ending cuddle- the type of snuggles that you liked the best : skin to skin. Feeling his warmth against yours made the fire from the chimney appear irrelevant, and the sweet caresses he offered your sensitive body felt better than any silk sheets anyone could ever dream to possess. These kind of moments were never about sex, but always about sharing a special and dedicated contact with the man you had fallen in love with. Surely the two of you often allowed yourselves to spend some sexually pleasurable time together, but those kind of cuddles overcame any of these private intercourses.
His lips collided against yours in a smooth manner, both of your respective eyelids remaining closed as his naked body rested between your legs. You never grew tired of those motions, your organism constantly begging for more and reacting to any touch coming from your partner. His hips rocked against yours just so slightly, the dry humping being part of the overall loving mannerisms. And right now, it was enough to satisfy you. However, an unwelcome detail managed to flash itself back into your mind, pulling you out of the romantic moment you were attempting to spend with Loki. Opening your eyes, you allowed your palms to rest against his shoulders in order to stop him through his motions.
“I forgot to turn off the candle on the porch..” you murmured, earning a tired groan coming from the large man. “I won’t be long.” You affirmed after you had laid a loving kiss on his cheek, watching as the demigod sat up in order to allow you to shift off the couch. Your hand reached out for your sweater and panties, putting both of those pieces of clothing back on before lazily making your way until the front door. Scratching the back of your neck, you finally pushed open the door of your house before taking a step forward in order to be able to put your hand on the candle. However, your foot stumbled upon a foreign mass, easily leading you to step back out of surprise as unhappy cries began to escape the layers of dirty drapes.
Your hand landed against your chest, orbs starring down at the scary sight that you wish wasn’t what you thought it was. However, it undeniably was and remained an abandoned baby resting on your porch. Your first reflex was to seek for any silhouette lurking within the darkness of the snowy night, eyes squinting as you attempted to distinguish the potential parents of this child. “Hello?!” Fear echoed in your voice, though you soon gave up on trying to figure out who had left this child here as you couldn’t tell for how long this poor baby had been laying on your doorstep- which allowed you to jump to the conclusion that those gruesome individuals were probably gone and far by now.
You looked back down at the newborn who now only allowed a few tired whimpers to escape their lips, body crouching down so that your hands would be able to remove the layer of sheet which covered their face. Upon being revealed to the light, a new whine echoed throughout your ears, your empathetic self feeling sorrow invade your organism. You picked up the baby with a lot of care, face still diverted towards their grimacing one right before Loki finally made an apparition behind your silhouette. “What’s taking your so long-“ he began to ask, the smile on his face fading away as soon as you turned around and revealed the child to his bare eyes.
“Where did you find this?” He asked on a tensed tone, visibly not appearing too happy about seeing you carry a foreign toddler. “I found it on our porch. Someone must’ve left him there...” you admitted on a sorrowful tone, looking down at the little piece of sunshine who clearly didn’t deserve to be in the situation they were in. Your empathetic self couldn’t even believe that people still did those kind of things nowadays. It disgusted you to even think of it. “Put it back.” Loki demanded, earning a confused yet absolutely irritated stare coming from you. “Are you mental? I told you I found it right here. Who am I supposed to return this child to?” You answered sadly, feeling more than shocked by your partner’s inappropriate and rude behavior.
Loki looked down at the baby’s face, earning a few gasps from the newborn who kept their eyes closed. No form of care nor empathy seemed to show on the grown man’s face- which once again was a detail that left you speechless. “We can’t leave it there. Poor thing would freeze to death.” You affirmed whilst gently rocking the baby in order to make sure it would stay calm and sleepy. Loki remained silent for a couple of seconds, his mind probably trying to find a good response to your previous statement. “What if.. what if we kept it?” You suddenly offered, looking up at your lover who simply scoffed as a response. “Keep it? This isn’t a fairytail. You can’t just keep a child like this.” Loki answered harshly. Currently, if both of your arms haven’t been required to carry the toddler, the demigod would’ve probably earned a slap across his face.
“You’ll bring him to the authorities tomorrow. Now let’s get inside.” Loki ordered, turning back around as he began to take a few steps forward in order to join the warmth of the house. However, you stopped in front of the doorstep. “Why are you acting like this? This isn’t like you.” You accused sadly, your arms still patiently rocking the child. The truth was, this situation simply reminded Loki of his own past- how Odin had found him abandoned on a rock on Jotunheim. He had suffered due to his new environment mixing up with who he truly was, and didn’t wish to put anyone through the same bother he once had to go through. “Everyone deserves a chance.” You suddenly affirmed, causing the demigod to stop through his track. This statement struck him right through his heart.
Your eyes anxiously stared at his back, waiting for an answer coming from your partner who had decided to behave so harshly. Loki finally ended up turning around, green eyes making contact with yours as he slowly began to make his way back to you. Face to his silence, your anxious self couldn’t help but add a few decisive words. “It’s the child we’ve always wanted. It’s a.. miracle.” You affirmed sadly, feeling tears fill up your orbs at the thought of finally being able to look after a child of your own. Of course, Loki knew how much this topic meant to you, and that even if he had never planned to have children of his own before stumbling upon you and your desires. But in that child, he couldn’t help but see himself.
Patiently, the demigod accepted to take a new look down at the baby who now had their eyes open, a gentle whimper escaping their lips upon making eye contact with the adult male. Loki took the initiative to take the toddler out of your arms, carrying it in his own limbs without ever speaking a word as he made his way towards the chimney. The demigod had began to gently rock the toddler, looking down at them and allowing the baby to toy with his long strands of black locks whilst he patiently sang to them in that beautiful Asgardian language of his. He kept a low tone, making sure not to scare the baby without ever breaking the eye contact he had engaged with the toddler.
Leaning against the entrance of the living room, you finally allowed yourself to smile out of relief face to this soothing sight. This was everything you’ve ever wanted : seeing Loki carry a child, and that even if it wasn’t necessarily yours. No matter where this baby came from, this house would now become his home.
AHHH thank you so much for 1000 followers!!!!! I couldn’t feel more grateful. For the occasion, I had to write something for you guys. It’s different from what y’all probably have the habit to read, but I hope it was enjoyable to read still! Love you and take care!!! Special tag for @seasexnsun who turned out to be my 1000th follower!
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remyisnthere · a month ago
The man in the mask
This is for @forefinn and his 1000 followers event!
Prompt- "Look at me, I'm so proud of you."
Characters used- C!Eret, C!Dream
Readers pronouns- He/Him (I will write a Gender neutral version if asked)
Reader age- I'm thinking teenage years so like 14-17
This fic is completely plationic! Its also kinda short, in the future I might try and make it longer if i have the motivation or if someone asks!
TWs- a brief fight scene, mention of choking, thats it i think let me know if I missed any!
A simple walk through the castle his mother owned, his mother was a wonderful person. To him at least, others might not think as kindly as he did. Eret had taken him in at a young age, having found him wondering alone in the woods outside their castle. He had offered the kid a place to stay and a good meal, to which he gladly excepted.
Eret had just become Queen when they found him. So you could imagine the worry she had when Dream started poking around. She kept the child hidden, he'd seen what Dream would do to kids, he didn't care how old you were. If you're living, he'll fight you with no mercy.
Dream stopped coming around after awhile, finding just a small amount of trust in Eret to run the kingdom well. So [name] could finally come out of hiding. Finally able to play outside without fear of the man with the mask spotting him. Yes, he'd seen what he looked like but never bothered to learn his name. As the years went by he gave up on caring if he'd been seen but for his mother he'd do just about anything.
You could imagine his surprise when the masked man had suddenly appeared in his room as he lied in bed reading a book about different types of flowers. Dream hopped through his window, which so happened to be on the third floor. How he got up there, well i guess we'll never know.
"Hmm, and what do we have here?" Dream had said in a mock questioning tone, as if he had already known of you're existence. His voice startled the boy laying down, closing his book in a haste. He quickly jumped out of bed. Dream had a chuckle at his actions, cheeky bastard. [name] had to think quick, the man who wasn't supposed to know of his existence has appeared in his room without alerting any of the castle guards. Oh boy, he's in big trouble. He had to think of a plan and quick. 'I could make some noise and try to alert the guards, but whose to say he wouldn't stop me before I got the chance. Hmmm, I could try to find a weapon and fight him off but-!!!' [name] was so lost in thought that he hadn't realized Dream had made his way over to him. Dream mumbled something along the lines of too easy while picking [name] up by the throat. Dreams plan of what'd he was going to do to the boy was unknown. [name]'s plan at the moment was to beak out of his grasp.
Dream slammed the boy against the wall to attempt to knock him out. Fortunately its going to take a lot more than a hit to the wall to knock [name] out. He reached his hands out to grab anything to defend himself, his finger rapped around a curved handle. He swung the object at dreams stomach, catching him off guard just enough to loosen the grip on [name]'s throat. Which in turn gave [name] a chance to break from his grasp.
[name] fled just out of Dreams reach and held, what was now known as the umbrella his mother had gotten him for when he wanted to go on late night walks in the rain, up in a defensive position. Those self-defense classes will finally come in handy. He yelled out as he ran at Dream, using the plan from earlier to alert the guards but hold Dream off while the guards came rushing to his aid. His mother, who happened to be coming to with his son goodnight, heard his yell and rushed down the hall. Eret called for guards as she ran, to which said guards came rushing to aid their King.
[name] is successful with his plan to hold Dream off until the guards get there. His mother, who he wasn't expecting get here before the guards, burst through the door face full of concern. She spots Dream being fought off by her son and is filled with a sense of pride. Her son successfully help off one of the most powerful men in the server, on his own for who knows how long.
Dream seemed stunned by the sudden flood of guards and of the abrupt entrance of the King. He quickly fled the scene, with a silent promise to return to finish what he started. Eret rushed to his son, checking him for any injury. He noticed his neck was red, as if he'd been held in a chock hold. And he winced whenever he moved his right shoulder. With concern Eret asked what happened, explaining in exact detail of what had just occurred. How Dream appeared and grabbed him while he was in thought. About how Dream slammed him against the wall and held him there for what felt like hours. How he made the decision to slam what ever his hand could reach into Dreams stomach and then call for help. Eret could help but let that pride from either bubble up again. Her son was amazing in her eyes, even more so than he was before.
[name] was afraid that his mother would be dissapointed he didn't try to get help sooner or that she felt he didn't do a good enough job defending himself. He was afraid she would blame him for the fact Dream got in the castle in the first place, of course Eret wold never feel this way. As if spotting what their son was thinking, he knelt down to his level and held his face, "Hey, look at me, I'm so proud of you. You did such an amazing job tonight. I say we go get some celebratory ice cream and you tell me all about your most recent adventures, how does that sound?" [name] nodded in response a sense of happiness blooming in his core, he loved his mother with all his heart. He would trade her for anything in the world. Eret smiled, and pulled the boy by his wrist to the kitchen where the ice cream was, and then they went to the throne room to sit upon Eret's throne and talk about everything but nothing at the same time. [name] telling stories of his adventures and Eret adding commentary when necessary. The rest of the night was peaceful. They both fell asleep in each others arms, safe and sound.
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undercityviktor · 9 months ago
Hey I'm not sure if you're taking writing requests or not but after reading your one about the lab confessions and seeing that post you made about Jayce bringing Viktor food I would like to request something based off of that prompt for sure!
Hello Anon! You’re my first Anon on this sideblog, so congratulations! Have a glass of sweetmilk on me. Thanks for reaching out!
I’m not specifically taking requests for fics, but I’m always up for inspiration if the mood strikes, and I’m really glad to hear you enjoyed the Late Night Lab Confessions story. I hope to put it on AO3 if I ever get the set-up email back from them (I have an account already, but I wanted one specifically for Arcane shenanigans). So far all I seem to have written is super fluffy jayvik stuff...
I did actually start a fic based on my earlier idea, but it ended up getting all in-depth and angsty first before I even got to the foody bit, so I’ll see what happens with it. Here’s the unedited first 1000 words or so though?
Rating: General, sfw Wordcount: 1180 Content: Viktor’s unhealthy work habits means he has a tendency to neglect his other needs. Jayce sees this, and starts to make an effort.
It had only taken two weeks of sharing the lab with Viktor for Jayce to come to loathe the smell of instant noodles.
“You know those aren’t supposed to be eaten as, like… regular meals, Vik?” he said as Viktor coiled a wad of bland noodles around his fork and levered it into his mouth without taking his eyes off the notebook in front of him.
Viktor didn’t respond immediately, swallowing down the lump of rehydrated carbohydrates and sodium with obvious distaste.
Jayce chuckled. “Why do you eat them if you don’t like them?”
“They’re convenient,” Viktor mumbled around a final mouthful. That done, he scooted the abandoned, half-empty pot away from him over the desk with the back of his fingers and scratched something onto the page, adding to his calculations. His thick eyebrows were knotted in concentration and his shoulders had a particular hunch to them that spoke of a forthcoming all-nighter. Jayce tried not to sigh as he stumped over and picked up the remnants of Viktor’s ‘meal’ and went to drop it down the chute that led to the incinerators. Viktor didn’t even notice him remove it.
Five hours slid by after that without a word exchanged between them.
Jayce focused all his mental energy on the wiring up the prototype gauntlet, while Viktor remained bent over his calculations until Jayce stood, blinked prickling eyes, and cracked out his back and stretched his muscles with a grunt that turned into a muted roar of satisfaction at the tug and give of the stretch. When he looked back at Viktor, he found his lab partner looking at him.
“Nothing,” Viktor said with a private little smile. “You distracted me, that’s all.”
“Sorry?” Jayce said as he crossed the room to peer over Viktor’s shoulder. “Holy shit, Vik,” he added in a reverent exhale when he saw the notebook. Almost every millimetre of the white paper bore some kind of scribble or notation, and as Jayce loomed behind him, he caught a slight but distinctive tremor in Viktor’s body. “You’re exhausted, Vik,” he said in gently. “We should call it for today. Come back fresh tomorrow.”
“Mmm,” Viktor hummed.
He tipped back just a fraction on the stool and his back came to rest against Jayce’s front. Jayce’s whole body lit up and he had to grind his jaw to stop the gasp of pleasure leaving his lips. Tentatively, he brought his big hands up to his friend and lab-partner’s shoulders and rested them there for a moment.
“You’re cold,” he said, scowling.
“Not particularly,” Viktor sighed without moving.
Beneath Jayce’s palm, he could feel the lump of the leather strap that held up Viktor’s system of relatively-new braces, but beneath that, he was sure Viktor was cold and trembling. The urge to run his fingers through Viktor’s thick, dark hair in a futile attempt at easing some of the tension in his body was almost overwhelming, but instead he let out a long, heavy sigh. “Come on. Let’s lock up.”
To his surprise, Viktor didn’t protest this time.
He simply nodded, and then began to shuffle forwards in preparation for standing. Beside him, the crutch that he had designed, and which Jayce had then made himself in the forge, leaned innocently against the desk, waiting.
Jayce stepped back to allow Viktor room to rise, but when Viktor got halfway up and let out a muffled yelp, Jayce darted back. “Vik?”
“Cramp,” Viktor grunted, clutching the desk with bird-like hands, shaking all over.
He cursed something in his mother tongue and pushed his reluctant body the last few degrees to upright, fumbling for the crutch that rested a few inches beyond his reach. Silently, Jayce slid it into his waiting fingers, and tried not to hover. Viktor never asked for help, but that didn’t mean Jayce wasn’t ready to give it in a heartbeat if Viktor needed him.
Except, Viktor didn’t seem to need him.
He didn’t seem to need anybody.
Jayce’s heart beat wildly in his throat as they walked to the doors and Viktor locked up behind them with trembling hands.
“You got plans for dinner?” Jayce asked with an affected casualness he hoped Viktor didn’t sense.
Viktor shook his head. “Not particularly. I’ll see what’s in the cupboards,” he smiled.
“Why don’t you come back to mine?” Jayce suggested, trying to rein in his desperately rearing hope. “I’ve got a huge bucket of my mum’s curry to finish — she packed me off with it yesterday after I went to see her, and there’s way more than I can manage.” After a heartbeat he added, “It won’t keep.”
Viktor paused noticeably, and the only sounds that filled the silence that stretched between them were the click-shuffle of Viktor’s cane and foot on the smooth floor of the corridor. “Alright,” he said with a little shy smile. “If you’re sure you’ve got enough.”
“Trust me, when my mum cooks, she cooks enough to feed a small army. I think you’ll love it.”
And to his surprise, Viktor did.
He even wiped his plate with the remnants of the soft flatbread Jayce had dug out from a cupboard and flung onto the table at the last minute, and when he sat back, there was colour in his cheeks again and a light in his eyes that had definitely not been there when he’d sat down at Jayce’s small garret kitchen table.
“Thank you, Jayce,” Viktor said, consonants soft and voice low. “It has been a long time since I made the time to enjoy a meal like that.”
Brilliant, effervescent joy filled Jayce’s chest and he beamed openly at Viktor. “We should do it more often,” he said, standing. If he sat still any longer, he thought he might burst. Viktor made to start clearing his plate too, but Jayce scowled. “No, you sit. I’ll get the plates.”
“But you cooked,” Viktor protested.
“I reheated it on the stove, Vik. It’s fine. You’re my guest tonight.”
The familiar yet incomprehensible mutterings of Viktor’s mother tongue followed Jayce as he set the plates in the sink and returned immediately. He could wash up after Viktor had gone.
“You want to sit somewhere more comfortable?” he asked, eyeing the sofa across the open plan room, but he could see Viktor’s response forming even as he asked it.
His friend shook his head, his lovely thick hair flopping across his forehead for a moment, and he smiled again. “No. I should get back. Thank you though. I… I enjoyed this.”
Jayce plastered a smile onto his face and nodded, though he couldn’t help the disappointment that lapped around the edges of his satisfaction.
It was a start, he mused as he watched Viktor’s departure down the corridor from his apartment in the eaves of a university hall.
At the end of the corridor, Viktor halted and looked back over his shoulder. A shy, bashful smile adorned his tired face, and Jayce grinned, waving.
It was a start.
Hope you enjoyed it! Please consider reblogging it if you did, because I’m a new sideblog and any shares I get is helpful.
Check out my Tumblr writing masterlist here. I’ll add an AO3 link when I get one too, for those who prefer reading on there instead.
Take care, and Happy New Year (almost!)
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nolaimagines · a year ago
Baby Love
Request: hi, can you do Klaus Mikaelson imagine, where y/n is bartender in Rousseau's(i think it was that name, sorry if its incorrect) and friends with Hayley bc reader is werewolf too, and when she is playing with little Hope in living room, and klaus walks in and sees reader for the first time, and takes interest in her or something like that? hope it wasnt too much and too cliche😊thanks
Notes: It's been a long time, but here's a post. Hope you enjoy it! Part 2?
You sighed, wiping down a table ready for the next group of customers. You signalled them over before going behind the bar and preparing more drinks. Just as you set the glasses on the counter, and got the remaining ingredients, and strong perfume filled your nostrils.
You smirked to yourself, “What do you want Hayley?” You looked up to see your best friend sitting at the bar.
Hayley smiled and shrugged her shoulders, “Nothing, I just wanted to see you, and ask what you were up to tonight?”
You tilted your head, knowing she was after something, “Well depending on what you really want, I’m working.”
Hayley groaned, “I need someone to look after Hope, I don’t trust the Mikaelsons-“
“YES! I’ll do it. I finish at 5, and can be at yours for 5:15?” You squealed with excitement. Hope was more like your niece than just your friends daughter, and Hayley saw you more as Hope’s aunt which was nice.
Hayley smiled, “Perfect timing. See you then, you’re the best.” She downed the drink you just made for another customer and took off.
“Here comes the airplane” You smiled, waving the spoon of food in the air towards Hope as you attempted to feed her. You opened your mouth as Hope followed your instructions and took a mouthful before letting it spill down her chin. You laughed, “Not quite, let’s eat the rest of it, not much more to go.”
“No.” Hope pouted and pushed the food bowl onto the floor.
You laughed a little, and leant down to pick up the bowl, “Okay, I get it. No more food, you could have just said.
Hope giggled and threw the spoon on the floor in response. You looked at her with fake disappointment, but Hope continued to giggle as she wriggled out of her chair and walked over to her toys.
You smiled after her, and set the bowl back on the table, quickly running after her and sitting beside her.
“Full of energy isn’t she?” A deep voice came from behind you; Klaus.
You looked up and smiled, trying to contain your surprise his good looks. How did Hayley fail to mention that Klaus was this handsome? “Yes, she is. And unfortunately, she’s eaten most of her dinner so I won’t be surprised if she is awake all night.”
Klaus laughed, “Well, in my 1000 years of existence, this little one is the only one who has managed to tire me out…aren’t you?” Klaus sat next to Hope and minded her curls from her face.
You smiled, “I’m Y/N, Hayley’s friend…”
“Yes, Hayley’s mention you a lot actually. You were a great comfort to her during her pregnancy so I hear, and you’ve looked after Hope more times I can count…I’m just glad I’ve finally got the chance to meet you.” Klaus offered a kind smile.
You smirked, “Well, I’m known to annoy people, and I hear you don’t have much patience, so I didn’t want to take the risk.”
Klaus chuckled, “And you do now?”
“Well…I had to come and see what the fuss is about didn’t I? Is the original hybrid as scary as the legends say?” You knew he was of course, but you couldn’t help but attempt to wind him up.
Klaus’ eyes darkened, but his lips were smiling slightly, “and what’s your verdict?”
You smiled, and picked Hope up in your arms, “I’d say you were a big soft teddy bear, don’t you agree Hope? Your daddy is just a big squishy teddy bear.” Your voice softened as you tickled hope, her giggles echoing in the room. You glanced behind Hope’s shoulder, and you saw Klaus smiling but his eyes filled with a little more than lust.
“Right, I better put Hope to bed.” You got up and cradled Hope in your arms as she leant her head on your shoulder.
Klaus got up and followed you, “Yes…I’ll give you a hand.”
You switched off the light and closed the door quietly before turning around and bumping into Klaus.
“Oh…sorry….” You muttered as you moved past him.
“That’s alright love…my bad…Y/N…” Klaus grabbed your arm softly, pulling you back.
You turned around and looked up at Klaus, “Yes?”
“I was wondering….” Klaus’ eyes were darting everywhere…why was he nervous?
You smirked, picking up on his nervousness, “Ooo, is the original hybrid getting nervous? Around me?” you fake gasped, “Are you feeling okay? You lift your hand to feel his forehead as if he was getting hot as a human would.
Klaus smiled, and grabbed your hand keeping hold of it, “Love…I was wondering if you wanted to go out for drink…I’m quite intrigued by you…”
You raised your eyebrows a little, “Sure. I finish at 5 tomorrow evening. You can pick me up, but don’t be late because I hate people being late and I have this awful temper…but I wouldn’t-“
Klaus chuckled, interrupting you with a kiss to your cheek, “I’ll be there, love.”
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absolutebl · 2 months ago
Thanks bunches for the response! It's incredibly sweet of you to take the time to do this for a random ass person online. Hope you know you are loved and appreciated! :)
Firstly, with your point on Cherry Magic and Old Fashion Cupcake, I agree! They were so close to being perfect, with everything, including all the conflicts and narrative beats being nigh on perfect in execution. They just failed to deal the deal for me.
Hence why I put them in the close enough list. Only the first 6 shows I mentioned nailed the landing for me.
Regarding your reply to my second question, do you see any way to resolve this issue regarding the post-honeymoon phase for the viewers? Is there any way it could be presented engagingly without going full WBL2/Tharntype 2? Are there any BL's that actually attempt to linger on a couple **in** a relationship and the problems they may phase in the first season itself?
As for if I grew up watching much anime, not really lol. I got into BL in my early teens and that was my first exposure to Japanese media via Yaoi/Shounen-ai manga. After a while, I had to reconcile with my new found queer identity and BL, which (back then) was not very queer affirming. [This isn't just Japanese stuff, I read a lot of Thai Y Novels with the help of Thai friends who graciously would let me in on group reads and translate for us while we translated Japanese works for them]
In general, the structure of anime doesn't tend to bother me much. I enjoyed Given a lot and had fun watching Sasaki to Miyano without too many qualms (except the singing in Given cos I hate BL and signing together).
As for Disney stuff, it's real hit or miss imo. I tend to not like it that much though so yeah. Tangled is my exception though. I love the movie. That and Beauty and the Beast.
Youa re spot on in saying that I don't like the classic structure of romance plots unless the final conflict is something that has long been established and has been creeping up at the couple. What you say about Korean stuff sounds VERY unappealing to me. It kinda sounds like WYEL territory which completely lost me with its ending. Not that I was head over heels for it anyway.
Regarding 1000 Stars, I've watched it, but found it to be kinda drab and dull fornsome parts in the middle to the point where I struggle to remember much of it. Hell I don't remember much of that show AT ALL. Only the touching scene where Mix counts the stars, vague flashes of the airport, and then a **very** hazy vision of their reunion. Nothing else. The show felt truly meh for me. Mainly due to the compete lack of chemistry to me between Earth and Mix. I sincerely just couldn't see it at all. That, and Earth's acting leaves...a lot to be desired. His "deffo-real-beard" was HILARIOUS though. The narrative itself seemed decently paced if a touch long winded from my recollection. Then again, I can't recollect for shit so I should probs rewatch. Also, PhuPha is quite literally the SOLE cause of ALL conflict in the show and I hate him for it.
Thanks for the recommendations on Moddy Arthouse stuff. I do love me some of that!
I've already watched YNEH, TCMDOC, and the Pornographer. I haven't gotten into Vitenamese stuff because My Cinderell was so clearly underfunded, it suffered hugely for it. And that is still held up as peak Vietnamese BL. I'm watching Want To See You now and my god is it extra. It is truly CAMP. The way the women are portrayed, golly.
This is to ask if Goodbye Mother is good.
As for the rest,
- L:LOTL because I cannot STAND Akira lol. His decision was close to irredeemable for me and I hate the way the denouement is done in either version. This is why I prefer His the Movie. It got to take it's time to unpack the singular issue between Shin and Nagisa and give us some form of satisfactory resolution to the conflict. Here's me on reddit ranting in an exaggerated tone about L:LOTL, where I'm left to fight in the TRENCHES for defence. (I really shouldn't have tried to be comedically exaggerative in the post lol. I got FLAMED.): https://www.reddit.com/r/boyslove/comments/vgae27/am_i_the_only_one_who_didnt_like_life_love_on_the/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share [WARNING: This isn't a good look for me lmao], and Here's a comment where I defend my hypocrisy for liking His but not L:LOTL if you care lmao: https://www.reddit.com/r/boyslove/comments/vlfens/my_review_about_the_japanese_movie_his_2020_share/idv9hud?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3
- Not Me I felt was sorta shallow and faux deep. While I appreciated the attempts to highlight systemic failures in governance that lead to the corruption ridden systems that take hold in large parts of South and South East Asia, allowing for moguls to rule with impunity, I felt that the politics lacked nuance and self awareness in action and most importantly, it failed to show consequence, which is truly where the large majority of the injustice lies. The romance and stuff was fun I guess. Gun KILLS it this time aswell! Love him as Black. Wish we got more of that Gun instead of White Gun imo.
- Manner of Death is a show that I enjoyed watching, but never finished because I love bringing a series and this series in particular felt unbingable. I'd get through a few epsidoes, get bored and quit. Then a few months later, restart, catch up, watch one more episode, feel fatigue, and quit. Rinse and repeat. I'd love to finish it though.
- What Did You Eat Yesterday is something I've heard of a lot. I know the manga is in my to-read list. Will get to it.
- Isnt Great Men Academy body-swap? No thanks if so.
Now finally for the bromances, I'm simply not brave enough to commit to 300 million episodes of content, only to potentially deal with het fuckery AND not get ANYTHING out of it. I know some of these things are supposed to be implied and queer coded but to what extent? How explicit is it? How shrouded is it? Cause I'm sorry but I'm not watching a 30 episode buddy cop type dynamic series as a substitute for good BL.
Jesus I type too much. I need to touch grass.
[Had to send this as an ask because character limits. Dear lord.]
Do you see any way to resolve this issue regarding the post-honeymoon phase for the viewers? Is there any way it could be presented engagingly without going full WBL2/Tharntype 2?
Many experienced and brilliant romance authors have tackled this one with mixed results. The nature of romance as a genre makes it very difficult. 
I think, the conflict in the second season needs to be external and set up by the narrative and world building to work successfully. So, for example, even though I know it was a toss away because the actor refused to return, I didn't mind Color Rush 2 removing Yoo Han, because it total made sense he might be kidnapped, trapped by his family, or otherwise messed with given the sinister nature of the CR universe. I'd even be fine seeing a different actor portray him in a 3rd installment, again because plastic surgery or on-the-run visual shift works for the story, (so long as the new actor could convey the same kind of physicality as Hwall).
Tumblr media
Another example: 
I would have had TMS2 take Korea’s homophobic culture to task with a plot that had paparazzi exposing Seo Joon as gay and then the extreme public fall out. I would have had Ji Woo totally unable to deal with the negative fame (because of his past trauma and shy retiring personality) and flee for THAT reason. This would have made both characters more sympathetic (and still pining for each other), just torn apart by circumstances beyond their control. And I would have ended it with Seo Joon tragically having to give up his career but happily shacked up with Ji Woo in increasing obscurity in a countryside restaurant and small community that has learned to accept and protect them (ah la His the movie). 
Are there any BLs that actually attempt to linger on a couple in a relationship and the problems they may phase in the first season itself?
You mean they get together like halfway through? Hum. Well Secret Crush On You, any BL where one half of the party has a super important secret or that tackles the fake relationship trope. Because of it’s style (that you specifically said you probubly wouldn’t like) any 4 act structure (or show that borrows this pacing style) so Chinese bromances and some stuff out of Korea, will do this, but still inject dumb break up conflict in the final quarter. 
Tumblr media
Also any BL that is more soap opera-ish will do this, like Japan’s Ossan’s Love, the Takumi-kun series, Pornographer series, or China’s Irresistible Love. Thailand’s Love Sick, Make it Right, Puppy Honey (in many of these the couple is apart at the end of season 1 tho). 
I do have a statistical analysis of 2nd seasons (from before Korea started getting in on the game). 
Second Seasons I Think Are Actually Pretty Good 
In that they use external conflict to drive the couples apart rather than angst or internal conflict. 
Tumblr media
SOTUS S is my first pick. I like the conflict in both the 2nd season and the Our Skyy special. It’s around coming out in the workplace and separation due to being at different life stages. You need to buy into KongArthit’s dynamic though. If they didn’t work for you as a couple in SOTUS, the rest of the series won’t work either. But they satisfied me by moving from a college setting to a workplace setting and I really enjoyed them a lot. 
I actually don’t like Present Perfect, but I think you might. If you haven’t seen this 2 part movie series (Thai + Japan production from a queer arthouse director) you might enjoy it. It’s a little slow, but maybe? The conflict is internal but believably based on personality, so a little like TMS2. 
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trashytoastboi · 5 months ago
Heyya! 🍀🥺 of course! Sorry for the long wait and hope you enjoy~ Also unintentionally ended up with more angsty undertones than I intended 🥺 but its still pretty fluffy at the end 🤣
(Gender Neutral)
1000 Follower Event!
Scenario: Omega! Zenitsu x Beta! Reader – Want to Believe
Word Count: 1,759 words
Tumblr media
⚡Zenitsu Agatsuma⚡
“There they are!” Zenitsu could not hide those eyes full of affection. The little smile that graced his features at seeing {Name}, every time he saw them. He felt his heart stir a little and at first he believed it to be something like fear or paranoia, yet it wasn’t scary… instead it felt warm. At first it was simply watching them from afar, each and everyday while they carried out a very set routine that gave him the opportunity to see them often. He saw them from afar and had a desire to tell them how he felt. Thus far he had never seen them with anyone, in a romantic capacity and assumed that it could be a possibility that they weren’t seeing anyone nor had a mate.
Whenever Zenitsu got his hopes up they would usually come crashing down due to his lack of self confidence and low self esteem. He never held himself in high regard and subconsciously held the belief that others would view him the same way. Those same fears prevented him from doing anything other than admiring {Name} from a distance, almost religiously. Waiting for them to come by so he could catch a glimpse of someone he somehow developed an affection for without any real conversation or interaction which only acted as another point that he felt worked against his favour.
{Name} had always noticed Zenitsu, his hair was quite an unusual colour and stood out in a good way. They often saw him around, and he always had the most heartfelt and gentle smile. From a distance they habitually look for him, spotting him in the distance and waving shyly, a bashful sort of manner to him and sometimes turning away whenever {Name} met his gaze. It was adorable, so adorable in fact that {Name} could not help but grow to like him. Originally that was not the path they often used, it was simply a detour for a day when they felt like a more scenic route. After seeing Zenitsu, they intentionally began travelling that path frequently just to catch a glimpse of Zenitsu. It was such an odd admiration that the two of them shared for one another, {Name} had been the one who took the initiative to finally end the distant waves and glances. They surprised Zenitsu when they turned from the path they always walked and instead headed straight towards him. The sudden turn surprised the omega and Zenitsu instantly grew shy and began to internally panic at the sudden turn of {Name} coming towards him.
{Name} flashed such a friendly smile, calm and relaxed in their demeanor and offered a polite greeting. Zenitsu mumbled a greeting back, unable to raise his voice any more. {Name} leaned in a little closer, not enough to cause any discomfort but in attempt to try translate his mumbles without pushing the obviously shy omega to speak any louder. Zenitsu blushed when they came a little closer, they had such a pleasant sound to them. It was kind and warm, only few people truly had such a lovely sound. “H-Hello…” Zenitsu raised his voice a little above a whisper, {Name} smile. Feeling glad that he had spoken to them, they waved a little before heading down the path “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
The scheduled time arrived, Zenitsu waited and like promised, {Name} turned down from their path to greet him on their way. Zenitsu still got hit with a little bit of internal panic but not as terribly as the first day. At least that’s what he thought until Zenitsu slipped and went spiraling down to the floor. {Name} hurried over, a look of concern on their face and the sudden slew of questions inquiring as to whether or not Zenitsu was really alright after such a fall. They helped him up to his feet and walked around Zenitsu to make sure he truly wasn’t injured. Embarrassed by what just happened, he only nodded and recalled the warm feeling of {Name's} hand holding his as they lifted him to his feet.
“Are you sure you’re alright?” {Name} asked one more time to make doubly sure, they didn’t want to leave Zenitsu if he was even mildly injured. “I’m alright… thank you” Zenitsu replied, his words were quiet and few. A stark contrast to his usual screaming about marriage and fear, but {Name} was different. He truly wanted to impress them and felt a dire lack of confidence in doing so. Another burdening factor seemed to be the fact that he is an omega. It wasn’t that being an omega was a bad thing, but Zenitsu had never really heard anything too positive about being one. Especially with the discovery that {Name}, the target of his love and affection is a beta. There was nothing wrong with that, but he believed that {Name} would probably hold no affection nor attraction towards him. Honestly most beta's only became mates other beta's and with the relatively rare exception of a beta being with someone other than a beta, it was generally an alpha.
Zenitsu cannot name anyone that he knew personally or from people around him and even hearsay, he had never heard or seen a beta falling for an omega. The thought of it basically being an impossible endeavor made him feel very discouraged and despondent.
Seeing {Name} everyday, the brief and enjoyable conversations they shared and the once pleasant ‘butterflies' became a source of anxiety to Zenitsu. He felt overwhelmed and the progression of his feelings only grew in tandem with the worry and anxiety that always sat simmering in the back of his mind and hanging on every thought. The more he wanted {Name}, the more he liked, even loved them… it became too much. He could not just sever the feelings he held, and he could not get rid of the fear of a pointless endeavor from someone that he believed would never look at him in the same fashion.
{Name} noticed the rather drastic shift in Zenitsu, he no longer greeted with that bright smile but rather a sadder expression. {Name} thought they had hit a wall, and their hints, as well as the subtle flirtatious remarks were not getting picked up or through to Zenitsu. Whether it was due to him being too innocent to understand or just somehow refusing to acknowledge it. As the usual routine had been, {Name} turned towards him, going to greet Zenitsu who greeted them with sad eyes. They had decided to be a little invasive to try root out the source of his worries, they asked how he was and if he was feeling okay. Extending the “You can speak to me if there is anything on your mind” and Zenitsu stumbled over the few words he said trying to convince {Name} that he was okay, that nothing was wrong. How could {Name} believe that nothing was wrong when he seemed so down. Zenitsu opted to say nothing more than that. {Name} mustered a soft smile, their eyes held so much love and affection for him, even if he could not recognize it.
“Hey Zenitsu…” they beckoned with a gentle voice, Zenitsu kept his eyes fixated to the ground, avoiding {Name's} gaze. They slowly reached for his hand, and held it gingerly. “You know, I think we might have had a little misunderstanding. I really want to be with you… I don’t know how you feel, but if its anything close. Could you give me a chance?”
Zenitsu felt something heavy hit him in the chest, the weight of anxiety on his shoulders lightened. Not knowing how {Name} felt towards him made him uncertain if their kindness was simply because they are a kind person or because they felt something for him. And in spite of everything that {Name} said, an underlying worry arose. He couldn’t bring himself to believe them, he almost….didn’t want to believe it. “But I’m a omega.” Finally, he voiced some of his biggest worries. {Name} leaned in, a little closer and planted a kiss on his forehead. “I know, it doesn’t matter to me. Whether you are an omega, a beta or an alpha. I just want to be with you. No matter what.” {Name} tried to comfort and soothe Zenitsu from his worry, while trying to reassure him of their feelings. Zenitsu was taken aback with everything and the thought that all the worries were truly those that just originated from his own mind. He sought out the comfort that {Name} offered, and slowly inched his way into their arms and held {Name} when he began to cry. {Name} had finally gained some insight as to what was making Zenitsu so uneasy. “Everything’s alright” {Name} uttered while continuing to pacify him. Zenitsu nuzzled into their embrace and tried to stop his tears. {Name} softly patted his back and strokes his hair which proved to be working.
{Name} had recalled hearing that often times when omega's felt nervous or anxious, the pheromones of their mates would serve to calm them down. {Name} felt a little sad in their status as a beta only for the fact that they couldn’t help Zenitsu as much as they wanted. Seeing that they were unable to offer that calming scent, that an alpha could. Of course it wasn’t that beta's didn’t have pheromones, just that they were so weak and barely noticeable. Alongside the fact that beta's themselves were not able to fully perceive the pheromones of others. “I’m sorry, I don’t really know how else to calm you down other than this. I don’t have that ‘calming scent' effect that alphas and omegas talk about.” {Name} chuckled making light of it to disguise the twinge of insecurity they felt. Zentisu snuggled more into their arms and shaking his head in disagreement to what they said. “You do have one…it’s a little faint but it’s really nice.” Zenitsu closes his eyes just to focus on that, his crying ceased when his concentration focused more on {Name}. After the initial surprise, relief and rush of emotion that flooded his brain, he is filled with happiness. {Name} noticed this, and held him in a more affectionate manner and imitated the motion of scenting him. They were unsure if it would work but still wanted to try, in the hopes that he may have felt what they were trying to convey. Even with as subtle as their scent may have been, they hoped it would provide a little reassurance for whenever Zenitsu needed it.
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blisscea · a year ago
『 𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐒𝐮𝐧 𝐑𝐢𝐬𝐞𝐬 』
Sukuna x GN!Reader
WC: 6.7k
Tags: Angst, murder, reincarnation, heavy violence, language, suggestive themes, heavy trauma, mentions of genocide, origin story, slight soft sukuna
I rewrote this bitch three times trying to perfect it- and I’m still not 100% happy with it because there’s so many ways I wanted to write this. Plus I didn’t get the promotion at work so I just got depressed. anyways I wrote the story but @cqcophobiq requested a gender neutral reader. <3
A/N: Readers abilities are touching people to make them sleep, transfer memories, and see past (for those with DID, talk to the souls within the persons mind). They serves as a informant by going inside victims heads to look in their pasts for curses that were around them; informing teammates of location and grade level. They can also gain powers from whomever they touch for a short period of time.
Ex: Sukuna can give Malevolent Shrine to them for battle, but after one use/within five minutes, it vanishes. If they use powers that are harsh on the body, (domain expansions or strong cursed manipulation) they faint/get nose bleeds. *Reader only has abilities in modern times*
Around 1000 years ago, you ventured out into the woods seeking to kill a god. 1000 years later, you are reincarnated so you may meet this god once again.
Fear: that is all you felt while you watched the mass murderer known as Ryomen Sukuna walk throughout the same forest you were in. It took so long to hunt him down, and now the moment has finally come. You have trained for years to defeat the villain of your story, but his presence was more intimidating than you had anticipated.
He stopped to bend down, putting out a hand to stroke a sleeping fox. Surrounding the regular-looking male was a meadow filled to the brim with tall grass and flowers, hidden away by bamboo and birch trees. Everything looked so peaceful around Sukuna, as if he was a Dryad. ‘How could he look so peaceful?’ You thought to yourself. It also felt as if you were lied to, since most people told you he had facial marks and four arms, which he did not have.
It looked as if he were another human; that was until you flimsily attempted to move forward. Having been hiding within a large bush, you couldn’t see what was beneath you. And just like, a cracking sound emitted from the twig below you. You closed your eyes and rolled your shoulders back, whispering to yourself, “Oh fu-.”
Now, how exactly did you get yourself into this situation? And why were you in the middle of an uncharted forest trying to stalk Ryomen Sukuna? Well, it is a rather gruesome story for you to look back upon.
The Heian Age is at its peak in Japan, while Jujutsu sorcery is also at its peak as a ripple effect. (Many young children in this period began to claim they have “seen” curses.) Ryomen Sukuna was a young sorcerer, having attended the very school you attended. While amid his fourth and final year, and in your first year, he burned down almost every inch of the school alongside slaughtering over half of the staff and students.
You took it upon yourself to track him down with the intent to kill for revenge. Teachers that survived had entrusted you with information about him after learning of your plans. Granted most told you not to do it, but the ones that supported it told you information of his appearance, how he secretly practiced sacred and forbidden jujutsu techniques, and his unwavering strength. With every day that passes, Sukuna grows stronger at rates nobody can foretell.
So here you are, three years after the incident. The reason for why he did it is still unknown; But you trained to your breaking point for this moment to happen- having bled, cried, screamed, and thrown up countless times. Your classmates called you insane for thinking you could beat Sukuna, but none of their words mattered to you. Sukuna stole people from your life that you could never get back.
Now, back to your current situation. Sukuna shot his head up to the sound, his lips curving to reveal blades for teeth, “Myyyyyy Myyyyy!!! Do I have a challenger?” His voice stunned you, fear engulfing your mind as his body morphed into a four armed and nearly 8 foot tall being with black markings wrapped around his body. Although barely visible, Sukuna first saw your eyes that had such a curious wonder that was tinted with rage.
Before you could even take your bandages off to fight, he was behind you and holding your neck, “A jujutsu sorcerer, huh?”
Air left your lungs faster than anticipated, causing you to slightly panic. You closed your eyes, then leaned your neck over in an attempt to play dead, which worked but to only half of its extent. When your neck rolled to the side, Sukuna slightly loosened his grip. This gave you room to breathe before catching him off guard with a back-kick to his ribs.
The unexpected hit made his brows furrow, anger stirring in his stomach at your cleverness. When your clogs hit the ground, you took off running as if an army of samurai were in pursuit behind. And although you were fast, Sukuna was faster. The sound of his footsteps gave the warning that he was gaining up to you.
Logs and fallen tree branches were dodged by your legs as your jumped over them, Sukuna following behind. The sound of crunching grass as the demon-like man pursued you made the experience even more terrifying, knowing that with every step you took, he took two. There were so many sounds, making it harder to think with the already small amount of time given to you.
You made the judgement call to stop, believing that you could backhand him from behind by catching him off guard. However, it became apparent that you made a grave mistake the second two muscular elbows hit the left side of your waist. The feeling of your ribs cracking on both of sides of your waist when you slammed against the tree made you scream out in pain. Your eyes widened at having never witnessed strength such as his nor pain such as this.
Out of response to the pain, tears formed at the edges of your squinting eyes as your back slid against the tree. Sukuna approached you, cracking his fingers in excitement of killing another jujutsu sorcerer such as yourself. However, you had a trump card that was now in play.
You bit down on a piece of cloth that held the bandages on your left hand together. Ripping the bandages off with your teeth, Sukuna let out a menacing laugh, “You really think jujutsu can help you now?”
His left hand strangled your neck, pulling you upwards to be eye level with him. When Sukuna noticed that your orbs showed no fear, his brows furrowed in curiosity. Just seconds before he was going to snap your neck, both of your hands latched onto his arm. You forced a nerve connection, sending sounds of people screaming, children crying, and raging fires into his head.
The sudden sounds caused Sukuna to release you from his grip, “What-what Is this…?” He looked around, trying to see where the sound was coming from. You leaned against the tree while holding your left side, “How could you forget?” He looked down to you, his eyes widening at the realization of where the sounds came from.
“Those are the sounds of the people you killed!”
Sukuna froze, realizing that you were not just an ordinary jujutsu user. Catching him while he was still confounded, you put all your force into an aggressive headbutt. He stumbled back a few feet before growling at the dripping blood from his scalp. When he looked up, a smirked was smeared across his blood-stained face, “You’ll die here.”
His hands joined, making the symbol for a domain expansion spell. However, you temporary gained his powers after touching his arm a few moments ago. As he opened his mouth, you cut him off while bringing your hands together, “Domain Expansion!”
Your eyes rolled back, “Malevolent shrine!”
The domain built around him, fear striking Sukuna’s mind at the sight of seeing you mimic his powers. His technique was too powerful for your body to handle though, causing you to stumble. You blinked twice before coughing up blood into your hands. Sukuna walked forward as the domain fell apart, his interest being piqued at how your powers work.
Looking up at Sukuna, blood fell from the crevices of your lips before you fell onto the ground. His powers completely defeated you from within, being too harsh on your body. When you hit the ground, all that was in your tunnel of vision was black. It felt like it was just a few minutes that you had been knocked out, but when you opened your eyes, the forest surrounding you was nearly pitch black.
“You snore.”
Hearing Sukuna’s voice, your body snapped up from the ground beneath you to find him sitting against an oak log. When you tried to use your hands to fight him, you quickly became aware that they were tied up. You huffed at the feeling of the rope while noticing the black kimono you wore had been taken off to reveal your white Cossack.
Sukuna’s lids opened to reveal crimson-colored eyes. In his current state, he was back to being inkless and having two arms. He glared at you with a sense of sternness, “Tell me how you did that.”
“Did what?” You snapped back, having no respect for him.
“Listen,” he stood and walked over to you, bending his knees down so his face would be in yours, “Only reason you are alive right now is because I say so. So, either tell me how you did it, or I’ll cut your hands off with my fingernails.” He sat down in front of you, crossing his legs and arms.
To be honest, death seemed better than having to deal with this situation. Before replying to him, you had to think if you really wanted to explain your powers. Either way around, you were going to die so it didn’t matter. Talking about your powers only delays your inevitable future. And it’s obviously been hours, so if help would have come, they were either killed by Sukuna or never came.
You sighed, leaning your head back before making eye contact with him. “My technique was used by ancient sorcerers; They call it ‘Somnium Nexum’.”
“I know all of the jujutsu techniques; how come I have never heard of yours?”
“Well, if you would shut the fuck up then I could explain.”
Sukuna rolled his eyes at your disrespect, “Why do the generations become more disrespectful with each passing year?”
“Do you really have room to talk about disrespect?” You huffed, continuing, “My technique hasn’t been seen for hundreds of years now. It went extinct, until I was born that is. My hands… I use them to transfer memories to people, see memories of people, and temporarily steal people’s powers. That’s how I did it.”
“Those sounds were the people I killed. You were there that day?”
“Of course I was!” You shouted, anger filling your voice as tears formed at the edges of your eyes, “You killed people I loved! You ruined peoples lives…. WHY?! WHAT DID YOU GAIN?”
“I gained revenge.”
Silence fell between the two of you. The moon’s reflected light shined against your eyes as tears rolled down your flustered cheeks. Your lips parted to speak, but there were no words. Revenge? It didn’t make sense to you. What did all those people do to cause an anger such as his to exist?
Sukuna broke the silence, “If you run, I’ll kill you.” He leaned forward and reached a hand behind you, his lips being uncomfortably close to yours. Your thoughts closed at hearing a ripping sound, his hand pulling back.
“Look into my memories, and whatever questions you have will be answered. But then you’ll answer mine.”
You hesitated to move your hands, feeling fear in the back of your mind at how calm he was. Just a few hours ago, this man was trying to murder you in cold blood, but now he is acting… soft? It didn’t settle in your gut too well, but you had no other choice than to do what he says. Complying to his request, you raised your hand to rest the palm of it on his lower check and jawline.
“Close your eyes.” You commanded while closing yours.
He obediently closed them, letting the connection into his nervous system open into yours. The tears that were made at the thought of your dead classmates shifted towards tears of pain upon seeing Sukuna’s memories.
You watched from the background as jujutsu sorcerers stormed his childhood village and burned everything to the ground, both curses and humans alike. A young Sukuna was in the middle of it all, screaming for his mother as the fire surrounded him. From the fires, a sorcerer ran through and picked him up.
Sukuna screamed and kicked at the masked sorcerer. You noticed though, that the very badge that was embroidered onto your shirt was the same badge of the sorcerer carrying him.
When you turned to see where he was being carried, you noticed only the children were spared. You covered your mouth in disgust, seeing crying kids from ages of newborns to 5-year-olds being carried away. You watched a young Sukuna let out a loud screeching sound, black markings appearing on his face as his eyes turned red.
He sunk his teeth into the sorcerers’ shoulder and killed them, trying to run away before being caught by two other sorcerers who put him to sleep. One said through his mask, “This one is strong with cursed energy, he needs to be cleansed.”
You watched them carry him away. When you turned back around, you saw another memory of Sukuna at a slightly older age being tortured on a table as an instruction screamed out, “YOU ARE A DISGRACE!” Another memory appeared, the child being much older now as he sat in his room and communicated with a curse in its own language.
Memories upon memories flashed before your eyes of him training, talking to curses, and being tortured by humans. Then the memory that stained your mind of blood had appeared. The boy used his malevolent shrine against students and teachers alike, causing chaos with curses following behind him wherever he stepped.
Squinting to notice, you saw a pained look within his eyes as he killed the students that tried to fight him. He bent down to one and closed their eyes, “Humans have become the virus of this world. Jujutsu scholars are the creators of the virus.”
You came out of the link, speechless at everything you had just seen. Taking a deep breath, you looked into Sukuna’s eyes, “Why did they burn your village?”
He turned his neck to look away from your eyes, not wanting to be the person that breaks the truth to you. Although Sukuna didn’t know your name, he still felt an aching sensation at the bottom of his heart for you. There was finally someone else that he could tell of his secrets, but they were too painful. Yet he knew if he didn’t tell you, and instead killed you or forced you to go back, that you would never have a normal life anyways.
“Tell me, what’s your name?”
“Y/n L/n- but my name is not important. Tell me why they did that…”
“Y/n, do you know who your parents are?”
“Of course not. They sent me to the school when I was…”
“When you were what?”
Excruciating amounts of pain began to fill your heart. You saw the point he was making, and it stung your heart in an abundance of different ways. Everything around you seemed to disappear as you tried to remember who you were before attending this school. All that was found was blankness.
The early morning sky that beamed with stars of different shades seemed to become brighter as everything began to click. Nature surrounded you in this moment of harsh realization. It was comforting knowing that possibly a forest god was watching over you in the greens of their garden, but nonetheless painful.
You whispered with a cracking voice, “Why… Why did they tell us our parents sent us here…?”
“It was a coverup. Japan has become innovative these past two centuries, meaning out with the old and in with the new. Jujutsu sorcerers were falling behind, meaning they would eventually die out. So, they resorted to pillaging children. Although our fight was short, I can see that you have great strength and intelligence with your powers. You must have been a newborn when you were taken; otherwise, you’d remember.”
So many emotions ran through your mind all at once. Sorrow, pain, anger, rage, weakness, all of it. You hesitated, “So... -So, I never even had a chance?”
Sukuna looked into your eyes, “No.”
You gasped, feeling as if your lungs were collapsing while your breathing grew erratic. Everything you ever knew was a lie, and everything you were ever told was a lie. Any relationships you ever had with teachers was a lie, while any relationship you ever had with your classmates was fake. Sukuna saw how you struggled to take this information in, but he didn’t know how to make it easier for you.
‘Is there even an easy way out of this information?’ He thought to himself. Sukuna always knew everything around him was not real, so he couldn’t imagine the things you were feeling.
“Why didn’t… why didn’t you tell anyone? Why didn’t you try to find a way out and save everyone?”
Sukuna snapped back, “All of those kids are brainwashed beyond oblivion. Did you forget what you tried to do to me a few hours ago? If I were a normal person, you would have killed with that thing you did with your hands; And If I tried to tell people everything they ever knew was a lie, I would be dead.”
You slowly crawled backwards as he moved forward, “Do you think I caused all of that destruction alone? No. I had the help of curses, who are the only damn things that see humans for the shit they are! Over the years I have been out here alone, training and preparing myself for when I can defeat even the strongest of sorcerers.”
When he realized how uncomfortable you had become by his advancing, Sukuna moved back. “There was no helping them. The only reason I told you was because you would be forced to believe me.”
He was right. As much as you didn’t want to admit it, Sukuna was right. They would all try to kill him if he told them what had known on all along. Humanity’s biggest fault will always be the fact that they are afraid of the unknown, and when someone tries to show them the truth of the unknown, they freak out in fear. The only reason you were not freaking out was because there was no unknown; you saw it all with your own eyes through his memories.
“Tell me, what are you going to do now?” He asked, slicing your thoughts in half.
That was a loaded question for the current situation, but it was a question that needed an answer. You cannot go back now, otherwise they would find out you know more than you should with how bad of a liar you are. For all they know, you are most likely dead right now and not worth looking for. You were just another slave to the elders’ horrific commands.
“I don’t know… Run away maybe? Get out the country while I can? But even then, sorcerers are all around the world. I would get caught and be killed eventually. Do the rest of the sorcerers around the world know about Japan’s doings?”
Sukuna scratched at his head, “I don’t know. I never tried to leave, but I was never bothered until now either.”
The sun began to rise, cracks of its light seeping through the forest trees as the night faded to the back of the forest. You bowed your head with a loud sigh, not knowing what your next move will be. Confusion filled your mind while the rising sun’s warmth worked to comfort you in this state of despair. With your emotions being thrown around like a tossed salad, the silence sounded so loud right now.
Sukuna broke the silence by hesitantly suggesting, “Stay here with me, y/n. Just for another day or two. I want to know more of these powers of yours. Maybe by then you’ll figure something out.”
You looked at him with such curious eyes, seeing him totally shift from the manic demon he was yesterday to this calm man who had a vengeful heart filled with pain. Crossing your arms, you asked with a sarcastic tone, “Where do you even live?”
“Are you suggesting I sleep in the woods like an animal?”
He rolled his eyes while clicking his tongue, “Farther up in the mountains. I live by a hidden spring.”
You tried to stand up with Sukuna, leaning on the tree for support. He forgot that a rib or two of yours had been broken upon contact when fighting with each other earlier, making him cringe at remembering how quick he was to become defensive. “Here.” He turned around, getting on his knees. Sukuna motioned for you to get on his back, it being easier on your ribs for him to carry you this way.
Click here for a nice theme song. <3
Sukuna carried you to a log cabin he had built in the time he spent out here. For a few days, your aching body rested there as you thought of your next move. However, those thoughts eventually fled your mind. Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, and months turned to years. Time passed on as you stayed hidden away deep within the forest with Sukuna. Over time, his vengeance was forgotten with you at his side. All both of you wanted was to enjoy the peace of solitude together.
Everything had been so peaceful over the years. Sometimes you and Sukuna would bicker as lovers do, especially since you two were the only ones you talked to besides curses, but ultimately both of you were happy. That was until the world decided peace was never a real option for anyone in this violently terrifying world.
Morning dew clung onto the windows of the cabin you shared with your husband. It was the break of dawn as you awoke next to a sleeping Sukuna. He lowly grumbled at your movements, pulling you back into the bed by your waist. “What are you doing?” He quietly asked with a scruffy morning voice while hovering over you. Loose strains of hair covered your eyes, Sukuna moving them so he could have a better look at you.
You held onto the back of his neck with your bandaged hands, “I’m going to the springs for a quick wash.”
The shirtless man lightly kissed at your cheek, moving lower to your neck as he gripped onto your hips to keep you below him. As tempting as it was to stay in bed with him and enjoy some morning affairs, your bones ached from the hunting that was done the day before. With a roll of your eyes, you pushed the built man from your body as if he was a feather.
He let out a loud groan while moaning, “I should have never trained you to become that strong.”
“Oh shush, I’ll be back soon you whiney child.”
You put on a long, white yukata before heading outside to greet the horses you and Sukuna had tamed. “Good morning Ryko,” you sang while petting the horse’s neck before mounting her. You rode just a few minutes upwards towards the east, where the hidden springs lied. Winter was beginning to fade as spring slowly made its way into season, so hunting is hard for you and Sukuna.
Usually in the winter months is when your back and sides ache from your fight all those years ago with him. The best way for you to sooth your pains is to relax in the warm springs that nature provided in the mornings or late afternoons.
Upon reaching the springs, you jumped off Ryko and led her towards a tree to keep her tied at. However, you began to feel uneasy at how Ryko kept neighing and trying to back away from the tree. “Shhh, girl. Nobody is here.”
The sound of other horses made you eat your words. Your eyes widened as you turned, jumping out of the way at the sound of a metal mechanism clicking and firing. Ryko was shot in the head, her body falling over and bleeding out in the snow. Panic filled your body, being caught completely off guard. What were they shooting with and why was it so fast? When you looked up, you noticed the people on the horses had the same symbol of your previous school.
“Son of a bitch…,” you spoke, furrowing your brows at the sight of them. You had no weapons on you, forgetting to bring your bow and arrow for long distance defense. From the bottom of your lungs, you screamed out, “SUKUNA!!”
As soon as you said the name, the sorcerers began to panic, “She said his name!”
“Quick, kill her before he comes! She must be a witch!”
“What if he kills us?!”
You were already on your feet, taking off as fast as you possibly could. As much as you wanted to fight with the physical strength you had gained over the years, you knew the helplessness of your abilities. Even if you could outsmart them and bruise their physical appearance, you were no match for 5 sorcerers with guns all at once with your jujutsu technique. You may be a powerful jujutsu sorcerer alongside Sukuna, but long-range fighting was never an option with your technique.
Speeding into the distance with all you had, the freezing temperature of the snow against bare human feet was only making it worse for you. You had hope that you could run into the woods just in time, but there is no shift in what a speeding bullet does to a human body.
While a few minutes away, the first shot had Sukuna on his feet. His eyes flung open, the nerve-wracking sound of a weapon he didn’t recognize that is not too far caused him to panic. His tattoos appeared as he walked out into the snow barefoot with only palazzos on. He began running into the direction of the sound, knowing he would be faster on foot than on horseback.
From the distance, Sukuna heard his name being screamed out by your voice, which struck fear into his heart. The scream was followed by another shot not even 30 seconds later. He picked up his speed, tears forming at the edges of his rageful crimson eyes.
When he appeared from the branches, the sorcerers were taking off. As much as he wanted to pursue them, he needed to find you first. Before he could even see you, the stench of blood coming from his left filled his nose. He turned, and everything seemed to go into slow motion. He ran at your side, seeing you struggle to breathe from the bullet wound in your chest.
“Y/N, Y/N SAY SOMETHING!” He screamed out, falling onto the ground next to you. He held you up, putting his hands over the wound to try to stop the bleeding, “Come on, come on stay with me. It’s okay, it’s fine-“
“Ry-Suk…I…,” you struggled to breathe, blood flowing out of your chest faster than Sukuna could react too. His tears fell onto your cheeks as his hands became covered in your blood. The white Yukata you were wearing was turning an awful shade of red.
He pulled your hand up to his lower cheek, closing his eyes so you can start a link between him and you. When it started, you transferred everything you had seen to his memories so he would know what happened without you having to speak. When he opened his eyes, your hand fell from his cheek as your body quickly lost energy.
Sukuna held you in his now bloodied arms, rocking you back and forth while whispering, “It’s alright, you’re fine. Look at me, I’m right here.” He watched as you slowly lost consciousness, your eyes losing the spark of curiosity in them that he adored.
You blinked a few times, each time your eyes getting heavier and harder to keep open. You gave him a meek smile and croaked out, “When the sun rises again, will you find me?”
Rapid tears fell from both your eyes and his as he leaned his head into your chest, “I’ll find you.”
You looked into the sky with lazy eyes before shutting them for the final time. Your neck fell backwards, and your breathing stopped; Sukuna felt your heart’s final beat. Feeling your soul leave your body, he let out a loud scream into your chest that could be heard from miles away.
He sobbed into your cold body, only to lift his head with a newfound rage that has set his body on fire. His tearstained face spoke millions of words, all of them meaning the same thing: destruction. He laid your body against Ryko, kissing your forehead and whispering, “I’ll be back.”
Standing up with your blood staining his hands and torso, he morphed into his full form. His lips spread into a devilish smile as he ran his hands through his hair. His speed was almost at light, taking off into the forest while chasing the horse tracks in the snow.
The sorcerers rode at a fast pace, but it wasn’t fast enough. Sukuna passed them up, turning on his heels to face the oncoming horses. When they got close enough, he raised both of his hands and grabbed onto the horses’ heads, pushing them down into the ground. Both the horses and sorcerers riding them died from the impact, striking fear into the other sorcerers following behind them.
“TURN, NOW!” One yelled out before their head was ripped from their body by Sukuna’s hands. He called out with a demonic look in his eyes, “Don’t be afraid to come out my friends!” Curses of all grades came out from behind trees, sending everyone into a panic.
“SPREAD OUT!” A female sorcerer yelled out, making Sukuna turn. He ran into the horse, sending her and the horse flying into a tree. She let out a loud scream of pain as the horse landed on her legs, rendering her powerless. Sukuna approached her, bending down to be eye level with her as she panicked.
He tilted his head, “The person you happened to kill was my partner. And a partner is a man’s peace, but when they are taken, they become a man’s rage.” He grabbed her hair, ripping her body in half. “If they cannot live, nobody can! Women, children, and men alike! IT’S GOING TO BE A MASSACRE!”
Curses killed the sorcerers left and right, slaughtering both them and their horses. Ryomen Sukuna has died, but the king of curses has been born. Curses obeyed his every command in fear of his jujutsu techniques and inhumane abilities. The beginning of his world domination had just begun…
Over a thousand years has passed since that day, which brings Sukuna to the present. Yuji was in conversation with Megumi and Nobara, while Sukuna was off wondering around in Yuji’s head. However, a certain name caught his attention.
“Yeah! I heard they use an ancient technique called ‘Somnium Nexium’, it’s only been seen a handful of times in the last few hundred years.” Nobara chanted while walking with her friends.
Sukuna turned his head at the sound, awakening on Yuji’s face, “I’m sorry, what did you say?”
“Sukuna, go back!” Yuji yelled, groaning at the annoying curse.
He snapped back, “Oh shut the hell up. I heard Somnium Nexium.”
Megumi spoke, “There’s a new student. They use that power.”
“I bet your old ass has seen it before,” Nobara laughed.
Sukuna growled, “Matter of fact I have, and this brat could probably kill all of you with just one hand.”
Nobara’s shoulders shot up at his words, while Megumi cringed at the fact he’s most likely right. Yuji was just interested in getting to see them like the others though. However, the day was near its end, and everyone was heading into their rooms for the night. Yuji might have slept like a baby, but Sukuna stayed up in his mind all night.
He wanted to believe there was a possibility that it could be you, but from what the kids said, other people have been seen using the same ability. Wanting to dismiss the idea, Sukuna tried to not think on it and instead walk around Yuji’s head to annoy him, but that failed.
Night faded into day as the stars kissed the sky good morning. Another day began, and nothing was out of the usual. Just Sukuna being pissed he’s still in Yuji’s body after all of this time and training per usual.
Yuji made his way out of the dormitories after getting dressed, heading outside to see where Megumi was. He was also hoping to run into the new student so he could get to brag to Nobara that he meant them first. While walking down the outside corridor, Yuji pulled out his phone to text the group chat. In the midst of typing, he bumped into a student wearing a navy Hakama with a black kimono, the traditional sword training outfit for students.
For those who enjoy some theme music.(again hehe)
“Oh sor- Wait a second, you must be the new student! I’m Yuji Itadori.” He quickly bowed, giving you a large smile. Sukuna snapped out of his thoughts upon hearing Yuji’s thoughts when running into you; He hastily said within his mind, “Enchain!”
The sun took its place a tad higher in the sky to where it beamed against you. Your skin had a warm tone to it as the sun reflected into your eyes to create a small glint. Bowing your head as Sukuna took over Yuji’s body, you raised your head with closed eyes and smiled, “I’m Y/n L/n.”
When you opened your eyes, Yuji’s body had switched into Sukuna’s. It startled you before remembering that he was Sukuna’s vessel; yet it also felt as if you have meant Sukuna before. “You must be Sukuna. I feel honored that the king of curses took over Yuji just to see me,” you said with tremendous amounts of sarcasm.
Sukuna was speechless, his breathing going shaky at the sight of you. “Is it really you?”
You raised a brow while crossing your arms, “What are you talking about?”
He walked forward, wanting to get a closer look at your facial features. However, him walking closer caused you to back up out of discomfort. Your back hit against the railing of the wooden pathway, making you nervous. You snapped with a serious tone while ungloving your hands behind your back, “What do you want?!”
There was no response, just wide eyes, and a wide mouth. “Hey!” You yelled, but there was no response. Out of fear, you pulled your hand out and tried to grab his wrist to show something to scare him, but he already knew your move. Sukuna caught you by the wrist, then examined it to see if it was the same hand you had before.
Your eyes widened at how he knew what you were going to do, making fear begin to take over your body. “Don’t be afraid,” he spoke while moving your hand to his lower cheek. “Just… try to remember me.” So many questions ran throughout your mind, such as how did he know that people’s faces are what she touches? Either way, you were too afraid to decline what he was implying, so you closed your eyes at the same time as him.
The connection opened, allowing you to go into his memories. You walked around his mind, seeing yourself from his eyes whenever you first meant him over 1000 years ago. The memories flashed before your eyes, not understanding why you see yourself and how that was possible. Every bitter, sweet, intimate, aggressive, happy, and sad moment he ever had with you flashed before your eyes.
Colors you had never even seen before flashed past your eyes, showing you every detail of every moment you ever experienced with Sukuna. You saw a memory of yourself holding a bow and arrow, aiming it at a deer from far in the forest. When you took the shot, it struck the deer into the side.
You relaxed your shoulders, sighing in relief at making the hit. Sukuna watched with his arms crossed, “There’s so many ways that I love you, but by far my favorite way to love you is to watch you.”
With the roll of your eyes and a small smirk, you blushed and playfully punched his shoulder, “Let’s go get our dinner.”
Sukuna “loved” you? The sensations your body felt were foreign, making you feel nervous. There were moments where he held onto your hand while taking a walk through the forest, followed by other moments of him training with you in meadows. The moments you would hug his bare torso would turn into moments of intimacy, while moments of petty arguments would turn into moments of him holding you.
Love was the only thing you could feel from these memories. It was love that drove him to commit his crimes, and it was love when he would sit alone and ponder on what he’d do if he ever saw you again. He imagined that he would hug you tighter than he ever did before, destroy the world with you, and tell you everything he didn’t get to tell you before.
A squeezing sensation pained your heart, making you become so overwhelmed that you ripped away from the link. Sukuna looked into your eyes, seeing that curious look he saw in your eyes all those centuries ago when you first meant him in the forest. Shaking with anxiety, you moved forward to slowly wrap your arms over his body. He followed into the embrace, squeezing your back with his muscular arms while crying into your shoulder.
It felt unreasonable to fall into being the person you were in a past life, but you felt all the things he felt for you back then. Seeing his memories opened so many things in your life, when all along you thought you were just some regular jujutsu sorcerer who is the new kid at this school. In truth, you were never normal; seeing his memories just proves that. You grew up having dreams as a child that were always too blurry to see anything, but looking back you now understand that those weren’t dreams; They were your past.
When you closed your eyes, everything in your mind went blank. Upon opening them, they looked the same but had a slight change of hue that was barely noticeable. You pushed Sukuna away from you, starting to feel your old memories flood back in. He looked at you with a confused expression, not understanding what you were doing until you grabbed his face.
Your hands held his cheeks as you examined his eyes, “Sukuna? Is it really you?” You moved his face to see all the angles of his structure, trying to see if this was him. “Oh…,” There was hesitation in your eyes before tears began to fall from them, “You found me…” Sukuna pulled you back into the tight embrace of each other’s arms, holding onto one another like the world is falling apart around you.
From behind the corner, Megumi and Nobara watched with worried looks painted across their face. She whispered, “I feel like something bad just happened.”
There was rage within you, feeling your insides ache at the memory of how you died coming back to you. You were still the same person before gaining your memories back, but now enlightened of who you really were. Sukuna pulled back from the hug, looking beyond your eyes and into your soul. He could see the hungry look of vengeance within you.
Sukuna felt his time nearing its end as Yuji was fighting to come back in. He quickly held onto your shoulders with a crazed look in his crimson eyes, “Y/n, in due time we will take our revenge. Me and you, we will destroy the world.”
The next time the sun rises for Sukuna will be the last time it rises for the world.
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tinkerbellwoo · a year ago
Don’t Tease Me - J. Jungkook
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Synopsis - You and your boyfriend Jungkook go the the gym together after taking an unexpected break from it. The glorious sight of each other being too much to handle, things get freaky when you both arrive home.
Genre - Smut, with a soft ending uwu
AU - Non idol
Pairings - Boyfriend!Jungkook x Fem!Reader
Warnings - Dom Jungkook, Sub reader, choking, hair pulling, spit kink, praise, light katoptronophilia (mirror kink), pet names, marking, biting, bad language, rough sex, creampie, unprotected sex (package your meat, ya’ll), just pure filth tbh.
Word Count - Slightly over 1000... yeah oops 
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
You and Jungkook had agreed that it’d be a good idea to start going to the gym together again. You’ve been meaning to get back into fitness and Jungkook had neglected his workouts due to being super busy with his job these days.
After arriving at the gym, you both go and do your own thing, occasionally helping each other if either of you are doing any heavy lifting. Jungkook asks you to spot for him whilst he does some bench presses. About half way through, you get lost in your thoughts after seeing the sweat on his brow and his bottom lip drawn between his teeth. Your eyes soon wander down to his grey sweatpants where you can see his bulge.
“Like what you see?” He speaks, cocking a brow after finishing his last set. You blush and decide to continue with what you came for, trying to ignore the wetness forming in your underwear. 
You’re doing some sets of squats when you catch Jungkook eyeballing you from behind in the mirror. His eyes are glued to your ass and thighs as the fabric of your leggings stretches with every movement you make, hugging your body perfectly. It’s driving him crazy, his bulge growing bigger by the second as he thinks about what he’ll do to you when you both get home.
You notice and decide to do more exercises on your legs and butt, just for the sake of teasing him. When bending down to grab a towel and your water bottle, Jungkook grabs your hips from behind and presses his hard bulge against your ass. “Don’t tease me. You know exactly what you're doing to me” He speaks lowly into your ear, your breath getting caught in your throat as your knees grow weak.
---------- Time Skip ----------
You got home about 15 minutes ago and Jungkook had instantly pressed you against the wall, smashing his lips against yours as you grabbed his damp hair before inserting your tongue in his mouth.
Now, you're on your shared bed as Jungkook rams his cock into your dripping cunt from behind. He tangles his hand in your hair at the base of your skull, gripping it before pulling you up against his bare, sweaty chest. 
“You knew this is where you'd end up if you teased me, huh?” He growls. His hand leaves your hair and wraps around your throat. “You're taking me so well, baby” He purrs as his other hand dips down to rub circles on your clit. You let out a cry of pleasure at the overwhelming sensation, Jungkook still snapping his hips into yours. “Look at how beautiful you are, you look your best when you're stuffed with my cock.” He speaks before biting your ear lobe and turning you to look at yourself in the mirror on the closet beside you.
His filthy words along with the sight brings you to the edge, you're about to cum but Jungkook notices. “Not yet, princess. I’m not done with you” He pulls out of you, causing you to whine from the empty feeling. Flipping you onto your back, he leans over you, his arms on either side of your head as he dips down to capture your lips with his own. He passionately kisses you, tongue exploring your mouth before sucking on your bottom lip and releasing it with his teeth. 
Jungkook moves from your lips, grazing his teeth across your jaw before leaving harsh marks along your neck. You buck your hips up into his, encouraging him to insert his cock back into your aching pussy. “So needy” He tuts as he looks into your eyes, his wet hair tickling your forehead.
Jungkook sits back on his knees, admiring you beneath him as you rub your thighs together in an attempt to gain some sort of friction between your legs. Pulling your legs apart, he taps his cock against your clit before dragging the head against your glistening slit. “P-please just fuck me already” You whimper, absolutely desperate to reach your release. He chuckles, finally inserting himself into you as he leans down to be closer to you.
The level of pleasure he’s bringing you is unworldly, you want to cry because he’s making you feel so good. Your hands grip his shoulders, nails leaving marks in his gorgeously tanned skin as his muscles flex with every movement he makes.
“Fuck, how are you still so tight” He growls against your lips, You can feel the knot growing in the pit of your stomach again, causing you to start clenching around him. Curses fall from Jungkook’s lips at the feeling of your cunt sucking his cock impossibly deeper. He brings his tattooed hand up to your face, squeezing your cheeks together.
“Open, baby” He commands, you obey, opening your mouth and sticking out your tongue. Jungkook spits into your mouth, biting his lip as he watches you swallow. He swears that alone could make him cum. It drives him to bring the session to an end, eager for you both to cum. You wrap your legs around his waist as he fucks you into the mattress and he kisses you sloppily as you whimper beneath him.
“F-fuck, kook I’m gonna cum” You feel yourself clench around his thick cock as he picks up his speed in desperation to see you orgasm. “Cum for me, gorgeous” He responds as he rubs your clit, causing your back to arch. Your release washes over you, bringing Jungkook to his orgasm as he lets out a string of ‘fuck’s, while filling your pussy with his hot, white cum.
He rolls next to you and his cum leaks down your legs from your hole, you both catch your breaths before he speaks up. “You did so well” He says before flashing you his bunny smile. You giggle at his sweaty, fucked-out state as he pulls you into his arms and kisses your forehead, stroking your damp hair out of your face and holding you close against him.
He always becomes so soft after he rails the soul out of you.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
A/N - Hello everyone! This is the filthiest thing I've written so far and I hope you enjoy. This is waaaay longer than I expected it to be but oh well lmfao. I’m going to try and write more for BTS and if you have any corrections I need to make for this, please don't hesitate to let me know. Thank you! 💙
Tag list - @simphwa @multidreams-and-desires @yunhoiseyecandy
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7-wonders · a year ago
Can you do a michael x reader where they have a little girl together and she tells him she is sad and its cute and fluffy
When the infernal copulating between a human and a ghost created Michael Langdon, Satan bestowed upon his son many powers that would help him on his plans to world domination. All of these powers, be it telekinesis or pyromancy, mind reading or the power of persuasion, had come in handy as Michael grew up and followed the path that had been decided for him since long before he was born. If you had to take a wild guess, though, you would assume that Satan had not foreseen Michael using his powers to keep an eye on his small daughter.
Michael can sense Aurora's turmoil before she's even rounded the corner to his office. His sweet girl, named after the dawn to remind her parents that there was always light after the darkness, her being that light for them. Even when he was traveling far and wide to take care of business in the Outposts, he could still mentally check in on his daughter randomly during the day. Being at home in the Sanctuary, that link is amplified by 1000. It also doesn't help that she's just as dramatic as her dad (your claim, not Michael's) and that she's a master-in-training at making her emotions known to everybody.
The door to Michael's study swings open, Michael staring expectantly until he sees his daughter's blonde curls peek up over the desk. She should be napping right now, even though she adamantly claims that four-year-olds do not need naps. Aurora's naps are the one time you'll leave your daughter with a babysitter without Michael's suggestion, using this free-time as an uninterrupted hour and a half to go and accomplish whatever you need to do. You had mentioned this morning that you were interested in checking on the progress with the re-colonization of the newly-restored Earth, which is probably where you are.
"Rory," Michael attempts to scold (impossible on a normal day, but especially when he slips up and uses her nickname while trying to be the tough parent), "why aren't you with Ms. Mead right now?"
Aurora huffs, eyes shining with tears as she comes around the desk and stands in front of Michael with her hands on her hips. You claim that she's the spitting image of Michael, but when she stares at him with that determined look in her eyes, all he sees is you. "She doesn't know I'm gone."
"And how did you sneak away?"
"I was real quiet," Aurora explains.
"Uh-huh." Michael raises an eyebrow, but she remains unflinching. "You're supposed to be taking a nap right now."
Her bottom lip quivers, and Michael crumbles. "'m sorry Daddy."
Michael takes his daughter's small hands in his, the comforting gesture causing her to fully burst into tears. "Lovebug, why are you sneaking around the halls?"
"I just miss you!"
"What do you mean?" Michael lifts her onto his lap. "I'm right here."
"You were gone for so long, an-and now you're here, but you're always busy."
Yep, Michael's heart is definitely broken now. "We talked every night while I was gone, though!" One of the perks of the Cooperative needing technology is being able to see his family even if he can't be with his family.
"But you weren't here!" Aurora wails, throwing her head into his shoulder and sobbing more.
"Oh, please don't cry."
Michael wraps his arms around her in a tight hug, shushing and soothing her until her cries turn to whimpers. After a few minutes, Aurora finally brings her tearstained face up from his suit jacket, Michael using his thumb to wipe her tears.
"I'm sorry that I haven't been here for you." Michael can admit that he's definitely been busy lately, but he hadn't realized that it was affecting his daughter so much. He's been trying to spend extra time with her before she goes to bed, but that's not enough to keep her from missing him.
"Mama misses you too," Aurora says sleepily, one hand hanging by her side and the other lazily holding onto Michael's shirt. That settles it, Michael thinks as he secures his arms around Aurora and stands with her, walking to the little girl's bedroom. Unsurprisingly, you're already sitting in the rocking chair, waiting for your two favorite people to return.
"Ms. Mead was worried, so she came to find me," you explain.
"Sorry for running, mama," Aurora mumbles, blearily staring at you as Michael lays her on her bed.
"It's okay, baby. I know you just wanted to go see daddy."
Michael awkwardly sits on his cloak, sitting next to Aurora and holding onto her hand until her breathing evens out. Even when it does, he doesn't let go of her.
"I've fucked up, and I'm sorry," Michael begins.
"My love, please don't apologize. You're busy trying to rebuild the world," you say.
"But she doesn't understand that. She just knows that she wants me to be more present, but I'm not."
"She's four. Four-year-olds have big emotions, okay? It's all or nothing with them."
"I had a home built for us on the beach," Michael blurts suddenly.
You look up at him, startled. "You what?"
"I wanted to wait until the perfect moment, but there's really no better time than this. We'll still have our forever home, wherever we decide to make it, but this can be our own little paradise, our own Eden."
Michael puts an image in your head of the house and the location, and you gasp. "It's--"
"The beach where we had our first kiss. The beach that we got married on."
During Michael's Hawthorne days, which felt like a different lifetime now, you and he often snuck out to meet each other on a beach on the coast of Malibu. In hindsight, it's hilarious that you both danced around your feelings for so long when those were the lengths you went to to see each other when you were "just friends."
"Let's go away for a few days, just the three of us."
"But what about your work, the Cooperative?" You try to sound concerned for him, but you can't hide just how excited you are by this surprise.
"That can wait. Nothing is more important than my favorite girls." You surge towards Michael's lips, tenderly kissing him in thanks.
"I love you."
"I love you too, and I'm sorry for not being there for you or Aurora."
"I mean, just you taking a couple of days off will make it up to Aurora," you laugh.
"Daddy's not gonna work?" Aurora must have been woken up when Michael slipped his hand from hers, having caught the tail end of the conversation.
"Nope, I'm all yours."
All of Michael's doubts and worries, his fears and anger, none of it matters when he sees how brightly his baby smiles at him.
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