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daddyhausen · a day ago
Can I request headcannon prompts 6 and 38 for Daniel Garcia?
• headcannon — daniel garcia •
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{ warnings } — none
{ word count } — 131
{ genre } — fluff
{ taglist } — @estrella-brillar13 @boutmachines @thewrestlingbitch @omg-im-such-a-masochist @baysexuality @legit9thlunaticwarrior @slut4kennyomega @wardlow @alexisquinnlee-bc @sammiejane22 @im-just-a-mississippi-girl @omegasluvbot @damnnhausen @writtingrose
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{ 6 } — “i’ve been looking for my hoodie-“ , my hoodie, you mean?”
{ 38 } — “you’re lucky you’re cute
“babe, i’ve been looking for my hoodie?” daniel’s voice echoes from the bedroom.
“have you seen it?”
he sauntered out into the hallway, confused look across his lips, cheeks slightly red with exhaustion
“my hoodie, you mean?”
he noticed you sitting on the couch, wrapped up in a blanket
his hoodie hung loosely over your form, reaching below your knees
he folded his arms across his chest, a soft scowl forming across his lips
“very funny.” he muttered.
“c’mon babe, i need that hoodie”
“but you got hundreds of other hoodies? why do you need this one so bad?”
daniel stood there, dumbfounded for a moment
“it’s my favourite hoodie”
“but danny, it’s so comfy. can i keep it”
he exhaled, pinching the bridge of his nose with an exasperated sigh.
“fine. you’re lucky you’re cute”
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ur-local-anxious-fiend · a day ago
I know you guys are losing it right now when MJF called himself “Daddy” and talked about spanking Yuta
I just KNOW it
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thedeboniardevistation · a day ago
Hehe Daniel Garcia and Wheeler Yuta both having really good promos tonight
The future is in very good hands yall
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thephoenixreaper · a day ago
Guess no one told Max that Yoots gains a Black Air Force Energy buff whenever he's in Philly.
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blackfire5561 · 2 months ago
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Danhausen is an excellent lawyer, he’s got the official tie and everything!
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hangmanshorse · 4 months ago
MJF: *freaking out because wardlow isn’t reacting to getting whipped*
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madqueenpartna · a month ago
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allelitehook · 2 months ago
Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here on the floor in tears 😭
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melanya123 · 3 months ago
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crowleysqueenofhell · a month ago
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@darbyceisright: A lovely dinner with my coworkers this fine Michigan evening.
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eyeblogaboutnothin · 3 months ago
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wormgoon · 2 months ago
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two bits from the pages plural!!) i drew today
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daddyhausen · a month ago
idk if you’re taking requests but if you are i’d love a mjf x fem reader smut fic!
of course ! i miss max so much !!
• “i hate everyone but you” — mjf •
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{ summary } —kind of enemies to lovers. max was never one to show his emotions, yet alone allow himself to be vulnerable, especially around you, the one he cares for the most
{ warnings } — 18+ { minors do not interact }, fem!reader, public sex, oral sex { male receiving }, throatpie, multiple orgasms, male + female orgasms, penetrative sex, vaginal sex, unprotected sex, squirting, creampie
{ word count } — 2.9k
{ genre } — enemies to lovers, smut
{ taglist } — @boutmachines @thewrestlingbitch @omg-im-such-a-masochist @baysexuality @chrisdickinson @cuzimacomedian @wardlow @sammiejane22 @april-jeanette-wagner @im-just-a-mississippi-girl @omegasluvbot @damnnhausen
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he stood from afar, simply watching with a brooding stare, a scowl permanently etched on his lips whenever he was even in the same vicinity as you. a stare of malice, jealousy even, it had been the same since your arrival in aew, for the past three months, not so much as a word spoken in your direction, no eye contact, a simple shove with his shoulder to drive you out of his way whenever in passing with each other. but that’s who max was, a cold-hearted bastard, it did not seem to phase you. 
to be truthful, max was indeed jealous of the attention you were receiving, you were the same age, mirrored in accomplishments within the business, worked around the world in various promotions and match types, all like him, but why? why was it you gaining all the praise, all the adoration, and not him? 
in the last month or so, his hatred only seemed to spiral, although he was unsure as to why. when he saw another male colleague interact with you, it only seemed to make his blood boil, but… it shouldn’t…he should not feel this way, let alone even care that he did…he hated you, or at least that's what he tried to convince himself. 
max paced down the hallway, back to his locker room after a particularly gruelling match against his former hired muscle, wardlow. he was in pain, from the copious amount of powerbombs, muscles sore and bones feeling like they were about to snap, even more so furious that he lost the entire match. he turned a particularly sharp corner, too enraged to even notice yourself and chuck taylor engaged in conversation in the middle of the corridor. he did not care, making a beeline past you and chuck, shoving you in particular with his shoulder, much harder than he would usually, as he broke up your conversation, an act which made the kentucky gentleman seethe with frustration.
“the fuck’s his problem?” chuck scowled, mentioning to max who slammed his locker room door shut, a sound that seemed to shake the very foundation of the arena. 
“you good?” he quickly peered back at you, noticing you were now leaning against the wall, fists balled with anger at your sides, although he was more worried about your shoulder considering the force max slammed into you with. 
“i’m fine” you muttered, straightening out your shoulder “i don’t know what it is but frankly it’s starting to piss me off”
chuck huffed, one out of disappointment on max’s behalf, mimicking the way you leaned against the wall on your shoulder, arms folded across his chest. frankly, max had been a proverbial thorn in everyone’s side since the day he showed his face in the company. 
“you want me to beat his ass?” he quipped, the sudden statement caused a small chuckle to emit from your lips. 
“i’ll handle it” you remarked making your way towards max’s locker room 
“let me know if you change your mind” you gave a small salute in thanks in response before practically kicking max’s door in. you saw him all by his lonesome, back facing the door, slouched in the folding chair that was positioned in the middle of his locker room, not even acknowledging your presence or the fact that you almost ripped the door off its hinges upon entry. 
‘what the fuck is your problem?!” you bellowed, the sound virtually echoing around the small space, causing the walls to rattle. max turned to you, still in his ring gear, beads of sweat gathering in his hairline, glossing his skin. he was more stoic than you expected, he eyed you up and down for a moment, eyes scanning your figure, how pissed off you were at this very moment, months of rage built up within you all releasing on his sorry soul.
“what are you on about y/n-”
“don’t play dumb with me, max!” you interrupted, your tone rather harsh, words masked by venom “ever since i arrived here, you’ve been nothing but an asshole to me! why do you hate me?!-”
“i hate everyone!” max stood up, swiping at the chair that he had been previously sitting on, sending it halfway across the room, crashing into the wall with a sickening ring of metal against brick. it took you by surprise, the sudden rage that spilled from him, it almost made you press your back into the wall out of fear, but you held your ground, a furrow in your brow and a scowl across your lips. he took a second, peering down at the ground in an attempt to calm himself and catch his breath. “but …i don’t hate you” 
“your action’s speak otherwise-”
“well i don’t alright!” he cut you off once more, inhaling deeply, fingers tugging at his hair, dragging his palms down his face in frustration. “you don’t understand how frustrating it is to be madly in love with someone and not know how to express it! you think i like being mean to you?! it’s eating me up inside because i don’t know any better! so no, i don’t hate you…i hate the way you make me feel”
you stood there stunned for a moment, simply blinking in disbelief, the maxwell jacob friedman, the man who has been silently tormenting you for months, had just poured his heart out to you. you’d never seen such vulnerability from him, on the outside he was nothing but an overconfident prick, but behind those eyes, hidden deep beneath those dark mahogany irises, he just wanted praise, wanted to be loved and adored.
max was an intriguing figure, you must admit, he was handsome, confident, sometimes too much for his own good. dare you say you might be attracted to him more than you’d like to admit, especially after that sudden confession he just poured out. 
“you…you love me?” it was all you could muster through the film of disbelief still fogging your brain, as stupid as it sounded. butterflies seemed to erupt in your stomach, shivers burning under your skin. max stood there dumbfounded at your response, blinking absentmindedly for a few seconds like you had done moments prior.
“what , do you want me to spell it out for you?” max quipped, although with a bit of a sulk to his words. god would it kill him to not be an asshole for five minutes?! 
“you really have a way with words, don’t you?” max simply rolled his eyes at your comment, retrieving the chair that he had previously thrown across the room, resuming his seat, facing away from you. 
“now you can go back to hating me, or whatever…” he slumped back into the seat, sounding far more repressed than you’d ever heard him. for once, max was quiet, reclused, it was so unlike his normal brash, abrasive persona you’ve come to love to hate. you pursed your lips, a soft exhale escaping your nostrils, quietly and carefully making your way toward him, taking a seat on his lap, arms wrapping around his neck lightly, his eyebrows furrowed with genuine confusion at your sudden action.
“yes, you may be an self-absorbed, egotistical, asshole-” 
“tell me something i don’t know” he scoffed at your comment, inadvertently cutting you off. you shot him an unimpressed look, one of which made him quiet down really quick.
“and despite you being a massive pain in my ass, more than i’d willingly admit…i still don’t hate you, max. i never hated you. funny enough, it might be the reason i felt so drawn to you” 
max’s arms snaked around your waist, a protective grip tightened, pulling you close into the warmth of his bare chest, his breathing had subsided, just basking in the comfortable silence that slowly settled over the room.
“so what you’re saying is that you love me too?” mahogany browns peered up at you playfully, a gentle smile creeping across his lips. 
“of course i am, you idiot!” you playfully slapped his chest in response
“i don’t know, doll. looks like you’re gonna have to prove it to me”
“doll? you’re bringing out the pet names already?”
“just shut up and kiss me”
the kiss was very much obliged. you hands cupped his cheeks softly an act which he seemingly melted into, the subtle scratch of his facial hair against the soft palms of your hands, the way he moaned sweetly into the kiss, it seemingly only enhanced his grip on you, pulling you closer onto his lap, palms anchoring your hips to his, slowly rocking them back and forth against his evidently growing bulge. his finger tracing shapes though your shirt, teasing, toying as they snaked under the fabric, feather light touches against your soft skin. 
you clung to him, arms wrapped around his neck, nails digging into the tops of his shoulders. the sensation rousing in your belly wasn’t foreign in the slightest. to be truthful, this specific feeling never seemed to quell around max, it merely heightened no matter how much you tried to suppress it, bury it deep into the furthest recesses of your mind, evidently it would always expel within the confines of your hotel room hours later. with max, it felt right, despite your limited interaction, he’d barely laid a finger on you besides the tight grip on your waist yet it left you soaking wet. 
“doll, please…”  he muttered against your lips after a particularly rough swirl of your hips. he pulled away for a moment to breath, a small moan erupting from his lips at the lack of contact. he was not one to hesitate, initiating the first move, he pried you from his lap, fingers instantly toying with the buckle of your belt, removing it with haste, swiftly moving to your jeans, tugging them down halfway then residing back in his seat, palming his growing cock through his gear, all the while you removed the remainder of your clothing. 
he gazed upon your naked frame, taking his time to observe every curve and crevice of your perfect form. from the way your hips dipped inward slightly, the curve of your waist, leading up to your breasts, so full and round, so perfect. he kept his gaze fixated there for a moment, wetting his lips in anticipation, it was no secret that he was staring, mouth hung agape, jaw practically on the floor.
“are you just gonna keep staring or are you gonna fuck me?” your response caught max off guard temporarily, blinking in disbelief for a moment, a thick gulp rising in his throat. never in a million years did he think you’d have such a confident, flirtatious tongue on you. then again, he did not know what to expect from you, first you burst into his room with the right mind to murder him, the next you’re about to ride his cock. once subtly regaining his composure, he reached into his wrestling trunks, freeing his thick cock, merely mentioning for you to sit. 
“that depends…” he spoke up, hand firmly wrapped around his erect shaft, slowly beginning to pump himself in waiting “are you gonna be a good little slut for me?”
there he was, the asshole decided to front again. you simply rolled your eyes at his statement, instantly dropping to your knees between his thighs, peering up at him through a lens of faux innocence, batting your eyelashes, looking all angling despite the scenario. you took his size in your palm, licking a hot stripe against the underside of his shaft, an act which made him shiver in his seat, nails digging into his exposed thighs, a choked exhale leaving his lips as you lightly sucked at his tip. 
your cheeks hollowed, slowly lowering your lips down his shaft, watching his every movement, every gasp, every grunt, each time he’d throw his head back or mutter some obscenity out of pleasure. you kept up this façade of innocence as your lips settled at the base of his cock, his length sitting comfortably in the back of your throat. now would be the perfect time to thank god for not having a gag reflex. slowly, you began to bob your head, keeping your rhythm smooth to aid in his pleasure. though your eyesight obscured of him, the sounds leaving his lips were enough to let you know exactly how much he enjoyed the scenario.
“fuck…” he grunted through clench teeth, his jaw starting to spasm from how tight it was clenched. he kept his hands firmly on his thighs, still debating whether or not to touch you. you just looked too stunning beneath him, mouth full of his cock, he surely did not want his hands to obscure the sight. however, you pried your hands up from your sides, grabbing his left wrist, placing it behind your head, almost clasping the back of your neck, a silent plea for him to apply some pressure, to push your head down so that you would choke on his size. 
he obliged, adding some force, loving the new sound of you choking and sputtering around him, spit bubbling around the corners of your lips, dripping down your chin and onto his thighs. it was now when his his started to buck, groans ripping through his throat, so much so that he almost forgot that he was still in his locker room, effectively lowering his tone slightly. he could not hold on for much longer, he never knew a mouth could feel so heavenly, like he had ascended and was no longer on this place of living. he took hold of the back of your skull, hips thrusting up to meet the movements of your mouth, using your throat as his own personal fleshlight. 
he kept his noise to a minimum, simply enjoying the sounds that spilled from your throat, echoing and reverberating around the locker room. he wasn’t subtle in his words either, praising you with everything he had, how well your mouth felt, how deep you take his cock, it was just enough to send him over the edge, filling your cheeks, coating them in white.
he motioned you upward with a simple wave of his finger, beckoning you to stand. you did so, licking clean some of his seed that spilled onto your plump lips. your palms braced against his shoulders, in a sudden movement, he grabbed hold of your hips, tightly squeezing the supple flesh between his fingers, dragging you onto his lap. he was silent, not purposefully, still recovering from that wonderful orgasm he received moments prior and because he knew he would not be able to control himself once he entered your sweet cunt.
you lowered your hips down, pretty cunt stretching around his cock, an act which made him audibly exhale before you silenced him with a heated kiss. those arms once wrapped around your waist now resumed their position, squeezing you tightly against his chest, using the momentum of his hips to fuck you senseless, so much so your had to bury your face into the crook of his neck, muffled moans spilling out onto his skin. 
“be loud, doll. i want everyone to know how good i fuck you” he growled in-between jagged breaths, moans soft and sporadic against the skin of your collarbones. you were hesitant with your volume, after all you weren’t even a hundred percent sure that poor chuck was still not awaiting your return, you hoped he left to go find one of the other best friends. with a particularly rough thrust from max, you could not help but let a cacophony of moans spill from your lips, the breaths in between filled with a string of profanities
“fuck max-” you whined through choked moans, clinging to him, crying out in pleasure. he held a death grip on your waist, thrusts vicious, almost animalistic each time he pulled you down onto his cock. his grunts were low in your, intentionally to draw more attention to your pleasured screams, they resonated within the locker room, ringing in his ears like a choir of corrupted angels, he was determined to corrupt you further. 
still with quiet groans in comparison, he gave a final thrust, hips bucking upward with such delicious force as his warmth seeped deep inside your soaked cunt, his thighs shaking from such intense pleasure coursing through him. he relaxed for a moment, letting the remainder of his seed fill your void as you continued to fuck yourself on his cock, riding him like a bitch in heat, tits bouncing inches from his face. his cum seeping from your sweet pussy, down his shaft, all the while you rode him until release. 
the final moments before your release was pure bliss, your hips circling violently, feeling his cock slip in and out of you with ease, his name so lovingly spliced through a chorus of moans, orgasm rising in your belly, the outline of his thick cock in your skin, it was all far too much for you to handle any longer. with a final twitch of your hips, slamming down, burying his cock deep inside you, juices gushing down your thighs in sweet, heavenly release. your body shaking with such profound arousal, warm and content in your position on his lap. he let out a blissful sigh, completely enamoured with the situation, keeping you still, relaxing into the feeling. 
“still hate me now?” you giggled breathlessly.
“oh, fuck you!”
“you just did!”
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Wrestling Fans: *arguing wherever or not the thing with Cm Punk is a work/shoot*
Me in the Meanwhile:
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