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here's a chapter explaining Ming's hiatus!
The Evil Spread | Ming Chapter
tw: this story includes mentioning of blood, falling from stairs, coma and surgery. if any of this makes you uncomfortable I don’t recommend reading this. take care of yourselves, luvies! (thanks to @frankenstein852 for bringing it up!)
Tumblr media
(not my gif!)
September 21, 2022
''I'm really excited to go to Indonesia.'' Ming told Cheol and Jeonghan, who were seated next to her on the floor in the practice room. In a few days they were leaving again for the next leg of their tour. 
They both nodded excitedly at her words. ''Yeah, remember when we went to Yogyakarta? I really want to do that again.'' Cheol said, reminiscing the time the three of them went on a trip there for a variety show. ''That was so much fun.'' Jeonghan added, smiling from ear to ear. 
''Let's start again, guys, then we can go home!'' Soonyoung loudly announced, encouraging the members to get up from the floor and join him in the middle of the room. Sighs and groans were heard throughout the room, but everyone obliged. 
As the members started walking into their positions for 'Left & Right', Ming's phone went off, indicating someone was calling her. She hesitantly looked at the performance leader, silently asking for permission to take the phone call. He sighed, but tilted his head towards the direction of her phone, letting her take the call. 
''It'll be just a minute, I swear!'' She promised him, a look of guilt crossing her face as she glanced at the other members. 
She took her phone out of her bag and saw it was Junghoon who was calling her, something that confused her as she could count all the times he had called her on one hand. She quickly left the practice room, wanting some privacy. 
''Hey, what's up?'' 
''Noona! You need to come now! Grandma fell from the stairs and she's not responding to us, please!'' Junghoon yelled into the phone, nothing but panic in his voice. 
Ming could feel her heart drop to her stomach. ''What? What do you mean? What happened?'' 
''I don't know, suddenly Jungwoo barged into my room and said grandma fell and that she wasn't waking up and it doesn't look like she's breathing, Noona you have to come now!'' The desperation in Junghoon's voice brought tears to her eyes. Her younger brother was a very stubborn young man and not the type to ask his older sister for much help. So, hearing him begging her to come to Daegu, made her realise how serious and scary the situation is. 
Ming also realised that she's the older one, her two younger brothers need them and despite her anxiety working up about her grandmother not being conscious, she knew she had to remain calm and help her brothers as much as she could. 
''Junghoon-ah, call an ambulance right now and listen to what they tell you to do. I'm not there right now, so you're gonna have to take care of Jungwoo, okay? I know he's freaking out right now, but you're gonna have to be strong for him, okay. Can you do that?'' Despite her voice being a shaky mess, she was able to get her message properly across to her brother. 
''Alright, but please hurry, we need you here!'' 
''Keep me updated, alright? I'm leaving right now, I promise you.'' She reassured him, trying to not let the panic and anxiety take over her body. 
''I will, please hurry, Noona!'' Junghoon hung up the phone, so he could call an ambulance for their grandmother. 
Ming stood frozen in her place for a few seconds, she didn't know how she was going to explain the situation to her members without it resulting in a full on panic attack. 
She slowly opened the door to the practice room, hearing the members mingling among themselves. ''That was more than 2 minutes, Yerim-ah.'' Soonyoung scolded her, without looking at the girl. 
''Yerim, are you okay?'' Chan's concerned voice exclaimed. The other members' focus went from their own separate conversations to the shaking girl standing in the doorway. 
''Can… can someone take me home?'' 
The members became instantly worried upon seeing the state she was in after her phone call. She looked pale, she seemed to be standing on shaking legs, her voice was scratchy and tears were rolling down her cheeks. 
Wonwoo, who was standing closest to her, took a couple steps forward and bent down. ''Hey, what's wrong?'' He tried to dry her tears with his hands, but she backed away from his touch. ''Please, I really need to go home right now.'' She begged them, making her way to her bag and coat. 
Cheol stopped her movements. ''Hey, hey, hey, what's going on?'' Ming tried to keep her facade up, but once she met Cheol's concerned eyes, she let her walls fall down. 
Heart-wrenching sobs started leaving her body, making her drop her bag and coat from her hands to the floor. The leader didn't hesitate and put his arms around the younger one, pressing her against his body. 
It didn't last long as Ming wrung herself out of his embrace. ''No, I need to leave now! Please can someone just take me home!'' She sobbed, her words barely understandable to the staff and members. 
''Honey, can you please tell us what's going on? Why do you need to go to the dorm?'' Joshua approached her, hoping the soft tone of his voice would calm her a bit down. 
''No, not the dorm! Daegu! I need someone to bring me to Daegu!'' She picked up her stuff again from the floor and frantically looked around, hoping someone would just listen to her and bring her to her family. 
Their manager joined them. ''Ming-ssi, if you just explain why you need to go to Daegu, we can figure some-'' 
''My grandmother is fucking dying! Now can someone get me to my brothers?'' She yelled, not at anyone in particular. Her frustration grew every second that went by. 
The room got silent upon Ming's yelling, stunned by the loudness of her voice and by what she revealed to them. The silence was interrupted by the rattling of keys. ''Come on, I'll take you.'' Hyerim stood up from the chair she had been sitting on and grabbed her bag. The choreographer carefully put her arm around the younger girl's shoulder and guided her outside of the practice room, to her car. 
The three hour-car ride consisted of Ming checking her phone every five seconds and Hyerim trying to calm her down and assuring her everything would be fine. Junghoon had sent her a text message, saying their grandmother was currently in surgery and that according to the doctors she was in critical condition. 
Eventually, she made it to the hospital. She thanked Hyerim for bringing her and told her she would be okay from now on and that she could go back to Seoul. Hyerim hesitated wanting to be there in case Ming or her family needed anything, but she assured her they would be fine. 
Ming quickly made her way to the reception to find out where her grandmother and brothers were. ''I'm here to see Lee Yeo Jeong, she was brought in a couple hours ago.'' 
''Are you family?'' The nurse asked her. The question frustrated Ming, but she knew it was kind of mandatory. ''Yes, I'm her granddaughter, my little brothers are also here.'' She answered her. 
The nurse typed some things into the computer. ''Ah, yes! She's currently in surgery and I think your brothers are in the surgical waiting area, that's on floor 4.'' 
''Thank you!'' Ming didn't care how ridiculous she looked running up the stairs of the hospital, she wanted to get to her brothers. 
After what seemed hours, she finally made it to the fourth floor and looked at the signs, searching for the waiting area. ''Noona!'' 
She looked to her right and saw Jungwoo running towards her, tears running down his face. She opened her arms for him and her youngest brother fell into her embrace, sobbing into her shoulder. ''I heard something fall on the ground and suddenly she was on the flo-'' 
''Sshhh, it's okay, calm down.'' Ming's fingers stroked her brother's hair, trying to ease his worries. ''I'm here now, okay? You're okay.'' 
Junghoon slowly approached his two siblings, looking down at the ground. He didn't say anything as he put his head on the other side of his sister's neck. ''She's still in surgery, Noona.'' Junghoon silently cried, contrasting his brother's sobbing. 
''Come on, let's sit down.'' 
''No, she hasn't woken up… according to the doctors it's not going to happen any time soon… Jungwoo is tired but he doesn't want to go home… there's blood on the floor from her fall… I can try… I don't want to bother them, though… it's the middle of the night, dad… alright… yeah, I'll call them… okay… yeah, I'll call you once there are updates… Bye!'' Ming hung up the phone. She had the task to inform her father about their grandmother's fall and surgery. Their father is in Japan for his work and isn't able to make it back in the next couple of days. Despite their grandmother and father not being related by blood, they have a good bond. 
''And?'' Junghoon looked at her, with a sleepy Jungwoo on his shoulder. ''He's going to try and take a flight tomorrow, but he's not too sure about it.'' 
''Noona, what about Jungwoo? He has to go to university in like six hours.'' The elder brother showed his concerns for the youngest, something that didn't happen often. 
''I'm gonna try to call Cheol's parents, they don't live that far from here and Jungwoo can sleep there.'' 
Jungwoo protested. ''No, I want to stay here, I want to be here when she wakes up.'' Ming got up from her seat and crouched down in front of him. ''Sweetie, she's not going to wake up for at least a couple of days, you need to rest.'' She had grabbed his hand. 
''Jungwoo, it's for your own good. Grandma is going to hit you with her sandal if she knows you didn't rest properly before studying.'' Junghoon told him, trying to help his sister. 
''I'm just gonna call them now.'' Ming got her phone from her pocket and searched for the contact of Cheol's parents. She didn't have to search long and called them. 
It seemed like they weren't going to pick up, but after some ringing they did. ''Hello?'' 
''Hey, it's Yerim.'' Cheol's father had picked up, sounding very sleepy. 
''Yerimie! It's been a while!'' His previous grouchy tone was replaced by a very excited one. 
She smiled. ''Yes, uhm, I kind of need a favour from you.'' She hesitantly told him, suddenly getting shy asking him for something. 
''Of course, little one! What do you need?'' 
''I'm at the hospital right now with my family and my brother needs a place to sleep, so if it's not too much troubl-'' 
''It's no trouble, Yerimie! I'll leave here in about 5 minutes, okay? Make sure your brother is standing outside once I'm there! Is it Jungwoo or is it Junghoon?'' He asked her. 
''It's Jungwoo, the maknae.'' 
''Aaaah~ the ball of sunshine!'' 
That made her laugh. ''Yes, the ball of sunshine.'' 
''Alright, I'll be there in probably 10 minutes or something!'' He told her. 
''Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! I really do, I owe you one, sir.'' She thanked him, feeling a huge wave of relief going through her body. ''You never need to thank me, Yerimie. That's what family is for.'' He dismissed it. 
The Choi family has always been very precious to her ever since she met Seungcheol. They've not only taken care of her, but also her younger brothers. Cheol's mother often referred to her as the 'daughter she never had', something Ming took great pride in. 
It took Jungwoo a lot of convincing to get him out of their grandmother's hospital room, but they managed to do it and get him outside in time for Seungcheol's father. 
He got in the backseat and opened his window to say goodbye to his sister, as Junghoon had stayed in the hospital room, just in case. ''Noona, I'll see you after school, right?'' 
''Of course, Jungwoo-ah. Make sure you get as much rest as you can, okay? I'll let you know if anything has happened.'' She promised him. 
''Okay, goodnight, Noona.'' She quickly kissed his cheek and also gave Cheol's father a hug. ''Please, make sure he gets to his university on time, I don't want him falling behind, he's doing so well now in school.'' Ming begged him. 
He nodded at her, giving her an assuring smile. ''Of course, Yerimie. We'll take good care of him and Yerimie,'' he grabbed her hand, ''please, call Seungcheol, he's worried sick and has been calling us non stop.'' 
She smiled at him, nodding her head. ''I will, drive safe!'' 
''Of course! If you guys need anything, don't hesitate to call us!'' He made her promise him, pointing his finger at her. 
''I will, don't worry!'' 
She waited outside until the car was out of sight, before making her way inside again. She would never tell her brothers this, but she was worried about the potential loss that would fall upon their family again.
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
“Let’s see who’s in this room,” Chan whispered to the camera, walking through the corridors of the MCountdown building.
The members were scattered across the building, relaxing after the recording for ‘_WORLD’, with some members taking the opportunity to rest while others went in search of food. The leader line was already on stage ready to record for their ‘CHEERS’.
Chan stuck the camera in first before poking his head around the corner of the dressing room, in search of any of the members. “Hello? Members?”
Surprisingly, the room was vacant even though the lights were still on. Signs that some of the members had been here by the various drink cups and empty food containers littered throughout the room. He made his way fully around into the room, turning his attention back to the camera. “Please forgive us, Seventeen members are really messy.”
He walked around the room, talking to the camera as if the Carats could actually hear him, asking them questions about their day and informing them about how the group has been. He scanned the room one last time before his eyes practically bulged out of his head.
“Carats, come look,” Chan whispered into the camera, tiptoeing over to one of the couches.
Evelyn was slumped over onto the armrest of the couch, a blanket draped over her as she slept silently. Mingyu was seated next to her, slumped over in the same way, pressed against her right side, sleeping with his head resting against her shoulder. Chan mentally noting to keep the camera raised with noticing their hands laced together.
“Wow, Kim Mingyu is going to crush Eunji in her sleep,” Chan gasped out, taking a step back when Evelyn shifted to get more comfortable.
Chan walked back forward towards the sleeping couple, moving the camera back between their faces, “Ahjussi and Ahjumma.”
“Don’t call me old,” Evelyn mumbled in her sleep, snuggling back down into the couch. She cracked an eye open when Chan snorted. “We’re the same age.”
“One performance and you’re sleeping like a grandma.”
Evelyn smiled, closing her eyes again to soak in the last few seconds of dreamland. She picked her head up when her body registered that there was a weight to her right side. Her whole right side had fallen asleep due to Mingyu being a dead weight up against it, the familiar tingly feeling when she wiggled her fingers out of his hold shooting up and down her arm.
“Say something to Carats before I end the video.” Chan brought the camera over to Evelyn.
“If you are ever in the presence of Mingyu,” She nudged the shoulder Mingyu was resting on, “Don’t let him fall asleep against you. I literally can’t feel my arm.”
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Tumblr media
Based on the best-selling novel, #TellMeLies premieres September 7 on @Hulu.
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pairing :: eden x seokmin
word count :: 1.1k
synopsis :: eden and seokmin in atlanta.
time :: august 31, 2022
warnings :: none ♡ 
taglist :: @cafemilk-tea @cixrosie @moonlight-additions​ @cosmicwintr​ @astraw-astro​ @ateezjuliet​
Tumblr media
“Woah woah woah!” Eden had a death grip around Seokmin’s neck, feeling him wobble as the elevator went up several floors from the lobby. He had offered to give her a ride on his back after walking in the wet weather in heels.
“You’re okay. I’ve got you.” He reassured her, making sure his arms locked around her knees were tight. She folded her hands in the front, attacking his neck with kisses as he giggled.
The elevator door pushed open, revealing a middle aged man. Their smiles quickly faded, both feeling embarrassed like they got caught doing something they weren’t supposed to be doing. The man looked surprised, stepping aside to let them out. Seokmin walked past him, carrying her through the halls as Eden watched the doors.
When the elevator doors finally shut again and there was no one to be seen, she let out a snort while his knees got weak from laughing.
“He definitely thinks we’re crazy.” She joked. When they finally got to his hotel room, he stopped in place as Eden pulled his keycard out of her pocket and swiped it.
He ventured further into the room, backing up against the bed where he dropped her off from his back. He turned around, holding her face in his palms and smiling. “Alone at last.”
She held onto his wrist, reaching up to kiss his lips. She had missed his touch for months now, hard to fathom how her manager possibly let her pull this off.
“You guys did great tonight.” She swayed her body back and forth, waving his wrists in the air as she chuckled. He intertwined their fingers together, flashing her that familiar smile that always made her feel like she was home.
He nodded, pulling her into his chest and
hugging her tight. He cradled the back of her head while kissing her temple. “Thank you for coming. You didn’t have to come all this way.”
“I wanted to. I missed you and wanted to surprise you.” Eden rubbed the small of his back. “It’s okay. We have a few more days off before we have to rehearse and everything.”
“The girls aren’t mad, are they?” He frowned, distancing their faces and looking her in the eyes.
“Of course not. You know they love you. Don’t worry.” She shook her head, bringing her hands up to push away his stray hairs. “You can have a little more time with me now.”
He pecked her forehead, letting out a sigh of relief. “I can’t wait til we’re not busy anymore. When we can go out on dates regularly, fall asleep together, hold each other like this.”
“I know. We just have to be a bit more patient.” She nodded, smiling at him with all the love in her eyes. “I’m so happy these days because of you. No amount of distance can change that.”
He squealed out of excitement, picking her up and sitting on the bed while placing her on his lap. His hands rested around her waist, pressing his head to her chest and humming.
“Hmm?” He pulled away, looking up towards her with a hopeful grin.
“Your English is so cute.” She snickered, rubbing circles on his cheeks with her hand.
“Is it? I’ve tried practicing and all that.”
“So cute.” She kissed his nose, tempted to give him a bunch of raspberries. “You’re getting better everyday.”
He quickly gave her another peck on the lips. The two went back and forth, giving each other many kisses on different places of their faces. They weren’t going to leave any surface untouched.
“You haven’t eaten yet, right?” She brushed her fingers through the hair at the base of his neck. “I can order something while you take a shower.”
He pouted, snuggling in closer to her. “You don’t wanna join me?”
Eden patted the top of his head, shaking her head. “Not tonight. I’ll make sure the food is ready when you get out.” She got off his lap and onto her feet, pulling her phone out of her pocket.
Seokmin stood up, dragging his feet to the bathroom and pleading with his eyes as he stood in the doorway. She shooed him with her hand, resuming her search for a restaurant that was open at this late hour.
Tumblr media
When the food arrived, she didn’t want to just leave it like it was. She tried to arrange everything nicely for him. Now she waited for him
to get out of the shower. She paced back and forth in the room before stopping in front of the window. She pulled the curtains to the side to reveal the dim city lights.
It was misty from all the rain and she couldn’t see well given how bright their hotel room was. She felt her cheeks getting warmer. Everything was starting to fall back into place. She felt proud of herself, proud of her group, proud of her boyfriend and his group. She was full of so much love now.
She felt herself shiver from the sudden air hitting her. She wrapped her arms around herself, rubbing up and down on her skin to warm herself up.
She didn’t hear him get out of the shower until the door opened. Eden quickly turned around to see him shirtless, his hair falling flat against his face and his shorts fitting comfortably around his waist.
“It smells good.” He smelled the aroma of their dinner. She couldn’t help but giggle, looking back out the window and taking the scent in.
Seokmin made his way behind her, trying to make himself level with her view to see what she was looking at. He took this as the opportunity to hug her from behind. She exhaled, leaning back against his chest and gripping onto his wrists.
“I never thought we’d be in the states together like this.” He nuzzled his face into the crook of her neck, rocking them back and forth before kissing her cheek.
“Is it better than Jeju? or Busan?” She looked at their reflection in the glass, rubbing her thumb over his knuckles.
“It doesn’t matter where we are. As long as I’m with you.” He smirked, shaking his head before bending his knees and picking her up by the waist. “I’m starving.”
Eden would never get used to him picking her up so effortlessly like this. She worried about putting too much strain on his muscles that he needed for his work. He set her down by the bed, taking the chair and grinning at their setup.
“Thank you,” Seokmin quickly reached over the tray to kiss her. “Love you. Let’s eat.”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
˓⠀⠀✿      /    BLOOM !⠀⠀⠀[ . . . ]⠀⠀⠀━━⠀⠀is  a  fictional  seven  member  girl  group  formed  by  EONUS ENTERTAINMENT.  debuting as a collective in may of 2013 the group consists of members  YUNI  ,  MELANIE  ,  GENEVIEVE  ,  EMMY  ,  NARYUN  ,  SIENNA  &  ARIEL.  together  ,  the group released the  mini  album  IN BLOOM!  and  its  title  track  PRETTY GIRL as their debut project.  BLOOM!  is  mostly  known  its  reputation  as  a  powerhouse  girl  group  ,  with  its members experiencing separate individual success in different areas outside of the group.
despite the easily identifiable talents of each of the seven members , the group has continued to suffer rumors of company favoritism between the girls. most famously , the alleged " fleur hierarchy " , a sasaeng leaked ranking system according to the company's shifting focus on the solo activities of each member , is the most pointed clue towards the favoritism extended from the company to the most important members at any given point. although the company , and by extension , the members of the group deny any alleged favoritism , it's not hard to understand the source of the rumors evident from the quality of each member's activities to their comparative styling quality.
Tumblr media
✿ . ㅤ ╱ ㅤTHE BASICSㅤ˒
GROUP  NAME  :  bloom!
COMPANY  :  eonus  entertainment
DEBUT  DATE  :  may  13th  ,  2013 
DEBUT  ALBUM  :  here  to  bloom  ! 
GREETING  :  “  your  springtime  delights  !  hello  ,  we  are  bloom  !  ” 
FANDOM  NAME  :  flora 
FANDOM  COLORS  :  ma  fleur  (  #efd2dc  )  &  english  lavendar  (  #b38293  )
Tumblr media
✿ . ㅤ ╱ ㅤTHE MEMBERSㅤ˒
Tumblr media
kwak  ‘  YUNI  ’  youngji  (  1994  ) 
MELANIE   bae  (  1994  ) 
GENEVIEVE  choi  (  1994  ) 
emiya ‘ EMMY ’  ueno  (  1995  ) 
sohn  NARYUN  (  1995  ) 
SIENNA  nicole  van  der  roest  (  1996  ) 
jeong  ‘  ARIEL  ’  ahin  (  1997  )
Tumblr media
✿ . ㅤ ╱ ㅤTHE SOUNDㅤ˒
IN BLOOM! : debut mini-album ( 2013 )
IF I CALLED YOU MINE : first digital single ( 2013 )
SEE YOU , TOUCH YOU : second mini-album ( 2013 )
DES FLEURIR : first full-length album ( 2014 )
IN BETTER TIMES : third mini-album ( 2014 )
THE GREENHOUSE : fourth mini-album ( 2015 )
FEMININITY : second full-length album ( 2015 )
WINTER FLUSH : fifth mini-album ( 2016 )
LE FLEUR : third full-length album ( 2016 )
ALL A'BLOOM : first special album ( 2016 )
FANTASY : sixth mini-album ( 2017 )
NOONTIME : fourth full-length album ( 2018 )
THE ESSENCE OF TRANQUILITY : seventh mini-album ( 2018 )
HUES OF HER AFFINITY : eighth mini-album ( 2018 )
RUINS OF KORE : fifth full-length album ( 2019 )
POETICISM : first repackaged album ( 2019 )
PLAYING ALONE : ninth mini-album ( 2020 )
MOOD RING : tenth mini-album ( 2020 )
IF SHE LIVED : sixth full-length album ( 2021 )
PIXEL BLUSH : second special album ( 2021 )
PERSEPHONE'S DECEPTION : fifth mini-album ( 2022 )
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late night talking
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing — cheri lee x joshua hong
time — july, 2022
summary — although cheri has loved being back in the u.s. with her family, she really misses joshua.
bold = spoken in english
mentions of food! i love these two pls enjoy <3
Tumblr media
ever since cheri had gotten to the u.s., she’d made sure to talk to joshua every day. she would update him on what she was doing and send him pictures throughout her trip.
cheri hated that as soon as seventeen’s concerts in seoul had ended she’d left to visit her family with very little time to see joshua before because of his schedule. she was thrilled she got to see him perform one night, but she couldn’t help feeling like she’d abandoned him.
“hello?” joshua’s groggy voice rang through the speaker of cheri’s phone. her heart fluttered at the sound of his groggy morning voice. no matter how many times she’d heard it, it still made her flustered.
“hello?” joshua’s groggy voice rang through the speaker of cheri’s phone. her heart fluttered at the sound of his groggy morning voice. no matter how many times she’d heard it, it still made her flustered.
“hello?” joshua’s groggy voice rang through the speaker of cheri’s phone. her heart fluttered at the sound of his groggy morning voice. no matter how many times she’d heard it, it still made her flustered.
“hi, baby. i just got back to the house. i’m sorry if i woke you up,” cheri spoke softly into the phone as she plated the food for her nephew. she heard a small yawn from the other end and frowned.
“no, it’s okay. did you have fun today?”
“yeah, we went to the aquarium at coney island and then we spent a while on the board walk. it was nice, but i wish you were here. i really wish this was an us and sang-ook date.” cheri admitted. she felt her heart began to beat quickly when she heard joshua’s laugh.
“me too. i miss you so much it’s starting to hurt.” the faint sound of water running in the background indicated joshua was getting ready to shower. “if i said i missed how your hair looks in the morning would you think i’m crazy?”
cheri laughed, “of course not. hey, if you have to get ready i’ll let you. i don’t want you to be late for anything.” she chewed the inside of her lip.
“if you’re not asleep by the time i get done, do you want to have a face time date? it’ll probably be pretty late for you but we don’t have to.” cheri’s face immediately lit up at the idea. she didn’t care how late it’s be she was absolutely fine with staying up until dawn if it meant a virtual date with the love of her life.
“i would love to, shua.” she smiled against the phone like a fool. who could blame her, honestly. she wasn’t afraid to admit that she was absolutely head over heels in love with joshua and his suggestions that would make her heart burst into confetti. this was only a simple suggestion but it made her almost giddy.
it was around two in the morning before cheri got a text asking if she was still awake and if she was alright to call. she would be lying if she said she hadn’t dozed off, but joshua didn’t need to know that. she’d ordered pizza for mee-yon, jin-sang, and herself around seven and decided to have some leftovers for her “date.”
cheri had her laptop propped up on pillows and her lamp turned on, the pizza she’d warmed up was sat on her nightstand. her computer screen lit up with the notification indicated joshua had called her. she quickly tapped ‘answer’ and smiled when she saw him.
“hi, shua.” she beamed at her boyfriend while he adjusted his camera. when he finally got it adjusted he smiled brightly and sat back.
“hi, pretty. sorry i called so late. we were pretty busy today and all i could think about was you.” from the smirk on joshua’s face cheri could tell she was blushing hard. she would’ve been embarrassed if anyone else said they’d thought about her all day, but she definitely had been thinking about joshua and this date since it was mentioned.
“so, do you want to talk more about your day? how much longer are you gonna be in new york before you go see your dad?” joshua reached for something in front of him and lifted it to his mouth. cheri leaned to get her pizza and took a bite before answering.
“it was good. it’s been really, really hot, but good. sang-ook loved the aquarium, especially the sea lions.” she took another bite and continued talking. the two talked for what felt like hours before cheri turned off her lamp and laid down in front of her computer.
joshua realized cheri was about to fall asleep. “do you want me to hang up, baby? so you can sleep?”
“no, it’s okay. do whatever you need to while i’m here.” she yawned and closed her eyes. joshua admired his girlfriend as she pulled a blanket over her.
cheri whispered loud enough to hear, “i love you.”
“say that again,” joshua couldn’t help turning red whenever she confessed. “please.”
“i love you.”
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Tumblr media
STARDOM ❪ 스타덤 ❫ is a fictional south korean girl group under blu:me lables. the sextet consist of: PARIS, TAEHA, BAE, YUXI, MINNIE, AND YOUNG. they made their debut on may 21st, 2017, with the single "SHOWTIME ! " on the extended play LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION !
stardom is known for their BUBBLY, SYNTH-POP sounds combined with their CUTE concepts that has DARK implications. the girls made their first appearance at the BEYOND BLU:ME joint-concert, where they preformed the single, "WHO AM I?" to hype of their debut. they would also preform it in the streets of hongdae, myeongdong, itaewon, etc. this made them very popular as they would be trending on multiple social media and several new outlets. after they made their debut, stardom became known as the monster rookies and just four days after debut they won their first win. it wasn't until the release of the titled track, "FANCY", that they were established as the "nation's girl group".
stage name : stardom ❨ 스타덤 ❩
debut date : may 21st, 2017
company : blu:me lables ❨ 2017 — present ❩
years active : 2017 — present ❨ 5 years ❩
genre : synth-pop. hyper-pop. edm. house.
concept : futuristic. space. time travel. retro-futurism. cyberpunk.
fandom name : starlights
group colors : moon yellow ❨ #f0c420 ❩. royal blue ❨ #4169e1 ❩
greetings : "all around the world, hello we are stardom!"
— ִֶָׂ ⋆ ᎒ MEMBERS
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PARIS KIM ❨ 1996 ❩
KANG TAEHA ❨ 1997 ❩
SONG YISEUL "BAE" ❨ 1998 ❩
XIAHOU YUXI ❨ 1999 ❩
— ִֶָׂ ⋆ ᎒ DISCOGRAPHY
under construction!
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writerblock-sucks · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
age - 18 / 19
occupation - college student & social media influencer
relationship status - it’s complicated ( changbin )
( ✰︎ ) . . . her background
she comes from an average family, mom, and dad with a lazy freeloader uncle living in the basement. she’s been in beauty pageants since the age of 3, and that turned her into an egotistical brat, how changbin puts up with her is a mystery to everyone. tiktok and instagram famous, live streams her every moment, doesn’t care if it bothers other people around her. doesn’t let changbin touch her if he doesn’t give her presents or money, and both of them being college students. changbin has given faith, his mother and grandma jewelry on more then one occasion.
( ✰︎ ) . . . her hobbies
threatening changbin
making tiktoks
scaring little bang chan
annoying hyunjin and grandma i.n
( ✰︎ ) . . . her relationship with the family
changbin ✭︎✭︎✭︎✭︎✭︎ (he’s a simp, that plans on marrying her)
han ✭︎✭︎✭︎ (he thinks it’s dumb teen love that will fizzle out in a year or two, ps he’s wrong)
hyunjin ✭︎ (they never liked each other to beginning with)
bang chan ✭︎✭︎ (he throw up on her when he ate too many gummy bears)
aunt lee know ✭︎✭︎✭︎✭︎ (she see herself in faith)
uncle seungmin ✭︎✭︎✭︎ (reminds him of his wife, and that scares him)
grandpa felix ✭︎✭︎✭︎✭︎✭︎ (he loves that she does tiktoks with him)
grandma i.n ✭︎✭︎ (after finding out changbin was going to use her engagement ring to propose to faith, she’s hated her, stays alive out of spite)
Tumblr media
2022 © writerblock-sucks
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teenphobia · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
TEENPHOBIA  is  the  safest  neighbourhood  in  the  area  !  with  manicured  lawns  and  friendly  waves  ,  you  can’t  miss  out  on  anything  !  so  grab  your  bags  ,  bring  your  happy  smiles  ,  and  remember  :  open  your  eyes  ,  because  you  never  know  what  might  be  coming  around  the  corner  ! 
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btsnvra · 8 months ago
𓂃 ៸៸ comfort crowd. ❝ i just needed company now yeah, i just needed someone around yeah, i don’t care what song that we play or mess that we make just company now comfort crowd ❞
Tumblr media
𖥔 𖥦 TITLE — comfort crowd
𖥔 𖥦 SUMMARY — in which nara just needs a hug and jungkook is there to do just that, takes place in 2018.
𖥔 𖥦 CHARACTERS — jung nara, jeon jungkook, other bts members
𖥔 𖥦 WARNINGS — talks of death threats, depression, insecurity, and i don’t think anything else tbh just narakoo being the best couple ever
𖥔 𖥦 WORD COUNT — 0.3k words.
Tumblr media
𓂅 ✿ . . . Comfort Crowd by Conan Gray
𓂅 ✿ . . . Play Date by Melanie Martinez
𓂅 ✿ . . . Every Summertime by Niki
Tumblr media
Nara was in her room, this was the second time this week that she’s locked herself in it. She didn’t want to come out, the boys tried everything. But she wouldn’t let them in.
The things people were saying online was really getting to her. She didn’t feel like herself at all, she was supposed to be the always smiling and happy one of the group but this year just felt like hell to her.
Yeah her members were helping her get through it but as the days went by she just have been doubting herself and her abilities sometimes she didn’t even want to get out of bed to do promotions. She would beg to not go to interviews, she didn’t want to go outside. She wanted to be alone.
“Is she still in there?” She heard Jungkook’s voice from outside the door. Jungkook had left a few hours ago because he wanted to hang out with some friends and on his way home he got a call from Hoseok telling him that Nara locked herself in her room again and won’t come out. So he decided to get some of her favorite things from the store and here he is.
“Hey bubba.. it’s me can you let me in?” Jungkook’s soft voice asked from outside her door, but it stayed silent and Nara didn’t move one inch. “I got your favorite ice cream love” and that’s when she opened the door. Jungkook walked into the room and pulled her into a tight hug the two stayed there to what seemed like an eternity, but was actually three minutes.
On the tv screen, it looked like she was watching Alexa and Katie. Jungkook put down the treats on her coffee table and they both walked to her bed and he automatically went to hug her again. This is what she needed, comfort. Jungkook whispered sweet things into her ear, telling her that things are gonna be better and that it will be okay.
Nara was very appreciative that the boys we’re helping her and reassuring her throughout all of this, but it was just something about Jungkook specifically being the one to tell her that. And that’s one of the reasons why she loves him so much. He has such a big heart and cares a lot about others.
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raevil · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
tw  :  mentions  hospitalization  &  drowning  ! 
(  ib  /whileinvenus  !  ) 
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chvostheory · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
inspired by @/whileinvenus!
Announced as the house’s brand ambassador back in 2021, Lisbeth maintained a faithful relationship with Vivienne Westwood which, this year, resulted in an invite to the biggest fashion event in the world: The Met Gala.
Following the theme, In America: An Anthology of Fashion, Lisbeth arrived at the carpet with a custom corseted dress with black gloves. Her heels, although simple, had the classic Vivienne Westwood pearls along her ankle, she also wore a choker of the same material on her neck. On a more subtle note, Lisbeth’s other partnership, Van Cleef & Arpels, marked their presence in the singer’s outfit with the earrings, which are from their Romeo & Juliet high jewelry collection. Her hair was styled half up, half down with a black ribbon behind.
For the after party, Lisbeth wore an outfit straight out of the brand’s archives from their 1994 fall-winter collection, pairing it with small leather gloves, a matching bag and black high-heeled platforms. Her hair was completely down for this look. Lisbeth was praised on twitter for following the theme and, just like the many times she worked with the brand, fans mentioned how well Westwood’s style matches with the singer.
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finallydelight · 28 days ago
MING CHAPTER WHERE MEMBERS BECOME CERY PROTECTIVE OF HER 🥺 i love seeing how much they care for her
here you go, love! i hope you enjoy it and thank you for the request!
Personal Space, Please | Ming Chapter
Tumblr media
October, 2020
"Everyone's here? Great, we can start then! We'll begin with unit shoots, who's going first?" The photographer looked from the complete group to their manager.
His eyes first landed on Hoshi. "The 96z will start." Jun, Wonwoo, Hoshi and Woozi got up from their seats and took off their jackets to begin the shoot. Meanwhile the rest of the members waited and cheered them on.
Ming was getting her makeup retouched when a male staff member approached her. "Ming-ssi, do you need something warm? It's quite cold here outside."
She figured he was part of the photographer's staff, since she didn't recognise him. "I'm fine, thank you." She declined, not feeling that cold.
"If you need anything, you can always ask me." He said, before bowing his head and walking away.
"Do you know him, unnie?" Ming asked her stylist, while she fixed her eyeshadow. She shook her head. "No, I don't think he's with us."
Ming's mind got taken away from the staff member and was brought back to the photoshoot happening in front of her.
"Guys, there's a change of units, the maknaes and 95z will shoot together." Their manager announced, looking up from his phone.
They all looked up confused. "Why?"
"Otherwise we don't have enough time for the full group shoot." He explained, typing away on his phone.
They all nodded, not minding it very much. "And fans will like it either way, the youngest with the oldest, that always gets well received." Their manager said, smiling at the members.
"It's okay, hyung." Coups said, letting him know it was alright.
"I really like the dress they picked out for you." Her attention shifted back to her stylist, who seemed finished with touching up her makeup.
Ming looked at the dress, it wasn't too short on her, but it wasn't long either. "I like it too, something different."
"Alright, next unit, please." The photographer announced, loudly. Mingyu, Dokyeom and Minghao got up as the manager looked at them.
Ming looked to her right and saw the male staff member from before on his phone. Normally, she wouldn't think anything of it, but the camera was held at quite a weird angle and when she looked in his direction, he almost dropped his phone.
She turned her head back to the photoshoot, but she couldn't get that weird interaction out of her mind. She signalled to their manager to come over. "What's up?"
"That guy on the right there, who's holding his phone, he's kind of behaving weird. I think he was filming me." The manager subtly looked at who she meant, but he wasn't holding his phone at that moment. "Probably a bit starstruck to see you, but we'll keep an eye on it." He told her, giving her an assuring smile.
"Thank you."
After a while, it was her unit's turn to be photographed for the magazine. The photographer instructed the members to lay down on the ground next to each other in a circle formation. They all did as he said and lied down on the ground.
"Hey, what's that guy doing?" Mingyu noticed the male staff member holding his phone at quite a weird angle, it seemed to be pointed at the young female. The others looked to where Mingyu was looking and were confused as to what he was doing. "Is he taking pictures of Yerim?" Woozi asked.
As she was too busy with the shoot, Ming didn't notice her dress had ridden up a bit. However, the mysterious male staff member did and wasn't going to let the opportunity slip to take a picture of it.
"I think he is." Mingyu said, already getting up along with Wonwoo and Hoshi. They moved themselves in front of Ming behind the camera, so they were blocking the guy's camera.
The others who stayed seated alerted their manager. "Hyung, that guy behind the members is taking pictures under Ming's dress." Dokyeom informed him, pointing at the man in question.
He nodded and made his way over to the man. The manager could already see the guy slightly panicking and saw him doing some things on his phone, before putting it in his pocket.
"You're not taking pictures of the artists, right?" He asked him, still trying to sound professional. The guy shook his head. "No, no, I wasn't, I was just on my phone." He tried excusing himself.
Their manager nodded, not believing it for one bit. "Can I check it, you know, so there are no misunderstandings?" He already had a feeling the guy had deleted the pictures, but it was worth trying.
He hesitated for a bit, stuttering inaudible words, before typing his password and giving the manager the phone. His suspicions were correct and there were no pictures of Ming or any other member present on his phone.
He handed him his phone back. "Thank you, we have to be careful, we don't want any issues for our artists." He hoped by coming up to the guy, he would get the message and stop bothering Ming.
He made his way back to the members. "I checked his phone, but there were no pictures on there." He told them.
"The bastard deleted them." Woozi commented, giving the guy a glare. "Poor thing, she can never catch a break with these perverts." Minghao said, feeling bad that it was always Ming who had to deal with these kinds of situations.
"Alright, that's good, thank you," the photographer put his camera down, "let's retouch the makeup, change the set and then we'll do the group shots." He instructed the teams around him.
Mingyu had grabbed Ming's coat and covered her while she got up, so no inappropriate pictures could be taken anymore. "Yerim-ie, the guy was taking pictures of you while you lied down." Wonwoo told her, helping her up.
She furrowed her eyebrows. "What?" She looked around the set, but the guy wasn't anywhere near in sight.
"What do you mean taking pictures of her?" Cheol joined them, overhearing what Wonwoo told her. "While you guys were on the ground, a male staff member was holding his phone at quite a weird angle. The manager went up to him, but he had already deleted the pictures by the time he got to him." Wonwoo explained to them.
"Where is he?" The leader asked, looking around the set. "He doesn't seem to be here right now." Mingyu and Ming chorused.
"Yerim-ie, come here for a second, let me fix your makeup." Her stylist called her over. Ming nodded and made her way over. "A bit more powder, your forehead was a little shiny in the pictures." Her stylist explained, putting some more powder on her forehead. "Well, I am a star." Ming commented sarcastically, making the older woman laugh.
As the two women continued chatting, they failed to notice a figure creeping up on them. Ming did feel someone walking behind her, but she couldn't move as her stylist was retouching her makeup.
All of a sudden, there was a commotion happening. A bunch of members surrounded her, there was yelling, a broken phone on the floor.
She felt arms around her shoulder and on her back guiding her away from the set, looking next to her she saw Jeonghan and Minghao. "What happened?" She asked then, totally confused. "That guy was filming under your dress." Jeonghan answered, voice thick with anger. "Coups-hyung pushed him away from you." Minghao mumbled, just focused on getting her as far away from the scene as possible.
Ming looked at him in shock, not expecting that that was what the commotion was about. "He pushed him?" She asked them.
"He wanted to push the phone out of his hand, but he was standing very close to you, and… yeah." Jeonghan tried explaining to her.
They made their way to the dressing room, since it was empty and quiet. Despite the frustrations and anger they felt, Jeonghan and Minghao remained calm on the outside. If they remained calm about the situation, Ming would remain calm.
"He's not going to get in trouble, is he?" She asked them, not wanting their leader to receive a scolding by the company. "Don't worry about that, Ming-ah." Jeonghan told her, not wanting her to feel bad about anything.
The door of the dressing room opened, revealing Vernon, Chan, Seungkwan, Dokyeom and Jun. "Here's your coat." Chan hands it to her. "Thanks."
Dokyeom immediately sat by Ming's side, checking up on her. "You're okay?" He's too sweet, honestly. She nodded. "Yeah, I didn't really know what was happening." She told him. He gave the younger one a hug, knowing it would give both of them some comfort.
"Security took the guy away." Seungkwan informed the three members. They all nodded, relief going through their bodies that he wasn't there anymore.
A couple minutes later, the rest of the members walked in. There was an obvious tension in the room that none of the members dared to speak on. It was a truly rare sight.
Woozi scratched his voice. "The guy had a video on his phone, but it's gone now," he starts off, "and the shoot is canceled, so grab your stuff and we can go home." The members moved at his words and started gathering their belongings to make a quick getaway.
Their staff had also made their appearance and started packing all the makeup, hair products and clothes that they had needed for the shoot. Ming had also seen their manager briefly, but he didn't really seem in the mood to talk.
Mingyu, Cheol, Wonwoo and Ming got into their car together. There was a silence present in the car that Mingyu tried to fill up by talking about this new camera that he had bought. Eventually, Mingyu and Wonwoo fell asleep since it was quite late at night and it had been a hectic day.
Ming stared out of the window, deeply sinking into her thoughts. A hand against her arm brings her out of her trance. "Hey, little one." She looks at Cheol, giving him a tired smile. "Hi"
"How are you feeling?" He asked her, realizing he hadn't been able to talk to her since the 'incident'.
She shrugged her shoulders. "I'm just tired, I want to forget today." She told him, being honest about her feelings.
"You're not alone," he said, "I hope I didn't scare you, I don't know what came over me." She could hear the guilt in his voice and could see it in his eyes, it broke her heart to think he thought she would be scared of him.
"I could never be scared of you," she grabbed his hand, "I just don't want you to get in trouble, oppa."
"You're more important to me than the company, Yerim."
Taglist: @lunarxsun @cosmicwintr @mythicalamphitrite @billboard-singer @stopeatread @still-astray @sakuurra @multiplumes @giverosespls @seongwhaffels
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➝ request: @billboard-singer
➝ taglist @justmochi @ateezjuliet @itzy-eve @cosmicwintr @billboard-singer
Tumblr media
“Actually-“ Seungkwan spoke into the mic, looking down the row towards Evelyn, “-Our own Eunji has been working out more recently.”
“Her arms have gotten larger since the last tour that’s for sure,” Seokmin added, turning to smile brightly at Evelyn.
The camera panned over to Evelyn as her eyes grew wide, the crowd bursting out into excited cheers. She held her hands up and waved them frantically, trying her best to calm the carats down. Sure, she had been going to the gym more often than before, but her muscles weren’t that big.
“I don’t know what they’re talking about,” She rushed out, a smile attached to her face, “They are the same size I swear!”
“Look, Evelyn’s turning red,” Dino stepped forward from his place in line to look down at her, laughing into the mic.
Evelyn couldn’t stop the giggles escaping her mouth, having to turn her back to the crowd to try and compose herself again. She shivered when a cold sensation met her arms, the crowd erupting in even louder screams than before that were almost deafening.
It took her a second to realize that her jacket was yanked down revealing her toned arms. She whipped her head to the side to find the culprit, Seokmin, running back to his place in line, doubling over as loud cackles filled his mic.
The members turned to look at the LED screens behind them, taking turns on praising and complimenting Evelyn’s arms.
“I’m jealous of Evie’s arms.”
“She’s going to start showing them more now, just wait.”
“Eunji’s arms are bigger than Mingyu’s.”
She turned back to face the crowd, her face painted with shock and disbelief, pulling her jacket back up onto her shoulders. “Wow, Seokmin is a real troublemaker.”
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justmochi · 3 months ago
be the sun
pairing :: eden x seokmin
word count :: 1.0k
synopsis :: eden visits seokmin backstage after his concert.
time :: june 26, 2022
Tumblr media
Eden stood awkwardly against the wall, twirling the light stick in her hand. She watched the 97z reuniting, not wanting to intrude on their moment. Just as she was about to check her phone for the time, she felt a hand on her shoulder, scaring her.
“It’s just me, no worries.” Seungkwan took his hand back, furrowing his eyebrows in concern.
“Don’t sneak up on me like that!” She playfully slapped his shoulder, rolling her eyes.
“My apologies.” He bowed his head causing her to chuckle. “Did you enjoy it?”
“You know I always do. You don’t even need to ask.”
“Ahh, right.”
“How do you perform for four hours straight? Aren’t you exhausted?”
“It’s definitely exhausting, but our fans give us enough energy.” He nodded with his hands on his hips, smiling towards her.
“And you cried a lot tonight. You okay?”
“I’m alright, Eunhye. Thank you for asking.” He smiled towards her, holding his hand out for their handshake. She smirked, following his lead and leaning back against the wall as soon as they finished.
“Is Jeonghan recovering well?” She made small talk while waiting.
“He’s doing okay, but I think he’s at his limit tonight.”
“Well yeah, did you see him last night in his cast? His doctor is not going to be happy.”
“Oh for sure.” Seungkwan laughed at her joke, shaking his head. “I think he’s kept you waiting long enough. I’ll go get him”
“I don’t mind waiting-!” She tried stopping him. She was enjoying his company, but she also didn’t want to seem impatient. She was okay with waiting if it meant Seokmin could catch up with his friend.
She kept her head down until she heard the man calling her name. It seemed Seungkwan had taken his members' place to talk with their guests, sending him to his girlfriend.
She turned her head, a relieved smile finding it’s way onto her face. Seokmin held his arms open, approaching her before engulfing her in a hug. Eden wrapped her arms around his waist, patting his lower back. He rested his chin in the crook of her neck, inhaling her scent that literally smelled like candy.
“Hello beautiful.” He kissed her forehead, patting the top of her head with his hand. “I’m sorry, did you wait long?”
“No no, it’s okay.” She shook her head, bringing her hand up to caress his cheek. “Did you have fun?”
“So much fun.”
“Then that’s all that matters.” She readjusted his bucket hat, rearranging his hairs that laid on his forehead.
“Did you have a good time? No troubles or anything?” He used his fingers to massage her shoulders, giving her that familiar, welcoming grin.
“It was perfect. It’s been forever since I’d seen you all perform like that. I loved it.” Eden perked up, finding his gaze. She puckered her lips, asking him for a kiss which he gladly obliged. Seokmin kissed her lips, proceeding to give her one on the cheek too.
“I just gotta pack up some of my stuff, then we can head out.” He reached for both of her hands, drawing his fingertips against hers before intertwining them. “Come with me.”
And she knew deep down, she’d follow him anywhere.
They walked shoulder to shoulder through the venue halls, swaying their connected hands back and forth. Eden always wondered if she was dreaming, whether he was actually hers. The brushing of their shoulders and the cool breeze from the A/C was enough proof.
They made it to the dressing room, Eden stood by the entrance while he found his duffle bag and started packing his things he brought. The room looked exactly as she expected, like thirteen grown men had taken it over for the day. She knew how hard they worked, thinking about what kind of gifts she could give them all for being so nice to her.
She went over to where Seokmin was, in front of the makeup and mirrors. Coming up behind him, she wrapped her arms around his torso, holding onto her wrist in the front. She pressed her cheek to his back, closing her eyes and taking a second to show him how well he really did.
He patted her wrist, looking up once she moved her head to see themselves in the mirror. He pouted his lips, speaking to her in a calm voice. “You okay?”
“I’m fine. I’m just really proud of you.” She smiled, kissing the back of his shoulder. “Watching you do what you love, I didn’t think I could fall any more in love with you than I already am.”
He removed her arms, turning around and gently holding her face in his hands. He tucked her hair behind her ear before kissing her. “I love you.”
“I love you more.” She smirked, gaining the upper hand. They didn’t like going back and forth about who loved who more, but Eden was feeling mischievous.
“We’re not doing that tonight.” He pinched her cheeks, causing her to squeal and swat his hand away.
“It’s true!” She giggled, Seokmin shaking his head before his hands aimed for her ribs to tickle her. She screamed playfully, trying to push him away but failing. As she laughed harder, she found herself breathless, begging him to stop. She had kneeled to the floor in the process.
Seokmin grabbed both of her hands, pulling her up to her feet and hugging her. “Ahh, I love you so much.” He pressed his cheek to hers with a smile on his face.
She sighed, not wanting to be a victim of his tickle fights again. “I love you too.”
He left kisses on her temple and forehead, bending his knees just enough to lift her into the air. She shrieked, holding on tight to his shoulders. She knew he wouldn’t drop her or let her fall, but she still worried she was too heavy for him.
“Let’s go home.” He smiled towards her, gently putting her down and kissing her again.
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angelsrealm · 4 months ago
𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐥 𝐚𝐜𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐦𝐲.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the angel academy is the pre-debut project show of fictional girl group, 1004. the show was created in a collaboration between bighit entertainment and source music. it was broadcasted on mnet from april 10th to june 19th, 2015, alternating every thursday + friday at 10pm KST.
the show follows the every day life of bighit + source trainees and shows the reality of the trainee / idol life. as it was a project show, there was no eliminations but more than half of the original lineup questionally left during the show or before 1004′s debut. 
show the angel academy genre pre-debut, project, reality created by bighit entertainment + source music broadcasted by mnet  released on april 10th - june 19th 2015 running time 66 minutes seasons 1 episodes 11
show the angel academy genre pre-debut, project, reality created by bighit entertainment + source music broadcasted by mnet  released on april 10th - june 19th 2015 running time 66 minutes seasons 1 episodes 11
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
lee seora 93 liner + vocal team lily park 94 liner + vocal team bae eunsuk 94 liner + dance team halle moon 95 liner + dance team  queenie kang 95 liner + dance team hwang dalrae 95 liner + rap team oh chaea 96 liner + rap team marisol im 97 liner + vocal team
praew anchali 94 liner + vocal team ♡ @paperletters chailai kittichat 98 liner + dance team ♡ @neorilights​ park jiyoo 98 liner + vocal / dance team ♡ @distvrbic
want to have your oc(s) as ex-cast members? fill out this app !
i got this idea from averie (@melliminx) so full inspo goes to them <3
Tumblr media
♡ the only members to make the final lineup were bae eunsuk, halle moon, hwang dalrae and marisol im.  ♡ project leader, lee seora, left the lineup and became 1004′s current female manager.  ♡ the show is known for their questionable cuts and dramatised weekly teasers.  ♡ the show was released a whole year after its fliming, which was seen as a play to get 1004 out of nugudom (at the time). ♡ the show is oftenly compared to twice’s pre-debut show, sixteen. thus has started quite a few fanwars! 
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girlzwfun · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
lee chaerin, professionally known as cheri, is a korean-american singer-songwriter, rapper, producer, and influencer. she is the sole female member of the k-pop group BTS.
profile // trivia // style // tattoos // relationships w/ bts ( 1 ) // relationships w/ bts ( 2 ) // relationships with other idols // family relationships // dating history // cherishua ♡
Tumblr media
late night talking ( 2022 )
this is me trying ( 2018 )
inside cheri’s phone // what’s in her bag? // inside her apartment // texts with bts ( 1 ) // texts with bts ( 2 ) // texts with joshua //popular headlines // a to z // celebrity crushes
cheri’s photoshoots // articles // fan edits & videos // public appearances
━━━ SNS !
instagram // twitter // tik tok // youtube // weverse // vlive // articles
copyright credits // solo releases // covers
━━━ ERAS !
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shockwavc · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
SHOCKWAVE ( kr : 쇼크웨이브 ) is a fictional six-member boy group formed by GLASSHOUSE INC. in 2019. the group originally had a seventh member, DOHYUN, until he abruptly left and tried to sue the company for negligence and mistreatment. as of the end of 2020, the group’s lineup consists of members : YOHAN, LIGHT, ADRIEN, DASHI, INSU and JONAH, and they released a pre-debut single, FROZEN NIGHT, before debuting with another single, GAS PEDAL, six months after. 
despite the group’s rocky start, SHOCKWAVE seemed to attract a lot more attention from international fans rather than domestic ones, but the group was never called underrated. after they lost a member, the group was put on a hiatus until the case was resolved. during their hasty hiatus, the company did everything to keep the group popular, as they announced very quickly that they would be releasing an interactive game for SHOCKWAVE that dwells more into their lore, which was confirmed it was made during their pre-debut era. the game featured thirty seconds intro, in which the group’s pre-released single was featured, further confusing the fans about what the game would be about. 
Tumblr media
⸝⸝   BASICS  ﹗
group name : shockwave
company : glasshouse inc.
debut date : august 27th, 2019
debut single : gas pedal
concept : cyberpunk, sci-fi, ( video ) game, retro, vapor wave 
greeting : “ we appear when the darkness falls! hello, we are shockwave! ” 
fandom name : endgame
fandom colours : shocking blue ( #3bbcc2 ) , shamrock ( #1ccca5 ) & hot red tears ( #ef335a )
Tumblr media
⸝⸝   MEMBERS  ﹗
Tumblr media
lee yohan ( 1997 ) 
han ‘ light ’ byul ( 1998 ) 
adrien hong ( 1998 ) 
dai ‘ dashi ’ shiwei ( 1999 ) 
park insu ( 1999 ) 
jonah lee ( 2000 ) 
kim ‘ dohyun ’ donghyun ( 1998 ) 
FROZEN NIGHT : FROZEN NIGHT › pre-debut single ❪ 2019 ❫ 
GAS PEDAL : GAS PEDAL › debut single ❪ 2019 ❫
STAGE BREAKER : BIGGEST HIT › mini album ❪ 2020 ❫
BREAK THE LIMITS : I’M SO SUPER! › mini album ❪ 2020 ❫
ELECTRIC GUN : GOT THE POWER › mini album ❪ 2021 ❫
SUPEREGO : BOOM BOOM BOOM › full album ❪ 2021 ❫
PUZZLE PIECE : KILLIN’ ME › chinese mini album ❪ 2021 ❫
EDGERUNNER : WANT YOU SO BAD › mini album ❪ 2022 ❫
CHILDREN OF ARCADIA : NO RULES › repackage album ❪ 2022 ❫
⸝⸝   NOTE  ﹗
tysm averie ( /solsticene ) for letting me adopt the group name from you! i’ll take care of it for you <333 
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