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A whole dilf for y'all
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Kuroshitsuji / Reaper Eyes
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Hey !
So ! Could we have a NSfW undertaker (from black butler) loving to look at him in his fem! Partner (reader) having sex. Like his partner doesn’t know that he loves it so he makes sure, a little sneakily, to stand in front of a mirror….
Thanks !!
🌲| here you are! sorry this took so long. i read somewhere that his actual name was Adrian Crevan, but that didn't seem to suit him, so i just went ahead and referred to him as his original title. however, the reader refers to him as "Adrian." i hope that is okay! i also apologize if i don't characterize him well :)) happy reading<33
Tumblr media
"I can't tell you how thrilled I am that you're finally gonna let me try makeup looks on you! You never let me before."
You had your boyfriend by his wrist, excitedly pulling him along with you to the bathroom with your makeup kit in your other hand. The Undertaker behind you had a waning smile on his stitched face, sharp green eyes possessing their usual mischievous glint- although at this moment, it seemed to be brighter than usual.
What you didn't know right now was that Undertaker was... extremely horny. His pants were tight, his groin ached, and it was all he could do to keep his hair carefully draped over the tent in his pants so that you wouldn't notice.
However- he didn't intend to remain in this state. He wasn't chasing only after his own pleasure- he wanted yours as well. Undertaker wanted to feel your wetness around his throbbing cock, hear your soft little whines as you begged him for more.
But more than anything, he wanted to see you.
That was why Undertaker had finally decided to allow you to do his makeup (he normally wouldn't because he's fond of the scar across his face)- it meant going to the bathroom in which there was a mirror that he could fuck you in front of. It was actually one of his biggest turn-ons- but the thing was, you didn't know that, and he definitely didn't feel like explaining one of his kinks to you. So this makeup thing had been the perfect opening.
Meanwhile, he had to concoct a response.
"Of course, lovely- however, you wouldn't have left me alone, anyway, hm?"
You grinned, eyes squinting shut. "Nope!"
The two of you arrived at the bathroom door at last, you flipping the light switch up as you pulled Undertaker inside behind you, at last releasing his arm to dart over to the sink counter and begin setting up your supplies. Meanwhile, the door shut and locked behind the Undertaker, who coyly slipped away from the door and made his way behind you.
You, oblivious to the Undertaker's plans, were cheerfully sifting through your makeup products, looking for shades that you thought would suit your eccentric partner. "Hm... what do you think of a dark red lip tint?" you asked him absently, narrowing your eyes in concentration. "Or maybe a light pink would work better..." You pouted your lips in thought. "Hm.."
It was while you were wondering about what lip shade would suit the Undertaker best that you suddenly felt two slender hands make their way around either side of your waist, squeezing gently. Caught off guard, you gasped slightly, starting to turn around. "What-"
Before you could even begin your sentence, the Undertaker whirled your body around to face him, your pelvis brushing against the erection in his pants. Your back was arched slightly over the counter, lips parted in surprise and your boyfriend's silver hair spilling onto your body.
Your eyes widened as it dawned on you why he had suddenly been open to you doing his makeup. He never had any intentions of anything like that- obviously what he had in mind was a bit more carnal.
You blinked a few times before grinning knowingly and rolling your eyes. "Asshole- you were never going to let me do your makeup, were you?"
"Clever," the Undertaker smirked, his hands sliding down your waist and his long fingers hooking around the waistband of your skirt. "Turn around for me, will you, dear? I want you to look at yourself the entire time."
You scoffed and looked away, but you obliged anyway, facing your own flushed face in the mirror. Slowly, the Undertaker lowered your skirt down your legs until it was resting on the floor around your ankles before getting rid of your underwear in the same manner. Gingerly, he slipped one cool hand up your shirt to wrap it around your waist before leaning over your shoulder and turning his head to kiss your neck, his gray hair spilling all down your upper body. Immediately, you dropped your eyes, the sensation of his warm lips on your skin distracting you as you let out a soft sigh.
Even without looking, Undertaker somehow knew you weren't facing the mirror anymore, and lifted your chin with his other hand, his lips barely brushing the tip of your ear as he spoke. "Now, now, lovely, I do recall telling you to face the mirror- did I not?"
You nodded warily, reluctantly looking back up. Undertaker's lips spread into a wide grin that displayed his sharp teeth, nipping at your earlobe once before sucking the spot just behind your ear, making your last breath come out shaky. The hand that had been around your waist slithered down your stomach until his fingers were tracing over your moist sex. Sensing his hair, you started to look down, but remembered to keep your eyes straight ahead at the last second.
"My, my, wet already?" Undertaker chuckled, the sound vibrating against your skin as he ran a single finger up your slit, making you gasp. "Don't forget, sweetheart- keep your eyes on your reflection." With that, he dipped his middle and ring fingers inside of you, eliciting a strangled cry.
His fingers at first moved slowly, teasingly, but as he watched your face begin to melt in the mirror Undertaker decided to move faster, relishing in the whimpers coming from you, a mixture of pleasure and embarrassment. His thumb rose to your clit to brush over it gently with his fingers still pumping within you, your legs squirming as you tried to get out of his grip.
"Mm, Adrian-" You clapped a hand over your mouth to stifle your moans, moving your hips with the Undertaker's fingers.
"There you go, my dear- move just like that for me." His other arm squeezed your waist roughly, preventing you from breaking free of his grip, the only movement you were able to make the one you were making now. But soon the Undertaker restricted that as well, forcing you to stay still while he only fingered you faster.
You had to drop your hand from your mouth to grip the counter, doing your best to keep looking in the mirror with the Undertaker's sly grin behind you. His hand was just a blur now; your moans increased in volume and your legs began to tremble uncontrollably.
"Ah, legs are shaking already, angel? Does it feel that good?" the Undertaker cooed mockingly. Your face was hotter than ever and it was all you could do to keep from shrieking.
"Oh, oh, fuck- Ad- Adrian, slow down-" You could hardly form a sentence, your breathing was so ragged. The pleasure was building up so rapidly that you were almost sure you'd come right there, and your sweaty, disheveled reflection only served to fluster you more.
The Undertaker, however, adored the feeling of your warm wetness engulfing his fingers and how your whines and pleas sounded- they were music to his ears. Of course, he didn't plan to only finger you- but to lengthen his fun (and your misery), he made a show of mulling it over.
"Hm? Slow down? Is that what you said?"
"Ye- ah! Oh- oh, fuck-"
The Undertaker tilted his head to one side, feigning confusion. "Darling, you have to know that I simply will not be able to understand you if you keep stuttering like that."
Eyes rolling back into your head, you made a half-hearted effort to squirm out of his steel grip but to no avail. "Slow- slow down, please-"
"Ah! That's what you're saying. Why did you not say that before? Slow down... I suppose I'll have to think it over a while..."
Your clit was swollen and achy, and you could feel yourself leaking around the Undertaker's fingers- you were already near overstimulated, and you had yet to even orgasm. Still, you couldn't manage to squeeze out another plea, lost in your constant whimpers and moans.
Oh, but how pretty you looked in such a state of disarray, glossy lips parted, hair sticking to your glistening face, your stomach heaving up and down. And the adorable flush on your face as he forced you to hold your own gaze in the mirror- the Undertaker hated for it to end, even for a second. But he wasn't finished yet, and he certainly wouldn't want you to come already before he even got to penetrate you himself.
"Well, alright- if you say so." The Undertaker withdrew his fingers abruptly, releasing your waist as well. Exhausted and legs still quivering, your body slumped, your breath short.
The Undertaker was appalled. "Spent already, lovely? I'm afraid that just won't do- now I need you to be a doll and bend over, alright?"
Still trying to catch your breath, you did so without a fight. Staring at your suddenly unfamiliar reflection in the mirror in front of you, you heard the Undertaker undress behind you before you felt his hands grip you firmly on the hips. You could only catch a brief glimpse of his bare legs and pale body before his eyes overtook you, glinting brighter than you'd ever seen them.
"Now- let's see how fast you can come, shall we, pretty?" the Undertaker laughed before spearing his length into you, ripping your breath away; you suddenly felt completely filled.
The Undertaker's pace quickened faster than you could register, and picking up where he left off, you were already close to orgasm, moaning more than before. Faint groans could be heard from the Undertaker as well as he pounded into you, barely allowing you time to recollect yourself from before as he chased his own release. You could almost feel him brush your cervix, whimpering frantically while the ecstasy overwhelmed you. You could feel his chartreuse eyes burning into you from the mirror, watching you as you approached your climax.
Finally, the knot that had been tightening in your stomach was ready to snap, and you managed a choked "Adrian, I- I'm going to-" before feeling your fluids spill all over his dick and drip down your inner thighs. Your vision went white for a split second, overstimulation setting in; the Undertaker did not let up one bit.
It was only after drool had begun leaking from your mouth and you could hardly stand that Undertaker finally came, his cum flooding your insides following a stifled groan. You felt that, too, slide down your legs, but you were far too exhausted to care, slumping over on the counter the second the Undertaker let go of your hips.
Your boyfriend seemed to gather himself more quickly than you did, moving towards you with a smirk as he promptly lifted you up by the waist and sat you down on top of the counter, ignoring the fact that he was still naked.
"You did quite well, my dear," Undertaker praised you, lifting your chin up with a single finger. "My, my I didn't imagine you'd be this fun to fuck in front of a mirror." He shook his head, letting his hair fall back in front of his eyes. Then, with a wide grin, he tapped his temple. "I wonder what the Phantomhive butler will think when I make a joke of this!"
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blues824 · 25 days ago
Request: Hello! I was wondering if I may request a Shinobu Kocho! Reader with Black Butler (Ciel, Sebastian, Alois, Claude, +Undertaker & Snake.) The reader having her personality and hiding behind a cheery facade to hide the anger she holds against demons for killing her sister. maybe also her jealousy towards other people for having a stronger body, wishing she also had stronger body. (+her teasing Ciel)Her swordsmanship skills as well where it’s the reader adding poison to her blade to kill demons (in this case, demons like Sebastian and Claude.) But also having exceptional knowledge in the medical field and being a doctor Since Shinobu is heard to be very beautiful stated by Zenitsu to be able to “make a living on her looks alone.” I think the reader should would also be very beautiful (not like they aren’t already) and to a touch of elegance like a butterfly and just be very graceful and light on her feet. - @mistress-ofpink
This anime was actually the first anime I’ve ever watched. My cousin was scrolling through different streaming sites and we saw it and were like “ThIs LoOkS iNtErEsTiNg” and now I’m here… years later… on Tumblr… making fanfics about it. Also, the Undertaker’s name is Adrian, right? Could have sworn that was it but I’m second-guessing myself.
Thanks for the request, by the way!
Tumblr media
Ciel Phantomhive
Mans knew from the get-go that you weren’t happy at all. As a person in political power, he knows a fair amount of politicians who fake a smile towards him and then complain that he’s super young behind his back.
Ciel wouldn’t say he particularly liked demons very much, but he likes them far better than angels. However, there are days where he would like to pair up with you and kill Sebastian for being annoying. 
What he doesn’t appreciate about you is that you like to tease him. A lot. You tease him about being so young and so very short and how his temper was shorter than he was. He has scolded you on multiple occasions about this, but it’s never effective.
He understands your whole “wishing for a stronger body” sentiment. He too wishes he were physically stronger. After all, he has asthma and can’t do much. At least you can actually do something about your wish, Y/N.
You take over as his caretaker because of your extensive medical knowledge. After all, your descendants and siblings all were demon slayers and doctors. You’re also an exceptional swordswoman. You make up for your lack of physical endurance by dipping your blade in poison. He will often take you on missions to assist Sebastian in anything.
Ciel will admit that you are very beautiful. The first time you were called for your expertise in poison, he had his breath taken away. Literally. Mans had an asthma attack because you were so pretty. Then with your knowledge and how you were graceful in everything you did? Mans could have died right there if it weren’t for you helping him out.
Tumblr media
Sebastian Michaelis
He also knows that you are very angry. He’s a demon, he can sense emotions. Also, he can read people and he can read you like an open book. He can see the slight strain on your everyday smile and the near-to-snapping glimpse through your cheerful attitude.
He knows of the demon who killed your sister. It is so unfortunate that someone as great as you had to suffer such a terrible loss. He understands that you have gotten a very negative impression of all of demonkind and wishes to convince you that not all demons are… horrible. 
You tend to be a bit of a tease, often pointing out how much he acts like a father to Ciel or how he ‘runs a tight ship’ in the Phantomhive household. Sebastian knows that it’s lighthearted, so he will often tease back. All in good fun.
Sebastian is very strong. He doesn’t really understand the whole “I want a stronger body” thing, but he will be willing to lend an ear as he does his tasks. He will also be willing to give you a workout regiment and make you meals that could get you physically stronger if you so desire.
Like Sebastian is the ‘father’, you take over as the ‘mother’ of the household. You tend to be a bit more on the motherly side. Plus, your medical knowledge is held in high regard around the world. Your skills as a swordswoman aren’t something to laugh at either. You are basically a human version of Sebastian. You always offer your services to the Phantomhive household.
Sebastian knows that you are gorgeous. You’ve had to turn down many suitors because they always want you to quit your work to tend to them and their every need. You are always graceful in your movements and you always hold yourself with great dignity. Even when fighting with a sword, you are always so elegant. You're his beautiful butterfly, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.
Tumblr media
Alois Trancy
I think Alois needed someone like you in his life if I’m being completely honest. While he remains oblivious to your anger, you understand him. You're motherly and nurturing towards him, and he can count on one hand how many people act this way towards him.
From what I can tell, he also despises demons. However, Claude is an exception to his hatred. He hopes that he can make you see him in the same light he does. He always mistreats his staff, but because of you he is starting to understand that that behavior isn’t acceptable.
On his good days, you both tease each other a lot. Of course, it’s nothing harmful. He will often call you his “wifey”, “future wife”, “honey”, or something along those lines. Not only is it a fun nickname, it also allows everyone to know that you are taken. You reciprocate these affections.
I don’t think Alois is strong either, but he doesn’t wish to be stronger because he has Claude to boss around. If he ever sees you sad, he’ll be sad too. Then you have to comfort him even though you are the one who was originally upset.
Alois is always impressed by your knowledge not only as a medical professional, but also as a combatant. He will continuously ask you if you and Claude could perform a jousting skit or something of that sort.
I feel like Alois was sick or something and Claude summoned you to help. The former was taken aback by your beauty and thought he died and went to Heaven because who is this angel?? You were just so graceful and elegant in everything you did in the Trancy Manor. Mans has heart eyes for you.
Tumblr media
Claude Faustus
He too also knows of your intense anger and hatred for demons. It was amusing to him how you had to work with the thing you hate most. He sees how your smile falters when he walks into the room behind Alois. The rage behind those kind eyes could battle a demon’s.
Mans is kind of like the demon who killed your older sister. He’s apathetic: every emotion he shows is a facade. However, he wouldn’t do anything like that without a direct order. However, it brings a strange pain to his chest whenever he sees you distance yourself from him. 
The teasing tends to be one-sided. You tease how Claude’s basically standing ‘in loco parentis’ for Alois. Very rarely will he ever oblige you and tease you back. When he does, it will be a nickname to try and get you flustered. 
As a demon, he’s strong. He’s been on fair playing grounds with Sebastian, so yeah. Like the crow demon, Claude will lend an ear if need be. He would also help you train and have the chef prepare meals that could get you to a physically stronger state. 
He appreciates your willingness to help around the Manor. From you, he’s learned how to ‘take it easy’. You often prepare different blends of teas that have different healing properties for the both of you to enjoy in your free time. When you are called away, you will leave him a few notes telling him how to deal with certain medical situations that are most probable to happen.
He finds you to be as soft and gentle as a butterfly. You always seem to flutter around gracefully, and it’s not something he sees everyday. However, you are fleeting like one, being a well-known doctor and all. If he had it his way, you’d have permanent residence at the Trancy Manor. He loves you dearly, and secretly wishes you wouldn’t leave.
Tumblr media
Y’all are perfect for each other, I swear. He knows of the anger you keep hidden and manages to bring it out and help you. You both bring out the best in each other. However, he sees your strained smile whenever Sebastian enters the funeral parlor.
He also was the one to reap your sister’s soul. It was rather unfortunate that she had to leave this world at such a young age, but it’s just life. He understands that this is a serious topic, so he will never joke about it.
Teasing is like a competition to the both of you. Who can make the other flustered/annoyed first? You will walk around the building, calling each other ridiculous nicknames. You would tease him about his obsession for the dead, and he would make fun of you for your obsession with insects.
Adrian is pretty strong himself, so he doesn’t understand your insecurity. However, he will be willing to listen to you if you need it. And while it doesn’t seem like it, he grasps onto every word that slips from your mouth as if it was your lifeline.
Your medical knowledge is extensive and very useful in the funeral home. However, you are often called away as a famous doctor. Adrian always has a small pout whenever you tell him that you have to leave for a business trip. When performing an autopsy, you both will often finish each other’s sentences when voicing your observations.
Sometimes, Adrian thinks your beauty is misplaced. It doesn’t belong in a depressing place like a funeral home. He’s grateful that you decide to stick around and even put up a permanent residence in the home. Your kisses are soft but fleeting, much like the butterflies you love to observe. You both are the metaphor for Life and Death.
Tumblr media
Now where have you seen someone like this guy? You are getting serious deja vu from this guy. Nah but seriously he can read you like an open book. He’s glad your anger isn’t directed at him, but you’re still angry and it’s kind of scaring his snakes.
When you tell him about your sister and that her death was the reason for your never ending rage, he and his snakes become a lot more understanding. Webster and Goethe slither around your arm and shoulders as their way of giving you a ‘hug’.
You tend to tease Snake about his shyness, and you make sure he knows that it’s all light-hearted. You would never even think of teasing him about anything he was super insecure about. You would call him endearing nicknames (i.e. Honey, My lovely Snake, etc.) to fluster him. You’d do the same for each of the snakes (who all love you a lot). 
I’d say he’s around average strength, but if you combine his strength with his snakes, then he’s possibly the most underrated character in the series. He can’t do much about your insecurity, but he’s always willing to listen to you if you need to talk.
For your medical practice, this relationship is actually beneficial for the both of you. With Snake’s and Webster’s permission, you will collect a poison sample from the latter and create an antidote in case something happens. The former will admire your concentration and hard work. In exchange, you would do your best to learn how to speak to Snake’s snakes. They will all be super patient with you if you make mistakes. It’s that you’re trying that matters!
The first time Snake laid his eyes upon you, he could have fainted. You were just a blessing in his life and he thanks the stars that you would choose someone like him. Not only do you not judge him, but you admire his scales and you often trace them gently with your finger. Your smile immediately puts him at ease. When he asked you out, he used his actual voice. Mans is committed.
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whaddupbaby · 6 months ago
Ciel: If I die, my funeral is going to be the biggest party ever and your all invited
Sebastian: If?
Undertaker: Great, the only party I've ever been invited to and they might not even die
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undertaker1827 · a year ago
Hi! I love your blog and am delighted to read things about Kuroshitsuji; I love this story so much!! So... can I have some scenarios or headcanons (your choice) with Undertaker, Grell and Sebastian and their female s/o who have a weak point in touching their hair/head and giving them cute hairstyles? I think it's very cute and precious :( Thank you and please!! Take care of yourself <3 Love you.
Aww thank you so much! Such a nice idea, of course you can! Enjoy!
When Undertaker first discovered that touching your head and hair was your weak point, he was absolutely delighted. You were curled up on his sofa together, watching an old film that you had already seen several times together, the dialogue playing quietly in the background. You were laying quietly on the mortician, your weight across his chest and head rising and falling with each steady breath he took. He kept looking down at you with a content smile on his face, though you were too invested in the film to realise. In fact, he was watching you more than he was watching the television, but he didn’t think that was a bad thing.
When he finally returned his eyes to the screen to watch a part that he particularly enjoyed, the reaper’s hand made its way o your head of its own accord. You blinked as you felt gentle fingertips against your temple, then took in a short, stuttering breath as they trailed backwards across your scalp. Undertaker was on it in a second, though you tried to carry on watching the movie and pretending as if nothing had happened. A slightly wicked grin on his face, your partner repeated the movement, only this time he ran his long nails too lightly over your skin and he couldn’t but laugh as your body tensed up and one hand gripped his arm.
“Alright, alright. I’m sorry,” he got out past his laughter. The next time he ran his nails over your head, it was with a proper amount of pressure and you practically melted into his chest. He looked on as he kept repeating the movement, fingers splayed wide enough to touch almost your whole head and watching as your eyes began to flutter closed, quiet hums emitting from your lips with each caress. You leaned more of your weight against him as you relaxed further and further, and he could have sworn you were falling asleep.
“Please don’t stop,” you muttered out, burying your face into his shoulder and feeling more than hearing his chuckle as it vibrated in his chest.
“Don’t worry, love,” he said softly, “I won’t.”
Grell Sutcliff
It was automatic for Grell’s fingertips to find your hair during any quite moment together. It was something she always did subconsciously, just enjoying how soft it felt and how wonderful it smelled where you were curled up with her in bed. The first time she did it, she only touched the tips of your hair and you hardly noticed it, but you smiled warmly and pressed closer into your partner. She returned the smile, grip tightening around you and pulling you impossibly closer to her. Your head rested on her shoulder and she leaned down to give you a sweet kiss before settling back against the pillows once more, you doing the same.
The second time she touched your hair, she ran her fingertips straight through the roots and subsequently along your scalp, immediately taking note when you all but collapsed into her, eyes closed and something of a dreamy expression on your face. The reaper started smiling, did it again just to make sure you gave the same reaction, then removed her hand entirely. She watched with humour dancing in her eyes as you slowly opened yours, blinking a few times as if trying to reorient yourself then looking up at her tiredly.
“Why did you stop?” You murmured, watching her smile widen to a grin.
“I see how it is,” she proclaimed loudly, with a touch of the usual dramatic flair, “you knew that having your head touched was a weak spot and you didn’t tell me.” You tried to say her name, but she just interrupted you. “Absolutely not, I’m having none of that. You just sit there and wait for me to get back.”
In all of a few moments, Grell was sitting behind you with you leaning back against her chest while she carefully ran a brush through your hair, methodically separating strands and crossing them over to give you an incredibly intricate braid, one which you made her take several pictures of and refused to take out until it was literally falling apart and you had no choice.
Sebastian Micaelis
Sebastian had already found that he couldn’t resist the temptation of wanting to run his hands through your hair. It always looked so soft and shone gloriously in the sunlight when you were outside together, he just had to see if it felt as wonderful as it looked. The first time he reached over to touch your hair, his movements were impossibly slow. You were curled up together watching something fairly unimportant on the television, your head tucked into the crook of Sebastian’s neck and your hair falling over his shoulder.
You were hardly aware the demon was even doing anything at first, with how gentle he was being. His fingertips just grazed the hairs on top of your head, the smaller fluffy ones that weren’t close enough to your scalp for you to realise what he was doing. He lingered there a moment, you totally blind that his had was hovering above your head at all. When you didn’t react and when he could no longer stop himself, Sebastian gently pressed his fingertips into your tresses, causing only a slight movement of your roots but it was enough for you to look up at him with questioning eyes. The smile he gave you was as if to say, what? I can’t help it, and he kept eye contact with you, still not saying anything, as he pressed his fingers against your head properly and ever so slowly dragged them back along your scalp.
Your partner was utterly delighted when you let out a small sound, eyes closing immediately and your head dropping back down against his shoulder. His touch sent shivers through you, ones that he sensed to, but in such a way that you could have fallen asleep right there. Your eyes opened again at an unexpected loss of contact, but you sighed happily with a serene smile on your face when you realised he was only moving his hand back to the front of your head so he could repeat the motion. You didn’t know if you sat there for minutes or hours, half asleep and in such a dazed, happy state as you were.
From then on, Sebastian’s hands were always finding their way to your hair and head. He would play with it as you sat together, like on that first day, he would gently stroke your head as you drifted off to sleep, laying snugly against his broad chest. He even realised, much to your dismay, that it was an excellent way to distract you from just about everything.
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reine-du-sourire · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
If they were only tears of laughter...
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undertakerslxt · 7 months ago
Hello could you write angst 5 with undertaker,the first time i see your blog so i wanted to request
I absolutely love this request - and thank you for being my first ask! <3
title; 'til death do us part
warnings; the usual for kuro! implications that the undertaker turned the reader into a vampire. implied death of the reader. angst sprinkled with romantic tension :)
summary; when the undertaker comes knocking with a deal you can't refuse, it's only a matter of time before you realize why.
song inspo; hollywood forever cemetery
word count; 2.1k
note; for the purpose of this story, his real name will be adrian crevan. if and when yana releases his real name, i'll make an effort to come back and change it here.
Tumblr media
Even in death, you put on a show.
Those were the last words he'd spoken to you for years. Centuries, it felt like. You had been a fool to trust a man like him, you knew. No, a being like him. A god of death, one who played with Fate like it was nothing but another amusing game to him. He had driven you down a dark path, one filled with pain and death and blood -
You loved him for it.
You hated him for it.
Your name being spoken made you raise your head, your glowing irises locking onto the speaker a few feet away. Like the shinigami you encountered on occasion, you bore double-ringed irises, though yours glowed imperial red on the outer ring and a fiery scarlet on the inner ring.
"Are you alright?"
You blinked at the man in front of you, studying him. He was your subordinate -- most other vampires were now. Having been an immortal almost as long as that damned shinigami, you were incredibly powerful.
"I'm fine, Erik. Thank you." You waved your hand dismissively, then returned your chin to where it had rested in your palm. Your legs were thrown over the edge of your chair, and to all the world, you looked bored out of your mind. Far from it, truly.
"You can come out now," you called when the other vampire had vanished from the room. A low chuckle echoed, and the shadows seemed to release a figure in all black, his white hair spilling over his shoulders. For once, he didn't wear his hat.
"Sharp as ever, I see, my dear," he hummed out, that infuriating grin playing over his lips. You found you still hated it.
"And you're still as bold as ever," you countered, rolling your shoulders back to release the tension in them. You stretched like a cat, looking away from him.
If he wanted to harm you, he wouldn't have let you sense his presence.
"Tell me, my dear Crevan, what brings you to my humble abode?" You questioned, running sharp sangria-painted nails through your hair. "You haven't taken an interest in me for, oh... five hundred years? Six? I've begun to lose count of the years."
"Well, dearie," he giggled, tapping his long black nails against his teeth, "I have a deal I'm quite positive you'll love."
"That isn't very godly of you." You mocked his title with a shit-eating grin. "Or ethical. Is that why you left that little association of yours?"
His grin sharpened into something dangerous, and you relished the thrill it sent through your dead body. "My, my. You're a bold little thing today."
"I could say the same - oh, I did. You should know better than anyone that deals with vampires tend to go. . . sideways." Unlike demons, or even shinigami, when it came to humans, vampires had no code to follow. You could kill as you pleased unlike reapers, and even if 'contracts' were formed, there was nothing to prevent you from attacking anyway. You thrived on blood and life forces, not souls.
He had wandered closer to you, his long robe gone for once as well. You had to say, you preferred seeing his tight-fitted robe and those knee-length boots. He made quite the sight. . .
Ugh. What were you thinking?
He spread his hands with another giggle, one that sounded malicious, and you raised an eyebrow at him. "Oh my, I'd love to see what you'll try on me," he remarked, raising his head just enough for you to catch a flash of those phosphorescent irises. "If I recall correctly, my blood sent you into a tizzy last time."
You scoffed. He wasn't wrong and you hated that. "What's this deal you're offering?"
"Eager, aren't we?"
"An immortal mortician comes to a vampire of his own volition asking for a deal? Well, color me intrigued."
You weren't just any vampire, though, and he knew it. You both did. You watched as he sauntered up the stairs, teeth flashing in the lowlit lanterns. "I've been. . . shall we say, looking into a certain sort of reversal of death. Humans have worked fine, but why not take it further?" His eyes were fully visible now, and glowed brighter as he leaned over you, his hair creating a sort of shroud. "You have plenty of minions, don't you?"
You remained still.
". . . And you'd like to experiment on them?"
It wasn't the thought of other vampires being turned into the Undertaker's little science project that bothered you. It was the fact that he had come to you when he could have easily overwhelmed a few vampires.
There was a reason other supernatural beings stayed far away from the man currently grinning at you. Even other reapers avoided him, and yet you couldn't help but be drawn to his danger. His insanity.
"Why should I bother helping? Go get your own." You shrugged as best you could in your position.
"Now, now, you haven't even heard what I'm willing to offer." He ran a sharp nail over your bottom lip, a move you didn't object to.
"I don't take laughter as payment."
He laughed. "No, you'd much prefer something else, I wager. Something like my blood, perhaps?"
That got your attention, if he hadn't have already captivated it. Shinigami blood was dangerous - and powerful. Offering it wasn't something even he would take lightly. "You must desperately want more subjects," you murmured.
"And if you cared about them, you would have already told me to get the hell out," he countered.
He had a point.
You smirked up at the god of death above you, fangs bared. "Then I believe we have a deal, Undertaker."
"Excellent, though if you try to renege, you know exactly what will happen," he hummed at you. You did know, and you didn't want a repeat of that kind of showdown. "Shall we seal the deal?"
"You know my name, Crevan. Use it."
If there was one thing that could control a vampire, it was their human name. It was a closely guarded secret, one you had only shared with the Undertaker. It was a mistake and a blessing that you had.
He leaned down further, lips grazing your ear. You felt the familiar jolt run through you as your human name was spoken just before your vampire name, and then it was done.
You were once again bound to Adrian Crevan.
Tumblr media
Dozens of vampires. Dozens sent to "guard" the Undertaker and every single one of them never made it back from their assignment. It was a cover so no one rebelled against you - they knew it was dangerous, and they volunteered for it. You warned them they probably wouldn't come back.
Every vampire taken left marks on his skin. Some nights, he came to you, extending an arm or - if he felt generous - even exposing his neck. Some nights, you came to collect, appearing with a deadly quietness in his bedroom, or his lab, and he'd only smile wickedly at you before gesturing you forward. It was a never-ending dance of death, one you both reveled in. You gave him an edge over death with subjects who were already, technically, dead and he granted you the power that ran in his blood.
You grew stronger with every visit, and he even helped you to hone the power that he gave.
And then, all too suddenly, the dance came to an abrupt end.
Minor vampires had become boring to him, and when there were no more nobles, no more knights, you could send, he wanted you. He came to you in the dark of the night, your name on his lips and your body forced to obey. The strength of the wielder of your name determined how much they controlled you, and he was indeed the most powerful shinigami in existence.
And many shinigami were equal to, if not stronger, than vampires.
You refused to move when he stopped using it, but cried out as something in you began burning. It was strong enough that the pain drove you to your knees, and you clawed at your own skin, trying to get rid of the pain. "What - what did you do to me?" You snarled, gripping the side of your bed to stand.
He watched you with a sickeningly twisted smile. It was one he gave to his victims, his subjects, and they didn’t escape him. They never did. “Dearie me, did I forget to mention? Vampires cannot drink blood from reapers stronger than them and survive. Dead or not, you are still in a human body, and human bodies can’t contain that sort of power.”
Surprise stilled your anger.
He let out a laugh, extending one hand to you. “Come now, doll, don’t be so shocked. You knew I would betray you.”
You were an utter fool.
“Take my hand, doll. It will go much easier if you don’t resist. I’ll even do you the favor of making it relatively painless.” He wiggled his fingers at you. “Take my hand.”
“No.” You spat, and you slapped it away. He thought to make a fool of you? You lunged for him, pain clouding your head. Your efforts only seemed to amuse him and he sidestepped. One hand closed around your wrist, and he whirled you so your back was pressed to his chest, and he draped one arm around your waist.
"Every day, you remind me of why I love you," he murmured into your ear, forcing you to sway with him.
"This is how you show love? Creatures like you don't love," you scoffed. His grip was unbreakable, you realized.
"That's where you're wrong." He kissed the back of your head, sending a shiver down your spine. "We don't fall in love often, you see, but every once in a while. . . someone like you comes along and you fascinate me. Draw me in."
"So you kill those you love?"
He. . . loved you. The thought terrified you, because if you were open to it, that meant you had to admit you loved him too. You had, for over half a millennia. And he had something planned bad for you.
"Because love gets in the way, doll," he explained softly. "And if I love you, then you're a weak spot for me. I simply can't have that. But don't worry that pretty little head of yours - I have something much grander planned for you than a simple experiment."
He twirled you, and you snapped your head back, the impact making him stumble for just a second. A second was all you needed to dart forward, and you turned back to face him.
There was a metallic flavor in your mouth from how hard you'd bit your tongue to keep from insulting him.
"Come with me, doll."
"As if." You stiffened. "I will never willingly go with a monster like you. Whatever you're doing to my people - it ends today. Now. No more deal, no more you."
His expression became cold. His smile remained. "Would you like to repeat that, doll?"
"I said, deal's off, Crevan."
"You're forcing my hand."
You raised your head defiantly. "Do it, then," you taunted. "You know how." If he loved you, wouldn't he let you go? "Say my name."
"Say. My. Name."
Your name fell from his lips again, human and vampire forever linked, and his blood burned within you. The deal remained, and he held the power. Whatever he planned, it scared you. When he offered his hand again, you were forced to obey, despite every effort not to. And when he whisked you away to his mortuary, you could only watch as he prepared your second death.
You couldn't help but laugh in those moments, tossing your head back. "A simple knife? Come on, I believe I deserve better than that. Make it dramatic. Beautiful."
Your heart twisted in your chest. You loved him, and he was going to kill you. He could prattle on about plans and grandeur, but at the end of the day, the man had made you into what you were today. And he would end you. A beautiful sort of tragedy, wasn't it? He seemed to think so too, and he gave you a sweet kiss.
His lips felt cold.
Your mouth tasted bitter from the weight of his lies.
And as he shifted closer to you, pain blooming in your chest, he smiled at you. It was full of sadness, and he caressed your cheek gently. It was a fitting end for a once-actress turned queen of vampires, he supposed. Your life had been grand and theatrical, and now so was your death.
"Even in death," he whispered, "you put on a show."
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ravexn · a year ago
aw man... i just know i'm fucked up when i'm into this type of shinigami...
Tumblr media Tumblr media
they're just, idk, smart hot secretive... the biggest mystery, even. im whipped.
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Tumblr media
undertaker aesthetic
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orphabirds · a month ago
The Undertaker
Tumblr media Tumblr media
My Instagram
I allow reposts, edits and profile pictures with credits only. Please try to give the link!
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grimmjownoodles · 8 months ago
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ademonbutler · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kuroshitsuji / How sad it would be, should laughter disappear.
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thegoatsputa · 8 months ago
THE MAN WHO LAUGHED // Undertaker x Reader
Tumblr media
word count : 2830 genre : angst song inspiration : dancing with your ghost by sasha sloan a/n : in this one shot, we'd be under the assumption that undertaker's real name is 'adrian crevan' since we still don't know what it is—and because i have seen most fics use that name as well. also note that this completely diverts from canon.
Laughter. It was all about laughter. Something which definitions vary, but is mostly tacit as the act in which people expresses their overwhelming delight.
"It would be sad, don't you think? If all the laughter in the world disappeared."
Adrian chuckled cynically, looking at the rose in his grip.
There once was a time he cherished that thing, along with love and happiness, more than anything else in the world. Three things which he had been deprived and envious of during his previous life.
Thorns began pricking his slender fingers, blood cascading down his hand, but he couldn't care less.
How could the universe be so unjust to him? Depriving him of everything that meant his world twice.
He had lived his life in misery, gazing at proud strangers who were blessed by the universe unlike himself. He could only stare at them longingly, for he knew that he would never experience such. And what's the point of breathing air and taking up space in this crowded earth, just existing, rather than living? Death was the only way; but even death cheated him, for he was given the job of a grim reaper—beings who reap souls for ends on until they realize the importance of life and regret their past actions.
And so he did his purpose for that new life. Reaping souls without questions that eventually his works earned him the respect of each of his fellows. The job wasn't easy per se; for you to have to end someone's life whilst their families weep in despair for them to live on. But he eventually grew numb to it. He shouldn't do anything else because reaping souls was his only purpose by then. But out of the blue appeared a certain woman he couldn't help noticing. She was not a noble and for he could tell she was also living in misery. That wasn't new to him, but what piqued his attention was her valiantness to seek for happiness, despite being another reflection of Adrian himself. They were alike, yet so different. She spread joy in the unfortunate like herself. She gave happiness to the ones who sought for it during dark times. And he realized, she was giving happiness to others because she didn't want them to experience a life without happiness like she did. That was her purpose. And while doing so, it seemed she had finally found happiness for herself.
Adrian had begun wondering what things could've been if he hadn't taken the turn that led him to his current position.
And so without heed he was pulled to her. She was as amiable to him as she was to everyone, and their friendship blossomed quickly. Her telling jokes that were so terrible that the reaper could only laugh because of their poor quality happened more and more often until the reaper himself developed the habit of doing the same. And they'd laugh; they'd laugh and laugh for what felt like hours. Laughing without worries with someone who had grown so dear to him... There grew a vivid feeling of happiness within him. A feeling so strong that he was unwilling to believe it at first. And it seemed as if she were stronger than gravity itself for he couldn't help falling endlessly; utterly drawn to her.
"My dear [Y/N], I have a serious question."
"Serious? That's very unlike you..." The lady chuckled, "Ask ahead."
"Don't you get tired sometimes?" [Y/N] merely stared at him. "What I mean is, making people happy. I reckon it must be tiring too. Isn't it?"
[Y/N] thought for a moment, and then smiled poignantly, shaking her head. "Do you stop watering flowers around you? Do you leave them as they are because you are certain that someone else will flower them?"
Adrian looked at the daisy in his hands before smiling. "I suppose not."
"Then I ask you: why not?"
"They might already be withered before someone else comes. And you can never be too certain if that someone else would indeed help them grow."
"What exactly? And don't think you can just leave my question unanswered."
"You are rather slow, Adrian. Can't you tell that you've already answered your own question?"
Adrian scratched his head. "People aren't flowers. They don't wither. And you certainly don't go on watering people around, do you now?"
[Y/N] flicked his forehead and sighed disapprovingly, although failing to stifle a smile shortly after. "Of course not! Only someone with a loose screw in the head would do that. What I meant was, while making people happy may not be my actual job, I can't just leave them as they are. I'm obliged to do something; just like you are with caring with the flowers. And people do wither, you know, not literally, but, when they lose all their glow... And they can't glow if they are alone, can they?"
"I see now..."
[Y/N] stared at him and had the supposition that he still didn't understand. She chuckled fondly and sat down a ramshackled bench. He followed. Ruby clouds sparsely decorated the dimming sky and the sultry wind carried the sound of the sound of the gentle breeze and chirping birds.
"Besides," she continued. "It would be sad, don't you think? If all the laughter in the world disappeared. Happiness is seldom found nowadays in a cruel world such as ours. We should pay it forward as much as we can. In that way we won't run out of it when the time comes."
Adrian hummed in response while staring at the distance and beginning to understand and contemplate what she uttered. They looked at each other, the wind blowing Adrian's bangs, revealing his chartreuse orbs which greatly mesmerized [Y/N]. Colors appeared on her absent-mindedly gaping countenance which Adrian didn't bother pointing out as he thought she looked cute.
"Wow... You have such bright eyes, do you know that? They're so beautiful."
"Ah.. er, well—really? Thank you, I suppose..." He momentarily looked away as he blushed. "You're the first to tell, actually."
"I needn't wonder why. You've always had your eyes covered. How can you even see through those bangs? Pfft. But really.. They're gorgeous. Nothing like I've ever seen before. You shan't hide them."
[Y/N] tucked a strand of hair behind Adrian's ear. This time, the latter didn't avoid her gaze anymore. He smiled as he affectionately fondled her right cheek.
"Yours are beautiful too."
"Oh please, you needn't praise me just because I praised you."
"No. I mean it. I've always wanted to tell you that."
"Mine are nothing special. They're mediocre, unlike yours."
"Those are your eyes, that's why I think they're very beautiful."
"My eyes? Of course they're my eyes."
"Tsk, you are rather slow, dear. A beautiful person like you has such splendid eyes. That was my point."
[Y/N]'s blush deepened seeing how earnest Adrian looked. A soft sigh of defeat left her lips and she looked at the indigo sky.
"Yes dear?"
"I'm glad you're here." Her eyes met his once more. The distance between them shortened until [Y/N] had rested her head on Adrian's shoulder as she closed her eyes, relishing his presence beside her.
"You've no idea how happy you make me feel."
Adrian merely smiled and rested his head on top of [Y/N]'s, his thumb brushing over her hand.
"So do you, dear. So do you."
Adrian refused to believe it. He had checked a thousand times but still it didn't sink onto him—that the soul of his loved one was due that night. It was not a habit of his to check the souls in advance, so when he flipped to the next page of his notebook, he nearly fainted. His heart throbbed sporadically and with bated breath he dashed to her location, only to see her already lying on the cold ground, blood oozing from her bosom which had been stabbed not less than ten times.
Adrian couldn't fathom what was happening and for a minute or so he stood unmoving, breathing becoming more and more rapid as seconds flew by. He valiantly pulled his mind back to the terrible reality shown in front of him and dropped his death scythe, scurrying to [Y/N]'s side as tears cascaded down his cheeks. He cradled her head, looking at her through a blurred vision as he made himself visible—a fact that he seemed to have forgotten immediately afterwards as folks on the other side happened to have heard the lugubrious weep of a man.
The clock was ticking and [Y/N] was still trapped between life and death. Although struggling to keep her eyes, she could still make out the fogged figure who was wailing and holding her—the same figure whom she was thinking of as she lay down her final moments. The line between reality and imagination ceased to exist in her feebling mind, and she was more than thankful because Adrian, the person she so cherished, was there, whether he was real or not. But he was, he was real. He was there, delaying [Y/N]'s imminent death as much as he could, unable to hold back a waterfall because, heavens, why was the world so cruel to him? [Y/N] was the only person who had ever given him the laughter which he had been robbed of ever since! Out of all people, and so soon, why her?! Why her, why not just himself?!
"H-Hey...? Ad.. Adri..an?" Blood spilled from her mouth, still she continued to valiantly speak "Adri... if.. if I hadn't kn-known better... I'd s-say.. you.. you're the reaper... You're here to get.. m-my soul.. isn't that.. so..? Hah..ha.."
Adrian didn't respond, his tears multiplying. How could she still jest during a time like this? Even though she wasn't wrong, that he was indeed the one who was to reap her soul, he didn't want to do it. The time spent with her made him forgot that he was no longer human, and never did it occur to him that a time like this would come. Be it anyone else's soul, he could reap, but not her. Not her.
"B-But I'm.. glad.. it's you.." She shut her eyes, sighing immensely and furthermore leaning her head to Adrian's heaving chest. She wanted to smile for him, yet she couldn't even do so anymore, and it pained the reaper greatly.
"I'm really glad.. it's you..."
"No.. No, no, no, no, no! [Y/N].. Hold on, you're gonna be saved! I'll—I'll save you! You won't die! No—you can't die! I'm here now [Y/N]—I'm here! I won't let you die!" He gritted his teeth as he clenched his fists "They will... They will pay for this!"
"T-They're nobles.. Adrian.. and we.. w-we're just commoners.. I—ah.." [Y/N] groaned before beginning to cough even more blood.
"P-Please dear.. say no more.. Save your energy..."
"And save yours tears, Adri.. L-Let me look at you... ah.. your eyes are as beautiful.. I.. A-Adrian.."
[Y/N] lifted her arm, wanting to hold his face one last time, but her body betrayed her. Her eyes began to brim with tears, and Adrian seized her hand instead, gently but vehemently, pressing it to his dampened cheek.
"Yes? Dear..."
"Live on and spread happiness... Please?"
How could he do that? How could he live on and spread happiness, when the person who's only ever made him feel that, was dying? How was he supposed to do that if she wasn't going to be with him anymore? The reaper wanted to protest, but seeing how poignantly earnest [Y/N] looked with her last wish, he nodded through cascading tears.
"T-Thank you... I love you.. I love you Adrian.."
[Y/N] sighed heavily, trying to focus her eyes and see her love's stark figure for the last time, but to no avail, for all she could see was a blur of chartreuse and silver. Adrian then wept louder than ever, leaning down to kiss her forehead. He lingered there for a moment so long, never wanting time to move forward, for that would mean that he was eventually going to really lose her. And while [Y/N] could barely feel anything, she guessed correctly. She attempted to smile as tears leaked from her own eyes.
"I love you too."
The moment had to end when another reaper came to the scene, gravely reminding Adrian of his job. The latter refused to let go of [Y/N] and began reasoning.
"Please! We could save her! We don't have to do this!"
"Citizen 136649, this woman holds no importance to this country nor the world. You understand how it goes, that we have no obligation to interfere unless they are individuals whose deaths could impact the country or the world negatively. It is merely her time to go, just like the souls you've taken before. What's so different about this one? She's just another person, Citizen 136649."
Adrian clenched his fist and stood up, anger flowing through every vein in his body.
"Another person? Ha... another person! You simply don't understand, do you, you simpleton! This another person right here is my world! How can you be so heartless to say that she is merely another person, just like those whose souls I've harvested? She's my world!"
"Your world, you say. So it be. Your world, not the entire world's. You understand, don't you? Your world doesn't necessarily mean the entire world."
A huge lump formed in his throat; he was at loss for words, for he knew deep down that his colleague was not incorrect—that his world was not the entire world's. He'd seen this before too, and now it was happening to himself.
But still, that wouldn't change the fact that [Y/N] deserved to continue living. So what if so little people in this immensely vast earth knew her? So what if she wasn't world-renowned? She had helped that small amount of people who were unfortunate and looked down on and treated like animals due to the country's terrible system. She was the light certainly not only in Adrian's life. She deserved to live.
A brawl ensued, leading to utter tumult that back-up was eventually asked for. The reapers held Adrian back; and he couldn't even cast one last look at the love of his life. He merely slumped down after he was released, clinging to the cold ground as the light left his eyes.
He was called forth during the higher-ups' meeting the next week due to a grave fault of taking a soul that was still not due its time. Adrian admitted the relish he felt by doing it on purpose—by killing the noblemen who had mercilessly taken his happiness from him. Still, he didn't worry about his rank for he decided to quit the very next day. But of course, quitting didn't mean that he was then completely free. While he might have left the job, the fact that he is a reaper, an immortal being, remained.
Ah.. How long has it been? The howling wind carried Adrian's lengthy silver hair as he stood in front of an unmarked tombstone. He'd seen flowers wither and grow over and over again; he'd seen people living lives so short and so barren of happiness and full of cruelty; he'd seen enough suffering; the monotonous changing of seasons over and over again; new inventions and theories began to grew dull in his eyes.
A year? A decade? A score? Half a century?
No.. A century.
It had been a century ever since she died.
Adrian had seen everything and yet the faintest memory of her alone never failed to bring him to tears. Thus there he was, weeping in front of the unnamed tombstone, clutching the roses he held and furthermore hurting himself, as remains of a century's worth withered flowers that he alone had put on her tomb fluttered away.
"It's not fair, [Y/N]..."
He wanted her back so badly, but the dead cannot come back to life.
Her reincarnation was a thing he once considered. But even if such thing were real, he wouldn't be able to stand another situation of her dying while he continued living on.
Adrian choked back sobs and sighed helplessly, well-aware of the never-ending amount of tears he'd carry for as long as he lived on with just memories of her. He didn't bother silencing his cries even as he had made himself visible, no one bothered visiting the area anyway, so he could cry and curse the world as freely as he liked to.
"Live on and spread happiness... Please?"
How could he do that, when the man who laughed, was no more?
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laudthingcat · a year ago
Hello hello hello~
Could I please request headcanons with Undertaker from Black Butler with a demon male reader who likes messing with Adrien (undertaker) a lot by moving around his things in the shop or leaving him heartless corpses? Suggestive content would be nice but only if you're comfortable
Have a great day and thank you in advance~
P.s. can one send more than one request, not back to back of course~
~Devilish, aren’t we?
Tumblr media
Hi hii~ Sorry it took me so long to post this y-y 
Struggling with my graduation paper and exams so I get less time to write. Thank you so much for requesting and sorry it isn't the best!
And yes, you may request more than once. You can request as many times as you want <3
Hope you will like it and have an amazing day~
Tumblr media
You have been friends with Adrian for a long time.
Always stopping by his shop when you have business around, or whenever you’re simply bored.
He enjoys your company as much as you enjoy his, but there are moments when he’d simply love to have you trapped in one of his coffins, so you could stay still.
Teasing him became a daily habit. It started when you just wanted to see him smile so you pulled small pranks on him, but now things changed.
You waited until you were sure the shop was crowded enough, so you could put in practice your new prank. Blowing all the candles lighting the room with one move, you started chuckling thinking of his reaction. Once the shop was completely dark you started leaving small surprises everywhere around the shop for your friend: corpses. The ones he loves so much. But that was such bad timing, as everybody else in the room started screaming, scared at the view. There has been a terrible incident in the city that killed a lot of people, so you really thought he’d enjoy this. Yes you could have picked a different time and yes you could have let the relatives of the dead bring the corpses, but stealing them was way faster and much more fun. Apparently, the people inside the shop didn’t find this funny, rushing outside the shop in the blink of an eye, leaving a mad Adrien looking at you from the other side of the room.
Tsk and you thought that would make him happy. Yes, you’re not going to lie, you wanted to tease him a bit, but you didn’t think he’d be that mad.  Then the most unexpected thing happened. A smile, a very creepy smile, appeared on his face. It wasn’t his usual smiley face; the one he makes when you two laugh together at silly jokes. No. It was clearly threatening. Did you just make him go nuts? He started walking towards you. Not thinking twice, you ran for your life in another room, in an attempt to find a possible escape.
Footsteps could be heard heading towards the room you were in. “A certain demon has been a very bad boy”. You widened your eyes the moment you heard that. Oh boi you really angered him this time. Being too focused on your thoughts about all the possible endings, you failed to notice that the Undertaker crouched down next to you, looking directly at your face. The sound of him clearing his throat brought you back to reality.
“What am I gonna do with you? Lock you into a coffin for the night? Or maybe some spanking so you won’t scare my customers away again and stop moving my things around~”
Gulping, you stood up and looked him in the eyes. It was going to be a long evening huh
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whaddupbaby · 6 months ago
Ciel: In my defense, I was left unsupervised.
Sebastian: Wasn't Undertaker with you?
Undertaker: In my defense, I was also left unsupervised...
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