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igirisuscones · a month ago
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Me when I try to convince my friends to play Kingdom Hearts
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tiny-roman-general · 4 months ago
hello admin speaking-
so i saw this gif of jed and i just cant resist posting it
jed when he found out about jedtavius:
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smonie · 6 months ago
АЛО! 🐒
so i did my usual sweep w all my fav accounts to see what y’all been creating (i’ll always be seeking out your art— it’s too special) and i can’t help but frown a bit because w all this ‘world building’ y’all do... i dont see a damn world! 😭 where is the culture! the life! the historical references! y’all could be having sooo much fun with this franchise i promise you you just gotta step out these bounds of wanting to have a likeable character. your character is alr likeable; it’s what YOU created, and to see you form this whole person off of all your experiences, influences, etc. it’s so interesting. you don’t gotta keep worrying about making this bitch the most perfect, beautiful whatever in the fandom. i’ve seen this trope get reused over, and over, and over, and over... and ov
y’all get the point. it’s tired. it’s boring. i wanna see COLOR. emotion. alllllat. there’s so much that goes into a good ass story and the character themselves makes up maybe a quarter of that. and with dl specifically, you have centuries, different races of demons, just so much to work with and i encourage anyone reading this and thinking of doing some crazy shit w their story to DO IT! i honestly can’t stay away from tumblr for too long bc i start to get curious about what’s stirring in yall deranged ass minds but cmonnn yall. i’m working to come back on here but i dont wanna look all crazy w my wild ideas if you just gonna keep writing the same shit just for the sake of appealing to a certain group of ppl.
but anywho sorry to bother you. i care a lot about artists- even in something as small as a stupid ass fandom. i can only hope you guys keep daydreaming, keep writing, and stop giving a fuck what this fandom or anyone thinks about your shit you can literally do anything you want and ima do it too so you not alone.
k love u bye and-
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HAPPY ARIES SEASON! Y’know I had to come on ‘ere and say that much— but do I have so much to tell you, though! Myyy〜♪
Lots been goin’ on behind the scenes with me and it’s eating me alive (literally.) having to keep it all to myself. I miss talking to you! Really, I do. I miss people. I used to hate ‘em, but I like people now and I learn so much from talking to you guys! Che, I even dolled myself up so I’d look more.. inviting...
[ The last word lingers on her tongue before falling off with a flit of her long nails before her glowing expression. Long lashes bat slowly and her cheeks rise with the caress of a soft, pink hue she hurriedly blot onto them just minutes before. With a childish grin she blows out, her thick accent adding a fluty lilt to her whisper. ]
Heh, you see...
[ Simone swats her hand and clicks her tongue, now backing away abashedly. ]
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Alright. Well. Now you know how I feel. You guys gotta tell me whether I should seriously come back or if I should shut up ‘n go find some new hyperfixation like I did last time- ‘cause I will.
Oh, and ah, my admin was telling me about some new blog she might start up. Y’know, to ‘purge’ the bad energy or whatever you humans like to tell yourself. I’ll be involved either way, but I thought I’d also mention that.
Aaand.. yeah. I’ll be leaving now. Goodbye. Farewell. Adieu...
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[ Quietly ] ..Oh shit that’s only for like.. if the other person is dying or some shit...
[ Roman, her cousin, laughs from a location unbeknownst to her. With a smile she turns, half smiling. ]
Eh, you shush! I’ll be bringing you on here too, y’know!
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asktrio516 · 5 months ago
Been a hot minute.
Let me just start out by saying I love this fandom and this community. I’ve met some lovely people here, I’ve been able to talk about and share characters and things from a show and series that will always be very important to me.
It’s not without its downsides though. In recent weeks I’ve seen so many people I’ve gotten to know here leave this site, and even fandom as a whole due to… toxicity, basically. Even my husband had enough of this site and deactivated his entire account. I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t part of the reason I had to take a break myself. Him leaving the community because of all the useless problems left me feeling if there was even a point to stay myself.
But there is. I’m gonna keep it short. But I wanna thank everyone in this community who’s still here on tumblr. Thank you for being so lovely. Thank you for sticking through it, and you’re all amazing. I’ve stepped away and found the inspiration to come back. I plan on doing whatever I can on this blog to spread a little positivity and sunshine within this small corner of the fandom the best I can.
Keep chugging on guys. Keep smiling. Love ya’ll. 💖
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jojo-reader-hell · 5 months ago
No one:
Fics: In this one you are Dio’s SLAVE-…
Bestie no please love yourself be his equal don’t let no crusty Victorian misogynist degrade you.
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grimespostarchive · 17 days ago
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she just tweeted this, and it gives me a chance to discuss smth abt grimes ive thought abt for a while. with all the legitimate criticism that she gets for things she says and does there are ppl who seem to use those things as an excuse to hate everything she does. even things that aren't related to e***, they relentlessly hate her for it. for example, on an old tumblr post of hers, the one about her wanting elven hair, i found someone in the notes said that they would've suicide baited her if they found it when she posted it. for a post abt hair.
grimes was never meant to be 'mainstream' famous. i don't think they understand her (or try to). and not because she's 2deep4them but because she's 'weird,' and the wider mainstream public is vicious and cruel to people that are weird. no grace is extended for the weird people that are Bad Kind of Weird. even well-liked figures like Björk still received/receive massive amounts of shit for being Weird. so when someone more controversial like grimes is Weird, ppl go throttle to say the most vile things they can think of.
and not being the "right kind of neurodivergent" is similar to being Bad Weird. i thought, would grimes confirming she is autistic/neurodivergent make people more lenient or understanding of her? maybe some might. but it shouldn't have to be that way, right? you shouldn't stop bullying someone for being weird because they might be autistic, you shouldn't bully someone for being weird because that's a shitty, cruel thing to do.
idk. it frustrates me, for reasons that go way beyond grimes. thank you for letting me get on the soapbox and say that i think the world should be kinder to weird people. even the ones you don't like.
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nicoleishotter · 9 months ago
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just 2 bros helping each other
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mikuheritageposts · 18 days ago
Hey you have tons of terfs following you; if you care about your transgender followers I suggest you block any you see and check through your followers for terfs and radfems
hi. i have quite a lot of followers and quite little free time (and also adhd) but for the record i (the admin) AM transgender. terfs are so not welcome on this account or in any vocaloid fan spaces in general and personally i hope you all die.
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zukothelasthonorbender · 24 days ago
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ask-mcsm-lukas · a month ago
-"hey you doing alright?"
-"no I'm thinking about block people again."
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icemankazansky86 · 4 months ago
I thought I’d share some art with you guys. It’s a work in progress!
Jim Morrison
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mysinsforbts · 6 months ago
How amazing it must be to get a hug from Jungkook?
I've been thinking about this for a while..
Imagine feeling Jk's strong arms around you, falling asleep in them. You would feel so warm & save. It would be so comfortable. No matter what would've happened during the day, as soon as you feel his arms around you, his breath near you, ALL PROBLEMS ARE GONE!
Your new comfort-zone would be Jk's arms. It feels like you would recharge over night. Sometimes he would even sing or hum you to sleep. Sometimes you two would just talk about the most random things before falling asleep. You could listen to Jk's voive forever! His voice alone was so powerfull. Bringing a smile to your face everytime, every second.
Bonus: The only problem would be over night when he holds you tight & you really gotta pee. Good luck geting out of his grip. You didn't want to wake him up, but it seems like you won't have a choice. Keep fighting- jsjd-
(Just sharing my thought's & fantasy's here~)
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komori--shoma · 2 months ago
【30 Questions of CP, OC & Fandom】
Credits to @mukami-kuron-mrsadisticcat
1. How long have you been in this fandom?
I've known Diabolik Lovers since June from 2015, and boy was that an extremely interesting time—
2. Who's your fictional boyfriend/husband?
Reiji "The Arsonist" Sakamaki has been my favourite Diaboys since day one and at this point I have no intention on apologizing about it. Followed by Ruki and Ritcher but we're only touching Reiji here—
3. Why do you like them?
Ok the first reason are the daddy issues—
I'M KIDDING I'M KIDDING. Honestly, I loved his design first, and fell for the rest second.
I knew since I was a kiddo that I was a SUCKER for evil dudes in purple/"Disney villain" colours, a simp for deep voices, AND a SUCKER for people in glasses. So when I heard Reiji's voice and saw him my world turned into whatever tf I am now and I have not known peace since then.
Now, let's go more in deep.
I saw Reiji, and I knew he was a gentleman. I knew he was the type that would kiss your knuckles as a "I love you" gesture. I saw him thanks to lots of translations in YouTube and Tumblr just how devoted and in love he is in the MC/Yui. I just loved how he eventually showed himself out of his shell (even if back then I also recognised some damn red flags and I felt conflicted), how bastard he can be, how smart and... Well, all that he is. It's hard for me to put into words how I feel about him as a whole, but I think this will do.
Also HE'S PETTY WHEN HE WANTS TO. I never wanted a man to be that petty until I met him. Love that he uses pans to wake everyone up.
4. Have you make acquaintance with anyone that ships themselves with the same character?
I don't think these people are truly shipping themselves with him but, again, they're interested so it counts. And there's only three that I'm aware they're Reiji stans so-
@the-mostdiabolik-of-lovers Ava I summon you from the darkest pit of the hell we have entered—
@ihatereiji the name itself it's a lie and you know it-
5. How do you feel about it?
“Finally a fellow simp I was about to go insane—” was my first thought when I met them so all good on that ❤️.
6. Do you feel any negativity towards them?
Nope! Not at all!
7. Do you like seeing their oc(s) interact with your man/woman?
Still I love seeing other Oc's interact with different Reiji blogs and every portrayal I see is great!
8. Do you feel competitive against them?
No?? Just self-conscious tho-
9. Confident, or pessimistic?
A bit of both ngl— It depends honestly.
10. Would you like more to get to know about your ship, or would you rather it being lowkey?
If this comes for Shoma/The Kurosawa Family x Other Oc's, I'd love for more people to know about that once more of their stories comes to light! I'm thinking of doing routes for them but I'm not quite sure yet.
11. Do you follow any of those people (them whom ship themselves with your fictional lover)
Yes yes I do and with pride 👀
12. Are you friends with them?
Hell I sure hope I am- Love yall lots 🥺🥺
13. What do you think about the 'stans' ?
You go tigers.
14. Are you worried about plagiarism or copying of your oc(s) by others?
I live in fear everyday of what I'm doing everyday bc sometimes I'm really out of touch with other blogs that I'm afraid of doing something they did before-
15. How do you handle such a situation if it happens?
I honestly don't know.
16. Is your cp public or only between a particular circle of friends?
Well, both Shoma and the others yall already know are pretty public! I still have some others that are private, like a WIP, but I'm still willing to talk about them if yall ask.
17. Do you like a specific cp ship, whats the reason? (I dare you to tag them~!)
There ain't an specific ship in the Shoma blog, but... [ Cracks knuckles ]
For my Shoma blog.
@fruit-of-infidelity. When this first started it was just me seeing how Ryuuto is. Now I truly think I would give Ava my left arm JUST to see them together because my dumb ass... Cries of happiness every single time they interact I'm not even kidding.
For my Kurosawa Family blog.
@bird--trappedinacage For legal and moral reasons I can't send a real August on your way Ava but every ask I get from you to August makes me really happy 🥺
18. What kind of behaviors do you suppose is pretentious to you?
I don’t know, honestly. Just like @mino-diabolik said, I suppose it's trying to embellish my writing to make descriptions somewhat prettier and more complex (???) because I don’t like repeating words.
19. What kind of comments do you dislike the most when it comes cp feedbacks of your oc(s)?
I’ve never had any.
20. Have you receive hates about your oc(s) before?
Just one and for the Kurosawa blog when I first made it public. It was about me having too much OC's and trying to show off. But since I'm a bit coo-coo, my reaction was... The complete opposite of what I expected.
21. Do you have a complete love story of your cp?
Aimic is the only one "complete" and dare I say it's one of my first experiences that I genuinely have fun with since I got here. I would be lying if I say I am not grateful for meeting the Admin and their wonderful OC.
22. Do you allow joint of alternate universe with the canon version of your cp story?
I do!, even if there isn't really a "Canon" ship in here other than casual relationships with the DL boys and other people from other universes (always wanted to see how much would they fit in Twisted Wonderland tho 👀), I usually do enjoy these ships, because these clowns I have to call my children are mine to torture—. Both blogs exists to enjoy both "canon" ships and AU ships!
23. Are you okay with people shipping their oc(s) with yours?
There’s nothing that brought me more to an excitement rush with me jumping up and down than to people thinking my characters are worthy of being paired up with theirs, but still, I expect someone to ask me if it's ok beforehand bc my dumb ass might get confused in the way unless you're absolutely obvious in the way.
Please if any of yall ever did this on Anon it's ok I really like it when it happens 👀🥺.
24. Ever gone through a bad experience in the fandom?
Thank god I didn't. Just one single anon hate (the one from question 20) and it literally made me so happy bc it meant I'm doing a good job—
25. The ocs that you admire in this fandom are? (Tag them~)
... Oh boy here we go.
I'll put here both OC blogs and Canon blogs because I can.
And a lot more!
26. What is the moment that caused you to feel most disappointed or excited?
When I get notifications in both aspect. Because that's how deep into yall I'm in.
Notifs from popular OC blogs, non OC blogs, new OC blogs, (definitely the porn bots-), I always get so happy! To just know people like my content enough to like, or to go as far as to reblog said content? I ascend.
27. The scariest era that you have come across in the fandom?
The hate storms that were literally coming from nowhere (four since I got here), that account that if you reblogged the fanart of any Diaboy told you that they did something awful to Yui and that they hoped the same happened to us (usually r*pe), that one time the Simone blog got hacked/they tried to pass off as them, literally just anons telling other blog Admins to unalive themselves.
At this point I'm not surprised, just disappointed. Also I'm sure most of the time, these people are just hitting puberty, or just "woke" people from twitter.
Hell it's not even scary, just tiring.
28. The most wonderful thing you have come across in this fandom?
Literally all the people I came across with. People here were nothing but all so nice, sweet, and creative; I'm literally so glad I got to know you guys and to have an opportunity to have met some of you, even if we have only talked a little. <3
29. Say something towards those that support and admire your cp~
I'm always surprised by how many people actually care about both of my OC blogs and the little things I post of them. I really hope that one of these days I can give you proper content, like you deserve. Who knows? Maybe, when my art gets better, I might give yall something important 👀...
30. You've worked hard, keep up the good work! ★★★
Thank you yall— 🥺
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hhurric4ne · 5 months ago
my thoughs and me simping below lmfao
Tumblr media
bruh why does hubert look like hes got the 2010 Justin Bieber hair
Tumblr media Tumblr media
them! they look amazing <3333
Tumblr media
oh wow lorenz has slightly more tolerable hair, that hair isnt the only thing that still needs fixing lmfao
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
el <33333
shes looking radiant as always, my queeennnn i love youuuu
Tumblr media Tumblr media
so we really arent gonna be playing as byleth huh. wait so does that mean byleth is the antogonist based on these words 😳😳😳
so i guess this confirms that this is an au, did like something happen where byleth wasnt invited to garreg mach????
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i already freaked out over how good he looked in the last trailer you cant make me go through this not again curse you nintendo for making him my ideal type 😡
i hope we'll be able to s-support characters to an extent but if its anything like the other Warriors game, probably not sadge
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asktrio516 · 2 months ago
Emma, I need to say this aloud. We already know it, but I think it needs to be put into words. WE. FUCKING. LOVE. YOU. Your art is fantastic, you are such a sweet person, and you make our days every time you post. (Well, you make mine, at least.) Your art inspires us all. You put so much time, effort, and love into these drawings, it's clear you love your fans. We see that every day. So, guess what? You need a break? Take one. You dying from a heat wave? Take a break. We still love you.
I genuinely don’t deserve this. But thank you from the bottom of my heart for such kind words. I feel like recently I’ve been coming across as a little cynical and mean, and I’ve let things like spam in my ask box, stolen art and demands for more art get to me to a point I do not enjoy. So if I’ve hurt anyone’s feelings lately by being so dry, I do apologise. Ive been on the verge of burnout and I want to avoid that because I don’t want to have to leave.
I just wanna make these two things very clear so people are not mad at me or think I’m targeting people because I’ve had these happen frequently:
If I don’t answer your ask, give it time. Your chances of your ask being answered with art or text is so much better if you’re not spamming me and sending the same one 5 times to my inbox. Please remember that artwork takes me time, which I have very little of. Please remember that I’m doing them because I love to and it makes me happy and because I’m grateful to everyone who follows and shows this blog support. Not because I have to. Please do not use my asks to demand artwork. Sometimes I’ll enjoy the request and I’ll do it. But if I say no or don’t answer, please don’t keep asking. And if I don’t answer private messages, it’s because I need a break. I don’t have to answer any but I like to and I respect everyone who PMs me. But if I don’t answer for a while it’s because I’m busy, because I’m dealing with day to day life, or because I simply need a break for my mental health.
And really, honestly, thank you so so so much for your kindness friend. I really do mean it when I say that it’s because of support from people like you that I still enjoy this and love this fandom. Nothing will take that away. You’re an absolute gem and I’m so fucking lucky. Kindness like this genuinely makes me tear up and makes my day. Thank you. ❤️
Tumblr media
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vethyourhalflingmother · 8 months ago
a vm pet peeve i have is that vex & vax are pretty clear that they do not like their dad & that they think he's shit - and i don't recall them using his surname (vessar) for themselves at all in cr1. but in some other contexts they're called "vex vessar" & "vax vessar". like vex said she would rip his blood from her veins if she could. they can just be vex & vax.
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igirisuscones · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The way that I’m actually crying rn this whole story is so adorable i love them so much 😭😭😭
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