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turns-out-its-adhd · 3 days
That double edged sword of getting medicated and being less stressed but then realising that the stress hormone was what was running the show most of your life and having to relearn how to function on happy chemicals rather than anxiety and worry.
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k-dhd · 3 hours
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in other news i’ve listened to the same song 441 times in 3 months
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adhdxxsdiary · 2 days
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autispec-hours · 2 days
idk who needs to hear this but ADHD people are not being dramatic when we say we cannot function without caffeine . not only does caffeine keep the brain from processing tired chemicals , but it hones your focus as well .
the amount of brain fuzz i have every time i don’t have caffeine reminds me why i had such a hard time focusing in elementary school . i forgot what this feeling was even like , because i have caffeine every day .
yeah a lot of people have a caffeine addiction , but man , caffeine is used essentially as medication by many people with ADHD , and calling it an addiction or saying we’re going through withdrawal won’t make us stop , because it helps us function
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alchemistes · 2 days
If you have ADHD, you must avoid some foods
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kunaigirl · 1 day
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thep0wer0fl0ve · 2 days
When you feel your ADHD hyperfixation slowly fading away and get the urge to try and keep it longer of find something to hyperfocus on
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theadhddragon · 2 months
Everyone always talks about adhd and 100+ tabs in a browser, but no one talks about all the saved posts on tumblr we save for future reference that we never look at either
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autdhd · 8 months
I hate that no one talks about just how distressing memory loss from adhd actually is. I always see memes that are like “haha I forgot my phone, I don’t remember where my laptop is, etc”, but no one seems to talk about how it can really fuck you up long term to just, not remember things that are completely mundane to non-adhd’ers. The memory loss is, however, so frustrating to us. I cannot physically count how many meltdowns I have had over the sheer mental frustration and torture of not being able to remember seemingly simple things
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saintqueer · 3 months
one of the most baffling parts of adhd is the food thing. you know the thing i'm talking about. like it is 8:30pm on a friday night, i had to work late and i know i really need to eat dinner but i don't actively feel my hunger right now and i can't think of anything i would enjoy consuming or that i have the energy to prepare but i'm also fully aware i'm gonna feel like shit if i don't eat dinner
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adhd-infodump · 8 months
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turns-out-its-adhd · 18 hours
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Oh boy am I feeling this right now. BUT! I got through to the GP on the phone after much malarkey, and she has dispensed my meds and all I have to do is go by the reception to collect the slip. Yay! Still not signed up for the online service though booo.
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k-dhd · 3 months
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the great british bake off always comes through with the relatable content
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quetiapine19 · 1 month
Why autistic people are more drawn to and are similar to cats than dogs
Cats don't like change (bowls being switched or placed in different areas)
They are picky on what they eat and eat the same thing every day
Like being touched but only for a short amount of time and get overstimulated easily so they have to lick themselves or "fix" that area with their paws to self regulate. They only let you touch them when they ask
They stare into nothingness for ages
Hear every little sound and get annoyed
They have simple pleasures and easy to please
Like fidget toys
Prefer to sleep in small spaces to be comfortable
If two cats are in the same room, they're usually on the opposite sides of the room and are spending "quality time" together peacefully
Very empathetic but don't know how to show it
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geekinator · 3 months
The adhd/autistic feeling of hating the lights on but hating not being able to see in very well in dim light.
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