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ourSecretWorld 馃尶
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crippled-sheep 2 months ago
I hate when I bring up accessibility and people are like 鈥渨ell, in the hypothetical situation where something like that were to happen-鈥.
it鈥檚 happening. Disabled people currently exist. I鈥檓 not giving you a thought experiment, I鈥檓 asking you to have consideration for other peoples real experiences.
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nycronycki420 2 months ago
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mudbabysguts 27 days ago
Hot girl movies
Movies i鈥檇 usually gate-keep about addiction, growing up, being a teenage girl, music, the 2000s and late 90s, femininity, mental illness, etc. (you might actually not have heard about some of these.) (some of these r pretty popular I know!!)
Tumblr media
Blue Car (2002)
White Oleandor (2002)
Speak (2004)
Firefox (1996)
Kids (1995)
Palo Alto (2013)
Heathers (1989)
Augusta Gone (2006)
Hard Candy (2005)
American Beauty (1999)
Lords of Dogtown (2005)
Ghost world (2001)
Trainspotting (1996)
Juno (2007)
Thirteen (2003)
The Virgin suicides (1999)
Buffalo 鈥66 (1998)
Gone Girl (2014)
Girl interrupted (1999)
Black Swan (2010)
Mid90s (2018)
Whip It (2009)
Lady bird (2017)
The Perks Of Being A Wallflower (2012)
Normal Adolescent Behaviour (2007)
Blue Valentine (2010)
Crazy Beautiful (2001)
Its a funny kind of story (2010)
Slums Of Beverly Hills (1998)
Anywhere But Here (1999)
Adventure Land (2009)
Save The Last Dance (2001)
Garden State (2004)
Rules Of Attraction (2002)
Promising Young Woman (2020)
Requiem Of A Dream (2000)
Gia (1998)
Candy (2006)
Beautiful Boy (2018)
Almost Famous (2000)
The Basketball Diaries (1995)
The Craft (1996)
The Diary Of A Teenage Girl (2015)
But I鈥檓 A Cheerleader (1999)
Boyhood (2014)
Spun (2002)
Red Road (2006)
The Piano Teacher (2001)
Bulbbul (2020)
Sucker Punch (2011)
Ginger Snaps (2000)
Helter-Skelter (2012)
Cruel Intentions (1999)
I, TONYA (2018)
Amelie (2001)
Daisies (1966)
Perfect Blue (1997)
Prozac Nation (2001)
Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? (1962)
Leon (1994)
Valley Of The Dolls (1967)
The Crush (1993)
Carrie (1976)
10 Things I Hate About You (1999)
If anyone actually sees this and likes it I鈥檇 be more than happy to make a part 2. This took me awhile lol. I know some of these are a little basic but I tried to have a strong mix of well-known and lesser plus romance, comedy, psychological thrillers, cheesy etc. Its very broad so there鈥檚 something for everyone and hopefully something new for someone.
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mood-unstabilizers 5 months ago
reminder that addicts who aren't in recovery deserve just as much compassion and support as those who are.
and that addicts in recovery don't inherently have any moral high ground over those who aren't.
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plxviophile a year ago
john mulaney has checked into rehab. here鈥檚 what we are going to do:
鈥 support him
鈥 wish him well
鈥 respect his privacy
here鈥檚 what we are NOT going to do
鈥 make jokes because addiction is not funny
鈥 speculate anything about his marriage or personal life
鈥 attack those in his personal life (*ahem, leave anna alone. don鈥檛 go asking pete davidson for details. none of that)
addiction is a serious disease, and while this news may be troubling, i am so proud of him for seeking help. you can too.
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mentallyillrowan a month ago
When I look at my cvts and scars I have two moods
I did that to myself <33
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theconcealedweapon 4 months ago
Step 1: Create a society that's so cruel that many people are traumatized.
Step 2: Make professional help for mental health ridiculously expensive and often ineffective.
Step 3: When people inevitably use drugs to cope with trauma because there's nothing else available, use that as a reason why they don't deserve food.
Step 4: Pretend that you're not a monster.
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hypnopaper 12 days ago
I just love how addicted everyone is to Hypno, to being toys, to melting away in pleasure.
All I do is write down some horny thoughts, nothing to do with you specifically, yet your cumdrunk drone of a brain immediately puts you in that specific situation.
You WANT me to take advantage of your addiction.
You WANT me to fractionate you to the point of no return, so dazed you'll never fully wake up.
You WANT me to make you forget but make sure your body remembers.
You want so much and so much more, what a needy little fuckhole~
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danewsea 2 days ago
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cripp-tid a month ago
I know this probably won't get much traction, but Iike. Y'all seriously have to start giving more attention and kindness to addicts. ESPECIALLY addicts still in recovery. Addicts that are actively using. Addicts that have a hard time staying clean. Yes, even the ones you don't like or the ones you think are "weird" or "gross". You bitches will take EVERY opportunity to jump on crackhead jokes and similar things but offer virtually no support to actual people suffering. fuck that.
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chronicallylav3nd3r 25 days ago
some people need to learn how to treat addicts like actual humans, not some kind of subhuman creature who鈥檚 okay to treat like trash
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gem-femme 10 months ago
If you鈥檙e an addict looking for rehab facilities to check yourself into, I鈥檓 begging you to avoid any facility that鈥檚 related to/inspired by Synanon or that relies on 鈥渨ork therapy鈥 to treat addicts. These facilities will not actually treat your addiction. They instead literally turn you into a brainwashed slave and they regularly verbally abuse you to the extreme and call it treatment.
An example of this is Cenikor, which is notorious for making the people in their care work 80 hours a week without pay or days off while denying them healthcare and real therapies that are actually proven to help addicts manage their addictions and mental health. They force their patients to work in dangerous places and industries with little to no training, like on oil rigs and warehouses filled with heavy machinery, where severe injuries are common and where some people have even died. They鈥檙e allowed to keep you there against your will for as long as they see fit. This is run of the mill for any 鈥渨ork therapy鈥 based rehab facility.
On top of literally turning you into a slave, these facilities engage in a type of 鈥渢herapy鈥 that is literally just verbal abuse. They make you sit in the center of a circle or in front of a group of people and these people are allowed to yell at you and insult you and bully you. They can say literally whatever the fuck they want to you and you鈥檙e just supposed to sit there and take it and this results in your self esteem and self worth being destroyed and you being brainwashed into being a better slave for them. This is known as a version of attack therapy and it has been proven through over 40 years of research to be completely inaffective at helping addicts and yet it鈥檚 continued to be one of the main pillars of their 鈥渢reatment鈥 because it makes you easier to control while they work you like a slave and collect all the money you鈥檙e earning.
These facilities are based on 鈥渢reatment鈥 models developed by Synanon, which was a straight up cult. It started in the late 50鈥檚/early 60鈥檚 and its beginnings have some pretty positive aspects but down the road the founder realized the people in his care were a great source of free labor to get rich off of and he became more and more of an authoritarian leader. The group went from being something founded by addicts to help addicts during a time where rehab wasn鈥檛 really a thing to being a cult that controlled every aspect of the members lives and that took everything they owned.
I鈥檓 begging addicts to please stay away from facilities like this. They know how to portray themselves so that they look like a dream come true but it鈥檚 all lies and manipulation. These facilities will not help you, they just abuse you and make money off of you that you will never get to see a cent of. You will sleep in buildings that are falling apart and eat food that isn鈥檛 fit for human consumption because they don鈥檛 care about you. They do not see addicts as human beings, they see them as slave labor.
This is not a rare phenomenon and these places exist all over the country so please be careful when looking to get help with your addiction. You deserve to be treated at better facilities than this.
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