bastart13 · 2 days ago
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"You know I love you?" "I love you too."
I am obsessed with this relationship. It's opposites attract. It's unrequited requited love. It's clashing wants and needs. It's that slightly toxic dependency. It's a love that could have been different if only they'd never met him.
How dare Aabria and Oscar make me so invested in an owlbear and a satyr called Wuuvy
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hi-intrepid-heroes · 16 hours ago
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someone protect my boy
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magicratfingers · 2 days ago
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Beach episode
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hopefulbastard · a day ago
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This has got to be my favourite out of context Dimension 20 to date
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igotaugusted · 2 days ago
i think major kp hob deserves the ability to cast one spell. as a treat. and you know what spell that is? ayda’s comprehend subtext.
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toastyglow · 2 days ago
fun fact about Dimension 20′s A Crown of Fey and Flowers: going in blind you will never guess what the KP in Captain KP Hobb stands for
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stonecoldsilly · a day ago
episode ten we’re finally gonna get the ruehob pvp we’ve all been waiting for! when we said hootgrowl endgame we meant combat to the death didn’t we guys?
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weaveintheends · 2 days ago
I’ve seen so many posts that are so insightful about Rue, the decisions they made, their power and lack thereof, their desires and the conflicts those desires created…
I cannot express in actual words how incredible I think Rue is as a character. How perfect in their delivery.
Honestly, Oscar is the exact person we needed to make a PC romance with Brennan Lee Mulligan. And this is not shade thrown at Erica. I loved Dream and Evan, but ultimately their romance was simple because the subjects were teens in a subverted coming of age novel. Like it’s different.
The 5-d chess that Oscar is playing with Rue’s flaws and desires and circumstances is awe inspiring.
… How has Oscar never played before??!
Anyway, I love everything being said about Rue. The understanding so many people have about their character that I’m learning from. When I think about the layers inside just that one character, everything inside me feels too big for my body. They are so good.
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ironinkpen · 2 days ago
god i’m so obsessed w Delloso de la Rue and yeah, I’ll say it: they’re right about everything
I think discussions I’ve seen about Rue’s position of “privilege” often fail to contend with the fact that Rue experiences this world as a kidnapping victim. Rue is not an archfey. They were taken from the mortal world as a young child. From what we’ve seen about how Wanessa is treated like an oddity/fascination, we can guess that Rue was treated much the same. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Rue became a party planner—when you are brought to a world as entertainment, I suspect you grow up terrified of what might happen if you stop being entertaining. 
Rue has existed on the outskirts of the Court of Wonder for years. Forced (whether literally or just by social pressure) to wear a glamor—scared of anyone even touching their HAND for fear of being found out. Do you think Rue has ever danced at the Blooms they’ve spent millennia planning, or was this year the first time?
Claiming Rue is oblivious to the plight of other, lesser fey ignores the fact that Rue is ultimately a worker—not a true aristocrat like the Lords of the Wing. They have a job—they plan the Bloom. Yes, they have political power, but not due to being high-born or playing the political game or all that; they have political power because they’re popular, because they dedicated themself to the happiness of others for millennia, connecting people of different courts together, bringing people love and joy. And I doubt they even realize just how powerful they are, because they spend most of their time away from their court, planning a fucking party.
Everyone calls them the “pride” of a court they barely see. They are assumed to speak for them, even when they are speaking their own mind. Of course they have no loyalty to the Court system. Of course they don’t see the point in anything except love—love they themself have been robbed of, were stolen away from. Rue’s bardic inspiration is a song they remember from the mortal plane. Isn’t it telling that even thousands of years later, their magic—magic, which Andhera and Binx both describe as stemming from love—comes from that faded memory of home?
Yes, it’s a bummer that Rue’s actions caused Hob’s victories to be undermined a bit, but honestly? Why should we really care about the political advancement of the Goblin Court’s aristocracy, who have shown they are exactly the same as the Court of Wonder in their treatment of their subordinates (Hob standing away from the campfire, just as Rue is kept in a tower for months out of the year)? Rue might have hurt Hob by hiding the truth, but that doesn’t mean they’re wrong when they urge him to take care of himself, to abandon his loyalty to a system that won’t reward him for it. That’s not Rue being naive or privileged—that’s Rue being exactly like Hob, a servant of their court who toiled tirelessly for years, sacrificing their own happiness, only to just now realize how pointless it all was.
And honestly, on the more political side, Rue probably saved everyone’s asses by breaking up the marriage between Grabalba and Apollo. Apollo would for sure have used the Goblins’ military might to accelerate his plans of stealing the magic. And then, once that was achieved, do you really think he would have honored his agreements with the Goblin Court? He’s the kind of dishonorable man who tried to murder Hob in secret. You’re telling me he wouldn’t have double crossed them once he got what he wanted? Why would he give a shit about a political marriage? 
Like, for real: why would Apollo want to marry Grabalba? We know the Goblin Court’s status would be MASSIVELY elevated by this union, but what advantage does the Court of Wonder gain from marrying into the Goblin Court? It was all military—another power grab by Wonder. Rue broke it up and probably saved the fey realm in the process. 
And now they could lose someone they really love over it. 
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rabdoidal · a day ago
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episode 9: (boss music starts playing)
🍒 kofi link in bio if you’re feeling generous 🍒
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zellyrolls · 2 days ago
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the thing i love and
that which i have a duty toward
are very much one in the same
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bastart13 · 2 days ago
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The more a character is a bastard, the more I like them unfortunately. You shoot a PC in the back two times and you gain some interest
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linzer-art · 2 days ago
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s,,so... binxhera huh?
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magicratfingers · a day ago
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Fable & Grabalba rob a Claire’s
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freshcutcrabgrass · a day ago
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These two in the peanut gallery have just been a delight the entire season
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rainbeew · 2 days ago
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“A true goblin never does as he’s told, never tells as he’s done, and never follows a rule - least of all, this one.” ~K.P Hob
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bisekcual · 2 days ago
if i had a nickel for every time lou wilson played a character who impulsively decided to do surgery on one of the other PCs, id have two nickels, which isn't a lot but it's crazy that neither of them is from the campaign where he played an actual doctor
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