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hytyyto · 2 days ago
Date Night With Ace
Heyo! I have ready for you guys a blend of tea with the first human friend of ours in TWST. 1 blend of fluff with a mix of Ace Trappola coming right up! Enjoy~
*This post was made by Hytyyto’s Tea Time! Otherwise simply known as Hytyyto. Please do not repost (reblog is fine) or such without proper credit! Ty~*
Tumblr media
-Would probably not be on time.  -He would also make some sort of excuse so hold him in line.  -He probably asked Trey and Cater for some advice before the date. -You should probably do all the talking if you go to a resturant. -If he ever gets too noisy just shut him up with a kiss. -Have fun dragging around a flustered Ace after kissing him.  - It’s your responsibility to return him safely to Heartslabyul so Riddle can yell at him for being past curfew
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michelletsw · a month ago
The first years with overbolts:
Y/n: Time for plan G.
Ace: Don’t you mean plan B?
Y/n: No, we tried plan B a long time ago. I had to skip over plan C due to technical difficulties.
Deuce : What about plan D?
Y/n: Plan D was that desperate disguise attempt half an hour ago.
Jack: What about plan E?
Y/n: I’m hoping not to use it. Sebak dies in plan E.
Ace : plan E sounds nice.
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dontknowplshelp · 4 months ago
How One Piece characters would treat their crush pt.2
-> with Law, Corazon, Smoker & Ace
part 1
Tumblr media
gives you silly smiles all the time
tries his best to look cool around you🥺
but is more clumsy than usual
(good thing that u always thinks he’s cool)
gifts you flowers he found on his way
they reminded him of you
he would even stop smoking if you asked him, he respects you a lot and treats you like the queen/king you are <3
talks about you 24/7
law probably couldn’t take it anymore and confessed to you in his place
doesn’t show it
but he’s softer when u r around
yk wouldn’t treat you like an idiot, you’ve gained his respect after all
wants to know your personal opinion on important matters
if anyone ever asks him what he thinks of you, would tell them that your just a normal person bla bla
but thinks about the question for a reaaally long time, it probably keeps him up at nights
sometimes even gives you compliments on your work
but never on your look bcs that doesn’t matter to him
(would still think about ur cuteness tho)
gives you harder works than the others
it’s not bcs he wants to punish you, he just knows you’re able to do more
pls don’t be mad if he gets louder sometimes, he doesn’t know what to do with these feelings
would ask tashigi for advises
if she asks who they’re for, he says for a friend
tries his best to be nice and follow her tips but they just seem unnatural
you think that he hates you bcs he doesn’t treat you like the others
has to confess to clear up the misunderstanding
tries to be with you 24/7
clingy af
TALKS NONSTOP , with & about you
always smiling and blushing
randomly squeezes your cheeks, he just thinks you’re adorable
wants to look cool and protects you from everything, even if it’s just a small bug
wants you to try all the things he gets excited about
tells you about his brothers & his dreams for the future (wants you in it)
everyone already noticed and if you didn’t... pls let your brain get checked
either stays up late to talk to you or stands up early to wake you up
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zorokinniemoment · a month ago
Hiiii! Can I have a second party of this headcanon with ace, shanks, Mihawk? 😂 thanks! Sorry if I boring you 🙆‍♀️
You’re not bothering me dw, I’m happy to receive requests! (╹◡╹)♡
Monster trio+Law
Tumblr media
Ace- A wide grin on his face when he see you giggling. “What’re you reading? Why’re you hiding it from me?” He stares at your with narrowed eyes. He’ll jump on you and begins tickling you until you let go of the book so he can snatch it and see what it is. “Oh…!” His face turns a dark red, he gets shy and makes up an excuse so he can go take care of the unexpected boner.
Shanks- He pretends that he didn’t see what you were doing. He rolls next to you on the bed with a whine, saying something about being exhausted from being a captain. “Y/n~ read for me.” He’ll snatch the book and read a few lines, then smirks at you before attacking you with kisses. Asshole just wants to tease you until you’re curling into a ball from embarrassment. He’ll end up being interested in the book and steals it from you to read it whenever he has free time.
Mihawk- He already read that book. You can’t tell me this man doesn’t read porn like a news paper while sipping on his wine. He’s shamelessly trying to talk to you about every single detail without a care in the world about how embarrassed you were to be caught giggling at that specific scene. He’ll even recommend you other books that are ‘even better’ than the one you have. “There is one flaw about this line, the clitoris isn’t just out there. Actually it is protected by a small layer of sk-”
Tumblr media
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thicksimpx · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Pairing : Portgas D. Ace x Reader
Summary : mostly Ace brain rot but I also got multiple request for him so I finally did it 😂
Warnings: strobe warning, 18+ , mature content, mature language, black fem reader, reader is ace personal fuck toy, use of devil fruit powers, riding, backshots, rough fucking 😭, branding/Marking , reader sorta kinda gets her feelings hurt
Tumblr media
Were you a booty call? Maybe but what did that matter? No matter what time he gets home, he makes sure his night ends with you. That should mean something right?
Your mind wonders, Ace’s faint moans falling onto deaf ears as you space out in a trace watching yourself ride him in front of a mirror. Watching the way his dick disappears every time you bring your hips down, never fully grasping the fact that your tiny cunt can fit what he’s packing.
Rough grip on your hair, yanking your head back slightly you come back to reality, and you feel a stinging followed by a burning pain to your ass cheek. You whimper in pleasure, turning around to look at the smug look on his face.
“What did I tell you about keeping your attention on me?” Ace asks letting go of your hair and sitting up, pressing your back to his chest. “What’s been going on with you lately?” He asks softly while rubbing your now tender ass cheek.
You feel his dick twitch inside of you despite his genuine tone. Before you can respond - Effortlessly, he moves forward without taking his dick out of you, you, now placed on all fours.
You stare at his reflection in the mirror, he’s clearly getting off on the redness that stains your body in the shape of his handprint. Pulling out and admiring his artwork while rubbing the tip of his dick through your sloppy folds. You arch you back deeper hoping it’ll slip inside and finally give you the fullness you were craving - only for him to pull away with a chuckle, loving how desperate you appeared.
You squirm when, Softly he begins running his warmer than normal hands up your thighs and over your ass, down your back until he reached the center - staying there for a while. You turn your head to the side to glance at him, his weight slowly pushing you further into the mattress; as if he knew you were about to say something, he rams his length into you, balls roughly slapping your clit.
The wet, sticky noises of him stroking into your walls like a dog in head clashed and melted with the sound of his balls slapping your cliff and your almost in audible moans and whimpers. The weight on your back has you stuck in place, not that you wanted to move, this position was perfect. Ace’s thick dick poked and prodded at every sensitive spot hidden in your walls.
“Come on let it out” he grunts feeling your walls clamping around him.
“I- can’t ” you cry between broke moans. Just as you suck in a breath, the weight of him is gone. Dick snatched out of you like it was never there in the first place and your own juice dripping down your legs - collapsing on the bed as if your body was limp
“But you did” you hear him say from behind you as he grabs your ankle to flip you over and pull you to the edge of the bed. “Don’t ever tell me you can cut for me… that hurts my feelings” he says feigning hurt with a hand over his chest.
You chuckle a little and yelp in shock feeling your legs being bought over his shoulders as your body sliding to where your hips me at the edge. Ace chuckles, slapping his dick on your sloppy cunt - looking down while teasing you, only entering you a little before pulling out.
“Ace ..” you plead. He stops his teasing to look up at you with just the smallest bit of concern. You smirk wiggling your hips to get move of him in you, where he belongs. Biting his lip, Ace slowly sinks himself into you feeling your legs quiver on his shoulders. So, he continues, slowly stroking in and out of you watching your mouth hang open and cunt cream around him.
“Sorry babe” he whispers lowly before dropping your legs to his forearms and leaning forward enough to wrap both hands around your neck. You whimper while his hips begin slamming into you. Little by little his hands get warmer around your neck, grip getting tighter as he’s rough pulling your body down to meet his. The sheets under you become wet, you feel like it’s getting harder to breathe, but you hold out because it’s him, because it feels good - because he’s the only one to make you feel like this.
Your eyes roll back, and you’re know heavily breathing through your nose as well as you can, wanting to scream out in both pleasure and pain from the heat of his hands burning the skin of your neck more than it ever has. Every slam of your body meeting his makes your cunt gush, Ace’s moans nearly inaudible. He’s so close you can feel his dick twitching inside you.
Quickly he pulls out, hands still around your neck. Wet dick laying across your pelvis as cum shoots out. Still rocking his hips letting out satisfactory moans. His Hands loosen up and he’s letting your legs go, leaning in over you, you closed you eyes- flinching when his hands softly graze your neck to examine the burn he’s left with a soft apology.
Pushing himself up, you hear the similar buckle to his belt as he gets dressed. You don’t even bother to watch opting to close your eyes pretending to sleep. You’ll clean up when he leaves. Minutes pass and you feel a damp rag on your skin, cleaning you up. He then kisses your cheek, you count the second until your front door slams and scream into your pillow. You embarrassed yourself thinking he was going to kiss you. But worse of all, it was another late night that he rather leave than stay.
Tumblr media
Tags - @dejwrites @eiflawriting @luffysthickwaifu @gabzlovesu @rinhoes @festive @hhawkz @mizumikira @po3ticb3auty @imperatorkhaleesi @indiecursor @preciousamethyst @urfilgoth @pulchritxde @hyeque @tyga-lily
Thicksimpx© 2022. Do not copy, claim, modify or translate my work without my permission. thanks 😘
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soleilnomoon · 3 months ago
Hello! 👻 I am not sure if this request would match your taste, so if not - just delete it without answering 😅 I was wondering if you could write some nsfw/suggestive headcanons for Law, Zoro and Ace (the heartthrob trio in my humble opinion *-*) reacting on their bigbreasted partner taking off her bra for the first time in their presence, during intimate situation maybe? You know, tits suddenly freed go woosh, much to reader's embarrassement and irritation. Thank you for considering! Have a wonderful day 💞
the heartthrob trio is right, your mind is so powerful. this is right up my alley, i support the ❤️‍🔥 big titty ❤️‍🔥 committee all day. also, embarrassing them is my specialty.
1.1k words, afab reader (no pronouns), nsfw (nipple play, public sex, etc. etc. the good stuff, yk); ace is a brat, law is shy, and zoro continues to be the number one menace.
check out the other version of this request feat. sanji, sabo, & shanks right here ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Tumblr media Tumblr media
it shouldn’t come as a surprise to him, but it does. yes, his eyes work perfectly fine—yes, he’s seen the way your clothes stretch across your chest; he already bears witness to their plushness every time you brush up against him. and yet, here he is, shocked into silence. you toss your bra onto the floor somewhere, undeterred and too aroused to care. you’re just happy you don’t have to wear it right now; he’s suddenly very happy to be alive. you smile at him, delicate brows raising slightly. he can’t take that either.
“you can touch them, y’know,” you suggest softly, almost sensually, hoping that’ll spur law back to life. he, however, needs just a little more time. 
“okay, i know, just wait.” for what, he has no idea. when he’s managed to calm down enough, he finally is able to look at you. you decide to take pity on him, climbing onto his lap with little issue. you press a small, chaste kiss on the corner of his mouth; before you can pull back, his hand finds its way onto the back of your neck, holding you still as he kisses you properly. and when he rolls so you’re on your back, his mattress soft enough to make you think you’re laying on a cloud, you let out a soft whimper that only encourages him to continue. your breast mostly fits in his hand, so he takes his time exploring, lithe fingers tracing circles around your nipples, goosebumps prickling your skin as your back arches. 
his mouth takes over, leaving kiss after kiss along the curve of your breasts before his tongue flicks against your hardened nipple, giving you the sort of high you’ve been chasing, your moans the only song he ever wants to listen to for the rest of his life. he’ll keep at it until you’re begging for him to fuck you—with his fingers, mouth, cock, you don’t care at this point really—and he will, in due time. for now, however, he’ll settle for memorizing the taste of your skin and your nails clawing at him in obvious frustration.
you hate being edged like that, but law revels in how powerless you are against him in this respect; it’s murderous and you vow to return the favor next time, tenfold.
Tumblr media
he’s an idiot, but he’s not oblivious. so when your bra does come off, he curses whichever nameless demon invented those things. he thinks your breasts should never be confined like that—you’re inclined to agree, but keep the comment to yourself—and whenever you’re around him, don’t expect to keep it on for long, either. it’s fine with you, really, which only makes zoro that much more ravenous for you.
he catches you in a back hallway, has you pressed up against the wall, his leg in between your thighs, hands tugging your shirt up and revealing your breasts—your nipples hardening almost immediately, much to his pleasure. you hate how easily he can pull these sorts of reactions out of you, but you know that it’s futile; you’re as attracted to him as he is to you, it just goes with the territory. besides, the way he’s pinching and tugging on your nipples, almost makes you forget that you’re still very much in public and that anyone from your crew can spot you if they decide to come that way.
still, zoro doesn’t let up, his mouth wickedly playful, leaving bruising kisses all over your chest—he likes the way you can’t seem to keep quiet, and the way you keep rubbing against his erection is evidence enough. he should really take you somewhere else, but he knows you like the thrill, even if you don’t want to admit it; and he does too. you’re so annoyed at yourself and at him, but mostly at how skillful his hands and mouth are. if you had more self-preservation, you might be able to make it out unscathed, but you know better.
zoro isn’t the type to let you go that easy. and just when you think he can’t torture you any more—touching you and then not touching you—he slides his hand inside of your shorts and your panties, fingers parting your folds expertly, your pussy wet and ready for him. against your lips, he whispers filthy promises that light your skin on fire and you know better than to get sucked into his shenanigans again, but here you are, letting him finger you without a care in the world. the delusion almost makes it feel romantic.
Tumblr media
he’s not sure how to handle you like this; you already drive him wild, your curves are lethal, your body even more so. your breasts are just the icing on the cake—a cake he’ll willingly devour at any time of the day, every single day of the year if you let him. so when you surprise him in the kitchen late one night—ace constantly searches for late night snacks throughout the week—he opts to feast on you instead. you’re panting lightly, chest heaving as he dives between your legs. you sit on top of the kitchen counter, guilt barely crossing your mind, as you spread your legs open wider, giving him access.
your shirt is somewhere behind him; he wants to see all of you properly, so you give him a little show, cupping your heavy breasts, kneading them as his mouth french kisses your pussy with purpose, your hips bucking, his tongue gliding along your slick folds, lapping up your wetness, savoring your taste for later when he thinks about you again. you find it difficult to hold it all in, hands trembling as you play with your nipples, lips clamped together tightly, muffling your moans as best as you can.
he looks up at you, his cock reminding him pitifully to stop neglecting it, but all in good time, right? for now, he just wants to taste you, to satisfy his insatiable hunger that only intensifies whenever you’re around him. maybe it’s really just you; he doubts he can ever have enough of you, even if he tried—and he’ll never try. 
“a-ace,” you whimper, teeth sinking into your bottom lip hard, eyelids closing once his tongue antagonizes your clit in the only way he knows how. 
“i’m here, don’t worry,” he says casually, as if he isn’t ruining your life right now. it’s always one big mess with you too; he slurps and sucks, treating your pussy like the best-tasting summer fruit in the world; it’s maddening, the way he’s addicted. and when you cum, you can hardly contain your moans, the orgasm strong enough to make you forget yourself and the time. ace doesn’t bother stopping you, he’s way too far gone, if anything he makes it worse. and even though you’re sure the entire ship heard the way you screamed his name, you wouldn’t change a thing.
that’s what he does to you whenever you’re together; he makes you feel impossible bouts of extreme confidence without even trying.
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rs-wonderland · 3 months ago
Sam: Would Yuu please come to the front desk?
Yuu walk to the desk: What is it Sam?
*Sam point at Ace and Deuce*
Sam: I believe they belong to you. -_-
Ace and Deuce: We got lost...
Yuu: Wtf! I didn't even bring you guys with me-
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underqualified-human · 6 months ago
Ace: Pick a card, any card
Y/N: Fine
Ace: Any card did not include my credit card, kindly hand it back.
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orieriee · 5 months ago
One Piece Incorrect Quotes: prompt edition
Tumblr media
Masterlist here
Author's note: basically I found some prompts from pinterest (you know, the writer prompts you can find randomly on pinterest) and assign them to different characters in one piece, incorrect quotes style [credits to random pinterest prompts]
Pairings: random one piece characters and reader!
Warnings: swear words, mentions of k1ll/murd3r
Tumblr media
Doflamingo: If you do that again, I'll throw you out of the fucking window you- what are you doing?
Y/N: Checking how high the drop is, see if it's worth it.
Tumblr media
Luffy: Nami, why did you kill him??
Nami: I didn't want him alive.
Zoro: That's fair.
Tumblr media
Koala: Well, someone thought it would be a great idea to throw our backup plan off a bridge.
Sabo: It was on FIRE!!
Tumblr media
Y/N: trust your gut
Law: I have anxiety, my gut is always telling me to abort mission
Tumblr media
Kid: Is it still murder if I give them a heads up?
Killer: That's a threat
Kid: Fuck
Tumblr media
Marco: Didn't I kick you out already?
Ace: Yeah, but-
Marco: No. Out.
Tumblr media
Robin: Oh, you're alive
Franky: Don’t sound so disappointed, I might think you don't like me
Tumblr media
Usopp: Ok, what's our exit strategy?
Y/N: Our what??
Usopp: Oh my god, we're all going to die
Tumblr media
Sanji: Why are you so much better at drinking than I am?
Zoro: Let's be real, I'm better than you at EVERYTHING
Sanji: What did you say, you blind mosshead??
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cyborg-franky · 6 days ago
Hey Franky! I was wondering if you could write something capturing Ace’s reaction to the reader confessing to him that they’re in love with him?
Here <3
Tumblr media
Ace stared at you, eyes wide and mouth open.
All you could hear was the pulse thumping in your ears and the splashing of booze from Ace’s tilted mug hitting the deck.
The mug tilted more, nearly emptying all the contents from it before he realised and stood up straight.
You could see the blush that danced on his freckled cheeks as he gave a few slow blinks.
He was still processing your confession as he leaned on the table, setting down the mug and running a hand through his hair.
The confusion had turned into a sort of panic you mused as he gripped the edge of the table he was perched on.
“Wh-what? I don’t think I heard that right..” He said with an awkward laugh, still unable to meet your gaze, instead he stared down at his boots.
“I said I love you.” You repeated and took a breath to steady your nerves, you weren’t sure how he was going to react but this wasn’t one of your guesses..
“Why?” He asked, finally pulling his gaze up, his eyes meeting yours as you fidgeted in place from the intense and questioning look he was giving you.
“Why do I love you?” You asked, a little taken aback yourself.
“Yeah, I’m not worth it, I’m not worth someone like you loving me..” He scuffed his boot against the planks, trying to anchor himself as he poured out his feelings.
“I love you for so many reasons Ace, just because you can’t see them doesn't mean you don't have many wonderful things about you, so much to love in fact!” You said and stepped between his legs.
Cupping his cheeks and making him look up, you smiled softly and felt his hands reach yours, holding them against his face, you could feel the uncertain tremble.
“You really love me? No matter what?” Ace’s voice was so soft, so unsure, and you weren't used to it.
“Yes, I love you enough for both of us.” 
You could see the tears gathering in his eyes before he closed them, pulling you into a hug, his face against you as he held you so tightly.
“I love you too.”
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ev0u · 7 days ago
Dead ass crying 😭 That “ terminally ill s/o“ story was so heartbreaking. I will get on my hands and knee and start begging, please can you make a part 2 where the boys and all like depressed and stuff but like their s/o visits them but like as a  Angel and tells them to move etc? Or can you do something where the s/o survived the sickness somehow?
Anyway that story was amazing 🥲 have a wonderful day!
a/n - you don’t have to beg I was gonna make a part two anyways 😭 I’m going to put the happy, reader survives part in a different post later :) Tysm for the request and your patience!
Warnings ⚠️ - depression, g/n reader, pain 😭
Tumblr media
- He’d never be the same without the love of his life
- Yes he’d go to your funeral, but he wouldn’t say any words, and he wouldn’t cry in front of everyone
- Maybe he looked cold and heartless, but inside he was a mess
- He didn’t even know what to say or what to think, you were the glue to this broken machine of a man
- Without the glue he’s broken
- He’d be sleeping, and usually, he cries himself to sleep, silent sobs being muffled by his pillow
- The only thing catching and wiping his tears were his tattooed hands
- The tissues made the skin underneath his eyes irritated with the countless times he’s wiped them dry
- Tonight was no different, laying awake, struggling to get himself to stop crying
- He felt a familiar presence behind him, a dip in the bed appearing behind him from a body
- He turned around, puffy, dark, and tired eyes trying to see what it was
- He was shocked, it looked like you, a spitting image of you
- You smiled at him, holding his hands with yours like you used to
- But he noticed something, why was there no warmth in your hands? Where was the familiar soft feeling that made him so happy?
- He managed to smile, your face made his soul feel at ease, perfectly complete
- But somehow, he knew that maybe, you weren’t actually here with him
- He fell asleep holding your hand, your gentle fingers tracing the tattoos on his fingers
- He never wanted to open his eyes and realize you weren’t there in front of him
- But when he did, he felt a consuming emptiness that which you could only fill
- (god this is angsty for the emo man- 😭)
Tumblr media
- You were his everything
- And when you left him? What else did he have left??
- A part of him was missing now
- And he didn’t know if anything could ever fix him like you did
- He couldn’t go to your funeral, he didn’t even want to think about seeing your corpse in that damned coffin
- Seeing your face so calm and pale, lovely as usual
- He couldn’t bear it
- Ace cried a lot, so much so that he was wondering just where these tears were even coming from, he was unsure of how he still had tears to cry
- he often went to your favorite spot to camp out and just relax with him when you were still around
- He usually talked to himself as if you were right next to him, talking about his day and how he annoyed Marco and his crew mates
- He never expected a response, until he saw you smiling next to him
- That same gaze that you gave him when you listened to him talk about his days
- It made him stop talking altogether, was he seeing things?
- you didn’t speak at all, but he continued talking with an excited flame in his eyes
- When he finished, and he looked at you, he saw your hand waving goodbye to him as he stood up
- he smiled at you, ignoring that this was obviously not real
- He waved goodbye, telling you that he’d be back soon
- After that, Ace visited that same spot everyday, explaining his days and activities even if he didn’t see your ghost that day
- 🥺 this boy. I swear he loves you so much
Tumblr media
- He had trouble getting back to work knowing that he wouldn’t come home to your loving presence
- Just knowing that he would never see you again pained him so much
- Secretly, he always kept a photo of you in his pocket, and whenever he’d have a break, he’d look at it and be motivated to come back home to you 🥺
- He never told you about it, but now that you were gone, he looked at your photo every single moment he thought about you, which was all the time
- Smoker was good at hiding his emotions, but sometimes he couldn’t fake it anymore, he was obviously not fine
- Whenever he’d come home, he sometimes broke down, hugging the picture of you close to him, desperately trying to think of it as you
- He’s a strong man, but without you, why was it so hard to be strong again?
- Crouching down on the floor, struggling to stop his tears, he felt warm arms around him
- He looked up, vision blurry from the tears in his eyes
- He saw… you
- You were wrapping your arms around him, patting his head gently like you used to, running your fingers through his white, soft, cloud-like hair
- He clutched onto your back, collapsing into your warm embrace
- His face resting in the crook of your neck, basking in your love
- He was silently crying, only the soft uneven breaths able to be heard from the man
- You didn’t speak a word, you only comforted your lover like the countless times before
- Smoker didn’t believe in god, but maybe just this once, he did
- Because how else would he be sobbing into your chest?
- (a/n - I had to take a break bec this is too angsty I’m gonna cry 😭)
Tumblr media
- He was the one that doesn’t usually cry, because he’s such a hardened soul
- He’s dealt with loss before, yet this was different
- You were different
- Where did you go?..
- One minute you were here, and the next you weren’t
- Zoro didn’t know what to think or say
- He couldn’t get out of bed or talk to anyone for a while, he was so lost in his empty mind that was filled of memories of you
- The fact that you were now a memory.. And not the person he loved so much killed him every single waking moment
- Whenever he woke up from a nap, why didn’t he feel your head resting on his shoulders?
- Why didn’t he see you sitting by him when he trained?
- Why weren’t you ever beside him in your shared bed?
- Zoro drank a lot more than usual to try and distract himself
- This feeling. It broke him, shattered him and then pieced him back together, only to break him yet again
- When he downed yet another bottle of that same old sake he’d drink so often, he felt a hand around his wrist, almost telling him to stop drinking his sorrows
- “The hell?”
- He stopped, his one eye opening to see your figure in front of him
- He almost opened his other eye just to see if this was real or not
- He immediately threw the bottle to the side, pulling you close and wrapping his bulky, strong arms around you
- He was clutching desperately onto the backs of your clothes
- He never wanted to let you go, his hands shaking, trying to hold onto you as tightly as he could
- “Where the hell did you go-? Y/n?”
- He cherished this moment, he was holding the person he cherished most in this world again
- For the first time in forever, he smiled, not a smirk, but such a relieved smile, as if an Angel has graced their compassion onto him
- It was true, an Angel had graced him with their love 💜
- (god I’m gonna go cry in a corner now-)
Tumblr media
a/n - I’m so sorry for the pain 😭 I’m sorry for the wait anon! I hope you like this 💜
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mangekyuou · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
☻  /  pairing . . .  portgas d. ace x fem!reader x sabo.
☻  /  type of love . . .  romantic.  physical.
☻  /  synopsis . . .  ( y/n ) and luffy have plans to see a new movie when their schedules finally align. however, a last minute obstacle holds luffy up and ( y/n ) must wait for him at his apartment with his older brothers, ace and sabo. the two men, she just can’t seem to get out of her head.
☻  /  content warnings . . . nsfw, afab!reader ( she/her pronouns used ), unprotected sex, oral ( reader + male receiving ), dirty talk, degradation, CORNY ASS PLOT, etc. 18+, minors DNI.
☻  /  commentary . . . been sitting in my drafts for like 4 months. decided to finally post it after receiving a pep talk from @portgaes​ <333
Tumblr media
“About an hour?!?! Luffy! You swore you would be home by now! I’m already at your complex!” An angry young woman practically screamed into her phone, earning a few concerned looks and annoyed glares from a few tenants of the apartment complex she walked through.
“Sorry, ( y/n ). Something really REALLY important came up,” the voice on the other end of the phone line apologized. He let out a nervous laugh, nearly feeling her anger through the phone. ( y/n ) wasn’t stupid, she knew Luffy better than he knew himself. So something ‘really REALLY’ important had something to do with food of some sort.
“There’s another showing for later tonight! We’ll catch that one, okay? Just wait for me at my place! Ace is home, and Sabo should be back from his trip! So you’ll have no issue getting in. I’ll be back soon!”
( y/n ) sighed, climbing up a flight of stairs, “Yeah? It’s been a while since I’ve seen those two. Fine, take your time. If you’re not back before the next showing, I’m going with your brothers.” 
“So mean! I’ll be back I swear!”
“Whatever you say, Luffy. See you when you get back then.” She hung up the phone, her feet coming to a stop in front of a familiar door.
Apartment Number 304.
Luffy’s apartment. Well, Luffy’s shared apartment with his two older brothers, Ace and Sabo. No matter how many times ( y/n ) had come to the apartment to come to visit Luffy, she’s only gotten to talk to the older boys a handful of times but they had welcomed her with open arms.
Before she could even knock, the door had opened revealing Ace, fresh out of the shower. He was holding a half-empty pack of double chocolate chip cookies. Cookie crumbs were spread across his lips, chin, and lower cheeks. Just how messy was he eating?
At the sight of her, he flashed his usual big smile, “I thought I heard someone talking out here! Mmph! ( y/n )! My baby brother’s best friend! It’s so good to see you!” He spoke with his mouth full, she could hardly make out his words. She had only assumed that’s what he was trying to say.
A dark blush appeared on her cheeks, as she took all of him in from head to toe. From his wet, messy curly black hair. Down to his playful onyx eyes and freckles. Further down to his muscular chest and abdomen, with the sneak peek of his v-line to what was hidden underneath the white towel loosely tied around his slender waist. Down to his thighs to his strong legs.
She swallowed shallowly, her ( e/c ) eyes making their way back up to Ace’s face.
Ace was an attractive man. Just about anyone could see that.
The personification of sex.
Sculpted by the gods. 
The forbidden fruit that’s so mouthwatering, so tempting, so desirable.
She shook herself out of her impure thoughts of him.
This was Ace.
No matter how gorgeous he was, he was still the older brother of her best friend. Just how would Luffy feel if he caught her making heart eyes at one of the people who mattered the most to him.
“A-Ace...hey...” She stuttered out, waving awkwardly. Ace had only laughed, closing in the space that separated them, pulling her in for the usual tight hug he gave her every time they saw each other. He smelled so good. She had hugged him while he was shirtless before, why did this time feel so different?
He gave her a rough pat on the back that made her jolt slightly. “Jumpy, huh? You okay there, ( y/n )?” He questioned as he released her from his tight embrace.
“Y-Yeah! I’m...good! Great, even!”
“Whatever you say.”
She watched as his eyes had traveled up and down her body in a similar way she had done him just moments ago. She pressed her thighs together to almost calm the storm that was forming between them.
“You’re dressed up all cute. You going somewhere special?”
“Well, I was supposed to go see this movie with Luffy, which is why I’m here. But he said something came up and we’re going to see the next showing. He told me to wait here if that’s okay with you.”
“Of course it is! You know you’re always welcome here. Come in!”
He stepped aside finally, allowing her inside. She stepped inside, slipping off her shoes and placing them next to a pair of old sandals she had assumed were probably Luffy’s.
“Excuse the mess. Haven’t had time to clean up around here,” Ace babbled, finishing off the last few cookies in the pack.
“Yet you can eat not one, but two full packs of cookies in one sitting,” Another voice sounded from the sofa.
( y/n ) followed the voice, seeing a familiar blonde sitting on the sofa with a paperback book in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. On his hands were those brown gloves he tended to wear no matter where he went, even in the comforts of his own home.
“Sabo! So you are back in town! How was your trip?”
Sabo looked over his shoulder at her, “Just got back last night. The trip went well. It’s business, so you know how that goes.”
Sabo, unlike Ace, actually had clothes on. His usual attire of a blue button-up with the sleeves rolled up. A few of the buttons toward the top were left undone revealing his collarbone and upper chest. The blonde sat with his right leg over his left, leaning back against the sofa that had probably seen better days. He was just missing his trademark hat and long coat.
But like Ace, Sabo too seemed to find his way into ( y/n )’s darkest fantasies. Probably even more than Ace had.
Sabo was a bit more modest in his attire. But it didn’t make him any less attractive. Even in her impure thoughts he was always fully dressed as he stood over her. Feeling the fabric of his gloves all over her body.
The mystery of what Sabo was capable is what kept salivating at the mouth.
“Had a late morning, so there’s still some coffee in the pot,” Sabo spoke, turning back to his book, “Help yourself to anything else. Unless Ace ate it all while I was gone.”
The dark-haired man only rolled his eyes.
“No thanks. I’m good. I was gonna wait until the movie so I could fill up on popcorn.”
“Popcorn?! You aren’t gonna fill up on that stuff. Plus you’ll eat it all before the movie even starts with all those damn ads,” Ace scolded her. It felt odd to be the one on the other end of Ace’s scoldings. Usually, he was the one being scolded, not the other way around. “You need to eat.”
Ignoring the practically naked man’s lecture, ( y/n ) sat next to Sabo on the sofa, “I’ll be fine, Ace. But thank you for caring.”
“Movie? Oh yes, Luffy did say something about a movie before he left earlier. Not sure what came up but he did say it would be a while before he would be back. Looks like you’re stuck with us for a little while,” Sabo chuckled, a wink following.
She felt her face flush at his words. It was almost like he knew the effect he had on her. Ace, still in just a towel sat next to her now with an entire cereal box.  Now she found herself sandwiched between the two men, not that she was complaining any. “Ace, can’t you go put on some kind of clothes?” Sabo asked.
“Everything is dirty. I’ll wash later.”
Sabo knew what ‘later’ meant. If he wasn’t going to do it, Ace was never going to get it done.
“You could have put that in a bowl, you know?” ( y/n ) mentioned. 
“Why use a bowl and dirty a dish when I know I’m going to eat the entire thing anyway?” Ace did have quite the appetite. She wouldn’t be surprised if he finished the entire box in under five minutes.
On second thought, a nearly a minute or so was all he needed, as he placed the now-empty cereal box on the table. He leaned back onto the sofa, resting an arm just behind her to get comfortable.
“Anyway. ( y/n ) how have you been since the last time we saw you? How are your classes treating you?” He spared her a glance from his book, seeing the rather tired expression she gave him. Her expression gave him his answer. He couldn’t stop the light chuckle that passed through his lips.
Classes were beyond stressful. She couldn’t even remember the last time she got a good night’s rest since the spring semester started. Even now, she was drained. But a night with her best friend would make it all worth it since it had been forever since they have done something together.
“But really, I’m fine,” She said through a yawn she had been holding in. 
“You sure you don’t wanna nap or something?” Ace questioned before stuffing yet another handful of cereal into his mouth. “No. I’m okay you guys, really.”
Ace took her word, reaching for the remote on the coffee table to turn on TV, turning on some adult animated show. ( y/n ) had watched alongside him for some time, creating a silence between the three of them.
Sabo’s head was still deep into the book in his hands. With every page flip, she grew more and more interested. Was it that interesting? What was it even about?
What kind of books did Sabo even read?
Was he a science fiction kind of guy? Maybe even fantasy or thriller? Or maybe even romance?
After a few internal arguments with herself, she managed to work up the courage to ask, “What are you reading, Sabo?”
He looked up from the novel, “It’s erotica. Probably not the type of book you’d be into.”
Sabo reads erotica?
“Never took you for a guy to read smut, Sabo.”
He grinned, “It’s a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. I used to not understand the appeal, but after reading one a few months ago, I’ve come to enjoy them.”
A man who reads his porn rather than watches it? How open and honest he was about it with her, like he trusted her. Maybe he was that open and honest with everyone and she was overthinking. But damn it didn’t help soothe her attraction to him.
Just what kind of erotica was he reading?
Her mind was running wild with ideas of what was written on those pages, placing herself in the shoes of the heroine and Sabo as the partner.
BDSM? Being tied up all pretty, like a wrapped gift for the taking. At the mercy of him to do whatever he pleased to her exposed figure.
Maybe impact play? Being bent over his knee, a cold heart-shaped paddle sending chills down her spine, waiting for the impact to come as she bit down on her bottom lip.
Or maybe even cuckholding? Sitting cock in hand, jerking himself the scene of her being pleasured in ways he couldn’t reciprocate.
“Don’t want to weird you out with the details. This one is kind of out there.” He placed his now empty mug on the coffee table.
“N-No, it’s cool! You can tell me...if you want to that is. I won’t be weirded out!”
“Somehow I knew you would say that. You’ve always been a curious girl,” He teased in a low voice, placing his hand on her upper thigh, giving her the chills. She was glad he wore his gloves otherwise he would be able to feel the bumps that formed on her exposed thighs from his cool touch.
He slowly retracked his hand from her thigh, letting his head fall back into his novel.
Unbeknownst to her, Sabo knew what he was doing. He wasn’t stupid. He may have been at night, but it sure wasn’t last night. Her attraction was obvious. Reading her body was easy, how stiff she would become when she was around either him or Ace.
The lingering glances, the nervousness. It was almost cute how much a flustered mess she would turn into.
To say she hadn’t been in his fantasies too would be a lie.
He often fantasied about ruining her to the point where she couldn’t even remember her name. A fucked out expression written on her face, make-up running down her beautiful face, drool on either side of her cute mouth he wanted to stuff full of his cock. The ropes of his essences landed on her chest.
But he wasn’t alone in his craving for her.
Ace shared Sabo’s craving and lust for ( y/n ). Daydreaming of her on top of him, riding his cock to her heart’s content, moaning his name. Or being between her thighs lapping at her folds, his digits scissoring her wet hole.
The two brothers wanted her in the same way and were very much willing to share. She had more than one hole to stuff.
The dark-haired man couldn’t stop the laugh that fell from his lips, “Didn’t take you for the kind of girl to read that kind of shit, ( y/n ).”
“What?! I-I don’t! I just—”
“Just what? Don’t get all embarrassed now, I’m just fucking with you,” He laughed, “There’s nothing wrong with it, everyone does it. Well...mostly everyone.”
He wrapped his arm around her shoulders, pulling her a bit closer to him, “Is that why you’re so jumpy? Haven’t had it in a while?”
She opened her mouth to defend herself, but no words had left her mouth. He was right. She wasn’t a saint, but she wasn’t giving herself out there to anyone.
She could probably count on one hand the number of times she’s had sex in the past few months. None of which she found herself truly enjoying or still thinking about to this day, at least in a good way.
“I’ll take your silence as a yes. These young boys on here don’t know how to take care of a woman,” grumbled Ace. “You’re still pretty young, Ace. So you talking about yourself?” Sabo challenged.
“Of course not! I still got it!”
“Really now? Prove it.”
“H-Huh?” ( y/n ) looked at Sabo with an expression mixed with surprise and confusion.
Just how the hell was Ace supposed to prove he could pleasure a woman? Looking in between the two brothers, she noticed the looks that they were giving each other, small smirks tugging at the corners of their lips.
What did they have planned?
Why was no one saying anything?
“Prove it? But I’ll need someone to prove it on, don’t you think?” Ace mentioned, playing dumb.
“I think we got the perfect candidate sitting right between us, right ( y/n )?” Sabo raised an eyebrow, placing his novel down on the table, “That’s what you want, right? You’ve been eye-fucking the both of us for a while now.”
She gulped, had she truly been that obvious? “I’m sorry, I—”
“No need to apologize. Why not just make your fantasies a reality?” Ace questioned, letting his hand pry between her thighs, forcing her legs open. She had only gasped mouth agape as she watched Ace’s hand disappear into her skin, his fingertips gracing the fabric of her damp panties. “Sabo, she’s already so aroused.”
She wanted to push his hand away, but this was her dream. But she couldn’t let go of the guilt that clouded her mind, “What...what about Luffy? You guys are his brothers. I don’t want to ruin my friendship with him because I’m attracted to both of you. And he could be back at any minute!”
“It’ll just be between the three of us,” Sabo promised, gripping her chin with two fingers, “We know our brother. We got quite some time before he’s back. Let’s have some fun before then.”
Sabo pressed his soft lips onto hers for a passionate kiss. She relaxed against his lips. He took the opportunity to allow his tongue to slip inside of her wet cavern.
Ace took one of her hands, placing it on over his clothed growing bulge, licking a stride up to her neck, before sucking on her skin, leaving bruises in his wake. His fingertips continued to toy with her damp panties, feeling her slit through the fabric.
( y/n ) moaned into Sabo’s mouth, his tongue swirling around hers before pulling away for a brief moment of air. He went back in, this time much rougher, more lustful, more hungry.
Ace climbed off of the sofa, kneeling in front of her. He fiddled with the button to her skirt, unbuttoning it before yanking them off of her, followed by her soaked panties. He opened her legs even further, looking at her glistening cunt.
He took one of her legs, placing a kiss on her inner thigh before throwing her leg over his shoulder. He let a finger slide down her wet slit, looking up at her to see her reaction. He watched her closely as he slid two digits into her cunt.
She jolted forward, pulling away from Sabo’s lips, looking down at him. Ace roughly scissored her cunt, watching her body react to his every move, clenching around his digits. “Your body’s so fucking needy for us. It’s cute,” He taunted, “Isn’t it, Sabo?”
Sabo hummed in agreeance, “You must have been thinking about us for a while now, haven’t you?” His question was met with a few pants and a mewl from her swollen lips.
The blonde tsked, reaching down to hold Ace’s hand still inside of her. Whimpers left her, feeling Ace’s ministrations come to such a sudden halt. Sabo held her face in place with his free hand, forcing her to look at him. “I need words, angel.”
“Y-Yes! Yes! I’ve been thinking about you both for so long,” She stammered a confession.
“Really? Or are you just saying that to get Ace to finish you off?” Sabo mentioned, forcing her to look at his eager brother on his knees.
“N-No! I mean it! Sabo...please,” She pleaded.
“Very well. But only because I want to see how beautiful my angel can be when she becomes overwhelmed.” Sabo released Ace’s hand, sitting back on the sofa, “Go wild, Ace. I think she’s deserved to cum.”
“You don’t have to tell me twice,” The dark-haired man grinned, placing yet another open-mouth kiss to her thigh, he added another digit setting a hard and fast pace into her cunt, all while his rough tongue flicked and suckled on her clit.
( y/n ) fisted his hair, throwing her head back in pleasure, moans, and whimpers of different octaves passing through those lips. Between his fingers and wet muscle, he had worked wonders. It didn’t take long for the band to stretch. Just by the way she had shifted and her whimpers, both men knew she was close.
“FUCK! OH FUCK!” She practically screamed eyes squeezed shut as her body jerked. She released her hard grip on his hair as he brought her back down from her peak, before retracting his fingers and mouth.
“You looked so pretty cumming for us. You think you can keep going, angel?” Sabo’s tone was almost taunting, seeing her struggle to catch her breath.
She glanced up meeting his lust-filled, dark eyes, “Y-Yes, Sabo. I wanna keep going.” She shook her head rapidly.
“That’s my...our angel,” He corrected himself, motioning to Ace who had been fisting the raging bulge hidden the towel, whispers of courses leaving his plump lips. “Look at him. So desperate to be inside of you. Yet he’s waiting so patiently for you. You wanna relieve him of his pain?”
“I do,” She breathed.
“Tell him that, angel,” Sabo grinned.
She spoke up, “Ace, please fuck me.”
The dark-haired man stood, undoing the towel, allowing it to fall onto the floor.
He was a bit skinnier than she had fantasized before while she lay awake in her bed, hand between her thighs with her back arched off of the fabric of her sheets. Nevertheless, he was still larger than any previous man she had been with.
“Get your hands and knees on the sofa for me, pretty girl,” Ace winked. She did as he said, climbing onto the sofa. Her body was completely on the sofa, ass to the air, as her face was hovering over Sabo’s lap. The dark-haired man took his place behind her, gripping her hips with his calloused hands, pulling her back onto him.
She could feel his cock slide up and down her slick, rubbing the tip in her arousal. She bit down on her bottom lip in anticipation, eagerly waiting for feel every inch.
Ace buried himself into her. A hiss slipped through his gritted teeth, feeling her warm, tight insides. “Damn, you feel so much better than I imagined! Wish I got the chance to fuck you sooner!”
A string of curses fell from her lips, leaning further onto Sabo, palming him through the fabric of his pants. Ace rolled out, snapping his hips forward in a fast and hard thrust. He set a rather slow pace into her, thrusting deep into her velvet walls. She felt like heaven, he wanted to take his pretty little time with fucking her.
With doe like eyes, she looked up at the blond. “I want...you too, Sabo,” ( y/n ) swooned.
He smirked. “Even with your greedy cunt filled, you still want more. Just how slutty are you?” Sabo teased, “But alas, how could I say no to you? How do you want me, angel?”
She hadn’t quite answered, taking it upon herself to show him. She planted kisses on his clothed cock between each deep thrust from the man behind her. The blonde grinned, “You want to blow me, angel?”
“I want to so bad,” She breathed, unbuttoned his pants. Sabo shifted, pulling his pants down, only far enough to release his cock from its confinement. She wrapped her hand around the base of his cock, his breath hiking up slightly. She wasted no time, taking what she could of him into her mouth until he hit the back of her throat. A shallow curse fell from his lips.
Ace’s deep thrusts made it easier for her to take more of Sabo into her mouth. She bobbed her head the best she could, moaning on Sabo’s length from Ace’s thrusts that kissed her cervix. Her tongue swirled around Sabo’s shaft and his sensitive tip.
The dark-haired man’s thrusts had turned rough, speeding up the pace. With a devilish grin, he reached down to rub harsh, rapid circles to her clit. She stilled on Sabo’s cock
The blonde gripped her hair before thrusting upward into her pretty mouth. She gagged around his length.
She felt a burning in the lower pit of her stomach, the inner fire that swelled overwhelmingly inside of her that she needed to release. Her walls clenched once more, just as her second orgasm ripped through her body like a storm, nearly sending Ace over the edge.
Just in time, he pulled out, spilling himself all over her ass.
Sabo continued his attack on her mouth, chasing after his release. Her drool seeped from the corners of her mouth, onto his cock. Sabo breathed, his eyes screwed shut, spilling into her mouth, forcing his essences down her throat.
He slipped his cock out, keeping it near her swollen lips, “Don’t waste a drop, angel.” She swallowed his cum, still pressing light kisses to his cock.
“Fuck, ( y/n ), that was fun. You’ll let us share you like this again, huh?” Ace questioned, leaning down to place a few kisses on her back. She didn’t answer, too fucked out to even think straight.
“( y/n )?”
“( y/n )?”
Her eyes shot open in a panic to see people standing over her. To her right was Ace now wearing clothes chowing down on some chicken and fries from some fast-food chain. To her left was Sabo still in his usual attire with now a newspaper in his hand. And in the middle was...
She looked down at herself seeing all of her clothes were still on, sighing in relief before rubbing the matter out of her tired eyes, “Was I...was I asleep?”
“You were knocked out the second you hit the sofa. You were so tired, you fell over into Ace’s lap,” Sabo answered, looking to Ace for confirmation. However Ace had fallen asleep standing up...again.
She recalled Ace just being in a towel earlier. Oh how embarrassing.
“So...so that was all a dream, oh thank god,” She mumbled under her breath.
“What was all a dream?” Sabo asked, “Did you have some kind of nightmare? You seemed a bit uncomfortable while you were sleeping.”
She could feel her face heat up, remembering what had taken place, “H-Huh?! Y-Yeah! A nightmare!”
“Do you want to talk about it?!”
Tumblr media
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dontknowplshelp · 2 months ago
You accidentally fall asleep on One Piece boys pt.2
-> with Ace, Sanji & Shanks
part 1
Tumblr media
it was after a battle that he fell into a deep sleep
you were taking care of him
one night you got worried and stood up to go check on him
obviously he was alright, but bad things kept crossing your mind
so it was decided
tonight, you would sleep with him
only to make sure he was alright ofc👀
you lied next to him and fell asleep right after
what woke you up so early you ask?
it was a fast, VERY loud sound
where it came from?
his heart
his crew stayed for some days at your village
y’all instantly became good friends
it was the night before he would leave & you were obviously sad
so of course there had to be some drinks on the last day, right?
you and shanks were in the middle of a conversation, when you felt your eyes getting heavier and heavier
it finally ended with your head laying on something
it felt like the sadness & even the cold wind weren’t there anymore
when you woke up, you understood why
you were laying on shanks shoulder, his jacket over your body
✨waking up in his arms✨
wanna know how and why?
it was nighttime when he heard you screaming
he came into your room, completely panicking but ready to fight everyone
started to laugh when you told him what you were scared of (maybe a spider or thunders idk)
you asked him to stay with you, just till your fear goes away
but buuum it happened again (another thunderstorm or the spider came again)
mf got also scared💀
so now you’re both in each other’s arms, no one’s moving
y’all eventually fell asleep
and that’s how I met your mother it happened🙌🏻
both completely flustered the whole time btw🥺
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zorokinniemoment · a month ago
Hey hey I was wonder if we could get a ace version of the face between boobs scenario but like the readers a total tsundere (btw I love your writing so much)
Ty (^_−)−☆ I hope I got the tsundere part decently.
Shanks Law Zoro Sabo
Tumblr media
You had been sent by whitebeard to get him some more sake that he was hiding in the kitchen’s locked pantry, it was a tight room that barely two people could fit in it. A special box was hidden inside that pantry’s ceiling, you had to use a chair to reach it.
The freckle faced idiot giggles as he pushes himself into the tight pantry, his hands grabbing your thighs from your positing on the tall chair. Startled at the calloused hands on your legs, your back bends and you fall forward causing him to thrust against the wall harshly.
The box slips, landing on the chair without any crashes, much to your relief. However, you were now held tightly by strong, muscular arms. His hot breathing was burning your chest, and the sound of fire crackles behind you.
“Why would you get in here, asshole!” You snarl at him.
“Mfhm.” His fingers clench around your skin, shoving you closer into him.
You manage to peer down at the top of his disheveled wavy hair. Finally realizing that his face was stuffed between your breasts, a dark red hue burned its way on your face.
You were stuck in a dilemma of punching him or bashfully melt to the floor.
“I’m going to kill you when we get out of here.” You grab a handful of his fluffy hair, forcing his head away. His face was bright red, a half drunken smile was stretched on his face and he looked as if he had been swimming in booze.
“Let me~” he whines. A hand reached to hold your wrist, you slowly released your grip on his hair. Your lip curled in your mouth and your teeth were digging painfully into it, fighting your inner voice to not just give in easily to this gorgeous man’s demands. Especially, not when whitebeard was waiting for his special sake.
His fingers pushed you closer to him, placing his face back to rest between your breasts as he lets out a delighted giggle. Your face burning with heat, sweat seeping through your skin as he begins pressing kiss along the curve of your breast.
You shake your head, snapping back to reality, narrowing your eyes at him before raising your hand and whacking the side of his neck.
“OU- you’re so mean to me.” His lips pursue into a sideways pout.
“…sorr- I mean, shut up. There is no time for this, idiot! You set Marco’s apron on fire.”
“HE DID WHAT TO MY APRON?” The pineapple head peeks into the pantry, gawking at his favorite apron as it burns to ashes in the corner. “You’re getting killed tonight.”
You briefly smirk as they start bickering with each other, quickly grabbing whitebeard’s box before turning your heel ready to run. You stop for a moment, turning back to Ace and dragging him by the chain to your height.
Your fingers hold his jaw tightly, leaning down to press a chaste kiss on his plump lips, turning away to leave him all hot and bothered in front of Marco’s smirking self.
Tumblr media
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kumamaskart · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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soleilnomoon · 3 months ago
I see that's a Zoro thirst era so here I am 🥴
Can I request a headcanon of him, Law and Ace? (separately) About how they would react to a small sized reader?? With like the cute moments and the feisty ones 👀
Lol from when I was little and still to this day I always was the "little" "cute" "short" friend that when cusses everybody goes like "OOOH! 😲" and I'm like Bruuuh!!!
Lol I hope someone can relate to this!😭
Could you make it a fem!reader?
Thank you in advance if you happen to accept the ask!
I really would like to know if this is also your situation or if you have friends like me! 🤣 (If you don't mind of course!)
i’m glad the zoro thirst train is still going strong lmao i love those three (obvy) — i’m actually 5’2”! i know that short life very well, no one takes you seriously until you snap ૮꒰ ˶• ༝ •˶꒱ა ♡ also since everyone around me has more or less been taller than me, it feels like a conspiracy. anyway, this came out longer than expected (i feel like i always say this lol) but i had fun <3
2.1k words, (short) fem reader, fluff, a tiny hint of angst, and a splash of nsfw stuff (hand job, public sex, spanking, yk cute stuff like that).
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the day you meet, he doesn’t take well to your presence at all; franky says he’s being too serious, and jinbe agrees, sanji doubling-down right after and reiterating what the first two say. it irks him, . you earn your spot; while you might not have the same physical capabilities of some of the others, no one can take away your tenacity. it’s a quality that luffy admires; he explicitly says as much, in front of everyone, that he wants to bring you into his group. make you one of them—and his decision is always final. 
eventually, you grow on him; he fights it tooth and nail, sometimes making you feel like you’re permanently going to be on his shit list. it’s a ruse, fortunately; he can’t quite make himself admit it, either. someone so small, so seemingly innocent—cute; even though zoro will never openly say that—so easily likable, everything about you intrigues him. it’s when you get into a silly argument with usopp and luffy, with a lot of misunderstanding—using words incorrectly (luffy, alone, is guilty), and before long, no one even remembers the original point of the argument. then zoro laughs out loud. the sound startles you; you’ve never seen him laugh that hard, his eye closing as he doubles over, and because of this, everyone else laughs too.
for some reason, the seamless way he was able to cut the tension, it warms you significantly. and it’s after that moment, that you become inseparable. you’re curious about his training and he doesn’t think when he says he can help build your endurance—enhancing your stamina will only make your crew that much stronger, he decides. through all of the sweat, the accidental tears, and the oppressive workout regimen, you learn more about his real ambition and he learns that you’re not just a cute, short, helpless person. you’ve got more bite than people realize. and he likes it.
and on a night where the sky is clear, you collectively decide to have a feast—to celebrate life, to mourn over fallen allies, to simply exist together. the music and laughter are loud enough to snuff out any extraneous sounds—but, this doesn’t mean you won’t try to keep quiet. after drifting away from your crewmates, drunk off of the party’s atmosphere, you end up on the balcony talking and joking with zoro. and maybe it’s because your presence is calming, or that you smell like warm vanilla, a hint of coconut, but he pulls you closer and kisses you. your lips part, his mouth devouring yours hotly, tongue thrusting inside recklessly. it leaves very little room for you to breathe, or for your brain to stop melting. when you do finally pull apart, you pant softly, hands shaking as they land on his chest; he has a knowing smile on his face, and even though your face flushes terribly, you can’t wait to kiss him again.
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he finds it impossibly inefficient of you to be this short; he likes to remind you of it whenever he can, evoking your wrath, eyes narrowed in anger. it’s appropriately adorable, which further proves his point that it is impossibly inefficient for you to be this short. everything is much too high for you to reach—you stomp your foot repeatedly when they take their time to help you. and even though law sternly told you not to try and climb things, you do it anyway. the first time he catches you, you nearly fall—your knee slips on the counter. if he hadn’t been close by, you would’ve hit your head pretty hard. as the ship’s captain, he finds it irresponsible of you; and as the ship’s surgeon, he thinks you should be placed in a small bubble where you can remain unharmed.
the second time he catches you, an unstoppable impulse shoots through him. taking long strides, he reaches you quickly; he plucks you off of the counter and unceremoniously tosses you over his shoulder. your mouth falls open in protest, face burning with embarrassment—you snap and tell him that you can walk your own damn self to whichever secluded area he wants to lecture you in. and, try as he might, law keeps his composure, until he just can’t anymore. you think you have the upper hand now, want to taunt him about it, but then his hand makes contact with your ass—giving it a nice, firm slap. 
you lose your train of thought, stumble over your words, and grab the back of his jacket. a soft moan comes out of your mouth and before you do anything else that’s shameful, you clamp your lips shut. it’s amusing to him, you trying to have some restraint—but he knows better. you’re defiant, fearless, and a pain in his ass; but somehow you’ve tethered yourself to him, anchoring his heart, a calm he’s never really experienced before. 
he finds this all annoying, and yet he can’t stay away from you. 
bepo’s already gotten on him about how he’s much more strict with you than he is with the others. barely blinking, he simply shrugs it all off, not needing or wanting to explain himself to his friend. besides, he hardly understands any of this himself. law refuses to acknowledge that he has feelings for you, because giving it a name will veer him off course. he can’t afford to let that happen.
still, he takes you to his office as you try to regain your logic; as he locks the door behind him, his hold tightens around you before he perches you on top of his desk. staring up at your captain, you eye him sharply, hating how much you want him to spank you again—and doubly hating how your thighs keep rubbing together. your expression is priceless; a smirk makes its way onto his lips, as he rolls up his sleeves.
“don’t move,” he instructs, his eyes darkening, keeping you rooted in the same spot. you sit there, holding in a breath, trying to figure out if this is a very long dream, or if it’s actually happening to you. after taking off his hat, law grabs his desk chair and sits right in front of you. there’s a charged energy in the air around you; it has you sinking your nails into the palms of your hands, leaving behind angry crescent moon shapes behind. he settles into the chair comfortably, brushing his thumb against his lower lip before saying, “take it off.”
the command propels you in action, you clumsily peel your clothes off, pausing only once you’re in your bra and panties. he fixes you with a hard look, fingers twitching slightly. “all of it.” his gaze unnerves you, makes an ache grow within you, your thighs rubbing against one another as he raises a brow at you. without thinking about it too much, you unhook your bra and toss it onto the floor. he watches you carefully, almost obsessively, afraid that if he blinks he’ll miss something crucial. you hastily tug your panties off, goosebumps traveling along your skin. you’re very aware of how law is watching you and when you finally spread your legs, he admires the way your arousal drips from your pussy, slow like honey, his cock hard and painfully trapped behind his jeans. he has every intention of showing you just what happens when you defy orders from him, and you know in the back of your mind that you’ll do it again just to push him to his breaking point, hoping he’ll fuck the bratty attitude out of you.
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because he’s much taller than you, he runs into you; a lot. so much that you ask him one day if he’s doing it on purpose. now, ace, being impossibly ace, will never willingly admit that he watches you more than he should; he will also never admit to liking the height difference between you two. he watches you struggle to reach things, laughs at the way your crew mates tease you endlessly about needing to grow an inch or three, and sees your temper shoot venom every time the jokes go a little too far.
after docking on a small island, you explore around, hoping to burn off some of your anger. the large ship is an impressive beast as it drifts in the water, acting as a landmark for you to return back to once you’re done. a few of your crew mates offer to explore with you, but you wave them off, seemingly annoyed with everyone, not wanting to lash out more than necessary if you can help it. you get turned around and end up in a clearing, the sound of water enticing you to get closer. because you’re so focused on the beauty in the fauna in the forest, you never hear him walk up behind you. 
he wraps his arms around you, affectionate and demanding. and even though you know it’s him, you let out a distressed shriek anyway. he grins behind you, laughing at your theatrics, spinning you around until you start laughing too. “i hate you.” it’s not even remotely true; you doubt you could ever hate him, no matter what, but he doesn’t need to know that, does he?
ace doesn’t believe you, even says that as he drags his lips along the side of your neck, smiling playfully against your skin; you inhale sharply, fingers grabbing his forearm desperately, your stubbornness crumbling when he starts leaving kisses behind. your skin burns; each kiss eviscerating the remnants of your anger. you whimper softly before turning around in his arms, eyelids half closed, your arousal getting the better of you; he’s not much better, his cock stiff and bothersome, begging him to do something. a groan slips out of his mouth when your hand tugs on the waistband of his shorts, deftly unbuttoning them and freeing his cock after sliding the zipper down.
you’re not sure what possesses you, but you just want to touch him repeatedly—maybe get it out of your system so you can carry on with your afternoon. you know, deep down, that that won’t exactly do the trick, but you want to try anyway. his mouth finds yours, giving you messy tongue kisses as your hand wraps around his cock and strokes it slowly. you might actually be the death of him one of these days; the pace is agonizing and even as his hips jerk forward, you won’t give him what he wants. yet. he sucks on your tongue and all of your restraint dissipates. 
your thumb rubs around the thick head, precum dripping out of his tip, and onto your hand. he’d be embarrassed if he hadn’t dreamt of having you like this — and in other ways, too — but when your hand tugs faster, his moans get louder, throatier, more desperate. he brings a hand to halt your movements and he pulls you to a nearby tree; when step out of your panties and hike up your skirt, he picks you up, using the tree trunk to hold you steady. when you wrap your legs around him, the length of his cock glides in between the folds of your pussy, pulling soft, pleading moans from you until you tug on his hair roughly.
he only chuckles at your ferocity, angles the tip of his cock with your needy entrance, and slides inside of you, pausing so that you can adjust before sliding in deeper. your nails sink into his shoulders, breath warm against his chest, his hips rocking against yours slowly as you call out his name. he never knew how much he needed to hear you come apart like this until now; his fantasy is dull in comparison; you’re so much more vibrant than his dreams portray. still, his hands are all over you all the same. you don’t even remember why you were so pissed in the first place, instead ace and his disrespectful mouth have temporarily muddled your memories. and you know that you should probably keep your voice down, but with each thrust, ace drags out sounds you didn’t know you were capable of making. 
as you lose yourself in him, his strokes get shorter, faster, terrifyingly addictive; he pounds into your pussy mercilessly, loving the way you clench around him whenever he hits a certain spot. he whispers filthy promises in your ear, your cheeks flush deeply, but you’re too preoccupied with the way he’s fucking you to care. the roughness of the tree bark digs into your skin, but you don’t care—you really, truly don’t. all that matters is this; you, ace, this sliver of time together, since there’s barely any privacy on your ship to begin with. you kiss him senselessly, lips swollen, the noises that your pussy makes as his cock slams inside of you turns you on so much that you almost don’t want it to end. so you whisper against his lips—tell him to keep on going and he fulfills that request until your voice is too hoarse for you to say anything, with tears staining your cheeks as you can hardly stand on your own without his help.
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writing-funsies · 3 months ago
OP characters with a soft s/o 4
p.1 | p.2 | p.3 | p.4 | p.5 | p.6
pairings: Ace x reader, Marco x reader
warnings: none
this boy had a knack for getting into messes
(must be a family thing)
he was always ready to throw down in defense of the people he cares about
even if it meant more trouble for everyone
he wasn't untouchable in terms of fighting
but it was pretty hard to actually hurt him
at least in a way that left more than a small bruise
the wounds he suffers from aren't physical
this poor baby had a lifetime of self-doubt and the self-confidence of a potato
maybe less unfortunately
enter you
you, his wonderful s/o
you know that he struggles with his self-image because of his dad
it can't be easy
but you've never cared about his past
you only care about him now
the man he's become
the man that falls asleep in the middle of chewing his food
the man who warms you in the cold
the man who stole your heart
with you, he believes he truly has found the most precious treasure in all the lands
and sometimes, he finds himself doubting that he deserves you
but you squash those thoughts immediately
you take his face in your hands
and place a gentle kiss on his nose or cheeks
with that, he knows
he knows how much you love him
how much you adore him
and that you deserve each other
you make each other happy
you show each other every day that you both deserve the world and then some
this man takes care of everyone else
he's always telling people to take better care of themselves
and patching them up after fights
he cares about his family
about all of the people he loves
to the point that he often neglects his own health
this phoenix may heal fast
but it's hard to heal what isn't physically broken
he works himself to exhaustion
and while he's still having a good time with his crewmates
he needs to take some time for himself to rest
so when he's been working for a few days straight
you bring him a snack and some hot tea
you sit down beside him
encouraging him to take just a moment to rest his eyes
knowing that you're hundred percent right, he relents
he couldn't argue with you
not over this
he'll take off his glasses
setting them on his desk
you two have a nice little chat
talking about his work and then moving to talk about the interesting things you've seen
you're able to talk him into stepping out of his office
you two stand at the edge of the Moby Dick
just relishing in the sunlight
a sense of ease settles into his heart
a pirates life isn't easy
but you make it all the better
you lift him up when he's down
and you bring him back to earth when he's floating away
he knows that at the end of the day, you'll be there
you'll always support him
you'll fight beside him
defending the family all of you have worked so hard to make and protect
and after everything is said and done
you'll provide him with everything he needs to get some quality sleep
he'll sleep beside you
a smile on his face
because what more could he ask for at this point?
he has the whole world
and he'd do anything to make sure his little bird stays safe and happy
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