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gender moodboard
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Dear Reblogs, Welcome to Hellsite High. As your principal, I’m excited to share my tips on navigating this wonderful hellsite we call Tumblr.
There’s something here for everyone. For new students, I suggest you check out tips on getting started and exploration. For returning students, see my tips on creating content and getting noticed. We recommend you continue your education by checking out some of these in depth resources.
Watch out for Pro Tips which are a collection of Hellsite High tips for advanced users.
Hellsite High Glossary offers definitions for common Tumblr terms.
Help Center offers website updates and technical troubleshooting support.
I look forward to seeing your success. ✨
Once a reblog, always a reblog!
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Cat Frazier Creator of Animated Text
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first snow 10:29pm & 6:54am
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neon star dividers
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please reblog if saving or using! ☆
*these work best with dark themes
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hello there!
humans is an official blog run by actual people who work at tumblr. we made this blog so that we can reply to y'all in the notes of various posts.
actual humans:
Cyle (@cyle, he/him)
i like cheeseburgers
James (@macmanx, he/him)
Happiness Engineer at Automattic, GIF-maker on Tumblr, Trumpet in Polyhedra, and general doer of things at place.
Lucila (she/her)
I refused to eat cows in the 80s, before it was cool
Emily (@bundtcake-enthusiast, she/her)
lied about my age to make my first tumblr account and now I work to make sure kids don't lie about their age to make their first tumblr accounts
Bea (@key, she/her)
i like building towns for cute animals for my silly mental health and hyperfixating on things i learned about on tumblr.
Cates (@adulthoodisokay, she/her)
Secret old and extremely online. If something's trending on Tumblr I probably know why.
Jess (@theinex, she/her)
I have a dog named Kirby who loves watching the Food Network (obvi Guy Fieri). If there’s something weird, wild, but most importantly fun, happening on this Hellsite (affectionate), I’m probably one of the wizards behind the curtain.
Rocco (@photosbyrocco, he/him)
i make a lot of buttons here on tumblr dot com
Caroline (she/her)
i'm here for kpop and memes
kat (@kat, they/she)
i use [tumblr].
Elena (@reallyserious, she/her)
Recovering single-subject-Tumblr creator.
Lindsay (she/her)
Some of my favorite things are immersive podcasts (Mission to Zyxx 🛸, Seincast), gaming in VR, and learning alongside my fellow humans.
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"This book made me insane" I say as if I was sane before
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— when i came back here after a 5-year hiatus, i never thought i’d hit 10k 😭 i spent almost most of my childhood on tumblr and made a lot of great memories and friendships and now i want to keep that up. i wanted to leave this hell site for so many reasons (and i did indeed) but later i became aware of the fact that i feel peaceful when i make people feel something. so i’m glad i came back here this month last year and met these incredibly talented and creative and fun people, thank you, thank you, thank you to people who just started following me or have been following me for the past 10 years! 🎉🥳 i wanna tag some bloggers i follow (you don’t have to ‘cause i love your blog and it’s all that matters <3), some of them for a while and some of them since 2013 :)
@acecroft @achingly-shy @aegons-targaryen @after-glow @aleksander-morozovas @alpacaseoks @amaapanda @ambertea @anakin-skywalker @anakinobi-wan @anakinpadme @anakinskywalkier @andormeddows @andremichaux @anistonjen @anthonysperkins @anyataylorjoy @arachnidfellow @arthurpendragonns @asterflores @barnesdjarin @barryallcn @bellamuertes @bellamysgriffin @benoitblanc @bestintheparsec @beyonce-knowles-carter @bill-weasley @bladesrunner @brandon-lee @brittany-murphy @bruce-wayne @buckybarness @buckys @buckysbarnes @burningblake @calliope-burns @cammitchell @captainevans @carlos-reyes @carricfisher @cassielang @cervelli @christinepalmers @christophernolan @chrrispine @cleastrnge @clintfbarton @coldasyou @comicbookvillain @cramseys @cutieodonoghue @daenerys-targaryen @dafoes @dailyreverie @daisyreys @damerondjarin @damn-salvatore @darksber @deathstars @di-n @dicapriho @diegohargreevess @disabledameron @djarin @doramilaje @drew-jessica @duchessofhastings @eccleston @eddymunsons @elarabook @elenas @elizabethgillies @elizabetholsens @elytrians @emmaduerrewatson @ewan-mcgregor @expelliarmus
@ferrisbuellers @finns-poe @frodo-baggins @frodo-sam @fruityolsen @ghost-of-masyaf @goldstargays @goswinding @gr-ogu @gracesmouat @grogusmando @guinevereslancelot @h-zemo @haileesteinfelds @harliesquinn @hayaosmiyazaki @hayden-christensen @haydencristensen @henricavyll @hoaxs @hoe-biwan @hopemikelson @hunterschafer @ioveddie @iridescentides @ironstarks @ivypoiison @jackharkness @jackpearcsn @jaeausten @jakeledgers @jakeperalta @jamesbuchenan @javier-pena @jeanerso @jedimasterobi @jennaortegas @jennifersbod @jeremystrongs @jjdimeo @jokerous @jonathan-byers @jonathansreids @joseph-quinns @julesfairmont @julianavalds @juliastiles @julietteifairmont @juliettes-fairmont @justsomeoneunordinary @kamalaskhans @katieleung @keanurevees @kevinfeiges @kiddseveride @kieumy-vu @kingofmyborrowedheart @kiraslight @knightwayne @korolreznik @ktconnor @kylosroboarm @laurens-german @layla-el-faouly @letoatreiides @locketnote @lokihiddleston @lokilau-feyson @luke-skywalker
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SKZ Drabble-OT8
Being in a pack isn't hard, not when every instinct you've ever had is pack, family, group. What is difficult though is being in a pack where everyone is so incredibly hot and so damn nice all the time, and did you forget to mention attentive? And god, they all smell ridiculously good. Being attracted to your mates isn't bad right? But it's definitely gonna make things a little more difficult, you know, when that time of the year rolls around. Shit, you're really in for it, huh?
Or the SKZ A/B/O no one asked for. 👀
Tags: Stray Kids, SKZ, A/B/O, Alpha Beta Omega Dynamics, SKZ ABO, SKZ x you, SKZ x reader, Stray Kids x you, Stray Kids x reader, ot8, Poly!skz, Bang Chan, Lee Minho, Seo Changbin, Hwang Hyunjin, Lee Felix, Han Jisung, Kim Seungmin, Yang Jeongin, Mentioned Ateez
Genre: Fluff, Light Angst, Non-Explicit Smut
Title: Wolf Inside
Tumblr media
It all starts with Yeosang.
He plops down beside you at your secluded library table, tipping his sunglasses back, taking a long sip of his iced coffee, and instantly, you're overwhelmed by the all too strong scent of briny sea and bleached driftwood and sharp kelp rotting in the afternoon sun.
Your best friend usually smells pleasant-like a walk along the beach at sunset, all soft blues and warm sand-but today, today it makes your eyes water and you feel yourself unconsciously shifting away from him.
Yeosang glances over at you and his eyes suddenly widen, nostrils flaring.
Uh oh.
"Shit." You cough out, covering your nose with your palm, breathing through your mouth, thoughts suddenly muddy, because all you can focus on is how incredibly strong the fellow alpha's scent is.
Yeosang carefully slides to another chair, further away from you, and eyes you sympathetically from beneath blonde bangs.
"Yeah, you smell-" He considers, and you're sure he's trying not to hurt you're feelings, because he may be an alpha, but he's also your friend first and foremost. "-a little strong today."
You groan and lay your head down on the table, staring blankly at your open textbook, now long forgotten.
"This is bad timing."
Yeosang tentatively reaches out a cautious hand and gently pats you on the shoulder, while still remaining as far away from you as possible, nose shielded with the sleeve of his shirt.
You're sure your own scent-a mixture of heady wisteria and snow covered pine-is almost unbearable.
You start to shove your books into your bag, because honestly, you're not sure what to do now, the only thought in your head, crowed loud by your wolf, is, home home home.
Yeosang takes another long drink of his coffee, keeping his nose buried in the cup to try and block out the waves of pheromones that you're sure must be coming off of you in waves, especially now, in your distress.
"Did you not know?"
You feel hot, you need to get out of here, get out into the outside air, away from the suddenly all too many smells that are threatening to overwhelm you.
"I didn't track." You reply, as if it's a valid enough reason, slinging your backpack over your shoulder, as you raise your arm up to cover your nose. "Stupid, huh? I kinda forgot with finals coming up."
Yeosang offers you a look of sympathy and understanding and a gentle smile.
"Sorry, boo. You don't smell bad-"
"Just overwhelming. I know." You nod, taking a step back from him, and don't miss the way a group of omegas turn to glance over at you from another table, eyes suddenly wide and dark. "I need to go. Sorry, Sang."
Yeosang nods, and you know if anyone understands, he does.
He gives you a little wave of his fingers, still breathing through his mouth, even though you've put distance between the two of you.
"I know. Text me when you get home, yeah?"
Your wolf latches onto the word, and suddenly your feet are moving of their own accord.
"I will."
Walking into the apartment that the pack shares is always nice-everything smells like home, comforting and familiar, a mixture of all of your scents-but today, when you're already feeling way too sensitive and overstimulated, like you want to jump out of your own skin, well, it's all too much.
It hits you all at once-the strong, heady, woodsy scents of the other alphas, the sickly sweet, honeyed scents of the omegas, the calm, mellow in between of the betas-and you're choking on air, dropping your backpack beside the door without even kicking off your shoes, stumbling over your own feet in your hurry to cover your nose and mouth.
You take a few deep calming breaths of your own scent, stuck in the creases of your palm, and try to focus on getting down the hallway and to the bathroom.
If you can just take a shower, just wash off the overpowering presence of your own scent, get rid of all the others clinging to you like sticky sweat, then maybe-
"Hey, you're home early."
Changbin appears in the hallway, and you're instantly assaulted by the fellow alpha's aggressively smokey scent-all campfires and ashy logs burning into coals-and it's definitely too much, because you feel something inside of you clench up instinctively, feel your wolf bare its teeth on reflex.
"Shit." You curse beneath your breath, backing up into the wall, as far away from Changbin as you can manage.
His eyes go wide then, and you know he's caught a whiff of your pheremones, pulsing in the air between the two of you now, rolling off of you like a warning.
"Oh." Changbin's lips part slightly, revealing a flash of white teeth, and suddenly your wolf is changing its tune at the sight, whimpering, begging for him to pin you down, rake his teeth across your throat-
So damn fickle.
"Yeah." You manage to get out between your own gritted teeth, glancing toward the closed bathroom door. "I really need to-"
Changbin hears your unspoken words, because he's putting his hands up and backing away slowly, allowing you to scurry past him and into the safety of the bathroom, hand clenched firmly over your nose.
You slam the door shut behind you with a sigh and take a few moments just to breath-in out, in out, in out-trying to clear the haze that seems to have settled over your thoughts as soon as you smelled Changbin, as soon as you caught a scent of him.
"Pull it together." You whisper, and you're not really sure if you're talking to yourself or the desperate wolf still clawing away at your insides.
But you know, either way, it's impossible, will be impossible, until you get through this sudden pre-rut and the following rut.
You shed your clothes and turn on the water as hot as it will go, stepping into the flow, letting the scalding drops burn across your skin, even though you feel like you're currently on fire, temperature already spiking in preparation, way above normal.
You flip the dial to the cold temperature now and wait, the water cooling rapidly, until its icy and frozen against your flushed skin, hoping that the sudden change will snap something to alertness inside of you, level and cool your head.
It does nothing but make you shiver, and you step out of the shower no less worked up than before, mind no more clear.
Pulling on a clean pair of sweats that only smell of laundry detergent helps some, and by the time you manage to reemerge and brave the living room, you feel slightly less manic than before.
Slightly is the key word.
Changbin is nowhere in sight and you breathe a sigh of relief, but that's a mistake, because as soon as you inhale, your nose is filled with a sent so cloyingly sweet, so incredibly tempting, it makes your mouth instantly water.
It's the smell of oranges ripened perfectly by the sun and fresh baked sugar cookies and just the hint of spicy vanilla.
Your eyes alight on the source, sitting on the living room couch, and you're pretty sure you're practically drooling at this point.
He glances up when you enter, smile wide, beautiful eyes even wider, and his freckles crinkle with the strength of his happiness at the sight of you.
If you were in active rut, you would've jumped the omega at first sight, but this is pre-rut, and you're slightly more in control of your emotions, of your instincts.
Slightly is still the key word.
So instead, you fist your hands into the material of your sweatpants and stay in the doorway, making no move toward him, because honestly, god, he smells amazing, and you don't trust yourself to get any closer to him, just in case.
"Hi, Lix." You choke out, resisting the urge to cover your nose once more with the palm of your hand, inconspicuously checking for drool around the corners of your mouth instead as you raise your hand.
He gets up from the couch then, heading toward you, eyes bright, arms outstretched, and the scent of oranges is intoxicating and you can't.
"Oh my god." You practically moan, and Felix stops in his tracks, because you're sure, you've just released a wave of pheromones so strong that you're surprised it hasn't physically knocked him back.
His pupils dilate almost comically, and his mouth drops open, and you know that look, you know it, and you hate it, because you know, beyond a doubt, that his wolf is screaming at full volume now, and the only thing it's chanting, over and over and over again, is alpha alpha alpha.
"Don't, Felix." You warn, covering your nose now even though it won't help, backing into the doorframe, even as he comes closer to you, and dammit, you want to ignore every sign your body is screaming at you, want to give in, want to listen to your wolf when it whispers he's right there, take him, you know he wants it.
You shake your head, trying to physically clear the thoughts from your head, and Felix takes another step toward you, as if he's entranced, drawn to you without thinking, and he probably is.
Luckily for the both of you, Jisung picks that moment to enter the room, saving the both of you from the insistent howling of your crazed wolves.
"Woah." His pupils go wide and dark at the overwhelming smell that must be permeating the room, you and Felix, all mixed up and intertwined together, and then he's spurred into action, leaping in between the two of you, stopping Felix's forward advance with a strong palm on his chest. "Easy, Felix, buddy."
He glances over at you, nose twitching, and you know, know even as a beta, that he's struggling being this close to your scent, so overwhelmingly alpha, sense it in the way he holds his body tense, smell it in the way his scent-usually clean and fresh, like spring hung laundry-bitters slightly, acrid on your tongue.
"Pre-rut?" He asks, though you know he already knows the answer, knows before you even nod wordlessly.
He glances back to Felix, the omega's forward advances stilled, and his eyes look slightly clearer now, though his face is still dreamy, still under the control of your significantly weaker, but still present, pheromones.
"I didn't know you guys were home." You offer helplessly, sudden shame darkening your cheeks, making you feel hot once more.
"It's fine, baby girl." Jisung is quick to reassure you, reaching out to swipe a few fingers down the length of your neck, calming you with a brief, gentle touch over your scent gland.
The air smells more like sun bleached laundry now, and less like the crisp, sharp scent of winter chilled pine.
Felix takes in a deep breath through his mouth and shakes his head, and you finally see his eyes clear completely, as if he's dropping back into himself.
"Damn. That was a trip."
"Sorry, Lix." You apologize sheepishly, hands still curled into your sides. "I should've checked to be safe."
"It's all good, Noona." Felix offers you a large grin, eyes crinkling, freckles stretching, and the wolf inside of you flares possessively for a moment at the sight, at the innocently sweet omega standing before you.
You push the thought, and your wolf, back down.
Jisung looks slightly more relaxed now, letting his hand drop from Felix's chest and tangle with his fingers instead, as he shoots you a slightly amused, slightly empathetic look.
"Finals are gonna be rough for you this year, huh?"
You groan and sink back against the door frame, trying to ignore the sweet smell of Felix still lingering in the air, making your skin itch.
"They're always rough. Now they're gonna be hell."
If the first day of pre-rut is rough, then the second is absolutely unbearable.
Everything makes you twitch, every single smell is overwhelming, and the only thought that keeps bouncing around in your head is pack, pack, pack.
Not to mention, you're so incredibly horny that you feel like you need to constantly take a cold shower.
And this, this 'before time', is always usually the easy part.
It's gonna pale in comparison to the actual rut itself.
You hate it.
So after you've read the same sentence in your book at least fifty times, you flop over onto your back on your bed and stare at the ceiling, trying to ignore the growing heat beneath every inch of your skin.
You're trying to stay away from everyone, trying to make it all easier on them, because you know you smell ridiculously strong right now, know your increased pheromones aren't doing anyone any favors.
No one is safe right now-alpha, beta, omega-no one.
But you're also weak, and selfish, and the wolf inside of you is practically begging at this point to be with someone, anyone, and so when Chan shows up at your door, letting you know that lunch is ready, scent blocker clearly liberally applied under his nose, you can't help the low whine that escapes your throat at the sight of him.
His pupils blow at the sound, and you can practically see the wolf inside of him raise its head in interest.
"What's wrong?" He sighs with the start of a fond, soft smile, and when you make grabby hands at him instead of answering, he indulges you, crawling onto the bed with you and wrapping around your back, nosing at the crook of your neck.
You relax instantly, the smell of rain drenched earth and heady loam washing over you with his closeness, and allow him to scent you, because the strong smell of your own scent is giving you a headache, and this may be the first respite you've had all day, Chan mixing his scent with your own, toning once sharp oranges down to muted yellows in your brain.
"You don't have to stay away from us all you know." He murmurs against your skin, fingers curling into the front of your sweatshirt, breath warm as it washes across your throat. "Not yet at least."
You sigh.
"I know that, technically, I don't have to, not until my actual rut starts, but-" You hesitate, and you feel Chan push himself up on an elbow to glance down at you, though you don't meet his gaze, chewing on your bottom lip worriedly. "You didn't see the look on Felix's face, and I can't, I don't want to make it harder for anyone than it has to be."
The other alpha sighs now, and you try to ignore the way his fingers stroking across the bare skin beneath the hem of your sweatshirt feel, try to focus on the strong burst of petrichor he gives off with his next serious words.
"But you're making it harder on yourself. And you're part of this pack too, you know."
You roll onto your back to look at him then, and the corner of your mouth lifts into the hint of a self patronizing smile, as you reach up to carefully thumb at the streak of greasy scent blocker beneath his nose.
"So this is just for fun then, Christopher?"
He rolls his eyes and captures your raised hand, lifting it to his lips to brush a brief kiss across the back of your knuckles, and even that short contact has something inside of you shivering.
Damn pre-rut.
"It's just a precaution."
"Because I stink." You supply dryly, watching his expression for any minute reaction.
"You don't stink." He stammers out, clearly caught off guard, and you have to focus on biting back the smile that is threatening at his very obvious and sudden discomfort. "You actually smell really-"
You wait, but he doesn't continue, and he's squirming now, caught beneath your pointed gaze.
Teasing Chan is taking your mind off of some of the pre-rut misery, so you decide to press just a bit further, because, why not?
Surging upward, you straddle him, and by the way his pupils blow at the sudden weight of your body on his, you know his wolf is reacting, snarling inside for something more.
You know, because yours is doing the exact same thing.
"Tell me, Channie." You purr out, leaning over him, pinning him against the bed, the wolf inside of you baring its teeth dominantly at the flash of the other alpha's exposed throat. "What do I smell like?"
The room reeks strongly now of a field of wisteria drenched in a torrential downpour-the effect of your two scents mixing-and something, some little voice in the back of your brain, warns you not to go too far.
Chan swallows, you see the way his throat bobs, and something deep within you has your teeth aching painfully, wanting to nip, to bite, to scent, to mark.
You resist the urge, but just barely.
"You smell really, really good." Chan breathes out, and the slight hitch in his voice is enough to make you want to pounce.
But you don't, because the voice is louder now, yelling above the frenzy of your wolf, and you reluctantly release him from your hold, sliding off of him, standing up from the bed as he lays there for another brief moment, looking slightly dazed.
The overwhelming wave of wisteria starts to die down now, like flowers wilting beneath a too hot sun, like the faint whiff of someone's perfume left behind after their exit from a room, and Chan's pupils slowly shrink back down to their usual size as he sits up slowly.
He glances over at you, and you suck your bottom lip in between your teeth and bite down, if only to keep yourself grounded. The taste of sharp copper overrides the scent of forest after a spring storm, and you can feel your wolf gradually quieting, shrinking into the background once more.
"Dangerous." You murmur, more to yourself than anyone else, but Chan nods in agreement, reaching up to rake a hand through his mussed hair as he stares back at you, golden irises still molten and swirling, like a freshly minted coin.
The third day of pre-rut, the day before the actual rut, is hell, but in a completely different way.
It's way less horny, and way more misery.
You feel like you've been hit by a bus.
Everything hurts, the lights are too bright, sounds are too loud, everyone's scents are simultaneously the only thing that gives you comfort and the main thing that gives you a throbbing headache, and you're pretty sure if you have to get out of your bed, you'll die.
So you don't. You simply burrow under your blankets and go back to sleep.
You don't know what time it is when the door to your room cracks open cautiously, because you've kept the curtains drawn religiously, but you know it's probably well past noon judging by the way the light is creeping across the floor.
The saccharine scent of omega floods the room.
You lift your head to see who it is, eyes narrowed against the light, hair sweaty and tangled and sticking up at odd angles, and honestly, you're shocked the other alphas have even let the omegas close to you when you're this close.
Your body aches, and your throat feels like its raw and sore, but the smell of Jeongin and Hyunjin, still standing in the cracked doorway, instantly seems to soothe some of your pains, licking over your body like a cool stream of water, cooling you down, if only a little.
You let your lips part, your tongue slipping out and across your dry lips, self indulgently allowing yourself to taste them both open mouthed for a moment, before your rein yourself back in and croak out, "You guys shouldn't be here."
Hyunjin is the first to step into the room, Jeongin following close behind on the other omega's heels, closing the door quietly and snugly behind them.
"Chan-hyung said it was okay." The older omega stops short of the bed, and you glance up at him through blurry eyes, fingers gripping into your sheets. "Besides, we used scent blockers, don't worry, noona."
Jeongin peeks over Hyunjin's shoulder, eyes wide and dark, and there's a sort of high pitched whine that leaves his throat at the sight of you, a trembling keen at the sight of one of his alpha's reduced to a pile of agony on the bed.
The sound rouses something inside of you, and your wolf is practically whimpering, telling you to do something, anything, but just comfort the omega.
"C'mere, Innie." You whisper, because you feel like if you raise your voice any louder, it's going to aggravate the headache that still pounds dully behind your eyes.
He hesitates, torn between the cry of his wolf and the cautious warnings of his brain, and the corner of your lip curls into the start of a humorless smile.
"I promise, I won't bite. That'll happen tomorrow, I'm sure. But for now, I haven't completely lost control yet."
Hyunjin nudges Jeongin toward you, and it must be the final push he needs, because the younger omega happily slides beneath the comforter next to you without any more prompting.
You wrap your arms around him and bury your nose in his hair, and the wave of cinnamon and freshly baked bread that washes over you at the action has your body relaxing more than it has in the past twenty four hours.
Everything feels heavy, and it hurts, but the presence of an omega-one of your omegas-has your wolf finally purring with contentment for the first time since you started pre-rut.
You reach out for Hyunjin, still standing motionlessly beside the bed, doing your best not to jostle Jeongin, and the older omega immediately complies with your silent request, sliding into the bed beside the other boy.
There's a new scent now, one you recognize as Hyunjin's, a waft of delicious lemony cake glazed with the sweet tones of honey, and then their scents are mixing together into an intoxicating, comforting cocktail that hints at kitchens used for baking on a warm spring afternoon.
You let out the breath you have been holding, hell, it feels like since you started pre-rut in the library that afternoon with Yeosang, and bury your face once more into Jeongin's hair, fingers tangling into Hyunjin's long, golden locks.
They're soft under your fingers, like strands of spun silk.
Jeongin whimpers softly, nosing at the hollow of your throat, and you pull back, glancing down at him, at the way the scent blocker-that damn scent blocker-smears beneath his button nose like grease that's not meant to be there.
Omega is sad. Help omega.
"What's wrong, Innie?" You ask gently, reaching up to carefully pinch his chin between your fingers, holding his wide, dark gaze. "Tell alpha, baby."
"Don't like that I can't smell you." He whines high in his throat, and something clenches in response inside of you, something that is so utterly alpha, something that is suddenly screaming at you fix it fix it fix it.
"Ahhh baby, I know." You hum back under your breath, Jeongin snuggling in against your chest at the comforting vibrations, as you lean down to press a gentle kiss into his hair. "But it would be too much right now. It's for everyone's safety."
Jeongin sniffs, but nods, and your fingers find and tangle with Hyunjin's against the smaller omega's back.
"But if it helps-" You start again, voice low and fond, fingers carding through his dark hair. "-I can smell you, and it's making me feel a whole lot better."
There is a new, stronger surge of cinnamon at your words, and Jeongin looks up at you, starting to smile for the first time since you've seen him.
You nod firmly. "Really."
"C'mon, Innie, don't be sad." Hyunjin speaks up, leaning up to rest the sharp jut of his chin in the younger's shoulder, nosing against his scent gland comfortingly as he does so. "Once noona's rut is over, you can smell her all you want."
You meet his piercing gaze, and offer him the hint of a smile, because Hyunjin will deny it, but you know he's just as affected by your lack of scent as his younger packmate.
"But until then-" You lean closer to Jeongin, pressing a gentle kiss over the scent gland that rests in the crook of his neck, and he shivers beneath you, delicious and pliant and putty in your hands.
The alpha inside of you purrs.
"-I can scent you. And then you can have me with you after you take the scent blockers off."
Jeongin looks up at you again, and his pupils are incredibly black.
"Please scent me, alpha."
"Mmm." You hum in contentment beneath your breath, leaning into him, arms caging him in place, nose brushing a long line over his throat, right across the sensitive scent glands. "Such a good omega for alpha, aren't you baby boy?"
Jeongin makes a sound in his throat, and the scent of cinnamon is practically overwhelming now.
Scenting an omega is always an enjoyable experience, but pre-rut? It's practically sinful.
You rub your scent all over the whining, squirming Jeongin, and when you're thoroughly satisfied, you pull back, licking your lips and admiring the way his pupils have basically taken over the warm amber of his eyes.
Hyunjin takes an experimental whiff of the younger omega and his own pupils blow.
"God, you smell incredibly, Innie."
You smirk wickedly at the other omega, and tug him toward you by the chin, fingers curling into his skin.
"Your turn, Jinnie? Wanna be a good boy for alpha and let me scent you too?"
He must catch a slight trace of your pheromones, even through the thick scent blocker, because Hyunjin is suddenly omega shaped putty in your hands, and he's nodding eagerly.
"Scent me, alpha. Please."
Mine, the wolf inside of you crows triumphantly as you place your nose against Hyunjin's bared throat, all mine.
You wake up the next morning, and you're hot, and sticky, and sore, but mostly just incredibly and annoyingly turned on.
The mere thought of seeing one of your other pack members has you high tailing it to the ensuite bathroom for a long, cold shower.
You pull on one of the other alpha's worn hoodies, hoping that maybe the smell of them left behind will be enough to ground you, but as you flop back onto the bed, the warm notes of Minho, bergamot and amber, do nothing but increase the persistent itch beneath your skin.
Groaning, you throw your arm over your eyes and wish for death.
Your ears prick at the sound of the door opening, but you don't uncover your eyes, not until the amber is back, flooding over you, way stronger and more present than the faded smell of the hoodie you wear.
Your wolf paces impatiently.
"You look like shit."
"Yeah, well I feel like it." You quip back, cracking open an eye to see the other alpha standing over you, hands on his hips, one eyebrow raised. "Did you just come here to rub it in?"
Minho rolls his eyes and sits down on the edge of the bed, mattress dipping beneath his weight.
You try to ignore the way his smell swirls around you at the movement, making your mouth water, the itch now mounting into a painful burn.
"No. I came to check on you, believe it or not."
"Ah, that's sweet." You reply back dryly, shifting slightly to try and fight down the growing urge to devour him whole.
He's playing a dangerous game, and by the look in his eyes, he knows it.
"Do you wanna put your dick where your mouth is? Cause if not, get out."
Minho grins sharply, all teeth and wet pink tongue, and something inside of you clenches with intense need.
You want.
"I always forget how pissy you get when you're in rut, sweetheart."
"I am not pissy." You grumble back, swallowing hard and closing your eyes, wiling the sudden heat between your legs to please just go away. It doesn't. "Listen, Minho, I really need you to-"
Your words drop off into a sharp intake of breath at the feel of his fingers.
He smirks, leaning over you, leaning into you, and the smell of warm amber is practically overwhelming, mixing, intertwining with the sharp smell of a dawning winter day over a pine grove.
"Need me to what, sweetheart?" He murmurs smugly, curling his fingers, your body arching up into his without thought. That damn smirk grows wider by the moment. "Do this?"
The ache spikes as he does it again, and the itch under your skin is now licking flames down your spine, burning you up from the inside out, and the only thought you can conjure through the heat of the haze is mine mine mine.
The wolf inside of you growls possessively as Minho lathes his tongue over a sensitive spot of your scent glands.
You flip the two of you over without much thought, and if Minho is surprised, he doesn't show it, merely watching you carefully from his new spot on the mattress, the notes of bergamot in the air deepening almost imperceptibly, wisteria blossoms beginning to creep into the spaces his scent has left.
"We're going to do this my way."
Minho looks completely relaxed beneath you, the only give away to his own arousal the slight molten hue taking over his golden irises.
"Whatever you say, alpha."
You take in a deep breath, the air heady with floral, your scent, and carefully raise a hand to his neck, letting your fingers trail down the line of his scent glands, splay across the base of his throat.
Minho is usually pretty unreadable, but his expression falters for a brief moment at your pointed touch, and then he shudders beneath you.
Your wolf snarls in triumph.
"You're so pretty like this, Minnie." You muse quietly, taking in every inch of his body slowly with your eyes, admiring the way the other alpha squirms minutely beneath you. "All on display, just for me."
He wants, your wolf whispers smugly, wants you.
Minho's openly panting now, lips slightly parted, and the spike of your scent in the air clues you into how much affect you're having on him.
You know it's mainly just the rut pheromones, extremely strong and incredibly overpowering, but something inside of you preens at the thought that another alpha is so openly lusting after you.
"What do you want?" You purr, leaning over to nose your way along his glands, intent on filling every inch and crack of Minho with you, with your scent.
You relish the way his fingers dig into your hips, relish the way he pulls you down to him, the way his body reacts to your own.
His lips are on yours, tongue licking into your mouth, hot and wet and insistent, and he tastes like how a bakery would smell, and you love it, because something about it is just so intrinsically Minho.
"I want you."
And later, when you're curled up at his side, both of you panting now, coming down from the high, bare skin sweaty and flushed, sticking wherever you touch, Minho reluctantly cards his fingers through your hair and grumbles out beneath his breath, "Damn, I really hate ruts."
You laugh, running gentle fingers across his bare chest in nonsense patterns.
"No you don't."
Minho growls, low in his throat, rolling his eyes, but leans over to scent you anyway, and the wolf inside of you howls in delight.
Day two is worse, which you thought was impossible, but every year, you're reminded that it is indeed entirely possible.
Seungmin and Jisung show up some time around noon, trays of food held in their hands, and you groan at the sight of them, sitting sweaty and disgusting in messy sheets.
You haven't even worked up the energy to shower yet.
Jisung offers you the hint of a smile, his cheeks puffing, and carefully sets down the food on the bedside table.
"How're you feeling?"
"Like shit." You answer back honestly, the smell of the food making your stomach rumble, but the thought of actually eating making you incredibly nauseous.
Seungmin sets down his offerings, and stands watching you for a moment, face unreadable.
"The hyungs say you should eat. It'll help."
You glance over at the younger beta, and are suddenly grateful they're the ones who have brought you food, simply because their fresh clean scents are the first ones in days that haven't made your core clench and gush with absolute need.
They still look and smell delicious enough to eat but-
You shake your head, clearing the cobwebs of those thoughts from your mind, and tentatively reach out for the iced tea they have brough you, taking an exploratory gulp.
The sweet liquid coats your throat like honey and you gulp down the rest of the glass.
"I'll try okay?" You supply back noncommittally as the two betas continue to stare at you and the still untouched food. "I don't really have an appetite."
"That's not what Minho-hyung said yesterday." Jisung replies smugly, earning himself a sharp hit to the arm from Seungmin. "Ow! What the hell was that for?"
"Whatever he told you, it was all his idea." You answer back nonchalantly, reaching for a grape, and tentatively biting down on the sweet fruit between your teeth. When the gush of juice doesn't immediately make you want to throw up, you reach for another. "I had nothing to do with it."
"Sure." Jisung snorts, and you shoot him a smug grin around the grape you're currently eating.
You note the smear of scent blocker beneath Jisung's nose and sigh, waving around at the room tiredly.
"Does it stink in here? Or do I just really need to shower that badly?"
The joke does nothing to help the sudden drop in mood.
"Nah." Jisung waves his hand reassuringly, reaching out to carefully pat your thigh.
The skin is so sensitive in your current state that the touch of his fingers has you feeling like a live wire, and you do your best to swallow down the sudden desire with the rest of your grape.
"It smells like you still just-" He hesitates, and you can see the wheels turning in his head. "-a lot stronger."
You let out a bark of unamused laughter and lean back on the bed, letting out a long, drawn out sigh from between your teeth. "Yeah. I figured."
"Do you need anything?" Seungmin asks quietly, seriously, and his words accompany a whiff of ginger, spiking with his sudden anxiety and worry.
Soothe soothe soothe.
You sit up, almost falling off the bed in your rush to comfort the younger beta.
"No, seriously, I'm fine, Seungie! Don't even worry about me."
It's a blatant lie, but the minute relaxation of his face at your words makes your wolf lower its hackles a bit at least.
"You've all been taking very good care of me. Tomorrow should be the last day, and then everything will be back to normal, okay?"
The itch is back beneath your skin, and your eyes dart toward the open door of the bathroom.
Jisung must pick up on the slight shift in your scent, because he's standing, ushering Seungmin toward the door.
"Hang in there, noona, okay? See you tomorrow."
You give them a little wave, and with one last smile, the betas leave you alone once more.
The itch is persistent now, and you clench your thighs, breathing deeply, wondering if you can get away with doing today on your own.
You probably can, right?
Other alphas do this alone all the time, right?
Then so can you.
Mates, your wolf whimpers sadly inside of you, but you push it stubbornly back down again, and head for the relief of the shower.
You're on your third shower in as many hours when it finally hits you that maybe you can't do this alone.
A whimper escapes your lips, sitting on the cold floor of the shower, knees pulled tight to your chest, because everything hurts, and beneath it all, the ever present prickle stinging across your skin.
You rest your forehead on your knees and stare at the way the water swirls down the drain, memorizing the way the drops look as they drip slowly over your skin, distorting the pink, scarred flesh of the mating mark that drapes across your shoulder.
It's too hard, you think, at the same time your wolf whines plaintively, something sounding a lot along the lines of a repeat from earlier.
You don't hear the bathroom door open over the sound of the running shower, but you instantly smell it, metaphorical hackles rising immediately.
Wet earth overlaid with something smoky.
Your wolf growls, low and long, a warning, for the other alpha to stay away.
Chan appears outside of the shower, hazy and out of focus through the steamy glass, and holds his hands up as if in peace, expression careful.
Your wolf snarls and snaps.
"Easy." He murmurs, Changbin appearing at his side now, eyes dark and unreadable as they come to rest on you.
Something inside of your brain whispers that you're being ridiculous, that these are your mates, that they're not going to hurt you, that maybe, if you let them, they could actually make all the hurt go away, but you can't, because the wolf is too loud, too strong.
Chan and Changbin know this, you see it in the way their expressions soften, regarding you from a safe distance, curled in the bottom of the shower like a wet, pathetic, scared animal.
Chan crouches down beside you, and his smell is overwhelming, and you flinch away, reaching up to cover your nose with your hand, breathing in the steamy air through your mouth.
"Hey." He gives you a soft smile, and your wolf quiets, just for a moment, at the familiar sight. "We'll leave, okay? But promise you'll tell us if you need anything?"
You manage a terse nod, and Changbin is moving to rest a hand on the other alpha's shoulder, sending a wave of smoky charcoal over you, making your wolf once again bare its teeth.
"I just-" You manage to choke out from behind your hand, trying to focus on nothing but evening your breathing. You close your eyes and try to focus. "I'm sorry-I really need you to leave. Your scents-"
You know they'll understand, know they won't be hurt, and you promise yourself silently that you'll give them both extra snuggles when all of this is over.
You feel a slight, quick squeeze of your hand, and then when you open your eyes once more, the other alphas are gone, the smell of wet forest and campfire fading, and you can finally breathe again.
You manage to drag yourself out of the shower and back to your bed after that, though when you get there, you feel as if you've run a marathon, gasping for breath, legs feeling like jelly.
As you slip beneath the covers once more, the only thought bouncing around your tired, muddled brain is sleep.
But then the tingling is back, zapping across your skin like electricity, and you can't get comfortable, because the ache between your legs is gradually mounting, and you feel as if you want to scream, or cry, or just do something other than lay here and feel like this for even one more moment.
"Shit." You practically sob beneath your breath, fingers scratching across your skin, as if that will help banish the damned ever present itch.
It doesn't.
You've just about resigned yourself to taking care of it, forcing yourself to go it alone, when the door opens once more, and the scent of sweet, warm cookies, fresh from the oven, fills the room.
You almost cry at the sight of Felix closing the door softly behind him, and when he meets your gaze, doe eyes wide and soft and god, so fond, you can feel the burning sensation of actual tears in the back of your throat.
Omega omega omega, your wolf keens happily, calling out for him so desperately that you're sure he must be able to hear.
"Hey, alpha."
"Felix." You choke out, voice strangled, overwhelmed by the sweet, lilting tone of his words, and the strong wave of citrus that washes over you as he gives you an affection, soft smile, stepping toward the bed.
You stare at him dumbly, mouth agape, swept up in the way he moves, the way he looks in his sweatshirt-wait, is that your sweatshirt?-slipping to reveal the edge of his collarbone, the mating mark that matches your own barely peeking out, baby pink, against tan skin.
And then, as he draws closer, you realize, too late, horrified, that there's no sheen of smeared scent blocker beneath his nose.
Instantly, you're scrambling away from him, noting suddenly how wide and black his pupils are, desperate to separate him from the siren call of your rut strengthened pheromones.
"Shit, Lix, don't." You warn frantically, nearly falling off the bed in your panic to put distance between the two of you. "What the hell are you thinking? Where's your scent blocker?"
Felix, in contrast to your tightly wound alarm, looks perfectly relaxed, lowering himself to sit on the edge of the bed, before he offers you a casual half shrug.
"I didn't put any on."
"Shit." You swear again, breathing through your mouth now, covering your nose with your palm.
Your heart is pounding, loud in your ears, as you try to filter out the smell of him, the scent of being in an orange grove almost overwhelming you.
It's almost enough to make you lose control, and you can't do that to Felix.
You won't.
Felix crawls toward you on his hands and knees, face completely and utterly calm, and you wonder, stupidly, if he really knows what he's doing right now.
"Felix-" You try again, voice dropping in warning, even as your wolf dances circles at his approach, yipping like an excited puppy.
"Alpha." He challenges back, gaze stern, alert, bright, as he sits back on his heels in front of you, and reaches for the hand covering your face.
You flinch slightly as his fingers curl around your own, but you reluctantly let him pull the palm down from your nose, and as his fingers tangle with yours, the aroma of tangy citrus is so intoxicating that you can feel yourself salivating.
"God, you smell ridiculously good."
Felix's lips curl into the start of a smile, and you take a moment to get lost in the wide, dark expanse of his pupils, swallowing up the caramel of his irises.
He gestures between the two of you, tilting his head to watch you curiously, and the expression on his face reminds you so much of a pup that your chest squeezes fondly.
"Do you want this?"
"God yes." You breathe out before you can stop yourself, mouth dry, skin itching so much it hurts, but then you're reining yourself back in, even as your wolf whines in disappointment, shaking your head. "But I can't. I don't want to hurt you, Lix."
Something determined crosses Felix's elfin features then, and god, he's so pretty, your heart aches.
"You won't hurt me. I trust you."
Your mouth drops open, like a fish gaping out of water, but no words come out, and Felix smiles fully this time, and its like sunshine on a cloudy day.
There is a spike in the air of spicy vanilla.
Felix reaches for you shyly, tangling his fingers into the front of your t-shirt, and pulls you back on the bed with him, so that you're hovering over him, knees pressing into the mattress on either side of his slender hips.
You take a moment to admire the way his full lips part, drinking you in, pupils blowing, blonde hair spread like a halo around his head, freckles dark pinpricks against tanned skin, following the delicate arch of his cheekbones.
Mine, your wolf whispers with pride at the sight of him, mine mine mine.
You reach up and tentatively drag a gentle finger across his lips, and the way he sucks in his breath, sharp and quick, and the ensuing heady rush of orange that fills the air has you growling possessively, deep and low in your chest.
"So, so pretty." You breathe out, leaning over to drag your nose down the length of his bared throat, pausing over the sensitive areas, taking your time to lick over the edges of his scent glands, relishing in each and every whine you pull from between his lips. "Such a pretty, good omega for alpha."
Felix is writhing beneath you with each touch, each careful ministration, and he's panting, skin red and flushed, as your fingers take their time exploring every inch of his skin, pausing over each overly sensitive point, mapping out every single stroke that has him whimpering for more.
He's begging for you to scent him now, and you give in easily, because you've never been able to resist Felix, covering up his tart, sweet scent with the crisp, cool tones of your own, mouthing at every point of his throat, nipping with your teeth in reward when he lets out a particularly sharp gasp.
"Mine." You growl out against his skin as he arches up into you, and the itch is finally starting to subside, drown out beneath every pretty whine that is pulled from Felix's lips.
When you finally collapse beside him, breathing hard, staring glassily up at the ceiling, the room is practically drenched in the fragrance of freshly picked oranges, undertones of frosty wisteria just sharp enough beneath the warmth to keep you feeling slightly alert, even through the sudden exhaustion that makes your bones feel heavy.
Felix lets out a content little hum that has your wolf yipping giddily as he curls into your side, burying his nose into the warm skin stretched over your ribs.
You reach up to stroke gentle fingers through his sweaty hair, and finally, finally, you don't feel like you're being boiled alive, like you want to rip every single inch of skin from your bones.
No, now you just feel tired and content and happy.
"Lix." You breathe out, not sure whether he's already asleep, warm body snuggled against your own, but he lets out another hum beneath his breath to let you know he's heard you, and so you continue.
"Thank you. Seriously."
He glances up at you sleepily, and smiles so sweetly that you're sure your heart is going to burst out of your chest.
"I wanted to. You don't need to thank me." He yawns, white teeth and pink gums flashing, and closes his eyes once more, cuddling back against you, arm drooped over your waist. "This makes me really happy. You make me really happy."
You feel like you're going to cry again, and clearing your throat, silently blame it on the rut hormones.
"You make me really happy, Lixie."
"I'm glad." He whispers, before tilting his head back to clumsily nose at the crook of your neck, eyes still tightly closed, making you laugh fondly, before you press a kiss to the tip of his upturned nose.
Mine, the wolf inside of you whispers contentedly before lying back down to finally, finally sleep.
Mine, mine, mine.
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