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sylvansleuth · a day ago
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I don’t see why we can only have one allegiance.
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dimension20official · 7 hours ago
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Aabria is doing a takeover of the Dimension 20 Instagram Stories today!
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say-hi-intrepid-heroes · an hour ago
i love so much that in keeping with acofaf’s theme, the final battle was so little, almost anticlimactic, just kind of another event, but the epilogue and the people and all of that is the main focus, the thing that we all wait to see how it resolves, all of us holding our breath.  it’s not how d&d is usually played, but i love it so much
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thenerdyindividual · 2 days ago
Persephone valentine bringing fans to The Seven? Jazmine Bhullar adding letters, candles and a goblet of “blood” to Coffin Run? Aabria projecting the monster’s silhouette on the dome in Misfits and Magic, landscapes in A Court of Fey and Flowers? These women understood the assignment. I go feral every time.
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majorkphob · 2 days ago
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[Image ID: meme of Popuko from Pop Team Epic (labeled "Aabria Iyengar") holding a hammer above a cuckoo clock (labeled "us") with the text bubble "Your mother fucking life ends on Wednesday at 4pm PDT". End Image ID].
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sherbetdrops · 2 days ago
Aabria reblogging the ruehob pvp post has me so scared-
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spaceshipsandpurpledrank · 20 hours ago
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prince-valdrinor · an hour ago
If there’s one person I know I can trust to have my back it’s BRENNAN LEE MULLIGAN!!!!! HES A MASTER OF CONFESSING STUFF AND I LOVE IT!!!
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bowl-o-queerios · an hour ago
To Fey and Flowers
The finale was everything I needed it to be. Thank you, Aabria Iyengar, Brennan Lee Mulligan, Emily Axford, Lou Wilson, Omar Najam, Oscar Montoya, and Surena Marie for the beautiful story. Although this story has ended and this book has closed, it will be eternal in the message that it left behind. To fey and flowers, love and friendships, and the wonderful game of DnD that we’ve been so gracefully given. Thank you.
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averagemrfox · 46 minutes ago
“That’s enough to kill a dragon these are vines on a gate… wild. life comes at you fast sometimes you know?”
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mellon1998 · 2 hours ago
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Would you like to dance with me?
I'm not watching the ACoFaF finale until I get home to save my phone's battery, but Aabria better be nice to my babies.
(The bg is the paper, btw)
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pixie-lated · 3 months ago
"video games have buffering"
one of the DMs I play with has, like, 70 slips of paper that say, "Loading," with bits of random D&D mechanics advice ("partial cover grants +2 to AC") that he slots onto his DM screen when he needs to look something up, assemble something, or think up a mechanic for player bullshit.
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uselessgaywhovian · 28 days ago
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this is the best fucking show
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say-hi-intrepid-heroes · an hour ago
us sacrificing things, trying to get aabria to make acofaf season 2:
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quietsphere · 3 months ago
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Brennan, about to make the players experience the longest second in the history of dnd:
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rollforbraincells · 2 months ago
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justalittlebluetiefling · 3 months ago
Bathroom Voices Time
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