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Tumblr media
Small and quick Elain portrait🌸 I‘m loving the not fully clean lineart style for these doodles.
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sleepy shadows
(softdom!azriel x sleepysub!reader)
rating: (NSFW/18+)
a/n: hello, lovelies!! 😇 I took an edible, and this came out from within my soul. This is barely edited and super short… whoops. 😬 But, I saw someone post the other day in search of Azriel content with shadow play, and I’ve been thinking about that ever since. Here you go! Enjoy! 🤗🫶🏻
warnings: smut, sensory/erogenous zone play, shadow play, sleepy sex, overstimulation kind of (f. receiving), and softdom vibes
Your eyes felt heavy, every so often they would slip shut only to be jolted awake. That familiar tug in your chest soothing you back to sleep. His chest was currently pressed up against your back while you both laid on your side on the bed, one hand cushioning your neck as the other torturing your naked figure.
A teasing hand traces your ribs leaving you riddled with goosebumps and slightly gasping for air. You want to thrash away from those lovely, tortuous hands.
Curl away from them, but you force yourself to curl into them.
To endure it because it feels so overwhelmingly pleasurable. His hands gliding up to circle your nipples. Your nipples have always been an erogenous zone, eliciting little gasps and moans to escape your lips. Always making your hips start to buck in search of friction. Instinctively, you reach a hand back and grasp at his neck, threading your fingers through his silky black hair in order to lock you two together.
“Stop being so cruel…” you sigh, tightening your grip in his hair, a pout gracing your lips. A scarred finger traces down the front of your stomach. The place you are the most ticklish… as his finger lowers, your abs clench in anticipation of his destination. You can’t help but mewl, whining out a breathless, “pleeease.”
Your pleas only earn you a throaty chuckle, “stop being so needy…” Azriel growls softly at the back of your ear. In a shiver of pleasure, you arch your back, pressing your butt against his hard member. He starts to slowly thrust once his cock settles snugly between your cheeks, grunting lightly.
Suddenly, you feel that familiar shadowy presence along your skin, immediately recognizing the tingle of the comforting darkness.
His shadows.
They start to trace along your skin like his fingers, honing in on the particularly sensitive areas. Within seconds, you are quivering. A ball of pleasure, almost too overwhelming.
That ache in your core becoming too much to bare, you beg, “inside me… please. Put it inside me…. Wa-wanna…”.
“Okay, sweet girl. Okay…,” he interrupts soothingly as his tip swipes at the wetness between your legs. His voice turning a bit more rough, “I’ll fill you right up, (y/n),” he growls possessively, his arms wrapping around you. Holding you just the way he wants you.
Your body completely exhausted, all you want is a release. “But, I’m so tired. I-I- don’t know… I-if I can move,” you manage to get out drowning in sleepy bliss. You want to cum, but you can barely keep your eyes open. Knowing exactly what you need, his hand strokes along your head, “I’ll take care of you, my love, just relax…,” cock pushing inside of you slowly.
Inch by inch. Filling you up deliciously. The head of his cock massaging against that spot that has you whimpering, out of breath. Once he’s full sheathed inside you, you feel his shadows start to play with your clit. You gasp as the motion feels exactly as if it’s his tongue licking you.
The shadows increase their pace, wiggling back and forth vigorously while adding a bit more pressure. Your breath catches, eyes rolling back as the pleasure turns hot and you feel yourself clench around his cock. He groans slightly thrusting a bit more inside, his shadows beginning to vibrate.
A searing hot pleasure shoots through your body, tensing as you cum hard, his arms wrapped around you tighten bracing you for the pleasure he was bringing you.
Your core beginning to pulse, milking his cock as you rock back against him. Squeezing him until you are just left twitching every once in a while.
Collecting your breath, eyes closed, you feel so high. Carefree, drunk on pleasure, you let him continue thrusting.
Just taking the overwhelming sensation, Azriel groans in your ear, “I’m close, sweet girl. I’m cumming inside that adorable, perfect pussy,“ he purrs into your ear. A couple more thrusts and he paints your walls, his seed warming you from within. Coming to a stop, Azriel slowly pulls out of your warmth, the both of you hissing softly at the disconnect.
The last thing you hear is “go to sleep my love, I’ll take care of you.” Your mind going fuzzy and in utter bliss, your brain finally allows you to fall asleep.
(thank you so much for reading this far! much love 🤍)
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Nesta is different from most people. She shows herself to be cruel and evil, but it seems to me that this is just a way to isolate herself from others. It's a shield.
Tumblr media
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idk-i-read-sometimes · 6 months ago
Me @ Feyre when she gave Rhys a blowie in the tent after Hybern attacked the Summer Court:
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high-lady-feyre-archeron · 8 months ago
The Ouroboros
Tumblr media
Art by pandyals_art
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Apple pie spiced with tears
Pairing: Azriel x fem!reader
Summary: You run into Azriel in the middle of a quiet night and he keeps a promise he made to you months ago.
Warnings: fluff, smut, more smut and of course a cake ;)
A/N: It took a long time, but I finally managed to finish the new part. Thank you all for your patience. :) English is not my mother tongue so I apologize if there are any mistakes in the text. Criticism is very welcome. :)
You find Part 1 here
Tumblr media
Four months later:
The dark room felt like a prison when I woke up in the middle of the night. My nightgown clung sweatily to my skin as I kicked off the heavy blanket and sat up. With a weary sigh, I dropped my head into my hands as images of the nightmare came back to me. It wasn't really a nightmare at all, it was my troubled mind recalling that terrible day. The feeling of the scalding water on my skin, the screams of my sisters and the eerie voices whispering to me in the Cauldron.
I tucked a stray strand of hair behind my ear and stroked across my pointed ears. It was still hard to believe what I was, what I had become.
Walking down the corridor, I passed the others' rooms. First door on the right was Nesta, then Elain, Cassian and finally Azriel.
Nothing had happened between us since that night in our house. There hadn't been a touch, a smile, or even a glance. All I got from him was distance and cool politeness. At first, I hoped that maybe he was just giving me time to get used to my new life and perhaps to get used to having me around. However, as the months went by nothing happened, so I gave up on him. At least I tried.
Shaking my head, I continued on my way to the kitchen for a glass of water and, of course, some cake. Many things have changed in the past few months, but some things never will.
Entering the kitchen, however, I stopped when I found myself face to face with Azriel.
He wasn't wearing a T-shirt, giving me a glimpse of his chiseled, sun-kissed torso. His tattoos ran in a curvilinear line from the base of his neck to his chest, down to his biceps, which tightened as the shadow singer raised the glass to his mouth for a sip of water. Cautiously I took a step forward, my heart beating loudly with excitement as he caught my gaze. His eyes widened slightly as he saw me and placed the glass on the counter.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you" I slowly, hesitantly took another step towards the cupboard where I finally took a glass from. He never took his eyes off me, watching my every move with a wary gaze that made me even more nervous.
"You didn't scare me," he said. "I was merely surprised. We always seem to run into each other in the kitchen."
My hand tightened around the glass as he referred back to that night and I felt my throat tighten.
"Yes, it seems so" I said in a strangled voice and sat down on the chair next to the round, shiny table.
In the dim light of the kitchen, Azriel's eyes almost glowed, giving him a devilish look, especially as he asked the next question that squeezed all the air from my lungs.
"Would you like some cake?"
My heart was pounding as I watched him open the fridge and casually bend down to see what was on offer. A few black strands fell into his forehead as he ran his hand through his hair, smoothing through the thick strands that I knew exactly how soft they were. How it felt when I stroked my hands between them and the way they curled around my fingers as I gripped them.
The sounds he made as I did it.
"What would you like?" his deep voice pulled me back to reality. He was listening expectantly, but there was a mischievous glint that made me realise something.
He's playing with me.
I squirmed uneasily as I asked back.
"Do I have more options?"
"Carrot cake, peanut butter cake and" he listed. "Apple pie."
"Apple pie sounds good."
"Good choice," he said, as the corners of his mouth pulled into a small smile.
He took the plate with the said dessert from the fridge and when he placed it in front of me I understood the reason for his mirth.
It was a cute little cake, the chef had cut hearts out of the leftover dough and placed them on top. Now it was as if the neatly shaped hearts were taunting me as I looked down at them with a knot in my stomach and wondered what to do. Azriel's presence both embarrassed and excited me. For months I had fantasized about being alone with him. Not just about making good on the promise he had made months ago, but about simply talking or enjoying quiet moments together.
To get the silly thoughts out of my head, I violently stuck my fork into the cake and stuffed a good portion into my mouth, lest I do something stupid.
Like kissing him again.
Azriel followed my example, though he took a less gingerly and much smaller bite. We ate in silence for a few minutes, the stillness of the night warmly embracing us.
"Did you have a bad dream?"
His question was so unexpected that I froze for a moment, my hands still in the air. The heart on top of the cake fell to the plate and broke in two, like some bad metaphor for how I'd been feeling lately.
"Yes" I replied simply. There was no way to sugarcoat the situation, everyone knew anyway that the Archeron sisters' nights were not restful. More than once I was awakened by Nesta's screams or Elain's confused mutterings as she paced the corridor like a ghost who could find no peace.
I was embarrassed, so to avoid looking at him, I used my fingernail to scrape off one of the little dried edges of the cake, but after a few moments of hesitation, Azriel reached across the table and gently took my hand. I froze as he took it in his, his calluses rubbing my palm gently.
"You don't have to worry," he said in a soft voice as I closed my eyes to keep the tears from spilling out, which were building. "You and your sisters will never get hurt again. We will take care of you. I'll take care of you."
A tear found its way out, slowly sliding down my cheek. I heard Azriel move, then felt his hot breath hit my right cheek.
His lips were hot against my skin as he kissed away my tears.
"I'll banish your bad dreams" His scent, cedar and evening cool mist, crept into my nose. My tears were flowing non-stop by then, but I still hadn't opened my eyes. It was like a dream. Unlike the others, however, it was wonderful.
"Azriel" I whispered in a shaky voice, but he ignored me.
"I made you forget your bad memories" kissed another tear off me, this time on my left cheek. I laid my hand blindly on his cheek, my thumbs softly stroking his soft skin.
"I made you forget all the bad things in this world, Y/N" he murmured softly, then pressed a gentle kiss to my lips.
This time we took our time, slow and sweet as honey. At first our lips merely touched, neither of us moving, as if any movement could break the spell of this moment. Then Azriel took the back of my nape in his hands and tilted my head to the side to deepen the kiss. His mouth moved gently over mine, and I instinctively responded and kissed him back. His sigh stirred something deep inside me. My hand slipped from his face and I wrapped my arms around his neck to hold him closer.
The shadow singer's hand slid down my back to my waist, then he grabbed me and with playful ease lifted me up and placed me on the table. He leaned on either side of me, his strong arms trapping me as he slowly pulled away and kissed my closed eyes.
"Now I'm going to keep my word."
The half-closed eyes, full of glowing desire, held a promise that made me tremble. My heart leapt out of its place as I pulled his head to mine again to kiss him and show him that I longed for this too.
"About time," I whispered before our lips met.
He laughed into our kiss, which made my mouth pull into a smile. I felt happy and light, the way I hadn't felt in months.
He leaned forward, the huge body of a man towering over me tantalisingly, and pushed me down on the table. The hard wood felt cool on my back and my soaked nightgown, but Azriel seemed to sense it, grabbed the silk that was curled up around my waist and quickly pulled it of me.
I whimpered as he torned himself from my lips, I would have protested, however Azriel kissed all the way down my neck to my rapidly rising chest, leaving wet kisses behind.
"Your skin is so soft" he murmured. His thumbs gently stroked my prancing nipples, and I turned my head in pleasure. "I wonder if your nipples taste like peaches, after all, they are the color of peach blossoms."
I was almost unable to bear the pleasure as he took one in his mouth. My body twitched, trying to get as close to him as possible, to rub against him. Anything to relieve the heat between my legs, which was getting stronger by the minute and almost painful.
"Please," I begged. The spymaster let go of my nipple with a smack, his bottom lip glistening as he looked up at me with his darkening golden brown eyes. Our gazes locked, I watched with a pant as he pulled a chair towards him and sat down.
"What are you doing?" I asked desperately.
If he leaves me like this, I'll surely be destroyed. I'll catch fire and simply burn.
"What did you do before?" his strong hands spread my legs wide. They rested on his broad shoulders as he leaned forward and flashed me a mischievous grin. "You were eating sweets."
At the first touch of his tongue, I sank my teeth into my lips to keep from groaning loudly.
I didn't have much experience, I'd only been with a man once in my life but I was pretty sure that Azriel was second to none because the way he pleased me was something fantastic.
My hips bucked, I wanted him to go on and stop at the same time. There was almost too much to touch as his tongue slid along my entrance all the way to my clit.
I wasn't able to hold back my voice for long, moaning and groaning as I moved my hips to get even closer to his mouth. Azriel gently nipped my clit between his teeth, which made me grip the edge of the table as I felt the world turn one with me. He placed his strong hands on either side of my hips and began to guide my movements, drawing me even closer to him.
A familiar warmth began to spread across the bottom of my belly, a fine layer of sweat sitting out on my body. One of Azriel's hands slid up my stomach, up to my breasts, which he cupped between his thumb and forefinger, he pinched my nipple, gently crumbling it, driving me almost mad.
"Azriel, I don't think I can take much more," I muttered, almost for myself. "I'm so close..."
But he started to pleasure me with even more intensity and devotion.
I gasped as his free arm slipped under my thighs and placed it on my belly, pinning me to the table. He sucked first one of my labia between his lips, then the other, and his tongue circled my entrance, then dipped inside me, once, twice, three times. I gasped, the desire rising even higher inside me. I stabbed into his hair as he groaned, the sound resonating through me and that was the end of me. The air was husky inside me, and under my closed eyelids, stars seemed to explode as I rode my orgasm.
Eyes still closed, panting, I reached for Azriel's hand, still resting on my stomach. He squeezed it and pressed a soft kiss to it, then I heard the chair creak as he stood up. Then suddenly I found myself in the air between his arms, before my eyes popped open and I laughed in surprise. He threw me over his shoulder and playfully slapped my bottom.
"I'm not finished with you yet, Y/N" he started down the hallway while I hung on top of him. "So don't you dare fall asleep."
He carried me across the hallway, his hands gripping my thighs firmly and occasionally sliding one up and down to my groin gently stroking me. Of course, it was all accidental.
When we got to my room, he gently slid me down his body. The stone was cold under my feet, the coolness of the room felt like a soft touch on my hot skin.
Azriel looked down at me, his golden brown eyes, reminiscent of melted caramel, boring into mine. Pure desire radiated from him.
He put his scarred hands on my right shoulder and guided me towards the bed until my feet reached the edge and I sat down on them. Azriel towered over me, both hands resting on my cheeks and leaning down to give me a hot, mind-numbing kiss. My chest heaved and I felt breathless from the emotions rushing over me. I wanted him more than I'd ever wanted anything in my life.
I squealed in shock as he suddenly turned me over and I felt his lips on my back. Breathlessly, he kissed along the scars, whispering sweet words that brought tears to my eyes again.
"You're perfect just the way you are," he murmured as his tongue wandered up and sucked my neck, then licked the burning skin. Whimpering, I pressed my hips to his lap, rubbing against his hardness, which he let for a moment then lowered himself with a wicked laugh and used his weight to push me down onto the mattress so I couldn't move.
"It's not fair" I whimpered. "You're playing with me."
"I might" he said now right next to my ear and then whispered in my ear. "But it's so much fun"
However, this game is played by two.
His hardness was pressed against my buttocks, so I squirmed until it was perfectly flush between my two butt cheeks. I squeezed them and listened with pleasure as Azriel groaned in amazement behind me.
"Evil woman."
He rolled me over and let me pull his pants down so I could take him in my hand. Azriel was big, bigger and thicker than I expected, but all the more perfect. My hand pressed tightly against the soft skin, smoothing it from top to balls. I repeated the motion several times before a tiny drop of pleasure appeared on his acorn, which I smeared with my thumb. The spymaster's hips twitched, deep moans erupted from the depths of his throat, which made me even more aroused.
He let me explore at my leisure for a few minutes, then turned onto his back and sat me on his lap. His index finger trailed along my wet cut, then he slipped between them and gently slid inside me, first one finger, then a few moments later the second. My head snapped back from the sensation as he bent them in and after a brief search, found the spot that made my breath catch and my legs tremble.
I put my hand on his wrist, my hips swaying.
"It's good, right?" he whispered hoarsely, watching me as I followed his finger movements. All I could manage was a murmur of approval, the nerve endings between my thighs pulsing, signalling that another pleasure was not far away. However, I wanted him to come with me this time, to be inside me.
Panting, I rose, the absence of his fingers leaving a screaming void.
"As much as I'm enjoying this, I want you inside me" I whispered with a heaving chest. "Now"
The spymaster's hand that had been resting on my waist now squeezed tighter as he leaned into me with a burning gaze and nipped my bottom lip between his teeth, then pulled me to his hard chest. As our naked skin touched we both groaned in pleasure.
"Your request is my command, miss."
He guided me over his hardness, which was proudly arching and patiently waiting for me to make the first move. I aligned it with my entrance and gently guided him into me as far as my body would allow. I furrowed my eyebrows as at one point I was uncomfortable descending any lower and my body would not allow him any further. Azriel immediately came to my aid, gently lifting me up and then gently guiding me down again. He did this until I was stretched out enough to take him all in.
I placed my trembling hands on his chest, steely pecs tensing under my touch as I moved my hips slightly. Azriel took his time, letting me get used to the sensation as he filled me.
"I've never been on top before" I whispered shyly as I made another attempt.
He leaned on his elbow to bring our upper bodies together and pressed a reassuring kiss to my lips. He gently tilted his hips as if inviting me to play and slid hotly up inside me, which I accepted with a ragged breath.
I wrapped my arms around his neck and timidly lifted up and then down. It was a wonderful sensation, the kind that made my fingernail dig gently into the back of his neck, eliciting a moan from the spymaster. Our hips met in the next movement, slowly finding that delicious rhythm that drove us both crazy.
"Azriel," I gasped as he caught one of my nipples between his lips as I rose to rest on his chest again. His tongue licked around it, then he leaned in and repeated the motion. The heat between my legs became even more intense thanks to this, I shivered and began to feel that certain tingling sensation that starts before the end.
Azriel cried out, dug between my curls and pushed harder inside me. I kissed him softly, his tongue creeping into my mouth and swallowing my increasingly loud moans. I started to move faster and faster, the sensation swelling inside me and I knew I was about to reach my bliss. I cried out softly as Azriel's finger found my clit and stroked it all over. Then, with the same delicate movement as before, I climaxed. My hips bucked, my vagina tightened around Azriel and I felt myself suffocating from the pleasure I had just experienced.
When it was over, I gasped and looked at Azriel, who was watching me from under his long, jet-black lashes with his glowing eyes. My mouth quivered in a happy smile, which he returned with a sweet grin.
But as if to warn me that he had not yet reached his climax, his hardness twitched inside me. So I started moving again and watched with pleasure as he closed his eyes and tilted his head back. He gripped the sheet, causing his muscles to tense and the veins in his neck to bulge, which I licked gently as I leaned in.
Azriel reached his pleasure with a deep groan, his forehead tilted against mine and breathing hard. I could feel his heat flooding inside me, leaving a warm sensation.
His fingers gently trailed down my spine as both our breathing slowed and we relaxed.
He helped me off without a word, and I tensed for a moment at the sudden emptiness, but I was happy to let him lay me down beside him and tuck us both in, after he had wiped us both with his pyjama bottoms thrown at the end of the bed and kissed me.
I was happy and content, I didn't care what tomorrow held, but I had a feeling that everything was going to be much better after this.
I snuggled into Azriel's embrace and closed my eyes, his hand caressing my stomach lulled me to sleep and I was on the verge of falling asleep when I remembered something.
"Azriel," I whispered, and he hummed questioningly. "We left my nightgown in the kitchen."
"It's okay" he murmured into my hair. "At least we don't have to tell anyone we're together. Cassian will do it for us, he's such a gossip."
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I was re-reading ACOMAF and came across the scene where Cassian shielded Azriel from Hybern's powers resulting in his wings shredding and oh my God, can you imagine how much self loathing Azriel must have inflicted on himself during Cassian's recovery? His brother, who had taught him how to fly properly and use his wings had sacrificed his own to protect him and it makes me love the bat boys even more.
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Wings of Dusk pt.2
Azriel x reader
Thanks for all the love and encouragement everyone! If you want to be tag in any future parts please comment on this part. I hope you guys enjoy!
Warning: angst
Azriel… once you said his name you couldn’t stop the smile that spread across your face and watched as Azriels eyes widened and just by you saying his name his shadows were frantic and whispering into his ear. It was all so unlike him and it took everything in you to pull your hand away and head back next to Helion. On your way back you cleared your throat and spoke “sorry spymaster but I’m afraid it’s hard not to know the name of the Illyrian who can wield the shadows themselves���
You had always had a special connection with the shadowsinger in fact you were what some would call best friends. That shadows that always surrounded him had never scared you like it did others, you actually had always found them stunning. It actually wasn’t Rhys and Cassian that met Azriel first…but it had been you. From the moment you met him you had always felt understood with him and you were the first person he had opened up to. You almost immediately dragged him to your younger brother to meet. Rhys and Cas immediately took to him and the trio had begun. Thinking back on it warmed your heart you all were merely children and yet had found each other. “ Y/N” “Y/N” said Helion.
“Hm yes”
“Y/N it would seem they are too flustered about your presence to speak. Would you like to fill me in on why they can’t seem to find their tongues”
“I um yes sorry my lord I am originally from the Night Court”
Helion paused before he answered and brought his eyes to mine almost in a silent question of why I’d never said anything.
“Ah so you know them…. And they know you…”
Before you could even answer Rhysand had finally found words and stepped forward with what you could faintly recognize as anger graced his features and he loudly roared
“Not just know Helion that would be my Sister who was presumed to be dead. And I would very much like to know why she’s here in this court with you.” Not a single one of Rhys words wavered and it reminded you that he was no longer new to being high lord like he had been when you were sent under the mountain.
“I would watch your tone and accusations while in my court Rhysand. Y/N is here of free will and seeing as I was not aware of that bit of information and your court members seem to be in a daze I find it necessary to reschedule this meeting for tomorrow. Rhysand you and you inner circle are welcome to stay in the palace, someone will show you to your rooms” with that Helion stood from his throne and you could feel the anger radiating off of him. Your shoulders tightened and you silently cursed yourself for being the reason Helion could of easily been made a fool of. You had to make a choice go talk to Helion or stay back and face your family and only one of those options were you ready for.
Helion was angry and it wasn’t because it became apparent to the other high lord that he had no idea who resided within his court no it was because you hadn’t told him. It wasn’t because it could be a conflict of interest or even that you were supposed to be his most trusted member of his court. It was because above all of that he thought of you as a close friend. You had helped him heal and rebuild his court after Amarantha, held him after nightmares where he had been glowing so blindly it would travel to your room and awaken you. You gave insight and troop suggestions like it was a no brainer. Stayed up until early morning with him discussing life and traumas. You were the only female he’d met who would sass him back or quip back with things not proper for a lady to even know about. You had quickly wormed your way into his home and heart without even trying. So to find that the person he had shared countless stories and secrets to kept something as simple as where who your family was pierced him deeply.
When you had followed after Helion you spared one last look at your family and you could still hear Rhysand yelling for you “Y/N! ….. Y/N DONT YOU DARE WALK AWAY! Y/N” his words rang through your ears. He tried to chase after you and Cassian had desperately got in his way repeating that this wasn’t the time nor the place. Could still feel the clawing at the walls within your mind, sure to give you a pounding headache later. Oh and poor Az when you had met his eyes before you walked out the door he seem so sad so hurt. You were sure there were a million self deprecating thoughts and self blame going through his mind. But you shook it off and push your way through those enormous gold doors and chased after Helion. Now you stood in Helions private lounge room outside of his bedroom. It was a place you two had spent many nights laughing and crying and now he’s pacing around angry at you an emotion you weren’t familiar with coming from him he was almost always calm and charismatic.
“Helion I’m sorry please just let me explain”
“Explain what? What Y/N! You never thought it relevant to tell me you Weren’t just from the night court you ARE the princess of the night court!!”
“Heli-“ you tried but were cut of and you realized that if this conversation kept escalating you very well might go blind as helion kept becoming increasing brighter by the second.
“I mean Y/N! You’ve told me stories of your family and things that have happened in your childhood! Was that all a lie?!
“NO! Everything I’ve told you has been true I only left out names that’s it. My life was on the line and after everything was over I don’t know! I was worried that if I told you who I was exactly you’d make me leave.. and I wasn’t ready, I love my family but that place…them it’s all a reminder and Rhys he. He forced me to go with Amarantha had commanded it and I didn’t want to forced to go somewhere else Hel” you used the nickname you had coined one night while he had a particularly harsh nightmare and you couldn’t even find the doorknob to his room it was so bright. So once you had finally found it and opened the door you found him slumped against it and you held him that night and reminded him that Amarantha was gone couldn’t terrorize his people or him anymore.
You could see Helion relax a little from your confession and the nickname and he just pulled you into a hug and his blinding glow slowly dimmed.
“If you still aren’t ready I’ll throw them out send them back and you won’t have to even breath in their direction.”
You laughed and knew that he would do just that if you asked but you were ready to see them maybe not ready to hear Rhys bitch at you but ready to talk to them again.
“I’m ok Hel it’s about time I face them I just needed you to know that I didn’t mean to deceive you. You’re my High Lord, my friend.”
Helion felt a tug of hurt pull at his heart at the term you had used to describe him but he pushed that feeling far down and within himself. A feeling he wouldn’t let see the light of day and only question on nights he watched you dance with some men of his court and had far to much faerie wine.
With that you gave Helion a light kiss on the cheek and exited on your way to your bedroom. A gesture that wasn’t rare between the two of you it was something you did to bring comfort and let him know he wasn’t just a high lord he was a friend and cared for deeply with his court. Once in your bedroom you took a second to breath and look around. You had opted for a less extravagant bedroom within the palace and had to listen to helions objections about it all the time. But you reassured him that what he considered not extravagant was by definition extravagant and it was true. Looking around your room it was large with its own walk in closet that Helion insisted on filling, a bathroom with a tub you were sure three people could fit in. The walls were white with gold crown molding adorning them. A gorgeous large canopy bed. But your favorite part and the reason you choose this room in particular was the gorgeous balcony that looked over the sea and pointed toward home. While you were taking a second and had opened the curtains there was a harsh knock at the door. You took a breath and readied yourself for whoever stood behind the door.
When you opened the door you were met with the face of your dear brother and before you could invite him it he had already pushed you aside and entered the room.
“Well please come in” you said sassily
“Y/N” Rhys struggled to get out.
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The Return (Part 8 of 8)
Ship: Eris x Reader
Warnings: Just Azriel being an asshat.
Previous Chapter:
Rejection (Part 1), His Second Option (Part 2), A Shock and A Secret (Part 3), Chaos and Conspiracies (Part 4), Theories and Possibilities (Part 5), Confirmation comes Confrontations (Part 6), Resolves and Reconciliation (Part 7)
Azriel had returned.
The Jurian incident had happened a week ago and now, Azriel had returned, completely oblivious to the incident. Of course he had been of brooding somewhere I had convinced myself that I was ready for this meeting. Eris, Rhys, my sisters and even Cassian for cauldron’s sake told me that if I wasn’t ready we could delay it but i had been so sure.
Well now i wasn’t.
Not as I entered the sitting room and there he was in the corner, shadows curling around him. The bastard was trying to hide. I tried to hide a grimace as I inwardly cringed at the memory of in the dressing room before the epicly failed wedding.
Azriel scanned me up and down before speaking, “So your not married,” Noting the lack of a second ring on my finger that signified wedding bands. I had told Eris that I wanted two wedding bands to preserve a memory connecting me to my previous life style and he had more then happily agreed.
“I don’t see how it is your concern,” Azriel’s eyes narrowed, “I’m your mate,” Again with that stupid sentence, “Mother give me patience or a dagger,” I muttered as I finally replied him, “First of all, you are not my mate, Eris is. Secondly, you rejected me first so I have every right to move one, I don’t see why you can’t,” My voice was unrecognisable the venom in it lethal, and if looks could kill…
His face had gone a pale white. Fury danced in his eyes as he snarled at me, the sound ripped across the room, barely even sounding remotely human.
“What?” Oh right, he was not the Azriel that was at the wedding which meant that he didn’t know that Eris was my mate. I cringed inwardly as I realised my mistake, “Eris is my mate,” I swallowed, “He read into it and realised that incompatible mates can have more then one mate, but it was rare so not many knew,” I explained.
Azriel’s wings flared as he towered over me, his eyes had darkened to a terrifying brown instead of the hazel eyes he usually had.
The door of the sitting room burst open as Eris rushed into the room, Cassian right behind him with Rhys and Feyre.
“Back off!” Eris shoved Azriel away from me as he protectively stood in front of me, I cringed to Eris, afraid that he would hurt himself but also reminding him, that to me he wasn’t the prick that was cruel, the weak boy who had been abused by his father, but my mate.
“I see you,” I whispered to him, making sure it was barely audible to the rest, “And you are not the product of the ones who hurt you, I am not afraid,” I declared. Eris glanced at me as his eyes softened, rippling with emotion. Azriel on the other hand, his faced had slackened in disbelief.
“You love him!” Azriel’s tone was accusatory, but there was defeat on his face. “Yes,” My only answer, the only answer I needed. Azriel’s whole body stilled, his eyes contemplating.
“I hope your happy,” I barely heard the words before he left, disappeared n the way hi shadows allowed him to travel.
Rhysand and Cassian exchanged nervous glances as they watched their friend disappear, “He’ll come around eventually I think he has finally accepted this,” Rhysand nodded to us before he and Cassian left leaving me and Eris alone.
“Did you mean it?” Eris’s voice was low and grave as he turned to me. I nodded before I was pulled into his warm body, pressed against him as he rested his chin on the top of my neck, “I love you, Y/N Archeron, I love you for your music, you undying kindness, your open-mindedness, I love you, my mate,” He confessed as if it were he last words.
i pulled back if only to study his face again, “I meant every word. I see you, Eris, and you are not the son your father wanted to torture you to be, you are not the asshat that the world sees you as, you are certainly not the slave to your own poor choices in the past. I love you for you, Eris Vanserra, I love the boy who let Mor go for her freedom, I love the boy who protected his siblings, his mother at whatever cost, I love the male who accepted my broken heart,” I wrapped my own arms around his torso as I nuzzled his neck.
And it felt like we could stay like that forever, his arms around me, my arms around him as finally, finally, our lives were peaceful.
“You damn bastard!” Nesta’s yell could be heard riverberating through the hall, or not. Eris chuckled as he pulled me to see the drama, “Our family entertainment awaits,” He smirked as I slapped his forearm, laughing and let him drag me to the source of that crash.
A/N: WE MADE IT!!! It’s the end of this series, I will make an epilogue of the wedding and some one shots of the kids but it’s the end of this chaos filled series! What did I hear? not enough chaos? Then check out my next series “A court of little shadows”! Chapter 1 is out!!!!
Chapter 1 of a Court of Little Shadows!
tag list: @moonfawnx @bankerfrog @younxii @starlit-terror @hideing @flightlesslittlebirdie @menagerofmischief @famousbasementpainter @owllover123 @bookworm-nerd6 @gigisssz @bethany-bee0128
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unhealthyfanobsession · 7 months ago
nessian queen i need help
*falls to knees*
just read some acotar and mor was being rlly annoying
can you give me some therapy and maybe write a fic where mor is kinda maybe like subtly insulting nesta the way she did in acowar and cassian catches her and like legit just tells her “mor shut the fuck UP” bc I really need that pls like rlly badly for my sanity and mental health n wellness
*blows u a kiss*
Tumblr media
I mean how could I say no to an ask like this? I’m very interested in that period of time post-war, pre-ACOFAS so that’s where this little scene is set. Hope this clears your skin of the troubles you’ve been through
“She talked to Elain yesterday,” Feyre sighed, swinging her legs over Rhys’ lap on the overstuffed couch. “So that’s something.”
“I still don’t understand why she moved out,” Cassian adjusted his wings. They were mostly healed, but still got stiff if he let them settle too long.
“It didn’t surprise me she wanted her own space,” Feyre smiled sadly up at Cassian. “That’s just Nesta. She’d never let others see her struggling. What gets me is why she chose to go to that awful little place across town when the townhouse is completely empty.”
“I don’t understand why we end up talking about this every night.” Mor lifted the wine bottle from the Center of the low table and refilled her glass. “She left for the same reason she does everything else. Spite.”
“That’s not fair, Mor.” Feyre shook her head. Cassian only brushed the hair out of his eyes. He was starting to feel like he was living in a time warp.
Mor had a point, honestly. They had this same conversation every night. Feyre and him tried to brain storm ways to get Nesta back, Amren refused to say anything, Rhys kept his mouth shut but sometimes let a laugh out at Mor’s jibes. Then Feyre got mad at him and they all dropped the topic. Until the next night.
“It’s true,” Mor shrugged. “I’m tired of talking like it’s some big mystery. Nesta is being spiteful. Whatever. Nothing new.”
Feyre frowned, but said nothing. A muscle in Rhys’ neck pulses like he was holding back from nodding in agreement.
Maybe he didn’t have a right to be annoyed, but he ducking was. He was exhausted and frustrated and annoyed and just wanted to talk to her.
But he couldn’t. She wouldn’t let him. So, he talked about her. And Mor knew that. He knew that she knew.
“Well maybe Feyre and I are tired of you being nothing but negative while we are trying to come up with actual solutions,” he finally snapped.
Mor’s jaw went slack, a few drops of red wine dribbling down her chin.
Rhys let out a low whistle.
“My solution,” Mor drawled, “is to stop talking about that plague of a girl and get on with our lives.”
Cassian breathed in hard enough that one of his freshly healed ribs sent a sharp pain through his chest.
“That’s not what you said when it was me.” Mor swallowed, shifting in her seat. “When I was a fucking mess after the last war. When all of us were drinking and sleeping around and fighting for a decade. When I-“ Cassian stopped himself short. What he’d done in Illyria was not a story Feyre should learn about like this. “You weren’t so flippant when it was me, Mor.”
“Because you deserve better!” Mor threw her hands up in the air. “You were going through something, but it wasn’t who you are. Nesta has been nothing but nasty and spiteful and horrid since she got here!”
“Shut up!” Even Cassian was surprised when the words spilled out of his lips, but he found he couldn’t stop speaking them. “Just shut up for once! Please. You hate Nesta, fine. I don’t really care, but you don’t need to go on and on about it every fucking night. Feyre and I have asked you to cut it out so many times. Just give it a fucking rest, Mor.” He shook his head, breathing out a long, slow sigh. “Feyre and I are going to talk about her. We are going to talk about trying to help her. You don’t have to like it and you don’t have to listen to it, but you do have to just shut up. Or leave.”
Mor blinked. “This is why I say it every night,” she pointed a finger at him hard. “This is why I won’t give it a rest!” She set her glass down and pushed to her feet. “Because someone needs to remind you what she is. You want to help her? Where was she when you were healing? Where was she when the fighting ended? She will never care about you like you deserve! Either of you. She isn’t capable of it.”
“You have known my sister for less than a year,” Feyre spoke quietly. “All of you have.” She shook her head, “I have my problems with Nesta, but I have a right to. You have known her in the months after her very life and humanity were torn away from her and she still fought in our war.”
“She did everything in her power not to!” Mor cried, “she fought training and attending the High Lord meeting and even stepping on to the battle field until the last second every time!”
“But she did it,” Cassian broke in. “She did train. And she did warn us about the wall. And she did speak to the High Lords and she nearly died to draw Hybern out.”
“She nearly sacrificed you, you mean.”
“I wouldn’t even have been alive to face Hybern without her.” The room froze. Everyone went entirely still and silent with that single sentence that grazed against two things they never spoke of. Cassian’s guilt regarding his legions, and the reason Nesta was able to pull him from the sky at all.
“You don’t have to like her,” Cassian repeated. “But just shut up about it.”
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angelgurlie · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Simple Archeron sister wallpaper.
Artist: @hachandraws
iPhone 12/13
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acourtofmh · 4 months ago
red hot handprints
(dom!lucien x sub!reader)
rating: NSFW/18+
warnings: pet names (my love/little minx), spanking (f.receiving), light restraint, sub space, and mild foot play
a/n: so I wrote this whole thing like two nights ago… then, my phone died and it fucking disappeared!?! 😡 after calming myself down, 😇 I resolved to rewrite it. Lucien’s hands must be so warm, and I just have a feeling that he would love the look of his handprints on your ass… 🤭 i hope you enjoy! much love 🤍! 🫶🏻
summary: fed up with Lucien ignoring you, you decide to take matters into your own hands which quickly results with you bent over his lap… enduring the wrath of his red hot hands.
Those luscious, red locks… captivating eyes, one russet and one gold… beautifully scarred face… mouth-watering, golden-brown skin. You had been wanting Lucien all day, each glimpse of him leaving your cheeks flushed and the butterflies in your stomach fluttering as he went about his busy schedule. The quick kisses and lingering touches he granted you throughout the day keeping you uncomfortably warm, longing for the moment the two of you could retire to your bedroom for the night, truly having him all to yourself.
However, the moment you two were alone, Lucien had other plans. He had promised to only spend at most thirty minutes finishing up his paperwork, but, for the past hour he has been ignoring your pleas for attention. Hunched over his desk, not even deigning to turn himself around to give you a glance.
Utterly restless, you couldn’t even distract yourself by reading the romance novel you were currently obsessed with. Slowly, the seed of frustration within your chest sprouted roots, making you bolder as you grew needier and needier. As a last resort, you decided to take matters into your own hands, becoming desperate enough to do the one thing you have never needed to do since you’ve been with Lucien… the one thing Lucien has told you countless times would result in you bent over his lap.
“If you think that I can’t see where your hands are going, then you are sadly mistaken, my love,” Lucien’s gruff voice drawls, sending a shiver down your spine as your hand descends towards the hem of your lacy, pink nightgown. Of course, you already knew he would be able to sense the destination of your hand, ever perceptive of your every move.
Ignoring his warning, your hand continues it’s path.
“(Y/n), you better not…” his words falling on deaf ears.
“But you won’t touch me-” you begin to whine, hoping to coax him away from that desk, only to be interrupted.
“My love, give me ten more minutes and I promise you can have me all to yourself,” he exasperates, head finally turning towards you sprawled on the bed, tired eyes darkening as he takes in the scrap of lace barely concealing your body from his roaming eyes. Arching a perfectly sculpted eye brow, he asks, “do you think you can do that for me?”.
You shake your head in defiance, pouting, growing beyond frustrated. The scent of your arousal permeating the room, you could tell the exact moment your heady musk reaches him. His nostrils flaring, jaw clenching slightly while the grip on his pen tightens. His faltering restraint emboldening you to make the final move. You lift the hem of your nightgown up to your belly, exposing your glistening core to his hungry eyes.
“Either you touch me, or I’ll touch myself,” you declare, spreading your legs wide, beginning to trace your fingertips along your inner thighs. A mischievous glint lighting up in your eyes, testing his limits.
“You little minx,” he snarls with amusement, closing the distance between the two of you swiftly. In the blink of an eye, you find yourself face down, bent over his lap, bare ass on display for his eyes to feast upon. Putting up a little fight, you try and wriggle yourself out of his grasp. Chuckling lightly, he pushes you back down on the bed with ease. Your heart rate accelerating as you feel him fastening both your hands with one of his behind your back. Your belly tightens, silently loving the mild restraint.
You feel a large, hot hand stroking the skin along the back of your thighs all the way up to your plump cheeks, preparing you for the punishment you are bound to receive. Squealing, his lips pepper kisses along your sensitive lower back, sucking lightly as he parts with a hum in appreciation.
“So needy, so impatient,” he muses, kneading the soft flesh. Goosebumps erupting as he gives your ass a light, affectionate swat.
“Tsk, tsk, tsk… trying to touch yourself right in front of me…” he tuts, “so bold,” he adds, nipping your ass with his teeth. You hiss at the slight pain, your body tensing, left leg kicking up at the knee. With preternatural reflexes, his hand shoots out, catching your foot in a tight grip, thumb pressing into the sole. You giggle, squirming on his lap, fighting against the ticklish sensation, thumb now starting to draw circles. Gripping his hand tighter, nails digging into his skin, pleas fall from your lips. Begging for him to relinquish his torture. Finally taking mercy on you, he stops the motion, planting a kiss to the spot his thumb was. Leaving you trying to catch your breath, tears lining your eyes from laughing so hard.
“And, you know what happens when you are bold…” he chides, mumbling against your foot, voice taking on a gravelly tone laced with arousal. You practically scream, mouth falling open silently when you feel his hot, wet tongue dip out. Tracing from your heel to the tip of your big toe. With the final flick of his tongue, you release a breath you didn’t know you were holding, tears swelling. As the tension leaves your body, the ache in your core becomes more pronounced… and absolutely unbearable.
“Please, just spank me already,” you half plead, half demand, voice cracking. Pushing your bottom up into the cup of his hand while unsuccessfully trying to turn yourself around to catch a glance of the gorgeous male.
“Hmmm, my poor little minx can’t even handle a little tickling…,” Lucien teases, lips quirking upward, clearly enjoying your helpless, needy state.
He lands a light swat on your left cheek causing you to jump. You hum out in appreciation, relishing in the burning sensation. His hot hand soothing the light sting.
Tears finally falling in relief, you whimper out, “more please.”
“Alright, alright, my love… how many do you want?” Lucien concedes.
“H-how ever m-many you w-want…,” you stutter out through small gasps, clearly worked up as Lucien’s long fingers dip into the wetness between your legs.
“Let’s see how many spanks it takes to make your perfect ass redder than my hair,” he purrs, your core clenching at his lewd words. Wetness leaking down your folds, mostly likely dripping onto the bedsheets. Smelling your rush of arousal, Lucien’s growl echoes throughout the room. Squirming in anticipation, you bite your lip as you rub against his hard bulge hearing him hiss out at the friction.
“Count for me, my love.”
Jumping at the burning sensation, your brows furrowing as your cheeks clench momentarily. You whimper out softly, “one.”
Smack! Smack!
Hissing when he plants two successive spanks on the same area, just below your left ass cheek.
“Gods… your ass is already turning pink,” he muses, “so fucking adorable.”
Lucien’s hand practically dwarfing your left thigh, palm resting on the back as his long fingers splayed on the curve of your inner thigh, pointer finger gliding through the wetness along the seam of your folds.
“Three!” you moan out when the tip of his finger circles around your swollen bud gently, avoiding the most sensitive part of you. Too soon, his hand leaves your core.
You feel the rush of air before the strike of his hand this time, tensing prematurely.
Breath hitching in your throat, a groan escapes your lips. More guttural than any noise you’ve made tonight. Your bottom burning from the harsh force of the spank.
“F-four,” mewling, you can’t help the hiccup that erupts.
“Good little minx,” Lucien praises, rewarding you by releasing your arms from the strained position they were in. Sighing in relief, he helps you place your arms underneath your head, dropping kisses along the length of your spine. Melting into his touch, you hum in appreciation. Once he arrives at your tailbone, your short reprieve is over.
Left, right, left. Reeling at the assault, your hands instinctively grip the bedsheets. Thighs squeezing shut, eyes closing. Lost in the overwhelming sensation. The sensitive skin left burning, as your mind is slightly fuzzy.
“How many?” his voice seems muffled, like he’s far away. Too far away. Able to prop yourself up and turn to face him, your pink, tear-stained cheeks make his chest pull taught. With wide eyes peering up at him, you beg, “kiss, please,” softly.
“How many, my love?” he repeats himself, hands coming up to cup your face, thumbs wiping away your tears.
Blinking up at him, your brows furrow adorably, trying to remember what number you were on and how many spanks you needed to add.
“Six?” you guess.
He presses a kiss to your forehead, “seven,” he corrects affectionately, smirking to himself at your worked up state.
Pouting out your bottom lip, Lucien lowers his head to capture your bottom lip, tugging lightly. Your lips part automatically, inviting him inside. Tongue dipping into your mouth briefly, tasting you.
Too soon for your liking, he pulls away, glancing back at your ass. Chuckling lightly, he gives you another peck.
“Well, my love, it only took seven spanks…”, he drawls as his hand traces the curve of your spine, down, down, down to your raw cheeks, “to get your perfect little ass redder than my hair,” he graces each cheek with a light peck, almost apologetically, making you shudder.
“Sorry for ignoring you, my love. There’s no excuse for leaving you feeling so neglected that you need to touch yourself,” he admits, voice taking on a sincere tone, maneuvering you to lay on your stomach, head resting on a pillow.
“S’okay,” you mumble out, eyes closes shut from exhaustion. His limbs wrapping around you, cocooning you in his embrace. Breathing in his comforting scent of fallen leaves and rich oak, you sigh in content. Completely sated, you savor the feeling of being in his arms.
“Although, I do have to say… I quite like how your ass looks when it’s painted with my red, hot handprints,” he purrs into your ear, leaving a lingering kiss to your temple.
(thanks for reading this far! show your support if you enjoyed! much love 🤍!)
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sweeetestpoison · 4 months ago
“I’m thinking that I was a lonely, hopeless person, and I might have fallen in love with the first thing that showed me a hint of kindness and safety. And I’m thinking maybe he knew that—maybe not actively, but maybe he wanted to be that person for someone. And maybe that worked for who I was before. Maybe it doesn’t work for who—what I am now.”
A Court of Mist and Fury, Sarah J. Maas
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llstarcasterll · a year ago
Tumblr media
A little bit of Nessian 😍
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manonblackbeaksgf · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
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