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remanence-of-love · 2 days ago
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never-ending-thought · 5 months ago
“Knowing that even though I am his, he will never truly be mine; eats me alive”
- Myself, one year and six months into our relationship…
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vexheart · 5 months ago
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bitter-lover · a year ago
"We looked at each other for hours not saying a word, for our hearts had spoken a thousand."
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melindacarolinee · 4 months ago
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arimque · 22 days ago
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All I wanted,
To get rid of the pain which made a home in her eyes, the misery which becomes her fate. I just want to hold her and ask everything she never wanted to talk about.
~-~stay strong and give life a chance~-~
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student-corner · 27 days ago
“Even the greatest were beginners. Don’t be afraid to take that first step.” – unknown
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labyrinth-of-emotions · a month ago
“Hawa bhi chal rahi hai
Magar tu hi nahi hai
Fiza rangeen wahii hai
Kahaani keh rahi hai
Mujhe jitna bhulao
Main utna yaad aaoon”
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crying-stardust · 11 months ago
I’m scared of the thought of having to start over with someone again… I just want you. Forever and always, right?
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yeagurlrebs · 4 months ago
I don't know what we are,
but I miss what we were.
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youcancallmedumb · 8 months ago
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she loved the ocean because everytime the waves left, they always came back
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never-ending-thought · 5 months ago
Thoughts 25.0
If only he could remember
That I was there for him
When everybody left,
When he was all alone in the world
I was there.
Now that I am alone
He is nowhere to be seen.
Just the ghost of him dancing around my room,
While I’m left
Picking up the pieces on my own
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vexheart · 5 months ago
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bitter-lover · 11 months ago
"Just two lost souls searching for each other as the world drifts into the abyss."
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arimque · 15 days ago
My unhealthy defence mechanism is to shut down and stop talking if I feel like I'm being misunderstood or disrespected. I will either Instagram or shut down altogether. I don't like repeating myself and I don't like feeling like I'm not being Heard or something is wrong with the person's attitude toward me I just ignore them and mostly I ignore emotions. I don't confront to insult people until they cross the line, Whenever I'm not able to show what I'm feeling I just sleep and sleep and just sleep, it's like “it's not my body which is tired it's my soul who needs rest to gather enough energy to keep me alive” that's how I cope up with everything bad I went through. Still, I know oversleeping is not a good to deal with trauma it can leave its scares behind but for me, it's important to deal with the curse as compared to dealing with the situation.
~-~Scars of Taruma~-~
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student-corner · 3 days ago
“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.” – Vidal Sassoon
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labyrinth-of-emotions · 10 months ago
We may be existing in different corners of the world, with different lives and different experiences. But every night, I look up at the night sky, grateful that my moon and your moon are the same and hopeful that maybe one day it'll be our moon.
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