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What To Expect| Ch 2 | A Jake Seresin Fic
Tumblr media
Previous Part | Masterlist | Next Part word count: 3.9k synopsis: "Exes can have a baby, right?", a story in which Jake finds himself having a baby with the one person who can't even stand the sight of him. Slow burn, exes to lovers. warnings: pregnancy, vomiting, cursing, smut, mentions of infidelity, fighting, blood, Jake having a dick measuring contest with Bradley
Tumblr media
            The first time you had ever remember meeting Bradley Bradshaw, you were four years old. His mother had brought him out to North Island for a visit to his Uncle Maverick and your father. He was a bit older than you, closer to your only brother Dylan’s age than yours. Carole had brought Bradley by the house to have a nice afternoon with your mother Sarah and Maverick’s then girlfriend, Penny Benjamin. 
You, your siblings and Bradley were playing out in the backyard, everything was fine until Gia decided to play a game of tag, except you were “it” the whole time, no matter who you tagged. And at four years old, it was hard to keep up with the older kids. You eventually got so frustrated, you sat down in the middle of the back yard and cried. Gia called you a cry baby, and Stephanie pushed her. Dylan threw his arms up in annoyance and went to go get a snack inside. The only one who seemed to care about you, was Bradley. He walked up to you, and held his hand out, helping you up off the ground. Bradley never treated you like Gia’s little sister, he always treated you like a friend. Which was probably why the two of you became such close friends later in life. 
            But in the span of your two decade long friendship, Bradley never thought he would be sitting next to you in the lobby of the OB/GYN’s office.  He looked around nervously, his leg bouncing up and down rapidly. When you told him that you needed him to come with you for something, he was thinking it was another trip to Home Depot or Target. Sitting in a doctor’s office full of pregnant women was not on his bingo card. 
            “Why are we here again?” Bradley asked, whispering to you. 
            Your eyes never left the questionnaire you were filling out. Some of the questions made your brain swim trying to figure out how to answer them, “Just a check up,” You said looking at him briefly. 
            “And you can’t just go to the-” 
            “Just shut up, okay,” You snapped and Bradley held his hands up in defense. There was a beat of silence before you sighed and sat back in your chair, “I took a pregnancy test the other night and it came back positive.” 
            “Oh shit,” Bradley said, adjusting in his chair to sit up a bit straighter. He looked around the office, seeing if there were any prying eyes, before leaning in and asking, “You think its accurate? You think you’re. . .” He gestured vaguely to your stomach. You nodded and Bradley let out a sigh, “Oh wow, I didn’t think you were seeing some-” 
            “I’m not,” You answered shortly, “It’s complicated and I would really appreciate it if you didn’t give me an interrogation. I’m already expecting one from my parents when I tell them their only unmarried child is giving them their first grandchild.” 
            “Y/N?” A nurse called out, and you gave her a tight lipped smile, standing up from the chair, “Is your partner coming with you?” You looked over your shoulder at Bradley who was looking at you. 
            “It’s up to you, Bug,” Bradley said, using the nickname that your father had given you. You let out a shaky breath and nodded for him. He stood up from his chair, his body still clad in his flight suit and followed down the hall next to you. 
            You had been in a gynecologist exam room before. You always found them cold and uninviting. And now, more than ever you wished you could be anywhere in the world, but in this exam room. The nurse took your vitals and explained what they were going to do at this exam. She instructed you to go take a urine sample, and then they were going to take some blood to run more tests. Bradley held your hand as you winced when the nurse took your blood, and you kicked him for making a comment about how will you handle childbirth if you couldn’t handle a needle prick. 
            “Alright, Doctor Miller will be in soon with results,” The nurse said and you nodded, “I recommend you start drinking some water for the ultrasound.” 
            You shivered as the nurse left, sending you a smile and shutting the door behind her. Bradley handed you your water bottle from your purse, a shy smile on his features. 
            “If you have to go back to work, you can leave,” You said, sipping your water, “I bet there’s more important things you’d rather be doing than sitting here.” 
            “Not really,” Bradley said, sighing and putting his hands behind his head, “It’s just day one, and Bagman can handle it, it’s the least he can fucking do.” You scowled at the mention of your ex-boyfriend and Bradley laughed, “He came to the Hard Deck the other night. Showed up in his uniform like he’s something special. God, I can’t stand him.” 
            “You two are team leaders now, you need to get along, no matter how you feel about him,” You said and looked down at your lap. Bradley’s eyebrows furrowed as he looked at you. He knew you long enough to be able to know all the tells of your body language. He could tell when you were angry, or upset, or overwhelmed. 
            “You’re hiding something,” Bradley said, leaning his elbows onto his knees, “What are you hiding?” 
            “I’m not hiding anything,” You said quickly. Bradley opened his mouth to argue when a woman with light brown hair wearing pink scrubs walked in. She smiled at Bradley and walked to you, hand extending in greeting. 
            “I’m Doctor Miller, I’m your obstetrician,” She introduced herself, “And you must be Y/N.” 
“I am,” You nodded. 
“Well, Y/N,” Doctor Miller took a seat on a stool across the room from you, “As you suspected, the urine and blood tests came back showing elevated hCG, which means, you are in fact, pregnant.” 
“Oh my god,” You said, covering your mouth with your hand. 
“The ultrasound will confirm how far along you are, and we can estimate your due date from that,” Doctor Miller announced, “I’m going to have you lay back, pull your shirt up below your breasts and pull your skirt down just below your naval please.” 
You nodded and did what she said. Bradley shifted in his spot, his brown eyes going from your bare skin to the ultrasound machine. 
“Alright, this gel is going to be cold,” Doctor Miller said, squirting the cold gel on your belly. You lurched a bit in your spot, and looked at Bradley. 
He could feel the waves of nervousness rolling off of you, and stood up from his chair, stepping closer to you laying on the exam table. He gave you a reassuring smile, before looking back at the black and white screen as Doctor Miller moved the transducer over your abdomen. Doctor Miller looked over her shoulder briefly, seeing Bradley and you standing close and smiled softly to herself. 
“Here,” She said, pushing down on your abdomen. Your eyes widened seeing the small blip on the screen. Doctor Miller’s glove hand pointed to it, “You are measuring at about seven weeks in gestation.” She clicked some buttons, taking a screenshot of the screen. 
“Wow,” You said, your eyes wide in shock. 
“Your estimated due date is around July 15th,” Doctor Miller said, and put the transducer down, and then grabbed a bunch of paper towels, “For now, I need to see you every four weeks, until about week twenty-six, so roughly around February.” 
“They’ll have the same birthday,” Bradley said and you shot him a glare. He gave you a knowing look and you let out a shaky breath. 
“These are for you,” Doctor Miller said, handing you copies of the ultrasound, “I’m also going to send you home with this packet.” She handed you a thick two pocket folder. You opened it and started looking over the various flyers and pamphlets that were inside, “There’s a lot of information in there about pregnancy, it breaks it down week by week on development, some recommendations for products to use for prenatal development, as well as go over the options that you have.” 
“Options?” You asked, looking up at her. 
She nodded, “Yes, you have options.” 
You blinked and shook your head, “Y-Yeah, I know, it’s just weird to hear someone say that to me. I-I guess I’m still a bit in shock about all. . . this,” You gestured to your stomach. Bradley put his hand on your shoulder. 
“It’ll be okay,” He said. You looked up at him, and he smiled, “Where do we make the appointment?” 
“At the front desk,” Doctor Miller said, “Oh, and here’s a prescription for a good prenatal vitamin,” She scribbled some writing down on a note and then handed it to you, “If you have any questions, either one of you,” She looked between you and Bradley, “Do not hesitate to call.” 
“Thank you,” You said, hopping off the table. Doctor Miller nodded as Bradley opened the door to the exam room, and gently guided you out of the room. You scheduled your next appointment, and watched as Bradley put the date in his phone. The two of you walked out to the parking lot, your jeep parked next to his bronco. You suddenly wondered if the jeep was even a good car to drive a baby around in. Living in California, you almost always had the sides and top off of it, loving the way the sun hit as you drove down the road. 
“Hey,” Bradley said, putting his hand on your back, “You going back to school?” 
“No,” You shook your head, “I took the day off. I wasn’t sure if I could go back to teaching eight year olds simple multiplication after learning. . . what I learned.” 
Bradley chuckled and leaned against the door of his Bronco, “You going to tell him?” 
“How do you know it’s his?” 
“Y/N. . . Bug. . . I’ve known you since you were three, you can’t hide things from me.” 
You sighed and pinched the bridge of your nose, “I don’t think I can.” 
“Y/N,” Bradley said, standing up straight, “I don’t agree with what he did, and I am one hundred percent on your side but, you can’t keep a man from his child.” 
“I know!” You groaned, “I just. . . I can’t face him. He makes me so fucking mad, Bradley. I look at him, a-and my chest gets tight and I feel small and want to hide. It’s like everything Gia ever said in my ear about not being enough and not being able to keep him satisfied all comes true.” You shook your head as you felt tears well up in your eyes. Bradley pushed off his bronco and pulled you into his strong arms. 
“Shh,” Bradley said as you cried, running his hand up and down your back, “It’ll all work out, okay. If you want me to be, I’ll be there when you tell him. And you know Alyssa will be there too.” 
“She’s already claimed the godmother spot,” You chuckled and felt the rumble of laughter in Bradley’s chest. You pulled back from him and wiped your tears, “Thank you for coming with me. I know that 9-1-1 message at two in the morning was probably terrifying.” 
“Oh you had me on the verge of shitting myself all day,” Bradley said and you scrunch your nose, “It’ll all work out, Bug. I promise. And whatever you decide, I will be by your side.” 
“I love you, Buckles,” You said, using the nickname you gave him when you were younger. You couldn’t pronounce Bradley until you were about six, so you named him ‘Buckles’ and it stuck, “Now, get back to work.” 
“Yes ma’am,” Bradley said, giving you a mock salute. You giggled as you opened your driver's door and got in. Bradley waited until you pulled out of the parking lot to get into his bronco. He sighed, and ran his hand through his hair. This was not at all how he thought his morning was going to go. Bradley reached into the chest pocket of his flight suit and pulled out the ultrasound picture, and smiled down at it. 
— — — 
Jake was nervous. The morning had gone well, it was his first morning as a TopGun instructor. He explained the history of the program, the risk and rewards that come with it. He smiled as he saw his name on the plaque for the best pilot from his class. Jake was getting ready to go head to the sky when Admiral Kazansky called his name in the hallway. 
It was as if cement was poured down Jake’s back as he walked down the hall towards his office. In all the years Jake had been a pilot, he had never been called into the Admiral’s office. Being called into the Admiral's office was like being called to the principal. You didn’t want to be there, nothing good ever came from being called or sent to their office. 
Jake’s green eyes looked at the various pictures and awards the Iceman had hanging up. The most noticeable was one that Jake was all too familiar with. He had seen the exact same copy on your bedside table just weeks ago. Jake felt himself relax a bit, but it was only for a second, then the door opened. He quickly stood up from his seat, standing at attention as Ice walked in. 
“At ease, kid,” Iceman said, walking to his desk. Jake sighed, and stood at parade rest, until Ice sat down. Even though Jake was once on a first name basis with the man in front of him, he still treated him with the utmost respect, “Take a seat.” 
“Sir,” Jake greeted and sat down in the leather chair across from him. 
“I didn’t get a chance to meet with Lieutenant Commander Bradshaw this morning, but I wanted to see where you think we stand with this class,” Iceman said, pulling up the newest class of recruits onto the projector. Jake closed his eyes for a second and let out a sigh of relief. For a moment, Jake thought that Ice was going to fire him after day one, or worse, tell him that he knew he was in his daughter’s bedroom the other night. But Jake relaxed in his chair, and gave Ice the run down of the class. 
“I think we have a very eager group,” Jake said, after explaining a bit about each of the pilots. 
Ice looked from the screen to Jake and nodded, “Well, I expect them to be better than the best. You and Rooster have a lot to prove. You two have a lot of work on your plates. It’s the first time that TopGun instructors are also members of an active squadron at the same time. I hope there are no distractions.” 
“None sir,” Jake said. 
“Good,” Ice said, and sat back in his chair, “I know things ended between you and Y/N,” Jake closed his eyes and let out a sigh, “But, if you need help with anything, my door is always open. You have my number, you are free to stop by the house if you need to.” 
Jake stood up from his chair, “Thank you, sir, I appreciate it.” 
“Of course,” Ice said, “I see you as a son. If you’re with my daughter or not. You’re dismissed.” 
Jake nodded and left the office as quickly as he could. He didn’t even notice, but he had started sweating as he sat there under Ice’s cold stare. 
When he first met you, he had no idea who your father was. In fact, you kept it a secret for nearly the first three months of being together. Your father was famous when it came to Jake’s world. So the moment you said that you were a Kazansky, Jake felt like he had been hit by a train. He thought you were messing with him at first, but you pulled out your driver's license and Jake nearly passed out. The first time he had met your father, Jake was sweating bullets the whole time. He almost showed up at your front door in his dress uniform, because whatever was in his closet wasn’t good enough to meet Tom ‘Iceman’ Kazansky. But, Ice made a comment about Texas Football, and Jake fell into an instant conversation with the Admiral. 
He was worried that post break-up things would be awkward or tense, but Jake was surprised to find that it wasn’t. It was also probably because Ice ran a tight ship around here. He wasn’t one to bring in outside problems into the workplace. Ice hadn’t once brought up the break-up until today, and Jake was even surprised that he had mentioned something. 
Jake smiled to himself as he walked down the hallway towards the locker room to get dressed for his flight. He was whistling some tune when he walked in, seeing Bradley lost in thought while looking at some photograph. 
“Where ya been Bradshaw!” Jake said loudly, causing the pilot to startle and drop the picture.  Bradley scrambled to get the picture as it soared down under Jake’s boot. He bent down to grab it. He was going to give it back, but then he saw the disheveled look of his wingman, “What’s going on?” 
“Give it back,” Bradley said, reaching for the picture, but Jake took a step away from him. 
“Oh shit. . .” Jake smirked, “Is this what I think it is,” He wiggled the picture in his fingers, “Were you about to whack-” 
“Give me the picture, Bagman,” Bradley said, stepping over the bench and reaching for it. Jake took another step back. 
“Nah, I wanna see what got Rooster Bradshaw so flustered that he has to. . . wait,” Jake said, looking at the picture. He was expecting to see some scantily dressed woman or even a man on the front of it, but he was met with the sight of black and white sonogram. Jake had two older sisters who had kids, and he knew exactly what this was. Bradley held his breath as Jake’s green eyes looked over the information on the side of it. 
“Is this a joke?” Jake asked, looking up at Bradley. Bradley looked down at his boots and scratched the back of his neck, “I can’t fucking believer her. We’ve been broken up for less than-” 
“Wait a damn minute,” Bradley said, lifting his head, “You think she was sneaking around?” 
“Well,” Jake shrugged, “What do you expect me to think!?” 
Bradley chuckled humorlessly, “She’s not you, Bagman. She’d never even think to cheat on you or to do something behind your back. She was so loyal to you, and still is. Can’t say the same about you.” 
“So. . . it’s mine,” Jake said, looking back at the sonogram, and Bradley nodded, “Fuck,” Jake groaned running a hand down his face and sat on the bench. His stomach felt like it was in his chest, and the longer he looked at the sonogram, the sicker he felt. He couldn’t believe this was happening. He thought all the years that he was with you about having kids. About one day being able to start a family, and have three or four little ones who looked just like you, running to him as he came home from deployments or missions. But he kissed that dream goodbye the second he walked out the door. 
“This is all wrong,” Jake mumbled. 
“Tell me about it,” Bradley said, leaning against the lockers, crossing his arms over his chest. 
“Does Ice know?” Jake looked at his wingman. 
“Not yet,” Bradley sighed, “She found out for sure this morning. I went with her. She’s due on your birthday.” Bradley saw the corners of Jake’s mouth tick up at that, “She doesn’t want you knowing.” 
“Why the fuck do you think? You cheated on her and left her.” 
Jake sighed and shook his head, “I didn’t cheat on her.” 
“What?” Bradley asked, “What the fuck do you mean you didn’t cheat on her?” 
“I lied,” Jake gulped and looked straight ahead, “I couldn’t just. . . break up with her, so I came up with a lie to help me. I never cheated on her.” 
Bradley saw red, as he grabbed the pilot by the collar and slammed him up against the lockers. Jake grunted as his back hit the metal and pushed Bradley’s arms off of him. Bradley was only off of Jake for a split second, before he charged forward, wrapping his arms around the blonde man and tackling him to the floor. 
“Fucking get off of me!” Jake yelled, trying to fight against him. Bradley had about three inches and fifty pounds on Jake. 
“You fucking lied to her!” Bradley yelled, straddling the blonde’s waist, and delivering a punch to his jaw,“For weeks she didn’t leave my fucking couch cause she thought you cheating was her fucking fault!” 
“It’s none of your fucking business!” Jake yelled, and pushed Bradley off of him. Jake managed to knock Bradley onto his back. He reeled his arm back and punched Bradley in the nose. 
“Fuck it is!” Bradley spat, trying to regain the upper hand. 
“Whoa!” Fanboy said, seeing the two pilots wrestling on the ground. 
“Yo! Break it up!” Payback yelled, pushing through the door to get to Bradley and Jake. Fanboy wrapped his arms around Jake’s torso as he pulled the blonde pilot away. Bob and Coyote had come running in when they heard the commotion, and got their way in between the two pilots. 
“The hell is going on?!” Maverick yelled, walking into the locker room. He took in the sight of the two bloodied pilots and the group of aviators in between them, “Well? Explain, or you are all grounded.” 
“Jake’s a fucking liar and a cheat!” Bradley yelled, pointing at him. 
“And Bradley needs to mind his damn business!” Jake yelled back, lunging forward, but Coyote pushed him back. 
“That’s enough!” Maverick said, “Whatever personal stuff between you two ends here. Today. If you can’t handle it, then it’ll go to Ice.” Bradley clenched his jaw and pushed Payback and Bob’s hands off of him, “Understood?” 
“Yes sir,” Bradley and Jake said at the same time. 
“Good,” Maverick nodded, “Be ready to take the air in twenty.” Maverick left the locker room and headed back to his office. 
The other male aviators slowly released Bradley and Jake, but still kept a watchful eye on them in case chaos were to ensue again. Coyote asked Jake if he was alright and the blonde nodded, turning back to his locker. Bob noticed that during the scuffle, a picture had fallen from Jake’s grasp. The WSO gently picked it up, his eyes widening a bit at the sight of the sonogram. He looked between the two pilots, the tension in the locker room thick and awkward, before turning to hand the sonogram to Bradley. 
“This fell,” Bob said softly, tapping Rooster on the shoulder. He turned around and looked at the sonogram in Bob’s outstretched hand. 
“Thanks,” Rooster said, taking the picture. Bob gave him a tight lipped smile before going to his own locker and getting his gear. Jake saw the interaction and it made his blood boil even more. He grabbed his gear and slammed his locker shut, and made his way towards the door. 
“Oh, Bradshaw,” Jake said, stopping and turning around to face the mustached pilot. Bradley looked at Jake, his eyes narrowed on him. Jake smirked and grabbed a tooth pick from inside his flight suit, 
“You’ll never be that kid’s father, no matter how hard you try and act like it.” Jake popped the toothpick in his mouth and left the locker room. 
Tumblr media
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head-canons for ron because he’s been running around my brain for a little bit.
maybe this is just me rambling abt how fine he is, we’ll just have to see. 
Tumblr media
- for one, he does have quite a few tattoos on his back, and arms, even a couple on his legs, most of these are from his 20’s, since he had never really left the rebellious teenager phase by the time he left his parents house. he has to cover all of these for work, but they’re the first thing people notice when he’s just out in public off the clock, other than his.. slightly looming presence. - he also has both of his ears pierced, and a closed industrial in his left, (which conventionally are also all from his college days)  - he grew up riddled in city, between the religion barrier (which never failed to create separation within his family) and busy schedules, appleton was his idea of what a more quiet lifestyle would be like, because he never had the chance to live it growing up.  - builds a chicken coop outside of the house, and adopts 3. he has them all named, and they’re practically his babies. tending to the coop actually ends up becoming a coping mechanism 
- that being said, pet wise? a cat guy. Indefinitely. he needs someone to chill with him while he watches lifetime movies, (solely to make fun of the acting) it’s a rather frequent past-time.  - speaking of movies, he’ll watch about anything, he’s a pretty open slate when it comes to taste, can’t promise he won’t make fun of it, a bit, though while he does. 
- the absolute best person to wake up next to, between the peach fuzz, his stupidly long arms, his voice getting scruffy in the morning, and the most abnormally warm body to be pressed against. his warm eyes always get caught up in the early sunlight.
- he has awful sleep habits, but most importantly the worst nightmares known to man, he’s tried a bit of everything, but nothing seems to work. 
- he’s never really had a lot of friends before, he has a hard time meshing with others before coming off as an asshole. in reality it’s because he has a hard time distinguishing certain social cues himself. (yes, everyone we also have autistic ron on this blog, look at that) 
- brett and ron ending up friend’s made me so happy, that is all
- he’s honestly pretty up to date on most conspiracy theories (it’s hard not to be, in the business) he is the one who told kanye about politics after all. he’s seen a lot of shit but, some of the things people have came up with theory wise, never fail to surprise him. you mean flat-earthers actually exist?? it throws him off so hard. 
- ITS CANON HE SCRAPBOOKS. he got it from his mom originally, because she used to keep a scrapbook for the family, no matter how awkward or miserable her children looked. his family definitely ‘looked like the perfect family’ from the outside, but was just full on dysfunctional on the inside. 
- i’m just gonna say it... his hands.. 
Tumblr media
- despite his initial reluctance, he would definitely let a partner of his paint his nails in the end. he definitely takes good care of them regardless though. 
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Tumblr media
Everyone's a sinner in The Balancer's Eye
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hey mutuals my handlers are letting me out of my carrier and giving me a ten minute head start so you guys can start hunting me for sport if you want ^^
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Tumblr media
Make the crowd go wild!
Dorm leaders x Yuya Sakaki like reader!
Authors notes: I had a brain fart of an idea 🌝.. In azuls hc I refer to one of the monsters as flat rat if you wanna know what it is look up performapal and then the card name 🌝. Also there's gonna be some nerd shit in between gl trying to understand....
Disclaimer: contains mentions of war, fatherless behavior/hj, mentions of abandonment, my computer won't let me upload the draft thats proofread so have fun with the spelling errors 🌝
Tumblr media
He is GONE. He found you calm and charming. Then he saw u pull a stunt that could have broken every single one of ur bones. Then you came out unshathed. The dorm could,and would, tell you Riddles soul left his body
He scolded you after but he was glad you were alright.
He got scared when the lights randomly turned off just to hear "Ladies and Gentleman~" oh thank God it was just u performing.
When you ask for someone to help on stage he would admittedly get just a little jealous when they're on stage with you. You even held their hand helping them get to where they needed to be onstage. If he was called he would blush like a madman seeing you smile at him before letting him get into a magical hat spell card. Can admit he was a little scared
Speaking of cards ODD EYES OH HES SO SCARED OF THAT THING at first. You laugh a bit saying he didn't bite. Once you let him on for a ride. He would scold you saying you were breaking rules. You would laugh and say "what rules involve dragon riding" he points to squashed flowers under odd eyes
You show him the school named after your father and eventually open up to him about not seeing your dad in 5 years. He hugs the life outta you. "It's fine really" "...." "Riddle..." You pat his head "it's fine"
He met the kids you tutor part time. They made fun of you every time you fell. How they repeated everything that you and your opponent did. You would shrug it off as "just enjoying the show" Riddle would straight up tell them to keep it to themselves.
"Its so incredible! Y/n just-" "Keep it to yourself kid or would you like to get collared" "like like a dog-"
"Hey hey honey it's ok their kids" "Well their unpleasant the only speaking I want to hear is yours and the opponents" "there's always the tv version of the duel" "I want to be the first person to see you afterword" he's blushing a bit after stating that. To be honest you blushed a bit too.
When you took him home he met your dogs....HOW MANY DO YOU HAVE. the fact you know all their names is amazing. When he finally got around to pet one he was astonished. The dogs got around to liking him more than you...he smelled like tarts that's the only reason you would say to yourself
He caught you hanging out on a bridge watching the sunset. He knew you wanted to be left alone every time you went there. He would be slightly worried usually when you went there would be life changing decisions involved. He knew you would be OK but if one of those decisions involved you leaving for a long time expect to see Heartslabyul go extinct.
"Y/N UR BACK" You could have sworn everyone had a collar on "wha....what hap-" "HOUSEWARDEN!!!! Y/NS BACK" you hear him stomping down the stairs you don't know if you should run or great him normally. As soon as he gets down everyone forms a line straight to you. Riddle staring into your eyes. "I'm glad to see you've returned y/n" "ah yes....you too..." He's holding your dog like the queen with her Corgys. Your mom trusts him too much....
He saw you on a duel wheel and was mesmerized,when you offered him a ride he's trying to hold back a smile "are...are you sure?" He's never been on a motorcycle before sure ur duel wheel wasn't a motorcycle but it was just like one just being able to play card games on it. The thought of holding onto your waist while riding off into the sunset he didn't want to admit it but it made him all bubbly inside.
He knows your a slacker, sleeping in class,not handing in work sometimes, it gets him just a tad infuriated....he's red. As punishment he forces you to hand over your deck to study. This doesn't happen when you have an important date to duel he just takes it after or he forces you to have a private performance for Heartslabyul.
Moral of the story your like a jester to the queen of hearts
Tumblr media
He was kinda iritated by you at first. Your performances are so loud
He got close to you when u started doing quieter magic tricks, card tricks, summoning cute monsters and bigger ones for training, etc
He heard about you when from the savanaclaw students were talking about being able to pet such a huge beast without it trying to bite them
He didn't really care until he saw you outside with the beast playing spell drive he forced himself out of bed to check it out may be useful to improve the dorms performance grades
"Oi! Herbivore! What the hell is that?!" "Oh housewarden this is my partner!" "Uh huh and why are you here?" "A friend said he would pay me if I helped out" you were so bubbly and happy he hated it but it brought this strange warmth...
You two started to know eatchother a little better eventually he even learned how to duel.(that's a traumatizing image...) you two usually dueled sitting down in his room. He likes how tough it is to beat you but he also found it annoying. Sure he liked the challenge but this is keeping him from sleeping the worse part, YOU HAVE ANOTHER DECK YOU NERFED YOURSELF TO AND HE STILL GETS HIS ASS KICKED.
He slowly begins to love you to the point of asking you out after he finally beat you. "So I was wondering would you like to.." "?" "Be my s/o" "...your joking right?" "No I mean it..." he grabs your hand into him palm "I love you y/n"
You taught him how to ride a duel wheel he would drive it while you entertained or were riding one of your monsters at the time.
He would carry you into his bed like a body pillow you smelled like cotton candy and all things nice. You would almost be late to tournaments because of this.
He smiles more offen around you people started taking him less seriously.
He likes petting you after duels.
"I WON!!" You exclaimed happily "good job herbivore" Leona placed his hand on your head ruffling your hair. (Would be funny af if u were taller than Leona and you had to lean down 😭)
He would be asleep somewhere random and then hear one of your performances outside and he's up in seconds. You hold the record for worlds best Leona alarm
He saw you on a bridge once and decided to sit at the bar with you. You would start a conversation that would lead to a decision you had to make. He would be quiet at first and then give you honest advice. If that decision involved you having to leave for a long period of time, he wouldn't complain...savanaclaw would tho...their dorm leader sleeps longer and he won't even show up to practice.
The day you had to leave you were almost late he didn't want you to go even tho you promised to call him every day or atleast text him you basically have to drag him out with you.
When you came back savanaclaw jumped you at once almost crying in your arms. "OH THANK GOD YOUR BACK Y/N" "BRO WHYED YOU TAKE SO LONG" "what are you even talking about-" Ruggie comes down to see what was going "y/n oh thank the seven" Ruggie leads you to Leona's room. "He's been acting like sleeping beauty since ya left" he looks away his ears dropping. You open the door and walk over to Leona. "He is knocked the hell out...leona~ leooonnaaa~" you shook your hand over his eyes. You look away at Ruggie shrugging. "He's gone~ he's gonna evaporate~" "hopefully that doesn't happen I'll need a bucket of water that woke him up while you were gone" Ruggie leaves closing the door behind him. "Leonaaaa~ WAKE UP" you tried to imitate a deep voice. He grabbed you suddenly from under the covers "don't shout so loud" he mumbled "I missed you herbivore.." "I can tell...you gotta fix your sleep schedule" you smiled
You found out he was an uncle when cheka busted in after the spelldrive tormament. YOU LOVED HIM. He was just so cute. Leona tho wasn't too happy. He didn't want you to know about him he was ashamed that he wouldn't be king until another few decades. You didn't care tho you loved kids! Your bond with cheka made him kinda jealous. Why didn't you give him that much attention? You do...he's just asleep half the time.
Your bond was strong but it became stronger when you pet his ears. "What are you doing herbivore?" You looked at his face blushing rapidly. "...." You took your hand off his head "your adorable....."
He helped with one of your performances once. Your partner wasn't able to make it. He actually got ready and woke up earlier than you...crap you even saw him rehearse. You had changed some of the parts to fit him, the most he had to do was a few acrobatic tricks and activate a few spells. Oh he went all out, sure he may find it embarrassing in hide sight but he wouldn't lie and say it wasn't a little fun holding onto a snake for dear life while his partner intersected him. Thank God he praticed...
Tumblr media
You can perform 3d without needing specialized machinery in the area? it's also intractable? HAS the mind of its own but still obeys you? Thats...Thats so....PROFITABLE.
He gets Jade and Floyd to basically kidnap you...you mangaed to escape when they tried that....well ant that fun....they then decided They took your goggles as a way to get you to the lounge where azul greated you in a corner table. Spinning your goggles with a finger
"Looking for these?" He smiled mischievously "you found them? Thanks-" he pulls his hand away missing your hand barely. "Not so fast how about me make a deal...you perform at least every business day and I pay you generously and give you answers to your tests and such but in exchange....you'll have to give up at least 80% of your salary" Azul smirks he know you slacked off in school sometimes your grades were just average. "If you wanted me to perform you should have just asked normally" you sighed. You held on to both of his hands snatching away your goggles "that being said...I won't be signing your contract I'll do it for free!" "Does that mean I keep the money you make?" He smiles "oh no I'll just perform outside the lounge maybe by the museum" you smile walking out of the lounge announcing your next performance
Wha....wait no he needed you for the money I mean super awesome performance. He needed you back but how? You didn't accept the deal..so what would you accept? He starts trying to figure out almost everything about you. He's gone so far down he knows your address, your exes, your parents, your gene pool, your first deck,blood type, ur exes.... why do they all kinda look or act like him....eh probably a coincidence. He's kinda ugly In his opinion. But you touched his hands and smiled at him maybe you think differently? His mind wandered into how it would be like dating you...marrying you and...GAHHH NO MORE
OK good news he got an arranged meeting this time the bad news? He made a deal he would do what you wanted him to for a year. That's the only thing you could have wanted from him right he can't make your father come back so he might as well offer himself up! You said no....dammit
One month no one really needed you to perform those days and you needed the money to repair Ramshakle in your time of need a certain octopus was alerted. "Why you poor unfortunate soul tell ya what you perform here and keep the money from your performances I'll take only around 70% but you have to help me improve my flight classes" somethings up he lowered it to only 70? And just for some messy gym grades how bad were the-....dayum...70-65 average....he sucks-
You accepted knowing you had to feed that greedy cat and bedazzle his bed so he wouldn't harass you every two seconds.
The show was a hit "the great dueltainer makes holograms physical!" The lounge was pretty packed people recording you with their phones. You even got some selfies in with some. Azul pleased with his work decided to watch your show Aswell. He didn't know why but he found show...so cutely heart pounding. You couldn't exactly duel nothing so you had to sing while playing cards. The monsters you summoned helped out with serving plates. People were petting them. Floyd basically became best friends with one.
Speaking of Floyd he got Azul to pat flat rats head. He....he loved him. Are holograms usually this soft? but he loved flat rat already it's little rolling pin, it's t pose, his reprimands,"touch me", (ILL STOP WITH THE GHOST STORYS REFERANCES) he's holding flat rat hostage the rest of the show
The rat got Azul lap privileges....until the end of the show when it disappeared
He was at gym class once He was tasked to go pretty high up. He was doing great until he looked down and fell... he could have sworn he saw his life flash before his eyes and then "HIP HIPPO!" He was caught by a hippo? Why tf was its name hip himpo.... he opened his eyes and saw you carrying him bridal styling riding a hippo...yk I think he would have preferred being the laughing stock of the school... "if you need to get better at gym...maybe we should practice riding a broom toghter" you smiled he didn't know why but he felt his stomach all funny inside.
You two soon became business partners and even close friends one day you two encountered a blue haired boy trying to get you to be his teacher. Azul knew from first Glace something was fishy about him and even told you to avoid him. Your response? "Oh its fine let's bring the kids!"
He face palmed watching you duel he knew it was a trap but still watched it was entertaining until you started crying
Odd eyes went to the graveyard for the first time and you broke down not knowing what to do. He felt his heart drop then he saw you get up and point your hand in the air u were about to activate ur ultimate move! YUYA SAKAKI BULLSHIT. "ODD eyes doesn't go to the graveyard HE WENT TO THE EXTRA DECK!" You smiled "ladies and Gentleman! Its time to end this extravaganza!" Your tears still falling but your smile was so bright
After you won the duel and gone somewhere away from the kids he freaking tackles you "....I'm glad your alright..." he states "I don't know my deck well its just a small mistake~" he let's go and sighs "I was kinds worried..." You smirked "about my best business partner that's all!" "Hehehe you care about me azul~"
He asks you out when you went on a totally not date on ur duel wheel. Him tightly gripping your waist your goggles protecting his eyes from the harsh winds. He finally tells you how he feels about you. Then you two started dating!
He's a little hesitant around you ar first you know how he feels about you...but after a few days he gets used to it
You also sneak into his office just to plant small kisses on his check. He's blushing like a mad man when one of his clients walk in.
When you found out about his octopus form you were overjoyed "AHHHH YOUR SO CUTE" you got to carry him in his octoform "your so cute azul <3" "do I even weigh anything to you?"
He gave you ink once...he said it was a trade for teaching him how to ride a duel wheel so he taught you how to write with a quilt and ink! You practiced at home a bit. He's so happy when you said the ink was of great quality. It was where you found it where it was from...that you secretly returned it....never again....nope....
You take him on dates by activating fields and walking him through the holograms. Just you and him in this imaginary space...he sometimes forgets your only in yu show and people are probably watching you and him yea he won't risk it
Hell risk it when you two are in his rooms tho 😼
He never learned about your bridge spot until an octavinelle student spotted you and told him about it. He knew about a life changing decision you were gonna make. He didn't see you for a few months after that. He thought it was a ploy to leave him without breaking up with him, he thought he was just so ugly you grew out of him
and then he saw you in his chair with one of his hats on your head. "My my~ you poor unfortunate soul~ would you like to make a contract~" he runs at your right then and there "Y/N!!!" He can barely say what he wants to say he's just sobbing
He also met the dogs.....dear god....he doesn't like land creatures but these....no...the poodles an exception. He's best friends with em it's scary he sometimes appears on his desk....they even have a hat and tie for him. THATS UR DOG. He's a traitor THEY BOTH ARE.
Tumblr media
He matches everything about you. your WAYYYYY TOOO FAST FRIENDS
Your performances, him celebrating almost everything yea Jamil's gonna fucking evaporate
"y/n you wanna preform again we have another celebration!" "YEA LEMME PUT MY CLOTHES ON" "OK!!!"
I swear If he wasnt royalty you would greet eatchother with hugs and kisses on the checks
You two started dating pretty fast actually he liked whenever you would around and you would sometimes offer genuine advice when needed. You were just so cool to him! You two were on a magic carpet, he smiles wider than he ever has before and goes "it could be cool if we were a couple...sayyyyy you wanna be my-" "yes" dayum u were fast
You and him basically spend every waking moment toghter. He found out one of your cards were badly bent you sighed saying how expensive it would be to buy a new one. Literally the next day he buys you one with a sleeve this time
"y/n I GOT YOU SOMETHING" he ran smiling at you almost jumping in place. "Wonder what it is" you neatly pull out the ribbons and carefully open the box. It was a copy of the card u lost!...you knew ur paying for dinner for this man, not cause u had to but because it's the least u could do
He enjoys pretending to speak to your monsters when you leave.
"AH yes yes!" "...." "Kalim why are you talking to a card..." "u do it all the time I wanna see if it works!" You sigh taking off your duel disk "put this on your wrist real quick" you strap in your duel disk. "Now try to speak to him" "hello?" The monster from the card appears and faces kalim, it seems to have heard his call. He's almost jumping in excitement
Speaking of your monsters cards he's basically best friends with your whole deck. It took you years to form the bond them and kalim have
Speaking of bonds he met your dogs....so many DOGS. There was a few cats here and there too. You introduced them all and their already clawing at kalims leg. He can fucking command them
You would come home for a winter break "GET EMMM!!" Then every Stray your mom found is running down the stairs. on the top stands Kalim. The beast tamer!! Next is leona/j
He basically flies down the stairs to you. You gotta pull a clutch catch.
Your mom loves him sm, he offen takes his side when you two disagree (you two almost never disagree unless it's over something real stupid)
You showed him around the city on your duel wheel. He was screaming the whole time
"WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" "Your screaming in my ear" "srry" "....." "Y/N LOOK AT THIS"
He learned about your bridge spot because he sat there with you. He knew a life changing idea was gonna happen. So he tried to offer his best advice and you left for a few weeks. He face timed you every single day.....every hour or the day....expect if you were at a tournament. He straight up starts streaming that shit, gorilla gripping Jamil everytime you do something cool. Jamils cursing internally. The whole dorms chearing you on its like a football game they ordered pizza, sodas, crazy bread, FUCK THEY EVEN HAVE HEADBANDS OF U
"LETS FUCKING GO" "AAAAAAAAAAA" Their like a bunch of Chad bros watching football. Their watching you flip in the air their crying toghter all cluttered up "that's our y/n *sniffle*" they forced Jamil to wear the "I ❤️ action duel" merch
Bro the whole collage could hear them cheering
When he first found out about your duel wheel.....he wants a ride immediately. He's running up to you he has a helmet he's almost jumping in place. You can see his eyes light up when he sees you walking toward him he's literally patting your seat as soon as you get on he's already clinging on your back. "LETS GOO!!"
There was one time you got into a street duel with him on your back. You told him to hold on tight and not to let go no matter what. You even took off your goggles to protect his eyes just incase.The streets cleared up and this lady comes in from a helicopter?!? (Helicopter helicopter 🚁 🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁) he was a little confused but hey atleast we're putting on a show. The dorm hears about the duel on the news and jamils praying Kalims blurred out
"Alright you wanna play dirty then!" You smiled grabbing an action card. (Here comes the nerd shit) "I discard one monster on my field to activate sky iris, now I can destroy one of my monsters and gain a odd eyes for its destruction!" Your bike flips into the air you being upside-down "JOIN THE CAST!" Kalim and you yell toghter "ODD EYES PEDULUM DRAGON" you made sure kalim was still there tapping on his arm. You won the duel and your star stuck boyfriend was telling the whole dorm about it. You couldn't stop thinking about him knowing one of your phrases....how many does he know.....OH GOD DOES HE KNOW ABOUT THE HIP HIPPO PHASE?!!??!
He likes listening to the stories your mom has about your childhood
"OK so they were running around wet floors and started sliding down everything" your mom giggles "NONONO MOM" You cover your face. Kalims face is full of pancakes smiling widely "tell me more" "FINISH CHEWING YOUR GONNA CHOKE" you stand up your mother laughing proudly "MOM"
At the end of the day he invites you over to his bed and asks you to share stories about your duels. He falls asleep easier whenever he hears your voice. He sleeps with his hand in yours a smiled curved on his lips
Tumblr media
He doesn't care about you I mean sure the performances were nice but you didn't really do anything to stand out to him other than that....until ur Manga brother appeared (just gonna use Yuri for this)
Oh he was a bitch, he would would always have great skin , great with flowers,was elegant, had more magicam followers, and always spoke so polietly.He NEEDED to know that skin care routine, so he could better it of course, so he went to you. Only one problem your brothers on you every. Waking. Moment
He's clinging on your arm cheek to cheek with you. He needed to get alone....he'll have to go to one of your performances the only time Yuri would leave you alone. He waited for you in your studio room behind the stage. Then took his chance. "Y/N!" "AH" "may you tell me your brother's skin care routine" "....you scared the shit outta me, idk what it is..." "well...it seems I'll have to poison his lotion bottles then" "WAIT I ACTUALLY DONT KNOW-" "Y/N~" a familiar ring to your name was heard it was your brother
"Ah Vil Schoenheit, what do I owe the pleasure~" your brother lifts his hand just infront of his mouth. Vil looked a little upset. His frown depend "Yuri! he's a friend, he wanted to take me somewhere after the show" "hmmmm" Yuri thought for a second "I'll leave you two too it" he left the room smiling to himself. "As I was saying-" "i guess ill have to follow him on his next trip to target" you interrupted "he gets his skin care from target..." "idk that's the only place I see him go that has those kinds of products" maybe he's wearing makeup or something there was no way. "I'll see if I can get my hands on his receipt maybe we'll get the product list" Vil looks at you cringing a tad "why are you even helping me you don't even get anything out of it" you smiled "idk" you left the room to go back to your dorm. Vil in a slight bit of shock stays for a bit before walking out
A few days later you got back to him....by sneaking in from his window...
"VIL!" *tap* *tap* *tap* "VILLLLL" "VIL" He looked in horror to see u smiling at the window "I GOT THE RECIPT" HOW AND WHY DID U GET UP THERE "are you out of YOUR MIND" he quickly opens the window "I didn't know where the door is so I just came up here!" OK...you could have just asked what his room number was... he sucked his teeth and let you in. "I haven't looked it over yet saving the surprise for you" you winked. His eyes twitched as he takes the recept from your hand. "Your playing tricks on me" "what,what's on there?!?!" You peek over his shoulder. The receipt was just full of things used for gardening, some groceries, and bug repellent, and a few containers and spray bottles. Wait a secound...you've never seen a brand name on Yuris containers..."HE MAKES HIS OWN!" "Don't yell in my ear" "HE must make his own! Maybe we can browse his garden for the flowers he uses!" You suggested Vil sighs "if you plan too fool me" "if we take some and replace it with magic u think he'll notice?" You interrupted "Are you even paying attention to me!" "No hell surely be there to find us..." "what do you mean us?!?!?" "Your comming with me, Yuri can get pretty scary i might need backup" you joked. He was about to refuse when you pulled him him by the hand leading him out the window. Of course odd eyes was there to catch the two of you.
He asked no yelled on why the hell you just did that. Swear his fist so so close to hitting your face. "Cause that was the fastest way out" you giggled "if you dare do that again I swear appon the seven...""WHAAATTT" you had jumped the portal to ranshakle by now you didn't notice but vil was grabbing onto your waist for dear life. "Alright...do you need help-" he swatted away your hand and got down himself.
Yuris garden was nuts so many...FLOWERS.. dear god. You two took pictures of the flowers vil noted were great for skin care as you picked them using magic to regrow them.
It was going good when you felt hands behind your back a familiar cold running down your spine "Y/n~" his hand tightens on your shoulder "what did I say about going in here without permission?" You couldn't speak only turn your head slowly "eyyyy...." he was gonna kill you, you felt your life flash before your eyes. You shivered slowly showing Yuri your illusion balloon spell card
A small explosion of glitter and color covered yuris eyes allowing you to get away you grabbed vil bridal style and booked it. You were gonna get murdered by one of them but it's better to get punched by vil than get nearly eaten alive by the dragon.
You had escaped and Vil was PISSED he would yell at how stupid you were, and how you almost messed up his makeup. You weren't listening you were chugging water bottles you sighed. "Your kinda heavy~" "...." lets just say you weren't allowed in Pomfiore for a while.
Vil after a few months decided that you were a decent enough to handle small tasks so he seaks your help whenever no one else can. You even started bowing and kissing his hand you took it as a small inside joke ofc and Vil thought you realized you were under him and that this was the only way to gain his respect. The day you were "promoted" to friend was when you had to get him somewhere. He was late for an event someone had stolen something needed for his makeup routine and he decided he couldn't go without it, so what did you do? You banged on his door with a replacement, a mirror, and a belt. "You need a ride?" You say out of breath. You got on your duel wheel using the belt to strap you two toghter in a make shift way. You drove fast. Vil barely being able to hold onto the mirror and makeup, while applying it. By the time you got there he looked as stunning as ever only a small problem a small smudge of eye liner. He must haven't been able to fix it without dropping something. You took out a hanker chiff. "Vil please allow me" you say standing wiping the makeup from his eye. You couldn't help but smile Vils skin was so smooth this is the first time you've ever touched his face. "Please hold onto it for tonight" you placed the chiff in his hand smiling at him. He stayed silent that whole time, he would have scolded you for touching his face but this time....he didn't want to admit that the smile you had was just too...cute...
You two hung out more offen and he even starts to let his guard down with you. You took your chance and asked him out as a joke....he said no...You woke up the next day he asked if the offer was still on the table-. You looking at him as if asking if he's serious, you giggled a bit "it always will be"
He watches your duels more offen, paying more attention to them instead of how he used to put them on in the background.
He does your makeup for duels too! Almost forcibly sometimes...he would find you sit you down and just do it. He would get offended if you did it yourself. He wouldn't say it outloud no he'll just look at you like a disappointed dad
He found out you might have to go to another dimension. He's calm but he forces your employer to get some way to contact him. He starts pandering around the room when you don't come home a day later than promised. As soon as he sees you with flowers in your hand he nearly cries into your shoulder. You would stand there in silence. "I've missed you...." he manages to get out. "I'm sorry I couldn't contact you" then he found out you got into a war and your only gonna stay for a few days...oh he did not like that. After how long you were out and how long you couldn't call him! Oh he's pissed he starts ranting about his experances and even tells you to call your employer to rant some more
When your time was up vil put on a lipstick to kiss you. What you didn't know is that it transfered to your check. You only knew when one of your coworkers pointed it out you tried to wash it off and after like 20 scrubs it was barely off. You were lucky someone had makeup remover on them
When the war was finally over and you returned you swore you could see all of pomfiore outside and in the front lines a certain queen waiting for you. "Welcome back" you heard the students say almost in sync
You showed him how your able to touch the holograms and even let him try. He was astonished how could these holograms be so realistic? You took a picture of him petting one of the performapals
He didn't know how to feel about your dogs...their cute yes...but theirs a mob he's almost impressed but still scared they all ganged up on him when they smelled your scent on him. The dogs don't mind him but they'll always think he's you when he walks in. Also they lick off his moisturizer
He loves being the first person you see after appearing on TV or local duels. You'd always great him with a kiss, he loves grabbing/tugging your clothes.
He sometimes takes your duel disk to talk to your monsters telling them things he won't be able to say to anyone else, things he admired about you, gossip, worries. What's better is that they actually Change their facial expressions based on what he says, they carry the same love you have for him
"I swear the mirror lies eatch time it says neige is better" the monsters ready themselves for a rant. "So what does your friend say about me" the magicans would look at eatchother before turning off the disc not wanting to expose you "what do you think of me?" They hug him
He gives you advice of how to duel despite not knowing himself. You find this terrifying
He had to put up with the kids talking every time you breathed...put up is not the right word he almost punted one. "Y/n just-" "KEEP IT TO YOURSELF" he snaps. You find then on a bench sobbing. "Vil it's fine they're kids" you say after one of them rated him out "They're annoying kids."
Tumblr media
He met you when you decided to visit his dorm asking for assistance fixing your duel disk, they've never seen something like it before so they sent you to idia. You knocked on the door to his room "go away" you hear from the other side. You went back to talk to the other students about how to get idia to talk to you stumbling appon his brother. He was so giddy someone wanted to meet idia he almost busted down the door. Idia opened It slightly annoyed until seeing his brother he opened the door wider and let you two in
"Do you mind fixing this dorm head it's been malfunctioning for months" "yea yes give it here" he almost snatches it out of your hand. You looked over his shoulder a few times to see what he was doing. After a few of what seemed like hours he was finished handing it to you. You thanked him and headed off.
He then was told by ortho about your performance for an upcoming fair. Ortho was practically jumping at the thought that he knew someone there and dragged him to go. Of course he went with his tablet but oh did he regret that. Your performances were usually interactive meaning you had to be there...physically...he only got to watch from the tablet as Ortho got to pet the monsters and help with tricks for others.
You eventually came back for a secret Santa and he stopped you...via jumpscaring you with the tablet he asked you to meet him in his room he wanted too see how your holograms worked a bit better to study them, could make a good gift for ortho in the future.
He started by asking you about it like an intergation. And asked you to summon something for him to examine it. It was all going well when he decided to pet one of their heads for too long. It didn't mind simply going along with the pats. "It seems you really like them huh?" You spoke up smirking Idia looked away in embarrassment getting back to work. "It's ok ya know I won't tell anyone you like soft things" you held the performapals paws upright making it stand on its hind legs. "Oooo emo animal fan~" you teased
you two would have these type of conversations every once in a while but when he could tell you enjoyed harassing humoring him. One time he actually spoke back! "They are kinda cute..."
You finally got him to admit it lord knows how loud ur following LETS GOOOOO would be.
He quit his investigation after that...didn't mean you guys didn't still hangout.
You taught him how to use your duel disc he was scared when he realized the monsters didn't obey your comands tho looking like they wanted to they listed to idia not that they didn't like him they just preferred you. He was scared he might injury someone you were guiding him of course on how to use the cards
He managed to learn well enough to surprise ortho on his birthday with small performance
Idia had to suffer through those kids talking during your duels he wanted to leave so bad nut he wanted to be there for you. He's suffering internally cursing them out "amazing y/n summoned 3 monsters in one turn!" (U aren't normally able to do that) "they do that every duel its odvious" "AMAZING Y/N GOT AN ACTION CARD" "no shit" "it was a trap! Y/ns so dense!" "It was face down" he's like a brick wall behind the tablet
He loved hearing you say "ladies and gentleman" it's how he knew you were about to do the unthinkable also that it's almost time to go home. Hearing that phrase is like hearing the school bell for him one step closer to being out of the public
You two started dating when you showed almost the same love he has for ortho, you always plan for everything with ortho in mind, ortho thinks of you like an older sibling, you always hangout with ortho when idia isn't available, and prevent him from harming himself or others behavior influencing him. Idia couldn't help his heart skipping a beat seeing you. So when you two were alone in his room he took his chance. "You wanna go on a date sometime?" "Sure!" That purity in your voice god he loved it.
He was scared he would damage your duel runner with his hair, once he got on behind you and tyed his hands around your waist. He didn't wanna go anywhere anymore just feeling the warmth of your back while watching lights go by. This is one of only time he'll agreeably go outside
He learned about the Lancers he didn't care till you were announced as one of them. His response to his beloved going out to fight a war? Nope. He's not letting you slip away from him so easily. He straight up tells your employer to find another compatible person. You asked him why and he just told you it was too risky
Of course your employer did try to contact you but idia cut him off every step of the way, your messages? Blocked. Emails? Nope. MySpace? Why do you have one BLOCKED.
He knows it sounds weird but he watches you sleep innocently on his bed not aware of your boyfriend basically putting you before the world. They ended up news having to find someone else...until you went anyway. You ran into the portal after your fellow lancers. You ended up saving the world and as soon as you came back to the dorm idia was heartbroken. He crouched on his bed you crouching next to him "never do that again..." "I mean it"
He met the dogs....never again. Their so slobbery not to mention they smell you off idia that won't end well. He likes them he just doesn't like getting licked
He plays multi player games with you alot he loves it when it's just you two, the controllers, and the tv just for you two to enduldging in adventures.
He loves your attention sure you can't really touch him because of his hair but when he's tied it's completely different your hands always on his checks to kiss him. His dirty secret is that he doesn't was where you kiss him gotta preserve it.
he's your biggest fan usually defending you if anyone says anything bad about you on the internet. "all their performances are the same their so boring" "what are you even talking about lol, they're always doing new maybe you're the boring one just a thought"
he's the first to know any update on you like performance outfits or new things being shown. Speaking of new things he sometimes asks you to test out the dorm's inventions because even if their epic fails you still come out of it without a scratch that doesn't stop your worried boyfriend from hugging you tightly or patting you down when you finish a test run
He learned about your pendulum and got you a matching set. You gave the second one to him. "My father always told me to laugh when you cry cause when you laugh it makes you happy and like a pedulium it will swing back just as much" he didn't understand what tf u just said but he got the message
He knows about the hippo phase....he knows about the time you basically brought Rio to you saying you missed it. He wouldn't lie to you and just snicker about it behind your back when you find out what he was snickering about you let out the most bitch made yell and started ranting on and on. He enjoyed it the whole time
Tumblr media
He loved you ever since he first saw you....platoically he was always a fan. Mostly because you didn't have to be invited to be at your shows most of the time. The ones you had to pay were hell to get into almost always a full house. Luckily for him he always was first to know when the sales come around. The latest he was was an hour
He liked the fact he felt included, like no one cared who he was his favorite time was when you let him ride some of your monsters while holding onto him. He loves it he feels like someone else likes him besides his guards. So when you helped out for Halloween he was extatic. As soon as you saw him you pointed out how nice he looked. That was the final straw for him hes a mega fan. He loves you fully. Treating him like an equal he might as well cry
You slowly began hanging out more starting from him pointing out people he reconized in history books and even joining his club! Talking about small things. You even got a tamagachi so you can play toghter. He keeps falling more and more inlove with you.
The dorms getting a little curious on how their leader went from slightly depressed to excited to go outside. Only to find a bubbly entertainer waiting for him. Sebek was furious someone could talk so casually to Malleus, Lillia and Sliver just didn't know what to say. They were proud for one yet also wondering what your relation to him was. So they started stalking him and you.
One time you gifted him a pendulum matching yourse is when they revealed themselves.
"YOUNG MASTER NO" sebek jumped out reaching for the necklace. "LET ME INSPECT IT IT COULD BE POISONIOUS" You dodged out the way with surprising elegance. "Hey there's are delecate you know! And pretty expensive..." You say under your breath "WHAT WAS THAT" Sebek turned to you furiously. You tried to motion him to calm down when he angrily speed walks to you. You see your life flash before your eyes as Lillia stops him from doing any harm. You handed it over th Malleus closing him palm over it. "It'll look great on you "young master"" you joke. You left in the blink of an eye. Who knew smile world can double as escaping act smog
Speaking of your duel disc he got to use it when you two were hanging out at your room. He was REALLY bad at drawing. Like he only drew spells and traps for like five turns. You didn't know to be ashamed or impressed. You drew with your hands over his finally drawing a monster. The problem? It's level 7 and you can't fit the pendulum scale in here. You laughed two laughed about it for a bit before drawing a low level monster....after drawing 5 more spell/traps....worth it...his reaction to them was priceless. He didn't understand was a hologram and it wouldn't do anything to harm him. "Child of man are you sure this is safe?" "Yeah just" you placed his hand on their head. Yea that duel disc? It's his now. He's using it let his tamagochi have a friend
When he's watching your tornment duels he can't help but bring out his tamagochi next to him to watch too. When Diasomnia grows a liking to you they come around to watching them too. Sebek still a little salty pays less attention than the others but that doesn't mean he isn't enjoying the show. One time you knocked on a camera lens and he thought someones was at the door. They watched him get up check the door see no one was there and tried not to laugh.
You got on an ad for a drink and snack combination. You swore you could see a Disomnia member at the places they were selling when you went into his room you see young master hording them in closets and under his bed. You told him you were appreciative but please don't eat them all at once
You started dating after you took him to the bridge to admire the sunset. You spoke about what you like about partners and described malleues to him teasingly only to realize his type sounds like you. "You like me don't you~" you smirked. He didn't respond instead looking away bashfully. "Would be funny if we actually started dating" "...we should" "wait what-" and so malleus thinking your serious decided then and there to make you his s/o.
He told Lillia first thing he almost cried while you were sweating bullets thinking about your life with him...you think he'll want kids.... Sebek was upset as always but happy for the young master and Sliver was knocked tf out.
You finally told him you had a duel wheel Ah yes finally an excuse to cling to you
He likes massaging you after duels. You got scared the first time he did this, his hands were so cold on your back you couldn't help be feel a little frightened. His hands move up and down your shoulders. You can't help but shiver feeling his hands. Not to mention he doesn't even ask he just does
You put a sticker on his horns he's never taken it off until It fell off you just gave him a new one everytime it falls
One time you decided it would be funny to pick pocket him and return the item you stole when he noticed it was gone. He noticed immedetly, looking at you with a confused expression "Child of man what are you doing?" "stealing >:D" you ended up taking out a folded paper when you unfolded it it was a picture of you with a "what to do after marriage list" you looked at him wide eyed. He smirked a bit. You handed it back to him looking away in embarrassment . He gleefully took it back
You had full makeup on and you decided to kiss him alot what you didn't tell him is that he was covered in your lipstick/lip gloss markings. He watched the duel at home this time you said the tv version would be cooler cause of editing and stuff-your own words. Sebek walked in OH HE WAS MAAAADDDDDD "young master....WHLS DONE THIS TO YOU WAS IT THAT CLOWN" "what are you talking about Sebek?" He presented a mirror. Malleus posed he saw you do it sometimes. Sebek was even more furious so much that when you came back he gave you a lecture. You giggled saying you found it charming he didn't wash it off.
He found out about the war your going on during the finals, you were announced to travel dimensions and stop a war. His opinion? no never no. He said it was alright but in reality he placed a seal on you so he knew where you were. When he knew you were at your employeers office he flew out of gym class after you. You were about to go in when Malleus appeared on the outside of the window "MALLEUS?!?!" that yell was enough for your fellow lancers to turn around "THATS YOUR BOYFRIEND-" "nah fuck that WHY IS HE OUTSIDE THE WINDOW-" "y/n what's wro-" the room goes silent "if you wanted to wish me goodbye you could have just-" "your not leaving" "I beg your pardon? Your not their mother you can't just" and like that you were out in a flash. He didn't want someone he cared for most at the risk of being harmed, so he'll keep you safe in a special spot. It wasn't until your employer called you, that you snuck out you knew they needed help so you ran out knowing Disonima was about to go to shit. When you came back.....OH MY GOD everyone looks like they got the color sucked out of em. When you asked Ace he said Malleus was probably in a bad mood and that there's been thunderstorms in the college for weeks. You knew this would happen but alteast only the college is affected and not the whole school. The way you got in wasn't easy it was heavily guarded and the thunder wasn't helping. You had to risk getting some of your cards wet. When you finally got to his dorm you had to sneak around more students barely making it past Lillia. Acending the ladder you could hear soft hums they sounded like malleus his sweet calm humming. You got to the final step, used a bit of magic to conjure up a flower and opened the door...what you found wasn't pretty a saggy eyed malleus watched you from the door. He was probably doing this the whole time...you didn't speak instead getting on your knees "I'm sorry" you bowed. He looked down at you a betrayed glaze "I was trying to protect you" "I had to they had a world ending threat if I didn't" He looked down at you coldly "....I am not forgiving of your actions child of man but I'm glad you've come back" you got up left through an open window, you didn't wanna risk getting attacked by Sebek. You kept in contact with sweet letters hes never responded to. A few days later you were outside the sevens statues and a dark figure embrasses you. "Malleus..." "I'm sorry" "no no I should be the one to apologize" That was the first time you've ever seen/felt Malleus cry, you never wanna see it again. You hugged him tightly.
Things went back to normal with you two. You stayed up with him watching the stars, poking his horns, gifting him food, of witch sebek didn't approve, and he let you put makeup on you.
He met your dogs, they were scared at first but once one of them had a small sniff, they loved him. Every time he comes around the dogs don't even try to jump him they just rub their head and happily circle him. They look like they're trying to do a synchronized dance around him. He walks them with you too.
Speaking of your house he thinks that since you brought him there it's time to get married. He asks your mom when you leave to shower. Your mom investigated him, asked him so many questions your surprised Malleus was calm, maybe he was planning this the whole time because of the stories you've told of you'd mother!
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the boyfriendification of ran haitani
Tumblr media
a/n: 18+!!!! nsfw!!! this is exactly what it sounds like. i've been trying to write this for DAYS and HERE SHE IS tbh i could've gone on forever ran has moved into my brain and is living completely rent free please somebody get him OUT of there!!!
content: alcohol / drinking, smoking, fingering, nipple play, spanking, sex!!, maybe a little bit of misogyny? kinda?? some of the boys sanzu talk about girls a little crazy oy
word count: 7,114
it wasn’t the first time you’d been to octagon. your friends had dragged you to the fancy, new nightclub downtown for its opening weekend and had fallen in love with the gaudy atmosphere. they had gotten into the habit of splurging on a night out there whenever one of you was in need of a pick-me-up. a pick-me-up in the form of a lux night surrounded by rich assholes, bottle service, and flashing lights, of course. so no, it wasn't your first time at octagon, but it was, however, the first time you’d been bent over the counter top in its single stall bathroom while a gorgeous stranger took you from behind. definitely a first.
from the moment he'd locked eyes with you from his table across the dance floor, you wanted him. you had found him incredibly handsome, especially compared to the usual slimeballs that frequented the place. it wasn't a secret that most men went to octagon with the hope of their private table and bottle upon bottle of top shelf liquor being enough to win the attention and company of beautiful women, regardless of how old or gross they were themselves.
ran haitani was neither old nor gross. he seemed to be in his late twenties, tall and slim, with a cigarette danging from his lips. he held himself in a way that said i know i'm better than everyone here and it is fucking hilarious. he had an amused look on his sharp, angular face that never seemed to shake. he watched you with calculating eyes, as if deciding if you were worth the chase. and you were enough shots into the night that you decided to flirt and wink back at him, shaking your ass in his direction for just a moment before turning back to your friends to tease him. when two enormous hands firmly gripped your waist, you knew it was him. you allowed him to run his greedy hands up and down your sides, arousal beginning to pool in your panties as he danced closer to you. as you arched your back, you were met with the feeling of his hard cock pressing into your ass while those massive hands pulled you flush against him. the size of him nearly made your mouth water. it wasn’t much longer before his whiskey scented breath was hot at your cheek, a sensual rumble of a voice tickling your ear, “can we go somewhere to be alone?”
next thing you knew, you were locked in the bathroom, stuffed full of this man’s veiny length. one of his hands had tightened around your throat. the other came down onto your ass cheek with a sharp slap every so often, making you yelp. you could barely hear your own cries of pleasure over the booming bass of the dance music just outside the door. ran was pounding into you at a pace that made your legs wobble. thankfully, he had you pressed against the counter with a hand gripping your hip for support. the hand around your neck released to take a fist full of your hair and drag you up against his chest. “you’re so fucking tight,” he growls in your ear. “how’d i get this lucky? didn’t even wanna go out tonight but here i am with this tight fucking pussy squeezing the shit out of my dick.” you can’t take your eyes off the pornographic scene taking place in the mirror in front of you as he continues thrusting up into you.
ran is watching too, and he's desperate to see more of you. he uses his free hand to hike your dress up even higher until it’s bunched up at your stomach. you're completely exposed, tits bouncing freely, soiled panties pushed aside to make way for the intrusion into your slick heat. his size is making it impossible to stay quiet. you’re moaning and whimpering with every thrust as the head of his thick cock bruises your cervix. the pain and pleasure have become one and between that and the alcohol you’re feeling like you’re floating.
the way you’re wrapped so tightly around him, pussy swallowing him up completely and dragging him back in each time he pulls almost all the way out of you, ran can't get enough. he’s watching you hungrily as your mouth hangs open, a constant string of curse words and cries streaming out. his eyes lock onto the place where he’s disappearing inside you, the place dripping with your arousal and making a mess all down your thighs and onto his dark pants.
"tell me how good you feel, baby," his face is next to yours, talking to your reflection in the mirror. "s-so good," you sputter. sweat and tears have ruined your makeup and you look absolutely wrecked. it's fuckin beautiful, ran thinks. "lemme hear youuu," he whines, grin only growing. "come onnn. tell me you love this." "i love it, i really love it, fuck." it's not a lie, either. you can't remember ever being fucked like this in your entire life. he's hitting deeper than any guy you've ever been with, and with a girth that's stretching you to the point of almost being painful. but you love it, you really do.
you watch in silent desperation as one of his hands starts to snake down your thigh, long fingers beginning to circle your clit. the added stimulation has you screaming, orgasm approaching like a bullet train. "scream my fuckin name," he orders, teasing voice taking on just a hint of sternness. "ran."
you did as you were told, repeating his name over and over, louder and louder, drowning out the sound of his balls slapping against you, nearly matching the volume of the music outside. "that's right," he laughs, fingers speeding up as he feels your walls tense around him. "cum on this cock, gorgeous. let me hear you." you do, hard, eyes practically rolling back in your head. you cry out his name just as he had told you to, a few swears following as his hands grab onto your waist and starts forcing your hips down to meet his thrusts. he's groaning now, the way your orgasm has you fluttering around him bringing on his own orgasm. you feel the heat as he fills the condom deep inside you, arms caging you in as he grips the counter for support. he bucks his hips up a couple more times– both of you making desperate sounds at the overstimulation– and pulls out. he trashes the condom and tucks himself back into his boxers.
your knees threaten to buckle under you so you turn quickly to lean back against the counter for support. he laughs, leaning close to kiss you for what feels like the very first time that night. it's sloppy and a little rough, tasting like whiskey and cigarettes, but for some reason it exhilarates you. he pulls away and cocks his head to one side.
"what's your name, pretty little thing?"
you tell him and he grins, repeating it back to you slowly, savoring each sound. "you have got the absolute tightest, juiciest pussy i've ever put my dick in."
you wince a bit at his lewd words and how casually he's said them. you mumble a slightly sarcastic thanks and start to adjust your clothes, pulling the straps of your dress back over your shoulders, tugging the hem down to where it belongs. he watches you with amusement, that same smirk still on his lips. you wet a paper towel and lean in close to the mirror to try and wipe away your smudged makeup. when you turn back to ran you see him slipping your phone into your purse.
"hey!" you startle him but he just as quickly regains his usual expression. "what are you–"
"i'd really like to do this again," he cuts you off, checking something on his own phone with a satisfied smile. "pleasure meeting you." he tips your head up and kisses you once. you watch in stunned silence as he unlocks the bathroom door and exits. you catch a glimpse of a line that has formed just outside.
"oh, you've gotta be fucking kidding me," a voice groans seeing ran exit.
"someone sounds jealous!" a laugh follows ran's words.
when the door shuts again, you lock it quickly and pull your phone from your bag to see what he'd done. your screen lights up revealing that he had sent a text, presumably to himself. the message simply reads, "best fuck i've ever had"
despite sending it to himself, it's weeks before ran uses your number. you had almost started to believe he would never actually text. which wasn't the worst thing in the world. sure, it had actually been the best fuck of your life, but you had decided that fucking strangers wasn't something you were into anymore. shortly after you'd met ran, you'd hooked up with a friend of a friend after a night out, and it had been one of the least sexy encounters you'd ever had. and then, a few weeks after that, sex with a guy from a dating app had ended with him crying on top of you, realizing he wasn't over his ex. yeah, hooking up with strangers was proving to be a dead end.
you were confident in your decision to stay away from all that. even when a text came through from an unsaved number, the only other message ever exchanged with it being best fuck i've ever had. ran.
remember me? :)
you stare at the message for a few seconds and locked your phone. you had just sat down in the corner of your favorite cafe with a latte and your laptop to get some work done and you weren't going to let mr. best fuck i've ever had derail your productive morning.
ignoring me? my feelings are hurt!
the message alarms you just a little. but before you can wonder how he knew you were ignoring him intentionally, you receive another text.
mind if i join you?
you look up as a looming presence arrives at the seat across from you. it's ran, looking just as you remember, maybe even more handsome than in your memory, now that you were looking at him with sober eyes. "so?" he smirks, quirking an eyebrow. you nod, motioning politely to the chair and he sits.
he's wearing a suit, or half of one. he's got on a crisp white button down and slacks with the jacket slung over his arm. the clothes fit him perfectly, every stitch and fold falling just where it should as if they were tailored just for him. which they probably were. over the collar of his shirt peeks the top of a tattoo that adorns his throat. you wonder why you hadn't noticed it back at the club. it was pretty hard to focus on anything other than his cock. you banish the thought from your mind. that was behind you. with his polished appearance, his hidden tattoos, and knowing smile, ran exudes an overwhelming aura of power and wealth. it's a bit intimidating.
"fuck, do i feel lucky to have run into you," he settles back in his chair, eyeing you mischievously. "what are you working on?" you notice his gaze on your laptop. "emails," you say simply, stupidly. he's hard to have a conversation with, you can't stop thinking about that word: intimidating.
"nothing urgent, i hope?" he sips his coffee, deep violet eyes flickering, hinting that there was more to the question.
you just stare back at him, waiting for it. "if you're free, why don't you come back to my place? it's really close to here."
"i'm not free," you reply evenly. "i told you, i'm working."
"oh, come on," he rolls his eyes petulantly. "you'd rather send emails than come with me and get the best dick of your life again?" you look away from him and open your computer, "sorry, i'm not interested."
he shuts your laptop with one large hand, leaning across the table toward you, "i don't believe you." his tone is still pleasant and lighthearted as it seems to always be, but he's clearly not used to hearing an answer that isn't yes. "you were begging for me at the club. don't you remember?"
"i do but–" you open your computer again and he shuts it abruptly. "i'm really not like that."
“like what?" his tone is changing, it's patronizing, belittling, an attempt to coax a yes out of you. "a horny little slut telling me how much she loved getting her tight fuckin hole filled in the bathroom of that club?”
"you got lucky," you bite back. "we're not in a club, now. i'm not fucked up, and i'm not just hooking up with you because you look good in a suit."
"you think i look good?" his smile grows, mocking.
“whatever, ran," you start to collect your things, suddenly frustrated. he'd shown up and interrupted your day, expecting you to just drop everything to go fuck him. not this time. "think what you want, but if you're really trying to fill this tight little hole again, it definitely won’t be like this.” you turn to walk away leaving him completely stunned and surprisingly aroused...
you're just starting down the sidewalk outside when the bell on the cafe's door chimes again behind you. ran's hand circles your wrist and pulls you to a stop abruptly. he turns you toward him.
"fine," his jaw is tight. "i'll play along. what do you want me to do? get you fuckin flowers or some shit?"
it's your turn to feel smug. as powerful as he seemed, as he carried himself to appear, there had clearly been a shift in the dynamic. the subtle annoyance you'd caused in the world's most easygoing man was thrilling. you felt like the ball was suddenly in your court.
"let’s get dinner."
"buy me dinner first," he mocks, putting on a high pitched voice.
"you’re the one begging to fuck me," you remind him sharply.
he quiets. “fine."
you're shocked he's agreed but try not to show it on your face.
"8?" he continues. "i’ll pick you up."
the sight outside your apartment stuns you into silence. ran, dressed in a dress shirt and slacks, the shirt looser and more stylish than the one he'd had on at the coffee shop, smoking a cigarette leaned against the hood of his car. with the first few buttons of his shirt undone you can see his tattoo clearly. just below his collarbone are a few dark swirls of ink, telling you there are more tattoos on his chest. you briefly wonder what they look like, what they mean.
he flicks his cigarette butt into the gutter before his eyes come to rest on you as you approach. the corner of his mouth curls up in a grin but he says nothing. "i didn't expect you to drive a batmobile," you say simply, gesturing to the sleek black car. ran laughs, loose and genuine. the sound somehow calms your nerves. "it's a bugatti. batmobile prob'ly woulda been cheaper, though." you laugh, surprised at his humor. but much to your disappointment, the car ride that follows is relatively silent.
the restaurant ran has chosen is a steakhouse, one of the finest in the city you learn from a quick google search as you exit the car. he hands the keys to the valet and you can barely make out a whispered threat of what he'll do if anything happens to his precious car. you watch a wave of fear wash over the young man as ran claps him on the back dismissively. "you scared him," you frown. "good," ran says casually. "that car costs more than he'll make in his entire life." you call him a number of mean names in your head. great date so far.
ran gives his name at the front, the host looking just as fear stricken as the valet as he leads the two of you to a table in a bustling VIP room. you sit down, eyes flitting from table to table, observing the other kinds of people with the same reservation privileges as ran. older men and women in expensive suits and cocktail dresses laughing and drinking wine, middle aged business men celebrating closed deals, and a handful of other couples enjoying each other on dates. "i hope you eat meat," ran smiles briefly.
the rest of the night passes with no more than 20 words exchanged between you. your displeasure is growing with each time ran checks his watch or rolls his eyes at you. as your plates are cleared, ran refills both your glasses of wine. you've convinced yourself you're calling a taxi home after this glass. you'd enjoy an expensive meal paid for by this mysterious, exorbitantly rich man and leave with your dignity in tact. you weren't going home with him, not after this pitiful attempt at a date.
"somethin wrong?" he asks with a patronizing tilt of his head.
"no," you lean in. "just wondering why you're choosing to be so insufferable."
ran's eyes narrow the slightest bit, "what ever could you mean, darlin?"
"you're acting like a child. i get that getting to know someone before fucking them is a brand new concept to you, but it's what we agreed on–"
"i agreed to dinner," he corrects, raising his glass to his lips. you want to reach across the table and slap the grin from his face.
"right, a dinner so i could get to know you," you're speaking through gritted teeth. "that was my only request, because i don't want to fuck a stranger–"
"honey, you already fucked a stranger and, if i remember correctly, you fucking loved it."
you blink back at him making a move to grab your purse.
"aww, come on," he chuckles. the sound feels like a punch to the gut.
his hand closes around yours on the table, his grip almost too tight. you look up at him, ready to protest, when you see that his eyes are dark, warning you not to leave. "i'm sorry. really. put down your bag."
for the first time all night there's not a hint of teasing in his voice. the sudden authenticity startles you enough to keep you in your seat. your eyes can't seem to unglue themselves from his. you feel your hand release your clutch, shoulders relaxing. the remaining shred of control you'd felt earlier in the day was completely overwhelmed by his commanding gaze. the tone of the evening had shifted.
"what do you want to know about me?" he asks, his usual smile back on his lips. his hand is still holding yours, thumb stroking over the back delicately.
there are a million things you want to know, each question seeming more important than the one before it as they bubble in your brain. you decide on something simple.
"what's your last name?"
his smile widens, "good question, baby. haitani."
"and what do you do?"
instead of answering, he takes out his phone and unlocks it. he hands it over to you on a new internet tab, "google me."
you hesitate but he seems insistent. ran haitani. search.
the first thing to come up are pictures of him. paparazzi shots, professional headshots, press photos at company events, something resembling a mugshot.
under the pictures are a list of links to articles mentioning his name. you gulp, trying to conceal your reaction to the headlines, and probably doing a terrible job of it.
"bonten inc. executive ran haitani could face criminal charges"
"ran haitani: genius business mogul or nefarious mob boss?"
"police commissioner assures no links found between bonten inc. and citywide gang activity following investigation"
"haitani brothers acquitted of charges following month long trial"
your mind had chosen to analyze the new information quite calmly. he was an executive of a huge company. that explained the money, the clothes, the attitude. gang activity. criminal charges. mob boss. you remembered the look of terror in the faces of the valet and the restaurant host. now that you thought about it, you had even seen it from other patrons when they risked a peek over to your table.
blame it on being naive, but for some reason, you didn't feel afraid of him. you pass his phone back wordlessly, noticing how carefully he was watching your face for some kind of reaction. "learn anything good?" he asks, sliding the phone back into his pocket.
you nod, "you have a brother."
his brows draw together for a moment, scrutinizing your expressionless face. you barely last another moment before you both burst out laughing. ran isn't sure why your reaction has him feeling so delighted, but it does. googling his name had been meant as a mean trick, a surefire way to terrify you and run you out of the restaurant. so for you to react with a joke of your own... had he met his match? he feels his cock twitch in his tight pants.
once all ran's cards are on the table, the whole night inexplicably shifts. you stay there much longer with him, actually talking, finishing the expensive bottle of wine he'd gotten together. a newfound passion seems to overtake ran as he tells you more about what he does (in slightly vague terms, for obvious reasons). even more surprising is how the things you tell him fascinate him, your world being so starkly different from his. it's intoxicating, the way you light up as you speak, hands gesturing and eyes sparkling. he thinks it's perfect that you work for a non-profit– something to do with helping kids in need– because after these few hours of being in your presence, he knows he'd donate millions if you asked.
"we should probably get going...?" you mumble when you notice that most of the diners have disappeared. ran feels a pang of disappointment, realizing the night may be nearing its end. what you see, though, is a casual smile and a nod as he stands up and offers you his arm. clinging to him, you let him lead you out of the restaurant. as you stand beside him waiting for the valet to get his car, he wraps his hand around yours wordlessly. the gesture is so small, so sweet, you wonder if he had even done it intentionally. nonetheless, you feel giddy, however out of character it was for him.
"how'd i do?" he asks quietly. you're not sure what to make of the question. "how was tonight?"
you try to hold back your smug smile. "well, you definitely don't feel like such a stranger anymore." he laughs, a soft exhale. you squeeze his hand to get him to look at you. "aren't you going to invite me back to your place?"
he gives in to the urge to kiss you, large hands cupping your cheeks, holding you in place as he bends to press his lips to yours. "you're a fuckin tease," he mumbles against your lips, making you giggle. "shut up and take me home," you smirk. the car pulls up and ran is feeling triumphant. he slaps a hundred dollar bill into the valet's hand, "thanks, man. g'night." the guy looks shocked to be receiving such a large bill, especially from someone who had threatened to gouge his eyes out with car keys just hours earlier.
"that was very generous," you note, once you're both inside the cavernous vehicle. "i'm in a good mood," he shrugs, smiling out at the road. the car zooms out of the parking lot with a roar, ran driving with one hand on the wheel and the other on your thigh.
as you pull through the guard gate and descend down the winding tunnel to the underground parking lot of ran's place, you start to giggle. ran glances over at you as you try to contain yourself. he gives your thigh a squeeze, "what's so funny?" you shake your head dismissively. pulling into his parking spot, he cuts the engine and turns to face you. another devilish giggle slips out and you know you have to spill.
sheepishly, you place your hand over his on your leg, tracing nervous circles onto the back of it. "fuck me here. in the batmobile."
"shit," ran snorts out a laugh, already pulling you over the center console and onto his lap. "whatever you say, baby."
as soon as you're straddling his hips, he slides the hem of your dress up your thighs, letting it bunch up at your hips and reveal your lacy black panties. "pretty," he grins, knuckles running over your clothed slit. "d'ya wear these just for me? pictured me taking em off you?" you whimper, already turned on by his feather-light touches and teasing words. as you fumble with ran's belt, his massive hands have each one of your tits in their grip, squeezing hard. "fuck," he breathes, finding the zipper at the nape of your neck and tugging it down. you slide your arms out of the straps so that ran can peel the bodice down toward your stomach, revealing your tits to him in their lacy confines. "look at these!" he sounds overjoyed, giving them another squeeze. he pulls the cups of your bra down at the same time. he meets your eyes before giving each of your nipples a firm pinch. you whimper, eyebrows furrowing. "aww, sensitive, huh?" he fakes sympathy, pinching again, harder. he rolls the hardening buds between his thumbs and forefingers, "i feel fucking cheated. i didn't get to play with these gorgeous tits last time. what do you have to say for yourself, hmm?"
you moan as his lips wrap around one nipple, fingers twisting and rubbing the other. "s-sorry," you whine. "sorry's fuckin right," he says, mouth full of your breast. as he releases it with a wet pop to move to the other side, his hand comes up between your parted legs. as he suckles at your nipples, fingertips nudge themselves under the fabric of your underwear. "please. touch me." in response he presses his slender middle finger into your already dripping hole. a second finger follows closely after. his thumb presses down firmly on your clit, running over it slickly using the arousal that's leaking around his fingers and pooling into his palm. "you're fuckin filthy," ran's tone makes it sound like something between a praise and an insult. "listen to how wet you are already. you just love havin somethin fuckin in and outta this little cunt, huh?" you nod desperately, burying your face in his neck as the squelching sounds of his fingers in your pussy fill the car.
a sharp slap comes down on your ass cheek and knocks the wind out of you. "take my cock out, baby. want you to see how fuckin hard i am feelin you leakin all over my fuckin hand." you had almost forgotten you'd started to unbutton his pants, before he'd shoved his fingers into you, that is. he spanks you again and you yelp, "too hard!" he chuckles darkly, but still presses a kiss to your temple and mumbles out a "sorry, baby." you finally get his fly down and he lifts his hips to help you tug his pants and boxers down to his thighs. his cock stands upright, angry red tip resting against the firm muscles of his stomach. because he'd taken you from behind in the club, you hadn't actually gotten a good look at his member. the size of it was shocking. "it fit?" you ask in disbelief. he strokes your cheek, smiling at you with amusement, "'course it did. you were such a good girl for me. gonna be a good girl again?"
you respond by lifting your hips and positioning yourself over his length. your hands grip his shoulders for support. he holds your waist in one hand and the base of his cock in the other. he runs the tip between your lips a few times, your arousal coating the head and running down his shaft. finally, he pulls you down, tip pushing inside your clenching hole. the stretch is a million times more intense when you're on top, you decide. as ran sheaths himself inside you in one swift motion, you feel as if the air has been stolen from your lungs.
before you've caught your breath, he's lifting you back up and slamming you down again. you can't help the yells, whimpers, and moans that fill the tiny space around you two. you drop your head to his shoulder as he thrusts his hips up into you. he takes your tits into his mouth again, "fuckin obsessed with your body. you feel so good, baby." something possesses you to say it back, "fuckin obsessed with your cock." the words send him into a frenzy. his hips speed up, the sound of skin on skin getting louder and more frequent as he pistons into your hole. you cling to him, fingernails leaving crescent shapes where they've dug into his skin.
ran pants an order, "touch yourself. wanna feel you cum on my cock." your fingers rub around your clit, bringing you even closer to the edge. "fuck, ran," you whimper, all the sensations becoming too much. "louder." "ran! fuck, oh my god, ran!"
you see stars as your high hits like a freight train. you're barely aware of how tightly your walls have clenched around ran, how they've drawn out his release, milking him of every last drop. he makes no move to pull out, simply lets himself soften while buried deep within your cunt. but you wiggle your hips, too sensitive to have him there much longer. "tsk," he shakes his head in fake disappointment and lifts you off of him. he keeps you in his lap, though, wrapped up in his long arms. he reaches into the back seat, grabbing the suit jacket he'd had on earlier in the day. you almost blush as he drapes it over your shoulders. you kiss him in thanks. the kiss turns into a few more kisses and soon you're straddling him again, looking into his face.
"was it really so bad?" you ask, teasing. "going on a date?" he lets his head loll back as your lips leave a trail of kisses from his collarbone up to his jaw. "not bad with you," he turns his head and catches your lips with his. he grips your ass in his hands to pull you closer. "and not after this." "worth it, right?" you giggle against his mouth. "i might even consider doing it again." your tiny gasp makes him laugh. "yeah, yeah," he chuckles. "whatever." cradling his face in your hands, you smile devilishly. "if you agree to another date, maybe we can go upstairs and do this again," you whisper in his ear. "fuck. deal."
"alright," sanzu calls attention to himself, a bit too loudly as usual, as he walks into the room. "strip club. on west 44th street. i bought it."
"you said you would and you did," koko nods, impressed. "good for you."
"thank you!" the pink haired man points at his colleague triumphantly. "we're celebrating the new ownership tonight, and i want you all there. got it?" the other bonten execs agree, nodding or chiming in from around the room.
"ra-a-an," sanzu sing songs, noticing his colleague's lack of a response. "complimentary lap dance from the bitch with the tittie piercings if you show up tonight. i know she's your favorite."
"pass," ran calls around a cigarette, absorbed in whatever he was doing on his laptop.
"you can't pass, dick, it's a big night!" sanzu retorts, clearly offended.
"i'm seeing someone tonight."
rindou scoffs and ran throws him a look.
“you’re fuckin pussy whipped, idiot,” rin rolls his eyes.
"no way," sanzu scoffs. "no way you're seeing that same fuckin girl."
ran is silent, he continues trying to drown out sanzu's voice. the truth is, he was still seeing the same girl. it had been nearly four months since you and ran had met at the club and, as out of character as it was for him, he hadn't been with anyone else. hadn't even thought about it. he really didn't mind going on dates with you, enjoyed them even. in the last couple weeks he'd even started trying to choose some of the outings so you wouldn't have to plan them all. unlike most of his past flings, you were worth seeing again. and again, and again, and again. he liked being in your company, had grown to enjoy and long for the times you got to spend together, even fully clothed.
ran was definitely not "boyfriend material" in the traditional sense. he'd never considered that he could ever be a relationship guy. his job was dangerous and demanding. it ran the risk of pulling him away at a moment's notice and keeping him off the grid for long periods of time with no explanation. it had shaped him into the man you met at the club, a man of strip clubs, hookers, and, yes, getting his dick wet with random girls in club bathrooms.
with you, ran had it all. someone to confide in, someone to be intimate with, someone that gave him a reason to make his free time non-bonten time. it had been less than 24 hours after your first date at the steakhouse that he had realized how fucking good and different it felt to be around you. after years of the same shit with bonten or all the gangs that came before it, of course he was going to pursue this new possibility.
sanzu takes ran's silence as an answer, "fuck, ran, is it??" he howls with laughter. “did you go soft on us, man? got wifed up and lost your edge or some shit?”
“first, shut the fuck up. second, you would be doin the exact same fuckin thing if you knew how tight that shit is.” the regret for his words comes instantly.
“alright, then help me understand,” sanzu teases. “you plannin on sharin with the class?”
something ugly starts to boils deep in ran’s stomach. he's never once felt this sort of annoyance– the kind that borders on genuine anger– while simply joking with the boys. he wanted to abruptly end the conversation, didn’t want a single other person thinking about his girl and her pretty lips and tight little body and perfect fuckin cunt anymore or ever again. it was for him, him only. he wanted to swing at sanzu, knock him out of his fucking chair and leave the room. but where the fuck was that coming from? it didn't feel like ran at all.
so ran pushes the feelings down and does as normal ran would, diverting sanzu's attention away from his changing persona and the woman who had caused it, away from his clearly shifted views on women, sex, himself. he snorts a laugh and mumbles a pompous, ��you fuckin wish.”
a few more weeks go by and ran has successfully managed to avoid any further mentions of you with the bonten guys. he's more careful following the conversation with sanzu and, luckily, the topic doesn't come up again.
he's watching you intently from the bed as you brush your teeth in his bathroom. smiling to himself, he marvels at how differently your relationship has turned out from what he'd expected. it was like no other relationship ran had ever had, if you could even call his past conquests relationships at all... there was a private desire to always make you happy, keep you smiling. a constant need to make sure you were kept safe, far from bonten, its executives, and all its business. it had been such a drastic shift in him. honestly, ran couldn't remember the last girl he'd even saved in his phone with a name before you.
you meet his eyes in the mirror and grin at him. "who's got you smiling like that?" he calls, motioning you toward him. you pad across the room, climbing onto the bed and settling into his open arms. he holds you tightly against his bare chest, kissing your forehead fondly. you chuckle, "hey, when did you get so sweet, huh?" "m'not sweet," he says through a grin, squishing your cheeks between his thumb and forefinger and pecking your lips. "i'm a nefarious mob boss." you laugh at the epithet– your favorite from the tabloid articles about him– that had become something of an inside joke between the two of you. he can't help but join in your laughter, delighted just by seeing you so giddy.
a loud ding sounds from the nightstand and ran reaches across you to grab his phone. "what's wrong?" you ask when his brow furrows at the screen. "someone's at the door..." he clicks the notification and it brings him to the live video feed from his doorbell. there's a man smiling and waving into the camera, like a batman villain. his long hair is dyed pale pink, his mouth bookended by even lighter pink scars. "oh, you've gotta be fuckin' kidding," he grumbles.
"is it work?" your voice is tight. he realizes he's worried you and he hates it. kissing your forehead once more before getting to his feet, he reassures you that it's nothing, "i'll get rid of him in two minutes. promise."
before he leaves his bedroom he sends a stern look your way, "stay in here. okay?" you nod obediently and he moves through the penthouse toward the front door. "i'm off the fuckin clock," you hear him say as soon as the door has been yanked open. your eyes widen at the change in his tone. cold, all business.
"good news and bad news," sanzu is breathing heavily. "i got that info about the police raid. bad news is, it was not easy." ran notices sanzu is holding his side, notices dried blood under his coat. "you fuckin idiot," ran growls, grabbing sanzu by the back of his jacket and dragging him into the apartment.
"stay here," he orders, sitting his disheveled coworker at the kitchen table. "i've got bandages."
you stand up from the bed as ran bursts into the room. "is everything o–" he cuts you off, making a beeline toward the bathroom. "it's fine. you– fuck– please just sit down. stay in here." you follow him anyway, watching from the doorway as he starts pulling out drawers and rummaging around.
"what are you looking for?"
"first aid kit."
"it's under the sink."
he crouches, opens that cabinet next, and there it is. despite his frustration, he smiles up at you apologetically before rushing out of the room again.
"they had a fucking k-9 unit," sanzu groans, squirming as ran dabs his bloody, gashed flank with a peroxide soaked cotton ball. "isn't that fucked up?" ran sighs, nodding slightly. he's too tense to really listen. you're in the other room, listening to their every word, worrying about this dangerous business he was involved in. ran feels sick wondering how you'll react when you discuss it after sanzu leaves.
"oh, well hellooo." ran's head snaps up, following sanzu's gaze to something behind him. you're standing in the doorway, nervously holding a tube of antibiotic ointment in your hand.
ran's eyes bulge as they rake down your frame. your shorts suddenly seemed too short, your oversized pajama shirt bordering on see-through. he wanted to get up and shove you back into his bedroom, shut the door and keep you away from sanzu's gaze. at least until your long legs were covered up and you had put a bra on, but maybe not even then. he was reaching a panic as he considered the thoughts that might run through sanzu's filthy fucking brain about his girl.
sanzu nudges him, "who's this? you didn't tell me you had company! i would've gone over to rindou's to bleed out." the corner of your mouth twitches up at sanzu's words. you and sanzu exchange introductions. you can see ran's hands curling into fists, his jaw clenching. he's far from happy. you hadn't done as he'd instructed and now you were meeting one of the members of his company that he tries so hard to keep you so far removed from, too.
"this fell out of the first aid kit," you hand it to ran, letting your hand stay in his for just a moment longer than it needed to, hoping that it would calm him down a little. "i thought you might need it. nice meeting you, haruchiyo." sanzu nods politely, still smirking like he's just witnessed some big secret come to light. which, to be fair, he kind of had.
"so–" "shut up," ran bites. "i don't want to fuckin hear it." sanzu's smug expression only deepens, but he stays quiet. "and not a word to anyone else. okay? for my girlfriend's sake, be fuckin cool about this. i don't want her getting involved in anything."
sanzu agrees, "you got it, man. happy for you. she's as fuckin' fine as you– fuck, ran, OW!" ran presses the cotton ball sharply against sanzu's wound, effectively shutting him up. once he's bandaged up, sanzu produces a handful of painkillers from his pocket and swallows them down. "like a new fuckin man," he claps ran on the back. "i owe you one. say goodnight to your beautiful mrs. from me." ran shuts the door in his face.
ran steps into the doorway to his bedroom and lets out a heaving sigh. you scramble up from the bed and hurry over to him, hugging tightly around his middle. "i'm sorry," you mumble." he wraps an arm around you, kissing the top of your head, "don't be. that was just..." he shakes his head to clear it. "i wish you'd stayed put, honey."
"i know, i know," you frown. "i just wanted to help."
you're both silent for a moment. you step back to look up at him.
"so i'm your girlfriend, huh?" you raise an eyebrow at him teasingly.
"you were eavesdropping, too??" he fakes annoyance, shoving you back onto the mattress and climbing on top of you as you giggle. "you're in big trouble."
"nooo," you whine impatiently. "one time. for me. say that you wanna be my boyfriend."
his violet eyes soften, he cups your cheek. "i wanna be your boyfriend. real fuckin bad. alright?"
"alright," you grin and he kisses you, feeling like the luckiest man on the planet.
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sattlersquarry · 5 months ago
Elegia (Steve Harrington x Reader)
Summary: You get a call at 6 in the morning from your coworker Steve Harrington, demanding to know your favorite song.
Word Count: 1777
Warnings: Language, mentions of grief, guilt, & losing family in the Starcourt fire, Vecna curse stuff.
(The gif is from the Netflix Giphy account. It doesn't have anything to do with the fic but I love it lol)
In case you want to listen along: Elegia
Read Part II Here
Tumblr media
Ring, ring!
You stirred in your sleep, trying to hold onto your peaceful dream for a bit longer… 
Ring, ring!
You groaned and rolled out of bed, shuffling to the phone on your desk. Whoever it was obviously needed to talk to you at—5:58 a.m.?! 
“Hello?” you said tiredly, stifling a yawn.
“Y/N, hey! It’s Steve.”
You frowned, expecting some early-bird telemarketer, not Steve Harrington. 
He was your friend and Family Video coworker. Sure, you’d spent some time together hanging out outside of work, but not enough for him to be calling at this hour.
“Hey, man,” you said. “Whatever this is couldn’t have waited a couple more hours?”
“Sorry to wake you,” Steve said. “I have an important question for you.”
You felt ice in your veins. Wait, what was happening? Surely Steve wasn’t about to ask you out…right? 
Not that you’d be totally opposed to the idea or anything—you were just surprised.
“Really?” you said. “What is it?”
All of your expectations came crashing down when Steve asked: “What’s your favorite song?” 
You blinked a couple times, exhaustion-addled brain trying to comprehend. 
“Your favorite song?” Steve pressed. “What is it?”
“You woke me up for that?” you said, trying not to sound too angry or disappointed. 
“I know it’s random, but it’s important. Very important!”
“More important than beauty sleep?”
You sighed and rubbed your pounding forehead. Although it was stupid, Steve sounded serious. It wouldn’t hurt to play along.
“My taste is eclectic,” you said. “I listen to a bit of everything. What genre are we talking about?”
“All the genres! If you had to pick just one song, what would it be?”
You glanced at the stack of vinyls on your desk. Of all the options, there was one album, and one song on said album, that stood out. 
“‘Elegia,’ by New Order,” you said. “That’s my favorite song. It’s a really nice tribute to a late friend. I listened to it a lot after…after Starcourt.”
Both your mother and brother had died in the Starcourt Mall fire, leaving you, your father, and your sister behind. Your grief ebbed and flowed like the tide, never fully leaving you.
“I’m really sorry, Y/N,” Steve said quietly. “I know it’s been hard for you.”
You weren’t really in the mood for condolences right now. You just wanted to sleep.
“It’s fine,” you said. “Listen, this was weird. I’ve got to go.”
“Wait! Do you have it on cassette—”
You slammed the phone back into its cradle.
“What a nut,” you muttered, before stumbling back to bed.
A couple days later, Steve and his friends were headed to Reefer Rick’s boathouse to deliver food (and beer) to Eddie. 
Steve requested they take a brief pitstop.
“It’ll take less than 5 minutes,” Steve said.
“Eddie’s hungry!” Dustin protested. “We shouldn’t keep him waiting.”
“If he’s so hungry,” Max said, eyeing Dustin and Steve with disdain, “then why are you two eating all his snacks?”
Steve sheepishly closed up the container of Pringles he’d been enjoying. Dustin ignored the dig and offered Max an Oreo. 
“We can take a quick detour,” Nancy said. “But Dustin’s right, we don’t want Eddie to wait too long.”
“Turn here!” Steve said suddenly. “And park by those flower beds.”
Nancy followed his directions, parking their station wagon in front of a shabby apartment building.
Robin eyed the building.
“Hey, I recognize this place,” she said. “This is where Y/N lives!”
“Y/N?” Lucas said. “Who’s that?”
“Our coworker,” Robin said with a sly smile, “and Steve’s crush.”
“They’re not my crush!” Steve snapped. “We’re friends. I just want to check in on them after all the murders and shit.”
“And give them a gift,” Dustin teased, gesturing to the bag Steve had tucked under his arm. 
“It’s not a gift,” Steve explained. “It’s Vecna protection.”
“You think Y/N is a target?” Nancy asked.
“They lost their brother and mom to the Mind Flayer,” Steve said. “It hasn’t been easy for them. And I know they blame themselves. I want to make sure they’ll be okay.”
With that, he exited the station wagon. Dustin, Lucas, and Max started to follow him up the path to the stairs.
“Whoa, whoa!” Steve said when he noticed. “This is a one-man job. Stay in the car.”
“No way!” Dustin said. “We want to meet Y/N.”
“No! They don’t need to meet you right now!”
A couple days after your early-morning call from Steve, you heard a commotion from your kitchen window and pulled open the curtains. You scoffed when you took in the sight: Steve Harrington on the lawn of your apartment complex, berating a trio of younger teens and gesturing toward a waiting station wagon. 
You also noticed your other coworker, Robin Buckley, and Steve’s ex, Nancy Wheeler. 
“What the shit,” you muttered, before opening your window and sticking your head outside.
“Harrington!” you called. “You’re disturbing the neighborhood.”
Startled, Steve turned around and tucked something behind his back. 
“Hey Y/N!” he said, plastering a grin on his face. “Happy Wednesday. Can I come in?”
“Can we come in?” the red-haired girl corrected. 
“How about I come down,” you called. “I wasn’t expecting company.”
“Sorry, sorry,” Steve said. “But I have something for you.”
This was…suspicious. Even more suspicious than his strange call from a couple days ago. But curiosity got the better of you, so you closed up your window and met Steve outside. 
Before you could even say anything, a curly-haired boy in a trucker hat stepped in front of you and stuck out a hand.
“Hi, I’m Dustin. Steve’s best friend and wingman.”
“Nice to meet you, Dustin. I’m Y/N.”
You greeted Robin and met Steve’s other friends, all while the man in question continuously rolled and unrolled the top of a brown paper bag—a nervous tic. 
“So!” you said, turning to Steve. He shooed the others back to the station wagon as you said, “I take it, that's for me?”
“Yes!” Steve said. “I got you a gift.” He handed you the bag.
You opened up the bag and peered inside. Once you saw the gift, your breath hitched in your throat.
A brand-new cassette of Low-Life by New Order. The album “Elegia” is on. 
“You got me the cassette,” you said, looking up at Steve with a furrowed brow. “Why?”
“Just…because,” he said. He couldn’t seem to look you in the eye. Why was he so nervous? Why was he giving this to you in the first place? What did “just because” mean, exactly?
You knew you should thank him, but you could only stare at the cassette, transfixed. 
You thought of all the times you’d listened to the album on vinyl, sobbing, overwhelmed by grief and guilt. You thought of how your last conversation with your brother before he died on July 4th was a stupid argument, ending with you telling him you hoped he’d drop dead.
And then he did. And so did your mother. 
Small drops of blood splattered on the cassette, covering the band’s name. 
It took a second for you to realize it was a nosebleed. Your nosebleed.
“Aw, shit,” you said, snapping out of your grief spiral and quickly wiping the blood with your sleeve. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to space out for a second. Thank you, Steve. This is really—Steve?”
Steve grabbed the cassette and opened the box with shaking hands. 
“Where’s your Walkman?” he demanded.
“Y/N! Your Walkman!” Steve shouted. “Where is it?”
His shouts caught the attention of his friends, who had been listening to a news bulletin on the radio and whispering conspiratorially. 
“I don’t have it anymore!” you said. “I gave it to my sister.”
“What’s going on?” Robin asked.
“Walkman!” Steve said, whirling around to the group with a wild look in his eyes. “We need a Walkman!”
“I have one in the glove box,” Nancy said. “Just hold tight.”
Nancy rushed to the car. 
“Jesus, Harrington!” you said, confused at the urgent need to listen to New Order right this minute. “What the hell is wrong with—agh!”
You felt a zap! of pain across your skull. You winced and rubbed your forehead.
“Headaches,” Lucas whispered. 
You didn’t like how Steve’s friends were looking at you—like you were a bad omen. 
“Why are you all looking at me like that?” you snapped. “Seriously, what is happening?”
“Y/N, listen to me,” Steve said, voice strained as he tried to keep calm. “Nancy’s going to let you borrow her Walkman, okay? And you need to listen to ‘Elegia’ on loop.”
“It’s life or death!” Dustin said. 
“A song is life or death?”
You rolled your eyes as Steve loaded Nancy’s Walkman with Low-Life, but allowed him to put the headphones on your head and press play. 
The soft opening melody of “Elegia” swirled into your ears. Despite how stupid this seemed, you loved the song. It did soothe your headache, albeit only slightly. 
Steve said something to you, but you couldn’t hear. You lifted off one of the headphones.
“Keep listening,” Steve repeated. “Anytime you get a headache, or a nosebleed or…or hear a clock, just listen to ‘Elegia.’”
None of this made sense. But you agreed to keep listening to the song, as much as you could. 
Dustin heard some kind of SOS message on his walkie-talkie, and it was time for them to go. 
You could tell that Steve didn’t want to leave. As the others piled in the station wagon, he hesitated, and glanced back at you.
“Where are you guys off to, anyway?” you asked, pulling the headphones down around your neck.
“Probably hiking,” Steve said. “Or maybe a boat ride on the lake.”
You could tell he was lying. He didn’t look headed for a fun day outside. He looked scared, face ghastly pale. He tapped the fingers on his right hand on his thigh, drumming out a frantic melody.
“Cool,” you said. “Um, you sure you don’t want to stay? And listen to New Order with me?”
Steve smiled but shook his head.
“Sorry,” he said. “I’ve got to take care of these knuckleheads. But maybe another time, we can—”
“STEVE!” Dustin screamed from the station wagon backseat. “LET’S GO!”
With that, Steve mumbled out a goodbye, shooting you one last concerned look before climbing into the car. 
“Elegia” ended, and “Sooner Than You Think” started to play. 
You watched the station wagon zip off toward its next destination. You rewound the tape to the beginning of Side Two, beginning “Elegia” once more.
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littlemissaddict · a month ago
Good Morning Sweetheart (18+) - Eddie Munson x Fem!Reader
Please enjoy this short drabble of sweet and sappy morning sex with Eddie as it’s all my brain wanted to focus on instead of the requests I have
Word Count: 1061
Masterlist | Requests are open!
Tumblr media
The moan had passed her lips before she was even aware of what was happening. Her body felt hot even though the room was not and she could feel what could only be described as like fire coursing through her veins. The feeling she could not begin to place, her mind still foggy with sleep as a moan slipped past her lips yet again.
"Good morning sweetheart"
Eddie. His voice was rough, her brain making her think that it was because he had just woken up but there was something niggling in there trying to break free. His voice sounded different than he did on a morning, no he sounded more like he did when…
That was it, she was more awake now and she could feel what he was doing. She could feel his dick nestled inside of her, could feel his hips slowly rutting against her as he pushed himself deeper each time.
"Eddie please" she whined, not sure what she was asking him for. To stop maybe, it was early but she didn't want to wake her parents who she had no doubt were still asleep in their room across the hall. Or for him to carry on, to make her feel good just like she knew he could as he had done plenty of time.
"I know sweetheart but you gotta stay quiet, can't be waking your parents" he hummed, his arm snaking around her middle and pushing up under her shirt to find the swell of her breasts, squeezing the soft flesh against his palm and feeling her clench around him, "shit you feel so good" he groans, burying his face in her hair to quieten himself.
As she turned her head to face him, she brought her arm up to awkwardly tangle her hand in his hair as she pulled him in for a kiss. It was sloppy and the angle wasn't great but she had to kiss him, she needed to feel his lips on hers as she missed his touch even though there was little chance that they could get any closer than they already were.
"Wait, wait" he mumbled against her lips, pulling away from her lips and his body from hers. The loss of his touch made her whine, "No it's okay, I'm not going anywhere just, here on your back baby" he reassured, his hands guiding her so that her body is positioned beneath his before he leans back down to capture her lips with his own. The kiss itself was sweet and gentle compared to the intense need that was growing within them both and she knew it was only a matter of time before neither could take it.
It seemed Eddie would be the one to break first, his hand steadily making its way between their bodies to guide himself back into her, the feeling making them both moan as he pulled back from the kiss to lean his forehead against her own. Both of them panting and chests heaving as Eddie’s hips started rocking again but with no urgency, just enough to keep them both sated as he slowly worked his way to both of their highs.
Neither of them said a word, content with conveying their pleasure through quiet moans, gentle touches and sweet kisses. She couldn’t think of a better way to spend the morning than in the arms of her love, or at least she couldn’t right when her mind was filled with nothing but him and how much she loved him. Although all thoughts left her when Eddie’s hand came down to circle his fingers against her clit and the resulting moan had him leaning down to kiss her again in hopes of dampening the sound of it as it was a little too loud for their situation.
“Baby I hope you’re close because I can’t last much longer” he urged, his hips losing their rhythm slightly as he fought to hold off his orgasm for just that little bit longer until she was ready.
“Little bit more” she panted, using her own hand to push his fingers down onto her clit with a little bit more pressure and that was enough to send her over the edge as her whole body shook as she came, biting down on her own hand to try and quieten her moans.
Her body clenching around him was too much for him to hold back any longer and he buried his face in her neck as he moaned through his release, his arms struggling to hold him up any longer as he collapsed on top of her. Moments later when he’d recovered enough, he seemed to have enough sense that his whole weight was on her and he slowly pulled out so that he could roll off her to lay on the bed instead.
“You should wake me up like that more often” she joked breathlessly, her chest still heaving as she tried to catch her breath.
“Definitely” he agreed with a huff of air that she guessed was an attempt at a laugh. “I know we probably should have talked about it more before I went ahead and did it but you woke me up moaning in you sleep and I was already hard and I remembered it was something you said you wanted to try,” he rambled, turning onto his side so that he could watch her reaction as he spoke but mainly so that she could see that he was serious, “I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m glad you enjoyed it and I’s happy you’re not annoyed with me for it”
Smiling softly at him as she rolled onto her side to mirror him, she gently reached out to cup his face in her hand as she spoke, “I really did enjoy it and I could never be mad at you” she added, kissing him before pulling away with them smile still on her face, “but thank you”
Eddie responded with a smile of his own and a small nod of his head before the smile morphed into a smirk, “so you going to tell me what you were dreaming about?”
“How about I show you?” she suggested with a smirk of her own which turned into a laugh when he mumbled something about her being the death of him.
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willowwhispersspeakeasy · 8 months ago
so this trope post got very popular so im milking this with another favorite trope of mine. I have a Rook drabble with it as well you can find here
twst! they force you to drink a potion w/ a kiss
characters: Savanaclaw and Octavinelle
warnings: gender neutral reader, established relationship, some non con kissing, drugging lowkey, poisoning mention, drowning mention
Tumblr media
depression catman does so enjoy seeing that angry look on your face. but he also enjoys his sleep. if he can get both? even better.
you wiggled in another attempt to escape the man above you. a growl rippled from his chest once more, the feeling of claws biting into your sides.
"lemme go." you glared.
"no." the voice was muffed by where he had his head buried in your chest. "I have no plans to lose my favorite pillow today."
you wiggled again, desperate to get out from under your possessive boyfriend.
"lemme go." you spoke this time directly in his ear. earning a hiss as he pinned his ears back in discomfort.
"why you little-" he raised his head, pinning you were a vibrant green glare. "change your mind all of the sudden? I thought you had 'no reason to study' and were 'happy to keep me company' hm?" his tail flicked to and fro in annoyance.
"yeah, but... can't sleep." you shrugged. your brain was wired and laying on the ground doing nothing was only making it worse.
"I dont care if you actually sleep or not, just stay still-"
"no." you wiggled once more to prove your point. another angry growl from the lion.
"fine." Leona let out a sigh that rumbled in his chest as he reached into the pocket of his pants, producing a deep purple liquid in a vial.
"what's that?" you wondered.
"a sleeping potion." he replied, already popping the top and pouring it into his mouth.
"why are you taking it then-" you were cut off by his lips on yours.
he purred into your mouth, holding you in place under him by his hips. you gasped when his claws dug into your sides once again, and the sleeping potion fell into your mouth.
even after you swallowed it he didn't pull away, instead lazily crawling his tongue into your mouth to let you suck on it while you stroked your hands through his hair. he let out soft purrs as you ran your nails over his scalp.
he licked gently down your jaw, following it to your neck after he pulled away. waiting as your eyes drooped and breathing evened out.
Tumblr media
hes can be a Little Shit when he wants to be. Ruggie would only do such a thing for your safety... and to mess with you a little. he could always just uses his unique magic to make you drink something but this is more fun.
you huffed and turned away from your boyfriend. Ruggie groaned from the side of your bed, complaining that you were almost as bad as Leona.
"if you dont take this medicine its gunna take twice as long for you to get better!" he complained. you turned your head away again, and much to your regret, the room began to spin.
with your fever so high it was difficult to pay attention.
"that's it. no more options baby, now hold still-" you whined when Ruggie gently placed his hand over your cheek, turning your head towards him slowly as to not disorient you to bad.
the young man leaned down, his large ears twitching just the slightest bit at the tips. you were mesmerized by the fluttering movement in your daze. he tried not to grin as he kissed you, having you melt against him instantly.
you let out a whine as he parted your lips, which quickly turned into a gurgling sound as the potion slid into your mouth. you came up coughing and sputtering and sending the beastman a glare.
"oi, if you woulda just listened to me I wouldn't have had to do that. look, it wasn't so bad after all." he giggled while petting your hair as you pouted.
Tumblr media
pupper would never kiss you without being 100% sure of your consent. hes a big ol softy on the inside after all.
you were panting heavily from the run. Jack of course was more then fine after the jog, but trying to keep up with his lengthy strides had worn you out faster than expected. the wolfman offered you a water bottle, sitting beside you on a bench. you pushed it away, still to focused on catching your breath.
"you're gunna get dehydrated, take this." he insists.
"no... I'm fine." you wiped the sweat on your brow. Jack tried to convince you once more but still you refused.
giving up he opened the water bottle and took a swig. you watched as his adams apple bobbed as he swallowed, sweat reflecting the morning sunlight off his warm skin like dew on grass. after lowing the water bottle Jack placed his hand on your cheek, which you knew meant he wanted a kiss.
you leaned in and were greeted by his soft lips molded to yours. when you opened your mouth the water rushed in, some of it trickling down your chin. you had no choice but to swallow. when Jack pulled away you huffed, snatching the water bottle out of his hands and finishing it. much to your boyfriends approval.
Tumblr media
that would probably be used as a last resort. as suave as he may present, when it comes to kissing you Azul starts off very shy. but if your safety is on the line, he will swallow his nerves, if only to keep you by his side.
perhaps it was a needle prick, perhaps it was a poisoned apple. regardless, Azul found you, stolen away from him by eternal slumber, unless he swallows his nerves.
having no faith for some fairy tale fix like 'true love's kiss' the merman takes matters into his own hands. he spends three days brewing a potion he is sure will awaken you. he prays he is right, that such a stupid, impossible clause like 'true loves kiss' was just a loophole he can exploit.
the tweels shoo your friends away, allowing Azul a moment of intimacy with you, his lost lover. eyes as blue as the open sea trace each of your features as he gathers his hopes like fishing nets.
the potion is clear like water, and his hands shake as he removes the cap. a gently hand placed over your cheek as he takes a deep breath, emptying the contents into his mouth.
your lips are cold against his, tugging anxiety in his ribcage. with the utmost care he opens your jaw, tongue parting your lips. his thumbs stroke at your throat, stimulating it to swallow the bitter liquid.
Azul finally pulls away, blinking down at you as he pushes his glasses back into place. no movement. the grains of hope he had gathered fall like sand through his hands. tears cloud his eyes and ink lays on his tongue.
he sniffles, wiping his closed eyes with the back of his sleeve. his glasses shoved aside and crooked in his distress. his heart leaps in his throat when he hears a gentle voice.
Tumblr media
you really should only trust Jade about as far as you can throw him. he probably won't do anything purposefully to hurt you... probably.
picking up an extra shift when Floyd was in one of his moods became a regular part of your routine, well, as regular as the merman's mood swings can be.
Mostro Lounge was closing for the night and you were helping Jade clean up the kitchen while Azul counted the money for the evening. finally drying the last of the silverware you sighed, thoroughly exhausted for the evening.
Jade wiped his hands on a towel, and for a moment your eyes lingered on his long, thin fingers. it would seem your gaze did you escape the young man's notice, as a deep chuckle purred in his throat.
"sorry... I didn't mean to stare..." you looked down at your shoes.
"its alright. its rather normal to admire ones lover after all." he grinned, using the same hand to lift your chin. your gaze met his mismatched one, mischief glinting behind his eyes. you watched his eyes fall to your lips, before slowly dragging away.
"I was working on something this afternoon," Jade wandered over to where his jacket hung, digging around in one of the pockets. he produced a vial, a sickening green liquid, thick like a syrup, inside it.
"I wanted to try it, but I need another set of eyes. would you be willing to record any shifts or changes in behavior you see?" he asked, turning back to you as he removed the stopper.
"I mean... should you be just, drinking that? I what if you get hurt Jade?" you frown at the tall man. Jade offers you a reassuring smile.
"you are so caring my darling. that is why I trust you to help me." he caressed your cheek, his usually gloved fingers were soft as the skin of his hands brushed your chin.
you reached out to try and stop him as he knocked the vial back, green liquid draining into his mouth. you watched his tongue dart out to wet his lips after, before those predatory eyes fell to you.
you gasped as he pulled you in for a kiss, and only then did it dawn on you. not only did Jade not swallow the potion, but he never actually said he was going to drink it.
it was sour and fizzy on your tongue, your hands fisting in his shirt. you considered spitting it out in his face, but his hands were already on your neck. thumbs pressed along the sides of your throat, stimulating you to swallow, and you did.
panting as he pulled away you felt betrayal settle in your stomach.
"do not glare at me so, darling. I would never offer you something I wasn't willing to take myself~"
Tumblr media
another fucker who likes messing with you. be careful hanging around him. Jade did try to warn you, hes careless and you may find yourself in a situation you can't get out of.
as much as you enjoyed swimming with Floyd, you usually preferred either a warning ahead of time, or him not to drag you into the middle of the ocean with no way up to the surface.
but of course the feral merman gave you no warning of where you were going when he dragged you through the mirror. now your lungs were burning, and you were far to deep under water to make it to the surface before your air ran out.
clutching to your unworried boyfriend, you placed your hand around your throat in panic. having been distracted by a brightly colored school of fish Floyd finally turned to you, flashing you a grin full of razor sharp teeth.
you tugged at his arm desperately, panic in your eyes. Floyd seemed unbothered as he wrapped his long serpentine tail around your legs, winding one arm around your hip to pull you against him.
"whoopsie daisy! no breathing Shrimpy?" he grinned. you would have smacked him had you not been so frightened of drowning.
Floyd cooed to you, producing a pill capsule from, heaven knowns where, and shaking it before your eyes.
"dont worry, I have this~" you reached to grab it but Floyd pulled it out of reach. before you could wrestle him for it he popped it in his mouth and bit down.
you stared at him in shock as to why he would waste a capsule full of a breathing potion when hes a merman. you didn't have time to fully ponder this though because Floyd was dragging his hand to the back of your head and pressing you in for a kiss.
struggling against him as your lungs cried for oxygen, your eyes became puffy from tears. you tried to push him away but the eelman just squeezed you tighter.
finally your lungs burned to much. excepting your fate to die, drowned in the arms of merfolk like so many sailors, you gasped into his mouth.
the bitter tasting liquid hit your tongue and slide down your throat. finally releasing you from the bone crushing grip you gasped and sputtered. panting hard at the creature before you.
"haha Shrimpy, you really thought I was gunna let you drown? where's the fun in that!"
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michelleleewise · 3 months ago
The Auction
Pairing: Loki x reader
Warnings: smut ahead, explicit smut, food play, swearing, mutual pining, friends to lovers, fluff, unprotected sex, mentions of birth control, soft sub loki, soft Dom reader, mentions of alcohol, oral (m receiving)
Summary: when you catch a glimpse of Loki in the nude, word vomit insued. Little did you know he would take it to heart.....
*inspired by this wonderfully chaotic story, and in collaboration with my lovely mutual @xorpsbane , I present......
Tumblr media
You walked down the hall to your room, engrossed in the itinerary of your upcoming charity event. You had asked Tony a few weeks back if you could be in charge if it, it was for woman after all, in which he gladly accepted. You opened the door to your room, stepping inside absently closing the door behind you as you looked over the catering and beverages that were to be supplied, the confirmation of the band, and the Auction.
You had convinced the men of the tower to participate, who wouldn't want a date with an avenger? "It's for a good cause, you'll be helping people." You told them to which they readily agreed. Loki was a bit harder to convince, but being his best friend you just had to give him your biggest puppy eyes and he melted "alright darling, only for you." He had said as you hugged him before running off. The memory made you smile as you went to set some papers on your desk, them hitting the floor. You looked up seeing no desk. "Wait.." you thought when the bathroom door opening caught your attention.
You stared wide eyed as Loki walked out, a towel covering his head as he dried his hair and nothing else. You were frozen in place as your eyes slowly roamed down, watching his chest muscles flex, traveling further seeing his abs, hard and rippling as he continued to towel his hair. You swallowed hard, suddenly feeling your mouth run dry, were you drooling? You thought as your eyes met the top of his v, traveling even further down. You felt like you were in a trance, unable look away as your eyes landed on his "glorious purpose". You knew he was beautiful, built like an Adonis, but you had no idea THAT was what he was packing.
"Y/n.." you heard, ripping you out of your trance "what penis? I didn't see a penis." You rushed out as you eyes flew to his "did you need something?" Loki asked smirking as your brain stopped processing anything "I um..see what happened was I was going to my penis...I mean room and..." you rambled as he stepped closer. You felt your face heat up "Well darling you are in my room." He smiled. You pulled your eyes away looking at the daggers displayed on the wall, the green and black curtains and wall to wall bookshelves before seeing his bed, green and black duvet neatly spread on top.
Realization hit you as you looked back at him "shit! I'm sorry, I came in the wrong room." You said "wait, that didn't come out right, I mean I didn't mean to come and see your penis, nothing against your penis though its...great! I mean, it should be classified as a deadly weapon am I right?" You laughed nervously your eyes absently traveling back down before covering your eyes "I should go.." You rambled kneeling down to pick up the papers your dropped trying to keep your eyes on the floor "y/n, are you alright?" Loki asked walking closer. You looked at him, your eyes traveling up his body "y...yes...im....fine." you smiled standing quickly.
Taking a step towards the door "You know, I would pay good money to lick strawberries and whipped cream off those abs, like think of the money you could raise by...shit, I said that outloud, what is wrong with me!?" You sighed "ok, i'm gonna go before I say something else stupid." You said rushing to the door "sorry again, bye!" You yelled hurrying out the door. Going one door down to YOUR room you ran in shutting the door before slumping to the floor "brilliant y/n, now he probably thinks you have brain damage." You sighed shaking your head getting up to sit at your desk.
The day of your event came, dressed in a floor length forest green wrap around dress with a slit up to your mid thigh you ran around ensuring all the donors were happy. Heading to the bar you refilled your drink, leaning on the bar to relieve the ache from your heels. "Hello darling." You heard, your eyes shooting to Loki, eyeing him in his deep navy suit and black tie, his hair slicked back falling around his shoulders "H...hey, how are you?" You asked trying not to make a fool of yourself. You had kept your distance from him since you accidentally went into his room, the embarrassment was overwhelming.
"I'm good, you've been avoiding me." He said matter of factly as he looked at you "im sorry, it's just....after the the other day, and all that stupid flew out of my mouth, i..." you rambled seeing him smile "y/n, there is no need to be embarrassed, it was an honest mistake." He said leaning over you pinning you to the bar setting his glass down. "In fact, I rather enjoyed it." He purred in your ear before pulling back to look at you. "Now remind me, what was that about strawberries?" He smirked seeing a green light flash in his hand "that..umm...well..." you tried, clearing your throat when you felt something on your lips "open for me." He whispered, not breaking eye contact you opened your mouth as he pressed a strawberry past your lips, hearing him hum as you bit down, juice leaking out of the corner of your mouth.
"You've made a mess darling, allow me." He whispered, you gripped the edge of the bar as he leaned down, your eyes closing when you felt his tongue slowly gliding up your chin towards the edge of your mouth. You let out a whimper when he pulled back slightly to look at you. "Alright everyone, time for the auction!" You heard Natasha announce. "Y...you better get up there." You said staring into his eyes. "I hope you will be bidding tonight darling, I have something special planned for the winner." He whispered smiling kissing your cheek before heading to the stage. You released the breath you had been holding as you made your way through the crowd, coming up next to Tony. "Hey kid, great job this turned out fantastic." He smiled tipping his drink to you "well thank you, now let's see how much the boys raise." You smiled.
One by one each man was auctioned off to the highest bidder. "And last but certainly not least, the God of Mischief himself, Loki!" Nat called out as Loki strode on stage in his dark suit, smiling and waving as you heard woman screeching. He said something to Nat, grabbing the microphone "Alright ladies, I'm going to do things a little different, whoever bids the most will have the opportunity to lick strawberries and whipped cream from these." He said, a green light engulfed him leaving him shirtles exposing his abs for all to see. You swallowed hard hearing the women in the room cat calling him.
He handed the mic back to Nat as he looked at you smiling. "Tony, give me money!" You demanded grabbing his shirt "woah calm down." He laughed "how much?" He asked "i....need...to....win!" You yelled over the women. "Just bid until you win." You told him as he swallowed "ok, ok geeze." He said fixing his shirt. Your chewed your thumb hearing the bids going higher and higher. "Y/n, I don't think it's going to happen." Tony sighed as he was outbid again. You looked up at Loki, seeing the huge smile on his face looking out to the sea of women. "Well, maybe it's better that way, I'm not good enough for him anyway." You said as Tony slapped your arm "I'm gonna pretend you didn't say that and move on." He said bidding again.
"Don't worry about it Tony, I think im gonna head to bed, you have a goodnight." You sighed nudging through the crowd. Making it to your room you slipped your dress off, going to the bathroom you washed the makup from your face sighing as you walked out to grab your pajamas, freezing seeing Loki standing in your room. You looked down, fidgeting with your fingers "a..aren't you supposed to be with your date?" You asked quietly as he walked towards you. "Well, my date didn't want me." He said coming to stand in front of you, your eyes shooting to his "who would be that stupid?" You asked "one Anthony stark." Loki said smiling.
"What?" You asked "He outbid everyone, and told me my services were better used here." He laughed as you shifted back and forth on your feet, realizing you were still in your bra and panties. "So, to the victor.." He whispered, leaning in pressing a chast kiss on your lips, pulling back to gauge your reaction when you lunged forward, jumping into his arms kissing him passionately as he walked back towards the bed. He sat down, pulling you down into his lap, your legs straddling his thighs as you ground your clothed core againt him, slipping his suit jacket off throwing it across the room.
You pulled back grabbing the knot of his tie yanking it down pulling it off tossing it. Grabbing his shirt you ripped it open, hearing buttons hitting the floor as you leaned down latching onto his neck, nibbling and biting the skin under his ear. "Is someone a little eager?" He laughed as you ran your hands down his chest, your fingers tracing his abs. "Forgetting something?" He asked as you pulled back looking at him a can of whipped cream appeared in his hand. You grabbed it ripping off the top as you sprayed some in your mouth, engulfing his mouth with yours, the taste of the cream mixing with the kiss making him moan.
You pulled back biting his lip as you pushed him down, shaking the can as he watched you. Not breaking eye contact you slowly sprayed the cream across his abs. "Scoot up." You purred, feeling him plant his feet on the mattress moving up with you. "Mm..good boy." You breathed seeing his cheeks turn pink "Oh, You like that? Are you gonna be my good boy?" You purred leaning down brushing your nose with his "y..yes." be breathed as you slid down, straddling his legs as you lapped up the cream hearing him moan, feeling his hand on the back of your head.
You sat back, unbuckleing his belt as he kicked his shoes off. Unbuttoning his pants you grabbed the waistband sliding them and his boxers down as Loki lifted his hips, kicking them off. You slowly wrapped your hand around his cock, slowly pumping him up and down hearing him moan. you took the cream spraying it from base to tip leaning down licking your way up to the tip circling it with your tongue before pressing him past your lips hearing him gasp, you moaned around him at the taste of the cream mixed with him, it was intoxicating as you bobbed your head up and down, feeling his fingers lace through your hair "your mouth is exquisite love." He moaned making you hum.
Hollowing your cheeks you sucked hard as you flattened your tongue againt him sliding up, pulling off of him with a pop "Holy shit y/n, that was.." he started when you pressed your lips to his, your tongue licking into his mouth as you slid your panties down kicking them off grabbing his cock lining it up to your entrance. You pulled back looking into his eyes, seeing him nod you pressed down on him, both gasping as he bottomed out. "Ahh norns you feel amazing." He panted as you slowly rocked your hips up and down "so do you.." you moaned. You leaned back, bouncing harder, reaching back unclasping your bra throwing it as his hands cupped your breasts, your hands covering his "Harder love....please." He moaned as you slammed your hips down on him.
"Aah...Loki how does that feel?" You panted "fuck..a..amazing...y/n you...are...perfect." He panted closing his eyes. You felt him twitch inside you as you slammed down on him "I'm on the pill...oh fuck...c..come inside me...I need to feel you!" You yelled out feeling your orgasm building. "Fuck y/n...come with me....milk my cock..." he moaned loudly. Your walls clenched around him as you pushed your hips down hard feeling him spill inside you yelling your name as he came, throwing your head back yelling his as your release washed over you.
His hands slid down your sides, grabbing your hips as you slowly rocked your hips back and forth trying to catch your breath riding him through his high. You leaned onto your elbows, placing a gentle kiss to his lips, pulling back to look at him. "Loki, can I ask you something?" You asked twirling his hair around your finger "of course love." He said running his fingers up and down your back "i..I don't want this to ruin what we had..have. I care about you alot and I don't want things to be weird or awkward, i.." You rambled as he leaned up kissing you "y/n, I adore you, everything about you. I have loved being your friend but if I'm being honest I've wanted more for awhile." He said watching you.
"Wait....before the penis thing?" You asked making him laugh "yes, before the penis thing. I've wanted to ask to court you for awhile but I couldn't find the courage to ask." He said smiling. "Oh...I umm." You started "its ok if you don't feel the same, I'm more than ok being friends, whatever your comfortable with love." He said pushing your hair back. "Well, Loki if I'm being honest I would really like to be courted." You said smiling. "I liked you before the penis thing too." You said making you both laugh. "I just....I didn't think I was good enough for you." You whispered, running a finger along his collar bone. "Darling, I don't want to hear you say that again ok?" He said watching you nod.
"Now, I say we go shower, and spend the rest of the night earning Anthony's money hm?" Loki asked winking "how much did he spend anyway, it was pretty high when I left." You asked "Oh Darling you don't want to know, but he did tell me to tell you you owe him." He said "oh shit, he's gonna ask for something stupid I know it." You sighed, flopping your head on Loki's chest. "Well, it is Anthony after all." He said making you laugh. "Ok, lets go shower." You said, slowly lifting off of him hearing him whine. You jumped up heading to the bathroom "move it laufeyson." You called out as Loki jumped up "Yes ma'am." He said rushing into the bathroom.
You definitely owed Tony one......
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moody4world · a month ago
Got you good
A/N: Requested by zooty aka @webinurcloset Artist!Reader pranking Jack while on the radio
Tumblr media
Today was one of the days you had to do back to back radio interviews to promote your new album. You were tired and ready to go back to the hotel to annoy Jack like you always do. you can’t help it though, it’s your love language. Luckily this interview has been the most fun so far. The host named Daniel has been asking you all the right questions and made you feel very comfortable.
“Aaand we are back, the song you just heard is called Sanity from y/n’s brand new album Shadows. Now before we played the song we were talking about how the album came about and all the ideas you guys had for it and you mentioned that Jack, your boyfriend helped you out a bit right?” You shrugged as you said in a joking tone “I mean I wouldn’t say he helped helped but i guess he did something.” Most people that know you are aware that you like to joke a lot. You’re not one to take life too seriously but you are serious when you need to be….some times. “Nah i’m just playing he definitely helped me, he’s very supportive and helps me whenever he can wether its an advice or if i ask him his opinion on something so i really love him for that and i really appreciate him yeah”
“That’s really nice, I had Jack in here at the beginning of may when he released his album and all he would talk about is you, it was adorable. The guy was red in the face almost the entire time.” Daniel laughed remembering his interview with Jack.
“He’s obsessed with me and he admits it”
“Yeah that’s exactly what he told me, he’s a proud boyfriend”
“Would you believe me if i told you he tells me that every day? because he really does and i’m not even kidding.”
“Wow” Daniel was surprised and impressed.
“It’s like a part of his daily’s affirmations at this point.” You managed to get another laugh out of Daniel once again.
“Okay so i remember you saying how much you love pranking Jack, is that true?”
“Definitely true”
“Definitely, he just falls so easily for them it’s hilarious like how can i stop?!”
“So would you be down to prank Jack right now?”
“Shit i’m down let’s do it” You took a sip from your water bottle while Daniel explained the prank to you in detail. “Okay so we’re gonna call him right now on your phone and let’s see how this goes.”
“Make sure you sound super hysterical so he falls for it.”
You tell Daniel before he presses the call button. “Hysterical, okay got it.” Daniel presses the button and the phone rings twice before Jack picks up. Daniel doesn’t waste any time waiting for him to greet you before he starts his master plan. “Jack you need to help me, y/n hurt her ankle really bad and i don’t know how to help her, she can’t stand or walk at all.” Jack was immediately confused and on high alert panicking to get you some help. “Wait how did she get hurt ? What do you mean?” You were covering your mouth trying to muffle your laugh at his panic and so was Daniel, he quickly recollected himself so he could continue the prank. “What else would i mean?! She fell off the bed and her ankle i don’t know what happened but it’s hurting really bad man. You should call an ambulance, tell them we’re at the Marriott Hotel on 46th street”
And that’s when something clicks in Jack’s brain. Bed? hotel? Something was not adding up. “Wait wait wait who even are you? And why are you guys sharing a hotel room? Because y/n said she had brunch with a friend right now. Who the fuck are you man?” “Dude y/n is literally in pain, that should be the least of your worries right now. Don’t worry about all that, help me help her.” “The fuck do you mean don’t worry about it?! You’re some random fuck sharing a room with my girl when she said she had brunch. Pass the phone to y/n, where is she?” You and Daniel were in absolute tears at this point.
You felt a little bad for making him get so worked up but you would apologize later. Right now you were too busy holding your stomach from the pain of laughing too hard. Daniel quickly muted the call so he could get his own laugh out but since he didn’t hang up all you guys could hear was Jack’s constant “Hello?? Helloooo? Pass the fucking phone to y/n bro i’m so serious.” “You know what it’s fine i’ll just drive her to the hospital by myself. I managed to help her stand up and she’s getting dressed now.” You and Daniel both knew that this would send Jack in to a spiral and you could feel the rage in his tone. “DRESSED?! what do you mean you’re getting dressed? IS SHE NAKED?! Pass her the fucking phone.”
Daniel gives in passing you the phone while he runs to the corner of the studio to laugh even more. You wiped your tears and got into character as best as you could after laughing so much. “Hey Jack, can you meet me at the hospital?” “Y/n i’m not playing who was that?” “It’s no one Jac-“ Jack never cuts you off but in this moment he was so mad he could not care less. “Y/n i’m dead serious i’m gonna pull up to that hotel and i’m beating his fucking ass. Why are you at a hotel with this man and naked?! WHO IS HE” Jack started rambling non stop and asking you a bunch of questions. You actually started to feel bad now and although it was funny at first you didn’t want to hurt his feelings this much or any more. “Jack it’s a prank it’s a prank.”
“Heeey Jack it’s Daniel from 808.9 Radio. It was a prank, we really had you.” The other side of the phone went dead silent. Jack was fuming but he felt a huge relief knowing that it wasn’t real. He would’ve recognized Daniel’s voice if he spoke more calmly but they called him in such a panic that he panicked as well and didn’t pay attention. “You guys are fucked up for that. I almost had a heart attack and Daniel was about to get his ass beat.” “Well lucky for my ass that this was just a prank, it was nice hearing from you man. Sorry about that.” “Nah i need to get you back now so be on the look out man.” Jack joked to Daniel as he hung up the phone.
You get through the rest of the interview before finally being on your way back to the hotel to meet up with Jack. You were nervous to see if he would still be grumpy about the prank or if he would laugh it off like he always did with your other pranks.
You opened the room door slowly and peeked your head in first before walking in to see Jack sitting against the headboard with his left hand behind his head of curls and his phone in his right hand. He didn’t even spare you a glance and that’s when you knew, you fucked up.
So you decided to butter him up the only way you knew how. You jumped onto the bed right next to him and stared into his soul until he finally gave in and acknowledged your presence. “That prank was not cool.” You could tell it really hurt his feelings which was not your intention at all. “I’m really sorry, i promise that wasn’t my intention.” You apologized to him sincerely.” “You’d never cheat on me unless it’s with Chris Evans so i should’ve known it was some fake shit.”
He was definitely right about that so you weren’t going to deny it. “Yeah that’s definitely true, but i mean it though i really am sorry.” You climbed right on top of him with your full body weight and cuddled him. Jack was much taller and heavier than you so he never minded when you did this. He was actually the one who suggested you do it claiming “Weighted blankets cost money and i already pay a lot to keep you.” His words, not yours. The two of you laid there cuddled up and just enjoying each other’s presence. “Jack?” “Yeah?” “You gotta admit i got you good.” Jack rolled his eyes not willing to admit it. “Yeah i guess you did.”
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meggsngrits · a month ago
Tumblr media
Play It Again
Pairing: cowboy!Katsuki Bakugou X f!Reader  
Contains: Reader has braids and a country accent, instant infatuation (we ain’t got all day for our boy to fall in love with us), he calls Reader baby, mention of alcohol. Not proof read.
Word Count: 1.7k
Note: I have had this song stuck in my head for dayssss. Please enjoy the cowboy!Bakugou brain rot.
Tumblr media
Bakugou ran his hands through his spiky blonde hair for the third time since he got to this stupid party out in the middle of the damn woods. He felt practically naked without his cowboy hat. At least he had his boots on so he felt somewhat like himself.
He took a sip of his canned beer and looked around the fire. His friends had already started to pair off, and the last thing he wanted to be was a third wheel. Surely there was someone he could talk to… At least for an hour, the amount of time he had promised Eijirou that he’d stay.
That’s when he spotted you. You were all by yourself, sitting on the tailgate of a pick-up truck, legs swinging. You were so pretty with your braids and sundress that he found himself already walking towards you without thinking it through. As he approached, a thought nagged at him.
What if she’s got a boyfriend? Maybe the truck is hers, and I’m just overthinking shit…
Your face tilted up as he got closer, and he wondered briefly what you thought of him. Before that trickle of insecurity could become a pool, he pulled his hand from his jean pocket to offer the smallest wave. The smile you gave him in response took his breath away. Friendly and open.
“Hey there! Lookin’ for a place to hide?” You asked, a cute country twang to your words that pulled at his heart strings.
He shrugged one shoulder as he took another sip from his beer as he came to stand in front of you. “Maybe,” he replied, trying his best to sound cool and unflustered.
“Well, ya came to the right spot. Have a seat.” You patted the spot beside you on the tailgate. He hesitated for a moment, looking around for someone to come forward and tell him off for talking to you. When no one materialized, he sat down beside you, the truck dipping briefly under his weight. 
As the radio droned on from the cab of the truck, the two of you began to make small talk. Usually, Bakugou wasn’t keen on small talk, but it’s not like there was anything else better to do. Besides, he found that he really enjoyed hearing you talk, and you seemed genuinely interested in getting to know him. You asked him his name (Bakugou), who came with (Kirishima and Kaminari), where did he work (UA Ranch), and how long had he been working there (about 5 years). 
He began redirecting the conversation to you, asking you your own name, about your hometown, what were you doing at a party in the middle of the woods like this, and did you have someone you were sweet on? He would be lying if he said he didn’t feel elated to confirm you were in fact single, and the truck belonged to your friends that were somewhere around the bonfire. Talking with you was as easy as breathing, he thought, which was saying a lot considering how annoying he found most people, even his friends.
He began to feel more comfortable, forgoing the small talk for more personal anecdotes finally. With his beer can abandoned on the bed of the truck, he began telling you a story about the time he and Kirishima had to patch a fence before their boss found out after Kaminari had pissed off the bull of the neighboring ranch. Right as he was getting to the part where the bull had smashed through the fence during its chase with Kaminari, you suddenly leapt off the truck’s tailgate. 
His brow furrowed, wondering what the hell was more important than talking to him as he watched you run around to the cab to turn up the volume of a country song that had just started to play. But that little bit of irritation was squashed when he saw the smile on your face.
“Oh my god, I’ve been waitin’ all night for them to play this song! It’s my favorite!” You said excitedly, coming back to the tailgate. “Dance with me Bakugou!” Before he could make up an excuse to refuse, you were already grabbing his hand and pulling him towards you. As much as he wanted to fight it, the moment he saw your smile again, he couldn’t help but give in to you.
You fit perfectly in his arms, your hand so much smaller in his as you spun him and yourself around in the dirt. His boots next to your worn sneakers didn’t seem out of place; in fact, he liked seeing them together and could easily imagine them lined up by the door of his trailer. He also found that he didn’t mind you taking the lead either, much to his surprise. It helped that your cute smile beamed up at him as you moved him around as you pleased.
As the song began to finally fade out, Bakugou found himself hanging onto you, not wanting the moment to end. And it seemed like you weren’t ready either. On the last note, you slowly stopped, looking up at him through your lashes. He felt a familiar heat rise up his neck  and the tops of his ears as you stood up on your tiptoes, leaning into him even closer than you had while dancing. 
When your lips softly met his, his heart felt as if it would surely pop out of his chest like one of those cartoons. You tasted so sweet, like summer strawberries, and he found himself pulling you tighter against him, his hands on your waist. When you finally pulled away to breathe again, he saw he wasn’t the only one feeling something.
“I just knew you were a good kisser,” you whispered. And all Bakugou could think was how badly he wanted that song to play again so he could see you smile and taste your strawberry kiss again.
The hour that he promised Kirishima came and went as the two of you sat back down on the tailgate of the truck, sitting closer than you had before. Before he knew it, Bakugou realized it was well past midnight. Your friends came back to the truck, ready to head home, and Bakugou quickly offered to drive you home instead, desperate to keep you to himself for just a little while longer.
You shyly agreed and followed him back to his Jeep. He quickly texted Kirishima and let him know he was leaving and would see him at work tomorrow before silencing his phone and helping you into the vehicle. He knew Kirishima and Kaminari were going to blow up his phone, wondering who it was climbing into the Jeep. Maybe it was selfish but he didn’t feel like sharing you just yet.
The drive back to your house went by quicker than he wanted, even though he drove just under the speed limit, doing anything he could to make the night last a little longer. He foolishly began flipping through the radio stations while you talked, hoping that song would come up once more just so you would kiss him again.
He pulled into your driveway and parked, hand still fiddling with the radio. You didn’t seem to catch on to what he was trying to do and opened the car door, sliding out on your own. You hovered around, waiting for him to get out and walk you to the door. Right when Bakugou was about to give up on the radio, the song he had been praying for began playing through the speakers of his Jeep.
His heart leapt as that same smile from before brightened your face. “I can’t believe that my favorite song came on twice in one night! Come’re boy, one more dance!”
He couldn’t have moved any faster if he tried as he slid out of his Jeep and came to you, his hands reaching for yours. He smiled down at you as you retraced your steps from just like at the bonfire before but this time in the headlights on your driveway, spinning the two of you around and around.
You giggled as your dress swished around your legs, your sneakered feet moving effortlessly around his boots. He loved the way your nose crinkled and how your eyes almost disappeared when you smiled so genuinely at him. And just like before, the song began to fade out, but this time Bakugou was prepared. He leaned down to meet you halfway, planting his lips on yours as the last note played out. 
Your arms wound around his neck, pulling him down a little further. He held you tightly against him, positive that you could feel the beat of his heart through his shirt. He still didn’t want to let you go when you reluctantly pulled away just a bit to suck in a breath.
“Let me take you on a date,” he muttered, his voice rough with want.
“What?” You asked, your eyes still glazed over from the kiss.
“Let me take you on a date, baby,” he asked again. You nodded and his mind raced as he put together exactly what he wanted to do for you.
The next Friday night, Bakugou took you out to a little spot by the lake. He had spread out a well-loved blanket and, after you both settled in, he pulled out his surprise: a guitar. Your eyes lit up as he began to strum the melody he had been practicing for you all week.
There, under the stars, you made him dance along with you while he continued playing your favorite song on his guitar and you sang the lyrics a little off-key. It didn’t matter when he missed a note or two or how out of breath you were getting from spinning around him while belting out the words to the song. All that mattered was being there together.
As he strummed the last couple chords, he caught your gaze. A knowing smile pulled at the corners of your mouth as he pulled the guitar strap from over his head. You were already stepping into his arms once the guitar was set down, finding his lips easily as if you had been kissing him for years and years.
“Play it again.”
Tumblr media
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ m.list  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙  
Tagged list: @namjoonswifeyy , @angerymunchkin , @winniscurious, @asmaechan​, @lyteatus​, @mistyroselove​,  @tomurastrashpanda​, @actually-adrie​ , @littlepuppy1128​
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steviesnight-time · 4 months ago
moments from the gray man q&a
pairing: chris evans x wife action designer
summary: two iconic moments from the gray man q&a that made fans crack up and swoon over mr and mrs. evans
warnings: chris evans rocking his fit omg, just make him wear button up shirts and a vest forever - yes these are warnings, sexual innuendos, language
chris evans writing // all writing
a/n: LMFAO wtf came out of my brain. I have no idea what shit I just wrote but I hope someone liked it. oh god, it’s almost midnight and here i am, writing this 🤦‍♀️
this is very much a spur of the moment fic that is also self-indulgent because i used to want to be a stunt performer and i love learning about filmmaking
whoever styled his hair gets a free drink and meal on me bc damn that loose bit of hair djjdndjd 🥵
Tumblr media
For the first 6 minutes or so, the Q&A was just getting going. She, just one of the team of action designers for the film, zoned out at times when the Russo brothers were just answering the questions from Josh.
She snapped back out of her daze when She and Chris were asked, “how was working with your significant other for the first time?”
Her microphone was picked up first.
“Oh, he was an asshole,” She teased her husband who grabbed his chest as he laughed with everyone else. “He’d throw tantrums every time we did multiple takes, he wouldn’t want to train with me—,“ the audience was soaking it all in, ”—no, I’m joking!” Her answer was broken with a chuckle.
“It was a pleasure because we have never truly seen each other work before. Like, I’ve never had a firsthand experience of seeing him work on a film. Obviously, we share a life, but never our work until we got the call from Anthony and Joe, so I feel very lucky that I was able to watch him be in his element,” She finished.
Josh leaned forward. “And what about you, Chris?”
Smiles were directed at Chris’ swooning over Her like he was fantasising about his crush which was not untrue.
“What the missus said.” Now, it was everyone else’s turn to swoon. “It just made me admire her even more. I mean, I’ve seen clips of her on set and little videos of amazing action sequences she makes, but we’ve never actually been in a training studio together where she could totally kick my ass if she wanted to.”
“And she did,” Ana quickly added. Yes, this referred to moments when the couple were just acting like kids and Chris let Her take him down to the floor.
One of the highlights from this evening was definitely when Ryan and Chris were asked about their main fight sequence.
“It’s a lot of work and I remember being really wet and really tired, I guess that doesn’t sound—,“ laughter broke out and She was slowly shrivelling up on the inside because of his dirty mind, “—that’s it.”
Then, it was Ryan’s turn. “Do you have anything to add to Chris’ remembrance of that fight sequence? Do you remember being really wet as well?” God, Her cheeks were warmly tinted from laughing.
“I remember it a little differently and I don’t think his wife would approve of his version of it,” he quipped. That was when She really cracked up.
“Hey, if anyone’s to blame, it’s Mrs. Evans sitting over there.” Chris topped it off with a wink at Her. He absolutely knew what he was doing to his blushing wife; making Her flustered at his sexual, yet truthful, words. She does get him wet.
And if She wasn’t already wet enough from the sight of her husband in his half-buttoned up checkered shirt with a vest underneath that deliciously displayed his tattoos and golden chain, then She would’ve given a witty remark back at him. Instead, Her hand remained at its job of hiding her reddened face.
Ryan went in for the final kick. “I think you broke her brain, Chris.” She was never going to hear the last of this for a long while.
Of course, social media ate this moment up as soon as it was on the internet. ‘Mr & Mrs. Evans’ went trending on Twitter.
chris making his wife flustered to the max is the best thing on the internet 🤣
😖💓 someone love me like mr and mrs. evans do
who knew all you had to do was bring mrs. evans to unlock that dirty mouth of his 😂 once the word ‘wet’ was out, she was a gOnER lmfao
i’d love to hear more about Her kicking his ass. better yet, film an action sequence for these two!!!!! someone, pls make it happen
Tumblr media
I don’t do tag lists so go follow and turn on notifications for @steviesnight-library if you want to know when fics publish
[likes and reblogs are appreciated, thank you for reading!]
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stealingyourbones · 16 days ago
I saw a tiktok talking about how they were invited to a murder mystery masquerade with cool animal masks and stuff so it gave me an idea
For Danny’s first Halloween with the batfam one of the batkids (I vote Steph) decide it would be a good idea for the family to have a murder mystery masquerade
Alfred randomly picks everyones character and who the killer is
One of the batkids really has fun with this idea: Gets a suit/dress specifically for this event, adds jewelry, glitter, and rhinestones to the mask, cannot WAIT to show it off to everyone
On the other side of the spectrum there’s one batkid who just got a party city mask, a tshirt to match the mask and that’s it
The game goes on until midnight and they keep coming up with more increasingly weird/creative way to “get murdered”
Overall, Danny loved his first Halloween with the family and is trying to convince them to make it an annual thing
Sorry this prompt is a little late from Halloween but I came up with it Halloween night and added it to my notes so I can share it :DD
Aaaaaa!!!! Thats incredible!
My brain instantly went to like. Ok. Imagine this insanley rich family, ranged from dressed to the fuckin nines to literal pajamas. talking and debating what death would be funnier/cooler in a very heated manner.
Shit from hanging from the chandelier being “impaled” by one of the many candelabra, to what the coolest death pose is, to whats the coolest thing to die from: sword or random object that should in no way be that sharp to go that deep.
And then there’s Danny: messing with his powers to make it look like a possession gone wrong. One issue: its a bit too real.
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sweet--em · 4 months ago
Random Eddie Munson HCs
Hey! Haven’t written anything is such a long time and honestly really miss it! It makes me feel better and helps with the maladaptive daydreaming.
So have fun looking into my brain of how I see eddie - he’s a menace 100% (spoiler free :) ) 18+ only!
Tumblr media
calls his SO so many different pet names
some are super cute and heart melty
and some are like 👀 ’wait what did you just call me’?
when others call him “freak” and other shit you get so fired up
he tries to calm you down
“it’s okay bruiser let’s go home”
“come on, no bloodshed today slugger”
definitely likes to lightly bite and lick his SO
that can be their fingers, nose, chin, cheek, ankle - literally any body part
he likes your little giggles when he does it
or when you look at him like ‘really munson?’
asking to bite his dimples in return
really wanting to lick/kiss his eyes but can’t
he makes cannibal jokes after
nibbles a little bit on his hair when it’s wet
hair beard!
if you are confused he likes to grab his hair and pull over his chin like a beard
even does some voices
sometimes he’ll hold his hand (or some other tool like a spatula, hairbrush, etc) like its a microphone while he is singing a song.
then he’ll move his hand so it’s in front of your mouth silently telling you it’s your turn
sometimes you know the words and sometimes not, either way he’s giving you that bright smile and bopping his head like you are giving the performance of a lifetime.
“yeah go baby go!” as you go monotone, repeating the lyrics back to him.
gets the zoomies like a doggo
will jump off his seat like a rocket when he’s happy or excited
sometimes needs to do a little lap and then will come sit back down
okay 18+
but he definitely likes to sniff your panties
OKAY yeah I know don’t @ me!
but he does okay! take it up with eddie!
he likes when you laugh or shout at him to stop or when you even get a little bit more turned on bc of it
you can’t really blame him when you are giving him all that positive reinforcement!
you guys will watch saturday morning cartoons together
sitting cross-legged with cereal in your laps
sometimes wayne would have just came back from a shift and sleeping so you guys know to keep it down
i’ve seen other people talk about how he doesn’t eat a lot of fruit/veggies
and I totally agree
the little shit will mispronounce words on purpose
sometimes his poker face is so good you can’t tell if he’s joking or not
“what is a man-go?”
loves messing with you
one year he licked a banana slug and his whole mouth and tongue went numb for like an hour.
he was ‘oh shit i’m gonna be numb forever!’
trying to decide how long he should wait it out until getting help/telling someone
it went away so all was good
okay i’m projecting that one happened to me at camp one year
i don’t remember how old i was - maybe middle school age - I got dared okay!
speaking of eddie & dares
at the beginning of the relationship you felt like you had to be the sane one and tell him not to do shit
“no eddie don’t let your buddy tase you!”
“get off the ground you are not licking that!”
didn’t take long to learn that he is just fucking with you - he likes you telling him no
he finds it funny and it makes him feel like you care
so it turns from “don’t eddie or I swear to god” into “yeah babe do it”
and he just looks at you, eyes widening telling you he’s gonna
and you just stare back like ‘do it - i wanna see’
just staring each other down
turns into a game of chicken
he usually backs down
but honestly depending on the audience
you are a polaroid couple 100%
he has a sweet little picture of you in his wallet 🥺
and one of you looking like an absolute demon
it’s all about balance you see
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