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【FreelyArt Color】 土間をデザイン施工 FreelyArtのColer見本です。 ・・・・・・・・・・ 玄関アプローチ、ポーチ、駐車場、などの外構を おしゃれにしませんか? イラストやロゴを入れることもできます🎨 (室内外、壁や床にも施工可能) 現状のアスファルト、コンクリート、タイルなどを壊さなくてもその上に施工することが可能です。 そのため、安価でスピーディに施工できます! 1.5ミリ程のうすさに施工しますので、 施工後の段差が気になりません。 薄くても駐車場に施工できるくらい頑丈で壊れにくいです。 さらに、コーテイングによる タイヤ痕、藻・苔・カビ防止。 滑り止め効果。 雨が当たる場所や影になりやすい部分は、藻や苔、黒カビが生えたりして滑る危険があります。 塗料は無機塗料を使用しており 耐久年数も長くほとんど色褪せしません。 無機塗料自体も汚れに強く、 耐火性が高くカビやコケが発生しにくいです。 ■施工単価■ 模様・柄付き 20,000円〜/1㎡ 標準(模様・柄なし) 15,000円〜/1㎡  (木目や石調などのテクスチャ有) ※3㎡未満の施工でも3㎡からの価格になります。 ■オリジナル施工技術■ 安価でスピーディに施工 施工は1〜2日 施工後1時間で歩行可能🐾 施工後24時間で駐車可能🚗 ■施工に関しての注意事項■ ○屋外での作業につき、砂や虫などが付着する場合があります。 ○自転車やバイク等のスタンドで傷がつく場合があります。 ○下地コンクリートからの蒸気により表面に気泡の穴ができる場合があります。 ○下地に凸凹がありますので、100%綺麗な模様ができるわけではございません。タイル施工のような完璧な製品をお求めの方はご遠慮願います。(多少の欠けなどは生じます。) ○環境の違いやロットの違いにより色の違いが生じる場合がございます。 ○雨が染み込まない為、表面の乾きは遅くなります。 ○施工完了後1ヶ月程度、雨天時の水はけが悪くなります。 ○水と電気を使わせて頂きます。 . ▶連絡先よりメールにて お気軽にご相談ください✉️ [email protected] お見積もりだけでも構いません。 見積もり後の執拗な営業は一切致しませんのでご安心してお問い合わせください。 その際、メールに現場のお写真と地域、おおよその広さなどを送っていただけますと、より正確なお見積もりが可能です。 #色見本 #色見本帳 #色 #施工色 #施工カラー #カラーサンプル #_color #デザインカラー #施工色  #リフォーム #リノベーション #新築一戸建て #住宅外観 #一軒家 #住宅 #外観 #玄関ポーチ #家づくり #建築家 #設計事務所 #外構デザイン #外構コーティング  #コンクリート #建築 #デザイン #ミニマル  #エクステリアデザイン  #エクステリア #マイホーム計画  #FreelyArt #フリーリーアート  (Let's株式会社 FreelyArt 土間・駐車場のフリーデザイン) https://www.instagram.com/p/CPXjucSjFwd/?utm_medium=tumblr
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_colors of the gang _
me : * faint from working*
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mgi2_cha44-01 Titus Alexius Fullbody_Color swatch mgi2_cha44-02 Titus Alexius Expressions 01 mgi2_cha44-03 Titus Alexius Expressions 02 _Color swatch mgi2_pro10-01 Titus's wand _Shading
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How to Create Gradient Chat Bubbles in Flutter?
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In the present scenario, many developers focus on the best way to build a professional and beautiful chat bubble in an application. If you are a programmer and want an application with a perfect platform, you can switch to flutter. Creating a gradient chat bubble in Flutter is so easy.
Flutter development companies has complete information regarding Flutter platform. Some professionals write code from scratch. On the other hand, in-built stuff for the Flutter, like transform and custompainter widget is a good option for the chat bubble.
Traditionally, chat apps show a message in a chat bubble with a solid background.
Many users want modern chat apps that show chat bubbles with a gradient.
For this concern, expertise puts effort into fulfilling user requirements by adding gradient chat bubbles in the project.
Experts use gradients depending on the bubble position on the screen.
Dedicated team may also modernize the chat messaging app UI with a gradient background for the chat bubble.
Which challenges are recognized?
Traditional chat bubbles utilize decoratedBox or other widgets to paint a rounded rectangle in each chat message. It is suitable for a solid color and gradient repeated in every bubble.
Moreover, gradient, modern, and full-screen bubble backgrounds need a different approach. Complete screen gradient that merges with bubble scroll up and down screen involves approach. It lets developers make an informed decision for painting that suits layout information.
Experienced programmers have the proper knowledge and skill to create gradient chat bubbles in an application.
Every bubble gradient needs a bubble location on the screen.
Painting behavior involves access to layout information.
Such painting behavior is never possible with the widget due to widgets such as decoratedBox and Container widget.
You can make the right decision about the background color before the layout happens.
You can use custom painting behavior in that scenario and never go for custom layout behavior.
CustomPainter is an impressive option for completing a job.
In certain cases, you can gain complete control over child layout and never control over painting or hit testing. You may consider a flow widget. Custom RenderBox is best when you require control over painting, hit testing, and layout.
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How to change original background widget?
Change widget is responsible for drawing background with a new widget like BubbleBackground. You must add color property and represent a complete screen gradient related to the bubble.
BubbleBackground(  colors: message.isMine      ? const [Color(0xFF6C7689), Color(0xFF3A364B)]      : const [Color(0xFF19B7FF), Color(0xFF491CCB)],  child: DefaultTextStyle.merge(    style: const TextStyle(      fontSize: 18.0,      color: Colors.white,    ),    child: Padding(      padding: const EdgeInsets.all(12.0),      child: Text(message.text),    ),  ), );
How to build custom painter?
Developers implement BubbleBackground as a stateless widget. It is vital to define the build () method to return CustomPaint with a CustomPainter like BubblePainter. BubblePainter is ideal for painting a bubble gradient.
@immutable class BubbleBackground extends StatelessWidget {  const BubbleBackground({    super.key,    required this.colors,    this.child,  });  final List<Color> colors;  final Widget? child;  @override  Widget build(BuildContext context) {    return CustomPaint(      painter: BubblePainter(        colors: colors,      ),      child: child,    );  } } class BubblePainter extends CustomPainter {  BubblePainter({    required List<Color> colors,  }) : _colors = colors;  final List<Color> _colors;  @override  void paint(Canvas canvas, Size size) {    // TODO:  }  @override  bool shouldRepaint(BubblePainter oldDelegate) {    // TODO:    return false;  } }
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How to bring access to scrolling details?
CustomPainter needs information mandatory to evaluate where the bubble is within bound. The viewport is a vital asset to list view. With the help of viewport, you can determine the location and require reference to scrollable state and Bubble Background buildContext. You can get access to scrolling information to CustomPainter.
BubblePainter(  colors: colors,  bubbleContext: context,  scrollable: ScrollableState(), ) class BubblePainter extends CustomPainter {  BubblePainter({    required ScrollableState scrollable,    required BuildContext bubbleContext,    required List<Color> colors,  })  : _scrollable = scrollable,        _bubbleContext = bubbleContext,        _colors = colors;  final ScrollableState _scrollable;  final BuildContext _bubbleContext;  final List<Color> _colors;  @override  bool shouldRepaint(BubblePainter oldDelegate) {    return oldDelegate._scrollable != _scrollable ||        oldDelegate._bubbleContext != _bubbleContext ||        oldDelegate._colors != _colors;  } }
How to cover full-screen bubble gradient?
CustomPainter is reliable for bringing desired gradient color and reference to containing ScrollableState and bubble BuildContext. With the necessary information, CustomPainter covers a full-screen bubble gradient.
Implementing the paint() method is the best way to calculate bubble position and configure the shader with the given color. Developers may also utilize matrix translation to offset shader depending on bubble position with scrollable widget.
class BubblePainter extends CustomPainter {  BubblePainter({    required ScrollableState scrollable,    required BuildContext bubbleContext,    required List<Color> colors,  })  : _scrollable = scrollable,        _bubbleContext = bubbleContext,        _colors = colors;  final ScrollableState _scrollable;  final BuildContext _bubbleContext;  final List<Color> _colors;  @override  bool shouldRepaint(BubblePainter oldDelegate) {    return oldDelegate._scrollable != _scrollable ||        oldDelegate._bubbleContext != _bubbleContext ||        oldDelegate._colors != _colors;  }  @override  void paint(Canvas canvas, Size size) {    final scrollableBox = _scrollable.context.findRenderObject() as RenderBox;    final scrollableRect = Offset.zero & scrollableBox.size;    final bubbleBox = _bubbleContext.findRenderObject() as RenderBox;    final origin =        bubbleBox.localToGlobal(Offset.zero, ancestor: scrollableBox);    final paint = Paint()      ..shader = ui.Gradient.linear(        scrollableRect.topCenter,        scrollableRect.bottomCenter,        _colors,        [0.0, 1.0],        TileMode.clamp,        Matrix4.translationValues(-origin.dx, -origin.dy, 0.0).storage,      );    canvas.drawRect(Offset.zero & size, paint);  } }
Once you complete the above code, you can get a modern chat bubble UI. Each bubble gradient changes the user scroll due to the bubble background widget invoking scrollable.of (context). The method can set up an inherent dependency on the predecessor scrollable state.
You can note every step carefully and start and finish tasks on time. Hire Flutter developer for perfect guidance to implement necessary measures, ensure a smooth workflow and build your own Flutter mobile app.
A chat feature is available in different types of the app today, from messaging to an ecommerce mobile app development and education apps to social networks. Gradient bubbles have impressive attributes.
Developers make apps with different background colors for incoming and outgoing messages that suit quick identification. Right painting decision is also crucial for layout information and position widget.
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Flutter is an exciting and fantastic platform for quickly creating applications. You can hire Flutter developers from an award-winning Flutter app development company like Flutter agency who are happy to work with you!
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. How many kinds of gradients are in Flutter?
Flutter has three types of gradient: Linear Gradient, Radial Gradient, and Sweep Gradient.
2. What are the stops in gradient Flutter?
Stops list the values from 0.0 to 1.0, denoting fractions along with their gradient. Also,non-null has a list which has a similar length as colors. If the first value is not 0.0, then a stop with the position of 0.0 and the color is equivalent to the first color in the colors is implied.
3. What is the method to make a chat bubble on Flutter?
Create the new dart file, known as custom_shape.dart, inside a lib folder. After that, build the custom shape with a custom painter class. This class is used to draw a custom shape at the end of the chat bubble.
Originally Published At:  https://flutteragency.com/create-gradient-chat-bubbles-in-flutter/
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What is GestureDetector Class in Flutter?
When creating an application, you need to deal with user responses such as touch and drag. So, in this article, we will see GestureDetector In Flutter. We will also implement the example of GestureDetector. Also, we will see the properties of a GestureDetector in Flutter.
What is GestureDetector class in Flutter?
Many widgets in a flutter, such as containers, columns, text, etc. But these widgets have no basic way of recognizing gestures. The “GestureDetector” widget handles such widgets, and this widget is only used to detect gestures and does not cause any visual reaction such as wave effect.
If this widget has a child, it will defer that child for its sizing behavior. In this case, if it does not have a child, then it will grow to fit the parent instead. By default, GestureDetector with no children will ignore touches. This behavior can be controlled by Behavior. The properties of the GestureDetector class are shown below.
Properties of GestureDetector class:
behavior: This property will decide how this gesture detector should behave during hit testing.
dragStartBehavior: This prop will determine how to drag start behavior is handled.
onForcePressEnd: The pointer will no longer touch the screen.
onForcePressPeak: The pointer is in contact with the screen & it is being pressed with maximum force.
onHorizontalDragCancel: The pointer that will trigger the onHorizontalDragDown will not complete.
onHorizontalDragDown: The pointer touches the screen with the primary button and may move horizontally.
onHorizontalDragEnd: The pointer that was in contact with the screen with the primary button and moving horizontally will stop touching the screen. It moved at a constant speed when it stopped touching the screen.
onHorizontalDragStart: The pointer will touch the screen with the primary button, and after that, it will start moving horizontally.
onLongPress: This prop is called when a long press gesture using the primary button is recognized.
onLongPressCancel: A pointer that previously triggered onLongPressDown will not trigger a long press.
onLongPressDown: The pointer touches the screen with the primary button, which can start a long press.
onLongPressEnd: The pointer that triggered the long press of the primary button no longer touches the screen.
onLongPressMoveUpdate: The pointer has moved after pressing and holding the primary key.
onLongPressStart: This prop is called when a long press gesture using the primary button is recognized.
onLongPressUp: The pointer triggered for long-press with the primary button no longer touches the screen.
Example of Gesture Detector:
import 'package:flutter/material.dart'; void main() => runApp(const MyApp()); class MyApp extends StatelessWidget {  const MyApp({Key? key}) : super(key: key);  static const String _title = 'Flutter Code Sample';  @override  Widget build(BuildContext context) {    return const MaterialApp(      title: _title,      home: MyStatefulWidget(),    );  } } class MyStatefulWidget extends StatefulWidget {  const MyStatefulWidget({Key? key}) : super(key: key);  @override  State<MyStatefulWidget> createState() => _MyStatefulWidgetState(); } class _MyStatefulWidgetState extends State<MyStatefulWidget> {  Color _color = Colors.blue;  @override  Widget build(BuildContext context) {    return Container(      color: _color,      height: 200.0,      width: 200.0,      child: GestureDetector(        onTap: () {          setState(() {            _color == Colors.black              ? _color = Colors.blue                : _color = Colors.black;          });        },      ),    );  } }
When you run the program, the default screen color will be blue. After that, you have to click on the screen. Upon clicking the screen color will turn to black. This is because of the GestureDetector class.
Thanks for remaining till the end of the article. We hope you have enjoyed reading this article. To summarize, in this article, we have seen what is GestureDetector In Flutter and how to implement it. Don’t forget to share your feedback/comments on the same.
Flutter agency is the best Flutter mobile application development company with a highly experienced team of Flutter developers. We promise to deliver the best application developed in Flutter, which will excel in the market. Also, Flutter Agency is a portal full of excellent resources like Flutter Widget Guide, Flutter Projects, Code libs, etc. So, contact us for your next project.
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