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petitedivine · 4 months ago
BTS: Attracted To vs Compatible With
Disclaimer: Divination and tarot ARE NOT completely accurate nor do they predict the future. They are merely a snap shot of a second in time and are open for misinterpretation. This is supposed to be fun, light hearted and merely a peek into the world. It could be completely inaccurate five minutes from now.
Tumblr media
Oh, these guys are a RIDE during this. Surprisingly, everyone was fairly chatty about what they were looking for but their spirit guides didn’t always agree. I snorted a few times during this. 
My hand cramped typing all of this up. 
Attracted to: The definition of class. This is someone who truly has it all. Self made, stunning, serious, so cool that you would be nervous talking to them. An extrovert with a solid system of friends, family and connections. Fantastic business skills. Happy to be a stay at home and raise kids, definitely needs to want kids. 
Compatible with: An introvert! Jin is such a homebody that he would truly thrive with someone who was happy to spend 95% of their free time at home, only leaving to get fantastic food for dinner. Once in a while they would want to raid theme parks and take a thousand photos of their budding family. Warm, quiet, sweet, silly and can definitely take a joke. Happy to help Jin cook and listen to him fuss. Actually, they should be immune to fussing. 
Attracted to: I did this post already but he’s essentially attracted to an impossible person. Cool but warm. Extroverted but introverted. Needs him but has a fierce independent streak. Incredibly reasonable, and very creatively inclined. A fantastic sense of humor but happy to sit in silence for hours. 
Compatible with: Ironically enough, Yoongi is pretty dead on about what he would be compatible with. He harps a lot about having a mature relationship, but he really just needs someone who doesn’t get jealous, is very understanding of his work, makes him laugh and will harass him just as much as he will harass them. 
Attracted to: Oh, the curves. I had to mention it because he mentioned it like twenty times but he mentioned their mind about a hundred times. Someone who can hold a conversation, is educated, and a home maker. Poor thing just wants someone to cook for him. A kind heart. Very sweet in demeanor but very, very confident. 
Compatible with: Namjoon isn’t truly that far off. He definitely needs someone to challenge him more than he’s initially attracted to. His spirit guides would love for him to match up with someone who challenges him constantly. Very loyal and never makes him doubt their affection, but someone who would make him consider every thought he’s ever had. Someone who would instinctively know when he needed a hug and insist on giving it to him. 
Attracted to: Someone who just radiates sunshine, ironically. He’s so heavily influenced by others that this person needs to feel like pure warmth. They are often the life of the party, but still have high standards of modesty. Can make him laugh but feel a touch mysterious. Feels very in charge and vibrant. 
Compatible with: He’s half way there, but the life of the party most often aren’t the best person to lean on. He needs someone who is so completely available to soothe his emotions, but in general is just a happy person. Someone happy to ask for help, but only when they truly need it. Non-fussy. Physical touch and quality time. 
Attracted to: A fun time. Like they don’t take things too seriously. A serious flirt, where they might actually be able to out flirt him. Fluttery eyelashes. They aren’t the loudest in the room, but they are friends with that person. Happy to twirl around the dance floor, play drinking games and chat about silly things. Not too serious. 
Compatible with: Honestly, his spirit guides just really want him to date someone who can handle his star power. That it won’t drain on them how flirty he is. They don’t care if she is the life of the party, they just want her to be kind. Understanding. Sensitive. Supportive. Adore him. Adore him the way he deserves to be. Humble him if he goes too far, but with kindness. Hold his hand. 
Attracted to: The coolest person in the room. The one who looks like they are friends with every single person. Absolutely striking features. A very glowing energy. Stunning but in the way where they kinda don’t know exactly how stunning they really are. Extroverted, bubbly. A star. Family centered. 
Compatible with: He’s pretty much dead on. He will do really well with someone who makes friends easily and can handle his bouncy energy easily. Tae has a deep understanding of himself normally and his taste is decently well placed. He watches anyone who interests him like a hawk to see if they are truly as they present. 
Attracted to: Someone who looks like they would win every fight. Dripping with confidence that quickly melts away into sweetness. Someone who would upset his family bringing them home. Thrilling. Their energy has every eye in the room on them. Gorgeous. Creative. Knows exactly what they want and uncompromising. 
Compatible with: The complete and utter opposite. He has so much life to experience that he just needs someone very kind, gentle and understanding. Someone who has the simplest things bring them complete joy. Wants a family. Could careless about fame. Loves nights in with the entire family. Totally flexible to what ever he needs. Essentially patient. 
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freemindedspirit · 2 months ago
PAC-tan sonyeondan
A healing message from a BTS member
Tumblr media
This BTS themed pick a card is a collaboration with @seulboya , I’m doing the messages from the rap line while she does the vocal line !
A good thing about this pac, is you can pick as many piles as you want !You can pick your bias, or go with your intuition, even read all seven if that’s what you’d like !
As usual, for entertainment purposes only
Tumblr media
I know it has hurt you, these repetitive comments about how dumb or naive you are,how you’re stupid or you should have known better,how it should have been obvious.I know how deep this wound run within you.I see how your pain drives your passion for your job/studies, how you’re neglecting your health and well-being to get the success you want, the success you’re showing off to them or to the voices in your head that still tell you you’re worthless.You’re doing everything you can to prove them wrong,even though you don’t need to.It has gone to the point where you’re unable to let yourself relax or enjoy the fruits of your labor.You wanna keep going, you enjoy this too much.The figure of the all powerful workaholic, underdog to king, many tools and skills to their disposal.It drives you even more than your anger and your hurt.You want to be capable, skilled, and even more so, you want it to be obvious to them.The fact that things are going so slowly right now is driving you insane,but it’s done on purpose.How long are you gonna keep chasing this perfectionist ideal, where your mind and your skills will be so undeniable no one will ever criticize them again ?You can’t.You won’t.The universe won’t let you.Your soul family won’t let you,your spirit team either.Now that I can tell you about it, I won’t either.Listen to me, you deserve rest, okay ?You need rest, and relaxation, and pauses and breaks.You need all that, and deserve that at all times.By the way, stop putting off your meals to after you’ve done your work, it’s not healthy.Same thing for water.This pause is meant for you to finally take the time to meet yourself, someone you haven’t seen a while and has changed a lot, and is now dying to talk to you.It’s for you to enjoy the work you already put, not put in even more work.The results will come, don’t worry about it.They always do, often even in unexpected ways.The universe wants you to be able to enjoy it when you reach your peaks.Take your time, slow down, take it easy.Do it yourself or the universe will make you, and it might not be as nice about it, okay ?
Good, thank you for talking with me today, take care of yourself, alright kid ?
Goodbye 👋🏽
Things that may resonate: bullying, neurodivergency (autism, ADHD,dyslexia),burn out, college, workaholism I heard time and flower
(Fool Rv,6 of wands,9 of Pentacles Rv,Magician,Knight of Pentacles Rv.Ace of swords )
Tumblr media
*whispers* Suga :
(He insisted on the whisper)
« I find incredible how much you have grown and healed since then.Obviously, healing and growth never really stop but you know, you made progress and I’m proud of you.You are light years away from who you used to be when you were under their complete control,co-dependent or smothered/trapped/controlled.You’re so used to carry everything on your own, don’t do that.I promise there are people out there who are or will be willing to help you, who wants you to rely on them.If they aren’t here yet, they’re about to come.You may feel like it’s you against the world right now, but it’s not true.You have a team, go find it.Your strength, bravery and determination have always been your strongest points, but it’s okay to put it down sometimes,it’s okay to cry,to break down, to make mistakes.You May feel very lost right now,and that’s okay too.You don’t have to figure it out all on your own,even if you like being your own guide and forging your own path, I promise you don’t have to do it alone.
Your team is waiting for you, we want to see your entire potential! :)
Take care
PS:sleep more,you coward ;)
Things that may resonate: immediately heard mommy issues and toxic family, possibly toxic siblings, growth, feeling alone, running away from home, emancipation, living on your own for the first time in your 20s,looking for a roommate or your soul family
(The Empress Rv,three of pentacles,seven of wands,10 of wands,nine of wands,The Hierophant
Tumblr media
« You’re clutching so hard onto what you own and what you built,you’re becoming painfully greedy.This is unfair, to you and to those who assisted you.You may not feel like anyone did, but in this world we can’t reach everything on our own,there is always a point where you need to be thankful for something you had someone else never did.I know things are going so fast lately,too fast, too hard, too soon.You’re afraid.I understand.But you can do it.You’re good at it,I believe in you.Where has gone your belief in yourself ?It used to be your motor, now you’re stuck, only trying to escape the feeling of disconnect from peers, from reality.You’re not even sure if you want to leave this state.It’s hard to, I understand.This mechanism is meant to help you when you feel in danger, but now it’s holding you back.You need to let go of coping mechanisms that don’t serve you anymore.Step by step.Just make the first one,it’s the hardest one, recognize it’s not helping you.Seek help, look it up online, search new coping mechanism.The first step,then another,then another.You’ll be fine.I believe in you.You can do it.One foot in front of the other, don’t focus on the finish line just yet,I promise you’ll get there on time.
Remember, one step in front of the other,that’s all you need to focus on, alright ?
Your hope »
Four of pentacles, eight of wands reversed,knights of wands, four of cups,page of pentacles,knight of pentacles
Things that may resonate: MALADAPTIVE DAYDREAMING, shifting,social anxiety, the song daydream, reading as a coping mechanism, fanfiction as a coping mechanism, I’m sorry but this might be the pile of people clutching onto the idea of dating a member to escape their irl problems or obsessively reading BTS tarot as a procrastination method 💀
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eristarot · 4 months ago
BTS and their fs as YA Fantasy book couples
Disclaimer: Just for fun, more based off of my own opinion than anything else. 
This one’s for the bookworms :)
Namjoon: Kestrel and Arin (from The Winner’s Curse trilogy by Marie Rutkoski)
Tumblr media
Jin: Feyre and Rhysand from ACOTAR(A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas)
Tumblr media
Yoongi: Evangeline and Jacks(Once Upon A Broken Heart by Stephanie Garber)
Tumblr media
Hobi: Shiori and Takkan (from Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim)
Tumblr media
Jimin: Mina and Shin (from The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea by Axie Oh)
Tumblr media
Taehyung: Meghan and Ash (from The Iron King series by Julie Kagawa)
Tumblr media
Jungkook: Emilia and Wrath( Kingdom of the Wicked series by Kerri Maniscalco)
Tumblr media
Honorable mentions: 
Namjoon: Percy and Annabeth(Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan)
Tumblr media
Taehyung: Luce and Daniel(Fallen series by Lauren Kate) I couldn’t find any decent fanart so enjoy this gif of them in the movie lmao
Tumblr media
Jungkook: Jude and Cardan (The Cruel Prince series by Holly Black)
Tumblr media
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thebluesiren · 2 months ago
PAC탄소년단: When your bias gives advice
Tumblr media
@freemindedspirit x @seulboya
Hello everyone! Welcome to my first ever collab PAC! Freemindedspirit and I were talking about how there seemed to be a lot of BTS fans interacting with our blogs. In hopes that we could provide some assistance to you all, we decided to have a collab pac. You can go over to their page for RAP LINE members, while you can continue to scroll down for the VOCAL LINE members. We hope that you all will enjoy the PAC, and please provide feedback if you can!
"My, my... what have we got here... kekekekeke >;3" - JIN
Tumblr media
Justice, The Chariot, Judgment. JEEZ! What are you all going through right now?! Or maybe it's just Jin pulling thorugh with big emotions, big words, and big expressions. Either way... you got 3 major arcana cards here for you. We'll start the reading now! "You know what, it's really unfair that you always seem to be the one getting the short end of the stick. Why do you need to be the one who is always understanding? It doesn't matter whether you're old or not- you shouldn't be obliged to always have to give things up and be the big person. It's okay to be mad if things aren't fair for you. It's also ok to ask someone or reach out to someone for help. Don't feel that you shouldn't be feeling that way, you're human. Just BE UGH. You know our song, right? Be ugh. You're allowed to be mad, to express your anger. Don't swallow emotions because that's not fair for you. Instead, take time to learn more about yourself and what you want. Sometimes, we're not allowed to have time to figure out our values, principles, and what we want. Once you figure out what you want, you'll be able to move forward. I know it must feel like you're stuck right now and nothing in life seems to be allowing you to move forward, but trust me- you've got this. Take time to make decisions and think. Have thinking time. Be confident in yourself and focus on what you want because you will be able to move forward. Look at me. I thought I would fail. It was really hard. But I was able to do it, so you can do it as well. Don't be discouraged. If you continue on, I promise that what you want and need will come towards you. There will come a day when you can decide on where you want to go and walk forward. There will come a day when past wrongs have resolved, and you're feeling content with where you are."
"Hello ARMY~ thank you so much for coming! I hope I can help, but please know that you should believe in yourself above all else!" - JIMIN
Tumblr media
Seven of Wands, Knight of Pentacles, Judgment. "Hi ARMY~ nice to meet you here~ it's Jimin! I really miss you guys, and I hope that you all are doing well =v= So I don't know if I have the right to give advice, but I hope that those of you who do want advice will be able to receive at least a little of help through what I say or feel that there is someone there supporting you! Thank you for trusting me~ So um, I wanted to say that you know, competition is really hard. I understand it because I mean, that is what I face all the time, you know? It feels like I need to be the best and I need to be the most perfect when I'm really not, and it can get overwhelming. So I can't imagine how hard it would be for you, ARMY, when you are faced with overwhelming situations and you have to be better than everyone else for what you want. It's really hard, I know... I've been there and I'm here for you ARMY. During the times that constant competition and continued endless effort is overwhelming, burdening, and hard for you, I hope you remember that I am supporting you through it even if I'm not physically there :3! It's hard, but you're going to do well in the end, and what you want will come to you. You will get the results that you want- I just know it! Why? Because I believe in you ARMY~ you all are so strong and kind, and I'm sure you all would do so well even when you face hardships. Just continue working hard! If you don't know where to start or how to continue, maybe you can make a schedule for yourself to follow! Maybe you can think of different ways to respond to different situations. What's most important is that you find something that works for you, ARMY! I want ARMY to have a less burdensome and overwhelming time while walking forward. And before walking into something, I think ARMY should take time to look and see different things that ARMY can do before walking into one. That way, ARMY will be able to feel prepared and less stressed! Above all, I hope ARMY knows that ARMY has the power to make decisions above all. No matter how much life seems to be bringing you down, you should know that you have the power to change your reality no matter how impossible it seems! I really hope you remember that, ARMY. I know how amazing you are, so you should see that in yourself as well~ :) I wish you lots of luck going forward~!"
"ARMY, you're good. Very good person. Thank you, bye." - TAEHYUNG
Tumblr media
Seven of Cups, Ten of Wands, Seven of Swords, Ten of Pentacles. "Hi huhu. Long time no see ARMY. How are you? Anyway, I'll just talk, so I hope you'll listen to my advice. Some of you might be having some opportunities right now, but make sure you look carefully to see if this option is good for you and if that option is ACTUALLY good for you because not all of them are good for you. You know what I mean? Like this option might be like the jackpot for example but you might think this option is like a trash can but for that option, it's a trash can but you think it's a jackpot. You should try to look more deep into everything before you choose because regret is a really bad bad feeling. I also know that there some of you ARMY have a lot on your shoulders. I want to say that it's hard, but the end is almost there. You're almost there. In the rabbit and tortoise race, the tortoise won in the end. It might feel slow or you might be slow or be forced to be slow in walking forward, but know that you are almost there. You are by the finish line. Also, it's not good for you to carry things by yourself. You know how mountains are together? That's why people say mountains upon mountains because mountains are together and they support each other and give life to another. It should be the same for you. If it's hard to move forward, then it's okay to ask people for help. You are here because you're human and humans work together and support each other. We're not supposed to be alone. For some of you ARMY, you might be tricked by someone close around you, so please be careful. Like penguins all walk together and stay together but in water they are all individual for food. You might be penguin and people around may be penguin but in the end you have to fight for yourself and not let yourself lose opportunities. No, the mountain thing and the penguin thing are not contradicting. Just trust me, they're different but they're the same. Anyway, please know that you should continue to hold hope because you will be successful in the end. Trust me. You're good and you're good at many different things. I don't think you should worry too much because what you look for will come to you in the end. Believe in yourself ARMY. Peace."
"Hi ARMY! How are you? I'm doing very good. Uh, thank you for asking me. I hope I can help you. Thank you so much, see you later!" - JUNGKOOK
Tumblr media
The Hanged Man, Four of Swords, Ten of Pentacles; "Hi ARMY. Nice to meet you again, it's JK. Life is okay nowadays, I'm just working on some stuff. I think it's actually working out well so I'm happy with how it's going so far. How are you ARMY? Oh yeah, also, I was asked to give some advice today, so I'll give advice hahahahah. I don't know if I can give you the help you might need, but I hope some of it can help. Thanks for asking! You know sometimes, you need to pause. And you might think it's a problem with you, but it's actually meant to happen. You know, there are times when you need to stop moving forward so that you can have a break and also have time to reflect on your decisions and actions and life. I feel like I used to be just running forward hoping that it would take me somewhere, but there were times when I HAD to stop even if I didn't want to. Looking back, I think the stops were necessary. It's like a bus and how buses needed to stop at different bus stations so that people can board and leave the bus. We need time to understand ourselves, but when we're so hyperfocused on something, we may forget to do that and that's when you need to put the brakes on things and let yourself cool down and think. Also, you need to rest ARMY. How can you continue to move forward when your engine is overheating? As I said, you need time to cool down and take time. Nothing bad will happen. All you need is to give yourself that small pocket of time where you can take your breath. Everyone needs those pockets. I know that you think you need to continue running forward in order to be successful, but I disagree. I feel like success comes with good balance between running/walking and stopping. Sometimes, things might just genuinely not work out but you used all of your energy on it. You might have been too focused to realize that it might not have been the best path to take. Let yourself come to a pause and let yourself stop and rest. I promise you, you will have success come towards you in the end, so take time to rest. You really need it and you really deserve it. That was it ARMY! I hope it really helped you all and I love you all so much. Take care, bye bye!"
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kisskissjk · 2 months ago
What are BTS energies like ?
thanks for the ask! im gonna describe them like an aesthetic and then give a small description
jin-a water fountain, crisp spring air, cherry blossoms, orange slices, sweet tea
he’s very refreshing and open minded. he’s like a cute, shy, nerd.
yoongi-the smell of money, exotic plants, tiaras, a french kiss
“i’ve done it all” reminds me of a teenage older brother
jhope-stone wall, penguins, rain boots, muddy sneakers, the smell of nail polish
he’s closed off at first but once his inner child trusts you, he’s very excitable and loves talking bringing up random things. random and weird.
namjoon-golden retriever, posh british accent, humidity after a shower, grapevines
namjoon is a natural mentor. he instantly got me to relax in his presence. knows people and i would say psychology really well.
jimin-glitter, a pirate, ray of sunshine, singing in the shower
he’s a good best friend, loves to ramble, like a cute younger sibling
taehyung-warm soup, a tiger, fresh cut grass
he’s playful and tries to come across as cute but he has a fierceness to him. trickster.
jungkook-dawn soap, clean blankets, pebbles, a rain shower
he’s intense and affectionate
take NOTHING i say negatively. i love bts more than anything.
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cherry-oya-koushi · 3 months ago
Hello ! Can you do current energy of Jungkook and his Future spouse ? And can you tell if he is really in a Twinflame journey or this is just a fuss ? Only if ofcourse tarot cards give you an answer. Thank you.
Welcome to the Tumblr community 😃
Hello 👋 and thank you sm 💕😭
Current energy reading of Jeon Jungkook and his Future Spouse:-
Has Jungkook met his future spouse:-
Yes but if not then maybe within 3 weeks they will meet or something related to number 3
Current energies:-
Currently they energies are very shaky their relationship might be on the edge of ending. Very bad vibes here. It's either 3rd party situation or Company is interfering with this union. Nothing is working right now it's a mess someone is being used and I believe it's Jungkook. I believe someone is trying to hurt his FS and this is having a huge affect on their relationship. Both parties are sick of this and especially FS is not in their right mind it's as if this 3rd party is feeding lies and so good at using their words that it's causing a rift in their relationship.
They are having 2nd thoughts about this union and false heart and hope. Probably something related to money is also involved like money loss or something. Very sensitive topic about money and emotions being in turmoil.
But in the end they are his FS so of course they will fight this through and Jungkook will do everything in his hand to mend this relationship like he will care and keep his FS in mind so much and eventually heal them and be very patient with them. They will definitely reach their ultimate happy place and this union will even bring children soon. The couple looks young so they might marry mid-late 20-30's the FS seems to be mature and probably older but has full of insecurity and anxiety and Jungkook will be like a pillar for them to lean on telling then "it's okay I'm here with you, you don't worry too much" possibly will live in secluded area after marriage or very secured place. Possibly 2 kids.
They as a married couple will definitely have fights and conflicts and at one point it might get very bad where they feel like they have to walk on eggshells. Someone might be lying to someone, lots of misunderstanding and the only reason they are going "strong" or still a married couple is because of responsibility and I assume cards mean kids. They want kids to have both parents and live a "normal" life. They both try their best and so far they are doing okay.
Are they twin flames:-
Yes, there is twin flame connection maybe that is why they sometimes have rough patch in relationship because if opposites attract then people who are similar will always have some sort of rough patch.
Thank you for your ask💕
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sugar-petals · 2 months ago
Tarot Reading: Yoongi's Album Forecast + Reputation
⎡★ NOTE ⎦➝ back after a long time with an interesting question that i received via ask. this is part present-day setting, part predictive as far as the cards allow for it. 🔮
tarot/astro m.list | ao3 tarot reading compilation
Tumblr media
☼ the request:
"Hi! I don't know if you're doing requests rn but could we get a tarot reading on how the public/gp in his country see yoongi? And I'm stealing this idea off another blog-they do something like an image vs self (how they want to be seen vs how they are seen) Or just any hints on his solo album? Thank you so much! Enjoy your day/evening!" (by @overgrawnfawn)
Tumblr media
INFO - the deck used is the golden art noveau tarot by giulia f. massaglia. 
Tumblr media
THE HIGH PRIESTESS — Currently, he maintains an elusive position that isn’t seen through by the general public. Although wise and ready to give deep emotional counsel, much like the Moon card, the introverted High Priestess is an archetype who does not give away her secrets very easily. The same applies to how Yoongi is perceived these days. "Ace up one's sleeve" is a phrase that comes to mind. Yoongi being shrouded in artistic mystery is nothing new, nor is the fact that he has significant access to his own songwriting archives. The card showcases an aloof figure that holds divine scripture, which may indicate Yoongi's stakes and existing material of music production. The public perceives him as someone who collects his own lyrics until there is enough for a whole book that he can later abstract from.
As an overall tenor, his reputation is good, part-neutral, and comes from a stance of calm respect that keeps its due distance since he is an acclaimed idol and soloist. People aren’t losing their marbles like they would with The Tower or The Chariot, they know Yoongi is deliberate and delivers on the long run. The priestess has a position of authority in the tarot after all, she has the keys to the lock without needing to say a word. Yoongi seen as an ultimate dark horse by fans and non-kpop audiences is a no-brainer, as is the traditional interpretation of the card representing a knowing silence and not-yet disclosure of one's stance. As bias, as stan goes the saying, people are patiently waiting for Yoongi to drop his verses. The overall feeling is: Generating interest by being reserved.
Tumblr media
KNIGHT OF PENTACLES — Yoongi perceives himself as being in the middle of the battlefield of money, work and perseverance, doing business left and right to keep going somewhere. That card is pretty much in line with what we heard about him expanding his ventures and sphere of influence in Daegu. The knight is someone who has an image of being “on the go”. From Yoongi’s perspective, he works just as much as he did during debut times. It’s all a constant line of effort that’s goal-directed, he constantly caters to urgencies that have to be tackled. He’s in a good state of mind, it’s stable, he’s recovered psychologically from feeling apathetic. Yoongi is productive in his hobbies and studio work in a way that makes him feel okay, I’m going somewhere. The way he wants to come across is ever-racing forward, and pentacles are always about personal belongings, so this is a step-by-step approach in the material world he’s undertaking. He’s busier than ever, going from one place to another by car all the time to meet and work with others.
KING OF PENTACLES — In fact, Yoongi has a much more established position than he believes. It’s clear to everyone but him that he has matured in the industry, that he amassed resources, fame, entrepreneurship, and competence as a performer. He’s much further down the path than the knight: A king can sit and settle to enjoy his wealth, right. Yoongi doesn’t feel like that even if people see him as a senior to look up to. He’s too addicted to the hustle and the game that the knight exemplifies rather than standing still and handling big money from his throne position in peace. The managerial King of Pentacles is a master realist and broker, there’s already been success for him and he’s aged. It’s in stark contrast to the young Knight of Pentacles who is still in the midst of it all working hard for years and years. Yoongi would refuse to call himself rich and famous at the end of his financial journey, but still immersed in daily routine for his own king (= the company) as a knight running errands would do. In essence, he does not perceive his own status or doesn’t want it to be his defining element. This also isn’t a new insight given his nature, Yoongi is more comfortable chasing opportunities rather than resting.
Tumblr media
the deck gave me three different topics:
TEN OF CUPS — A card utterly opposite compared to Yoongi’s past concepts. Cups always show one’s inner lover and soft side. The previous cards eschewed relationships entirely. There was work and finance and societal standing, and being discreet but wise like a mysterious priestess. The Ten of Cups shows an alternative side of Yoongi’s approach to Agust D, the famously rugged and tormented figure always surrounded by fire and chaos. This album will talk about the idea of a blissful family, be that personal or in relation to Bangtan as OT7. Yoongi will ask himself where he will fit in and find his happiness, or show a version of him as a father figure or a kid looking up to his parents. This is one of the happiest and sweetest cards of the tarot, so the pleasant and interpersonal side of life is coming in here. This is a retrospective album that discloses the upbeat rural part of his childhood or makes a stand on BTS as a found family.
The topic of marriage and the conservative/traditional nuclear family could be discussed. „Happy ending“ is a theme, although paired with the other two cards, Yoongi also positions himself outside the process or feels wary about it. Or, he first had that joy and fell into loneliness. It’s not a perfect picture he will paint, but there will be more wholesomeness and the light side. Still, it’s not as dark, violent and martial as Daechwita which was a King of Swords era. The new era could have a romantic fluff element more than ever. A harmonious relation to BTS will be emphasized and he feels stable in their position, or the peak days of OT7 promotions will be a central thought here. It could also refer to Yoongi’s rap colleagues and that he is proud of having strong alliances in the music industry. This album might be the HYBE family coming together so to speak, we can anticipate several collabs. Since there’s dancing on the card, we could get a choreography, too.
THE HERMIT — An unsurprising major arcana representative. The isolated Hermit is Yoongi’s personal essence: Alone, but definitely enjoying his solitude for the knowledge and dissolving of ego it brings. And, of course, the mental maturity he’s always exhibited, earning him a reputation of being the uncle or grandpa in the group, which the bearded Hermit pretty much reflects in a positive and elevated light. Yoongi will talk about being by himself and what he learned from self-reflection, there will be imagery of wandering around, a lamp lighting the dark, maybe a cloak (hanbok?) and staff or hood that he conceals himself with literally or metaphorically. It’s a huge difference to mainstream pop music and rap that talks about love, assets, and power. This card strikes a different chord since it’s pretty much the Gandalf of the tarot deck.
It’s all about lonesome spirituality and musings about humanity this time. There could also be an element of travel, walking in mountains and the snow. Grey is a predominant color in this concept. Because: Grey is neutral and free of any rousing to the eye. The Hermit is free from highs and lows and ordinary life, he’s in his mind to find out who he is. Yes, Yoongi is not done introspecting and looking for identity. Since the other card in the spread are from the minor arcana, this is the main talking point. He continues to be a philosopher on his own life rather than branching out to huge trends in society. This album doesn’t have a heavy political slant but remains spiritual in nature. His character of being a loner and Agust D portraying an outcast will solidify. The aesthetics will be tamer and more cloudy. Winter is a big theme for the Hermit, it’s either the season when his album drops or the general visual of it. The number 9 or 10 reoccurs in the spread, it will have significance (e.g. 9 tracks, a 9-minute MV, 9 weeks in the top 10 charts, etc).
NINE OF WANDS — A more familiar pose when we look back on his previous concepts. The Nine of Wands shows a farmer (the likelier option, see Agust D) or craftsman with a bandaged head hiding on his field between a forest of woods as if there was sprouting bamboo. Where there’s red and blue and grey clothing on the other cards, we get a strong red-orange with green here, attracting attention despite the person hiding. The farmer is on the fence and paranoid of an encroaching action. The meaning of the card goes toward „waiting in angst“ or self-defense from injury. A topic of severity and danger is nothing new in the universe of Agust D, so the album will talk about recurring topics of stress, coping, fear, protecting oneself especially.
I have a feeling this has to do with Yoongi’s growing fame with people getting in his zone congruently, but we also have to see the three cards in relation to each other. It could be paranoia of loneliness, or being terrified of the happy ending in a family. Since the Nine of Wands is last in the spread, this is Yoongi’s final stance on the topics he discusses: He’s actually terrified and needs to continue to endure. Even if he dreams of concluding or is comfortable being by himself like the Hermit, there’s immense fatigue.  The card imagery also reminds me of Yoongi dressed in Daechwita, rags, and the black hair of the anti-emperor self. The spirit of anti-authority is still here, but this time, not attacking but waiting in one’s lair not wanting to be bothered. 
Tumblr media
read it on ao3
⇢ disclaimer ♡ this is subjective interpretation; no guarantee for precision and things aren’t definite. divination relies on perspective, believing in tarot is a choice. the reading is for entertainment purposes only, all portrayals are fictive/speculative.
© 2017-2022 sugar-petals. all rights reserved. no reposts allowed.
Tumblr media
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chemicalpink · 7 months ago
Yoongi Birthday Roast Masterlist
Tumblr media
disclaimer: these analyses/readings are based on my experience and knowledge of astrology and tarot, they’re is not meant to be the absolute truth, as Yoongi is a real person, and astrology/tarot can only capture so much about multidimensional humans that have had past experiences and cultural approaches amongst other things, it does not have to resonate with you since this is in no way related to anyone reading it (unless you are a member of bts in which case, get out of here lol ) this is just for entertainment purposes. please remember that tarot as a form of divination only allows us to read current energy and as time advances it becomes less accurate, so it basically reads up to a 6 months period of time, which leads me to also mention that by s/o i mean any soon to be relationship or an already established relationship, indistinct of whether they are a soulmate relationship or not.
key: ੈ✩‧₊˚personal readings ੈ✩‧₊˚, | ・❥・love readings ・❥・, | ༊*·˚ humour readings ༊*·˚ | ⍣ ೋ smexy content ⍣ ೋ
warnings: some of the readings below contain explicit content, only suited for an audience of 18+.
duration of the event: march 6th to march 31st
further information: this post serves as a masterlist and can be found on top of my welcome pinned message on my blog, each work will be tagged under #cp:yoongi birthday, the humour readings (as you’ll see) are kinda like the vibe of if _____ did a uquiz, still readings, just on crack
Tumblr media
ੈ✩‧₊˚ A look into Producer SUGA ੈ✩‧₊˚ Tarot + a bit of Astrology
⍣ ೋ Preferences in bed ⍣ ೋ Tarot + Astrology
・❥・ What does he look for in a s/o? ・❥・ Tarot
・❥・ What type of partner he would best benefit from? ・❥・ Astrology
⍣ ೋ Dom/Sub Scale ⍣ ೋ Tarot
ੈ✩‧₊˚ His opinions on how far he's comeੈ✩‧₊˚ Tarot
ੈ✩‧₊˚ What does music mean to him? ੈ✩‧₊˚ Tarot
༊*·˚ Yoongi as a glucose guardian ༊*·˚ Tarot
ੈ✩‧₊˚ A systemic approach to Yoongi's mindset ੈ✩‧₊˚ tarot + numerology
・❥・ What does love mean to him? ・❥・ Tarot + Astrology
༊*·˚ PPT presentation on reasons to date him ༊*·˚ Tarot
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hiddendelivers · 8 months ago
bts suga ♡ career future tarot reading
Tumblr media
anon says hey! i was really curious about min yoongi's future career after bts, especially whether he will go on to have his own company. do you mind doing a reading on that? xx
the star says hii yes ofc! i used our usual format for career future readings but also added a little section at the end for particularly what his career will b like after bts, hope thats fine <3
queen of cups, 4 of swords rx, 5 of swords, 6 of pentacles, 10 of wands rx
a decent year. for 2022, THE keyword for him is socialising. he has to rub hands with a lot of people this year and interact with eveeeerybody, it seems. he's getting a lot, but he's also giving a lot. a very equal, exchanging sort of energy. he's busy to the point where the moment he gets out of a meeting for lunch break, his phone is ringing again. but then, interestingly enough, he actually feels on top of it. as in, it would be really easy to feel swallowed by this chaotic energy, but he doesn't feel that way! he finds it manageable, because it's not just him giving things, but also him taking and him mediating. this year, he's very emotionally stable which is also a big help. he feels secure in his emotions.
the sun rx, page of cups rx, 9 of pentacles rx, 6 of pentacles rx
oh yikes. for how busy he was during 2022, in 2023 he just... vanishes. we're talking almost a fall from grace here - i wonder if he looses a lot of money this year, or if something happens to his apartment (flooding, big repairs, something like that). a big shake to the very root of his stability. could also be that he breaks up with whomever he's dating, he looses friends or there's just a big transition in his social life - suddenly, he's surrounded by new people and none of his old acquaintances transfer to his new circle. it could also be that he takes some sort of humble, apprentice position. like, to try to describe this, if i didn't know i was doing this for bts suga but for a random, non-descript person, i'd say that this is the year he shaves his head, donates everything and becomes a monk. realistically, this could be him become part of some big structure where suddenly he's surrounded by bigger, more powerful and more experienced people. also, generally speaking, lack of creativity and appearances this year. in the general bts career reading i did, 2023 is a big
lol i'm not even going to finish my thought it's enlistment.
"shaves his head becomes a monk looses stability he's suddenly surrounded by very different people hmmmm i wonder what that could be"
anyway, now that i'm doing this after the general bts career reading, i think they'll be enlisting in batches, and the first batch goes in 2023. in the general bts reading i asked if maybe there's a possibility of units, but i think it's just that some members go to the military and some stay behind.
knight of swords rx, the wheel rx, queen of swords rx, ace of cups rx
oof not a good year either. wonder if he's enlisting late in 2023 so it's transitioning into 2024 as well and that's what this is about. regardless, a feeling of being stuck. with both the queen and the knight of swords in reverse, he's literally feeling ITCHY, like... he needs to move ASAP but he cant. a feeling of stillness, of lack of air. sort of like being locked in a room. and, of course, it's no surprise then that the spread is concluded by the reverse ace of cups - just, a lack of happiness. he's NOT vibing this year.
4 of swords, death, strength, knight of pentacles, 10 of pentacles
interestinggggg. a big change. by this point, i think he's delving deep into producing/composing/managing or some behind the scenes work. he's focusing on his legacy. i said producing/composing/MANAGING because it's clear he's becoming part of a corporation, he's not going underground or indie at all. he's working with very established, very well-known people. i could see a few opportunities here, continuing to work at hybe (and becoming part of the board or something like that, aka more than just an idol), establishing his own company or moving to some sort of other, bigger company (whatever they're signed to in the US). he's also making money this year, starting a business venture even. regardless, it's a very big change from the usual. with that 4 of swords and death, it's like he's literally reborn. interestingly enough, once again, if you compare to the general bts reading, i mention that some members are still active and some go fully behind the scenes, so it makes sense.
6 of wands, 3 of wands rx, 8 of wands, 8 of pentacles
HMMMM. not the best year, but a fruitful year. by this point, i really wonder if he's becoming a CEO or owner of his own label or something. with that 8 of wands, he is busy busy busy this year, but not like 2022 busy - this year, he's actually anxious and hardly holding himself together. he also works SO hard this year. like, literally, 3 hours of sleep every night type of work. this year will be extremely exhausting for him, to the point where, once it's over, he'll probably let out the biggest sigh and sleep for 24 hours uninterrupted because i cannot stress this enough - this is a BUSY year. BUT with that 6 of wands, he's still in the public eye, updates about him are still available. it's giving huge popularity but also huge responsibility. this year, he's getting congratulated often, because there's literally something important that he's doing and it's being SEEN by others. this is why i mentioned a potential label, if i had to compare his energy this year, i'd say it's somewhat akin to jay park (not that he's similar to jay park, but rather that) - he has that hustling, flexing, working hard, trying to manage things, barely making deadlines, pulling herculean feats, barely living to tell the tale energy. also, this year he's so busy that he barely has time for strategising or thinking about the future.
after bts
judgement rx, queen of wands, king of cups, the empress, the lovers rx, 5 of swords rx
interestingggg. first of all, he's going to do good and grow his empire. don't worry, he's not investing in real estate and then getting scammed or going broke. if anything, he'll keep on increasing his bank account. in a vein of bad news for bts fans, i think he'll be a bit detached from the other members, they will not keep the type of relationship where they see each other every day and tell each other everything. probably, at one point, they'll be down to like... 1-2 lunches a year. but suga himself is doing well, he's very creative, but a generous type of creative, so, instead of building his own solo career, i think he's focusing on helping others. he's very happy and in his element, he feels very satisfied, i definitely see him getting married and having a good family life, or just finding a long time partner he's very comfortable with. the reversed judgement sort of makes me ponder, i think it mostly refers to him staying scot free and keeping a good public image.
[this reading was completed november 7, 2021, with cancer ascending. the tarot of the one thousand and one nights was used for assistance.]
- the star 🐚
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bitchybasementninja · 8 months ago
Yoongi / FS connection
Disclaimer: just for fun and tarot practice. Don't take anything too seriously.
I decided to do a reading for Yoongi and his future spouse / soulmate/ twin flame. Basically his end game romantic partner. I don't know if I will do more for other members, but I might.
Some of the oracle cards and tarot cards are not pictured down below because tumblr posts don't allow as many pictures as I had, so if you are curious about what those cards look like just lemme know and I can make a post with them.
Decks I used: Tarot de la Nuit, Ascended Masters Oracle, Fairy Tarot, Moonology Oracle, The Good Tarot, Indigo Angels oracle, and romance angels oracle.
This starts from the assumption they are not yet together because of the way the cards came up. You will see more on that down below.
Yoongi's current energy :
Tumblr media
Knight of swords (reversed), The Chariot, King of Swords
This combo paints two different pictures about how Yoongi is currently feeling when it comes to love. The first one is that he feels very impatient and lacking in direction but is racing towards trying to be more composed and wise/ knowing what he wants. He wants it so much that he's almost trying to force it when it's not something that is easily done. He needs to take time and heal past wounds.
The second interpretation is that he's very angry and emotional about a past situation/relationship still and that is holding him back. He sees that and is trying to work hard and better himself with a lot of effort so that he is a more controlled and logical person when stepping into love. Again, this still pertains to the healing of past wounds from other relationships.
So basically he knows that the insecurities and hurts he has are going to not be helpful in the kind of relationship he wants and he is trying to heal himself before he fully commits to looking for love because he doesn't want to take past relationship energy into a relationship with someone he deems to be The One. This may be taking longer than he wants, but he is still actively working at it.
I think he is probably pretty far in the process of healing, but it is still a process.
F/S current energy:
Tumblr media
9 of pentacles, 5 of pentacles, 3 of cups
This was a little confusing at first because 9 of pentacles is about abundance and material wealth and success, but 5 of pentacles is about isolation, abandonment and unemployment. Then you have the 3 of cups which is social gatherings and parties, but when it comes to relationships it can also be about a third party entering a relationship. (cheating, threesomes, or otherwise)
I had a feeling, but wasn't sure so I pulled come clarifiers from the bottom of the deck and got:
Tumblr media
2 of cups and The Sun (rev)
Which basically means they are in an unhappy relationship. A relationship that is dark, cold and void of the sun.
This person is currently in a relationship and it is NOT with Yoongi. The relationship they are in is almost perfect. Almost. It is a relationship that definitely gives them financial security and a lot of material wealth, but a 9 in tarot is near completion, but it's not a 10. Also, it's pretty clear that with the 5 of pentacles they actually feel very alone and not happy in the relationship. It's almost like they think they SHOULD be happy, but they aren't. 3 of cups here is actually suggesting that even though they are in a relationship they still think there is someone better out there (cough cough yeah YOONGI cough)
They might even realize the person they are with is not their soulmate and their real soulmate is still somewhere out there. They may even be working with others (like their friends, or maybe spirit guides if they are spiritual) to get out of the relationship.
What moves them forward?
Yoongi: Let it go
Obviously what he is already doing. He needs to let go of the past, the anger, etc. to move in the right direction be ready for his F/S. He can't bring that baggage into the relationship, or at least not without it being mostly healed and let go of. Once he has healed then he can move forward and be closer to meeting them.
F/S: Trust
This person needs to trust their intuition and get out of the relationship that is almost perfect. It's as if they keep questioning whether or not they are making it up in their head that the relationship doesn't feel right. They keep questioning if the relationship is bad enough to leave. If they trust their intuition and follow the path they have been following it will lead them in the right direction.
After Yoongi Heals:
Tumblr media
4 of autumn (pentacles), The Star, 7 of winter (swords), 10 of summer (cups)
He will still have insecurities, jealousy, and clinginess, but it will be healed enough that he can see it for what it is. The star is all about healing and optimism in relationships, so I think once he can get over his past relationships he will gain his optimism for love back. Then he will get really, really serious about finding love. He is really good at manifesting the things he wants (like winning awards and such) and this will be no exception. He doesn't want games or a bull shit. Honesty will be really big. He wants his one and he wants the ultimate happiness with the 10 of summer (cups). Domestic things. He wants to settle down. He won't accept anything less than that. No one else will be able to catch his eye.
After F/S leaves other relationship:
Tumblr media
Queen of winter (swords) (rev), King of Autumn (pentacles), 6 of winter (swords), 4 of summer (cups)
They will comes to terms with the fact that the relationship they left was actually pretty toxic. It looked good from the outside and provided them with a lot, but once they are out they realize just how bad it was. It turns them into an ambitious person who wants to take care of themselves financially, so they dive pretty hard into that. Even after coming to this sort of realization they will wonder if they did the right thing. They are still questioning if they were being stupid and if the relationship was really that bad. Maybe they won't ever be happier than what that relationship could give them (but it isn't true). They will be so absorbed in that and work that they actually won't be looking for opportunities for love at all. I have a feeling the end of this relationship will cause a lot of uproar in their life as well, so that's another reason they won't be looking for love actively.
Moving into union
Yoongi: New Moon in Pisces AND Full Moon in Cancer
The only way for him to find his F/S is for him to let his feelings guide him. Meditation and manifestation are key. I know we've seen a video of him saying he doesn't like to meditate, but I think even writing down what he is looking for or listening to music and thinking about what he wants in a romantic partner (like day dreaming) is probably enough for him to get exactly what he's looking for.
He will also finally get his emotions under control and that emotional strong-ness is what will help him reach his resolutions and find the person he is looking for. There is a chance he may have to be emotionally open with them to attract them. (which is a big yikes to Yoongi usually, but for them I think he will do it)
F/S: New Moon Eclipse AND Waxing Moon
This persons life is going to shift completely. Huge changes will happen during this time that will make their life feel like a completely different life. It is through their effort (possibly work. May be a work-a-holic like Yoongi) that they will finally feel confident and move out from their shadowy dark period of their life into the light. This shift will make them open and ready for the union. Effort in themselves is what will cause them to meet Yoongi.
When they meet (Union)
Yoongi: 10 of Earth (pentacles) AND The Hierophant
They meet (maybe immediately or maybe after one conversation) and he's like MY SPOUSE. THIS IS MY SPOUSE. The 10 of Earth is happiness and prosperity and most of all stability. He sees someone he can very easily build a strong foundation with. The hierophant is also a marriage card, but it's marriage done by the books. So despite him immediately knowing he wants to build a future with them he will want to do everything right. He wants to go on dates, talk, meet the parents, all the other steps and THEN get married. They are exactly what he imagined in his mind.
F/S: High Priestess AND 9 of Fire (wands)
They will be more subdued in their feelings, but only because they are cautious from their previously relationship and only externally. They want patience, slow building love, and most of all honesty. They need to make sure Yoongi is honest and that their own feelings are honest. BUT under the surface there is a raging passion they are trying to keep subdued in the name of patience and slow moving love. They will literally fight for Yoongi no matter what because they want him that badly. They know relationships take work and they know how bad it can end when one doesn't work, so they are going to fight to make it work try to move slowly even though they want to run off into the sunset with him as quickly as possible.
Tumblr media
Yoongi: Release/Relax
He will be quite nervous upon first meeting them. He may have to internally tell himself to relax and play it cool. Once the first interaction is over he may need to take some time to go over it in his head, and he is going to try really hard not to over think it. This is why he needed to heal from past traumas because the old him might meet this person and think they are too good for him so he won't go for it, but the healed version of him will.
F/S: Ask for a Sign
The F/S might not be as sure as Yoongi at first. Because of their last relationship they may be worried it's too good to be true so they will be asking for signs that Yoongi is the right person even if they really, really like him. They are just cautious.
Together: Send Love
They will both make their attraction and feelings known upon meeting. (even if they don't mean to lol) They will keep things going by continuing to send signs to the other that they like one another until it fully develops into full blown love.
Views from the outside:
I didn't specify between close friends finding out vs outside world finding out so I imagine these three cards encapsulates all of it. Army, BTS, Family, Friends, and general public.
Tumblr media
Page of Earth (pentacles), Messenger of Water (cups), and King of Water (cups)
So some people think the couple is kind of like the page of earth - they are dedicate to each other and practical for each other. It may even be advantageous for both of them (like they can make money from working together) BUT they are boring. I can see twitter going into a rage about how out of all the people Yoongi could've married he married this boring person who is lacking flavor (which isn't true but they will perceive it that way) BUT it can also work the other way in that people who know of the F/S think Yoongi is the boring match OR just that they are boring together
Then there is another group of people who see them as the Messenger of Water- they have major chemistry and are flirtatious AF, but there is no way they last. They are in la-la land and it won't last. They like the idea of each other and the idea of loving each other, but it's unrealistic. Yoongi is this and S/F is that and because of this career or that career it just won't work! For this reason I really think both might be in the spotlight. Especially with the moon cards I pulled for F/S earlier.
The final group of people, and what all the others will see over time is that Yoongi and F/S are actually The King of Water. Their relationship is passionate, full of love, and very calming for both of them. It is very sturdy and actually brings out the best in both of them. They were literally made for each other.
Finally, The truth of their love:
Tumblr media
It is safe for you to love, Getting to know each other, True Love
(these cards are going to make me cry omg)
They feel so safe with each other. Both of them have had hard times in relationships previously, but they just GET each other like no one ever before has. They seem to have very similar experiences in love and very similar philosophies when it comes to building partnerships as well.
They will talk so much. I know Yoongi is known for not sharing his feelings, but with them he will be much more communicative because he knows that is how he will make this relationship work. Also, he just feels comfortable around them possibly like he never has before. No matter how long they are together they will still take the time to always get to know each other and figure out the other persons newest interests or thought on some random matter.
And last but not least, I cannot believe it, I pulled True Love. They will be each others true love. Like they are going to be everyone's couple goals for ever. omg.
It's so funny that Yoongi is the member who hates "i love you" and things like that, but his relationship is sooooooooooo ooey-gooey lovey-dovey and soft omg. So emotional, but stable. Cute. Very cute. Let's all go cry now.
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bellestarot · 4 months ago
Disclaimer: My readings are not set in stone. This is supposed to be fun as it is for me and I hope for you too.
Yoongi's Reading
june 04, 2022
Tumblr media
Right Now
Financially, he'a very well, just to say great. The money is very good and he is very happy about it.
Something that is on his mind now, that makes him even nervous to think about, is that he wants to have children. This is something that he has thought about a lot, but what makes him concern about this is his career, which prevents him from having certain things in life. The thought of having a family makes him very happy, but he has obstacles because of his work.
He might be dealing with a guy from the air signs, more aquarius. Some kind of secret that this person was hiding and he found out, and this is making him very afraid and anxious without knowing what to do, making him thinking a lot about this person. They don't seem to be friends, but they definitely know each other.
Love Life
He seems to be in a long-term, serious relationship. He's very happy, this person has fire and earth sign energy. He's a flirt in the honeymoon phase. The only problem here is that he can be incredibly immature at times, and also manipulative when he has emotional crisis. This person seems to be more stable than he is emotionally.
They are not much in touch right now because of work... this person has to be careful about rumors because if they are a celebrity, the media can leak some things about their secret relationship.
He loves making music! but now, Yoongi has a great fear of taking a risk to try something different. It's like he knows what he has to do, but he's afraid if it will be worth it because there is something new that he wants in his career.
He's a very sensitive person and when something he has done doesn't work out, he gets very resentful and remorseful. He feels that he doesn't have much of a voice and can't make big changes in the position he is in now, that he has no power.
He also feels that the career gets in the way of his personal life and he doesn't know how to balance it sometimes, even though he's in a stable relationship.
In general, he loves his family. There's someone in his family expecting a baby and he's very happy about it.
He's not very in touch with his family right now, it could be his dad. I think he is not in the best state right now with his father.
He's thinking a lot about their relationship... this person may have said something that hurts him, it may be because he doesn't agree with some things on Yoongi's career.
Great friendships and nice people.
He had conflict with a friend, this person can even be a little younger and immature than him. They might have argued and Yoongi decided to leave. This person might lie too much or make too many excuses to not to doing some things... and they had a fight, but it doesn't look like the friendship it's over.
His friends can be in the same industry as him.  He might have long distance friendships too.
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petitedivine · 4 months ago
Yoongi as a Boyfriend
Disclaimer: Divination and tarot ARE NOT completely accurate nor do they predict the future. They are merely a snap shot of a second in time and are open for misinterpretation. This is supposed to be fun, light hearted and merely a peek into the world. It could be completely inaccurate five minutes from now.
Tumblr media
I might as well give a disclaimer but Yoongi is so chatty that this post might be historically long. I’m trying my best to cut it down, but bare with me. 
Yoongi as a boyfriend? Are we talking how he will actually be or how he thinks he will be? 
Suga truly thinks he will be mister smooth, in charge, masculine, reliable man that they could always depend on. If i’m being very honest, he’s not wrong - but he will also be so much more than that. 
First off, to catch his eye is already such an outstanding feat that he’s going to be incredibly interested right off the bat. Yoongi is a classic workaholic and is so passionate about his work that so very few people make him look up and away from his job. They don’t have to be drop dead gorgeous but they have to practically ooze with personality in the first meeting that he is so distracted from his work that he wants to talk to them. 
So once his person catches his eye, he’s going to watch them like a hawk. After careful evaluation, if he finds himself not even thinking about work when he’s near them, it’s all over. The smoothness, the flirting, the sparks. Yoongi is going to launch every single play, move and theory in the book to secure their hand all while never asking them on an actual date. 
By the time they both realize they are dating, their lives will be quite enmeshed and intertwined. 
But you know that Mr. Charming Prince he thought he was gonna be? He will be, but add in an absolutely happy Yoongi. He will work quickly to find a balance with work and spending time with this person, and that balance will provide him such tremendous joy and fulfillment. He will always be grateful for his partner. 
He is the quiet and mature type of lover though. Plenty of laughter and teasing, but you’ll come to find that your dishes are always done. The lightbulb you keep forgetting to change is brand new. Some how your car had a fresh oil change. Your phone is always fully charged in the morning. Unless something wild happens at work, dinner is always made fresh. Yoongi might lack the words to tell you how much he adores and appreciates you, he will find a million little ways to show his feelings and never point them out. There will be a few brave moments where he boldly tells you how much he cares for you and the respect he has for you in a moment where you feel low about yourself. 
Songs will be dedicated in your honor. 
All he expects back is reasonableness. All he wants back is for you to love him too, and treat him kindly. 
Suga is the only one so far, outside of maybe JK, whose presented a real fear over losing his significant other. But it’s not so much about some random guy popping up and stealing them away. No, his fear is they fall out of love with him as a person. 
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freemindedspirit · 3 months ago
What each BTS members’ energy feels like :
Jin: fatherly, kind but not really paying attention.It feels like when you’re sitting with a friend in the same room without talking just doing your own thing. Will occasionally tug on your hair to bother you, or act a little petty.
Namjoon: grand, somehow ?Serious, powerful, ancient but very talkative. Very swords-y when he’s analyzing your motives and wether to trust you or not. Like an ancient god who’s been lied to one too many times and has developed the ability to cut through any bullshit.
Yoongi: peaceful, for the most part.Thoughtful, kind energy.He’s missing or wishing for something, as in he had a vision for the Earth to become like a place he calls home but it’s not quite there yet.A delicate heart.
Jhope:warm, kind.Like a nap under the sun in the forest.If you’re not used to his energy he can be extremely guarded. It’s like his energy is pulsing intensely though.Making the heart race a lil bit.
Jimin: Pink, all smiles.A friend, a cheerleader.A flirt 😅.I think his energy is so sensitive he will only let you in if you have good intentions AND you don’t have open wounds/you’re already in the process of healing.It’s like he’s inherently healing but if you use him with that purpose it has a negative effect on him.
Taehyung : brother.This man is an oppa.Energetically will treat you as his family, will guide and give advice.He’s the strictest when it comes to boundaries though,he will test you, your intentions, your loyalty to your words, will hold you accountable if you do something he doesn’t like.Will kick you out the second you’re a threat/danger or probe too far .
Jungkook: Doritos, Red Bull and video games night. Extremely fun.Also like a brother but the kind you’d play fight with for the wiimote. Likes to make fun of you, an actual brat.Do not call his energy at the same time as Jin else you’ll take the risk of feeling like an energetic baby sitter.They didn’t really like that but it’s fine cause it’s funny.
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eristarot · 10 months ago
BTS’ Future Spouses: Where are they from? What do they look like?
Disclaimer: Readings are for entertainment purposes only
*Based off current energies. Energies change with choices every day. *
Since this is a hot topic, let’s see what comes up! Remember my readings are just for fun. Tarot isn’t the most accurate when it comes to this kind of stuff so just take what resonates and remember it’s just for fun! Don’t take anything seriously. Especially since the future is never certain. 
Namjoon: This one is tricky. Very protective over this for some reason. Out of all the goddess cards, the one goddess with a blindfold over her eyes keeps coming out. Almost like a “shhh don’t worry too much about me.”
From what I can get they have long dark hair, likely black. Beautiful sharp eyes. Are likely from east Asia but I’m not entirely sure if they’re from there or if they’re a child of immigrant East Asian parents in a western country. The most likely thing I see is them being Korean but maybe they haven’t spent their whole lives there. Don’t hold me to that this person is very tricky to read regarding looks right now.
Wide hips and sharper jawline. Dark eyes. Likes the colors orange, pink, and red so this may be in their fashion or home decor a lot. Really cute. 
Tumblr media
Jin: Definitely from South Korea(If not very likely from Japan or another East Asian country). Most of the time they’ll have their natural black hair but there may be times they dye it white/silver or blonde. Very classy. Chic and feminine fashion. Likely has a very big closet. Isn’t afraid of going all out for their clothes but their tastes are very sleek and fashionable. Wealthy woman vibes. 
Is very likely to wear traditional clothes for holidays/events. A unicorn. This person is very beautiful in a traditional way. Soft makeup and gentle look. Conservative so unlikely you’d see them in anything “controversial” or “too sexy.” 
Tumblr media
Yoongi: From South Korea :) This person has thick hair. They likely experiment with hair colors. Might be super long and they might like it wavy but they could also have it shoulder length and straight and sleek with bangs. They’re not very fashion forward. They don’t have bad taste it’s just they don't out too much effort into it unless they have an event they have to dress up for. 
They prefer their side profile. This could be a signature angle for them in pictures lol almost all of these cards are side profiles. Simple fashion. Probably mostly black but they do like pops of color here and there. They just might be afraid to experiment too much with their looks and clothes. They seem to prefer simple and be confident in that. Could have long or thick eyelashes. Maybe extensions? Their eyelashes pop out. Something about their hands. 
Clothes are more jeans and sweats than dresses. Very different vibe from Jin’s fs. Just very casual clothing or toned down versions of street wear. 
Tumblr media
Hobi: Most likely this person is from Korea but there is a possibility of them being from south east Asia. Don’t hold your breath though. Wears makeup and likes to play around with eyeliner. Very elegant and feminine. Can be casual but really likes skirts and dresses. Jewelry as well. Maybe some headpieces but definitely lots of earrings, rings, and necklaces. Naturally black hair that they might dye dark brown or reddish brown sometimes. Slim waist. Great arms. Just has a nice figure overall. Can possibly look older than their age. 
Tumblr media
Jimin: From South Korea. This one is the most absolute positive that they’re from Korea lol. Black hair that they like long and sometimes tied up. Eyes on the smaller side. Small but wide face.(Does that even make sense? lol) Great figure, likely works out to keep in shape. Can be seen as very fierce in a picture but in reality they’re very calm and chill. Laid back. In person their appearance shows this. Has their own kind of fashion but it is more on the feminine “girly” side. They like to have plenty of colors and styles in their wardrobe. 
Likely owns a lot of pink, blue, green/teal. 
Tumblr media
Taehyung: Location unknown. Just very likely not from South Korea. They’re likely from Asia or asian descent I'm just not sure where in Asia(all I'm getting is Asia and that’s not exactly a small area so cut me some slack 🙃 It's most likely east or south east Asia but it’s pretty much all over the place).  Naturally dark/black hair but likes it wavy/curly and a light brown or reddish color. Dark eyes. Skin is on the lighter side but could tan well in the summer months.
Isn’t afraid to wear “scandalous” clothing. Likely comes from a conservative traditional upbringing so a lot of their clothing is deemed “scandalous” but is actually quite tame and normal for their generation. Very good sense of style. I don’t think they care a lot about fashion but they do like to dress up and put an effort into their clothes. They like to look well put together. Isn’t camera shy. They know they're pretty and look great and they’ll happily show off their ootd. 
Might like pearls and flower pieces or headpieces. Swan like. Very graceful and pretty. If the media is allowed to post pictures of this person, fans will likely always compliment or praise this person’s looks or outfits. Doesn’t have to try to get a good picture. Cute nose but I’m not sure if they will get or have had a nose job.
Tumblr media
Jungkook:  Antartica aka I really have no clue. This person is all over the map. Love that for them. I just know they’re likely not from South Korea. They could have mixed ancestry but from where? Beats me. Naturally dark hair and likely stays that color but could have it pink! They’re very cute. Likely has a nose on the bigger side. Nothing too crazy just not a perfect little button nose. Good side profile. Likes to dress up. Especially dresses but you can find them in casual clothing as well. Depends on their mood.
They might have rbf but any other time they’re talking to you, they have a really sweet expression. Pretty eyes. Dresses very well. Not Taehyung fs well but likes to put an effort and jewelry. Headpieces might be a thing. Wavy hair but they could straighten it sometimes. Possibly insecure about their body so they hide it but eventually they’ll start letting out the crop tops. Likes to wear blush and jewelry. 
It’s funny this is about HER(them whateva) but there’s cards here about Jungkook lmao. Fans will likely see them as very “it couple” in pictures. They could match their clothes sometimes and seeing them together fans might go crazy thinking they look like a perfect match. Perfect height difference. If they’re not from Korea, I see a lot of respect for this person for wearing traditional clothing for Korean holidays/events. People will respect the effort they put into learning about Korea. 
Tumblr media
Posting this until I can get to the other readings. Personality readings will go up one by one at some point this week but I didn't have a chance today so enjoy this for now :)
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nabi-luna · 11 months ago
Yoongi as a Boyfriend Reading
"Could you do yoongi as a boyfriend?🥺"
Tumblr media
Of course I can~ It's kind of become a joke for me to refer to these readings as "fanfics" because it brings me back to the time I wrote fanfics on anime characters. Similar to that time, I can't verify this information. It's all in good fun and I guess you guys enjoy them as well. I in no way am trying defame or hurt Yoongi with these readings (please don't find them). Everyone knows that these are all alleged for Entertainment Purposes Only.
Tumblr media
Six of Swords (R) clarified with The World | Nine of Wands | King of Cups | Six of Wands | Two of Pentacles
Oh boy lots of things to unpack here.
So, first impression was that he's the type to fall in love deeply. If he's in a relationship, I doubt it's something where it's short term. He does not give me player / one night stand vibes (I promise I'm keeping my blog PG-13). He is an emotional person in a good way. I know the term "emotional" doesn't always have a good connotation. In this case, he's in-tune with his emotions. Anyways back to the point, my first impression was that if he were to separate from someone, he's not going to completely move on quickly. He gets attached maybe not in a clingy way, but like it's difficult for him to sever ties with someone. With The World being here, it symbolizes completion. To me, I feel like if he was broken up with or he for some reason had to break up with them, this person would still linger in his memory. Like it'll be difficult for him to move on.
Wow that was a whole paragraph... I'm sorry.
So, with the Nine of Wands, he might be a bit stubborn because this card is about resilience. He may be patient and calm, but I think it depends on whatever situation it is where he'll be pretty stubborn about his opinion. The other thing with this card is when the going gets tough with the relationship, I don't see him being the one to give up. He's going to try to make things work like I mentioned, he probably has a difficult time of letting people go.
I want to connect the last two cards together because I feel like this pertains more about his career. I mean for sure he's going to be busy - I think we all know that even without a reading. But like I mentioned with the Nine of Wands, he's not going to give up on the relationship. He will do his best to be there when he can since the Two of Pentacles is a card I associate with juggling different responsibilities. Also I feel the need to note that even with all his success and fame, he's still the same person.
☽ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ☾
Decks Used:
Manga Tarot
Steampunk Tarot
❤~ Nabi ☆ Luna
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kisskissjk · a month ago
hm, i wonder how bts fs feel about these tarot readings being done on them (well the ones who are aware)?? 🤔🤔
I did for future spouse readings, but now I’ll do for tarot readings in general
how does he feel-he finds the people who do the readings bold. he’s seen some the resonate with him and that makes him feel connected to some.
how does he feel-he thinks it’s cool when someone predicts accurately
how does he feel-he likes that most of them are happy and fortunate predictions
namjoon-knows a bit
how does he feel-he finds it weird that people “waste their time” predicting for them (damn namjoon it’s to practice my skills 💀)
how does he feel-he finds them invasive and sneaky for the most part
how does he feel-he finds it creepy when someone predicts accurately. it intrigues him and creeps him out at the same time
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cherry-oya-koushi · 2 months ago
Can you please do a friendship reading on BTS Jin and Mamamoo Moonbyul ?
Jin and Moonbyul's friendship reading:-
What makes you so irresistible (my new PAC click on the link, for some reason my p0st isn't showing on the tagged stuff)
So omg first of all I must that that I love this thing in kpop where idols find other idols who were born on same year and become decide to become friends
:(💕 so wholesome
So ummm things are getting spicy 👁👄👁 cards are showing that they both had some sort of attraction towards each other 👁👄👁 I couldn't clarify who came on to who first so it seems like both of them knew they had thing for each other. They both maybe once tried to go on a date or briefly dated but no one knew about this no the 92, not the group members (maybe only few members knew) and it was so awkward. They both just felt ultra weird and decided to end this short lived "relationship" both of them were definitely very afraid to express their feelings with each other because they didn't want to ruin their good friendship.
Obviously in the group I believe others also knew about them having feelings for each other but didn't act on it or teased them due to possibly ruining their friendship.
Both of them after the date felt so weird and tried to ho back to normal but it didn't work their friendship was ruined after all. To this day they both bury their feelings and think about old times they spent as friends which was so much better. Maybe they still have some feelings for each other but don't act on it because of all that awkwardness so these days they try their best to avoid each other.
Idk when they formed 92 group chat but why am I getting visions of year 2015 and 2017...maybe they went on that awkward date jn either 15 or 17..hmnnn or maybe they developed feelings in 2015 and then went on a date finally in 2017.
For date I got the vision of a very domestic and home date like both of them in super comfy clothes like hoodie or something and Jin cooking, both of them laughing and messing around but during the actual eating time it got super awkward and that is when it went downhill (how did they manage to ruin perfect night? 😭✋🏼)
Right now even though they don't talk much or at all they both view each other as super talented and emotional people. They both see each other as this emotional pillar that they thank so much for being there during their worst and best times.
So right now this is all the message I got.
Thank you for the ask bye💕
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