#Yes I'd love this a lot
myunmyuu 9 months
I have a self-indulgent hc that grim and yuu exchange kisses on forehead and cheeks (familial/platonic) as their way to show affection
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allgremlinart 27 days
anyway. completely non sequential but: the Joker being queercoded isnt exactly a win guys...when he is clearly queercoded he's a borderline homophobic stereotype (acts creepy around guys/makes unwanted advances towards straight men) whose queerness/attraction to men is played off for creepy points and absolutely nothing else... idk like. the Joker's queercoding makes me feel more othered than represented or seen, but thats just me ig
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notpikaman 17 hours
Tumblr media
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vinceaddams 6 months
I sure do love to go to the thrift store and acquire things!! Today I got a broken (?) little wooden music box, a couple pieces of fabric (one dark pink cotton jacquard and one dark brown and gold sari silk) and also a plate with a picture of the Hartland covered bridge on it. That's the longest covered bridge in the world, and I've walked across it, and now I can eat sandwiches off it's monochromatic blue image.
#hi yeah yes i AM slightly tipsy at the moment sorry!#OH i also got 4 little packs of gold plated sewing needles!! and another plate that has Green Gables on it#but that;s in a different province from me so marginally less exciting even though I do love the 1980's anne of green gables series#just had another hecking busy week at work (because it is prom & wedding season and I am Suit Alterations Tailor#but now it is weekend and I have 2 days of no things#yay!! Maybe I will work a bit more on my shirt and some drawing!#I wish I had more space to put things. if I did I would go to the thrift store even more often and obtain even more delightful candlesticks#and also more silver plated goblets. I'd have a whole corridor of shelves with all my fancy little metal thrift store goblets#thrifting#hey did you nkow that all aclohol tastes bad and yucky and you can only hide it in lots of fruit juice and stuff???#this is a fact I know but learn all over again every frew several months#blergh!#speking of which! fun fact: I am a balding old man of 27 and when I got to the beverage store with a hat I get asked for ID usually#but never when I have no hat!#today I had a leafkerchief on my head which I have been wearing a lot lately for balding head reasons and also cause#of those dang sebaceous cysts upion my scalp that are so lumpy and numerous (4) and unsighlty#unSIGHTLy I mean#UGH the surgery people said I'd hear back about an appointment in a month and it's been almost 3! I should phone them!!#It is unfair to have lumps almost as big as marbles just chilling there on a balding scalp!!#SPeaking of leafkerchiefs I Realy need to finish that damn sewing tutorial video! I filmed most of it last autumn!#and now it's late spring!#is there a limit to how many tags you can put on a post??#ok well I hope these have ebeen entertaining to you I will go eat a food and maybe do soem sketching now goodnight
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gncrezan 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
suggested to @usurper-clay to do some tarot collabs with our blorbos of all time and absolutely as always he delivered :鈥) !!!!!
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maskyartist 3 months
Tumblr media
now normal time people get it! anyways obsessed with deep cut we should call em D33P CUT thank u
help me afford splatoon 3 with my kofi!
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everyneji 4 months
Do you think the Main Branch would have even let Neji become a Chunin? From a clan perspective, giving a cadet branch better training and access to jutsu COULD UNLEARN the caged bird seal and then what? They're screwed, and could have a coup. I personally theorize that as the whole purpose of letting Neji compete was at the end to be like "nah, lmao, you're staying in your lane" hence why Neji really said "If I fall, you're going down with me"
I don't think it's the ONLY reason but I think it sure was A Factor, especially since Neji knows Rotation which is Not Allowed for Main Branch to know and he did that in front of a shitload of people. Thoughts?
I do indeed have a lot of thoughts about this and admittedly, this will be a lot of headcanon.
While the main family likely doesn't have the ability to block Neji from a promotion (this would be interfering with state matters) they could always pressure him personally. It's possible that, if they wanted to limit his growth, they would only allow him to take part in the exams out of A) an arrogant belief that Neji's blood makes him lesser despite his reputation as No. 1 Rookie and/or B) to keep an eye on Hinata in a situation with a lot of foreign nin who could be after her eyes.
This is an interesting concept, though it seems a little unlikely since Hinata was semi-disowned (though I wouldn't be surprised if she still had supporters since birth order matters so much to the clan) and even before he sees Neji fight Hiashi says "The Hy奴ga blood flows thicker in his veins than in anyone else's ... watch closely, Hanabi." He isn't in denial that Neji has the greatest potential in the clan. This echoes what Hizashi tells Neji as well:
Tumblr media
To have them both say it suggests this was something the family has been aware of since Neji was very young. Yet his potential is destined to be wasted because he was not in the main branch ... but we have to consider that Hizashi is a j艒nin, and clearly a respected one since he got resurrected for the war. So is it just about promotions within the village structure, or is it something else?
What we also have to consider here is the role the Hy奴ga play in the village. While I interpret them as isolationist and arrogant, their loyalty to Konoha has never been in question. They call the choice to hand over Hizashi a "painful sacrifice" and Hiashi is willing to take the L before Hizashi forces his hand. They have their little saying they love:
Tumblr media
OTOH I think the Hy奴ga obviously kneecap themselves by so strictly rationing who learns what technique. Something like rotation is said to have caused foreign nin real trouble in past wars, but only the clan head and heir are taught it? (I think Kishimoto forgot he wrote that honestly but whatever.) Cutting off the nose to spite the face and all that. OTOH they clearly take pride in their place in the village and the strength they have to protect it.
My final point before I get back to the question at hand is that when you look at how IRL cadet branches work, there are some interesting points, with the main one being that they're often expected to take on duties that are 'below' the main family or too dangerous, such as travelling abroad or military service. The most dangerous job in a ninja village is being a ninja. That one Hy奴ga elder states:
"The kekkai genkai of the Hy奴ga clan is a vital asset of the village. And [Hiashi's] primary duty as head of the main branch is to protect it, now and forever."
With this in mind, do we consider that the role of branch members is to not just be a meat shield for the main family (which is functionally impractical) but to be the meat shield for the village as a whole, granting the clan great honour and respect in exchange? The main family do seem to end up ninja, but it's worth mentioning that it wasn't until the fourth databook that Hiashi was confirmed to be a j艒nin; his rank before was always unlisted, as if his role as a shinobi was not of primary focus in his life until the war called everyone into action. In the first databook we also get:
Tumblr media
"Will a day of rest come for Neji..." His is a perpetual struggle: not just for acknowledgement, but for respect, and a place in the family that isn't what he has. Like Hizashi, I think Neji values his clan as a whole, but resents the caste system. He takes pride in being a Hy奴ga, and the reputation and role they have in the village, but he wants more than what is expected of him.
All of this is to say that I think the main family doesn't care what rank branch members reach, so long as they remain submissive, don't get personally ambitious and continue to obey them and serve Konoha. In fact they probably want branch members to achieve a certain level of success so the most dangerous missions go to them. It's like a resource they are exploiting. No doubt Konoha also sees this as a resource, since they have so little interest in interfering in the Hy奴ga's little slavery ring.
The note about learning how to dismantle the seal is interesting too because probably the biggest expert on j奴injutsu we see is good old Orochimaru, who did some pretty ooky things to gain his knowledge. I think this is some very esoteric knowledge, and a bigger threat than a branch member learning how it works on their own is collaboration between a main and cadet branch member, particularly between the clan head and a branch member: whatever knowledge they have on how the seal works could be extremely valuable to countering it. If I were a member of the main family, I would make sure this kind of bond could not exist, and I imagine the resentment on the part of the branch family is expected and almost encouraged in order to avoid it.
(In this sense, the family was 'fixed' by Hiashi and Hinata mending fences with Neji, hence the emphasis on how they now 'fight side by side' in the war. We just have to, you know, assume they put an end to the sealing practise and everything off screen. No word yet on reparations ...)
Tumblr media
Another thing I'll say is that I wish we got to see Neji's relationship with other branch members. I think in a way Neji is a kind of -- I use this very loosely but you get the idea -- 'model minority' who excels so thoroughly he's given privileges (e.g. training with the head of the family) which others could not get. He's also got very close blood ties to the head family. In many ways he's an exception, and we're told that he has the ability to be """free""" and reach great heights despite his position ... but what about everyone else?
This isn't to say Neji is privileged (it would be like saying Yang Guifei was privileged) but his compatriots who aren't geniuses and beloved nephews also deserve respect. It's entirely possible that everything I've outlined about my understanding of how the clan dynamics work only functions that way for Hizashi and Neji because they were so important to the main family outside of their branch status, and there are severe limits placed on branch members in general. Considering how badly Hizashi and Neji were treated, this is saying something.
When we see Neji in the ch奴nin exams he is exceptionally cynical to hide how deeply he cares and how thoroughly traumatized he is. I think he was beyond caring about consequence because he felt he would be killed no matter what, it was just a matter of how soon. So he said fuck it, I'm going to show off, run my mouth, and for just one blazing moment at least get to be the best not as a meat shield but as a person in my own right. In fact, "If I fall, you're going down with me" is very Neji in general: it's exactly how he handles the fight with Kid艒maru.
(Needless to say, I think growing up thinking his life has no value severely screwed up his perception of self but that's another topic entirely ...)
TL;DR: The main family is insulated by the branch members going out into the world and doing the most dangerous work the village could ask of the clan; while ambition wouldn't be desirable working hard and serving the village and clan well is; a sense of kinship and equality would be dangerous because the main family's power rests in dehumanization and othering; Neji wants to do his best but not just as a mindless meat shield, but as someone who is defending real values like family/friends/village and respected for it.
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breadclubrising 3 months
I'm new here, is there a reason why you don't like Kenny omega? but you speak so highly of the Golden lovers?
well Anon, that depends on where you got that idea? Feel free to elaborate! Since you're new, you probably haven't seen the other times I've been asked this question, and those were a while ago anyway鈥攎y feelings have evolved (though remained complex).
So! here is a handy list of reasons I may dislike Kenny Omega, depending on why you think that:
you saw a recent post where i implied that he's not one of my faves 鈥 he literally simply is not among my favorite wrestlers
you saw me mercilessly dunking on kenny omega somewhere 鈥 fucking look at that guy; someone needs to dunk on him
you're in the several-years-ago depths of my blog 鈥 nope
you're making a by-comparison assumption based on how often i post about the golden lovers/ibushi 鈥 statistical error; ibushi is the spiders georg of my capacity to love
you are equating me being baffled that anyone has kenny omega thirst with disliking him 鈥 if finding kenny omega unattractive is wrong, I will face god and walk backwards into hell
you've noticed that in my fanfic i repeatedly have the ibushi POV think or say 'he's the worst' (affectionate) about kenny 鈥 thank you for noticing; it's because kenny is The Worst
you're new enough that you have not encountered wrestlers whose most fervent stans (eg, see previous bullet) still kinda hate them a little (affectionate) 鈥 wew buddy, you'll find out soon why he's one of them!
Fuck it; this is now a Rachel Doesn't Not Like Kenny Omega masterpost.
I guess just to set the record straight, for someone who has never even met Kenny Omega, we have a complicated relationship, but I really do like him just fine. I am even fond of him on occasion! He's fun to watch, but I usually don't particularly care about him as a wrestler鈥攖his just means I am neutral about him, as I am about many other wrestlers who I nonetheless really enjoy watching. Most of the things I love about him aren't his wrestling:
I have said this before, but Kenny Omega had THE absolute most correct reaction to seeing one video of Kota Ibushi (make it seem like you totally do weird outdoor comedy wrestling all the time in hopes of going to Japan to wrestle him but also kiiiinda try to get him to marry you; succeed). Seriously I can't express the depth of my appreciation for Kenny Omega the Ibushi stan. Literally every time IWGP Hebikyu Chanpion-era Kenny Omega opened his dumb mouth was Rachel Breadclub Rights.
Also has correct opinions about tag team wrestling (the best), comedy wrestling (only the greats can do it well), joshi wrestling (the realest shit), storytelling in wrestling (it's the important part, and should be detailed, filled with symbolism and callbacks, dramatic af, and of course gay)
He is. So queer. Bisexual erasure is par for the course, and even as blatantly bisexual as he is, his queerness is so erased that I got a little nervous when I typed "he is so queer." But as I was saying to a friend recently, Kenny embodies the idea that bisexuals are not 50% straight and 50% gay, we are 0% straight and 100% gay. (Also said to that friend: straights see a straight person and the rest of us are like 'oh honey'.) Truly and sincerely bisexual representation I want to see.
tbh I think some of my mutuals will find this take spicie, but: probably no single person has been more responsible for getting puroresu into the eyeballs of western wrestling fans, and he stays committed to that. I have a whole essay in me about how Kenny Omega's love for puroresu has changed the industry forever.
Also the Golden Lovers are just... really really important to me, for personal reasons beyond the gayness and the Ibushi appreciation and the making me a fan of pro wrestling.
There's a lot more鈥擨 have a LOT of feelings about Kenny Omega, actually! But most of them would take essays to talk about.
And! I have nothing but love, appreciation, and gratitude for Kenny's dedication to the Golden Lovers. It might sound silly, but occasionally writing Ibushi-POV fic forces me to honestly reflect on the reasons Kenny (at least the character) might be an exceptional and lovable person, and I hope that I do an okay job with it. I probably consider it far more deeply than most people who have been asked on multiple occasions why they don't like Kenny Omega.
And at the end of it all, Anon, I would be a hypocrite and a coward to be TOO critical of ANY (fellow) terminally disheveled bisexual cringe goblin, ESPECIALLY one who so deeply understands the right amount of Love Kota Ibushi that a person should do. Hopefully this post settles it!
#kenny omega#well you asked#mmm i love when i find new ways to say how much i love kota ibushi and i have now done it by comparing it to eating spiders#i'd say i aspire to be the spiders georg of stanning kota ibushi but...#hey listen. if the golden lovers were actually An Item irl in the early days (which i do not consider UNlikely)#then they made the rad as HECK choice to hide their relationship in plain sight by making it kayfabe :''''''(((#and give them a way to be together all the time and a venue to be very physically and emotionally affectionate :''''''(((#and also badASS as a queer thing to do in a place where you simply Could Not be in a relationship like that any way other than secretly#brave as heck tbh to go out there all the time and be like 'us being really sweet to each other is our ~gimmick'#('unrelatedly we are deeply in love irl. i mean! haha! kayfabe! wink')#their reunion era was that but x 100 :''''''(((((#anytime i consider this possibility i feel icky but like it IS a possibility; that's like kinda their whole thing.#tbh there are a bunch of things about their tag team gimmick that would be really awkward to do with someone whom you did not#have romantic love for irl. otherwise you're platonic besties going 'hey bro i just lit'rally called you my life partner! for kayfabe!'#eventually you'd have to have a talk where you're like 'i mean the Your Name. thing. it's obviously true right? totes bro. but like. not in#a romance soulmates kinda way. just like a regular friendship soulmates way and we're not gonna kiss? like this is strange territory#like just to be emotionally honest! like i know i keep IMPLYING romantic love in a VERY serious not-even-a-little-cute way#but like. that's just for the gay community yeah? like it's not real? we're both comfortable with that?#you'd really have to do a LOT of checking in on that#imagine they both have secret wives and they're like 'it's like our tag team characters. yes he's my best friend and i love him and we#have made all kinds of sacrifices for each other. but our characters are doing it because they're in love. we're definitely not it's just#really really important to us to make it look like that for our jobs. you know?#like idec what the Truth is; it's more that like... this information is all there. whatever it Means this is a thing that two people have#chosen to share of themselves with like thousands of people they don't know.#and have been like 'you can think literally anything you want about this and we dgaf bc we get to have it' :'''''''''(#CRYING ABOUT THE GOLDEN LOVERS IN THE TAGS? groundbreaking#notice the LACK of stoner tag on this post. i am noticing it. wew
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keeps-ache 2 months
by the way. i'm wearing a really cool shirt. just needed you to know
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longagoitwastuesday 18 days
I love the Goncharov meme conceptually. It feels like classic academia perhaps, definitely like studying ancient philosophy at times. You get a fragment (knockoff boots), a general context (Martin Scorsese films existing), and then a very long discussion about nothing starts. But the nothingness isn't entirely nothing, and there are still limits to what can and cannot be said framed by both the existence and non-existence of that which is being discussed. Hilarious, truly, and the fact itself so very interesting to analyse in so many ways.
#This feels a bit like studying and discussing presocratics or Socrate himself xD#ngl while I loved the boots thing (I had often thought about those knockoff boots鈥 I found them hilarious)#I don't find the Goncharov memes particularly funny#But the concept is fascinating conceptually and thrilling to analyse in so many levels#The fact that almost every webwaving鈥 even the ones about a fake film鈥 have the same quotes#That basically everything said about this film is what is said about any other popular media#Is so interesting as how short media analysis falls into superficiality and miopic repetition of patterns#As is the fact that we can discuss to eternity something that doesn't exist#in a sort of Narcissus looking at his reflection on the pond situation鈥 in love with our own discussion more than the thing itself#And that's a level. But it's also very interesting in how basically everyone has a very similar idea of what the film is about#How nothingness with sprinkles can tell us something鈥 a lot鈥 and make a ghost of a film which can effectively to some extent be analysed#It's also hilarious in how it puts a mirror鈥 so to speak鈥 in front of so many academic studies#How we've basically been doing this for centuries unironically and I'd say with at least a certain sense of self awareness#How this brings back studying and discussing the lost texts of Ovid or Sappho based just on what they say about them or the absence#in what they say about them鈥 or what other authors say about them or how their works are wrapped around those lost texts#How it brings back the study and analysis of presocratics like Pythagoras or even Socrate himself of which we have Plato and Xenophon#but really something close to nothing considering how important those authors are as basis of the entire history of western philosophy#And yet there's honestly so much to say about them given the nothingness we have accompanied by the something!#And Goncharov memes work a bit that way#I don't know. There are really so many facets to this meme and they are all conceptually hilarious yes xD#Another but not less important aspect of this meme that I love conceptually is that#I'm a bit fan of funny lies. I adore them. Especially when constructed between several people#And Goncharov is precisely that lol#Goncharov#I talk too much#I should probably delete this later#Meme shit
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bowlofmeat 17 days
I mean there鈥檚 nothing in canon that disproves that the Core is super goofy. so why not
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
In Amphibia episode "the Beginning of the End" Darcy captures Anne and others and intends to "do what [Andrias] could not: kill Anne." This is easily the scariest Darcymoment to me, because of the ease of which Darcy does that and because Darcy makes this face:
Tumblr media
This is not a Marcy expression. This is about as far from Marcy as you could possibly get. Marcy would never make this expression in this context. Why?
Well, know that Darcy has all of Marcy's memories. Marcy has known Anne since they were toddlers, and they hung out after school every day. She probably knew Anne's favorite foods and Anne's favorite color. They probably watched movies together, huddled under a blanket with moonlight streaming in from the window. Do you know what it takes to know all of that and still wear this expression? You'd have to be a special kind of fucked up to do that, and I don't believe that Marcy is that fucked up.
So. This image would singlehandedly convince me that Darcy really, really, isn't Marcy, and isn't influenced by Marcy in this way at least. Because if Marcy had any amount of say in this - the Core wouldn't be able to kill Anne. At least not with this expression.
Sidenote I actually kinda like that Marcy is completely powerless in controlling Darcy's actions. It makes her slapping away Aldrich's hand all the more meaningful because Aldrich takes away everything afterwards, leaves her in a dark room with nothing, just herself, some lonely little girl in her school uniform and not Marcy the chief ranger of the Newtopian Knight Guard. And she still rejects him.
Anyway. Where does Darcy's quirkyness come from? Well, Darcy says it might've "inherited some of [Marcy's] quirks" but it clearly doesn't get influenced that much from Marcy (see the above). From what I can identify "inherited some of her quirks" might mean that ol' Darce here enjoys Marcy's favorite foods more and falls over a bunch. I can't say anything conclusive on like, personality changes because the Core doesn't have a canon personality that isn't Darcy to compare and contrast to, which is honestly such a shame.
But. There is one thing the Core does when it has yet to become Aldrich-as-the-Core or Darcy-as-the-Core. And that is this:
Tumblr media
It gets really close to people just to mess with their heads. This is a consistent character trait displayed both as the Core and as Darcy. This does imply that it has a consistent personality.
Tumblr media
Besides, the Core literally named itself 鈥淒ark Marcy鈥 because 鈥渢he name appeals to us,鈥 implying that that thing is canon goofy I refuse to believe otherwise!!
Again, the Core doesn't have much of a personality, so I'm afraid the analysis has to end here. Sorry guys.
also this consistent character trait
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wishterya 11 months
Tumblr media
an open collab for haikyuu about making wishes and dreams coming true.
Tumblr media
to celebrate my birthday at the beginning of february, i鈥檓 hosting my first collab! cheesy bit incoming: my wish this year is to celebrate together with all of you, the volleyboys, and whatever your wishes are!
鈥 prompt !! birthday wishes, wishes on a star, wishes on 1,000 paper cranes, wishes on a dandelion, or any kind of wish you can imagine. as long as there鈥檚 a wish involved, your work has a place here.
鈥 guidelines !!
everyone is welcome; you don鈥檛 need to be following me. both writers and artists can join!
to limit duplicates, each character can be claimed up to three times (i.e. three art, three fics, or any combination thereof). you can switch if the character you want has an open slot.
there is no word count minimum or maximum for writers. you can write headcanons, drabbles, or fic, but please use a 鈥渞ead more鈥 if your fic is over 500 words.
character x reader, character x character, and single-character works are all allowed.
this collab is sfw (because i鈥檒l be reblogging your work).
please reblog this post once you join!
鈥 deadlines !!
to join | march 3rd, 2022
to submit your work | may 3rd, 2022 (take your time! this is not a hard deadline!)
Tumblr media
鈥 how to join !!
send me an ask with your character(s) or pairing and if you鈥檙e submitting art or fic! if you鈥檇 like to include more, like a trope or a little summary, you can, but that鈥檚 not required.
鈥 how to submit !!
tag me in your finished work and i鈥檒l add the link to the masterlist + reblog!
Tumblr media
鈥 wishes received !!聽
azumane asahi
聽x reader fic - @screamin-abt-haikyuu
ennoshita chikara
聽x reader fic (modern magic!au) - @wishterya
hanamaki takahiro
聽2:02 am (x reader fic) - @datingdonovan
hinata shoyo
聽x reader fic - @cosmictobios
iwaizumi hajime
聽x oikawa fic - @kteabug
kai nobuyuki
聽x reader fic - @ukiyotsu
kita shinsuke
聽when you wish upon a jaroforigamistars (x reader fic) - @akaashis-notebook
kozume kenma
聽x reader fic - @mrskenmakozume
kuroo tetsuro
聽come true (x reader fic) - @therescrackinmytea
kunimi akira
聽x reader fic - @mimi-cee-hq
miya atsumu
聽x sakusa fic (a dream is a wish your heart makes) - @momochimo
聽x reader fic (dandelions) - @ufo-ikawa
oikawa toru
聽x iwaizumi fic - @kteabug
sakusa kiyoomi (closed!)
聽x reader fic - @simpingforoikawa
聽x reader fic - @omi-boshi
聽x atsumu fic (a dream is a wish your heart makes) - @momochimo
semi eita
聽x kiyoko fic (11:11) - @charlie-jay
shimizu kiyoko
聽x semi fic (11:11) - @charlie-jay
shugo meian
聽x reader fic - @haikyutiehoe
sugawara koushi
聽x reader fic - @cup-of-fluff
suna rintaro
聽x reader fic (wishing well/fountain) - @augustinewrites
udai tenma
聽x reader fic - @hinatawa
yaku morisuke
聽x reader fic - @duckymcdoorknob
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nulltune 6 months
Tumblr media
back from termination with new drip (url) 馃槑
artifile -> nulltune !
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yourlocaltrylingual 1 year
That was the best weeping angels episode since blink
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trespia 2 years
Tumblr media
"a lot has changed??" y'all have some audacity pb considering how you continue to cater to a hetero fanbase and wlw/mlm continues to get the short end of the stick in quite literally 95% of your books so I don't get where a lot has changed personally.
please enlighten me.
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bit-papper 2 months
Hey, I know you're having a tough time and just want to let you know, it's ok to take a break from art! Burn out is going to make it much harder if you force it. I'll still send you fox content if you want me to :3c
I don't think it's a full on burnout yet but there's a lot of really bad shit going on here rn + college (which is 10am to 5-7 pm daily (except Tuesdays where I only have one class and Sunday where I don't have classes but I spend them doing homework) + 2-3 hours of road + a lot of time fighting executive dysfunction to manage homework. I'm not trying to be like 'OHHHH I have it worse than everyone else', I'm just describing the situation) so it's mostly that I Want to draw, Have Motivation, Have Ideas, Am Excited about it but don't have Enough Time. Sometimes I don't have Enough Energy so that's closer to burnout I guess
All (upd. Well not ALL but most of it) the previous COTL art I drew while being on a sick leave so now I need to catch up :')) and we have a view in 4 weeks.
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sohotthateveryonedied 9 months
new game: reblog with the songs that severely traumatized you as a child, i'll go first :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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