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clan traditions w uncle madara
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“I didn’t mean it like that..”
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[more under the cut!]
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Monkey’s Paw pages 101-106 ( START HERE || ao3 || previous || )
AU after episode 62. The Omega Dads try a more desperate gambit, but careful what you wish for. Our dads find alternate versions of themselves in a strange dreamscape. Do you trust yourself?
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anyway so this brings us to what has become the end of part 1??? this got so out of hand. MIGHT be a 3 part scenario here, but this is almost certainly the longest, or at least densest. the proverbial crap hits the proverbial fan from here on out and action tends to take up way more page space. as I figure THAT new pacing scenario out, among other things, Monkey’s Paw will be taking a break. Until probably November. Why November? well in November I’ll have finished my last teacher certification test. until then, I need to force myself to put some things to the side in order to not burn the candle quite so quickly. I don’t want any of my future-paying work or currently-paying side-hustle work to suffer, and thus also for this to suffer. There’s quite a bit of logistics for part 2 that need to be planned well in advance of it showing up on a page and that takes Time.
I didn’t even expect for this to go this far when I started. from the jump I’ve been working on the ethos of I’m Making This For Me, and while that’s still true I’m so incredibly grateful for all the response this comic has gotten!! I’m truly blown away by all the support and avid readers and commenters, you make my heart grow so so so big <3 Making this has been super fun as a fan but also an incredible confidence- and skill-builder for making That Original Comic That I’ll Get To Eventually Don’t Worry About It.
Between now and November, be on the lookout for a “chapter 2 cover art”, where I’ll give a progress update on part 2 and also (hopefully!) a link to where you can download a pdf copy of part 1! No promises, but that pdf version may have some redrawn panels or re-arranged pages, because any artist who’s ever told you they nailed every thing they’ve made on the first go is a liar. No changes to the plot, just in presentation.
Anyway! Thank you all again, so much, for reading! (and I don’t wanna draw any undue attention to anyone who doesn’t want it but to the person who spotted the red flags on Hen like 50 pages ago?? I am delicately holding your face and kissing you on the forehead you know who you are )
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my brain needs fixing i just threw a pack of pills at my mom in a grocery store and said "woe urinary tract relief be upon ye" in front of like 8 people
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please consider: cursed speech user shinsou
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if y'all fuckers who think bucky barnes is a villain wanna see a villain so bad i'd be more than happy to show you one : )
#if you're gonna be so fucking ignorant#so cold hearted and stupider than shit#you're part of my villain origin story#maybe leave the tortured man alone - the one trying to recover from 70 years of unimaginable pain and horror and violation-#he didnt sign up for that shit. he was experimented on by zola while he was a prisoner. he was given the serum against his will#and everything that happened to him after his fall from the train?? he didnt fucking want that or ask for that either#that grabbed him at a point where a normal person would've been dead. he's fallen into a goddamn ravine#his arm was aleady fucked. he wasnt a that aware of his surroundings#its not like he waltzed up to the nearest hydra base and offered his fucking services#they captured him. again. they operated on him. tortured him. brainwashed him - and that's JUST what we saw on screen. for 70 fucking years#and through the years he's frozen#again and again and again#ive seen sympathy for steve being frozen for 70 years - sympathy that is absolutely deserved yes. but where's the sympathy for the main who#had to experience being frozen and thawed and refrozen?? being frozen - thawed - electrocuted - brainwashed - told to do something he cant#NOT do because he isnt fucking there. he's not aware and he's not himself and if for a moment he was and e tried to say 'no'?? how fucking#well do you think that would've gone?? so he's forced to kill and as soon as they're done with him he's frozen all over again. where the#fuck is the sympathy for him?? people who hate bucky - who call him a villain - have none to spare for him bc he was forced to kill their#blorbos parents over 20 years ago. get the fuck out of here#maison speaks#and vents apparently
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The General in Retirement / written 28.08.22
#my writing#new poem! and in a New and Fashionable Format (i.e. printed out stuck in my journal on top of tissue paper then scanned)#the tissue paper is william morris by the way :-D i love william morris. my grandpa loves william morris. we all love william morris#yes this is another fairfax poem. what can i say i love him a lot#also ive been doing dissertation research over the summer and my dissertation is about him so hes been On My Mind#the inspiration for this one comes from a quote i read describing his victory at naseby in [clears throat] A More Particular and Exact#Relation of the Victory obtained by the Parliaments Forces under the Command of Sir Thomas Fairfax (report to parliament)#in which the author wrote that 'before the fight his former lookes were like a dead man to what he had when he went to engage'#and that made me Think a lot. i will not go into more detail as the poem basically Is the more detail but i wanted to include the#inspiration somewhere even if only in the tags (for tag perusers to find. secret contextual information as a gift for you)#i wrote this whilst i was camping this past week :-) you can imagine me sitting by a lake in a field in herefordshire with my notebook#i hope the scan turns out ok i had to wrestle with my printer to get it to cooperate and even then it's a bit blurry in places#anyway! i hope you are all doing well my very dear friends :-) i love you all very much. shaking your hands with good affection#no doubt when i post this i will find 10000000000 mistakes. but no matter i will cope [said through gritted teeth]
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serenading was really the last thing i ever wanted Kate to do as her grand gesture and i still don’t love it, but the amount of people who keep calling a big, awkward, public gesture hugely ooc for Kate and keep saying they miss the old whistler who wasn't dumb, oh DIA Whistler was so much better. its the show’s first season. i don’t think it’s even possible to be ooc when the writers are just starting to create these characters and we barely know them. we only saw ‘cool, confident, bossy dia whistler’ for about 6 episodes before 1x11 happened and changed everything, and while she’s still all of those things she was changing even before the breakup happened and with all the growth she’s gone through, she’s going to end the season looking pretty different to how she started (fair warning, this is a little unhinged and unorganized, just a little)
her arc has been about her learning to let people in and learning to be more honest with her feelings, to not be afraid of putting herself out there and learning how to stop pushing people away as a result of the impact Lucy and the team have had on her. it’s about making yourself vulnerable and trying to find people who will accept you even if you’re an awkward giraffe. throughout the season the writers have been telling us that she: finds it hard to be open and show her emotions, she puts her orders before her feelings at work causing everyone to view her as the ‘bad cop’ and that sucks, she really wants to make connections with her coworkers, but she doesn’t know how and she’s kinda bad at it, she was afraid of starting something with Lucy (and messing it up) because Lucy’s the most amazing woman she’s ever met and she wanted to keep it on the downlow until she felt she could handle it, is actually very charming and sensitive and goofy underneath that hardened exterior
there’s a reason Ernie describes her as “the tall one acting goofy,” she tries to keep her relationship with Lucy a secret and yet you can see her softening as a result of it and being unable to hide their connection and pull to each other even at work. Jesse notices they’re making googly eyes at each other during the Pearl Harbor tour in 1x09 and remarks that “there’s a certain DIA officer i haven’t seen around your desk recently,” because she couldn’t fight the gravitational pull drawing her to Lucy’s desk everyday, literally the worst kept secret at the office you morons! In 1x12 she’s sprinting after Lucy practically shouting after her (loud enough for all of Pearl Harbor to hear) even when she’s asking if Lucy’s going to throw their relationship away that easily. Kate gets a pass with Jane because how can you pretend you don’t care about Lucy after she could’ve died on an UC mission and as for Kai, well, he has two eyes so he definitely noticed too
the Whistler in 1x01 would definitely not be going over to Tennant’s house after 1x14 and sharing a drink with her (might not have warned her about Glenn Smith either) and maybe she wouldn’t have tried comforting her when Jesse went missing in 1x15 (not because she wouldn’t have wanted to, but maybe it would have been harder without all the stuff that happened in between as a result of the Lucy romance) and that’s growth baby!
as for her acting ‘dumb’ and goofy, whistler’s greatest hits (paraphrased):
1x07: the entire opening scene right in front of Ernie's coffee, like ladies its barely 9 in the morning 
1x09: “i want to be intimate” “here???” 
1x11: "i like this" "the coffee? its fair trade." "so i think i win the dumbass award." "yes...no! NO!"
1x14: “creds... that’s what all the cool agents say :)”
1x17: “the source of the attack was some sort of pineapple” “like the fruit?” (also forgetting she never apologized to Lucy)
1x20: while looking like a beaten bloody piñata “I’m fine just some bruises...and some minor head trauma...” “i did not have Lucy surf quotes on my bingo card today” 
1x21: “about the power of love!” -silence- “...anyway i think that’ll help us get through to David” (we were all raving about this scene and how cute it was, but we don't want to acknowledge all the work it took to get here?)
The writers have been showing it all season, this is just who she is the more you get to know her, not liking it is different than ooc
Kate just sucks at talking and processing her emotions on the spot and can’t always immediately formulate a response right away whether you’re her boss or her colleague or her ex girlfriend (she ghosted a girl for months for god’s sakes which is probably honestly where most of the ‘this feels ooc for Kate’ criticism comes from and it’s hard to blame anyone for that because wth Kate, but it also serves as the biggest indictment of how her lack of social skills has effected her life and now it’s finally catching up to her)
a lot of people call Whistler rushing in without thought or backup to be ooc, and while they’ve shown that she’s smart and good at thinking things through (figuring out a way to help the team in 1x06, with the Clark Lohan thing in 1x10, using David's wife’s fate as leverage to get through to him in 1x21), that’s been behind the scenes we never saw her do field work during her stint at the DIA so there’s nothing really to base the ooc claim on, the first time we see her in the field is in 1x17 (she only transferred to the FBI 3 episodes ago) when she rushes in and Lucy has to stop her so it’s not out of the ordinary for her to do something similar in 1x20 at Agent Jones’s house, Whistler in the office and Whistler out in the field are different because they’re different environments entirely (and she’s new to the field)
i dont think the people calling Whistler ooc for acting goofy and socially inept would call her ooc for turning down a promotion anywhere from 1x06-1x13 to stay close to Lucy after early Whistler was billed as ambitious and career-driven (but i guess it’s different because it’s romantic without being awkward...), if we’re going to throw that term out there we should examine all her actions that way not just the one’s we maybe don’t like 
you can criticize the writing and the show all you want we all have different opinions we’re not all going to agree on how good Whistler’s development has gone, but i don’t think it’s fair to say any public grand gesture or Kate acting ‘dumb’ is completely out of left field, yes she was more cold and distant and mean earlier (and maybe you preferred that way more) but as the show has progressed you get to see a different more shy, uncertain, dorky side of her and that's not ooc that's just how humans are
she’s been slowly stepping out of her comfort zone all season and Lucy’s influence on her has inspired her to finally make a running jump into the deep end to win her back because she loves her and that’s how much she means to her (my favorite post about the grand gesture written before we knew it was a singing gesture LOL) that's the whole point isn't it? the power of love! has changed Whistler! she's never felt this way about anyone before and is clearly woefully inexperienced in love, she misses Lucy and wants to win her back no matter what so she's willing to listen to anything and do anything to show her she's all in and wants to be with her and only her! love makes us do crazy things, but it makes sense after a season of pain and regret
unfortunately for some people, Kate also happens to be less competent socially so that’s going to manifest in truly awkward (and secondhand embarrassing) ways, but she’s always been capable of this because she’s a multifaceted character and the writers have been showing us that
#ncis hawaii#kate whistler#kacy#all the criticism and thoughts ive seen on tumblr has been cool and fine but the twitter folks just make my head explode#its like every time kate shows a not Cool trait shes ooc? theres a reason everyone calls her the dumbest smart person (affectionate)#shes got one braincell for work! whenever she uses it for her personal life or for following ernies advice is laughs at her and explodes#imma be real this is kinda petty and ranty bc of one specific kate stan on twitter i keep seeing firhrgjrg#like i cant even enjoy their fics bc they start all of them with 'i wont do u dirty like the writers have'#like wym the writers have treated me fine i loved 1x20 i loved all the kacy angst lol#like yas and tori are great and theyre 50% of it but who wrote the lines they say that make me love lucy and kate more and more everyday#also i dont think its possible at all for a character to be ooc...in season 1 like the writers barely know them yet how can i claim i do#like ok you like the character but then you hate the writers for half the traits theyve given them so do you actually like them???#this is all incoherent and im sorry#yes i still dislike the serenade but like i understand the point of the big gesture and why u would go there#get you a hot lesbian mess who can do both!#im delirious i probably shouldnt post this and ill regret it but i will anyway#like i saw someone ask what have they done to you whistler#oh idk given her a personality??? made her likeable and made the audience want to root for her? like yall LMAO
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redminibike1 · 8 months ago
OH yeah so I’ve been thinking about love today, specifically in regards to codywan (what’s new), and I want to talk a little bit about the way codywan works relative to canon, and how it fits into the idea of romance that enhances but doesn’t ultimately define.
Does that make sense? I don’t know. I’ve been listening a lot to Tom Rosenthal again.
Okay, so something I find really neat about codywan as a dynamic is that there’s always been this ability for creators to fit them quite neatly into canon. And I don’t mean this in a ‘look at how they act around each other, there’s a strong basis for romance there’ kinda way. I mean it in a ‘these two could easily have been romantically involved, and absolutely nothing would have to change about the story’ kinda way. Is that weird? Do you know what I mean?
Like…the main tropes of slice-of-life fics with these two are…paperwork sessions post-battle, and…Tatooine husbands. At least, that’s the patterns I’ve noticed. God knows I’ve written my fair share of them both. And the brilliant part about these specific tropes (and many of the other codywan stories I’ve seen) is that they have the potential to fit perfectly into the existing story for Obi-Wan (bless those 19 years of unending potential, I’ll miss you when the show comes out) and Cody (as much as I hate his lack of canon appearances, they have their benefits haha). Unlike, say, obidala or…I don’t know, obimaul…codykin…etc., Cody and Obi-Wan have the kind of dynamic where creators can easily push the boundaries of their relationship without breaking the boundaries of the story. And I love that.
What comes of it, with that potential, is that fic authors are able to soften the tragedy of these characters, lighten the burden of their lives to some extent, without outright moving away from the storyline. The war can still happen, bringing death and destruction and the loss of freedom, but Cody and Obi-Wan also get to sit together in their dimly lit quarters, hands brushing as they pass a datapad between them, talking quietly about whatever it is they’re interested in at the moment, and suddenly not everything is all that bad. Order 66 can still happen, the death of Obi-Wan’s family, the enslavement of Cody’s, but they also get to be together on Tatooine, mourning together, healing together, and so there is just a hint of light among all the darkness.
This isn’t the only aspect of codywan that I like (obviously) and it’s not even a dynamic that applies solely to them. (Ponds/Mace, whom I also love, comes to mind). But it’s neat little characteristic of the ship that makes me all warm and happy when I write it, partly because I like providing a little comfort to these two characters laden with so much hardship, and also because it really works with this approach I wish was more widely accepted in popular media, in which romantic relationships don’t need to be all-consuming.
It kind of goes hand in hand with the concept of romantic attraction not being the end-all of relationships. People don’t need romantic relationships to live complete and fulfilling lives. And if they do have a romantic relationship, it doesn’t need to consume their entire lives. In fact, it’s better if it doesn’t. (One day I’ll write that essay about codywan as a direct contrast to the toxicity of anidala, just you wait).
Cody and Obi-Wan could easily be written so they were romantically involved during the war, and yet nothing else would need to change. The love they feel is not galaxy-altering, and to some extent it’s not even important to the larger story, but it could exist anyways. All we’re doing is taking a dynamic that is established in canon but mostly unelaborated on, and expanding it. All we’re doing is exploring the solace they could provide each other in times of such heavy turmoil. And that exploration doesn’t save the galaxy, doesn’t even save them, but it creates a love that exists, and is important solely because it exists. That’s something I’ve always found beautiful about love, whether it’s romantic or platonic or familial. Love doesn’t need to serve a purpose, you know? And with codywan, that’s really clear, in such a lovely way.
I’m probably spouting a lot of nonsense that boils down to ‘characters are sad, we make them happier’ BUT I just think it’s neat that this is a really prevalent pattern with codywan specifically. I really enjoy going ‘okay, but what if they talked about art and music as they did paperwork and maybe held hands sometimes’ and I don’t have to....like, plot an entire AU to do so. It’s fun, I like it.
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naumala · 6 months ago
shout out to twst fandom 🙏 gotta be one of the worst fandoms when it comes to saying what pronouns/gender the reader is in the beginning of a post
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mifunebooty · 7 months ago
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robbyykeene · 21 days ago
Something something the warring emotions of wanting to love the wish fulfillment of seeing Daniel Larusso beat the shit out of his childhood abuser (even if it was corny and dumb because the karate kid has always been corny and dumb) vs absolutely loathing the way this season shit all over the themes of the original movies and went all in on the idea all conflict should, actually, be resolved through violence.
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sonicaspeed123 · 4 months ago
idk man i'm sensitive as hell but i do not like when people make fun of sonic for its low points. Like i get it the original movie design was awful, but also, it wasn't designed by people who understand and love the appeal of sonic. Yep, rise of lyric and 06 were busted to hell becaue of rushed production and the writing was very mixed (as far as 06, imo). yes, archie had a million terrible writing decisions, but those can almost all be attributed to specific ppl on that production team... Ask any normal sonic fan nowadays and we'll all agree. Yeah this love triangle/spider web involving sonic, his little brother, his counterpart, and some fucking lady isn't Sonic. Thats not the spirit of Sonic. like can we just stop thinking about it now i want to appreciate the highs of this GOOD franchise.
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"is Damian canonically nonbinary?"
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