birdsong-warriors · a month ago
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Willowpelt got a redesign!
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Part 1: Friend and Family
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lupiine · 5 months ago
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some canon requests
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iamfabiloz · a month ago
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baby darkstripe doodles,,, i heart him kinda and my hc of him latching onto his cousin tigerclaw when he was a kit n got apprenticed to him, following him around like a duckling w its mother, n being like a younger brother/cousin who copies his every move! darkkit got extremely attached to the only other adult figure n his life n followed him till da grave :[ 
also YES deathberry makeup ;[ the blue gray cat in the first image is stonepaw(fur hhehe) and second is his mama willowpelt!! 
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cryptidclaw · a month ago
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Willowpelt! I kind of forgot that she was Graystripe's mom so he looks nothing like her heh
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wcsprites · 4 months ago
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cyrustheartist · 5 months ago
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Happy Rosetail monday I gave her babies ! Hers now.
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cricketswarriordesigns · 22 days ago
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I’ll be posting new designs for the swift-adder siblings soon since they and their kids are prominent in TPB. For now, here some sketches of the headshots for the designs
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songsteps · 6 months ago
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the SwiftAdder famiIy!!! I'm really pleased with these designs for the most part, which is nice because the first time I tried drawing this family I was so unsatisfied with how they all looked together that I never posted them officially
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feel free to use kin tags as long as you're okay with doubles
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genderqueertree · 15 days ago
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requests are on their way but i just wanted to finish up them since they're the only siblings out of their fam i hadn't done
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voidcats-0ne5ive · 10 months ago
Warrior cats Swap au
Warrior cats swap au, In this au all characters are swapped with another character, normally with someone that’s in the same clan. Their roles in the story are swapped and their actions and personalities are swapped too!
But I put a few rules in place for swapping characters:
Can only swap in pairs or trios, so the power of three are swapped amongst them selves.
Suffixes are swamped. But if the name just really doesn’t fit then something that is similar but actually sounds nice.
They must have at least one parent that is the same as in cannon or at the very least one of their parents siblings become their parent.
Into the wild-thunder clan
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So sort of a timeline for the first couple of chapters in into the wild.
Princess gets a dream telling her to go into the woods.
She does and proceeds to get tackled by Sandpaw, who swaps with Graypaw in the story and has more of his personality.
After this Snowstar appears from the bushes, she is swapped with Bluestar in the in the story.
She asks Princess to join thunderclan and she accepts.
When they arrive to thunderclan, darktail who is darkstripe and swapped with longtail, attacks and rips-off Princess collar.
Princess is named Emberpaw.
Dustpaw comes in and screams that willowtail is dead and faints. Willowtail is willowpelt in the story and is swapped with Redtail who is redleaf and swapped with spottedleaf who is spottedpelt.
Goldenclaw (goldenflower) comes in with willowtails body.
She announced that stormheart (crookedstar) killed willowtail and that she averaged her.
Mouseheart (mousefur) is made deputy.
Some side notes:
Graypaw and ravenpaw are jerks in this. (At first)
Tigerclaw/tigerflower is a malewife
Willowtail is still the mother of darktail and graypaw, but spottedpelt (spottedleaf but now a background character) is the mother of sorreltail, rainwisker and sootfur.
Whitestorm died as a kit.
Bluefur still gave her kits up but took mosskit back with her because they were too weak.
When bluefur got hit by a car snowfur raised mosskit.
I will do more on this au later if you have any questions I’m happy to answer!
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thrushpe1t · 8 months ago
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whats up with her ‘unusually blue’ eyes
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birdsong-warriors · 4 months ago
I love your Willowpelt design! Could we maybe see a full body of her?
Is now a good time to mention it's been changed? :'D Willowpelt, Stonefur, and all five of their kids got a redesign last week!
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From left to right: Rainwhisker, Sorreltail, Sootwillow (Sootfur), Stonefur, Willowpelt, Darkstripe, Graystripe!
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easypeezysilverbreezey · 3 months ago
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i think about them a lot
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abcwarriorcats · 3 months ago
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t4wnyclaw · 2 months ago
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THE CANON FAMILY TREE OF THUNDERCLAN from ARC ONE (sandstorm is missing because she canonically has no family ties, pinestar and thistleclaw’s family is not shown in its entirety here.)
Flashnose and Daisytoe are sisters.
Whitestorm is only canonically the father of Sorreltail, Sootfur and Rainwhisker. Darkstripe and Greystripes father is unknown. On the family tree website he’s listed as the father of Brindleface’s kits aswell, making him the father of Ashfur and Ferncloud.
Dustpelt and Ferncloud are uncle and niece, Greystripe and Darkstripe are cousins of Tigerclaw. 
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pinest4r · 4 months ago
ooo Willowpelt or Mapleshade?
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Ended up doing both!! I also have two maple designs...I joke the second one is more Divorcecore but she just looks like she is solitaire spider for microsoft themed
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groobedbones · 2 months ago
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“i sure hope im not directly related with his father this time :DDD” love this book series . ignore the quality its my resting perioud
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