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Top Video Games That Must Be On Your Radar This Year
PC games have a reputation for providing an excellent quality gaming experience. Often with a plethora of features, excellent framerate, and great resolution.
PC games have a reputation for providing an excellent quality gaming experience. Often with a plethora of features, excellent framerate, and great resolution. They’ve surely remained top-selling products in the gaming industry. This is mainly due to the outstanding capabilities of gaming PCs, and the thrill that comes with building your own specs.The truth is, with the countless games available…
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1Z0-996-21: Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Service 2021 Implementation Essentials| How to Pass the Exam?
1Z0-996-21: Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Service 2021 Implementation Essentials| How to Pass the Exam?
Here is the solution to get your Oracle 1Z0-996-21 certification. You can discover the study guide and practice test and combine it to get your certification success. Overview of the 1Z0-996-21 Certified Specialist: If you are an Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Service 2021 Certified Implementation Specialist, the 1Z0-996-21 certified candidate, you can demonstrate the knowledge needed to…
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TW: sexual harassment
“The noise greets her the moment she walks into the classroom. The sound is guttural, a low, insistent moaning. It begins with one boy. Quickly others join in, enjoying her confusion and embarrassment when she understands the intended meaning. It is a daily sport.
I first became aware of the phenomenon of sexual moaning in our institutions of learning when visiting a large public school in regional Queensland early in 2021. I asked the girls what messages they would like conveyed to their male peers.
‘Please ask the boys to stop making sexual moaning noises in class.’ This was new to me. ‘How many of you have heard boys make these noises?’ I asked. In unison, 300 girls raised their hands.
It wasn’t just in the classroom either, they told me. It was on the school bus. At weekend sport. At a party. In the line-up at Maccas. While walking down the street. Even at home, where an older brother had trained the younger in the art of sexual groaning. But this community was not an outlier.
From then on, I asked every female student in every school I was able to enter in the COVID-disrupted year that followed if they had been similarly confronted. ‘Yes, of course we hear these noises.’ ‘It’s normal.’ ‘We thought we just had to put up with it.’ They think this practice of boys simulating the noise of orgasm at any female in their midst is normal. Not unusual, not rare, not out of the ordinary, but normal.
I added ‘Please ask boys to stop making sexual moaning noises’ to other messages girls routinely asked me to relay, including:
Please ask the boys to stop telling us about the porn they watched last night. Please ask the boys to stop ranking us according to the bodies of porn stars. Please ask the boys to stop making jokes about our bodies. Please ask the boys to stop rubbing up against us in the corridors. Please ask the boys to stop sending us dick pics. Please ask the boys to stop pressuring us for nudes.
These everyday sexual affronts tell us a great deal about how entrenched the objectification of girls is. They also tell us how widespread is the callousing of our young men, the erosion of empathy, the decay of civil behaviour, and the social arson caused by mass pornography saturation.
At a NSW Christian School just before the June 2021 lockdown, girls said boys were filming themselves simulating masturbation using hand sanitiser bottles.
At a Perth public school, girls arrived on their first day back after lockdown to be greeted with photocopies of boys’ penises taped to their lockers. And the most recent story, from a regional NSW public school: boys were masturbating on the school bus in front of girls.”
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the 2021 price total of train simulator and all of it’s dlc in 2021 comes to $10 373 but that’s a small price to pay for your special interest
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runaway bride ( ✶ ) profile one : polaris . . . 📂
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
— polaris is a 6 member all-rounder girl group under pledis entertainment which consists of sowon, minseo, hyerin, yn, jieun, and hyerim. they officially debuted on march 3, 2022 with their first mini album ‘universe:steorra’.
KIM Y/N (2003) — is face and center of the group, is a retired professional ice skater who was active from 2009 to 2021, she got scouted during a competition, said yes after thinking she’d be under the same company as gfriend, and got ghosted by her first love a year prior lol, buddy/nav (eunha biased)
representative animal : 🐻‍❄️
BAE SOWON (2001) — leader and eldest, auditioned with the dream of being a vocalist but is now in charge of most of the raps :p, she is super small but is very very powerful, trained the longest, loves red velvet especially irene
representative animal : 🐰
KIM MINSEO (2001) — originally wanted to be an actress but was told she had an idol turned actress visual… whatever that means, met exo when she was like 12 and had a very embarrassing crush on baekhyun, her dream was to be shipped with baekhyun until sowon said it was illegal
representative animal : 🦢
KANG HYERIN (2002) — right after she got rejected from sm entertainment, she was sitting on the ground eating ice cream when a staff from pledis casted her, has an ugly rat-dog named sniffles that vibrates, is almost always energized because she drinks scarily strong coffee everyday
representative animal : 🦉
SIM JIEUN (2004) — has kissed all of the members at least once, stole yn’s first kiss on purpose, the tallest in the group, loves scaring people with her bad flirtation skills, is very certain she’s funny, shower hog!!! she practices her singing and dancing in the bathroom, has the craziest vocals though
representative animal : 🦙
CHO HYERIM (2005) — maknae, 2nd tallest member, originally wanted to be a model just because she was tall, refused to change from being a model to being an idol until they bribed her with ice cream, her major red flag is that she’s obsessed with roblox pet simulator
representative animal : 🐈
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〈 masterlist | next 〉
⸝⸝ SYNOPSIS ‎𐪆 right when you thought you could run away from your past life as a figure skater by being an idol, you meet the sole person who made you want to leave that life behind in the first place. ₊˚✸ ༘
⸝⸝ TAGLIST ‎𐪆 [status : open for taglist 2] @ja4hyvn @aria-grace-scott @darrensos @c9tnoos @satorinnie @one16core @adnachiel97 @hrjchive @lqvwon @yjwnoot @jakahbot @softpia @chaeflms @d3ads0u1 @i-dubu @nshrkilvbt @ddeonu-s2 @yizhoutv @enhacolor @shynypeacekitten @solitxre @missmadwoman @youngbloodslut @wony6ung @mymomsdisappointment @hrtsforenha @miminyuu @chirokookie @hikruyo @tobiosbbyghorl @dxlicateee @jungwonswifex @mina-yoo334 @kingkaithekiwi @ferxanda @pshwyfie @magssu @bigtoewinwin @nyujjan @jaerisdiction @myluckycat @roseannepwwark @sd211 @cparqx @iz-hoonz @keii-1125 @ohsyanfei @certainyouthpeanut @yunkifoldr @lynnielvsu @itsjynop
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"head empty only service animal Boga" - @calika (october 7, 2021)
Since the day the mental image of Boga in a service animal vest was contrived by our frequent keeper of the braincell, @calika, a fun little conversation about Obi-Wan having a service varactyl for his PTSD on the kenobi kafé discord server turned into an extensive google doc, its own channel, many fics, some art, and as of recently-- an official tag on AO3!
In honor of the collective efforts of Kafé members and other amazing ao3 writers that have adapted the AU, I've compiled a little fic masterlist/rec list of all the Service Animal Boga fics! All of the works in this AU are amazing and wonderful and definitely check them all out!
You can find them all below the cut, or you can check out the AO3 collection and collaborative series!
~ ~ ~
Boga Service Animal AU- The Masterlist
Inseparable by @calika ~ Obi-Wan is torn from Boga’s side, his grip on her feathers failing as his captors drag him away and he screams, feeling like it’s his heart they’ve torn from him instead. [Obi-Wan and Boga are captured on the warfront] Rated T | 2.3k words
love like a roar by @catboydogma ~ “I don’t—I, uh. I don’t know what a varactyl is, Master,” Obi-Wan said, cradling the egg gingerly. “Find out soon, you will!” Yoda cackled, rapping the end of his gimer stick against Qui-Gon’s kitchen tile. If it were any other master, Qui-Gon might have protested giving the egg of a live creature to his very young, very tired padawan. But it was Yoda, and Yoda did what he liked. Qui-Gon supposed there had to be some advantages to being shin-high and over 500 years. Rated G | 1.4k words
Angel of Music by @calika ~ He finds her curled up in Qui-Gon’s favourite blanket on the couch, head stretched to the sky and swaying as she happily creates the most joyful sonic torture to ever exist. [Boga sings her heart out at every opportunity.] Rated G | 2.5k words
grief is its own beast by @calltomuster ~ The creature comes to a screeching halt right in front of them – right in front of Obi-Wan, whose face seems to crumple a bit. “Boga,” he chokes out, and then his hands are buried in its crests and his face is tucked into the side of its neck. The creature trills again, a lower-pitched cry of mourning, and cuddles closer to the man who is clutching it like it is his lifeline. [Or: in the wake of Qui-Gon's death on Naboo, Obi-Wan's service animal Boga provides some much-needed comfort.] Rated T | 2.5k words
I'll Love You Forever (Let Me Be Your Shelter) by @swranger ~ The training simulations on Kamino had never included a 60-foot feathered lizard. Cody had to admit the veractyl was endearing, though, in her own way. The creature—Boga—did a considerable job of being in the background, despite her large size. Cody knew how much she helped his General, so he couldn’t help but be grateful to her. Normally, she was vigilant, perceptive, and calm. She certainly wasn’t calm at the moment. It was the first time that Cody found himself wishing the veractyl were a little less perceptive. General Kenobi hadn’t come back from the latest mission. Rated T | 2.3k words
Not everything feels like something else by @artherra ~ Qui-Gon voices the: “Oh!” for him. The lizard that stands at her feet; roughly tall enough for its head to be level with Obi-Wan’s chest; turns its head to them as soon as they enter and fixes its stare straight at him, those yellow, burning, intelligent eyes cutting through his soul. The crown of purple-blue-jade feathers on the back of its head lifts as it considers him like an equal, like a challenger, and he straightens without thinking. A sort of harness wraps around its body along with a vest; it says on the side, SERVICE ANIMAL IN TRAINING, and DO NOT DISTRACT, black font on bright orange. “Obi-Wan,” the lady tries to get his attention but he’s too busy having a staring contest with the animal that reminds him so closely, so terribly of some half-forgotten idea of home. “I want you to meet Boga.” One by one, we each stay alive. Rated T | 9.9k words | warnings: graphic depictions of violence, see author note for TW
war is a looming specter by @calltomuster ~ “Hey,” Anakin said softly, kneeling down. “Are you alright, Master?” Obi-Wan raised his head and revealed his pale, blotchy face and red-rimmed eyes. “I – I can’t – I can’t do it again, I can’t–” At his side, Boga let out a soft trill and raised her head to swipe her tongue down the side of Obi-Wan’s face. [Or: in the shadow of the first battle of Geonosis, Anakin learns the Jedi are going to war. His first thought is of Obi-Wan.] Rated T | 2.1k words
Trials and Tribulations (I've had my share) by @silveryinkystar ~ "It's not like I'm not attached, either," Obi-Wan said. "To Skywalker?" Obi-Wan shook his head. “No, I – I meant Boga. I’m so scared of losing her. You saw what my last mission did to my state of mind. I’ve never been this afraid of losing anyone before, not even Qui-Gon. I am attached to her, and I don’t know if that’s–” Boga, sensing his distress, rolled over slightly, and Obi-Wan broke off into a wheeze. Obi-Wan, upon returning from a harrowing mission during the war, gets a visit from Yoda and discuss a few things that were weighing on his mind. Rated G | 2.1k words
I'll help you carry on by @hellowkatey ~ "I've done lots of research, Master. Varactyls are very smart and loyal. Plus, I've always been good at connecting with animals through the Force." "Indeed you have," the Jedi Master says with a tinge of defeat. "Though I worry about taking on the responsibility of training Boga on top of your padawan studies. You already have much to catch up on." [or, 5 glimpses into Obi-Wan training Boga to be his service animal, and 1 time that training pays off] Rated G | 7.5k words
Just out of Reach by @coalmine301 ~ “Boga,” Anakin said, voice oddly heavy. She ignored the tone in favor of wagging her tail in greeting. That was her name! “Boga, you-” Ani swallowed dryly “-you don’t have to protect him anymore.” What was he talking about? Of course she would always protect her little friend. Partially because that was her job, but also because he was her little friend. Her Obi. Her partner. A man who needed her help more often than not these days. Not Rated | 1.7k words | warnings: graphic depictions of violence
every possible way by @catboydogma ~ “Oh, hello there,” Obi-Wan said, turning and raising an arm. Boga had her little paws hooked into his tunics, beak open wide and tail lashing behind her. “What are you doing here, darling?” Boga opened her beak even wider, somehow, and screeched at him. He’d never heard her so loud or so shrill. The rush of the fountains and streams in the Room filled the air between them. OR: 5 times Boga screamed to be silly + 1 time Boga screamed to be serious Rated G | 3.2k words
Search and Rescue by @silveryinkystar ~ It was awfully silent in the gardens. Cody gripped his hat tightly in his arms, wondering why it had struck him so suddenly. The gardens in the Jedi Temple, after all, weren’t particularly loud – this section was especially quiet compared to other, more frequented areas – and nothing appeared to be amiss. Appeared was the key word. Something was off. [Maul kidnaps Boga in order to bait Obi-Wan into a trap for revenge. This is the story of her rescue.] Rated T | 6.5k words
well and far behind by @catboydogma~ It will be easy, the Senate had said. Just yourself and perhaps a few others, they’d said. Quick in and out, they had told him. Well, this was most definitely not a “quick in and out” sort of mission. Rated T | 1.7k words
healing takes its own path by @calltomuster ~ Obi-Wan looked back down at Boga. He stretched out his hand a bit, and this time Boga was the one who leaned forward into his touch. He began scratching dutifully, clearly understanding the implicit instruction, and immediately the low rumbling began again. A slow, small smile crept across his face. “G-good girl, Boga,” Obi-Wan whispered, so softly that it could barely be heard. [Or: three scenes in the early life of Obi-Wan and Boga's partnership.] Rated T | 3.9k words
Drifting in The Foam by OldManBen ~ War changes the very fabric of the soul. It is a moral wound, one that even the most skilled healers and poets cannot mend. There is no victory, not when there are orphans and widows. When Obi-Wan returns from the Melidaan conflict, the Jedi come together to help him find his way again. Rated T | 6.1k words
Everything Will be Fine by MiaSertnev ~ Boga has always been there since Melida/Daan. Obi-Wan cannot imagine life without her while she would make any sacrifice to protect her Master. Rated T | 5.4k words
Feathers, facades, and other fashions of the coruscant elite by @calika ~ Forwarded from Galactic Republic Senate Administration Office: High General Obi-Wan Kenobi, you are invited to attend the 3rd Peace Gala to benefit the republic planets most impacted by the war.
Reply to Galactic Republic Senate Administration Office: I am honoured to accept the invitation on the condition my service animal may accompany me. May the force be with you. Rated G | 4.9k words
Head in the Sand by @swranger ~ Then the sweet sound of a gunship directly overhead filtered through the dust. Whoops and fresh cheers from the troops made Obi-wan’s knees weak again. “Reinforcements! The reinforcements have arrived!” There were already clones running past them. Obi-wan turned off his lightsaber. The plasma melted away, and so did Obi-wan’s strength. He and Boga sank to the ground together. Rated T | 5.5k words | warnings: graphic depictions of violence
easy now / now alone by @catboydogma ~ There was nothing else in the world that felt like Boga. Her scales were smooth but not slick, pebbled but not raised. Her beak was always warm, somehow, despite the fact that it was bone and keratin. Her tongue laved over the inside of his wrist and then she nudged forward, thumping the side of her head against his chest. His arm automatically went around her neck and she set a leg delicately over his lap. The warm weight of it felt real like nothing else. Rated T | 3.0k words | warnings: graphic depictions of violence
our teeth to break by @catboydogma ~ Obi-Wan woke to a raging headache, searing pain in his shoulders, and a dull throbbing at the back of his skull. He was strung up by his wrists, Force-suppressing cuffs digging into the soft insides of his arms, feet barely brushing the cold durasteel floor under him. He noticed, with a sinking feeling, a circular drain set in the middle of the floor just under his toes. Rated M | 3.3k words | warnings: graphic depictions of violence
A Boy and His Varactyl by @stolen-pen-name23 ~ As he lays there, crumpled on the ground, panting and unable to move, Obi-Wan realizes something. “Boga, you have to go find Master Qui-Gon,” he says. The words are painful to utter, but he utters them anyway. Boga squawks at him, indignation bright in her intelligent eyes. OR: Obi-Wan is lost and injured in the woods. Boga helps him. Rated G | 2.6k words
Da Capo al Coda by @pandora15 ~ Obi-Wan Kenobi has a number of constants that he can rely on: his family, his job, and his service dog, Boga. But when things suddenly start to unravel, he is forced to face — and consider — the possibility of losing everything. After all, it is better to be alone than to be the cause of pain for the ones you love the most. Rated G | ongoing
a love that won't sit still by @catboydogma ~ Obi-Wan sang to Boga when he fed her. Qui-Gon had no idea why or when this had started. It just was. Obi-Wan crooned nonsensical melodies to Boga when he brushed through her crest and checked her toe pads, he sang snatches of Qui-Gon’s rowdiest drinking songs when he fed her, and when she curled up on his chest to sleep he hummed a sleepy three-note song of satisfaction before dropping off to sleep. Rated G | 1.8k words
The Guns in My Head by OldManBen ~ Following the deception arc, Obi-Wan and friends deal with the emotional fall out. In which Obi-Wan and Anakin finally talk, Obi-Wan admits a hard truth, and Boga offers Obi-Wan comfort.
Not Rated | ongoing
numbness spreading across your chest like frost by @calltomuster ~It was stupid, Obi-Wan knew it was stupid, but he hadn’t been able to help clinging to the thought during the war that once it was over, everything would be better.
But now the war was over, and Obi-Wan felt worse than he had in a long, long time. Rated M | 8.1k | warnings: see tags and AN for trigger warnings
instead I took care of you by @calltomuster ~ When Obi-Wan opened his eyes again, he was on the ground and he couldn’t remember how he got there.
[Or: many decades after the successful ending of the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan is still struggling, in ways both old and new.] Rated T | 2.0k
dogfish by @catboydogma ~ This was a beautiful planet. The name escaped him at the moment, but it had three moons and a single young blue sun. The atmosphere was a stunning deep cobalt in the evenings as the sun set and the first moon rose, but in the day—as it was now—the sky was a delicate shade of lavender. It was almost entirely rock and natural springs, with volatile volcanoes at each pole. Not two yards from Obi-Wan, a waterfall of glass-green water fountained down a rocky cliff to the riverbed. The rock here was every shade imaginable, though it tended to settle in deep violets and indigos. All it meant now was that Obi-Wan was covered in violet rock dust and his blood turned the rock beneath him almost black. Rated T | 1.6k
guardian angel by @coalmine301 ~ The varactyl knew Obi-wan was in this base somewhere, no doubt being hurt by these strange, mean men. It was only a matter of finding him… and hurting whoever dared lay a hand on him, of course. Not Rated | 1.7k let this cup pass from me by RogerRogerThat ~ The Force calls upon its beloved disciple, Obi-Wan Kenobi, guardian of the Light to prevent the destruction of the Jedi Order and the Galaxy. The only problem is Obi-Wan can't remember what happened, and he isn't sure if he'll ever be the same. Rated T | ongoing
Boga and the Human Called Anakin by @stolen-pen-name23 ~ Boga is distrustful of the human called Anakin, but due to his relationship with her Master, she is forced to get along with him. Now that her Master is missing and presumed dead, Boga has to trust Anakin and work with him if there’s any hope of saving Obi-Wan. Rated G | 1.9k
Walking Nightmare by RogerRogerThat ~ Obi-Wan has a flashback of Rattatak in the Temple and his friends help him to find his way back home again. Thankfully, Obi-Wan Kenobi has his faithful Boga Woga and friends to remind him he is safe. Rated T | 2k
I'll try to keep this list updated as more Boga Service Animal fics come about!
If you are a writer interested in writing for this AU, the collection is open for anyone to participate! There are details in the FAQ and rules about guidelines for writing within the AU, but the abridged requirements are just to include Boga as a service animal in some way.
AO3 tag: Service Animal Boga (Star Wars)
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Talk to me about Jake Dennis I’m new to FE and thinking of stanning but I know very little about him
1. ekay, I can do that ... I think?
Just so we're clear I am insanely biased but also most of this is about him as a driver (jk jk ... it's about his abs)
1. he looks like this ... he also likes to post pictures like this on his official social media (or used to ... I think he has new management, rip)
Tumblr media
2. he started racing in FE in 2020 / 2021 season and ... didn't get the warmest welcome? Cause he was fairly unknown at that point and people just looked at his racing record which wasn't that impressive at that point tbh so they were shitty but the then BMW i Andretti team apparently put their development drivers through a training camp to see who was the best and guess what? Ma boi was :D (there was also something about Lando fans hacking fanboost so Jake would get it i don't really remember)
3. like so many FE drivers he's also racing in other categories, mainly GT ... for example he did DTM in 2019 for Aston Martin ... he also did some GT3 stuff in 2021 but I cannot find it right now
4. and speaking of Aston Martin that's also how he became a RedBull Racing development driver, which he still is, doing simulator work for them before races (yes, I have a thing for men who've been taken hostage by that stupid energy drink company, yes, it's def me also having Stockholm Syndrom from growing up so close to them)
5. as a driver Jake Dennis is (in my absolutely biased opinion) about the best qualifier in FE, which was one of the main reasons he ended up P3 last season as a rookie, because of all the new tracks they did (Valencia E-Prix was funny as a whole but a masterclass from Jake Dennis like omg)
6. coming back to the beginning and his looks: he is insanely vain ... not a week goes by where he doesn't talk about his hair on Instagram ... yet he ALWAYS ignores people asking about his skin care routine ... rude, imo
7. aside from being very rude and talking about his hair a lot (eg his official FE vlog which had him talk about his hair for at least 2 minutes (X)) he's also a lil no thoughts head empty ... but in an insanely smart way?
8. he has a sister he clearly loves a lot
9. he's friends with A lot of drivers, like Clement Novalak or Dan Ticktum or Lando Norris, idk idk it's mostly Clem these days, which is fine by me and also @andretti-autosport who likes to message me about them (as she should) <333
10. Speaking of no thoughts: the man struggles ... like a lot ... like omg he has rotten luck, his luck is SOOO bad his struggles have their own twitter account (x) ... like if he doesn't have at least one road car issue a week it's a miracle?
11. some of those struggles are also man-made though like that time he used dish soap for his dish washer (x)
12. or him misplacing the P3 trophy ... you know the P3 CHAMPIONSHIP trophy (x)
13. another struggle could be the fact that the german and the english wikipedia pages have different birthdays for him idk idk
Tumblr media Tumblr media
14. @alx-albon says he looks and sounds like Charles Leclerc except bri'ish which is rude but also true
15. Just watch the Valencia E-Prix 2021 and the London E-Prix 2021 and tell me he is not amazing, I dare you!
Anyways that's it cause I cannot find the video I wanted to link but basically: he is hot ... he is incredibly talented ... he is a lil bit stupid ... he is super nice and friendly ... he is vain ... he might be my soulmate ... you should stan him and maybe one day he'll reveal his skin care routine and you too will have as clear skin as him
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dreamerstreamer · a year ago
Telltale Talent
Pairing: Dream / Clay x gn!reader
Summary: [Dream SMP!AU] When Dream tries to teach you how to spar, he learns that you’re more than what meets the eye.
Word Count: 2.1k
A/N: this was requested by an anon who wanted a fun sparring practice with a surprise! here’s to the first fic of 2021, and i hope you enjoy <3
Tumblr media
Clay stared down at the map on his desk, his fingers curling tighter around the quill in his hands. A mess of scribbles and circles gazed back up at him as he made another mark. He bit back the sigh that threatened to escape his throat, his brow twitching.
You were doing it, again.
He could feel your eyes on him from the other side of the room, practically boring a hole through his skull. He clenched his jaw, chewing on his lip as he tried to focus his attention on the map lying before him. If you were going to do what he thought you were going t—
At that exact moment, you opened your mouth, but he spoke before you could.
Almost immediately, a whine flew from your lips, and you thrashed your legs in annoyance. “What?! Why not?” You frowned, determination etched into your features. “It’ll be a good experience!”
This time, he actually did sigh, lifting his head to look at you dead on, balancing his quill between his fingers. “For one, it’s not like you’re not going to go into battle, anyway.”
Your frown deepened, a line forming between your brows as you shot him a longing look. “That doesn’t mean you still can’t teach me how to spar.”
He pursed his lips, his tongue poking at the inside of his cheek. “There’s no need to.”
For a few seconds, you simply stared at one another, your eyes swimming with resolve as he grimaced. Then your face lit up, and you shot your arm into the air, making him jump. 
“Self-defence!” you shouted, your entire body practically glowing with hope. “If you teach me how to spar, then I could use it for self-defence purposes.” Before he could open his mouth to retort, you cut him off with a cold look. “Clay, you can’t tell me that there’s no chance that I won’t ever have to defend myself—you just can’t.”
Clay blinked at you, glowering. You weren’t wrong, per se. He didn’t want to acknowledge it, but there was still a very real possibility that at any point, you could be in danger, regardless of whether or not you were on the battlefield. It wasn’t that he didn’t think you were capable of keeping yourself safe, but teaching you how to fight would mean having to admit that there may come a time where he couldn’t be there for you.
The mere thought left a bitter taste in his mouth.
He stared at you for a long moment, taking in the sight of your pleading face and clenched hands, your eyes desperately searching his. Then, he sighed once more, setting his quill down in its holder. “Fine.”
You let out a delighted squeal, springing to your feet before bounding over to his desk. Bending over, you pressed a quick peck to his cheek. His heart skipped a loving beat in his chest, and his cheeks flushed pink.
“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Clay!” you cried, flashing him a bright grin as you pulled back. Your eyes curved into crescent moons as you giggled with glee. “You won’t regret this, I promise!”
He rested his head on his hand as he watched you cheer to yourself, pumping your air in a successful dance. A small smile flitted across his face, his emerald eyes crinkling at the corners as his map lay forgotten on the desk.
Oh, who was he kidding? You were far too cute to say no to, even if he wanted to.
Tumblr media
“So, what’s first?”
He hummed, tucking a hand under his chin. Above you, the midday sun beat down on you both, the clouds watching with eager eyes as Clay paced around the clearing.
He was lucky to have found a spot within the forest that was both open and had plenty of soft grass. This way, you’d have a proper spot to practice while also having some semblance of cushioning beneath you in case you fell. As much as he wanted to simulate a real fight scenario for you, he didn’t want you to actually get injured. He could hardly manage to keep his cool when you got a simple scrape on your finger—there was no way he’d remain calm if you got hurt in a fight, practice or not.
His steps suddenly came to a halt, and he turned on his heel to look at you with a thoughtful glance. “Before we even properly start practicing,” he began, raising two fingers, “there are two things you should know and remember.”
Your eyebrows knit together as you let out a small whine, your shoulders sinking at your side. “Aw, is this a lecture?” You frowned. “I just want to skip to the fun part, already.”
Clay rolled his eyes as shook his head, but you didn’t miss the tiny smile on his lips as he wagged his fingers at you. “Ah, ah, ah. I’m the teacher here, so you better pay attention.”
You shot him a sour look, then quietly grumbled, “Well, you’re not a very fun teacher.”
He scowled at that, placing a hand on his hip. “We’re getting there!” His gaze softened, and his tone grew gentle as he offered, “Let’s just do this first, okay? I promise I’ll keep it short, and you will get to try a real spar, today.”
Your frown was slowly replaced by a smile, and you sent him a keen look, shifting forward onto your toes. “Okay.”
He grinned, taking a few steps back from you until he was standing on the opposite side of the clearing. “Good. First,” he said, pointing his two fingers at his eyes then to yours, “never take your eyes off your enemy.” He cocked his head as he lowered his arm. “It may seem obvious to you, but you’d be surprised by how often people forget in the heat of the moment.”
Your gaze was serious when you nodded, and he was almost taken aback by how quickly your demeanour had changed. “I can do that.”
He blinked for a second, then sent you another encouraging smile. “Perfect. Second,” he carried on, pointing downward, “remember that your feet exist.”
“Okay—wait.” You froze, your eyebrows furrowing together as confusion flickered across your face. “What?”
He chuckled at your confused expression, dropping his arm. “I know it sounds dumb, but it’s true! You see,” he explained, tapping a finger against his temple, “the human brain is kind of dumb, and a lot of the time when it comes to fights, a person’s first instinct is to focus on their enemy’s hands and immobilize them.” He raised his hand toward you, curling it into a tight fist. “After all, they are pretty effective weapons. But your feet can be just as, if not more, powerful.” His gaze darted back to yours. “Do you follow?”
Slowly, you nodded, your eyes staring directly at his knuckles. “In the same way,” he continued, “it’s also good to remember that your elbows and knees are two of the strongest parts of your body.” He raised one hand, the other reaching over to tap his elbow. “Don’t be afraid to use them, because they can be especially useful.”
Your lips parted as you bobbed your head. He could practically see the gears churning in your head, and he almost wanted to coo at how focused you looked. “Feet, elbows, knees,” your murmured quietly to yourself, huffing. “Got it.”
He dropped his arm, his lips quirking. “Awesome.” He turned slightly to the side, shifting his weight onto his back foot. “Now that the so-called boring part is done, do you just want to give it a first go and try a practice fight? First person to knock the other person over wins.”
Your eyes lit up, and for a split second, Clay could have sworn he saw something dark flicker through your gaze. But it was gone as soon as it had appeared, and he was soon blinded by your dazzling grin. “Sure!”
His expression mirrored yours as he brought his arms up in front of him, his hands forming fists. In front of him, your eyes quickly scanned him up and down, and you slowly moved to copy his stance. He felt a tinge of satisfaction shoot through him. You were a fast learner.
“I’m ready when you are,” he called, cracking his neck with a grunt.
Your eyes narrowed, your tongue darting out to wet your lips, and for a moment, all was still.
Then, in a flash, you were charging toward him, stopping only just in front of him to throw your fist at his skull. He smiled at your earnest effort, quickly twisting to the side. You nearly toppled forward when your fist met empty air, and he reveled in your widening eyes. A split second later, you leapt back, swinging your left leg up and into his side. But just before your shin made impact with his hoodie, he lifted his arm, his hand quickly latching onto your ankle and holding it in place.
“Ooh, nice try, sweetheart,” he hummed, shooting you a crooked grin. He drank in the shocked look on your face as his expression grew a fraction darker and his grip on your ankle tightened.
“But not nice enough.”
He swiftly threw down your foot, watching as you stumbled back at the force. You didn’t get the chance to regain your balance before he was suddenly looming beside you, his fist flying toward your nose. With a yelp, you ducked, your arm shooting above your head to grab his arm in midair. He blinked as your fingers dug into his sweater, curling tightly into the fabric. Then, a devious grin crept onto his face.
As much as you may try, he had the upper hand when it came to brute strength.
But to his shock, he felt something sharp and hard slam into his gut, knocking the air straight out of his lungs. He quickly back-pedaled, but your hold on his sleeve didn’t let up. He only barely caught a glimpse of your kneecap before you stepped behind him, twisting his arm around and pinning it to his back. Just then, he felt something brush against his ankle.
No way.
In the blink of an eye, his legs were flying out beneath him, and he was flipping into the air. With a thud, he slammed into the ground, a dull ache shooting through his back as the grass cushioned his fall. Before he could even react, you quickly placed your foot on his chest, keeping him thoroughly pinned down.
His eyes were the size of saucers as he took in your half-shaking figure, your eyes trained on his fallen form. You panted above him, your fists slowly uncurling. “Was—was that good?”
Clay gaped at you, his head spinning with what you’d just done. You had just knocked him, a trained soldier and practiced assassin, flat on his back with practically no instructions whatsoever. He had only given you two—well, two and a half—simple tips before putting you on the spot, and you still managed to take him down.
There was no sugarcoating it—you were a prodigy. 
If he wasn’t in love with you before, then he definitely was, now.
Pride swelled in his chest as he closed his mouth, swallowing. He stared at you for a moment longer before shaking his head free from his reverie. He couldn’t wait to teach you more.
“[Y/N],” he breathed, his lips stretching into an awed grin, “you’re amazing.”
You blinked, pointing to yourself in surprise. “I-I am?”
He nodded without even an ounce hesitation, his grin growing even wider. “Very.” With a small grunt, he pushed himself back onto his feet, dusting off his behind before turning back to you. “Now,” he said, “do it again.” His eyes glinted with something akin to mischief. “I won’t go easy on you this time.”
You tilted your head at him as a devilish smile of your own tugged at your lips. “In that case, neither will I.”
He raised a brow at you, but he couldn’t stop the affection bubbling up in between his lungs. He felt his heart beat faster as you settled into a fighting stance, your arms raised in front of you. “That’s the spirit.”
Your eyes locked onto each other, and for a moment, all was still.
Then, you came barreling towards him, your eyes glimmering in the sunlight. His lips curled into a smirk as he raised his foot.
Perhaps teaching you to fight wasn’t too bad of an idea, after all.
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tododekucrumbs · 12 months ago
Light Novel 6 - Long Notes
🌸 My Hero Academia Light Novel 6 🌸 ✨ Todoizu / Izutodo crumbs ✨ Long Note Version
Longer notes on all the Midoriya and Todoroki interactions in the 6th official My Hero Academia light novel “Cherry Blossom” that just came out October 4th, 2021 in Japan! I posted a TL;DR “short note” version for people who don’t want to read all of this too, check my last post!
These are just notes by a fan, for fans. If you notice mistakes feel free to comment! And VIZ has released volumes 1-5 of the My Hero Academia light novels in English so I bet they will do this 6th one in the future too!
Notes under the cut to protect people from spoilers.
🌸 My Hero Academia Light Novel 6 🌸 ✨ Todoizu / Izutodo crumbs ✨ Long Note Version
Midoriya & Todoroki are next to each other in the group cover picture under the cherry blossoms
Chapter 1 - Setsubun School Event
The students are randomly broken into two teams for a Setsubun themed training event and Midoriya & Todoroki end up on opposing teams. Midoriya is on the Momotaro Team (“good guys”) and Todoroki is on the Oni Team with Bakugo (“bad guys” who have Eri as a hostage). The Oni Team can beat the Momotaro Team by hitting them with an oni club, and the Momotaro Team can beat the Oni Team by hitting them with beans.
When Bakugo is struggling to befriend Eri, Shoto reminds Bakugo that Midoriya is close with Eri and suggests that Bakugo should base his behavior on Midoriya (Bakugo gets mad at this idea).
The Momotaro Team is trying to rescue Eri, and Midoriya is with Tsuyu going towards the Oni Team base when suddenly a wall of ice appears before them. Todoroki calls out to Midoriya and slides towards them on ice but Asui manages to grab Midoriya before Todoroki can catch him. Midoriya tells Asui to run ahead without him and she does-- but Todoroki immediately freezes her and then chases after Midoriya. Todoroki makes an ice wall to get Midoriya to slide back towards him and tries to hit him with his club but Midoriya turns back and so tries to get Todoroki out with beans. Fighting seriously for the first time in a while, they smile like kids at each other as the battle heats up, enjoying fighting together. Midoriya later escapes.
Bakugo is still having trouble befriending Eri, so the Oni Team decides to all tell Eri good things about Bakugo. Todoroki thinks for a bit and tells Eri that Bakugo takes all his classes properly and is Midoriya’s childhood friend. Bakugo yells at Todoroki questioning why he included that he’s Midoriya’s childhood friend as something that’s good about him.
Chapter 2 - Valentine’s Day
The girls of 1-A, Bakugo, Midoriya, and Iida are trying to solve the mystery of who the “Prince of 1-A” is after a student from another class left Valentine’s Day chocolate for him without specifying who it was. They run into Todoroki and he’s carrying a big cardboard box so Midoriya asks him about it and Todoroki says it’s filled with chocolate that was sent for him.
Todoroki is confused why people he doesn’t know would send him chocolate, and Midoriya theorizes that it might be from people who saw Todoroki’s TV interview after he got his provisional hero license since that attracted a lot of attention.
Todoroki then remembers something and reaches into his pocket and pulls out two small cheap chocolates and hands them to Midoriya and Iida. Todoroki says he heard from Yaoyorozu that you give chocolate to friends on Valentine’s Day so he got chocolate for Midoriya and Iida.
Midoriya and Iida are super surprised and touched, and Yaoyorozu and the girls watching are also all touched at how pure & wholesome it is. Bakugo is disgusted. Midoriya and Iida then run off to the school store telling Todoroki they’re going to buy him chocolate and Todoroki watches them leave with a soft expression on his face.
Chapter 3 - Snowy Mountain Camping
We learn the students have been staying overnight at their internships a lot, and Kaminari is upset they’re not getting to have fun and relax on their spring break. Midoriya, Todoroki, Bakugo, and Kirishima all come back from their internships to find Kaminari complaining at Sero and Iida in the common room about how they’re not having a fun spring break.
Midoriya agrees with Kaminari that it doesn’t feel like spring break since they’ve been constantly on their internship, but then he quickly turns to Todoroki and thanks him for inviting him to intern with him. Todoroki’s expression softens at Midoriya’s words.
Aizawa overhears them talking and so sends Midoriya, Todoroki, Iida, Bakugo, Kaminari, Sero, and Kirishima to a special new snowy mountain simulation training facility, saying they can go camp there for one night and use it for fun.
Midoriya notices something seems strange with Bakugo, and then Todoroki notices Midoriya staring at Bakugo. Todoroki asks Midoriya what’s wrong and Midoriya says nothing, but later it turns out Bakugo was acting weird because he had a fever.
They split into three groups to set up the campsite, get fish, and get wood to use for fire. Iida and Todoroki are sent to gather wood and while they’re alone Todoroki tells Iida he’s surprised that Iida came on the camping trip instead of catching up on studying that he’s missed during his internship. Iida tells Todoroki that he did think of that, but thought there would be things he could learn camping too, and Iida says the number 1 reason he decided to come camping is because Todoroki and Midoriya were going. Iida says it’s a rare chance to get to go camping with friends and Todoroki agrees-- Midoriya and Iida coming is the main reason Todoroki came camping too.
At dinner they all sit around a campfire and eat fish they caught earlier in the day. Midoriya is sitting next to Todoroki, and Horikoshi drew a two page spread image of this scene!
At dinner Kaminari says Todoroki’s Quirk is valuable on camping trips but Todoroki doesn’t get why. Midoriya then rambles about how Todoroki can use his Quirk for many things camping-- the fire can be used for warmth, cooking, light, and to scare off animals, the ice can be used for water or first aid, and Todoroki could even make & heat a bath! Midoriya tells Todoroki he could camp all by himself. Todoroki responds to this by saying if he goes camping again he wants to go with everyone again. Sero is surprised Todoroki is saying something so cute and brings up Early-Roki.
In the middle of the night their campsite is attacked by a Yeti-like monster (that later turns out to be a UA robot, the whole thing was secretly training from Aizawa). Students disappear one by one and Todoroki goes with Midoriya and Kirishima to see what’s going on.
When fighting the Yeti-robot, Todoroki freezes it in an ice wall and Midoriya is standing fairly close to it, mumbling and trying to figure out a strategy. The Yeti-robot suddenly breaks free from the ice and Midoriya has a bit of a fever so is slow to react to the ice wall breaking and Todoroki yells Midoriya’s name and shoots fire at the Yeti-robot to try and save Midoriya. The Yeti-robot dodges but Midoriya yells Todoroki’s name and manages to punch the Yeti-Robot in the face.
Chapter 4 - Eri’s Training & Shichi-go-san
No crumbs :)
Chapter 5 - Making Hero Promo Videos
Iida, Midoriya, and Todoroki walk & chat together when class 1-A is heading to meet up with the students from the Department of Management
Chapter 6 - Teachers Cherry Blossom Party
No crumbs :)
The end! :)
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deancaskiss · 8 months ago
guys i’m hella stressed. i have a simulation tomorrow (i haven’t had one since spring 2021) and it’s a really stressful scenario. i still have a bunch to prepare for it, but the fake scenario is that im a “dairy cow vet” who messed up and gave pregnant heifers a vaccine that i thought was safe but that actually causes them to lose their pregnancies. and i have to talk to the “client’ and admit to having caused the pregnancy losses. 
i know this is important experience to practice because things do go wrong in real life and i have to train as a future doctor to have these difficult conversations and be able to handle when i’ve done things wrong. 
but god, i’m so stressed and scared for this simulation. i know it’s all fake, but i feel... idk.... like i’m already putting blame on myself for something that isn’t even real. and to have to talk to a “client” and find a way to discuss something so grave.
wish me luck, yall. this is gonna be a real difficult simulation.
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demifiendrsa · a year ago
Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX - Announcement Trailer
Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX will launch for Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam worldwide and iOS in the west on December 9, 2021.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Monster artwork
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
In celebration of the magical series’ 25th anniversary, Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX brings the wildly popular simulation games to modern hardware where players raise their own monsters and train them to compete against other eccentric creatures in combat and tournaments. With hundreds of different monster types, each with their own skills and abilities, every Rancher will be able to raise and train monsters that are a perfect fit for their personality and play style.
The special collection also includes content that was never originally featured in the original Western release, such as additional save slots, Freeze slots, and Monster Hall of Fame slots. New features have also been added to Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX, including a memo feature to use while raising monsters, rankings for random battles, and a high-speed mode to play through the game faster.
The Monster Rancher series originally launched with a unique feature that allowed players to use physical CDs to generate monsters in the game, with each CD having a unique ID that would spawn a different monster. This feature has been re-worked in Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX, allowing players to search a database to find their desired CD and generate a monster from its data. Enjoy searching a vast database of songs from around the world and generating monsters based off of some of your favorite music!
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isecprep · a year ago
DBExam.com Review: Oracle OCS 1Z0-996-21 Is Easy Now
DBExam.com Review: Oracle OCS 1Z0-996-21 Is Easy Now
This article is all about John’s Oracle certification journey with DBExam.com. He reviewed DBExam.com’s 1Z0-996-21 practice test material positively after his success. Let’s get an overview of the certification and get some valuable tips from John. What is the 1Z0-996-21 Certification all about? The 1Z0-996-21 certification is a specialist level certification with 60 questions. The 90 minutes…
Tumblr media
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usafphantom2 · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tata partners with Lockheed to manufacture F-21 aircraft wings in India
Fernando Valduga By Fernando Valduga 12/11/2021 - 5:45 pm in Military
The joint venture Tata Lockheed Martin Aerostructures Ltd (TLMAL), created between the TATA Advanced Systems company of the Tata group and the large American aerospace and defense industry Lockheed Martin, decided to manufacture the F-21 fighter wings in India.
"Another achievement added to the partnership between the US and India with the successful qualification of the prototype project of a pair of hunting wings at TLMAL," tweeted Lockheed Martin's Indian arm.
He also referred to the 'Make in India' initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government to boost manufacturing in the country.
Lockheed said Tata may be one of its potential future co-producers of aerospace equipment, which will help the two companies demonstrate that they can establish a production ecosystem in India.
"Lockheed Martin has partnered with Tata Advanced Systems to build one of the most technologically complex aerostructures - a 9G fighter wing, with a service life of 12,000 hours, interchangeable / replaceable, which transports fuel," said Lockheed's vice president of strategy and business development, Aimee Burnett, in Hyderabad.
According to her, the partnership shows the "degree of trust" of her company in Indian defense manufacturers.
Tumblr media
In 2019, Lockheed won contracts with the United States and Slovakia to provide F-35 and F-16 fighters. He also recently unveiled a new F-35 simulator that uses advanced mission training technologies to support the training of military pilots in various environments, The Defense Post reported.
Tumblr media
Tata has signed a $2.9 billion agreement to supply 56 Airbus C-295 medium transport aircraft to the Indian Air Force and 40 of them will allegedly be built by Tata on India's first private sector aircraft assembly line.
Tata's managing director, Sukaran Singh, said his company and Lockheed are establishing "a new benchmark" for complex defense manufacturing in India that requires high precision and quality.
The successful completion of the prototype of the pair of fighter wings is another achievement for both defense companies, he said.
Fernando Valduga
Cavok Brazil - Digital Tchê Web Creation
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x-infernhoes-x · a year ago
God Is A Woman- Dominic x Reader [SMUT-DRABBLE]
Tumblr media
Art by @achiigo on twitter
Tumblr media
Genre: Romance, Smut
Description: Y’ALL ASKED FOR THIS BUT HERE’S A DRABBLE FOR ALL YOU THIRSTY ASS DOM SIMPS. Also my grandmother has been watching this period era drama called the Cook of Castamar and all I could imagine is Dominic in a loose puffy shirt and cream colored regency pants.
7-19-2021, 6:09 PM: I had this fic saved in my drafts at 5 am because I wanted to post it but I said fuck it and decided to post it when I woke up LMAO
Tumblr media
 If there was one thing Dominic was proud of, it was spending all these passionate nights with you, his beloved wife. It was safe to say that he was in love with every inch of you—mind, body and spirit, to say he was a love-struck fool was an understatement. The moment the two of you had your sights set on each other, he was hooked, almost as if he was under a spell and that Dominic couldn’t seem to bring himself to forget you. The tables seemed to have turned on him the moment he had met you. Words could never explain how down he was for you and you only and whenever he found himself speechless, he would find other ways to express his love for you.
Dominic was willing to do anything  for you because to him, you were his everything, his queen, his beloved and the only deity he’ll gladly get on his knees to and worship you in any way he can. You were absolutely divine to him, regardless of what you tell him, Dominic would find a way to change your mind. He would remind you how beautiful you were, how perfect and how he was blessed with a goddess such as yourself.
So imagine his joy and absolute eagerness when you had tied his wrists down to the golden bedframe, the pale yellow light illuminating his features, his cheeks and the rest of his exposed skin would flush red and you could see the desire and excitement and almost every emotion shining behind his eyes, his pupils blown. You could feel him panting, almost as if he had ran a marathon and you haven’t even done anything to him yet. Just seeing him so breathless, eager and craving made you feel powerful. The scene before you was absolute bliss and you couldn’t help but to run your hands down his sculpted figure, leaving nothing untouched and it felt like you were in control. You were practically driving him mad with passion and desire with over simulation with your actions, enjoying every second of it.
So when you placed your lips on his skin and began worshiping it the way he had done to you countless of times, Dominic lost it, his head thrown back onto the soft pillows, fingers digging into the silken tie around his wrists. The way your tongue, lips and teeth ran across his skin felt heavenly, his back arching and arousal straining against his pants but you would hold him down and remind him who was in charge for tonight. Your lips would frequent his abs more than the usual, sometimes even going as far to his v-lines and the light trail that would disappear in his trousers. His moans, desperate pleas and groans seemed to bounce off of the walls and it felt like music to your ears, drinking it all in like sweet nectar as you grinded down on your beloved husband, his trousers long gone as per his request before you had decided to take him in, watching his hazy, open mouthed expression change into one of pleasure once he felt your velveteen walls take his cock in, basking in the warmth your body gave off as you took all of him in, your ample thighs giving the side of his hips a gentle squeeze as you sat on top of him, warming his length, your hands flying towards your exposed breasts, toying with them while keeping your eyes trained on your husband.
The pleasure seemed to finally get to you after a couple few minutes and you’ve decided that it was time to move. You would move slowly at first then you would eventually pick up the speed, much to Dominic’s delight, both your moans and cries of love for each other sounded like a symphony for you two only. No words were spoken that night save for the cries of each other’s names, uttered in such reverence that one would think that it was some sort of hymn or chant. To Dominic, it was like a sacred prayer to utter your name in such a manner. The bed seemed to creak with every movement the two of you made and soon enough the both of you managed to finish with a loud cry. Panting, Dominic would lean up and place a loving kiss upon your lips as the two of you caught your breathes before you spoke, planting small kisses across his face and down his neck,
“Oh darling, we’re not done yet. The night’s still young and I’ll make sure that the only thing you know is my name. I’ll make sure you know that god is a woman.”
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isnt-that-a-daisy88 · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
U.S. Army Soldiers assigned to 1-214th GSAB fly in a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter during Combined Resolve XVI (CbRXVI) at Hohenfels Training Area, Germany, Dec. 6, 2021. 1-214th GSAB demonstrates its ability to provide responsive aviation support in a demanding and dynamic operational environment. CbR XVI is an exercise that evaluates and assesses a unit's ability to operate in a complex, multi-domain simulated battlespace.
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weirdmarioenemies · a year ago
Tumblr media
Name: Aphid
Debut: Real Life
Welcome to Funky Friday! This Friday is particularly special to me, you see, I get to talk about a creature I am very passionate about, if you know me outside of this blog, it should come to no surprise that Aphids are up there as one of my favorite earthlings ever! They’re part of my username, and hence, my internet persona, I even put little antennae on emoticons like this ==:) I’m obsessed! But I swear it’s all justified!
To protect the peace of those who may be afraid of bugs, I’ll be talking exclusively about Aphids in Videogames! They haven’t had the biggest presence, but in recent years they’ve made some lovely appearances!
Aphids. Just look at them! They’re very green, very round, and very small! They have very long antennae as well! Instantly checking off all the marks that make a perfect creature design!
Aphids are sap sucking insects, they just hang around in colonies sipping sap from plants, a very peaceful life, they’re incredibly good at just hanging out and slurping plant juice! So much so that they are sadly considered as pests by humans, but they’re just trying to get by! Like you and me, the way they’re vilified everywhere is really unfortunate, they deserve to live just like any other earthling, but whenever you google em you just get stuff on how to get rid of them, I believe their presence in art like movies and videogames can be very important to change this perception! 
Tumblr media
Name: Aphid
Debut: Bee Swarm Simulator (Roblox)
Let’s start with the face of the post, Roblox aphid! Look at this simple model! Just a pea with 2 red orbs for peepers and sticks for antennae, I love the charm of such a simplified bug! 
Bee Swarm Simulator is a lovely little farm game that has you collect nectar and breed all kinds of bees! While out in the flower fields, you may find an aphid while collecting nectar. Like all bugs in this game, they will attack you, but to be fair, you are very tiny, so it makes sense a giant bug could damage you, even if they don’t do anything particularly dangerous!
When your bees defeat them they can drop rare items! And as such, aphid encounters are quite a blessing, matter of fact, they have rarity tiers! And they change their appearance accordingly, there’s Rage Aphids
Tumblr media
Armored Aphids
Tumblr media
and Diamond Aphids!
Tumblr media
Overall very charming inclusion, aphids now come in new flavors! Every time I play this game I hope I get to encounter one of these sweet peas! Silly models of bugs are fantastic, so Roblox aphids make me very happy!
Tumblr media
Name: Aphid
Debut: Bug Fables
Now THIS is my personal favorite fictional aphid appearance in media ever! In the world of Bug Fables, they are livestock! And you even get to go to an aphid farm! Here, they keep regular Aphids for their honeydew, Cochineals for their red pigment, and Woolly Aphids for their wool! That’s right! This game gave us representation for TWO kinds of real life aphids! It’s such a delight!
Tumblr media
Everyone in the world of Bug Fables respects and loves aphids, people find them very cute! Some of them even keep them as casual pets! Could you imagine? A cat-sized aphid for you to hold? The people in Bug Fables are living my dream and I want in! I hope you can also agree they’re extremely cute, the artists nailed that sweet little drop-shaped face I adore so much! 
Tumblr media
On April Fools, the Bug Fables devs released a short game all about aphids! Aphid Festival! Here you can train and breed your aphids! Which allows you to get all kinds of different color patterns for your aphids! Can you believe this? If you told me “In the year of 2021 there’s a videogame that’s completely centered around aphids.” I would’ve never believed you!
Tumblr media
Name: Aphid Lurker
Debut: Jax and Daxter
Now I know what you may be thinking, “this is just a dog!” And yeah they’re definitely the doggiest bug I have ever seen, or is it the buggiest dog? Regardless of how you feel on the validity of their buggyness, you gotta admit it’s very impressive we have an aphid-based enemy in a game from 2001, most other aphid appearances I could find were very recent, was Jax and Daxter a trendsetter? Probably not, but maybe at least one kid out there saw Aphid Lurker and went “Woah aphid? What’s that?” googled them, and proceeded to fall in love with them! 
Regardless of their good impact for all of aphid-kind, they are very round, very green, and have antennae! So I really can’t dislike them, they even got spikes!! Which is something I like to see in my round creature designs sometimes, it just works!
Tumblr media
Name: Aphid
Debut: Grounded
Returning to modern games, Grounded is a survival game that has you shrunk down to the size of an ant! So you gotta survive among the towering grass blades in the middle of a garden! Fortunately for us, this means you get to interact with tiny insects very up close! Including aphids!
Don’t be fooled by the fancy graphics and realistic aesthetics, aphids in Grounded are arguably the cartooniest creatures you can find! They almost look like a real aphid, but they have a vertebrate mouth! Perfect for opening in surprise when you get close to one, they’ll jump, chirp with an extremely cartoonish expression, and then flop into the ground, before scuttling away!
Tumblr media
Now that’s a silly little mouth!
Aphids in this game are peaceful creatures, they’re a bit timid so they’ll run away from you but they will let you get close over time, they also drop honeydew, which you can use as food, so you really want to befriend and protect these little dudes if you can!
Tumblr media
Name: Aphid
Debut: Scribblenauts
Scribblenauts is a game where you can type anything and it’ll come to life! So the devs really tried their best at including everything they thought a player could think of, and they thought of silly bug fans like me! People who would type “aphid” in hopes an unloved little bug they love could appear in the game with them, and instead of being met with the usual disappointment, were met with a cute little rendition of this sweet green bug!
Design-wise, I’m a bit sad they added a neck, they have no necks! They’re funny teardrop shaped bullets! But they DID add the cornicles! (The two little horns on their butt). Out of all the videogame aphids I’ve shown you, this is the ONLY one to include the cornicles! Not even Grounded who went with a semi realistic design got it! So thank you Scribblenauts, for considering the aphid, as well as giving them their anatomically correct defense organs.
Tumblr media
Finally, I’d like to give a shoutout to Aphie from A Bug’s Life! Not a videogame aphid, but 100% one of the earliest aphid representations in media! And they’re very cute, just a little puppy! They got a puppy tongue and all, given ants herd and take care of aphids, having one of them keep one as a pet is a very cute way to humanize an ant!  Also Aphie has the cornicles!! Good on you Pixar, you did your research.
And that’s all for this special friday! Thank you reader for coming in this journey with me, here’s hoping there’ll be more aphid representation in the future! 
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military1st · a month ago
Tumblr media
U.S. Army paratroopers pull simulated casualties at the stress shoot lane during a spur ride at the 7th Army Training Command's Grafenwoehr Training Area, Germany.
The U.S. Army photo by Markus Rauchenberger (2021).
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