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heroarchives · 2 days ago
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Mars rover's final message / Sylvia Plath, The Journals of Sylvia Plath / Liv Ullman, from, “Changing / Epithalamium Poem by Louise Gluck / Giovanni’s Room, James Baldwin
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moodyvoid · 2 days ago
Tomura discovering a hard truth after Kurogiri is captured:
Toga: “I feel bad that Tomura’s so torn up over Kurogiri.”
Twice: “I wish there was something we could do to cheer him up.”
Spinner: “I took him lunch a bit ago, hopefully a nice meal will raise his spirits—“
Tomura walks into the room: “There’s something wrong with my sandwich.”
Twice: “What?”
Tomura, pointing to the crust: “That.”
Toga: “The crust?”
Tomura: “The what? What is it??!?”
Spinner: “It’s… the crust… every bread has crust—“
Tomura, running out of the room: “KUROGIRI’S DIDN’T!”
Spinner: “…”
Toga: “…”
Twice: “So, is anyone gonna eat that?”
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diovllo · 2 days ago
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tomu sketches
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sarah-dipitous · a day ago
What’s the hottest expression a villain can have, and why is it this?
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erosology · 2 days ago
listen…shigaraki is constantly touching you, whether it’s a hand pressed to the small of your back or his fingers absentmindedly tracing random patterns on your thighs or his foot bumping against yours under a table. if you’re in the same room as him, he’s right next to you, his hands wandering while his mind stays focused
and it’s not a dominance thing, not an owner keeping their pet on a leash. he knows he doesn’t own you by any means. but it is a comfort thing. you are his favorite, but not in the sense that he wants to keep you locked away forever, rather he needs to know you’re right next to him like a child needs to know their favorite blanket is within arm’s reach. and the irony of it all isn’t lost upon the man whose touch is meant to destroy—he just takes extra precautions so you are as safe as he is
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howard-titania-oberon · 11 hours ago
Izuku: 13 year old me would be terrified and in awe of who I am now
Dabi: 13 year old me didn't think we'd get this far
Tomura: I'd fight 13 year old me
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greenhappyseed · 16 hours ago
MHA Ch.368 leak reactions:
I’ve been so exhausted I thought the color page was Hori giving zero fucks and drawing femme Izuku, but it’s actually Hagakure…. Speaking of, where IS Hagakure??? She hasn’t been in this battle at all.
YES to more Mirio. GO SENPAI! I feel like this is the Mirio role that Horikoshi always imagined, and the war was just a “placeholder” to give him his quirk back.
Tenko! Nana! Second! Yoichi! Oh my! (I want Nana to meet Tenko and get to hold him at least one time!)
Izuku actually uses Second’s quirk on himself to, uh, speed up his punch? I hope the full chapter gives a bit more than that because it feels a tad underwhelming???? Fa Jin already gives a speed boost; it just requires storing of kinetic energy first. And Overclock, from Vigilantes, also speeds up the user. There has to be something else going on….
But it is cool to have Izuku get a few good smashes on TomurAFO before shit goes sideways (because this feels too easy, and Original Recipe AFO is on his way).
Izuku’s so powerful that his hair has been flatironing itself. This is how we know he’s on par with All Might.
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dirt-apple-productions · a day ago
Hey, Joye poked out of her Death Note corner to talk about She-Ra again! Please remember that if you click on this post you are responsible for being a nice and sane human being. Violations of this rule will result in a block. :)
In other shows, such as ATLA, Hunter x Hunter, Death Note (2015), and even with She-Ra itself in regards to Adora, the “person gets possessed by an evil something and has to fight someone they love” trope is my J A M. It’s one of my favorite things ever and I love it. But I realized a key difference in these shows compared with Save the Cat that I really think needs to be pointed out.
Catra is NOT a good example of that trope.
What do I mean? Simply put, Catra’s words and actions when she’s chipped are just…entirely the same as they are when she’s not. She still berated, physically hurt, and gaslit Adora without Prime’s help. Not a whole lot changed aside from her autonomy (which is not insignificant but also not the point of my post), but what narrative change does loss of autonomy accomplish when Catra was exactly like that not an episode before?
And before y’all point out Shigaraki, it’s different because Shigaraki was groomed into believing he DID have a choice his entire life. His whole arc up to the PLW arc was coming into his own at All For One’s encouragement. It’s entirely different because All For One snatched that away from him completely after dangling it in front of his face for 15 years.
Shigaraki’s loss of autonomy is sad because his whole life is about the illusion of choice - unlike Catra, whose whole life was an inferiority complex. (This also makes Shigaraki more similar to Hordak than Catra, but I digress.) The backdrops of their arcs are entirely separate from one another despite seeming similar on the surface. And it’s also worth pointing out that Shigaraki as of the MVA arc had a goal - to destroy the status quo and live as he and his band of rejects wanted to. Unlike Catra, who only wanted to destroy everything and one-up Adora, Shigaraki was not an abuser who kept abusing after he lost autonomy, but a young man with a sympathetic dream who lost it to an ACTUAL child groomer and abuser.
TL;DR: Catra’s autonomy loss in S5 is not sympathetic and not a good example of that trope, especially compared to characters like Shigaraki.
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warship005 · 2 days ago
Dabi: I mean, I get it, I guess. He's your first boyfriend or whatever.
Spinner: He's not just my first boyfriend. He is the best boyfriend!
Spinner: I mean, think about it. I'm dating Tomura Shigaraki of all people!
Dabi: Yeah...On purpose... Not many could say that.
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tomubruh · 6 months ago
yall ever see a fictional character n be like "this is my rotten little man and i encourage his rotten little shenanigans"
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koriand · 10 months ago
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lilianade-comics · 4 months ago
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Yeah I didn't spend an entire morning creating a fake magazine cover for this silliness, no not at all.
Semi-related to this other post I did
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phoenixgreen · 5 months ago
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happy birthday king ♛
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tohmura · 4 months ago
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lorlocks · 27 days ago
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Shig scribble
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diovllo · 4 months ago
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were you saved ?
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obsidianne-art · a month ago
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Anatomy studies….yeah totally.
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