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dreamerlynx · a day ago
seeing all of dreams friends reacting to his face as lead up to the full reveal is sooo special
like you can see in every single one how excited and giddy they are to finally see dream, even people like phil who we don’t see interact with him often (the way he was beaming the whole time!!!!) and now hannah tweeting about how she was Rushing to get ready so she could call with him like
they’re his friends!!! they love him!
(also why is every single of them confirming he’s legitimately hot. like why was tommy speechless HELLO???)
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daysarestranger · 2 days ago
I’ve been thinking this morning about if Steve didn’t get back together with Nancy at the end of S1—I think there’s a lot of different ways that could go, but what if Steve ended up as one of Eddie’s lost little sheep?
Because even if Steve was popular enough to keep afloat in the choppy waters of high school, after his bust up with Tommy and Carole—and even when he’s seen talking with Nancy and Jonathan Byers of all people—he still doesn’t really have any true friends left. Sure, he has people he can chat to in class, but at lunch? After school? Nobody is really thinking about who ex-jock, ex-bully Steve Harrington is hanging around with. 
Perhaps he spends the rest of his junior year dreading lunch hour, because he knows he’s going to have to deploy some serious charm tactics, taking as long as he can in the queue, chatting to the students either side of him, and perhaps if he lingers long enough at one of the tables of his more social classmates, pretends he’s just catching up, carrying on a conversation from class, he can make it seem like it’s all still as easy as it was before. 
Sometimes, though, he doesn’t have the energy to pretend. On those days he’ll retreat quietly to his car and eat his lunch behind his wheel, wondering how different it might have been if he’d never gone back into the Byers’ house that day last fall.
It’s on one of those days that Eddie sees him. It’s not like Eddie hadn’t noticed him before, he’s always on the lookout, after all, and Steve Harrington is one of those people who always drew his eye. He’d seen him scouring the cafeteria while queueing up for his state-mandated mac ‘n’ cheese, searching for a space where he could fit. 
And, of course, he’d heard the whispers about Steve—that he’d punched Tommy H in the face, gotten his crown beaten from his head by Jonathan Byers (though he didn’t seem to hold a grudge). If there’s one thing to know about Eddie, it’s that he’s a bleeding heart, and so when he sees Steve sitting alone in his car, winter frost glittering against the metal, he lets out a heavy sigh and trundles over. 
“Hey, Harrington,” he says, pushing down a smirk when Steve jumps (he is easily startled these days, isn’t he?).
“Munson,” Steve replies with narrow eyes. He doesn’t trust Eddie yet, not entirely. 
“There’s more space in my van. If you wanted some company?”
Eddie leaves it like that, keeps it casual, knows that he might get it shoved right back in his face—expects it to be, even. And so he’s surprised at how quickly Steve nods back at him, a real smile breaking out on his face, if only for a moment, until Steve clears his throat and says, “Sure, yeah. That’d be cool, I guess.”
It’s the start of something big. A delicate balance where the two of them pretend that it’s not that important, but somehow they’re more honest with each other than they’ve ever been with anyone else. Steve tells Eddie all about how he doesn’t even really know who he is anymore, and in return Eddie shares just how worried he is that he knows exactly who he’s expected to be, and that he can’t change his fate even if he wanted to.
By the time the next school year starts, it’s well established with the school population that Steve Harrington has somehow landed himself with an honorary spot in the Hellfire Club. He doesn’t play—refuses to learn, even if it’s clear that he’d do pretty much anything else that Eddie Munson would ask of him—but he helps set up the meetings, sits with them at lunch, smiles stupidly whenever Eddie gets up onto the cafeteria tables to rant about the shallow-mindedness of his peers. 
And if Eddie’s diatribes are directed at the popular crowd with a little more venom than they used to be, and if he seems to take great pleasure whenever Tommy H, or Carole, or those posers on the basketball team frown and scoff and sneer at him, it’s no great secret to everyone else in the lunch hall exactly why. 
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gypsy-girl-08 · 2 days ago
All Apologies
Part 5- Pairing- Thomas Shelby x Wife Reader
More here
Warnings- Mentions of cheating, Sexual content, swearing. 18+
Tumblr media
Closing your eyes, you leant your head back against the plush sofa. Biting your lip, to try and stop the tears forming. No.. stop it. You chastised yourself, you must have cried a river.
You just felt so lonely, so unwanted.
Was that even the word? It had been your decision, to end the marriage. But, you could never trust him again. How could you?
Ada had told you to go out, and find yourself a man. She said, you needed a fuck. That was the last thing you needed. Another man, touching your body.
You hated the thought, of even waking up with another man.
Another man even being inside of you.
It made you feel sick.
You would rather go without sex. You hadn’t even thought about it, since you split up with Tommy. And before this blip, you used to be all over each other. Sneaky moments in his office, when the children were at school.
The passion between you both, had always ben there.
You were young, when you had first met Tommy. Having only previously, slept with one other man. And well, he had been like fucking a corpse.
No one would want you now anyway.
An ex-Shelby! Two small children! No…. you were better off alone. That was your only choice now.
As Tommy tucked his children into bed, he could see Frances hovering in the doorway. “It’s ok Frances, I can manage,” he told her, impatiently. As he glanced towards his sleeping children.
Just wishing, he didn’t have to leave.
Just wishing, he hadn’t messed his life up.
Just wishing, his family wasn’t broken. He should be going to bed now, with you. Holding you in his arms.
“It’s not that, Mr Shelby,” she clasped her hands against her chest. “I was hoping I could have a word, about Mrs Shelby,” Finishing his task, he turned towards Frances.
Able to see the worry, etched on her face.
Hearing someone clear their throat, you jumped. Your daydream over, you realised Tommy was standing in front of you. You hadn’t even heard him, enter the room.
He looked good, as usual. Long grey coat over his suit, cap still sitting on his head. A wispy piece of his fringe sticking out.
Looking up at him, you sat up straighter. Wondering how long he had been there. “Are the children ok?” You asked, worriedly. Ready to jump on and check on them.
Sinking onto the sofa next to you, he lit a cigarette. “The children are asleep, are you ok?” He queried, his brows knitting together. "I'm worried about you, ey,”
His question, caught you off guard.
You thought, your last priority was yourself. Your children came first. Plus, you were still working. Just not in the same office as Tommy. Life was busy, you were busy. Too busy to think about yourself.
Lizzie had chosen to leave the company, thank god. But, you knew Polly had a say in it. She had kept the baby, Polly informed you. Not that you had asked, you didn’t want to know about her.
Your friend, who had betrayed you.
Betrayed your trust.
“Me?” You scoffed, bitterly. What right did he even have, to ask you that? Leaning forward, you picked up your wine. The scarlet liquid calling you, it would help you sleep tonight. It had to.
When was the last time, you had a decent sleep?
“I’m fine, why? Why ask?” You retorted, ready to defend yourself.
Tilting his head, Tommy looked at you. Properly looked, you had lost weight. And your eyes had a deep sadness, filtering through them.
“I’m worried about you Y/n, that’s why. And I know I don’t deserve that right,” he sighed, blowing the smoke away from you. As he slipped his long coat from his shoulders.
“Thirty two days now, thirty two days since….. since I left,” he swallowed harshly. “I never thought we would… ever fucking… get to this place. I deserve to suffer, and believe me I am,”
You shook your head slightly, feeling like rolling your eyes. Oh poor You, you wanted to say. Life is just so fucking hard for you!
“I’m fucking suffering everyday… sleeping in my office. Fucking missing you…. Craving you,” realising he was rambling, and you were just staring at him.
He stopped, standing to pour a whiskey.
His office was still the same. You hadn't touched anything. But, now found yourself being drawn to this room more and more. It still smelt of him.
Grabbing your wine glass, you gulped it down. “You’ve got Lizzie to keep you company,” you snapped, feeling light headed from the alcohol.
“No, Y/n. You know I haven’t, I wouldn’t go there again,” he sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. “She was a fucking fumble at the canal. After John…. I know I was being off… distant.”
You thought back to that day. He had seemed different, when he’d eventually come home that night. He couldn’t look you in the eye.
The very same morning, in bed. You had tried to talk to him, comfort him, offer your support. But, he had merely said he was fine. And left.
Pouring more wine, you realised you had drank the whole bottle, in less than an hour.
"Why couldn't you just talk to me, Tommy?" you asked, angrily wiping a tear from your eye. "I know, you were under a lot of stress," you sniffed.
Sinking back down next to you, he gently wiped your eyes. Hand resting on your cheek, as you leant into his touch. Letting him put his arm around you, you gently rested your head on his chest.
You needed him like the air your breath, instantly feeling yourself melt into his comfort. Breathing in his signature smell.
“Ruby asked me, if she was getting a new Daddy?" Tommy spoke up, the hurt in his voice prominent.
"What did you tell her?" you asked, sitting up. You had worried every day about your children, where they coping ok? Had you explained everything to them?
"I said I am her Daddy, always will be. No matter what," he's eyes flicked from yours to the burning fire, as he blinked harshly.
Before meeting your gaze again, he's eyes flicked to your scarlet lips.
"You will be," you whispered, feeling your breathing deepen at the close proximity.
Without giving yourself time to think, you leant forward and kissed him. Both sets of lips meeting, like a missing puzzle piece had been joint together.
What the hell were you doing? Was it the wine?
Where you just taking what you needed?
Pulling you onto his knee, he ran his fingers up and down your spine. As you kissed him, breathless at the feeling. His strong hands, coming up to cup your face.
"I've missed you so much," he sighed, before kissing you again.
"I've missed you too," you panted, as he palmed your breast through your dress.
The next morning, you woke up a strong pair of arms around you. It took you a while, to recall what had happened. But, you had slept the whole night!
When was the last time that had happened?
Not daring to move, not daring to speak, the guilt set in. Had you just made the situation ten times worse?
Authors Note - Please don't hate me!
Tags- @romanogersendgame @loveableasshole @goldensunflowe-r @captivatedbycillianmurphy @namelesslosers @lauren-raines-x @katsav17 @fairypitou @answer-the-sirens @[email protected] @kaybeeboop @cloudofdisney @geminiwolves @datewithgianni @lyarr24 @ysmmsy @sixbillionpieces @morgana-olson @mysticaldeanvoidhorse @kaleid0sc0pe @dolllol2405 @queenies1x1 @agirlcandream84 @misselsbells06 @missymurphy1985 @mgkobsessed @alreadybroken-ts @peaky-cillian @whitejuliana1204 @look-at-the-soul @goldensunflowe-r @lespendy @cillmequick @raychhh @cdauni xannybabyxx @watercolorskyy @cillybillyy @hopefulinlove @luula @iwanttohitmyself @crimeshowjunkie @minaxcarter @budugu @bidisasterforben @rockerchick05 kkmstblog @woofgocows @mariamyosef702 @deeahhmaa @akiisbae @yolobloggers @babayaga67 @photographerkaiya0306 @majesticcmey @comfortzonequeen @hcneyedsstuff @watersquirtpewpewboomm @icedkittea12 @swordofawriter @peakypoet @mrsnshelby @alex-in-the-wilderness
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dwter · a day ago
i lyierally dont have the words or typing ability but the way tommy was literally fucking starstruck oh my god its reminding me how long theyve been friends and how dream considered tommy one of his best friends and how dream and tommy have such a genuine mentorship bc they both just adore youtube and the chance dream took with tommy with letting him join the smp and just the soft spot dream has for totmmy and my lungs are folding in im out of breath THEY ARE JSUT THE WORDDLLDDDDD
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sahara4k · a day ago
like fine that was the most important dracetime in the world FINE tommy finally getting to see the face of one of his closest friends and someone he’s looked up to for years and being so genuine about it and the both of them being so so excited and dream saying “tommyinnit in the flesh!” even though it was his face reveal And fine the fact that when they meet up it will be one of the most glorious days ever 🌟
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what's the one thing you think people overlook about c!punz the most?
/rp Yes he likes money yes he's a gun for hire yes he'd do things he'd otherwise never do for a payout HE IS NOT A NICE PERSON.
However. He does have some sense of loyalty, a moral compass, personal goals WHICH COMES FIRST TO HIM. He wants to be seen as an emotionless contract killer who only wants to fill his pockets. He is not a person that shows weakness. However, he is a person and with that comes vulnerability.
He will take a secret you entrusted him with to the grave. His voice breaks when talking about Dream's torture. He shakes off the Egg's influence for a split second to mourn Tommy's death. When sees his best friend for the first time in a year scarred and broken and alive, he tells Dream he missed him.
The biggest thing people overlook about punz, the thing punz WANTS people to overlook about him, is that he has a heart.
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draventhedemon · 13 hours ago
Hi, after what we saw today I'm ready for the new fics! So may I request Clay or (Dream) x fem!reader were they also announce that they are getting married after he revealed? "Also we're getting married in 3 months" P.s -can you make it were none of their friends knew, and found out sametime as the fans?
Because of the fact that the video clearly took more then one take to get it right. I'm gonna make that one of the key points of the Story.
⚠️ Warning for swearing ⚠️
Tumblr media
(When recording the video)
For the past few minutes Clay has been doing take after take. Trying to get the perfect way to drop the news of us getting married. But after at least 10 minutes of him mumbling at a camera I just got up from the bed in the corner and walked behind him.
"Do you need help?" I ask with a chuckle as I pull up a chair. "Hi camera, you might know me as Y/n, Y/u/n or just that random person who betrayed L'manburg with Eret and starting dating Dream afterwards" I say with one breath.
But I stop at the sound of the tea kettle sitting beside me doing his iconic wheeze before I continue "And you also may be asking why I'm in this video, it's about Dreams face reveal, not some random girl" I get cut off by Clay suddenly saying
"your not a Random girl" as he kisses me on the forehead and turns back to the camera "And the reason why she is here is because a month ago we got engaged" Clay says with less mumbles then before.
"Dear god, this is gonna be weird to post" I say as I hold up my hand to show the ring he got me. "The wedding is happening in 3 months and we are both hoping for all of our friends and family to show up. And hopefully he doesn't start a WAR with Tommy at the wedding". I look at him with a strong death glare.
"I'm more mature then that" Clay says as he turns a bit in his chair. "Clay, we make governments in Minecraft for a living. There is no such thing as being mature" I say as we spend the next few minutes explaining what's gonna be happening and when.
(Putting the video online)
We have been looking at the chat flying by during the face reveal, saying either hateful or kind things about him. And I've been standing behind him and leaning against his gaming chair from moral support the entire time.
"How many people are gonna say that your hot?" I ask as he laughs and responds with "There hearts are gonna be shattered at the end of this video". "Most probably more by the fact that it's me and not George." I say as we break out into a fit of laughter.
"I love you, remember that no matter what they say I will still love you" He turns to me in his chair and pulls me onto him so I sit on his lap. "I love you too" I kiss him as we turn back to the monitor, "Here we go!" I say as I show up on screen.
'Who is she?'
'Is that Y/n?!?'
'Who the fuck is she'
The chat says but when we suddenly say the big news the chat completely changes and turns into.
'Will someone explain to me who she is!?!'
And some hateful things but we don't pay attention to those because suddenly from across the house we hear Nick scream
"WHAT THE FUCK!" Which completely catches us off guard and sends us into another fit of laughter as we hear him run up to the door and open it. "Why didn't you tell me!?!" But we don't answer because of us still dying on the floor.
"oh dear god someone is calling" I say as I get up and check who it is.
"Some- someones calling me too" Clay picks up his phone while trying to calm down his laughing as Sapnap is just left there with no answers to his several questions.
(The aftermath)
We had to answer a lot of calls that day. And when George got to the house he stole my ring and wore it the rest of the day. And I also spent half of my day talking Eret into being my maid of honor because of both of us being the traitors of Lmanburg and also the bride and maid of honor would be very funny to me...
(this was a lot funner than I thought it would be so I might make a part 2 thats the wedding so... Stay tuned!)
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becca-bells · 2 days ago
Warnings: If you ain't alg with overstim, sex toys, boys fucking and other stuff involving this then don't read. Minor under 18 please DNI this is not a good place to get sex ed from.
Pairing: Sapnap x Dream x Reader x Karl x George x Punz
You had been sitting in the pool house all alone while your four boyfriends were streaming. Punz, Wilbur, Tommy, and Tubbo had all come to visit your boyfriends. They have been here for weeks and your boyfriends have given you hardly any attention. You were desperate for them to allow you to cum. You were not allowed to touch yourself, that was one of the many rules your boyfriends had set for you. If you were to feel horny you had to ask one of the boys to get you off. But, because their friends were a thin wall away they all said they couldn’t help you.
Tumblr media
After many weeks of no release and being on the verge of crying you had had enough. You could not wait any longer. Sitting out in the pool house not bothering to close the curtains as you thought all the boys were still streaming you brought out the secret box that you keep in a hidden cupboard in the house. You pull out the rose gold Satisyer pro. It caused a light amount of suction and vibrated to get you off. 
Tugging on your leggings you pulled them off allowing your legs to be free. Facing the window you slowly allow the satisfyer to run over your nipples while it is on. Sucking on the nipples. Allowing the vibrations to turn you on. You can feel the power making its way down your body into the part that needs this the most. 
Making its way down to your clit. Turning it up to the highest setting you place it on your clit. Moaning at the feeling. You start to squirm as you feel it coursing throughout your whole body. As you start coming closer towards the end you see the back door to the main house open. Seeing Punz walk out you decide to keep going, you and the boys had all confessed that you all have feelings for him and they have developed over the past few weeks. You were excited to be caught by him. If he caught you he may be able to give you some sort of attention that you need or he could tell the boys about your activities outside and they could punish you. Honestly you would prefer punishment rather than nothing at this point. You are so desperate. 
Punz sits out side for a moment. You start to moan loader to gain his attention, quite close to screaming. He suddenly turns his head towards your direction. Eyes stuck when the vibrator is. His eyes widen in shock. Shocked that you haven’t stopped even though you’ve been caught. But, you continue bringing yourself closer to that point. Once you were about to cum you pull the satisfyer off your clit. 
Standing up you sway your hips as you make your way towards the box grabbing the 8 inch fat dildo. Suctioniing it to the window you place yourself on your knees. Slowing licking your way up the dildo as you keep your eyes trained on Punz. You open your mouth as wide as it can go slowly taking all of it until you choke yourself. Moving your head up and down on it. His eyes widen and you can see his boner growing in his pants.
Moving back to the couch you were originally on you spread your legs making sure he can see and slowly but surely slipping the dildo into your pussy. You slowly fuck yourself with the dildo hitting your g-spot everytime. Moaning as loud as you can. His eyes trained on my pussy as I’m fucking myself.
All four of my boyfriends walk out of the main house backdoor asking trying to get Punz out his trance. When the all look up at what he is looking at they realise what has put him in this trance. Punz shaking himself out of it looks up at the four boys and runs inside the house. 
You immediately stop eyes widened as the boys all make their way towards you.
Open the poolhouse door they seem to have a conversation between themselves. You can see Dreams arms tensing as the veins on his arms pop out. The boys seem to come to some sort of agreement as they all make their way over.
Clay loses it “What the hell do you think you were doing!?”
You feel tears prick your eyes as you start to lift yourself of the couch to stand with them.
Big mistake on your part as Karl and George puch you back onto the couch.
You start to open your mouth to form words but, nothing escaped from your lips.
Wordlessly you sit there with your head down.
Sapnap stares you down and says “You’re a dirty little slut. You coudn’t wait until our friends left so, we could fuck you right huh?”
“I asked you all to help me multiple times over these last few weeks and everybody said no and none of you are ever told you can’t get yourself off. It’s so unfair. You all just leave me, don’t pay any attention to me and expect me to be happy. Well I’m not. I’m miserable. At least Punz gave me some sort of attention unlike you four.” 
The boys eyes widen as they come to reality realising their mistakes. “Look baby we’re sorry we’ll make it up to you. I promise.” Karl says as he starts making his way over to you slowly kissing down your neck. George hums in agreeance kissing along the other side of your neck. Nick coming behind you playing with your tits squeezing and carressing them. Clay settling himself between your legs.
Using the handcuffs from your secret box they cuff your hands befind your back. They all remove your clothes lying you down on the couch. 
“Unfortunately, we can not let this go unpunished. So we have three options for you.
One we tie a vibrator to your clit and leave you here for a while.
Two we leave you and don’t touch you for a week.
Or Three we get Punz in here and fuck you infront of him.”
You couldn’t quite understand how three was a punishment as you yourself were an exhibitionist. “I choose one and three” you say smiling.
The all nod their heads. Dream, Karl and George stay to get everything ready while Sapnap was out that door faster than lightning to get Punz. 
They start the vibrator as soon as the both of them get in the door closing the curtains so, the others are unable to see. You start moaning like crazy already having been close to cuming before you were sure you were going to cum and it had only been a few minutes.
Punz standing there with his eyes wide as they boys pull out their cocks to start stroking off to you. They hear the Tommy yelling out for them so, they all leave you there as you’re moaning. 
20 minutes later they walk in dragging Punz along with them.
“How many have you had?” Karl asks smirking at your fucked out state.
“7” you scream trying to remove the device from you. George chuckles while walking over turning it off as all four of them remove their clothing leaving Punz the only one clothed. 
They turn you over onto your stomach Nick shoves himself into you from underneath you as George takes you from behind. Karl shoved in your mouth with Clay taking George from behind. Hands still cuffed as you try to reach anything to hold. Punz standing there statically like he is unsure if he should do anything. Removing your mouth from Karl you look up at him asking him with your eyes if what you say next is alright with him. Karl nodding his head in excitement as you try to talk to Punz moaning in between your words. “Punz come over here and fuck Karl.” He looks shocked but, manages to remove his clothes at a fast paced once he registers what was said to him. 
Preparing Karl for his cock while you’re getting your back blown out. Placing your mouth back onto him he starts moaning loudly from the pleasure from both ends. Punz slowly moves his cock in Karl resting once he bottoms out. All of us moving as one machine Dream and Sapnap shoving their cocks in and Karl’s out. You tried to warn them as you feel yourself coming close to the end but, all you could get out was quite mumbles.
You squirt while moaning on Karls dick. All boys cuming along with you as they can feel you squeezing them and Karl squeezing Punz’s dick. All moaning incredibly loud.
You all collapse onto the couch. Cuddling up with one another. You look at Dream, Sapnap and George whispering. They all agree so, you turn over to Punz.
“Hey Punz?” 
“Hmm” he mumbles back obviously tired out.
“Do you want to maybe be our boyfriend? We’ve been looking for another and over these past few weeks we all have gained feelings for yo-” 
He walks over kissing you roughly and you smile into the kiss.
“Of course I will. I will say you all are hot as fuck” He says chuckling.
You all laugh one by one falling asleep
AN- I'm sorry I haven't got to all the requests I promise I will try to get to most of them. I also have not edited this I was trying to get this out as fast as I could as I have been away from writing for a bit.
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So I'll figure the face reveal is happening this weekend and I'll show up at Dream’s privtwt and I'll go, "Can I see your face, please?" And he goes, "No. It's not this weekend." And I go, “Okaaay!” And then I wait a week. And then I ask Dream, “Any updates?” And he goes “Yeah, I’m doing face reveal appointments with my friends and you’ll have to listen to them talk about how hot I am!” And I go, “Okaaay!" and I ask if he’ll facetime Tommy and he says "After my football game in a few hours!” And I go, “Okaaay!” And he says, “You wanna see me face reveal so bad it makes you look stupid” And I go, “Nooo,” and he goes, “SAY IT!” and I go, “I wanna see you face reveal so bad it makes me look stupid.” And then I wait for the football game to be over, and I go, “Can I see your face, please?” and he goes “No! In fact, I’m not doing it today! And I won’t even outright confirm George is in Florida!” And I go, “Why are you doing this to me?!” And he goes, “Because I’m Dream, and life is a fucking nightmare!”
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rozugold · 2 days ago
tubbo distorted illusions i live to see that boy he has so much angst i love him so much i dont care what hes doing i just want to see him is he alright is he ok he literally has to watch his best friend be this traumatized shell of who he once was after he killed him after he thought he was dead for so long because dream fucked tommy up so badly and ahhhhhhh
Tumblr media
Woah! That tall child looks terrible!
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pineapplefishh · 2 days ago
tommy: Omg you guys my friend dream just did his face reveal. look. hes so handsome isnt he
judge of the tax evasion trial: Thomas Simons you are held in contempt of court
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raincoffeeandfandoms · 2 days ago
Hello! Saw you had these fluffy prompts and this one really seems like Alfie to me, what do you think? "oh stop pouting, i'm coming." ☺️😘💗 no pressure though if you don’t want to write this one but I thought you could really do it justice babes 💗💕💗
Phonecall (Alfie Solomons x Reader)
Tumblr media
Thanks for your request!! 🥰. Hope you like this little silly drabble.
Prompt: "oh stop pouting, i'm coming."
Summary: You are a teacher and because of work you had to go to Birmingham. Alfie hated that, but he had no choice but let you go. Now he's waiting for your phonecall to let him know that you're safe. But patience is not one of Alfie's virtues. When you finally called him... It turned out that you're not alone there.
Warning: None! Alfie just being Alfie 😂.
Tumblr media
The call Alfie had been waiting for had finally arrived. All day waiting for the damn phone to ring. Only God (and Ollie) knew how many times Alfie had picked up the handset to see if it had dialling tone or not, how many times he had asked Ollie to check the wire to see if it was connected or how many times he had pestered the operator asking if she had mistakenly put a call through. You were a teacher and that day you had gone to Birmingham because a friend of yours who lived there had asked you to cover for her that afternoon. You had promised to call Alfie as soon as you could, as he hadn't agreed to you going there because he didn't trust the people who lived there.
"This fucking thing ain't working, Ollie. Throw it out."
"Alfie, it's working fine. Your wife hasn't been able to call you yet is all. She's busy, it's not like she forgot about you."
"I know she hasn't. But she should have called by now, I'm sure she tried but couldn't get through." Alfie pulled the gun out of his pocket and pointed it at the phone "This shit, there's only one solution to it."
"Alfie, no!" Ollie ran to the desk to stop Alfie from destroying the device. "Be patient."
"No shit." Alfie pulled the safety off the gun when the phone finally rang.
"See? Now pick up, I'm sure it's her." said Ollie relieved that nothing had happened. Even after a decade, Ollie was amazed how someone like you could be married to someone like Alfie. But apparently you were made for each other, against all odds. He walked away leaving Alfie to, at last, be able to talk to you.
"Hello, love" you said on the other end of the line. "How have you been?"
"How have I been? How have I been?! Fucking worried, woman! Why the hell didn't you call sooner? God's sake. Where have you been? Are ya alright?"
"Calm down, Alfie. I'm all right! The phone we have at school broke and I had to go somewhere else to get in touch with you. The kids have kept me busy all day."
"The kids matter more to you, don't they? And me worrying about you, woman."
"Alfie, the children are seven years old. I'm their teacher, of course I care about them." you said rolling your eyes, in the background someone laughed and he of course heard it.
"Who's there? It's Tommy, isn't it? It's Tommy? It's his fucking phone." Alfie stood up in his office and started cursing.
"Yes, Alfie, it's Tommy. I told you the school phone wasn't working and I don't know anyone here except him. One of his…" but Alfie who continued to curse wouldn't let you finish speaking. "Alfie! Listen to me!"
"Stay there with Tommy, if you want to, I don't care."
"Go home, Alfie. It's late," you told him trying to calm him down, "and stop pouting, I'm coming. Wait for me."
"Fuck off."
"Alfie, sweetheart. It's just Tommy, for God's sake. I'll see you in a couple of hours. Go home."
The man was silent for a while and then sighed, "Fine. But I'm not done talking to you yet, woman."
"Whatever you say" you replied ignoring him, you knew too much about Alfie's dramatics to make a big deal out of it. And if he was angry, you knew all too well how to calm him down. "I love you. Goodbye."
Alfie hung up the phone finally. He grabbed his coat and hat to go home as he thought about your words 'Just Tommy'. Fucking Tommy. Now he would have to put up with the other gangster strutting about how his beloved wife had turned to him. Fuck him. He knew you were incapable of cheating on him, least of all with a Shelby, what Alfie resented was owing his friend a favor. At least he trusted him and knew he'd take care of you if anything happened.
Finally he got in the car, with the consolation that in a couple of hours he would have you back with him and hopefully, a hot night of lovemaking, would calm the grumpiness he had been having all day.
And that prospect made him smile. Mind you, the next time you went to Birmingham he would go with you, even if he regretted it for the rest of his life.
Part 2
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modelbus · a day ago
can i please request a tommy x reader where the reader has a cat, a kid if you will, i just need some tommy interactions with his girlfriend’s cat 😭
I’m actually deathly allergic to cats so I had to ask my friends what cats do… they told me cats are either the devil reincarnated or cute fluffy guys, so let’s assume your cat is a cute fluffy guy.
Pairing: CC!Tommy x Gn!Reader
Cute Cat
Tumblr media
Tommy is more of a dog person, but because the cat is important to you, he’ll tolerate it. If your cat is nice, he’ll warm up to it after a few visits, but if your cat is mean he’ll call it Satan and rant about it on stream.
He will refuse to call your cat anything but pussy. It’s gotten so bad that your cat responds to pussy as a name more often than its actual name.
“Here Pussy, Pussy!” Tommy yells.
“You know that’s not-“ you begin but get cut off by a loud meow coming from somewhere. “THE FUCK?!” Your cat doesn’t even respond to its actual name, but it’ll respond to pussy?!
If your cat ever scratches him, accidentally or on purpose, he definitely complains about it on stream like “HAVE YOU SEEN WHAT THAT EVIL MOTHERFUCKER DID TO ME?! WIL, WILBUR, IT TRIED TO KILL ME!”
He talks to it like it’s an actual person though, creeping you out sometimes.
“Stop staring at me like that, mate. I think you’ve got a staring problem.” Tommy points at your cat with the TV remote, “close them eyes before they dry out king. I know I’m hot, but you can’t have me. I’m a taken man.”
He's mean to your cat constantly as a defense mechanism because he’s meant to be a dog person. Don't worry though, he secretly loves your cat.
And he keeps trying to show off your cat to streams, constantly badgering you until you just give in.
His Twitter and Instagram are occasionally graced with cat photos, which he also uses as a sub goal.
The first time your cat brought a dead animal to you while he was there was certainly traumatizing for him...
"Hey Puss- what's in your mouth?" Tommy asks, cutting himself off.
"Huh?" You hum, turning to look at your beloved cat. All too used to owning a cat, you immediately recognize the dead animal being deposited on your carpet.
"What the fuck is that?"
"Tommy, don't freak out, okay?"
Despite the trauma your cat has put him through, he still loves to play with it. His favorite is definitely one of those dangly feather things because he's amazed at how high your cat can jump.
Although he is very sick and tired of your cat trying to fight his feet and sitting on his shoes.
Tommy convinced you one time to get your cat "high" on catnip, which ended in a very weird Tik Tok.
"No, no, no, trust me. It's just a little catnip. He'll only get a little high."
After you make a big deal out of it, he buys something for your cat's birthday like a good boyfriend <3
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dragons-hoard-of-fandoms · 2 days ago
Well, that...
That was something. (Cut 'cuz spoilers. Long. Small angry rant near the end.)
I can't really say it was bad, but, y'know, can't say it was all that fantastic either. Just doesn't feel like the "conclusion" it was promised as - which is honestly understandable, given that the new show is on its way. And, y'know, having to pack everything into only eleven minutes doesn't really grant ya much wiggle room. I feel like there'd be a much better payoff if it had more time to work with - twenty-two minutes like the Wil Film seasons, or a full TV movie.
It's definitely more satisfying than "Endings," tho, so I'll give it that.
I think I speak for everyone when I say I wish we'd gotten more of Oni Lloyd. Considering it was being hyped up as this big final ultimate form that may or may not end up rampaging across the city, destroying everything in sight as Lloyd takes out all the anger and frustrations that have been building up within him probably since this whole "destiny" nonsense was dropped on him, enacting a role reversal of the Kryptarium fight when Garmadon tries to face him only to finally understand exactly how he made his son feel back then when (despite Garm actually genuinely giving his all) Lloyd nearly kills him, has him by the throat and tells him "I have no father," while the Ninja are forced to confront the possibility that the only way to save their friend is to destroy him...
Yeah, Lloyd going full Oni for like five seconds only to immediately back out before actually doing anything was a letdown. But who knows, maybe they'll come back to it in the new series. Get on it, writers! Let our boy go crazy go stupid! Don't make this another Tornado of Creation!
Garmadon's second redemption certainly has room to grow. He's clearly trying, and I appreciate that, but I wish he'd made a more obvious effort that he was trying to reconcile with his son. I get that he can't just come right out and say it, not when he still can't quite comprehend just what "it" is, and I get that Lloyd wouldn't be able to just roll over and forgive him, not when he's probably still having nightmares about Seasons Eight through Ten and his whole original motivation from Season One is now his greatest fear... But still. I totally called that Christofern was serving as a stand-in for Lloyd when it came to Garmadon's feelings about him, but it felt like they were trying to push it from an allegory to a literal - pretty much any time Garm's ability to care was called into question, Christofern was the example given. The only arguable exception is that one scene with Nya, but even then, it's deflected onto Christofern so bluntly that's it's practically calling us stupid for thinking Garmadon's empathy could extend beyond his plant.
Again, tho, the new series still has a chance to remedy this. Sensei Garmadon could still return to us in some form. The Dragon half could still claw his way out of the Departed Realm, reunite with the Oni, and give Lloyd his real dad again. I like to imagine Garmadragon has been barreling across the multiverse screaming "HAVE YOU SEEN MY SON" for the past eight seasons, and the only reason he hasn't shown up yet is because there are a lot more than fourteen Realms out there. He could still turn up.
Look all I'm saying is Lloyd and Garmadon's Oni heritage has gotten its time in the spotlight, give the Dragons their turn. And while you're at it, acknowledge Wu's inhuman qualities for once. He's DragOni too.
Other Stuff I Don't Have As Much to Say About:
"Compatible" really doesn't hit as hard as Tommy was trying to convince us it would. IDK, maybe what with Zane dying every other weekend we're just desensitized to the whole ordeal. It was cute, tho, I certainly won't deny that.
Clutch still has Nadakhan's teapot. Is that ever gonna be relevant or
I can't believe they had Zane fight Mr. F and not reveal Mr. F as Echo. What do we gotta do to make them bring back Echo?!
Did they really think revealing the Overlord was responsible for the Devourer was some big unexpected twist? Pretty certain we all gathered that WAY back the first two seasons.
On that note, WOW was she-whose-name-we-do-not-speak-in-this-household's heel-face turn stupid. You were literally working with the dude who released the Devourer in the first place! If it was so easy for you to blame Lloyd for that, you should've been able to trace it back to the Overlord right from the start!
Yes I still despise she-whose-name-we-do-not-speak-in-this-household with every fiber of my being. Yes I still would've laughed and cheered if she had been murdered on-screen in such a brutal and violent manner that it never would've been allowed on television if they weren't Legos. Yes I still want Lloyd to go on an insane Oni-powered rampage with her as the first and only casualty. No I am not sorry and no I will never forgive her and no I will never accept her as anything other than the thing that ruined Garmadon. SHE IS NOT HIS DAUGHTER AND NEVER WILL BE AND I WOULD GLADLY REWRITE THE ENTIRE SHOW FROM SCRATCH TO PREVENT HER FROM EVER EXISTING
Can't say I was expecting the Ninja to lose their powers again (I figured they would've permanently gone full Dragon or something - another "dead without actually dying" case à la Nya turning into the ocean), but, y'know, can't say I'm too shocked by it either. Last time this happened was, what, Season Five? If anything they were overdue.
All in all, a decent end to a season and an alright end to an era, but not so much to an entire series like it's being billed as. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, and I've definitely seen worse finales (*cough cough* Star vs. the Forces of Evil *cough*), but that's not to say there isn't any wasted potential here. Maybe there wouldn't have been such high expectations if it hadn't been played up as this heart-wrenching, soul-crushing eleven-minute epic. Maybe if it'd lived up to the hype I wouldn't be writing this. Or maybe regardless of how things turned out, there would always be a little disappointment mixed into it. Who's to say, really.
Either way, the 2023 series certainly has a lot to live up to, and a fairly solid foundation to build off of. There's still a few loose ends to tie up, plot points to resolve, mysteries to uncover, stories to finish. What's up in the other Realms? Where are the Time Twins? Will we ever see Morro again?
We're just gonna have to wait and see, I suppose.
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psiithirisma · a day ago
it's the mcc aftermath. It's the invading phil's chill stream. It's the constant talking and laughter yet remains quiet call. Like it's just them in a room and everything else in the world is just background noise. Somehow, the four of them, together, it's suddenly night and it's just mumbling of friends, family, to each other. They're the sound of coming home after a tiring day. They're a lunar eclipse.
God I miss it. I miss them. It's probably laughable to people now but it comforts me to see people who had loved them the same.
Oh this made tear up, dude. Really trying not to cry right now.
I miss those 4 together too and it's heartbreaking to remember they miss his fourth too. I didn't expect anything different but its still heartbreaking to dwell on.
Wilbur's tweet in honor to Techno saying he misses him every day, Tommy in that stream when talking about SandwichLord pausing and going “maybe we just really miss Techno”, Phil's tweeting in his private account “i miss him so much man...”
And how even part of their friends' reactions was worrying about those 3 because everyone knew how close SBI are. Like, that time James (Marriot) in a stream after the news came out mentioned he felt bad for being busy around that time because he couldn't be there for his friends that were close with Techno, specifying the rest of SBI.
Or how at the end of the DSMP panel at Twitchon, when the audience stands up to clap in memory of Techno, you can see Niki turning around and looking at Phil, Wil and Tommy. And how in the same instant Ranboo also turns around to look at Tommy's direction.
Man, they never got to hang out in real life all 4 together. That upsets me greatly.
To think about how now i would never experience this rush of serotonin when watching a stream and get 4/4 again and the cruel reason why it's like that, damn.
They were and are a package deal. They weren't meant to be separated and it shatters my heart that they were.
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ghostly-tart · a day ago
so. from what we know about dream? better jawline than foolish, somehow, fluffier and better hairline than wilbur, all his friends have called him hot. he has a slight mullet. freckles and a scruff not quite beard.
they’re really building him up to be hot
the fact that Tommy and Connor were shocked , i cant do this
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timedeo · 3 hours ago
connor’s smp fic recs, oct. 2022
This is just a big rec list for my favorite DSMP/SMPE/SMPL fics! Under cut:
Dream SMP
Finding Serenity by a_little_hazy - Michaelmcchill-centric, Oneshot, 2.2k. Michael joins the Syndicate.
smokestacks and neon lights by Chalalalala - HBomb-centric, Oneshot, 4.5k. Manberg era, Schlatt and H are friends.
Cross to Bear (Death to Spare.) by Nesanon - Fundy-centric, Oneshot, 2.1k. Fundy and Connor have a conversation about Schlatt.
i grieve with you, for our friendship is dead by Sobs_in_G_minor - Quackcicle, Oneshot, 977. Takes place after the latest Las Nevadas stream.
let them eat cake by fridgeza - Puffychu, Oneshot, 999. Baking fluff.
April Showers Bring May Flowers by HyperrTsuki - Quackity-centric, Oneshot, 11k. Dapduo focused fantasy AU.
panacea by rosewitchx - Schlatt-centric, Oneshot, 5.3k. Quackity revives Schlatt, but he comes back as a scared kid.
heels by softfrogs - Techno-centric, Oneshot, 2.5k. A grieving Techno has a chat with his new neighbor.
thirty-five leagues by thanotaphobia - SBI, 2 chapters, 27k. Pirate AU!
and the universe said you are not alone by witnessmarks - Hannah-centric, Oneshot, 4.6k. Hannah copes with the loss of her wings. Luckily, she doesn't have to do it alone.
dallas (just for him) by connor6Silly - Connor-centric, Oneshot, 1.1k. Character study featuring color symbolism!
just a touch of sanity by prismartist - Connor-centric, Oneshot, 3.6k. Connor knows of Karl's secret, and he knows how much it's hurting him. So he tries to fix it, however unfortunate the method is.
A Square Peg in the Round Hole of their Heart by Sparksnevadas - Quackcicle, 11 chapters, 40k. An exploration of Slimecicle and Quackity slowly developing and figuring out how to deal with their feelings for one another.
People Die Every Day, I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way by orojiratsu - Connor-centric, Oneshot, 2.3k. c!Connor typical grieving tbh.
break the cycle in half by rosewitchx - Karl and Connor-centric, Oneshot, 8.9k. Madoka AU with experimental formatting. Karl and Connor make the same wish at the same time and are tied together by fate as they go through a timeloop to try and save their loved ones.
The Friends We Refuse to Abandon by BeatrixGtheMaskedDogNoobsomeExagerjunk - Connor-centric, 4 chapters, 7k. Connor's journey in reviving his best friend.
There Are Answers Here by angeloncewas - Connor-centric, Oneshot, 4.3k. Canon compliant c!Connor character study.
Brutus is an Honorable Man by 2point5 - Connor and Quackity-centric, Oneshot, 1k. Two people with very different memories of the same person are forced to confront this.
Suits and Lawsuits by Bonfirefly - Tommy-centric, Oneshot, 2.9k. Tommy sues Dream and calls in the help of an old friend.
Dream a Little Dream of Me by Vampiric_Mage - Sophie-centric, Oneshot, 1.1k. Sophie and Niki share dreams.
The Stars Still Love You (They Always Will) by miscellaneousmoons - Tommy-centric, 40 chapters (unfinished), 62k. Tommy is sent back in time to SMPEarth and gets a chance to redo his past mistakes.
Before We Get Older (Let's Do Everything) by bonespell - Deo-centric, Oneshot, 2.9k. Deo is afraid of flying and his factionmates help him face his fears.
pots & pans (back in business) by connor6Silly - S&C, Oneshot, 2.3k. Schlatt comes out to his best friend a second time.
What Will Happen Will Happen by connor6Silly - Connor-centric, Oneshot, 8.3k. Five times that Connor cried, and one time he didn't.
Bonus - Epic SMP
don't spin me a lie by roundtriptojupiter - Sparklez & Swagger-centric, 2 chapters, 3.3k. Epic SMP has a void problem.
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