evilmario666 11 months ago
i was here since the beginning i was here before the blog was even created i was here before any of you were born mine and brogans souls have been merged since the creation of the universe god envies our love i have always been here i am the original evilmario666 fan brogan would be nothing without me and without him the earth would be dust come visit again my angel i made cookies -馃拰
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fullwarmth a month ago
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a bit of tenderness
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lulusketches 11 days ago
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it's nice to have a friend 馃挏
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fuko-sshi 19 days ago
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One of my fav drawings <3
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seikkora a year ago
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kira-fluff a month ago
"can you pretend to be my boyfriend?"
pairing: osamu miya x reader (haikyuu!!) a/n: unfortunately based off a true story. tw: anxiety, bullying, swearing, threatening
you sidled yourself in a seat next to your good friend. "heeeeey 'samu~" you grinned.
"what do ya want?"
"can i not just want to greet my amazing friend?"
he gave you a skeptical look and you blanched. "well, uhm..."
"if it's my food ya want, yer not gettin' it." he grumbled, selfishly sucking more milk through his straw.
"can you be my boyfriend?"
comically, osamu proceeded to spew the milk in his mouth out in shock, nearly missing atsumu who sat across the table, much to both of their dismay.
wiping some milk from his mouth, osamu managed to choke out a strained, "yer for real..?"
you blinked, then flushed, "i-i-i meant for pretend, i mean it!" you bit your lip, "there's this girl who recently decided she doesn't like me. i'm not sure why... but she started telling rumors and lies about me to other people.....including her boyfriend. and...and.. he's super intimidating..." you looked away, "'samu, he came up to me the other day and said that if i mess with 'his girl'... that i'd 'regret it'....'samu, i'm scared. it's silly, right? but.. but it would just make me feel safer.."
a warm hand fell on your shoulder, "'s not silly. 's a threat. do ya want me 'ta take care of him?"
you shook your head quickly, "n-no! i just... i need you to just.. pretend. i know it's weird, but it would mean a lot to me, okay?"
osamu eyed you up and down before saying, "why me?"
your eyes widened and you once again couldn't look him in the eye. after all, it'd be pretty lame to confess after he so blatantly shot you down a few minutes ago. "well, you're my best 'guy' friend. and you're pretty much built like a greek god--"
he smirked, amused, "ya think 'm built like a greek god?"
"i'm still here, guys, keep the flirting to a minimum," piped in atsumu.
you both turned in unison to him, identically saying, "shut up, 'tsumu."
you cleared your throat, "anyway, you're bulky and strong and could definitely beat him in a fight."
"so will you help me... please?"
osamu's resolve seemed to waver the longer your stared into his eyes with a begging expression. to be honest, the moment he'd heard that some guy was harassing you, he was beyond pissed off and was ready to agree to just about anything you asked of him. but, once he found out that you had also wanted to be his (albeit, pretend) girlfriend? it seemed like the perfect opportunity to show you what it could really be like.. and how much he loved you.
"i guess." he said, his cheeks slightly flushing.
it shocked you that he had agreed. after all, this is osamu you're talking about. he scarcely looked your way, much less harbored any idea of you being his girlfriend. and yet here you were, walking down the halls, holding hands. he avoided your gaze, though you knew him well enough to know he wasn't annoyed with you, just embarrassed, which you had expected.
what you hadn't expected, however, was that girl. you call her that girl because you honestly didn't know her name. only that she despised you. you frowned, recalling the numerous times your friends walked up to you telling you she'd said you were "annoying" or that she was surprised you were ever invited to anything what with the way you make everything about yourself. you knew your friends meant well but a part of you wished they'd never told you. you weren't exaggerating when you say that you are a "drama-free" person. you seemed to always be the last one to hear the gossip going around and certainly the last to spread anything. it upset you that despite your best efforts someone had decided that you were irritating enough to make comments to others about. you tried to not take things personally, you really did, but when you'd heard her talking about you while you were in a bathroom stall, it took all of your strength to hold back your tears. unfortunately, because you're drama-free, you also aren't the most confrontational person. rather, you preferred confrontation when the other people didn't seem to take anything anyone ever did personally. you thought back on yourself, searching for anything you could've done wrong to bother her but after much consolation from friends, turned up nothing. still, a part of you felt like it was all your fault. maybe you could've tried harder to be extra kind to her?
you were broken out of your thoughts by a squeeze to your hand. making eye contact with that girl, she rolled her eyes and turned, walking the other way. osamu looked down at you in concern as your brows furrowed in a hurt expression.
"do ya even know her?"
"then why should you care what she says or thinks?"
"because, 'samu, it's not that easy. i can tell myself it doesn't matter and that i shouldn't care but that doesn't make it so. it doesn't rewire my brain to stop caring about what other people think. no matter how hard i try."
he was silent for a moment, contemplating something.
then, he lightly caressed your cheek with the palm of his hand, smiling softly. "i guess i can't change yer mind... but i can remind you that the people who are actually worth yer time won't make some round-about shitty way of telling ya they have a problem with ya."
you smiled warily, though he had to admit he said exactly what you needed to hear. besides that, you noticed you'd definitely chosen the right guy - his acting skills as your boyfriend were superior. your eyes wandered around to the gaze of your fellow peers as some cooed not-so-subtly at osamu's public display of affection.
your gaze returned to his as he eyed you up and down. "ya sure yer alright?"
"ya know it's okay not to be fine all the time."
you laughed lightly, "thanks, 'samu. but really, I think I'm okay. i just can't think about it or it'll make me all upset again."
"wanna come over tonight? thankfully i'm makin' dinner and not atsumu," he grinned.
you conservation switched to various other topics as you both walked down the hall before he had to go to volleyball practice.
"didn't i tell you what happens to bitches who mess with my girl?" a gruff voice called behind you.
you froze, regretting the fact that you neglected to bring your phone with you during your lunch break and were subsequently now completely alone with some gorilla-faced man who spoke gravelly like he wasn't in high school at all. slowly turning, you cowered, "i-i don't think i did anything wrong.."
immediately his fist slammed against your locker. "obviously you fuckin' did if my girl is tellin' me you've been a fuckin' problem!"
"i-i-i don't even know who she is," you defended, moving your hands to shield your face in fear.
you screamed as you felt a hand tightly grab your wrist and you squeezed your eyes shut, preparing yourself for the impact of a fist. after a few moments, you opened them, shocked to see osamu standing in front of you, shielding you from the gruff boyfriend.
"get a load of this guy," osamu smiled sardonically, "getting involved in his girlfriend's drama because she can't handle it herself? you must be her hero."
the man grit his teeth hard, winding up for a punch that osamu immediately countered, without breaking a sweat.
"you take that back you fuckin' piece of shit!" he growled, aiming for a blow to osamu's kneecap. "how the fuck does a prick like you even know this stupid bitch anyway." he continued, seemingly adding fuel to the fire.
osamu's eyes widened with a fiery rage, "you don't get to talk like that about my girlfriend." within seconds, the man was pummeled to the ground and osamu's fist connected against his face repeatedly until you pulled osamu away.
as if the situation wasn't already at its worst, that girl came running down the hall. "you BITCH! how dare you do this to my man! i fucking knew you were a rat." she paused for a moment before letting out a shriek of laughter, "oh? what's this? there's no fucking way you managed to get a boyfriend. what, you finally found someone willing to fuck you for a price?" she giggled, "osamu miya, was it? tell me, how much is she paying you to play pretend?"
osamu ground down on his teeth dangerously as he eyed the girl with contempt. "I'll have you know that i asked her out and was lucky enough for her to say yes."
she forced out another laugh, "then you're both pathetic! a match made in heaven."
you willed the tears to stay in your eyes, not wanting to give the girl the power of knowing that she hurt you, that she made you cry. you whispered something even you could barely hear.
"what was that? finally apologizing to me?"
you narrowed your eyes, looking her directly in her own as you raised your voice, "I said 'LEAVE US ALONE!'" you screamed with all you had in you.
she smirked, seemingly only a little fazed by your outburst. "fine, I'll leave. as soon as you prove you guys are actually dating. 'cause, like, there's no way, right babe?!" her boyfriend grunted out a laugh from his position on the floor.
this is the end. you thought. i'm gonna have to confess that i made this whole thing up and then i'm never going to hear the end of it. you sent a worried look to osamu who was already inches from your face. you tried to back away in shock, but his hand found purchase on the small of your back. he pulled you in tightly before taking your chin in between his index and thumb. his eyes conveyed a message you couldn't quite decifer.
yet, the next thing you knew, his lips were on yours. it wasn't at all the sort of chaste or reluctant kiss you were expecting, but one filled with hunger and desire. you returned in equal force, intertwining your fingers in his gray-brown locks. you could've sworn you'd heard a guttural groan as you shifted your leg in between his. when you at last separated, the girl and her boyfriend were gone. it was just the two of you.
osamu looked down at your lips once more before meeting your eyes. "hey."
you laughed breathily, "hey."
"do ya wanna date fer real?"
you answered with another eager kiss.
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luuxxart 2 months ago
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I don鈥檛 remember the point of this
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luftballons99 a month ago
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the saga of yuki鈥檚 gay ear piercing continues
(also i technically headcanon him as bi so im using gay as an umbrella term here <3)
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rubydragon16 7 months ago
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聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 Kyo and Tohru 鉂 Fruits Basket -prelude- 鈾
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broresteia 4 months ago
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enerjax 8 months ago
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Tohru & Kyo - New Year Dance馃帊鉁
My head canon is that although Kyo was never invited to the jyuunishi New Years celebration he was always in fact an amazing dancer. Now he and Tohru are married and they get to perform the New Years dance together for the Sohma family 馃惐馃崣馃ズ馃挄
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evilmario666 5 months ago
Just drank some raw nectar... I see why insects like this. Shit鈥檚 tasty as hell
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fullwarmth 4 months ago
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you are still growing
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sapphicpumpkin 10 months ago
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hadnt drawn these guys in a while.. can鈥檛 wait to see their new stuff in the prelude :鈥)
(馃挋 EDIT: if you'd like an A3 print of this, check out my etsy :D聽)
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uchihaculture 4 months ago
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is THE best ship dynamic
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riceball-cat 10 months ago
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