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LMK fandom: Oh, what do we do about this guy who has nothing but hurt Xiaotian, tried to replace Sun Wukong and his crew, hurt Tripitaka and ordered servants to cannibalize a monkey? Oh I know! We’ll turn him into our little meow meow~ he’s so innocent and Sun Wukong is obviously the villain!
What doesn’t help is this idea is perpetuated by multiple fan fic writers and artists for some reason. Especially some aus they make that turn SWK into a bastard for the sake of the story rather than considering cultural context and thinking they should be respectful.
And almost everyone lets them get away with it just because the art or fanfic is good and they get so popular that no one can point what is actually wrong without feeling like they’re going to get attacked.
I'm starting to feel like my blog is the one anons go to specifically to vent their frustrations about the Six Eared Macaque in his lego monkey show form & the associated fandom lmao. But I guess this makes sense, as I’ve had fun quasi-dragging him before & will in fact use this anon submission as an opportunity to have my own, to put it academically, bitch fest about not just this fandom's favorite protagonist-traumatizing meow meow, but about the way villains are often treated in not just fanon, but increasingly in canon works as well. But same policy as with the last anon; I'll post my opinions below the cut, and as fandoms love to say, don’t like don't read if you don't want to see me dunking on the six eared simian & common fandom tendencies towards villains.
Oh man I would say where would you even begin with this but anon you’ve pretty much started yourself with my main gripe with a lot of ways that the Six-Eared Macaque is portrayed in fandom; there seems to be this unspoken agreement that his acts of violence towards Sun Wukong, Qi Xioatian, and Qi Xioatian’s loved ones are either to be framed as somewhat or totally justified, to be immediately forgiven/excused, or to simply & completely be ignored. Like friends maybe this is just me not seeing the proper posts but while the fandom is inundated with art and fanfics of Macaque as a generally decent individual & a true member of team good guy, I have yet to see one person address the fact that this monkey literally kidnapped & mind-controlled Xiaotian’s best friend and father figures & forced them to brutalize Xiaotian while ol’ Six Ear looked on and laughed (X_X). Like this kind of fandom villain treatment is definitely not something that’s solely at work for Monkie Kid, but it is kind of nutty how fandoms will swing between yelling that people should be allowed to like villains without even mild critique, and then will just flat-out not address the villainous behavior, and will even bend over backwards to frame even characters who committed genocide as just poor innocent widdle victims who need a hug. At its worst, I’ve even seen tons of people in a fandom get really angry at other people who don’t like a villain, and will even start accusing those people of hating real-life mentally disabled or abused individuals all because they don’t like the fandom’s favorite literal war criminal. The Monkie Kid fandom is FAR more chill & better than a lot of other fandoms I’ve come across in that regard, but that is an exceedingly low bar, & the tendency to woobify certain kinds of villains-- as with Macaque and the extreme emphasis on his bad boy/sad boy thing--is very much at work.  
 I’ve also talked before about a kind of monoculturalization of certain character interpretations and story beats in fandoms, and one of the more popular ones that seems to be applied to Macaque a lot is the “hero actually bad, villain actually good” cliche, as observable from the general fandom assumption that Mr. Six-Ears he wasn’t even slightly lying or remembering things through a rose-tinted or skewed lens when he gave his version of his and Sun Wukong’s past. Like at this point it seems the possibility that people WILL NOT even consider is that Sun Wukong never did & still doesn't care that much about the Six Eared Macaque (in JTTW they weren’t sworn brothers & in Monkie Kid the only thing the monkey king really said to Macaque before attacking him was a pretty contemptuous "Aren't you ever going to get sick of living under my shadow?," & responds to his "beloved friend" getting blown up with "You did good, bud" to Qi Xiaotian, who did the exploding), or that their original fight may in fact have mostly been instigated by Macaque. After all, to repeat what this anon summarized & what I've said before about their original JTTW context (& in an example of the things that do feel like it's often lost in translation) is that the Six Ear Macaque was a villain not just because he beat up the Tang Monk, but because he wanted to take over Sun Wukong's entire life and identity so he could have all that glory, prestige, and power for himself. To quote the macaque himself from the Anthony C. Yu translation, "I struck the T'ang monk and I took the luggage...precisely because I want to go to the West all by myself to ask Buddha for the scriptures. When I deliver them to the Land of the East, it will be my success and no one else's. Those people of the South Jambudvipa Continent will honor me then as their patriarch and my fame will last for all posterity." And in order to do this, the Six Eared Macaque had apparently made Sun Wukong's "little ones," his monkey family, his captives through either trickery or force, and gotten a number of them to take on the appearance of Tang Sanzang and the other pilgrims. It's also made clear that in very direct contrast to Sun Wukong, he doesn't care about these monkeys beyond how they might serve him. In fact, after Sha Wujing kills the monkey posing as him the Six Eared Macaque not only all but immediately replaces him with another, but also "told his little ones to have the dead monkey skinned. Then his meat was taken to be fried and served as food along with coconut and grape wines." So this monkey is not only willing to risk the lives of a lot of other monkeys for his own personal benefit, but is also a literal cannibal. And yes yes, I know a lot of people have argued that Monkie Kid shouldn't be considered a direct sequel to JTTW & that's fair enough (for example, Sun Wukong probably shouldn't be smashing anyone into a meat patty in a children's cartoon lol). And of course, it needs to be noted that there are a buttload of really out there & really cursed pieces of media based on JTTW & that were created in China. Yet the above description is the oft-ignored in the west original facet of the Six Eared Macaque's character. And it is this selfishness, entitlement, and treatment of other individuals as tools for his own self-serving ends  that is, from where I’m standing, still very much present in Monkie Kid. Like besides repeatedly going out of his way to physically and psychologically traumatize Xioatian, with the last episode Macaque seemed to be going right back to his manipulative ways. I’ve seen people frame their last conversation as Macaque softening to Xioatian a little bit, but personally that read a lot more like that common tactic among abusers where even after they’ve hurt you they’ll dangle something you want or need over your head (in Macaque’s case, the promise of desperately needed training and information about a serious looming threat), with the implication that you’ll only get it if you do what they want you to, such as, in this case, Xioatian going back to Macaque as his student even after having been so terribly hurt by this monkey, which would give Macaque power over Xiaotian and probably Sun Wukong as a result. And it is this violence and manipulation that it seems the fandom at large has tacitly decided shouldn’t even be addressed, instead leaning more towards a (and this is an exaggeration) “Six-Eared Macaque my poor meow meow Sun Wukong has always been bad & has always been wrong about literally everything” reading. 
And while it is the case that I am not Chinese and feel that as such it would be best left to someone who actually comes from that background to provide more context into how common interpretations of the Six Eared Macaque from China may clash really badly with the stuff the western fandom creates, it also must be noted that, as much as we all want to have fun in fandom & in spite of all the out-there versions of JTTW from China, we westerners should recognize that there is a very long and very ugly history of western countries stripping other cultures’ important religious and literary works for parts & mashing them into their own thing while implying or even insisting that what they present provides a true understanding of the original piece. And while I trust most individuals in regards to Monkie Kid are able to step back and think “this is a lego cartoon and not a set guide for how I should understand JTTW” (especially given the insistence that JTTW and Monkie Kid should be considered there own separate works) there does nevertheless seem to be something of a tendency to take the conclusions people come to, for example, about Sun Wukong’s characteristic in his lego form & then assume that’s just reflective to Sun Wukong as a totality. I imagine a good portion of this is due to people not reading JTTW & especially to not having easy access to solid information or answers about JTTW’s many different facets (like geez awhile ago I was trying to get a clear answer on what is considered the most accurate translation of the names of Sun Wukong’s six sworn brothers & got like 5 different responses lmao), but that tendency to take a western fandom interpretation & run with it instead of doing any background research or questioning said interpretation is still very much at play. As such, & as made prominent in the way people have been interpreting the dynamic between Sun Wukong and the Six Eared Macaque in the lego monkey show, tbh it does seem kind of shitty for western creators & audience to sometimes go really out of their way to ignore all of this original cultural & narrative context for the sake of Angst (TM) in Macaque's favor, demonizing Sun Wukong, and shipping the monkey king with his evil twin (X_X).
And speaking of which, even beyond the potential inherent creepiness & revulsion that can be inspired by this specific ship given common interpretations of the og classic's original meaning (again, it's my understanding, given both summaries of translated Chinese academic texts I've been kindly provided with, my own reading of the Anthony C. Yu translation of JTTW, & vents from a number of Chinese people I've seen on this site, that the Six-Eared Macaque is commonly interpreted in China as having originated from Sun Wukong himself as a living embodiment of his worst traits, hence why only Buddha can tell the difference between them & why the monkey king is much more slow to violence after he kills the macaque), I'd argue that in the face of all the uwu poor widdle meow meow portrayals lego show Macaque is, especially if you include JTTW's events, still in the role of “Sun Wukong but worse” as he is very much a violent & selfish creep. Like he was basically running around in JTTW wearing a Sun Wukong fursuit, but there he had the sole reason of wanting to replace Sun Wukong wholesale so he could have all the good things in the monkey king's life without actually having to work as hard for them. But if you combine that with Macaque now claiming that he used to be best friend with Sun Wukong in his pre-journey days (something that's made funny from a JTTW context given that that status actually belongs to the Demon Bull King lol), his original violence has now blown into this centuries long and really unhealthy obsession with the monkey king. Like he's apparently gone from wanting to literally be Sun Wukong to being so obsessed with getting revenge on Sun Wukong that he's got basically nothing else going on in his life. Like he's only appeared in two episodes but...does he have any friends? Any family? A career or even a hobby that DOESN'T center the monkey king? Anything at all outside of his "get revenge on and/or kill Sun Wukong/use his successor as my personal punching bag” thing? Like dude! That is extremely creepy and extremely bad for everyone all around! As I’ve said before, this seeming refusal to see beyond the past or to do something that doesn’t involve Sun Wukong in some capacity is a trait that makes Macaque an interesting and somewhat tragic villain--he even seems to be working as Sun Wukong’s reflection in a mirror darkly, with lego show Sun Wukong pretty clearly not being able to heal from his own past which is hinted to be defined by one loss after another, and with Monkie Kid even kind of having these two characters somewhat follow their JTTW characterizations in that in the latter half of the journey Sun Wukong often gets sad & starts crying in the face of what seems insurmountable odds (& Monkie Kid Sun Wukong does seem to be hiding some serious depression behind a cheerful facade), whereas the Six-Eared Macaque retains a worse version of Sun Wukong’s pre-journey characteristic of getting pissed and lashing out if things don’t go his way--but it’s also what would make any current friendship or romantic relationship between these monkeys horrific. Although to be fair even the fandom seems to recognize this in an unconscious way, in that a lot of the art & fanfic seems to swing erratically between them kissing & screaming at each other in yet another example of bog-standard fandom adulation of romanticized toxic relationships lol.  
At the end of the day, of course, this is nothing new. You'll find versions of this dynamic across a ton of fandoms and now even canonical work. And as such, I can only look at this kind of popularized relationship dynamic with a kind of resigned weariness whenever it pops up, & my frustrated question with the popularity of this kind of pairing is the exact same one that I have for a multitude of blatantly toxic villain/hero ships, given common fandom discourse & the tendency to either ignore or justify the villain's actions & demonize the hero: if you're THAT convinced that everything is the hero's fault, if you believe THAT much that the hero is the one in the wrong for the villain's pain and their subsequent actions, then why are you so set on them not only becoming a romantic pair, but framing this get-together as a good thing? Like I know we contain multitudes but that's waaay too many contradictions for me to wrap my head around. And it definitely doesn’t help that one branch of underlying reasoning behind this kind of pairing seems to be the ever-present “you break it, you fix it” mentality, where the assumption is that if you’re in a failing, abusive, and/or generally toxic relationship (platonically or romantically), if you put in enough time and effort & attempts to compromise, you’ll be able to restore/have the relationship you dreamed of, even with someone who hurt you really badly. And this assumption isn’t limited to fandom: I’d even argue that it’s everywhere in the culture, hence why a lot of people feel like they “failed” if they have to get a divorce or make the choice to leave an unhealthy friendship. Personally, I feel like people could really benefit from more stories about how it is not only the case that the people you hurt don’t owe you their forgiveness & you can still become a better and happier person without the one you hurt in your life, & that while it can be really hard it can also be a good thing to leave a relationship, even if it’s one that once meant a lot to you. 
  But in all honestly, from my own perspective this kind of pairing is starting to read far less like enemies to lovers and far more like a horrible fantasy where you can pull whatever shit you want, even on the people you "love," & never be held accountable for your terrible behavior or even have to consider that maybe you were in the wrong. It's another facet that makes me larf every time I see people insist that fandom is an inherently "transformative" or "progressive" form of storytelling like friends you are literally just taking status quo toxic monogamy & rebranding it as somehow beneficial & romantic (X_X).
But as to anon’s last frustration, it is hard to know what is the appropriate response with this kind of thing...like for my own part I’m keeping my frustrations to my blog & now increasingly to posts that you would have to click on the “read more” button to see what I have to say, but I totally get the hesitation to give even a mild critique to big names in a fandom. Like I've now seen it happen repeatedly where someone who has a big name in a fandom will make something that's kind of shitty for one reason or another, someone will message them with some version of "hey, that's kind of shitty, you shouldn't do that," and the typical response is either to blatantly ignore the issue completely, or more popularly to make a giant crying circus that seems deliberately geared towards stoking emotions on both sides of the, for example, fiction does/doesn't affect reality issue so that something that didn't even have to be that big a deal gets blown out of all proportion, with the big name often framing what often started out as a very mild critique into a long crying jag about how the initial response to their kind of shitty thing was so mean/cruel and they're just a poor innocent & that YOU'RE the true racist/sexist/bigot etc. if you don't agree with their opinion. It must of course be noted that there have also been numerous instances of people taking it too far the other way & sending not just big names but smaller creators literal deaths threats over stuff like innocuous ships which like holy hell bells people that’s a horrible thing to do. But for the big names at least, the end result of all this fighting is usually that once the dust has settled they have more attention/fame/money/power in the fandom than before, and with anyone who might have a problem with their stuff feeling afraid to voice their opinion lest they be swarmed by that person's fans. In that way fandom does often seem to increasingly be geared towards presenting an “official” fandom perspective about various facets of a piece of media instead of allowing for a multitude of interpretations, and with criticism, no matter its shape or form or how genuinely warranted it may be, being hounded out of existence. I feel like a lot of this could be made less bad if there wasn’t this constant assumption & even drive to think that a different interpretation of or criticism of your favorite work of fiction or your fanwork isn’t a direct claim that you are a thoroughly loathsome individual (& maybe also if people cultivated an enjoyment of learning things about important works from a culture outside their own, even if what you learn clashes with your own initial understandings), but I guess we’ll see if that ever happens. 
So these are my general thinks about the Six Eared Macaque’s current fandom meow meow status & some of my bigger gripes with fandom tendencies as a whole. I stand by my idea that the most interesting & beneficial route for Macaque moving forward would be a kind of “redemption without forgiveness from the ones you hurt” arc--as I think was done pretty excellently with the character Grace in Infinity Train--and if for no other reason than gosh dern this monkey really needs to cultivate some sort of identity beyond his “Sun Wukong but worse” persona. 
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Tumblr media
Welp as you can guess, Biker TF won the poll. So here we go kids.
It’d been weeks since I had... become who I am today. I’m still learning how to wield the power that Miss Marie had given me- and there were a few mistakes made along the way. But at the end of the day, I’d grown into a much more competent practitioner, so I decided one drunken evening to treat myself. After a delicious evening with a hunky biker bear, I’d convinced him to let me have his spare set of wheels. Riding came naturally to me- the open road and the wind rushing against me gives such a sense of freedom. It’s hard to explain. We still ride down the backroads outside of town just about once a week, although I’m sure the cruising spot in the bayou clearing does certainly help instigate such rides.
It was one summer afternoon after one such ride and rendezvous, wafting with the stench of sweat and sex, that I came across a young hitchhiker. He was young, maybe 21 or so with gorgeous ebony skin and a lean slender frame. I pulled over, and he quickly ran over to me.
“Hey, are you going as far as town?” His voice was frail and weak. A timbre of defeat echoed from the back of his throat, he’d clearly been through a lot. 
“Sure am. Here, hop on and take the spare helmet.” I smiled at him, and he coyly avoided my glance. He awkwardly mounted the bike, nearly tipping us over. “Never ridden before? Aight, put your arms here, and keep your feet up.” I gently guided his wrists around my waist and he tightly held on, nearly knocking the wind out of me. As we took off, he clutched me even tighter. Riding down the road, I could sense he was a broken kid. The air of sadness permeated his energy, and shaded every ounce of his body language. I don’t think he ever realized just how beautiful a soul he had.
About ten minutes of riding, I noticed we were nearly running on fumes. Luckily, an exit sign harked a little good fortune with a Shell station off the road. We pulled over at the nearest gas pump, and dismounted. 
“I’m gonna fill up, take this and get yourself something to eat man, you’re skin and bones!” I handed him a $20, and he looked at me as if I had three horns and purple skin. He blushed and walked toward the convenience store, but turned back to ask if I needed anything.
Tumblr media
I looked at him, standing there against the cinderblock building and decided that he would get the help he deserved. If from nobody else, he would get it from me. I shook my head no, and he entered the store. Filling the tank took all of five minutes before it had topped off. I slid my card in, paid my dues and started to put my gloves back on before I noticed he had not come back out. To my left was another bike, sitting vacant and alone. Alarm bells went off and I rushed into the convenience store. 
I opened the door and could immediately hear the shouting. Behind the counter some teenage dumbass was fuckin around on his phone, not thinking a thing of the brazen diatribe that was filling the room. There, behind the wall of Doritos, Pretzels, and Slim Jims was the young kid, and a big hulking stag of a man shouting with his chest all puffed up like a blowfish. The foul, revolting shit that spewed from that mans mouth was beyond anything that I’d care to repeat in any way here, but when I say it was in reference to his ancestry I’m sure you can fill in the blanks. Grabbing his shoulder like a vice grip, I was about to teach this man what’s what.
“I think it’s time for you pipe the fuck down.” The man turned to me, covered in grease and stinking from days of riding in the summer heat. You know the type, ripped up and stained wife beater with tight, patched jeans; topped off with big beat up harness boots that were clearly two sizes too big. He sneered, sizing me up to see where his chances were in this fight. 
“Ahh, so you’re gonna be this little fuck’s hero, huh? You’re gonna be his WHITE knight, huh? See, I’m just letting him know that in these parts, it’d be best if he just fucked right off.” I’ll be the first to acknowledge that I have a bit of a temper issue which can get the best of me.. In the particular instance, however, I’d say I’m proud as all hell that I held that white trash by the throat about a sold foot above the ground. Tossing him aside, he landed against the aisle shelves like a ragdoll. I smirked, and figured out just how I would help this young man.
“Come on over, kid.” I waved him over, and he sheepishly plodded over to us. The racist tried in vain to pull himself up off the ground, but my size 13 Vans against his big burly chest had him pinned like a mouse in a trap. “I think this man needs a bit of an education, don’t you?” The kid smiled, looking down. I gently held his chin up. “And you need a confidence boost.” 
“Ah, your fuckin’ queers too! I shoulda gue...” I shoved my foot into his stupid maw, silencing him for the last time. I turned to my soon to be apprentice and smiled. I pushed a bit harder, watching my shoe sink further and further into that piece of shit’s mouth, before my entire foot was engulfed by his stretched head. The kid looked in awe as our prey squirmed and fought, and I think it was at this point that the situation clicked in his mind.
“Yeah, hows my foot taste, bitch? They sure stink to high hell, they’re my favorite pair. Kinda jealous of you to be honest.” I wriggled my foot inside his head, watching the outline of my high tops slide around under his skin. I’d played around with him long enough. I turned to the kid, who I’d noticed was tenting ever so slightly and winked. “Might wanna get rid of your threads, bud, you’re not gonna need ‘em.” With a quick jerk of my knee, my foot slipped out of his mouth, his head returning to normal. 
“You stupid fucks, I’m gonna fuckin kill you!” He would never get the chance. In fact, he was about to learn first hand what it’s like to have a healthy amount of melanin. With his clothes chucked aside, and his manhood at full mast, the kid walked toward the writing man. He gingerly put a single toe into his mouth, and pushed. His foot slipped effortlessly into the man’s throat, and quickly tugging at the corners of his mouth, he slipped foot number two in. The man was wriggling like a worm, I’m sure desperately trying to spew empty threats to ward us off. The sight of the kid’s lowering ass onto his stretched face caused a little bit of a muffled shriek to escape his cords. Now, musky, sweaty hitchhiker ass would be a treat to me on even the worst of days, but evidently some just can’t appreciate it’s mouthwatering flavor and scent. With his crack nuzzled right down on the good old boy’s nose, he began to pull on the man’s legs.
I watched proudly as his feet slipped downward, distorting his muscles under the tight confines of his jeans, before a sharp pop landed them inside the destroyed boots. They fit perfectly now, and I could just begin to smell the strong funk of greasy, funky socks and feet. The kid kept sliding into his body, his midsection growing and seemingly inflating with strong muscles. The old tank began to tear and rip, before it was shredded by the sheer mass of the inked, mocha colored abs and pecs that prominently burst forward. 
The kid’s face was in full elation, as he squeezed his arms down the throat, pulling the skin above his shoulders with a loud snap. His arms slipped into place; thick biceps and forearms bubbling outward from the man’s already impressive musculature. His tatted hands flexed, the new sensation of calloused fingertips and meaty palms seemingly fascinated him as he began to rub his new body.
I removed my foot from my new friend’s chest, and helped him up. This man was a beast! Towering to a massive 6′5, he was bigger, broader, and stronger than me- and I’ll admit... it was hot seeing this hulking, musky hunk standing before me with the youthful, boyish face of an early twenty-something. I eagerly awaited the final stretch as he pawed the whimpering final mask of the former racist’s face. Grabbing it by the nose, he pulled ever so slowly, savoring every second the slimy flesh slipped over his head until it snapped loudly into place. He adjusted his new face as the dark complexion flowed up his neck and across his scalp and jaw. He opened his dark brown eyes and smiled a million dollar smile at me.
“Now this is what I’m talkin’ about man!” The only word that came to my mind was stunning. His exterior finally matched his interior: sexy, proud, and strong. “Oh shit...” He looked downward, and within seconds I knew exactly what the issue was. Speaking from experience, not all the adjustments are as easy, so I decided my assistance was required. Getting down onto my knees, I unzipped his jeans, pulling them down. It revealed the yellowed, reeking jockstrap beneath which nearly concealed the problem area. 
Glued down behind his skin was the outline of his cock and balls. Just as I thought. Pulling down the jockstrap, I grabbed the hollow shaft and sac, tugging it up and down. Little by little his cock slid toward the chasm before it fully slipped in with a loud schlorp! When I tell you that cock grew into a footlong dong in seconds... with two sweat-dripping golf balls hanging low to garnish... I couldn’t restrain myself. I took it in my mouth, licking up every droplet of salty sweet sweat, pumping the precum out of it like a faucet. He grabbed the back of my head, thrusting his horse cock down my throat, fucking it like a fleshlight. His smelly balls slapped against my chin, and I could feel them engorging, getting ready to blow. 
And blow they did. Rope after rope. Straight down my throat. Every cup of it was whatever sadness, whatever insecurities, whatever weights held him down; now completely purged. He pulled out and I pulled my apprentice into deep kiss. This is who he truly was, and it was a fitting circumstance for it to happen. We turned to the slackjawed cashier, who evidently witnessed everything. I tossed him a $100, and we left. Hopping on our bikes, we headed back to town. The things I was going to teach dear Antoine here were going to blow his mind, and potentially his load too.
Tumblr media
Okay kids. So there you have it. This was a long motherfucker and I’m sure it’s the longest I’ve ever written. If you haven’t guessed by now, each installment of Sebastian’s stories will be focused on punishing hate. This is what’s brought me out of retirement, and this is what I love writing now. I’ll of course listen to the feedback that y’all have provided me- I will do one-offs still. In fact, I’ll probably do a one-off next. Let me know what y’all think in my askbox. Thank you guys so much for all the support you’ve shown me.
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tellmelieshulu · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Based on the best-selling novel, #TellMeLies premieres September 7 on @Hulu.
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vickylamore · a year ago
If the Yns from Crys's fics were to meet, what would happen?
OKAY SO LIKE, HI, you'll only get this if you've read at least two of Crys's (@armytinyzenmoa) series cause, its alot to cover.
She already did this for Park Yn (Zemblanity) and Lee Yn (TSTL) but I'm doing it for:
Park Yn - Zemblanity (dumbass number one)
Yn - Glitched (dumbass number two, more logical, still slow.)
Byun Yn - LR (confident hoe, smart ass bitch, love to see it.)
Lee Yn - TSTL (a badass, a fucking queen, my favroite Yn, my baby, will fight for her/him period)
Only these Yns cause I didnt read the other series with Yeonjun and Seonghwa(?) and I don't have enough info on Jung Yn (Prominence) so four for now. I will update it when more Yns are added (series wise) 🙄❤.
Also, THIS IS CRACK. THE TYPOS ARE IMMACULATE but its litterally crack + crack writing style (and no tags cause the series aren't my work so the tags below are litterally... just there cause some of yall won't know about her stories SO IF YOU DONT, DONT READ BEYONG THIS POINT).
But yes, here we go 😗
If Byun Yn and Lee Yn were to meet in the TSTL TL!:
Byun and Lee Yn are like lowkey opposites but have the same upbringing traumatic so they can relate to each other.
Best fucking friends (sorry Lucas, Jeno).
They rob banks together period point blank.
Lee is a lot less reckless than Byun but is a lot more of a bitch.
Byun, smarter than the two since she's a fking genius but Lee is a lot more logical when it comes to surviving.
*cough* mafia *cough*.
Bye, theyd run from the cops for fun and if they get caught, Lee would just threatened them with her grandfather's name 😭🤚🏾
Lee Yn would ask Byun Yn to help them burn down SM and Byun would be like, "hold on, I can make a nuclear explosion to disintegrate all the malicious experiments they're performing on people but somehow save all the people affected."
And they'd run with it.
They'd give Baekyun a scare cause he's technically (not really) related to one and is the other's guardian so LR! Baek would kill him if his sister isn't back in one piece.
Taemin wouldn't understand what was happening but if it were to occur, he'd hope that both of them DON'T DIE since he doesn't want the Avengers and everyone else on his ass.
Ten would instigate Byun Yn into fighting him.
No actually.
He wouldn't get his ass beat because its like a two hour sparring match that Baekhyun breaks up.
Lucas is just... there. Confused on who's his best friend but figures it out when Byun Yn pushes him back saying, "hugs are reversed for Jeno."
Mark is fucking tired, probably draws his gun upon seeing two but then grumbles under his breath, "I'm not even surprised."
Lee Yn joins him on a walk while Byun Yn takes all the attention cause honestly, same.
Jongin asks Byun Yn on how to recharge in case of no energy source... cause well, she's a genius.
Byun Yn and Taeyong become friends and hack in SM's system to get all the shady shit they have on Sooman and replace the files with pictures of cats.
If Byun Yn and Yn (Glitched) were to meet in L&R TL!:
She'd leave Glitched Yn for dead, she has no time for dumbasses Im sorry 👩🏾‍🦯
She'd deadass say one thing and Byun Yn would look at her up and down, smirk and whisper, "I could use you for bait."
The only reason Yn isn't dead is because the Avengers saved her before she could die cause they thought it was Byun (deadass wouldve saved her either way but like... priorities.)
Yn wouldn't be TOO big of a dumbass, just very very curious and screw something up which meant that Jeno would try to kill her but Byun would be like "no, dont kill my useless twin."
Yn would be so confused because she just wanted to get her first day of the internship done and she was dropped in a world where the Avengers exists.
Goodbye, she's tired bruh.
Develops a crush on Jaemin, Chenle and Jisung and her become friends because she isn't as reckless as Byun and Renjun... is just tired and doesn't mind her at all.
If Byun Yn and Park Yn met in Zemb TL!:
Oh boy.
Someone save Byun Yn PLEASE.
Would accidentally ask Mark why he's in space and not with SuperM and he'd be so confused.
Byun Yn would save Park Yn from Yang² because Park Yn,,
Is just Park Yn *sigh*
That's the tweet.
Byun Yn is deadass is the only reason Park alive because Byun Yn saves her in a world thats not even hers.
Park Yn tries but her efforts aren't enough, needs help from Maverick Agent to get out smh.
Bro Byun Yn would somehow die BECAUSE of Park Yn and Byun would come back from the dead and be like, "whoever tried to drown me is a bitch."
Poor Park Yn would be so mfk confused and terrified and probably cling onto Byun Yn, sobbing into her chest while the other is like, "relax, I can't die here for some reason. If I could then you'd probably have multiple organizations run to kill you--- but don't cry?"
Park Yn would have to explain to YangYang not to take her unless he wants to die.
Ten and Byun Yn become friends, I don't make the rules.
They even become allies but Byun Yn wants to know where it'll go.
Hendery is confused, Lucas is even more confused, Sicheng thinks he fucked up again (IM SORRY), YangYang is intrigued, Kun is tired and tries warning her about Ten but doesn't listen, Park Yn has panic attacks because Byun Yn is being dumb and goes with Ten.
Though, Byun Yn meets her up later and says, "can you get me to a control panel, I wanna get out of here, this place is too crowded and I'm hungry."
Not because Ten tried killing her and she knocked him out
Park Yn would try explaining that they can't escape and Byun would interupt, "don't take me for a dumbass."
Park Yn asks how Byun Yn did it and she'd be explaining things she wouldn't understand, "matrix, quatrums, space, matter, timeliness and interacting forcefields."
Park Yn would just nod and not even bother.
She'd also tell Byun about all the dumb shit that happened and the other would be like,
"Suprised you aren't dead yet and you really haven't seen anything, come to my world."
Park Yn is ✨traumatized✨
If Lee Yn were to met Park Yn in TSTL TL!(specifically for this one, Lee Yn is a girl because of the scenario):
They're litterally polar opposites, one of them is going to kill the other.
No joke, she'd be at Park Yns THROAT for litterally breathing and clinging onto Ten like he's her best friend (I mean)
Bruh she'd steal Mark away from Lee Yn and she'd get salty :(((
Also explore the world like shes a visitor and forget that there's a bounty on her head???
Like yeah, you were on the moon but there's a bounty in your head? The worse thing is that she'd drag her twin with her to the nearest coffee shop and refuses for ANY of the seven men to accompany them.
Something along the lines of, "I dont trust men to protect me anymore."
Park Yn would probably run hella slow while they're getting chased with guns and she'd still be like, "why are they chasing us?!"
And Lee would reply, "what part of I'm first in line of my grandfathers grande mafia aren't you understanding?"
Like Lee is TIRED, she doesn't want this shit anymore. Doesn't help that she was going to give Park a chance but she clearly isn't fit for the mafia lifestyle.
The only thing they have in common is Mark. That's it.
So like after running and getting back to base, Lee would litterally chase Park ALL OVER THE PLACE trying to get to her.
For some reason, Park is fast.
Must be from all that running on the moon damn 😭🤚🏾
"Please I dont want to die again!"
- Park Yn, 2020.
Baby girl has been through some shit okay?
Lee Yn got frustrated real quick and almost threated to pull out her gun PLEASE.
Something along the words of, "people try to kill me all the time, let's see how hard it is."
"Stop fucking running!"
"But you're chasing me with a gun!?"
Taeyong would litterally watch this all go down on the cams for like five minutes before he tells the rest of SuperM that Park Yn is thirty seconds away from dying because Lee Yn is now taking the safety off her gun 💀
No Lee really can't stand her.
Its litterally chaos.
Jongin had to glitch to get Park away from a flying bullet.
Taemin was making sure she was fine while being on the lookout for the other Yn.
Baekhyun's trying to help Taeyong erase the film of two Yns running around the base like mad women.
Lucas had to deal with a pissed off Lee Yn cause sis was not having it.
Almost lost her.
He did, in fact, lose her.
Mark had to chase her down AGAIN.
Chaos LMAO
If Yn and Park Yn were to met in Zemblanity TL!:
Rest In Peace.
Would die within the first 2 hours of being together.
All because the readers picked 'go to the boiler room' over 'hide in the vents'.
And they BOTH died because someone turned the heat on.
The end.
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consumedkings-archive · a year ago
Ultimate OTP Meme
i’m doing this because @baeogorath told me they would sue me for emotional damages if i did so take some cora/elliot content (ꈍ ꒳ ꈍ✿) softness under the cut and also red i hope u rue the day u told me not to do something
Rate the Ship: Awful | Ew | No pics pls | I’m not comfortable | Alright | I like it! | Got Pics? | Let’s do it! | Why is this not getting more attention?! | The OTP to rule all other OTPs
How long will they last? ○  until the bleak, cold, black end, because elliot is a Lifetime Bitch
How quickly did/will they fall in love? ○ immediately upon laying eyes on each other beating the shit out of people
How was their first kiss? ○  shy, but cute. they’re soft only for each other and the chemistry was impeccable
Who proposed? ○  elliot; her love language is gift-giving and with her bad experience with marriage, the ULTIMATE devotion and gift to give is marriage.
Who is the best man/men? ○  joey hudson for sure
Who is the bride’s maid(s)? ○  as red mentioned before, sharky would be furious if he wasn’t the maid of honor so of course elliot would uphold that
Who did the most planning? ○  elliot; cora would spent .000005 seconds about to say how she doesn’t want to do it and elliot would IMMEDIATELY take full reign
Who stressed the most? ○  i’m going to say cora just based off of red’s prev. answer--elliot doesn’t stress once she’s there and cora gets cold feet : ‘ )
How fancy was the ceremony? Back of a pickup truck | 2 | 3 | 4 | Normal Church Wedding | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | Kate and William wish they were this big. scarlet honeysett 1.) supports the marriage and 2.) would never let her daughter have anything less than a near-immaculate wedding, but elliot would try and reign her in.
Who was specifically not invited to the wedding? ○  i want to say john but i know that elliot and cora would send him an invite out of pure, unadulterated cruelty. so probably only joseph.
Who is on top? ○  definitely cora. elliot feels comfy enough around her to let go of some of that control.
Who is the one to instigate things? ○  probably elliot; she’s pretty touchy-feely when she’s happy
How healthy is their sex life? Barely touch themselves let alone each other | 2 | 3 | 4 | Once a couple weeks, nothing overboard | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | They are humping each other on the couch right now don’t @ me red you know it’s the truth
How kinky are they? Straight missionary with the lights off | 2 | 3 | 4 | Might try some butt stuff and toys | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | Don’t go into the sex dungeon without a horse’s head you bet your ass that since elliot likes cora being in control it happens
How long do they normally last? ○  elliot likes to take her time; she doesn’t like to rush through things, whereas cora is a very busy, so it’s somewhere in-between. elliot probably gets her to slow it down a little more often than not when she’s feeling particularly needy.
Do they make sure each person gets an equal amount of orgasms? ○  bruh you know elliot ain’t out here keeping track, as long as they’re both happy
How rough are they in bed? Softer than a butterfly on the back of a bunny | 2 | 3 | 4 | The bed’s shaking and squeaking every time | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | Their dirty talk is so vulgar it’d make Dwayne Johnson blush. Also, the wall’s so weak it could collapse the next time they do it. elliot is a sucker for pain
How much cuddling/snuggling do they do? No touching after sex | 2 | 3 | 4 | A little spooning at night, or on the couch, but not in public | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | They snuggle and kiss more often than a teen couple on their fifth date to a pillow factory. with cora, elliot loves softer moments; being held etc, the number would probably be higher if cora wasn’t so resistant to being vulnerable
How many children will they have naturally? ○  MANY dog children, at least one horse, if cora lets her elliot would have a whole gaggle of chickens
How many children will they adopt? ○  elliot is absolutely terrified of having kids because her own mother was such a failure, so like??? how would she know how to be a mom. but she’d do it if cora asked, maybe like just one.
Who gets stuck with the most diapers? ○  they’re pretty equal on sharing child duties.
Who is the stricter parent? ○  probably cora; elliot is a flower-child at heart and likes to be the cool, fun parent, whereas cora provides the structure.
Who stops the kid(s) from doing dangerous stunts after school? ○  both of them, but mostly cora. elliot cannot be allowed to participate in truth or dare because she has no regard for her own safety, but she’s a worrying parent.
Who remembers to pack the lunch(es)? ○  elliot!
Who is the more loved parent? ○  elliot will say both of them, but she’s so soft and prone to hugs/arts and crafts projects that it might be her, though it’s VERY close.
Who is more likely to attend the PTA meetings? ○  both of them. elliot is hugely intense about PTA--not necessarily being a participant in events, but making sure her kids are getting a fair shake. she’s easily tiger mom and cora has probably had to intervene in elliot popping off on another parent more than once.
Who cried the most at graduation? ○  definitely el; she’s v v soft.
Who is more likely to bail the child(ren) out of trouble with the law? ○  again, el. cora’s more of a hardass than she is and she’s always thinking back on the days SHE used to get in trouble, so she likes to give them some wiggle room.
Who does the most cooking? ○  el, but she shouldn’t be.
Who is the most picky in their food choice? ○  elliot. she’s weird about her food, cora will eat just about anything.
Who does the grocery shopping? ○  agaaaaaain elliot. cora would live entirely off of the green planet earth if she had it her way, but elliot needs things to make lemon bars and big batches of soup.
How often do they bake desserts? ○  the one good thing el’s mom ever did for her was give her the lemon bars recipe, so frequently. and baking is a de-stresser for elliot.
Are they more of a meat lover or a salad eater? ○   cora is a big meat eater, elliot is definitely more of a salad eater. this means every meal is both things and that whatever one doesn’t eat, the other will finish off.
Who is more likely to surprise the other(s) with an anniversary dinner? ○  probably cora; elliot is a bit scatter-brained when it comes to anniversaries and she doesn’t think very highly of them anyway and no matter what it is, elliot adores it.
Who is more likely to suggest going out? ○  cora. el is a big homebody and doesn’t like going out if she can help it.
Who is more likely to burn the house down accidentally while cooking? ○  cora, although elliot is not far behind.
Who cleans the room? ○  el; she’s a big tidier. consistently, throughout the day, definitely not a compulsion
Who is really against chores? ○  cora, which is fine because elliot has a specific place she likes everything to be anyway.
Who cleans up after the pets? ○  elliot.
Who is more likely to sweep everything under the rug? ○  cora.
Who stresses the most when guests are coming over? ○  cora, because she’s so worried about get picked apart by guests. elliot is used to it thanks to her mom, so she always gives cora a big pep talk prior.
Who found a dollar between the couch cushions while cleaning? ○  cora. the couch is the one place elliot doesn’t like to go.
Who takes the longer showers/baths? ○  cora, but elliot will join her as often as she can to maximize hot water.
Who takes the dog out for a walk? ○  elliot, like clockwork, because she can’t stand the dogs spending all day with nervous/frantic dog energy.
How often do they decorate the room/house for the holidays? ○  cora likes to decorate fervently, elliot likes to neurotically take them down.
What are their goals for the relationship? ○  elliot is a big romance softie; she saw cora bash a man’s face in and it was true love, and she feels safe with cora which she doesn’t feel that way hardly ever. being stuck in constant fight or flight means cora gives her a sense of stability and stops her from second-guessing herself. i think cora probably just likes that elliot is so soft and also so willing to beat the shit out of someone for her.
Who is most likely to sleep till noon? ○  cora. elliot wakes up at 7 at the latest.
Who plays the most pranks? ○ if any, probably cora; elliot is not a prankster and her idea of a joke is surprising her with a kiss or something. 
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xyzdnwi · a year ago
Tumblr media
                                            ❛ 𝕻𝖆𝖕𝖆𝖟 𝕾𝖔𝖓𝖌
“ꜱᴏ ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ ᴇᴠᴇɴ ꜱᴛᴀʀᴛ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴛʜᴀᴛ "ʙᴏʀɴ ᴛᴏ ʙᴇ ᴀ ꜰᴀᴛʜᴇʀ” ꜱʜɪᴛ. ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ ᴇᴠᴇɴ ʙᴏᴛʜᴇʀ ᴡɪᴛʜ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴅᴏʟʟᴀʀꜱ ɪ ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ ɴᴇᴇᴅ ɪᴛ. ɪ'ʟʟ ʙᴜʀʏ ᴍᴏᴍꜱ ʟɪᴋᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ʟᴇꜰᴛ ᴍᴇ: ᴀʟʟ ᴀʟᴏɴᴇ, ɢ. ɴᴏᴡ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ɪ ꜰɪɴᴀʟʟʏ ꜰᴏᴜɴᴅ ʏᴏᴜ, ꜱᴛᴀʏ ᴛʜᴇ ꜰᴜᴄᴋ ᴀᴡᴀʏ ꜰʀᴏᴍ ᴍᴇ.“
They say a bad parent is a traumatized child, caught in the fires of their own suffering, their thoughts more hurricane than poetry or soul. Andreko knew that to be true. His life purpose was empty of all but murder, greed, domination, and lust, leaving barely enough room for fatherhood. It wasn’t that he didn’t care for his children, whether the only form of love he knew how to express was materialistic wise. The sun had settled into the sky by the time Dreko made it back home where he’d abandoned Pharaoh and Kairi with Ms. Lady after tucking them in bed the previous night. He expected a harsh salutation from his godmother, but an intricate scene greeted him instead. Ms. Lady swept around the kitchen area while his kids tee-heed at the television with his father sandwiched between them. A burning rage hissed through his body like deathly poison as he used the back of his boot to shut the door, catching everyone’s attention. "Daddy!” Roh and Kai gleefully sang. They rushed towards him, clueless to the anger paralyzing Andreko where he stood. He welcomed their embrace, but his menacing glower was stuck on his father. Ms. Lady could sense how the air was so brittle it could snap, and if it didn’t, Andreko would. “Roh, I need you to take your sister upstairs. Y'all can finish that racing game up before y'all father takes y’all to school.” That’s all it took to get Pharaoh’s feet moving as Kairi shuffled behind.
“Why the fuck you got this nigga near my kids?” Andreko growled once his children were out of earshot. Ms. Lady heard the vexation and hurt in his voice, generating a sigh from her lips, but before she was able to plead her case, his father cut her off. “I stopped by to check on you since I caught wind that you were out of the big house. Apparently, you left my grandkids with Ms. Lady while you went and partied it up at that raggedy-ass strip club, so I stuck around to give her a hand. You don’t have any business tricking on them hoes at the PYNK, Dreko. Your number one priorities right now needs to be Pharaoh, Kairi, and getting the fuck outta these streets ‘cause next time you in court ya might be hit with the death penalty.” If red hot fury wasn’t nurturing Andreko like a newborn baby, he would guffaw at Antonio’s self-contradicting statement. Andreko hadn’t met his father until he was pushing thirteen years old. Antonio was too busy playing Iceberg Slim throughout the Mason-Dixie line that his presence in most of his children’s lives remained inconsistent. Really, the only memory Dreko had of his father was the times they would bump into each other when they were hustling on the same block. “Must I remind you that three of them’ ‘hoes’ working down there came from ya nutsack? You’re the last person that needs to be acting holy than thou and giving out parental advice. Matter ah fact, I ain’t even gon’ argue witcha. Bounce up out my crib fo’ I beat you like ah nigga that owes me some funds.” Andreko ridiculed, causing Antonio’s muscles to stiffen as his head cocked to the side.
Dreko had inherited his father’s callous spirit, which became evident as the male closed in on his son. “Watch how you talkin’ to me, motherfucka. "He darkly chuckled, continuing to instigate the suffocating tension. "I’m not dem jits you got pissing on themselves outchea. Your ass will join ya mama up yonder sooner than you thought disrespectin’ me like I’m bitch made.” Ms. Lady gasped as Dreko threw his body weight behind the fist that edged closer to Antonio’s face, hitting his jaw with such force blood pooled into his mouth. Andreko’s wrath had swallowed him whole and engulf his moralities when Antonio mentioned his deceased mother. There was a moment of stillness on both sides. If hatred was visible, the air would have been scarlet. Then suddenly movement, so much vigor in every punch. Antonio rained blows onto Andreko as if he meant to smash him into the very earth, and Andreko did the same. Both fought like they didn’t just want the other dead; they wanted them crushed, obliterated, nothing left to bury. Ms. Lady tried to separate the father and son, but only the screams of horror coming from the staircase could end the vicious battle for dominance. Breathing heavily, Dreko hovered over Antonio, gazing down at his father with abhorrence diluting his irises. "The only thing keeping me from putting a hallow point between ya eyes right now is my shorties. If Dior, Rue, and Zara wanna be on some kumbaya shit witcha, bless they fuckin’ heart, but you dead to me, Ton.” With that, Andreko stood to his feet. He hoicked a wad of blood onto Antonio’s expensive gators before retreating towards his distressed kids. 
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comebackseasonisamess · 2 years ago
Drunken Secrets
Mark Lee x Reader | f2l!au | fluff
Word Count: 2.6k
Summary: It’s after grad, and as Mark gets more and more drunk, the truth he’s been hiding from you starts to slip out
Warnings: Underage drinking, swearing, mentions of a fight almost happening, slight manhandling of mark, never actually dtr-ed, suggested pregnancy mention, sex mention, terrible sentence structure, it’s funny how i can’t seem to spell acquaintance, use of italics for emphasis, cliche? Cliche, just two idiots, just two stupids, what a terrible title, i can’t write kiss or confession scenes. Also I can’t make banners for shit. Thanks for reading.
Tumblr media
You duck out of the way as a volleyball narrowly misses you.
Lucas jumps out of the water and goes and gets the ball, throwing it back in the pool before settling down next to you. “You enjoying yourself?”
“Yeah.” You shake your beer can at him. “Are you hoping no one pukes in the pool? Or falls in while drunk?”
Lucas laughs. “You think Mark’s gonna fall in? He’s already halfway drunk.”
Both of you look at Mark, who’s sitting in the hot tub, nursing the spiked punch and laughing loudly.
“Yeah… I’m trying not to drink too much to stop him from doing anything stupid.” You think back to the last time Mark got drunk and broke down and told you how much he appreciated your friendship in between his sobs.
“You’re a good friend,” Lucas says. Then waggles his eyebrows suggestively. “Or maybe more, if you know what I mean. If I was with Mark, I’d leave him and let him get drunk off his ass, then film all his shenanigans.” He smiles at you.
You brush off the insinuation. “Oh believe me, I wish I could. But Mark would probably break off our friendship if I did,” you laugh.
“Hey Lucas!” Hendery calls from the pool. “Come join the game!”
Lucas turns to you. “Talk to you later?”
You smile at him, and watch as he swims to rejoin the game. Reaching the bottom of the can, you stand up and head towards the booze table.
As you approach, Mark notices you and his face lights up. He stands up in the hot tub. “Heyyyyyyyyy,” he slurs, already very tipsy. He throws a wet arm around you and presses his face into your neck, forcing you to bend down with him. “I missed you.”
“Missed you too, Markles. What number drink is this?”
He looks down confusedly at his fingers, counting them off. “First I had a couple shots, then a can of Palm Bay, and this is my second cup of the punch.”
Yeri looks at you. “He’s missing some of them too, he finished off Hendery’s can of beer and my cup of punch.”
Mark looks back up at you excitedly. “But I’m not drunk! Chan drank more than me!”
“Yeah, and he’s reached conspiracy theory levels of drunkenness.” You all look at Chan, who’s sitting across from you yelling at Changbin, who’s holding out a cup (of water, you assume), about how “water is poisonous” and “forcing him to drink it is killing him.”
Mark blinks. “He’s kinda making sense….”
You and Yeri exchange a look. “He’s definitely wasted,” she says, and you laugh.
Tumblr media
“Hey! You bitch!” Someone erupts from the side, barreling towards Xiao Jun. “You backing away from a fight?” The person keeps advancing on Xiao Jun, who turns his back on the aggressor.
“Whoa whoa whoa guys!” Lucas says, coming between the two of them and facing the instigator. You hurriedly stand in front of Xiao Jun, pushing him away.
“No fighting or else I’m kicking you out.” Lucas is serious for once. He may be an easygoing guy most of the time, but he hates fights and has kicked out others before for smaller offenses.
The guy gets more and more worked up before stalking away and throwing a “fuck you” over his shoulder for good measure.
Xiao Jun watches him go. “I didn’t even do anything to him…..”
“He’s drunk. And angry. And looking to pick on someone,” you explain. You rub a hand against his shoulders comfortingly as he wallows.
If you had glanced over at the hot tub, you would’ve seen Mark looking intensely at the two of you.
Tumblr media
You get up out of the hot tub. Mark’s eyes follow you.
“Where ya goin’?” he asks, holding your hand.
“To go get some water for everyone,” you say.
“Ok hurry back, I already miss you,” he drawls.
You dip into the kitchen for water, filling up multiple red solo cups with water before passing them around to the people gathered there.
When you get back to the hot tub and slip in, and hand off the last cups to the occupants, Mark throws an arm behind you and pulls you towards him. He takes a loud sip from his cup, then says: “Wow, I love you.”
You feel yourself heat up in embarassment. Mark gets especially affectionate when he’s drunk, getting more and more touchy and verbally loving as the liquor hits his bloodstream.
Since you first met Mark in freshman year, you’ve always been fascinated by him. Your lockermate and Bio seatmate had been so shy and awkward back then, but as the years progressed he grew into his body and his personality. Suddenly, you couldn’t walk down the hallways without people turning and looking at him. Whispers were always going around about how goodlooking he was, how he must be good in bed.
Needless to say, sometime during sophmore year you realized that what you felt for Mark wasn’t just platonic affection, but the beginning of love, of the “fuck i’m in love with my best friend” kind. And Mark’s drunken habit of being affectionate really wasn’t helping you get rid of your feelings and move on.
Tumblr media
As the party winds down, people start heading to the tents in the backyard, and others get rides back with designated drivers or parents.
Mark hangs off of you as he stumbles into Lucas’ bedroom. He had been kind enough to let some of the drunker friends stay there instead of the couches in the living room, where it would be too close to the party and too far from the bathroom.
Mark falls face first into the bed once you reach it, crawling up to the pillow and squishing his face into it. He looks at you from it, motioning towards the empty spot next to him. “Come sleep with me!” he exclaims.
You smile, feeling your heart warm at this version of Mark. He’s always so cute when he gets drunk, all giggly and childish. “I can’t Markles, I gotta help Lucas with the rest of the drunks.”
“But I don’t want you to go,” Mark whines, reaching out with a hand to grab onto you. “I want you to stay here with me!” His eyes light up when he says the last words, and your heart skips a beat. Mark will be the death of you, this you know for a fact.
“Mark Lee,” you chide him, releasing your wrist from his hold. “You need to go to bed alone.”
He pouts, turns over, and mumbles something.
“What, you big baby?”
“Wanna kiss you,” he says louder. Rolling over, he looks at you with his big eyes. “Can I kiss you?”
You freeze. Mark Lee, your best friend since freshman year, your soulmate, the object of your affections for two years now, wants to kiss you? But he’s drunk. And probably not aware of what he’s saying. “Mark, baby, ask me again when you’re sober.”
“Okay!” Mark shuts his eyes and makes shooing motions for you to leave. “I’ll wake up sober in the morning and I can ask you again.”
You smooth down his hair and switch off the light as you walk out.
Tumblr media
When Mark wakes up the next morning, it’s to a glass of water and an aspirin. He knows automatically that you left it for him, and then suddenly he remembers what he said to you last night. “Fuck, why am I so dumb…” he says to himself, before rubbing a hand over his face.
Admitting your long harboured desire to kiss your best friend in a drunken haze was really not Mark’s plan. In fact, he had been hoping to squash his feelings for you, and maybe when you were in university together you would find a nice person who really complimented you and made you laugh and you would marry that person, and your friendship would be one that was thought of with nostalgia as you told new friends or children or even grandchildren.
But Mark knows that you hadn’t drank enough to not have remembered what he told you. And he has a strange feeling your friendship wasn’t going to last. He just hopes you are still willing to be acquaintance until he could get rid of his pesky feelings.
Tumblr media
Mark finally comes downstairs, looking disheveled with his hair sticking up, and you don’t notice at first as you’re busy flipping pancakes while Lucas is serving coffee and tea. Lucas was one of those people who just didn’t get hungover, and bounced back from an evening’s worth of drinking with a smile and his loud voice.
As you finish the pancake you’re currently making, you pass the spatula off to Xiao Jun. “Junnie can you finish for me? I need to talk to Mark,” you say lowly.
He nods, having been filled in on the potential confession from your best friend just this morning, as he had been the only other person up when you were.
You head over to Mark, tugging gently on his t-shirt to pull him into the entrance hallway, a couple closed doors away from everyone else.
Mark straightens his t-shirt and runs a hand through his hair, looking everywhere but at you. He’s probably having difficulties seeing straight, you had taken out his contacts before putting him to bed and his vision is reduced to blurry blobs without his glasses.
“So…” you drawl out. “I think we need to talk.”
Mark looks embarassed. “I’m sorry,” he says.
You lean back, expectantly. Is he going to tell you that it was a mistake? That he meant it for someone else?
“I shouldn’t’ve done that to you,” he continues. “Put you in that position, I mean. It’s not fair for me to confess to you when I know you don’t feel the same way about me, when I know you’re just good friends with me and that you don’t see me the way I see you.”
“Mark-” you start, but he cuts you off.
“And before you start saying ‘Mark why didn’t you tell me before,’ or suggest that we could try out a relationship, know that I don’t want pity from you. If you don’t want to see me for a while until I’m over you, that’s ok. I respect that.”
You purse your lips, feeling elated, but also very annoyed. “Mark Lee-”
“And I know you don’t tell me everything, and if you already have a significant other and I’m making this awkward I’m so sorry, I just want you to know that I’ve liked you for a while now, and I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, so I’m just gonna rejoin the others, drive you home and then I won’t speak to you unless you want me to, ok?”
He turns around, hand on the doorknob, and you whirl him around and place your hands on his stupid face firmly, stopping him from saying anything more or leaving. “Mark fucking Lee, how dare you explain my emotions to me? Have you ever even paused to think that maybe I like you too? Maybe I’d also like to kiss you? Did you even remember what I said last night? That you could ask me again this morning?”
Mark’s eyes widen, clearly just remembering that. He opens his mouth to speak, but you cut him off.
“And for the record, Mark Lee, I don’t want you to pretend like nothing happened. Or try and kill your crush on me or something in the same, stupid, vein. I want you to ask me if you can kiss me again, and then I’ll say yes, and then we’ll kiss, and then we’ll walk out of here hand in hand and in a fucking relationship. Because your feelings are fucking mutual Mark Lee. And I’ve been in love with you since sophm-” Your words stop as Mark, having regained some of his mobility as your hands had lessened their pressure against his cheeks, leans in for a kiss. He places his hands around your waist, and gently presses his mouth against yours. He’s surprisingly smooth for such an awkward guy.
You lose track of time as you and Mark exchange kisses that have been in the making for a while. With each one, you can feel his love seep through, thousands of unsaid thoughts being communicated for once.
As you pull away from each other, Mark looks at you. “So you’re in love with me?” he teases.
“And what about it?” you glare at him. “Is it a crime to be in love with you? Are you embarassed?”
“No,” he whispers as he starts leaning in again. “I just can’t believe you said ‘I love you’ first.”
You push away from him. “Wait.... Does this mean you love me too?”
Mark shyly nods. “I love you too.” He leans in once more, but you solidly push him back.
“Wait a second! While I’d love to keep kissing you Markles, the others are probably wondering what we’re doing.... And knowing Lucas he probably thinks we’re fucking in his closet somewhere.”
Mark instantly reddens, suddenly remembering all the times Lucas said the two of you had major sexual tension. He turns around and quickly flings open the door, latching onto your fingers with his own. “Well at least we know he’s pretty close to being right,” he says as he pulls you through the doorway.
You stare at him, incredulous. “Mark! Were you expecting to fuck me in the entrance way? Of Lucas’ house? Where everyone’s gonna walk out of?”
Mark gets even more red than he already is. “No!” he says, but his voice cracks and he enters the kitchen, you right behind him.
Lucas turns away from his conversation with Xiao Jun, then yells: “Please tell me that you’re together! And that you didn’t fuck in my closet!”
“No!” Mark screeches, his voice breaking again. “Dude, who do you think I am?”
You giggle. “Yes Lucas, me and Mark are together now,” you say.
“Finally!” Lucas shouts, then pours some coffee into two mugs and takes out leftover booze. “This calls for a celebration!”
You and Mark glance at each other, then look at Xiao Jun, who understands what you want him to do and wrestles the booze away from Lucas.
A disgruntled noise comes from a blob on the couch. Yangyang looks through the slit in his hoodie. “Eyyyyyy guyssssss… Shut up a bit please? My head hurts and I wanna puke,” he groans.
“That’s what you get for getting drunk for the first time!” Lucas roars, then proceeds to make fun of Yangyang, who’s pleas for help go unnoticed.
You reach for your cup of coffee, then squeeze Mark’s fingers. “Wanna sit down outside? It’s nice and sunny.”
He blinks a couple of times at you, confused, then grabs his cup and follows you out the door.
Tumblr media
If Lucas had stopped teasing Yangyang for a moment and looked out the window, he would’ve seen you and Mark, sitting side by side with your legs in the pool, holding tightly onto one another as you laugh. And while Lucas isn’t looking (which is honestly a blessing, he probably would’ve cannonballed right in between the two of you and ruined the mood), Xiao Jun is, and he’s quite relieved that the two idiots finally got their shit together and confessed.
Tumblr media
Bonus: Three years in the future, in their shared apartment together
“Are you ok?” Mark says as you wriggle around on your shared bed.
“Just… Babies are so cute and I want one,” you say, looking up from your phone.
Mark looks you dead in the eye. “I- I could give one to you.”
You perk up. “Really?”
Mark blushes hard and looks away. “I’m joking…”
“Mark, sweetheart I know that. Your game’s not that good.”
Tumblr media
Copyright @comebackseasonisamess​ 2020
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gh0stiegirlie · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
synopsis: all it took was one glance at the hotheaded boy at the U.A. exam, and you were smitten. for deku, it was a single act of kindness that instigated his immediate attraction to uraraka. several months into school, best friends y/n and deku are left heartbroken when. uraraka and bakugou start a relationship. when you and deku find yourselves confiding in each other, a question arises; is this love, or loneliness? are you two better just as friends?
length: 4k words
a/n: i editted this shit to the gods, man. i hope you all enjoy! also, i can describe this chapter in one word: angst, angst, and more angst.
<- pt. 1                                                                                                 pt.3 ->
Across the campus, Bakugou and Uraraka experience a similar feeling.
It’s their first night together, and they’re spending it cuddling in Urarakas room. As much as Bakugou enjoys her physical praises, from the way she gently traces her fingers along the curves of his biceps to how she nuzzles against his chest for his warmth; her soft, delicate form feels foreign in his arms. 
Most girls love the protection of their boyfriends’ embrace, but Uraraka feels suffocated. Yet here she is, wrapped up like the perfect little present in Bakugou’s arms.
With the weeks that pass, the couples irritations and questions only grow.
You and Izuku hold hands, loosely. You only hold hands for the experience of touching another, and to perpetuate the class consciences that you are the “most wholesome couple in all U.A.”
Although your thoughts are far from 'wholesome'. You feel guilty of a heinous crime, though you're roaming free. Because here you are, hugging, cuddling, kissing Izuku, but thinking about Bakugou. And here’s Izuku buying you lunch, dropping you off at class and occasionally carrying your books around campus, wishing you were Uraraka.
Uraraka experiences persistent headaches because of Bakugous yelling. All he does is talk about being a hero, or complain about Deku. Everything is fucking Deku Deku Deku. In her head, Izuku clouds Bakugou. Her thoughts of Deku encompass her mind even when she’s with Bakugou. Every time she passes you and Izuku tenderly holding hands in the hall, her heart tightens. While Bakugou tugs her around like a dog on a leash, Deku grasps you with all the pride in the world, a radiant smile on his face. Two things about Bakugou; He never discloses his emotions, and he's never gentle.
Bakugou spends all his days avoiding landmines. Uraraka is so fragile, he's afraid one day he’ll squeeze her hand so tight she’ll shatter. Anything and everything he does either offends, hurts, embarrasses, or irritates her. He’s going crazy with all the rules and expectations Uraraka forces him to meet. He’s like putty in her hands, and she’s trying to mold him into a different person.
Uraraka only enjoys being with Bakugou when they’re taking out their frustrations through make-out sessions.
Y/n only enjoys being with Deku when they’re using eachothers lips as a way to escape their isolation.
For a while, their bonds remain relatively stable. But as time goes on, the weak foundations their relationships were built on begin to crumble.
You and Izuku arrive at the common area after an intense sparring match, which you lost against Kirishima. You courteously accepted your defeat, though Izuku remains pissy about it. 
“I just-- I can’t believe you lost!” he expresses, refusing to accept your failure.
“I know! I work so hard, and I’ve never lost a match before! I don’t understand… ” You fix your gaze on the floor, not wanting to meet Izuku’s disappointed eyes. "I guess it’s good I lost today, because now I know exactly what I need to work on! I had no idea my mind can't pierce solid surfaces." It's honestly cool Kirishima's hardening quirk kept your thoughts from breaking into his mind. Now you know to practice sending your thoughts to another person through a wall. "I guess if I never lost, I would end up an egotistical maniac… Like Bakugou!” you joke with a soft chuckle.
“Yeah! You just have to work harder!” Izuku agrees. 
You appreciate his positivity. While his attitude is always upbeat with others, his comments to you are always nasty.
“Maybe you haven’t been working hard enough, but I know you can do better! Everyone does! " he awkwardly rubs the back of his neck. "So when you lose, it’s embarrassing...” 
You rip your hand away from Deku. “What? Who’s it embarrassing for? You?” you question accusingly.
“Y-Yuh-Yes!” he sputters, “When you lose, it makes others think I'm a loser too! And if I want to be the number one hero, I can't have people thinking that!”
You bite the inside of your cheek as you think. He considers you to be this bright and shiny object he can brag about at show and tell. Now, you’re losing your polish. You’re collecting a little bit of dust and a few scrapes, and he's losing interest. Already, Deku wants to move on to the next object that catches his eye. 
Not only that, but he craves whatever looks good on headlines. He desires magazine covers to display "number one hero marries highschool sweetheart!" He wants "unbeatable hero couple foil supervillain 100!". Apparently "Deku is never going to be the top hero because his girlfriend lost one fight her freshman year at U.A.!" is the article he's currently imagining. 
“I’m not just some gold medal you can show off to others, Izuku. And I'm especially not some perfect little prize you can wrap up in a cute little bow. I’m human. That means sometimes I win, and sometimes I fuck up.” you retort calmly, trying to keep your cool. 
“We’re called the golden girl and boy for a reason. We’re supposed to grow up being the perfect, powerful couple,” he reaches for your hand, but you flinch away. 
“It doesn’t really seem like we are, does it?! Our whole ‘golden couple’ label is complete bullshit!” you bicker. “We, as people, aren’t perfect. We never will be. No one ever will be!" You laugh humorlessly. "And our relationship sure as hell isn’t.” 
Deku closes his eyes with a sigh. “We--We just have to try. I’m doing my part to work as hard as I can to get better. I’m not going to suffer because I'm carrying your losses on my back. I'm not letting you get in the way of my dream to be the number one hero.” 
You get it. Because he's praised for his powerful physical quirk, he thinks he's better than you. Because he's physical quirk always leaves him battered, he thinks he's suffered more than you. Because he can go to the gym every day, get ripped and show off his muscular calves with every kick, he thinks he works harder than you.
After months of petty arguments, Izuku has finally found a way to make you snap.“Oh shut up, Izuku! You know I've worked my entire fucking life for where I am now! I've told you stories from my past I've never so much as mentioned to others! How I went home crying from middle school every damn day because of migraines! How everyone there considered me some kind of--of alien, some freak because I'm able to get inside people's heads! How I was bullied for practicing my power because kids considered it a quirk more suited for a villain! It was hard, but I managed to ignore all that crap and kept working! And I still work hard. Every. Single. Fucking. Day." You take a ragged breath, unphased by Izuku's shocked expression. Good. He should be shocked. He should feel bad. Because he's crossed a fucking line. "And how come it’s only bad when I lose when you’ve lost plenty of times, Izuku?! ” You pointedly stick your finger at him and poke his chest with it. “Remember how you practically failed the entrance exam?! How about when Todorki beat the crap out of you at the Sports Festival!” you yell. With every point, you shove your finger into Izuku's chest. Eventually, you push him against a wall. “Don’t try and act like you’re above me because you have a powerful external quirk.” You shut your eyes and when you open them, they’re glowing e/c. “Because my mental quirk can fuck someone up just as bad as any of your stupid punches.” You warn, before whirling around. “I’m going to my room, Izuku. Come with me if you want.” 
Of course, he follows you like a lost puppy.
Every pitbull is an adorable, loveable puppy before it grows up into a vicious hound. You thought you could fall in love Deku, you really did. But you were capable of loving the Deku whom Izuku pretended to be. The innocent Deku you approached on the first day of school, after noticing he was acting as flustered as you felt. The thoughtful Deku who wanted nothing more than a friend to run to the vending machine with between classes. The friendly Deku who you invited over to movie night, who buried his head into his blanket in embarrassment every time two characters did it on screen, and cried every time someone died. 
You could've fallen in love with your best friend.
Either he's changed, or since you're his girlfriend, he can’t hide who he truly is anymore. You know how he will do anything to have the public opinion in his favor. You know he will sacrifice anything during his climb to Number One Hero, even if it’s crushing you. 
You wordlessly walk side by side to your dorm, but as you near the dorm hallway, some bitch interrupts your silence.
“Why do you always have to yell, Bakugou!?” Uraraka yells from inside Bakugou’s room, which is coincidentally a few dorms down the hall from yours. You and Izuku turn into the hallway in time to witness Uraraka barge out of Bakugous room. She rubs her temples in frustration. When she notices the two of you outside your room, she eases her body language and lowers her voice to sweetly ask, “Can you just calm down, babe?”
“Don’t order me around! I’m being perfectly calm and rational!!” Bakugou shouts in response. “You’re the one who needs to calm down! You’re worked up over nothing! This is how I am, and I’m not going to change for some shitty woman!” he storms over to Uraraka, oblivious to the fact you and Izuku are watching this play out. That, or he just doesn’t give a shit.
Uraraka gasps. “I’m your girlfriend, you can’t call me that!” she chides. “This is exactly what I don’t like about you! You’re so aggressive all the time!” She fusses, like a child having a tantrum. Her bangs dance around her head as she stomps away from Bakugou, but he grabs her wrist to keep her in place. "Let me go! Being around you gives me headaches.”
“We should probably go~” Izuku whispers, attempting to open your door.
You slap his hand away. “I wanna see what happens,” you whisper back.
Izuku nervously glances between you and the arguing couple. “You’re so nosy! Come on, we’re leaving.” he decides, but you try to stay put. He then simply uses his quirk to overpower you and drag you inside, though even through four sets of rooms and a closed door, you can hear their argument.
“Being around you gives me headaches! All you do is nag about that nerds shitty girlfriend, and how shitty I am!” Bakugou explains. His insult doesn’t hurt you as much as you expect it to, because you can hear it. To someone who hasn’t listened intently to his screams and threats for the past few months, his voice appears as crass as always. But you hear the desperation in his voice. All he wants is for Uraraka to read between the lines and hear what he truly is saying, but no matter how hard he tries, she doesn’t. And it’s hurting him. He’s frustrated and in pain, because all she wants is for him to change every aspect of himself. Can she not see that? “Getting a girlfriend isn’t a part of being a hero, and it’s not something I need to pick up on my way to the top. I’m doing this because I can stand you. But I don’t need a damn girlfriend, especially when all mine does is make me feel like crap.” He’s describing his feelings in his own Bakugou way, but she doesn’t understand his language. And by the way he worded this last sentence, it sounds like he’s starting to give up. 
“If you don’t need me, then why are we dating!”
At this point, you’re sick of hearing their bullshit. You leave your room to yell at the couple and hopefully get them to shut the fuck up.
Izuku tries to hold you back. “Leave it alone!” he hisses, but you leave anyway.
“Uraraka, can you shut the hell up?” you jeer. This is the third time this week she’s made your fucking ears bleed with her screeching. Bakugou leans on the all and snickers, convinced someone has taken his side. But oh, if the boy who broke your heart thinks he’s safe from your candor, he’s wrong. You jut your chin at him. “And Bakugou, go find a wall to punch.” You turn towards your door. “Go work this shit out in couples counseling or something. 'Cuz you guys need fuckin therapy.” 
Bakugou snorts, enraging Uraraka. First, you steal Deku, and now Bakugou’s laughing at your jokes? Not happening.
“Leave us alone, Y/n!” she huffs, her pink cheeks now red with irritation. You flip her off before slamming your door shut. Bakugou’s eyes gawk at your closed door, unsure if he loves you or hates you. Either way, your remarks emit a small, impressed ‘huh’ from him. 
From that point on, Bakogous thoughts of you revolve around one question; Who knew the golden girl was such a badass?
Tumblr media
After months of sleepless nights (due to overthinking Izuku's daily insults and listening to Bakugou and Uraraka’s endless arguments), your first year of U.A. nears its end. On one hand, you’re excited to take some time for your mental health. On the other, you’re going to miss kicking ass in weekly training (especially Izukus), and then following those brawls with Class 1-A movie night (which Izuku always spent touching you as minimally as possible, either because you ‘barely won’ or because you defeated him). Bakugou can't wait to get the hell away from Uraraka and her endless spew of horseshit. She doesn't know how to do anything but make crap float and talk shit about him or Izuku’s girl. She always goes on and on about how exhausting his yelling is, but listening to her nonstop yabbering makes spending summer locked away, either in a gym or in his kitchen, sound like heaven on earth. 
With only a month of school left, Izuku waits outside your dorm for you to finish getting ready for the day, growing anxious as the minutes’ tick closer to the first bell.
A few doors down, Uraraka impatiently taps her shoe on the ground as she waits for Bakugou.
If there’s one thing you and Bakugou have in common, it’s your impunctuality. 
“Hey! Sorry that took so long! I kept fucking up my eyeliner,” You exit your room and blow a stray piece of bangs out of your eye to check out your wings on your phone screen. “Nice,” You shove your phone into your bag, satisfied.
“Babe, you don’t need to spend so much time on makeup!” Izuku cups your cheeks with his hands, but focuses on your eyeliner instead of your eyes with a slight grimace on his face. “You’re beautiful without it,” 
He says it politely, but you know this a backhanded compliment. He hates that you wear makeup, even though its the barebones that simply consists of mascara, eyebrows, and eyeliner. He prefers ‘natural’ girls, even though there is no way Urarakas cheeks are naturally that pink. You push his hands off your face. “I know Zuzu, thank you. But I like it.” You hold his hands tightly before dropping them.
Uraraka cringes as the sight of her boyfriend. “Katsuki!” she whines. Even though the whole point of the uniform is to signify everyone's equality, Bakugou loves wearing it in a way that screams “I’m the main character and better than you!” 
His baggy pants sag to expose his shitty job of tucking in his shirt, and ball around the combat boots he refuses to take off. Per usual, he leaves his buttons undone and doesn’t bother wearing the staple red tie.
“How come you’re late but still look like a mess?” Uraraka complains. She reaches out her hand to arrange his askew vest, but he pulls away from her. 
“I’m fine.” he aggressively grabs her hand and begins to pull her towards class. “Let’s go,”
Uraraka spots Izuku watching and stops Bakugou dead in his tracks. 
By planting a giant kiss on his face. 
“Eugh. Get a room!” You grouse, rolling your eyes at the repulsive sight. But Uraraka keeps it going by practically shoving him against the wall. “You might as well pull down his pants and suck him off while you’re at it!”
Bakugou pulls away from Uraraka to snicker at your comment. 
Hearing Bakugou snigger at a joke you made… It gives your heart a reason to beat for the first time in months. You proudly slip your fingers into Deku’s and glide away, Bakugous eyes following you entire time.
The halls are nearly empty, only a few irresponsible students straggling to class or hovering around their lockers.
“So, do you want to be partners for the Aizawa project?” Izuku questions, like either of you have any other friends to partner up with. He hauls you along as he speedwalks to class.
“Yeah! I wonder what it is.” You move at a steady pace, knowing there's plenty of time to enjoy a pleasant walk to class together before the bell rings. 
“I don’t know! Mirio and the other third years wouldn’t tell me!” Deku whines, tugging at your hand to bring you up to speed. “Y/n, hurry upppp! We’re going to be late!” 
“Dude, you’re gonna rip my arm off!" you moan, rubbing your forearm.
“Shhh,” he hushes. 
Although you expect this attitude by now, it still pisses you off. If Deku expects you to deal with him treating you like garbage, he's wrong.
"You'll be sorry the next time you do that," you mumble, but he pretends not to hear, instead using his quirk to squeeze your hand in reply. Hard.
You barely wince.
“Now let’s go into class!” Izuku intertwines your fingers, straightens himself up, and tells you to put on a smile. He doesn’t do this because wants to hold your hand or genuinely cares about you, but because he enjoys the dramatic chorus of cheers you two always receive as you enter the classroom. If there’s anything Deku likes about your relationship, it’s how he gets to show you off like a trophy. His trophy. 
You enter class, and Mina immediately screams about how cute and perfect you two are together.
The golden boy and golden girl are dating. Honestly, who wouldn’t love that?
Bakugou doesn’t. He scoffs and turns away while everyone else encourages your shit show. Uraraka claps stiffly.
The corners of your mouth sink the instant the class’s attention shifts to some dumb pun Kaminari made. Bakugou is the only one to notice your smile fall when you reach your desk. He notices how you lean your head against the palm of your hand to stare out the window instead of at your boyfriend. You look… Tired. Like you’re tired of this act while Izuku relishes in the praise. Currently, he’s making a show to Uraraka of all the cute dates he’s taken you on while you create a show inside your head. A show where you and Bakugou are the ones going on cute days. Izuku uses his conversation with Uraraka as a way to silently convince her he’s better than Bakugou (and she’s falling for it), while you are just silent.
You shift uncomfortably in your seat, the eerie feeling of someone watching you sending your mind racing. When you turn to discover Bakugou is the one studying you, your face turns dark red and you immediately look away. The blush only fades once Aizawa starts talking.
“Class, today I will assign your partners for the quirk assessment.”
“Assign?!” The whole class screams in unison horror.
“Why are you assigning partners?!” Mina cries out, dramatically fainting across her desk. 
“Yeah! That’s not fair!” Kaminari adds on furiously.
“Nuh-no it’s not!” Mineta defends Aizawa’s decision, but internally drools over the idea of being paired with a girl.
“Settle down,” Aizawa silences the class with a single wave of his hand. “I understand you want to choose your partners, but in this assessment we want you to study the quirk of another person. Most likely, you all already know about your closest friends quirks. I want to pair you with someone new so you have to learn about a quirk you know nothing about.” he explains, to which the class to a reluctant conscientious that it's a good idea.
He clears his throat. “So, Mineta and Hagakure”
Mineta shrugs as if to say “good enough”, while Hagakure groans in disgust. 
You tune out the list, only listening for Izuku and Bakugou. As more names leave Aizawa’s lips and Izuku is already paired with Kirishima and Uraraka with Momo, you start to wonder who your partner will be. Who else hasn’t been mentioned? Damn, if only you had paid attention.
Finally, Aizawa reaches the last set of names. That’s when it hits you.
Aizawa hasn’t said Bakugou’s name.
There’s no way.  This can’t be possible—
“Y/n and Bakugou.” Aizawa sighs. “You will have a presentation due on each other’s quirks next week. Get to work” he explains before zipping himself into his sleeping bag and flopping to the floor. 
You remain glued to your seat, completely frozen in shock. 
You already have a feeling this project isn’t going to end well. 
“Hey! Y/n!” Uraraka calls out from across the class, before squeezing through people to get to you. She pushes out her lip, clasps her hands together, and widens her eyes till the twinkle. “Do you think I can be with Bakugou, please? We’re kinda dating!” she exclaims as if it wasn’t obvious by how they were literally making out in front of you this morning. 
Without a second thought, you reply. “No.” You walk over to Bakugou and sit on his desk. “Sorry. I don’t want to bother Aizawa” you shrug nonchalantly, angering Uraraka to no end. But you know she’s too kind to say anything, and merely smiles to distract you from the steam spewing from her ears. 
“Okay! That’s fine!” she skips over to Bakugou and kisses his cheek. “Have fun babe,” she whispers before walking away with clenched fists. 
You think it’s interesting Bakugou didn’t say a single thing during the whole interaction. 
Does he want to be partners with you?
Or are you just the better option compared to his girlfriend?
Either answer is a good one, you suppose.
“Tch. Follow me, extra. We’re going outside.” Bakugou leaves his seat and shoves his hands deep into his pockets before lumbering away, leaving you to catch up. 
“Hey-- Wait up!” You call out. Bakugou huffs and leans against the doorframe. “Why are we going outside?”
Bakugou quirks an eyebrow at you with a smirk, igniting explosions from his palm. “It’ll be easier to learn about your quirk if I’m trying to blast you to hell.” 
“What?! No! I’m not fighting you!” you retaliate, stepping back into the classroom. You’re not in the mood to get your ass kicked by Bakugou, as hot as that sounds. 
“No wonder you’re dating Deku, you’re a coward too!” Bakugou taunts, his outburst washing a wave of silence across the classroom. You manage to keep your body relaxed and expression unperturbed, though fury rages within you. You will not let his intimidation frighten you. You refuse to be the reason he wears his sneer of satisfaction, that sickening smile that appears every time he successfully threatens or demolishes an opponent. 
You stare at the ground as dozens of eyes burn into your back, eagerly awaiting your response. 
Then, you do something you never thought was possible.
You raise one of your fists and punch Bakugou’s pretty face. 
“It’s on, Bakugou.” You spit. Before he reacts, you sprint down the hall towards the training grounds. 
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yoinkszoinks · 3 years ago
Prompt: I was wondering if I could get an angsty/fluffy steve x reader where the reader was already in Wakanda when he arrives and they sort of argue because Steve gave her the cold shoulder since the civil war but he eventually finishes by telling her his feelings?
Requested: Anon
I tried my best, I hope you like it!
Genre: Angst / Fluffy
Pairings: Female reader x Steve Rogers
Y/N L/N,
On behalf of my country, we would be honored to have you serving as a doctor here in Wakanda. Your expertise and findings as a scientist and doctor are the reasons why we have decided to open our doors to you at our Medical Facility base here in Wakanda, where you will be working with some of the most brilliant people on Earth. We hope you take this offer, as we hardly open our doors to any foreigners, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity; therefore we hope you make the right decision and accept this offer. Information will be written below, to let us know when you are ready to make your decision. A brighter future awaits you here in Wakanda.
You read the letter again, holding it tightly with tears running down your face. Never in a million years did you believe you’d agree to this offer, you never needed it, you had everything you needed here in New York. A well-paying job as the personal doctor of the Avengers, as well as a science bud of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, but the person who made this all worth-while was Steve Rogers.
The man who captured your heart was the reason why you were contemplating the offer that you had turned down months ago. You wanted to run away from him. You wanted to start anew. Leave this petty love behind, from a man who did not reciprocate your feelings. The image of what had occurred prior to this event replayed in your head.
You sat in the backseat with Bucky, laughing as he and Sam were having a petty fight, while you guys waited for Steve to return. 
“I bet this thing is as old as you and Steve, Bucky.” you joked while gesturing to the old beat-up Volkswagen. 
Sam busted out laughing, calling Bucky an old geezer, which instigated a new fight. You sat and watched the bickering of the two, highly amused at their rivalry. Suddenly there fighting came to an end. 
“No way,” You heard Sam mumble, while Bucky looked at you and back again to whatever they were looking at. 
“What’s wrong guys? Did the cat get your ton—“ you started to tease but quickly shut up as you saw what they were looking at, the Cap heavily kissing a woman who you could not recognize.
You felt your heart shatter. Who was she? How did they know each other? You were so confused. Steve and you were very close and told each other everything, or so you thought. Bucky looked at you with a look of pity, as he somehow had figured out your crush on his old best friend. 
“woo! That old geezer is gettin’ some!” Sam hyped his friend, genuinely proud of Steve, and genuinely unaware of your feelings. 
You weakly smiled, responding a “yeah—”
When Steve ended his make-out session, boy did he look proud. He walked to the car, beaming, as if he just experience the most marvelous thing on Earth, making you poor heart break even more. When he got in and drove, you were silent.
“Who was that?” you asked Steve when you were in the comforts of your home.
Steve smiled, “ ‘That’  was Sharon. She’s awesome, she’s done a lot for me,” he told you, a dreamy smile displayed on his face. 
You just nodded afraid your voice would betray you. 
Steve suddenly got a phone call which he answered quickly, “Sharon!” he said joyfully, walking away from you leaving you alone.
“I’m sorry Y/n but there’s nothing I can do about it,” Steve said as he was telling you that you could not join his team. 
“What do you mean? You guys will need me more than Stark does!” You argued.
Steve shook his head, “It’s too dangerous for you Y/n,” he told you. 
You scoffed, “How come I can’t join but Sharon can?” you spit the woman’s name out as if it had venom. 
This seemed to agitate the Captain. 
“Don’t bring her into this Y/n,” Steve warned you, making your anger rise. 
“I will bring her into this! I ca—“ you were cut off by him. 
“You can’t even do half of what she can Y/n, just drop it,” Steve said in a cold tone that you had never heard. 
Tears welt up your eyes, “Fine,” you spat and walked to your room.
Ever since that day the Steve and you hardly crossed paths, as he took it upon himself to ignore you, breaking you even more as you felt insignificant.
You called the number that was in the letter. 
“I’m ready,” were the only words you said, you quickly heard a response.
 “A jet will be on its way, Miss. Y/L,” the voice reassured. 
You waited patiently, thanking the gods that everyone had left the Avenger’s Tower. You roamed around to kill time, reliving the memories you had in this place you called home. A beeping from your phone let you know your ticket to starting anew had arrived.
“Welcome to Wakanda.” You were greeted by various people. 
You smiled, as you entered the facility you were going to work in, the weight you had on your shoulders lifted, you were free. 
“My name is Shuri, I will be working with you.” A young woman told you kindly, making to smile. 
“Nice to meet you Shuri, I’m Y/n,” you greeted kindly.
You had been in Wakanda for a couple of months now, you worked shifts with Shuri, who became one of your closest friends here. The two of you were goofing around when T’challa walked in. 
“Y/n, come with me,” he said in an authoritative tone. 
Shuri gave you a confused look, which you returned, slowly walking alongside the man.
T’challa had led you to a small room, a familiar figure stood there. Your heart began to beat faster as you recognized there figures. 
“Y/n,” Bucky called in a soft tone. 
Instantly Steve turned around, locking eyes with you. Making a move, you walked straight into Bucky’s arms. 
“How’ve you been?” you asked worried about you old friends state of mind. 
“Better now since you’re here doll,” Bucky said as he kissed the crown of your head.
Your reconcilement was cut short as he had to go into the chambers soon. You watched as your friend laid there frozen once again. You vowed to find a way to cure Bucky, making you leave abruptly. As you were in the hall thinking of solutions, a hand gripped your arm. 
“You’re not even going to say hello?” Steve asked with a hurt tone. 
You quickly yanked your arm from his grip.
 “There’s no need, you stopped talking to me remember?” you shot at him, turning on your heel to go into your lab.
Steve entered the room with you, “Look about that, I’m so—“ you cut him off with a scoff. 
“Save it. Now if you could please do us both a favor, see yourself out, and let’s not cross paths again.” Your icy tone sent shivers down his spine. 
“No. We need to talk about this,” he countered. 
You dropped your things, you were all riled up, “Talk about what? The fact you chose some stupid bitch over your best friend? The person who helped you ever since you were defrosted?” you yelled. 
Steve winced, looking at the floor ashamed. 
“I’m sorry Y/n, I really am,” he told you genuinely. 
You scoffed, “Save it.” You said with venom dripping in each syllable. You made your way out and left to your chambers.
The months that followed, you were greeted by a flower at your door each day, with a small note attached to it from Steve. Each note was an apology, him admitting that he was a fool, which at first made you scoff and throw them away but after some time, you began to cave in.
This particular morning, you woke up eager to see what type of flower he would bring, but you were met with nothing. Your heart felt heavy, for the first time in a while you realized that your love for the guy had returned. 
Glumly, you walked back into your chambers, but the sound of a frantic Steve stopped you from closing your doors. 
“WAIT Y/N!” Steve yelled, running full speed to your door. 
He stopped right in front of you, panting slightly, a bouquet of beautiful white roses caught your eyes. Steve sheepishly handed them to you.
 “I saw them at the store this morning, almost had to fight for them,” he chuckled, “but I was so persistent that I had to have them because I know they’re your favorite.” Steve finished with a light blush coating his cheeks. 
You hid your smile with the roses, “I love ‘em,” you said truthfully, making Steve smile.  
You invited Steve inside your chamber, “Listen, I know I don’t deserve you, after all I’ve done to you, but I need to get this off my chest. Ever since you left, I felt so empty, so vacant, as if you were the only thing that held me together. The moment you walked away, you took my happiness with you,” he confessed. 
“Stev—“ you started but he cut you off. 
“What I’m trying to say Y/n, is that you’re the only gal I want to dance with. You’re the only person that holds the right tune. You complete me Y/n. I was a fool to let you go. I’m sorry Y/n.” Steve finished and made his way out the door.
You quickly put your roses on your bed, as you chased the man who had the key your heart. 
“Steve, wait!” you called taking a firm grip on his hand. 
The both of you were in the hall once again. 
“I want to dance with you,” you said quietly, Steve looked at you with disbelief. 
“I— I— “ you didn’t get to finish as Steve pulled you into a tender kiss. 
When he pulled away, he leaned his head against your forehead, “I love you. Y/n” he said softly, making you smile. 
“I love you too Steve,” you said sweetly, giving him a small peck on the lips. 
Steve smiled and pulled you tighter.
“It’s about time the two of you confessed!” the voice of your teasing popsicle friend echoed through the hall. 
“Buck!” the both of you exclaimed. 
“The one and only,” he joked, “now, when am I gonna get nephews eh?” he joked, making you and Steve blush. 
“Well, I’m starving, how about we go eat some breakfast?” Bucky suggested as he walked, you and Steve shared a look and agreed. 
As you made a move, Steve suddenly stopped you, “I really do love you Y/n,” he said, you smiled and caressed his cheek.
“And I really do love you, Steve.” The two of you intertwined hands, and made your way to breakfast, happy and in love.
------------------ Pls send in requests, I write for any MCU character. Pls. Idk what else to write. Fill up my inbox pls.
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onepumpofsyrup · 4 years ago
It Could Be A Drama // Lee Jong Suk // Part Six
Lee Jong Suk ft. Kim Woo Bin
Pairing : Jong Suk x Reader
Genre : Fluff, Angst, Humor, Romance
Words : 1,500+
Summary : During filming for School 2013 Lee Jong Suk found himself falling for the reader. In a split second she had left him. Not understanding her reasons for leaving, hate for her builds inside him.
(A/N)This story is another huge ass thank you to all of my followers.
Tumblr media
Part Six
 “So, then what happened” Minhee asked while looking up from the nails she had been attempting to file into perfect manicured points.
“And then I basically told her that we weren’t playing her little intimidation game. The me of the first time was a scared girl in her first relationship and surprise it was a fucking celebrity. My name was dragged through the mud and now I’m just an angry bitch.” You shrugged and kept your focus on organizing the clothes for the next days shoot.
“Now, wild question,” she started in an overly exaggerated sarcastic tone, “But have you ever considered just telling him your side and being done with this?”
“He would never believe me.” You were silent for a minute. “And I would have to let go of my pride. He treated me like shit. He didn’t trust me. I would have to get rid of my pride to explain what happened. You know how I feel about stuff like that.”
She rolled her eyes. “’If you have to explain your self to anyone then they’re going to assume that you’re still guilty. Because if you really hadn’t done it people would be able to see it.’ That’s such a stupid way of thinking.”
“So?” You questioned. “It feels really fucking good when people apologize and beg for forgiveness.”
Minhee rubbed a hand down her face in frustration, smearing the smallest bit of polish down her cheek. “You’re fucking nuts, you know that right? Life is never as perfect as you wish for it to be. Got it? It’s not going to work out how you want. You need to take charge. You want this to end? Then end it. Tell Jong Suk what happened and then never fucking talk to him again, if that’s what you want. Personally, I think you should marry him.” The last was stated under her breath.
Your spine straightened as a jolt of fear raced through you at the sound of Woo Bin at the door. “Aren’t you sick of always being painted the bad guy?”
You placed a hand over your heart, hoping it would slow the frightened beat. “I didn’t hear you come by.”
 For such a big guy he moves like a shadow.
 Dread set with in you. It was one thing to go up against just one of them, but together they were a team that was determined to keep you woke. “No, I love being the bad guy. It’s more fun.”
Woo Bin moved towards the desk with your phone sitting atop it, charging. Picking it up, his fingers played over the keyboard before he handed it to you. “You’ll thank me later.”
Angry pink rushed to your cheeks. “Why do people always say that when they do something shitty?”
“Because it’s usually true.” He shrugged.
To: Lee Jong Suk
               I’m tired of your assistant trying to buy me off. This behavior needs to stop. We need to talk.
From: Lee Jong Suk
               I’m headed to your office now.
 Rubbing a hand over your eyes, just as Minhee had done, you set the phone down and set to organizing the office space. “Thanks Woo Bin, now I have to deal with him in...I don’t know…” at the sound of oncoming footsteps, you sighed in impatience. “In thirty seconds. Fucking thanks.”
“We better go,” Minhee stated while connecting her arm through Woo Bin’s trying her best not to smear the polish again.
Lifting an arm, you dramatically waved them off. “Yeah, fucking run from the mess you’ve left me to deal with.”
Woo Bin chuckled. “It’s more of a mess you made that we have just instigated.”
Both he and Minhee stepped out of the room just as Jong Suk stepped in. “Am I interrupting something?” He asked, eyes locked on Woo Bin and Minhee linked together.
 They would make a pretty couple if they would stop getting involved in other peoples lives and instead focus on their own.
 “Only our own inevitable demise.” She answered just loud enough for you and Jong Suk to hear from down the hall.  
You shut the door behind them and locked it. Hoping that would deter anyone from entering the room and interrupting the private conversation that would surely take place.
Jong Suk took a seat in the chair that Minhee had vacated and nodded at you. “Please, you can start.”
With a calming breath, you began, “When we were first together, your assistant offered me money in exchange for leaving you. I didn’t accept it. She told me that it was money you had given her hoping that I would disappear and pretend nothing had ever happened. I went to you just hours later to see if it was true. That you were the one who wanted me to leave, and you basically confirmed it. You acted, rather I felt that you acted, like our relationship was nothing. I chose then to leave. I never wanted your money. But I was a pawn in this cruel stupid game that celebrities and those closest to them play.”
The anxiety of your confession was all consuming. Even worsened by the fact that he wasn’t saying a single thing. “You were never after money.”
 “I’m telling you because I’m not going down this lane again. I’m tired of running and avoid you. I’m tired of being scared of her!” You voice rose in anger and distress. You’d done everything you could to push every emotion away, knowing that with a confession they would all come forward and threaten to break you.
“It was never about money.” His words were mumbled, nearly impossible to hear.
Your throat felt thick as the familiar emotions took over. Your eyes stung with the tears you’d held since the beginning of filming. “I never cared about your money. It never mattered. I loved you.”
“You loved me.” He repeated. His minds spun, processing your words again, and again, and again. “Fuck.” His head fell forward to be caught in his hands. “I loved you.”
You chose to ignore his words. At this point, with everything as it was, his love from then, and yours, meant nothing. “I’ll be honest. I’m very confused. I loved you with everything I had and all I got from it was threats and mistrust. I was treated like shit by you and you never tried to see my side. You blindly believed her. And then expected me to apologize and take the fall. And now?” you finally looked over at him, crouched in the chair and looked more stressed than you have ever seen him. “And now you’re making things difficult for me. Kissing me and acting like you have a claim over me. Like you still have…feelings.”
He stood from the seat and took a step towards you, looking ready to interject. You placed a hand between you, keeping him away. “It has to stop. Because I know there’s no feelings from you. I know I’m only a fun game. But I live in the real world. And it needs to stop. In the real world we don’t play with people.”
Grabbing the hand that was still out stretched towards him he pulled you into his arms. “I hate you. I hate that you never tried to tell me this. I hate that you ran away and did nothing to make this right. I loved you. And you put your pride before that.”
“You never tried to see my side!” Your voice rose for the first time in the encounter, finally showing the emotion that you had kept hidden from him.
His expression had morphed from stress to anger, mirroring your own. “You didn’t give me a chance! You knew I would believe her! She’s been my best friend since I was young! What was I supposed to do...What did you want me to do?”
“I don’t know!” You pushed against his chest, trying to create distance but his arms moved to tighten around your waist, keeping you breast to breast. “I wanted you to trust me!”
“You kicked me out of your life before we could figure this out! You left the country! You changed your number! Everything pointed to you being with Woo Bin! I thought you’d moved on from me to him!” You would never know all that he had done to find you after you’d left. The private investigators he’d hired to find you. The fear he’d felt after they had. The drunken nights he’d spent calling your changed number, hoping each time it would somehow go through. Every year that passed he waited, hoping that with time he’d have the chance to talk to you again.  
“I was scared! Your assistant, your ‘best friend’ threatened me and told me to leave. And then you furthered my belief that I meant nothing. So yeah, I fucking left and I blocked you out. Fucking let me go!” Again, you pushed against his grip and again he stayed still.
A hand clasped the back of your neck and caught your lips against his own. His moved over yours hoping to display even a quarter of the emotion currently moving lively through his skin. For only a moment you fought against it, before your body finally settled against his own. Arms wound around his neck, his own mirroring a grip around your waist.
When he pulled away his forehead rested against yours, his eyes closed hoping to hide what he felt from you. “What am I supposed to say to make this right?”
You sighed and disconnected yourself from him, leaving what had been said and done in the space left between you. You continued to widen the space by going towards the door, unlocking it, opening it, and walking through it. Over your shoulder you answered, “Nothing…you say nothing.”
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tumblr survey no. 4
1. What is something in your life that you feel hopeful about right now? My potential as a community-level social worker. I have been loving my practicum so much, and I feel so valued there. It is doing wonders for my professional confidence, and I feel that my experiences I am currently having here are going to serve me so well for my future career.  2. What was the last thing you worried about that turned out better than expected? Moderating workshops at BLC last weekend. I am not great with public speaking, did not understand the moderator role very well, and barely got an orientation to what was expected of me but it ended up being actually fairly interesting and a good networking opportunity.  3. Name somewhere you are planning on visiting in the near future? I am hoping to go Jasper at some point in the new year to visit my Danish friend who is moving here for the winter season to teach snowboarding.  4. How often do you go grocery shopping and how much food do you usually get in one go? It depends. I have been a lot better at making my own meals this semester, because I spend less time at Famoso. I am still not great at planning for like, a week or more’s dinners. I tend to go to the grocery store, buy what I need for a single recipe, and don’t get anything else. 
5. What is a meal you eat extremely often? Or do your meals & food choices vary a lot? Porkchops with tzatziki, steamed broccoli and rice. Cheap and easy to prepare and fills you up.  6. When was the last time you felt unable or unwilling to speak your mind to someone? Honestly...... I do not tend to hold back in this regard.  7. What was the last thing you changed your mind about? My respect and appreciation for people in my life who have assumed certain leadership roles.  8. Who was the last friend you saw, and what did you do together? I saw Maeghan, Madison and Cayley last night. We had what we affectionately call a “blob hang” which is basically where we all get together at someone’s house after our respective work days, drink wine and bitch. 
9. Who tends to show up in your dreams? Do you ever wonder if you appear in anyone else’s dreams? Whoever I am sleeping with at a given time. I’m sure I do. Dreams are weird that way. 10. What is something you wish you could say to someone who is no longer in your life, or something you wish they could know? Sometimes I do wish I could talk to Zara and ask her what went wrong with her friendship to all of us in high school/what the unspoken words between everyone are. I don’t think there is anything I wish she could know. She probably knows most of it.  11. Instead of flat earth, what do you think of the simulated earth theory, that we’re basically all just a giant computer program or virtual reality? I used to think about this when I was young. I would entertain the idea in my head that we are all just spectacles in a lab somewhere that is part of the “actual” universe. Obviously, we have no evidence for this. It’s just funny to think about.  12. What worries you most about your future? That my lack of clinical experience in practicum will prevent me from getting well-paying jobs in social work, and that changes in our political climate in Alberta and Canada will see an even further tightening of the social services/not-for-profit sector that forces a lot of budgets to get cut and less jobs will be available.  13. What is something you do to feel better when you’re scared? Scared? Um. That one’s kind of hard to beat.  14. Who do you feel you can count on the most in life? Is there anyone you wish you could count on more? My family.  15. What makes you trust someone? When was the last time someone broke your trust? Hm, I don’t know how to really explain it. I just feel like I can with some people like if I feel comfortable talking to them. 16. When was the last time you shared a secret with someone, and how did they react? What even are “secrets” anymore? I told my friends this morning about a sexual experience I had recently that I thought I might keep secret but they just laughed and we moved on.  17. Are you more likely to give advice or to ask for it? I do both fairly equally, I think. 
18. When was the last time you felt totally lost, figuratively speaking? How about literally? The last time I felt totally lost was shortly after I finished my degree requirements for the journalism program and had to apply for jobs. I was not used to not being in school, I had no idea what I was qualified to do, I wasn’t taking care of myself, and I needed to pay my bills. It was awful and very stressful. In terms of literally being lost - god, I don’t know. Maybe when Sydney and I were drunkenly trying to find the train station downtown on Canada Day. LOL.  19. In what ways are you emotionally strong? In what ways are you emotionally weak? I am emotionally strong in that I can handle/actually often instigate confrontation of issues. I like things to be out in the open, being discussed and addressed as they come up. I am emotionally weak in that when I begin to like someone I become extremely reliant on their affection to build up my own self-worth, and I do not handle rejection or extreme criticism well.  20. What is the strangest book you have ever read? How did you find out about it? Maybe A Scanner Darkly. Connor told me about it.  21. Do you prefer to watch movies or tv alone or with other people? Is there anything you refuse to watch alone? I’d much rather watch alone unless it’s a fun ass show like Queer Eye.  22. What was the last thing you broke? How about fixed? The zipper on these boots I bought from H&M! FUCK, I’m so mad about that actually. They are the perfect boots. The last thing I fixed was... I cannot recall.  23. Is there a sign or symbol that means a lot to you for whatever reason (eg. seeing certain animals or birds, 11:11 or other repeating numbers, syncs, butterflies, hearts in nature, etc)? Not really.  24. Do you have any personal ghost stories or paranormal experiences? No! So lame. I’m sure if I thought harder about it, I could conjure something up (pun intended) but I am actually REALLY easily scared and if I start reading about this kind of thing too much before bed or something, I’ll get like... sleep paralysis or some shit like that. It’s not good. My mind is weak.  25. What do you get complimented on the most? My handwriting, my eyes and my hair.  26. What is something unusual that you find attractive? Someone tall and super super skinny.  27. What time do you tend to eat your first meal of the day? And your last? The current routine begins with a cup of earl grey tea and 2-3 fried eggs with salsa around 8:45am before I catch the train to go to practicum and/or school! Last meal - who knows. Between 7 and 8pm.  28. What was the subject of the last video you watched? LMAO it was like a history of Kelly Ripa and Mark Counsuelos’ relationship.  29. When was the last time you traveled out of town, and where to? To Korea! In May.   30. How would you describe your overall aesthetic? I literally wear the same outfit every day. Black tights, black skirt, some kind of coloured top and black boots. Hair that is never done and bags under my eyes and giant backpack. Done & done. 
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dltbzrkcr · 4 years ago
Dude try morbucks n butch for the ship meme they’re the Ultimate Crackship Fucks
Send in two (or more) names and I’ll fill all this out about the ship!
Rate the Ship -  Awful | Ew | No pics pls | I’m not comfortable | Alright | I like it! | Got Pics? | Let’s do it! | Why is this not getting more attention?! | The OTP to rule all other OTPs
How long will they last? - Considering Butch, probably a fling. Maybe the occasionally hook up but nothing long lasting 
How quickly did/will they fall in love? - Fall in love? These two are more likely to use each other to make their actual love interests jealous
How was their first kiss? - Princess was definitely the one to kiss him first, probably over him aggravating her and Princess getting so fed up but kind of that “he’s really hot and I just am sick and tired of hearing his mouth open because everything he says is god damned garbage” kind of kiss, but then they get really into it and it would probably take a good while to pry them off of each other. 
Who proposed? - It was more like Princess probably dragged Butch into a sham marriage just to piss of daddy, like “look daddy because you didn’t pay attention to me I married such a garbage trashbin!!!” 
Who is the best man/men? - Burger the snail (because it would be them eloping tbh)
Who is the bride’s maid(s)? - Who needs a bride’s maid when Princess is all the glam the world needs. 
Who did the most planning? - Probably princess and her maniacal plans. 
Who stressed the most? - Princess for sure
How fancy was the ceremony? - Weirdly enough, even if it was eloping, I imagine Princess made sure it was as fancy as she could fucking make it. Back of a pickup truck | 2 | 3 | 4 | Normal Church Wedding | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | Kate and William wish they were this big.
Who was specifically not invited to the wedding? - the PPG’s. except blossom. I feel like Princess would be a bitch and invite blossom just to be like “haha bitch I have your boyfriend now” 
Who is on top? - Princess.......... for sure.....
Who is the one to instigate things? - Butch
How healthy is their sex life? - Barely touch themselves let alone each other | 2 | 3 | 4 | Once a couple weeks, nothing overboard | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | They are humping each other on the couch right now
How kinky are they? - Straight missionary with the lights off | 2 | 3 | 4 | Might try some butt stuff and toys | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | Don’t go into the sex dungeon without a horse’s head
How long do they normally last? - I mean. Its in her name. she’s a god damned pillow princess probably and he would go on for however long he could to please her until butch is just like plS 
Do they make sure each person gets an equal amount of orgasms? - no princess hogs the orgasm count
How rough are they in bed? - Softer than a butterfly on the back of a bunny | 2 | 3 | 4 | The bed’s shaking and squeaking every time | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | Their dirty talk is so vulgar it’d make Dwayne Johnson blush. Also, the wall’s so weak it could collapse the next time they do it.
How much cuddling/snuggling do they do? - No touching after sex | 2 | 3 | 4 | A little spooning at night, or on the couch, but not in public | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | They snuggle and kiss more often than a teen couple on their fifth date to a pillow factory.
How many children will they have naturally? - I’m afraid to say a number. lets just go with how ever many it takes for princess to threaten to castrate him. so probably 1 actually. 
How many children will they adopt? - he has snails and a dog already do they need anything else
Who gets stuck with the most diapers? - Butch... or the maids. 
Who is the stricter parent? - neither. that kid would be a spoiled brat. 
Who stops the kid(s) from doing dangerous stunts after school? - neither they love the chaos and encourage it
Who remembers to pack the lunch(es)? - Butch
Who is the more loved parent? - Princess because she spoils their kid way more than he does. 
Who is more likely to attend the PTA meetings? They both go, but Princess sits there filing her nails while she makes Butch fight against everything she dislikes for her. He would literally beat people up sometimes. Like just. toss people through walls and shit. 
Who cried the most at graduation? - Butch because wow THAT LITTLE SHIT MADE IT THROUGH SCHOOL??? IT’S ALREADY SMARTER THAN HIM
Who is more likely to bail the child(ren) out of trouble with the law? - Princess cause she has all the $$$, Butch would just break them out of jail
Who does the most cooking? - Maids. Butch can make a mean burrito. that’s it. that’s his level of cooking. 
Who is the most picky in their food choice? - Princess definitely, and they definitely have to have separate meals made since their tastes are so different. 
Who does the grocery shopping? - Butch probs gets sent with a list, that he made brick re-write for him, so that he could actually read it with his dyslexia
How often do they bake desserts? - Princess definitely orders the most obnoxiously rich treats from the most expensive bakeries and makes Butch pick them up
Are they more of a meat lover or a salad eater? - Butch won’t touch god damn veggies unless you tell him that shit is radioactive. So, meat all the way binch. Princess can eat whatever though. 
Who is more likely to surprise the other(s) with an anniversary dinner? - Princess, having made the help cook it for her. 
Who is more likely to suggest going out? - Butch thrives off doing shit so him, always, yep. 
Who is more likely to burn the house down accidentally while cooking? - ..I feel like Princess has 0 cooking skills, so princess. 
Who cleans the room? - Butch
Who is really against chores? - Both, but because he’s whipped he would clean. 
Who cleans up after the pets? - Butch
Who is more likely to sweep everything under the rug? - Princess lmao, and then tell butch to clean it for her
Who stresses the most when guests are coming over? - Princess, Butch doesn’t ever really care about people. 
Who found a dollar between the couch cushions while cleaning? - Butch, except it was 100$ and he kept it for himself. 
Who takes the longer showers/baths? - Princess. To the point that Butch just learned that he has to walk all the way across the house to use the other bathroom just because of how long she fucking takes. 
Who takes the dog out for a walk? - Both, because he would drag her out with him. 
How often do they decorate the room/house for the holidays? - Butch isn’t big on holidays, except like july 4th because he just loves blasting off rockets lmao. So, unless Princess liked making her house glam, he wouldn’t do shit. 
What are their goals for the relationship? - Get laid? 
Who is most likely to sleep till noon? - Butch. Always. 
Who plays the most pranks? - ...Both? 
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otaku4life-suck-it-lozerz · 4 years ago
The girls’ soccer team has a big game in the morning, and one of the players takes it upon herself to instigate girl bonding time. Includes many of your favorite gals, more under the cut.
Stuff to Know Beforehand
Things this one-shot is:
- fluffy!- cute!- it has pillow fights in it!- girls!
Characters included:
- Belgium (Emma)- Seychelles (Michelle)- Nyo!Russia (Anya)- Nyo!America (Amelia)- Nyo!Canada (Madeline)- Nyo!France (Marianne)- Nyo!North Italy (Alice,
pronounced “ah-LEE-che”
)- Nyo!Germany (Monika)
Characters mentioned:
- Nyo!South Italy (Chiara)- Nyo!England (name not mentioned)- Prussia (as himself)
Events take place in America. Here’s some weird American terminology for non-Americans:
= someone in their first year of high school, generally around 14-15  years old-
= someone in their second year of high school, generally around 15-16 years old-
= someone in their third year of high school, generally around 16-17 years old-
= someone in their fourth and final year of high school, generally around 17-18 years old-
= a position on the football team (just know that linebackers are usually pretty strong)
If you’re wondering why girls like Hungary aren’t there, it’s because they aren’t freshmen. This par-tay is only for those cray freshies.
“Hey, Monika, are you coming to Amelia’s room for the ‘Ultimate Soccer Galpal Bonding Experience?’”
Monika, brushing her teeth, looked up and made eye contact with the girl in the mirror. Michelle leaned on the door, her dark eyebrows raised. “Uhhhh…” Toothpaste dribbled down Monika’s chin. She hurriedly spat in the sink and wiped her mouth with a towel hanging on the wall. “Sure. What’s her room number?” “I dunno,” Michelle replied, making a noncommittal gesture with her hand. “Forty-six or something like that. The hotel rooms in this place are all crazy. Like, I think that Marianne and Emma are in room sixteen, and they’re right next to Anya and Amelia. Weird, right? Anyway, don’t worry about it, I’ll show you!” Monika nodded, then followed Michelle out of the bathroom. Monika’s side of the room they were sharing was spick-and-span. Her bed was neatly-made, and her soccer uniform was folded crisply on the bedside table, waiting to be put on the following morning. On Michelle’s side of the room, however, clothes were strewn haphazardly on the floor, and the bed was rumpled from where Michelle had sat on it earlier to touch up her eyeshadow.Monika pulled on her favorite pajama pants, which had cute little puppies on them, and a loose black t-shirt. Michelle braided and unbraided her hair in the mirror while she waited. “Alright, ready?” Michelle asked. “Ready,” replied Monika. Michelle turned around and walked out the door, which was propped open already so as to make it easier for girls to come in and chat. Her feet, covered in neon yellow socks, thudded softly as she walked across the red carpet. Monika found herself focusing on them intently.
At the door to Amelia and Anya’s room, Michelle stopped in front of Monika and rapped on the door with her knuckles. “I got it!” cried someone from inside. The door swung open, revealing a very ruffled-looking Amelia Jones. “Hey, ladies!” she said with enthusiasm, her wide grin showing off perfect teeth. “Come on in! You peeps are the last members of the very exclusive, very secret Ultimate Soccer Galpal Bonding Experience to show up. It’s gonna be lit!” Amelia held the door open for them, and Monika stepped inside. 80s rock music played on low volume, most likely from Amelia’s Guardians of the Galaxy playlist. A group of four girls — Marianne Bonnefoy, Anya Braginskaya, Emma Evrard, and Amelia’s twin sister Madeline — sat in a circle on a quite impressive palette made of many pillows and blankets. Emma looked up and waved, and Monika gave a small smile of recognition in response. As soon as Monika and Michelle were through the door, Amelia immediately hopped up onto one of the beds to resume pillow fighting with Alice Vargas. Wait. Monika’s chest constricted and her heart skipped a beat at the sight of Alice, who was sporting a pink unicorn onesie and blue green-striped socks, beating Amelia to death with a pillow. She laughed victoriously as she pommeled Amelia, her amber hair falling out of its ponytail, while Amelia tried to gain the upper hand. Amelia changed tactics and rammed into Alice’s stomach in a football tackle, bringing them both down. The bed creaked in protest. Pinned underneath Amelia and receiving her end of pillow death, Alice finally noticed Monika and Michelle. “Oh, hey!” Alice said breathlessly. She reached up, grabbed the pillow, then rolled onto it, successfully stealing it from Amelia. Amelia in turn rolled off the bed and onto the floor, then crawled over to the floor palette. “Alright! Let’s get this party STARTED!” Amelia situated herself next to Anya, who she was sharing a room with. Monika moved closer to the edge of the bed. Alice sat up, stuffing the the pillow onto her lap. “Come sit, Monika,” said Alice, patting the spot beside her on the bed. Monika furiously tried to calm the blush that she felt rising to her cheeks. “No, come down here!” said Marianne, who was wrapped in a purple blanket and sharing a tub of ice cream with Emma. “We can’t see you up there, Alice. How are we supposed to gossip?” “Like this,” said Alice, crawling to the end of the bed and lying on her stomach, in view of Marianne and the rest of the girls. “Now you can see me, hmm?” “Okay my dudes,” said Amelia, “I am now initiating Operation Cobrafalcon, in which the amazing freshman girls on our awesome soccer team have some genuine bonding time before our huge game tomorrow. There aren’t that many of us, but we’re still better than the sophomores!” At this, a hardy cheer came from the girls on the palette. “You know it, bitches!” cried Alice, whose older sister Chiara was in fact a sophomore on the team. Alice then craned her neck to look up at Monika, who was still standing awkwardly to the side. “Monika, come sit,” she invited again, scooting over to make more room. “I- are you sure?” she asked. “Of course, silly!” Alice chirped in response. Monika carefully moved to lay down on her stomach next to Alice, feeling awkward. “Let’s begin, then,” said Amelia. She looked expectantly at the circle of girls on the palette, then glanced up at Monika and Alice. Madeline sighed. “You don’t have a plan, do you?” she asked her sister, knowing fully what the answer would be. Amelia shrugged. “I kind of figured that we’d all decide what to talk about once we were here,” Amelia said. She scanned her friends’ faces. “So… what do you guys wanna talk about?” “Well I, for one, vote crushes,” said Marianne, red lips turning up in a smirk. Monika nearly choked. Did she hear her right? “Oh, that’s a good one,” commented Emma. She raised her eyebrows at the group, then spooned a huge amount of ice cream from the tub in Marianne’s lap. Noooo. No no no no no. “That’s- no! Absolutely not! No way are we talking about crushes!” protested Madeline, her cheeks turning pink. Monika inwardly thanked Amelia’s sister with every fiber of her being. “Oooooo…” Amelia grinned deviously at her twin. “I think I know exactly why my dear sister Maddie doesn’t want to talk about crushes.” Madeline’s eyes widened.“Amelia-“ she started. “Is it because of a certain, I don’t know…” Amelia glanced off to the side, then locked eyes with her sister. “A certain Gilbert Beilschmidt?” “No!” cried Madeline, but she was drowned out in a loud chorus of Oooooooo!! from Marianne, Emma, Michelle, and Alice. Monika’s mouth dropped open. “Gilbert Beilschmidt?!” gasped Emma. “No way!” Michelle said, her dark hair creating a curtain over her face as she leaned forward. “Not in a million years would I have guessed that you have a crush on him!” added Alice. “I don’t! I really don’t!” Madeline yelped, furiously blushing now. “Oh, dear Madeline, I would not have pegged you for a bad girl,” said Marianne, raising her perfect eyebrows in a mock impression of a stern mother. “Wh- no! I’m not- I’m not a bad girl! He’s not that bad, really!” Madeline sputtered. “So you do have a crush on him,” observed Anya. Madeline, with her face burning red now, looked about ready to leap into a black hole. “I- I just- AGH! Fine, yes! Yes, I have a crush on him!” Madeline’s words came out in a rush. “But don’t tell anyone, please! Especially not him, I would die if he knew. I would die!” “Let me this straight,” Monika said. Everyone turned to look at her, and Madeline made an odd sort of animal squeak. “Oh, Monika, I forgot you were there!” Madeline yelped. “I- I am so sorry that I have a crush on your brother, I really- I-“ “No, it’s fine,” Monika said. “It’s just… we’re all talking about the same Gilbert, right? My brother Gilbert? You have a crush on him? But…” It wasn’t even the fact that Gilbert got into trouble almost every day. He was just so… Gilbert. Monika thought back to the time her older brother, a junior now, had put sausages in the microwave to see how long it would take them to explode. There was also that one time that he’d taken Monika canoeing and nearly sent them both over a waterfall by accident, or just this week when Gilbert had woken his younger sister up at seven a.m. with a terrible rendition of My Heart Will Go On: Recorder Solo to go eat breakfast at IHOP with him because he felt lonely. “…why?” Monika finished. Madeline heaved a sigh, and Amelia patted her back cautiously. Madeline looked up at Monika with wide eyes and shrugged helplessly. “I have no idea,” said Madeline vehemently. “Well…” Monika glanced off to the side, placed her chin on her arms, and crossed her feet behind her. “My brother is very strange.” Her eyebrows drew together and she looked back at Madeline. “I wish you luck. Just… be careful. I love him, but he does a lot of stupid things. And don’t worry- I won’t tell him.” “Oh, thank you.” Madeline exhaled, relieved. Silence settled around the girls. Nobody seemed to know what to say. “Well, that wasn’t so bad, Maddie,” Amelia said finally. Madeline rolled her eyes, then glared at her sister. “I’m still mad at you for bringing it up,” she said. Amelia smiled apologetically. “Let’s move on,” said Michelle, clapping her hands once. “I think Madeline has suffered enough tonight. Anyone else?” More silence. “I’ll go next,” Marianne said. “I trust you girls.” It went in a circle. Marianne first, then Emma, then Michelle, and finally Anya and Amelia. Marianne mentioned a girl who she’d run into the past two times she had gone to the library. Blonde hair, green eyes, glasses. That’s all Marianne knew of her, yet she told the group of girls that she just couldn’t get her out of mind. Both Emma and Michelle stated that they had a crush on no one at the moment, with Emma pledging her allegiance to waffles instead of boys. (Amelia gave her a high-five on that one.) Anya calmly announced that she did not have a crush on any boys. Monika raised an eyebrow to this. Lastly, Amelia concurred heartily with Anya’s previous statement, which set off Monika’s gaydar big time. She’d have to corner Amelia about that later. “So,” said Michelle after Amelia’s turn was over. She turned her attention to the two on the bed. “Who wants to go next?” “I think that Monika should go,” said Amelia. “You’re a mystery to me, dude.” “Don’t pressure her,” said Madeline quietly, probably noticing the way Monika tensed up at Amelia’s statement. “No, it’s fine,” said Monika. In all honesty, she wasn’t sure what drove her to say that; she supposed that she’d kept all of her feelings inside for so long that the idea of sharing just a few of them took a great weight off of her shoulders. As of now, only Monika’s older brother knew of her crush on Alice, and that was because he’d eased it out of her at four in the morning after they’d played Assassin’s Creed all night. “Well, okay,” Monika began. “First of all, I don’t think you all know this, but, ah…” Monika took a breath. “I don’t like boys, actually. I like girls.” She waited anxiously for their response. “Pshhhh! No shit, Sherlock!” exclaimed Amelia. “Oh, we know!” laughed Michelle. “Wonderful, dear,” Marianne said. “We are very proud of you.” “It’s pretty obvious,” Madeline admitted. “Very!” agreed Emma. Anya tilted her head. “I’m fairly sure that that is most people’s first impression of you.” Monika was about to reply to that when Alice suddenly sat up on her knees. “YES!” she shouted, pumping her fist into the air. “YES, YES, YES!” Monika sat up as well, eyebrows drawing together. Alice whirled to face Monika, then put her hands on Monika’s shoulders. She stared at Monika for a moment, beaming. “Monika!” Alice cried happily. “I didn’t know you liked girls!” “Literally how?” Amelia murmured to herself. Monika didn’t hear her. “I do,” Monika said to Alice, not knowing how to process anything ever because Alice was right there, with her hands on Monika’s shoulders, looking straight at her. If Monika were a robot, she knew she’d be short-circuiting right about now. “Monika… I’ve had a crush on you for the longest time, but I didn’t know how to talk to you or approach you. Normally I’m pretty good at being assertive, but with you, I just had no clue.” Was this a dream? It was a dream. It was definitely a dream. This was not really happening. It couldn’t be. No way. “I…” Monika started. Alice stared at her, a bright smile on her face, waiting for her reply. Monika’s throat constricted. She didn’t know how to respond. Alice Vargas had a crush on her. On her! And all this time, Monika had thought… holy shit. “I get it, if you don’t want to-“ Alice started, taking Monika’s silence as a negative. “Yes. Date. We should date.” Monika interrupted. Her mind was whirling. Alice broke into a grin, and she suddenly hugged Monika with the force of a linebacker, toppling them both back onto the bed. Alice tucked her head into Monika’s shoulder and squeezed her midriff so tight that Monika couldn’t breathe. But Monika didn’t care, she was so elated. She wrapped her arms around Alice and pulled her close. Amelia whooped, and Michelle started clapping, followed by the rest of the girls. Amelia stood up and grabbed a pillow from the floor palette, then proceeded to whack Monika and Alice with it. “I WILL NOW INSTIGATE THE GAYEST PILLOW FIGHT EVER!” Amelia yelled. “And that’s both meanings of the word!” She hit Monika with the pillow, putting all of her arm strength into the swing. Alice laughed, then pulled away from Monika and got to her feet on the bed. “Oh, you’re on, dirty American!” Alice cried. Monika rolled away from them. She took a pillow from the floor as Amelia had done, but before she could hit anyone, Madeline of all people gave her a pillow right to the face. It was on. The pillow fight went on for several minutes. The girls jumped from Anya’s bed to Amelia’s bed, bashing each other with pillows. Alliances were forged and broken, betrayals occurred, victories were made, and when it was all over, everyone collapsed onto the two beds, exhausted. A moment passed. “So, I think we should go for pizza as a first date,” Alice said to Monika breathlessly. “Pizza sounds nice,” said Monika, smiling at the ceiling. To say the least, it was a good night for Monika Beilschmidt.
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