#TAKUMI. headcanons.
brxtalsimulation · 6 months
Happy pride! Quick breakdown of where my muses fit in the community:
Edelgard: bisexual
Takumi: trans male, bisexual
Triandra: genderfluid, asexual panromantic
Reginn: lesbian
Lucina: trans female, bisexual 
Micaiah: pansexual
Rinea: questioning most likely pansexual
Dagr: lesbian
Hinoka: demifemale, lesbian
Eitri: agender
Plumeria: nonbinary, asexual demiromantic w/ preference for women
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earlgreymon · 4 months
Tumblr media
these two would go to concerts together. a few days after a concert was announced, she would text him nonstop ("WE NEED TO GET THE TICKETS NO MATTER WHAT") because she got fomo easily, while he had two moods: one being "HELL YEAH WE ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO GO" and the other being "geez woman chill, it's still 3 months away."
they always bought the standing view because what's a concert if you're sitting down? he would take care of her and make sure she was still within his sight. if she asked whether they could go more to the front row, he would go with his chaotic method to clear the way. they were too broke for official merchandise, so they could only settle for freebies and the ticket stub.
when junpei had his first concert, they were the first two to stand up and clap the loudest.
i'm living for these two being a fanboy and a fangirl.
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blasthis · 4 months
Tumblr media
Deny Me? That’s Bold [Takumi x Reader]
Tumblr media
Request: Hi I love your work can you Takumi Ichinose being obsessed with you
TW: financial abuse, gaslighting, manipulation, sexual abuse, yandere
Tumblr media
Takumi has more than enough connections to get almost everything he asks for. So finding that you weren’t interested in having a relationship wasn’t much of a problem. With the right words and a few flashy gifts, he could have anyone in his pocket. So before he goes to pull some strings Takumi is going to ask you one more time if you’d want to try dating because it’ll only get worse from there. Like the stubborn person you are, you decline, again.
Thanks to the few mosquitoes (paparazzi) he’s befriended, Takumi always has eyes on you. Now familiar with your routine, work & home address, shops you frequent, and even the details of your circle of friends. With this list, he starts picking your life apart bit by bit. Starting with your friends, because that’s always the easiest to deal with, Takumi buys out your friends' loyalty. Helping them get into their dream colleges, and homes, giving them a boost in their careers by bribing their bosses, and more. All they have to do is stay away from you, block your contact information, or move away if that’s what it’ll take.
So now you’re without a support group leaving you vulnerable to his next plan. After some time passes and you’ve been abandoned by your old friends, Takumi has a little chat with your boss. Bringing in a “friend” of his that will be a better fit for the company. There are no available positions at the moment but who's to say they can’t replace you, a nobody that couldn’t possibly cause trouble after being let go? Can’t call it unlawful termination if they decide to choose a better candidate.
Now you’re unemployed, alone, and defenseless. Takumi could swoop in to save you now but that’d be too nice. You did make it clear that you wanted nothing to do with him, he could be a bit harsher. So Takumi goes to further torture you by getting friendly with your shitty landlord. Isn’t it crazy what people would do for a little bit of money? The fact that you’re now being forced out of your apartment with a short deadline. You couldn’t possibly find another place so soon! It doesn’t help that if you’re not out in time the landlord is going to have your furniture and belongings dumped.
What could you do?! Nothing, but you aren’t getting Takumi’s help. You haven’t seen him in a while, it’s been almost a year since you declined his proposal. He doesn’t want to come across you until you’re at your worst. So when he receives confirmation from the landlord that you’ve been forced out of the complex and most of your belongings were disposed of Takumi sits back and smiles at his work. You’re out of a job, alone, walking the streets aimlessly not knowing where to go from there. It’s perfect.
The next time he spots you you’re sitting at the bus stop staring at your lap. He’ll park his truck in front of you, rolling the window down to get a good look at your sorry state. When he calls your name and the two of you lock eyes you’re quick to look away, expecting to get insulted. Instead, he asks how you’ve been which you ignore but he tells you to get in the car.
Takumi doesn’t need to hide the fact that he’s driving you to his home, what else would he be doing? While the both of you were silent during the ride he’s quick to clear the air when you step through the front door. You’re not here until you get back on your feet, and he’s not housing you because you used to be friends. You’re here because you have no choice but to marry him if you don’t want to spend your life struggling to eat or keep a roof over your head.
Which means you’re his, to have and to hold, in sickness and health, no one else’s, just his. So you can forget about trying to repair your social life once you start to feel better now that you don’t have to worry about necessities. You can also forget about telling Takumi no, there’s no more pulling your face away when he tries to kiss you, pushing him off when he holds you because you are his. Any refusal to let him use you for his pleasure is always met with the threat of being put on the streets. Since that’s better than having sex with him, by your logic.
All you have to do is let Takumi take care of you and your life will be good. He wants to spoil you, give you everything you’ve ever wanted to see your smiling face. He wants you to get excited when he finally comes home since he made it before the food got cold. On the cold winter days enjoy a nice hot bath together before wrapping yourselves in blankets as you drink hot beverages. Takumi doesn’t want you to be miserable by his side, even if the way he went about it wasn’t ideal. Learn to love being his spouse because it’ll be much more bearable when Takumi is in a good mood.
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lume-nescence · 5 months
Being Soma, Megumi, & Takumi’s S/O
an: okay i know i said something about “frequent uploads” but i got lazy again,,, anyways i’ve rarely seen any food wars fics so i’d thought to write something for it! not sure if anyone’s heard or into it as well but i just love this trio <3 (we’re going to ignore that this has been sitting in my drafts for two months)
pronouns: they/them
genre: headcanons, crack
cw: possibly ooc soma
Tumblr media
being his s/o would be amazing or terrifying
why terrifying? you know his disgusting experiments he calls food? yes since you’re his lovely s/o you have the honor of being the taste tester for them
if you’re good at cooking, he’ll be challenging you to tons shokugekis. if you’re not, that’s alright, he’s cool with giving some tips he’s got from his dad and teaching you <3
he’ll always 1-up you. and i mean always. he’s so competitive
like we get it soma you’re a godly cook
you both taste each other’s dishes and compliment one another until mans said
“y/n i think you should add a little more salt to enhance the flavor.”
“really now? you talking to me like that says otherwise. i think YOU’RE the salty one here.”
he’s such a tease. say you’re.. short, or shorter than him, and you’re trying to get something from the top shelf of the kitchen in the polar star dormitory.
he’ll be there snickering like: “wow, y/n, how’s the weather down there?”
yeah, eventually he’ll help you out afterwards
if you’re taller he’s in awe. like: “woah! never knew there’s someone taller than me.”
and he means it lovingly, but that doesn’t stop him from challenging you to shokugekis every now and then
i imagined this one scenario where you and him are casually taking a stroll in town and then when you came across something you wanted to eat, you were hesitant into getting it until soma noticed and was like “oh, you want to try those? i’ll get some for us to try!”
and then.. he got challenged into a shokugeki because of his reputation. which of course he accepts because soma is soma. but newsflash, he won of course because he’s soma <3 plot armor *coughs*
but you both enjoyed their food <3 soma gives them tips as well
when y o u get challenged to a shokugeki with HIM just idling standing by, he’s literally like: “woah there, challenging them on the spot? wrong move. do you know who you’re facing?” with that smirk on his face.
immediate confidence boost.
he’ll be your confidence booster <3
when he introduces you to the polar star gang he goes: “guys, this is y/n. my s/o. they’re the #2 chef beside me!” with him happily patting your head/shoulder
anyways, he’s a teasing asshole but he’s your teasing asshole <3
Tumblr media
i love her. she’s so cute!
agahdga faints
im sorry i love her so much
if you’re having a bad day, she’ll be panicking at first and then ask you what’s wrong. when you told her what’s wrong she said she’ll cook something up for you to make you feel better
and you know her food SLAPS. (sorry soma ily) her food can make someone feel a sense of warmth and comfort inside since her specialty is hospitality
now i want to try her food
once she’s finished she brings the dish up to you with a confident look on her face like: “i got this. they will feel better in no time! you got this megumi! you’ve come a long way with your cooking!”
sobbing i love her. did i say that already?
once you tried her dish, you have a smile plastered on your face as expected. you thanked her for the food and say how delicious it is. she’s literally all: “oh! thank you! ah- you’re welcome! it’s no problem! im just looking out for you!”
megumi :((
she’s willing to cook for you! say you’re like “i could go for some food rn” she’s IMMEDIATELY on it
i have a feeling she’ll say “i love you!” every 2 minutes to make sure you’re aware of it.
because she does love you!
she’s literally a mother to you frfr
“have you eaten?” “did you drink water?” she’s just looking out for you because she really cares about you <3
omg and picnic dates too WAAAAAA
okay i haven’t written something dumb here yet so im going to do just that
sorry megumi ilysm but im going to implement some dumb shit here too
okay so you decided to warm up some leftovers megumi gave you right?
well, you realized that you put your metal utensils in there too
you forgor
megumi was panicking so much and almost tripped when trying to stop the microwave
god bless her
she doesn’t trust you with the microwave after that
and please don’t ever try that
megumi care you
Tumblr media
ah yes, we love a tsundere boy.
i can picture his brother teasing him for being so close to you and he’s all flustered
cue isami lol’ing irl
also him flirting with you in italian oh my
he’d be the type to tell you cheesy pick up lines
like “are you a parking ticket? because you’ve got fine written all over you.”
you couldn’t help but snort and say “takumi are you done yet?” because he’s been going at it for 3 minutes. it’s as if he studied this pick up line thoroughly just for this moment
you know how he always challenges soma to a shokugeki right? well now he has another reason to be challenging him. it’s to impress you.
you’ll always see soma and takumi bicker when it’s just takumi doing most of the bickering
it’s hilarious to see takumi relishing his rival role towards soma
because you’re usually there to see him and he gets embarrassed
and my boy soma teases him for that
there are times where he’ll let you hold the mezzaluna <3
i can also picture him flexing in front of soma that he’s got a s/o before him
this man can make anything into a competition i swear
if someone’s rude to you, he’s scary when he’s mad.
drops the tsundere facade and puts on his big boy pants
he’ll have that same attitude from when he faced eizan
these are so short i apologize i got tired
but tbh takumi would be an amazing bf
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steakrogers · 6 months
Tumblr media
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nowis-scales · 5 months
Tumblr media
The second treat from Instagram, Pride Month Headcanons, with Fates this time! You can find Awakening and Three Houses here.
Please be kind and remember that it’s all in the name of celebration — it’s okay to not agree with my hcs (sometimes I might not, too — I fluctuate on some of these!), but be polite about it. There’s room for everyone in need under the rainbow. Thank you!
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zodiac-senpai · 5 months
Tumblr media
Takumi meeting the Kasai twins:
Tumblr media
("Oh no, they're HOT!")
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Main Riders and Social Media
Hey, folks, I have a little bit of writer’s block, have ridiculous headcanons as I try to work through it.
Godai Yusuke—has an Instagram, on which he mainly posts exquisitely-taken, rigorously location-tagged landscape photographs with no captions. Occasionally there’s also a photo of a street food vendor, in which case there is a caption in which he provides their name, specialties, and some extravagant praise, and very occasionally there’s a picture of him doing a handstand somewhere improbable, or a video in which he’s juggling. His face is never in focus, but in the videos you can occasionally hear another man’s voice in the background.
Unlinked to the Instagram, he also has a YouTube channel, 2000 Skills, on which he posts DIY and instructional videos, with clear, detailed captions available in Japanese, English, and French. Eventually, someone with a good ear catches another man’s voice in the background of a few of these and figures out that it’s the same person as on Instagram.
Tsugami Shouichi—has an Instagram, which is entirely pictures of homecooked meals and his garden, and also maintains the Instagram for Restaurant Agito (but not the website, Twitter, or Facebook, which Mana handles). Also has a personal Facebook, and is the most genial anti-troll you’ve ever met—he is amazing at embarrassing racists and anti-vaxxers. When asked how he can stand to deal with any of those people, he just blinks innocently and says, “I don’t know what you mean, we’re having a conversation, I love talking to people.” Maintains a Tumblr and Pinterest for collecting interesting recipes.
Kido Shinji—has Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and a Medium account, all of which he uses at least semi-professionally. He also has a Reddit account, under a username that he’s pretty sure nobody will connect to him, which he uses to scout out potential stories for ORE.
Inui Takumi—has a Twitter account with one tweet, which reads, “I don’t know how to use this website but Mari made me set up an account.” Also has Instagram, but never posts, he’s just on there to look at photos of dogs.
Kenzaki Kazuma—has an Instagram account which cross-posts to Tumblr, on which he posts landscape and city photography with rambling, semi-poetic captions about being lonely. Occasionally he also posts a selfie, generally if he runs into someone he knows (e.g. Godai or Eiji); as a result he has an alarming number of thirst followers.
Hibiki—has a Facebook, which he uses on the desktop computer in the back room of the Tachibanas’ restaurant, and even then only because the local oni have a Facebook group where they occasionally trade info.
Tendou Souji—has an Instagram (75% pictures of meals he’s cooked, 20% photos of Hiyori or Juka with meals they’ve cooked, 5% candids of Kagami), a Twitter on which he posts a daily quotation from his grandmother and nothing else, and a Tumblr on which he posts poetry and recipes he’s written.
Nogami Ryotaro—has attempted to make an account on every social media site that’s ever existed, but is locked out of all of them.
Kurenai Wataru—has a YouTube channel where he posts instructional videos about playing and caring for violins and occasional videos of himself playing, and is perpetually alarmed by all the thirsty comments he gets. Also has a business Facebook for Kurenai Wataru, Luthier, but Shizuka is mostly the one who maintains it.
Kadoya Tsukasa—Instagram, obviously, with an enormous number of followers who think that he’s doing something very exciting and artsy with all his weird out-of-focus pictures. This drives him crazy. The only pictures which are in focus are of the other three, all of whom are identified with emojis and no other caption; there is a heated debate among his followers about which one of them he is, with the debate being abruptly settled when Daiki steals his phone and posts several photos of him in nothing but a towel around the waist, sleepily making eggs.
He also has a Reddit account, which he mainly uses to get in arguments on photography sub-Reddits, with an occasional foray onto boards for Kamen Rider fans, where he also gets in arguments.
Hidari Shoutaro—has a Twitter and Facebook for the detective agency, and also a personal Twitter and Tumblr account that he mostly uses to promote his novel. Occasionally posts short fiction on Medium.
Philip—has a Tumblr, where he spam-reblogs posts about his latest fixation and provides multi-paragraph answers to any research question people send him, and a Reddit account which he uses for similar fixation-based research and the occasional AMA. Also has an Instagram, which is mainly candids of Shoutaro, and a Facebook on which he gleefully gets into arguments with anti-science people.
Hino Eiji—Instagram full of travel photographs, with short, affectionate captions about something he did at that location, as well as lots of selfies with people he’s met and pictures of meals he’s eaten, and the occasional picture of a bird of prey. The birds are the only thing that don’t get captions. Also has a Twitter, which is mainly links to his Instagram posts and retweets of Hina’s designs and the Cous Coussier account.
Kisaragi Gentaro—has an Instagram and a Twitter, both full of posts about his day-to-day life as a teacher and the occasional badly-taken selfie with a friend. Early adopter of both Vine and TikTok, on which he posted one video each (how to do the handshake) and which he mostly uses (used, in the case of Vine) to attempt to keep up with what his students are into.
Souma Haruto—Instagram account, which is 50% thirst traps, 15% photographs of doughnuts (always a new photo, but never any variation in the type of doughnut), 15% videos of him playing guitar, 10% videos of “magic tricks,” and 10% random photos of the city with occasional glimpses of his friends.
Kazuraba Kouta—doesn’t have social media anymore, for obvious reasons, but occasionally shows up as a ghost image in the background of photos posted by friends, generally because he was checking on them. This has led to a popular theory that Zawame is haunted.
Tomari Shinnosuke—is often referenced on Kiriko’s Facebook, but has no social media of his own.
Tenkuuji Takeru—has an Instagram that’s half and half photos of the temple and of his friends, and the occasional selfie, often captioned with inspirational quotes. Manages a Facebook for the temple.
Hojo Emu—has a Twitter, which is mostly retweets of a. gaming news and b. articles about medical breakthroughs. Intermittent V-Tuber, mostly fighting games; his avatar is basically Mighty. Parad occasionally makes an appearance on stream with a static avatar, and is wildly popular with Emu’s subscribers because he’s really good and also a gigantic troll.
Kiryuu Sento—gets in absolutely vicious Facebook arguments with science deniers, and follows them up with videos on his increasingly popular YouTube channel in which he provides rigorously sourced, point-by-point refutations of anti-science claims, fulminating with anger the entire time. He did a video about weight loss scams in which Banjou was hauled on-camera to be a shirtless, confused anatomical dummy and gained several thousand subscribers just from that.
Tokiwa Sougo—has accounts on pretty much every social media site, but doesn’t really use any of them except as a way of keeping track of school events, although he occasionally ventures into history sub-Reddits. He does post to TikTok, but it’s mostly just videos of Geiz’s judo competitions.
Hiden Aruto—has a Twitter, which mainly consists of badly-typed, mostly incomprehensible tweets and badly-shot videos of him telling jokes. When he takes over Hiden Intelligence, the quality of the videos improves, because Izu’s holding the phone now, but the jokes don’t get any better. He is not allowed near the official Hiden Intelligence social media accounts.
Kamiyama Touma—maintains Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram accounts for both himself (semi-professional, with some personal posts and a fair amount of book promotion) and Fantastic Bookstore. His personal Instagram is about 40% self-promotion and 60% photos and videos of and with his friends. He bears the thirst comments in good cheer.
Igarashi Ikki—is still kind of a cipher to me! But I bet he’s got an Instagram with sort of a “live, laugh, love” vibe, and also I suspect he might use Reddit.
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scarletnakazato · 7 months
Initial D Headcannons - Their Favourite Body Part
• All Initial D Characters x Reader • Word Count: 3,716. • Synopsis: In which small descriptions are made about the boys favourite part of Reader's, as well as Reader's favourite part of them.
• Keisuke: He loves your thighs and how soft and smooth they are. He loves trailing his hands up and down them, the feeling of the soft muscles is very satisfying to him. He will definitely use them as a pillow if you two are on the couch watching TV or sitting on his bed as he lies on his back, head on your thighs reading one of the many car magazines he's collected. If you're both out driving somewhere, he will frequently put his hand on your thigh as he drives, after he's finished shifting gears.
• (Y/N): You have a huge weakness for Keisuke's back. The muscles he's packing under his shirt make you w e a k. The way those muscles ripple like smooth waves when he rolls his shoulders or stretches is almost hypnotizing. Surprisingly, they're also very soft. His aren't tense and constantly solid like someone who's always working out would be. You like to give him massages from time to time, especially after one of his races when the tension gets to him and his muscles are tight. You simply use it as a clever excuse to help him get rid of said tension but really, you're pretty much doing just to feel up those perfectly toned and defined, god-like muscles of his.
• Ryosuke: Ryo is a man of class, so you can bet that he's gonna love your ass. Since he is a very professional person in all conditions, he won't hold your ass in public or even when you're both leaning against his car at a street race and it would be subtle. But when someone starts eyeing you up and tries flirting with you when you're not around Ryosuke, but in his general area where he can see you and this stranger, you can bet he's gonna get a bit possessive. As soon as you walk back to him and is in arm's length, he's got an arm wrapped around your waist and his hand is resting on the side of your ass. In more relaxed cases, when you both are chilling at his place watching a movie or sleeping together, he simply likes to rest a hand on top of it, maybe trace patterns lightly against it as well. He'll occasionally give it a light squeeze to which you normally just roll your eyes and giggle a bit.
• (Y/N): Ryosuke has some amazingly defined forearms that you can't help but stare at for hours. Watching him type on his laptop, you soon notice the small flexes his arms make when he moves them. Even better is when he's driving, and you get the pleasure of sitting in his FC as he does his rounds on Akagi. The sharp movements of turning the wheel and shifting gears gets those beautiful arms of his flexing full on. When his button up shirt sleeves are rolled up just past his elbows, you can bet that you're wetter than a freshmen college girl.
• Takumi: Takumi has a soft spot for your hands. He loves the way your smooth, small fingers fit perfectly with his when interlocked together with his slightly bigger ones. His hands are soft too, but slightly rougher due to the deliveries and work at the gas station. He adores how gentle you are when you run your fingers through his hair, and anywhere else on him. He finds them very relaxing and comforting; like a safe spot to run to when you have nowhere else to go, and you know you'll be safe there.
• (Y/N): You adore his face. The entirety of it is simply perfect in your eyes. From his smooth eyebrows, sleepy doe eyes, button nose, to those small, soft lips of his. He was God's best creation. (And we all know Bunta is God.) You ended up getting a habit of spacing out like Takumi, but to stare at his face instead of thinking of nothing. Anytime the two of you are alone, you enjoy trailing your fingers along his features and trace the outlines. He always has a blush on his adorable cheeks when you do it, but certainly never complains.
• Takeshi: Takeshi is a man of culture and loves all of you as a whole. But if he had to pick one thing he loves the most about your body, it would have to be your thighs. They're just so soft. Your hips would be a very close second for him, since he always has a hand resting on one and when laying down his arms are wrapped around them. What gets him giddy the most is when he lays on his stomach between your legs, his face half buried in one of your thighs with arms wrapped securely around your lower hips. You can guarantee that this man is the happiest in the world during this moment.
• (Y/N): Takeshi likes to wear those long, loose collared shirts that goes down past his hips and hides his upper figure besides his arms. He's got some sexy defined arms, sure, but it's what he's got under his shirt that's truly heavenly. In the rare moments you're alone with him and he takes his shirt off, you're basically drooling in milliseconds. This man has a godly set of abs and a sinfully delicious v-line. You would shamelessly feel up his stomach and trace the V along his hips until your finger reached the waistband of his pants. This act normally resulted in the two of you doing some delectably sinful things in bed for quite a few hours.
• Shingo: This man is a hips kind of guy. With your hips, he gets a thigh and ass combo out of it. You can be sure that Shingo will touch all three of them as much as he can. Otherwise he "just might die" if you don't let him. He's a very proud guy and loves to show off, that includes you. At a street race, he'll hold your thigh if you are sitting on the hood of his car. If you're both leaning on the side, he's holding your hip, and if you're both standing completely, yep, your ass. You've given up at telling him not to do it so much in front of people, but he always retorts back with, "Just showing them all that you're mine, babe" and his signature cocky smirk.
• (Y/N): You got a sweet spot for his arms. He's got some finely toned and defined forearms, and his biceps are hella packed with muscle. You love seeing him cross his arms, watching them flex as he does so and staying tight once settled in their position. Just imagining the feeling of them being wrapped around you tightly and feeling the small ripple of the muscles moving on your skin is enough to make you weak in the knees. He knows the effect it has on you and give you a smirk that moves his nose a cute way. There's something about his nose that you like, you can't just put your finger on what it is.
• Itsuki: This innocent boy absolutely adores your mouth; more specifically, your smile. Every time you smile, and your cheeks lift up a bit, his entire world brightens up. The little crease under your eyes and on the bridge of your nose, makes him want to drop to his knees and praise God for your existence. When your bright white teeth make their appearance from behind your soft lips, he wonders how he ever landed such an angel like you.
• (Y/N): You love Itsuki's hands. He's naturally a very sweet and gentle guy so you'd obviously know his hands would be just as gentle with you. His hands were fairly soft, often moisturized as well. The work at the gas station has roughened his palms up a little bit, but you liked the feeling of both textures.
• Iketani: Koichiro is obsessed with your hair. The way your silky soft locks flow in the breeze and reflect the light of the sun make this man s i m p for you. If you have long hair, he loves running his fingers through it and even brushes it from time to time just see to see the smooth waves of silk. When you have your hair pinned up with clips and pins, he always asks to take them out when the day is over, and you no longer need them in. He loves undoing any braids you have just to feel the softness of the hair that was tangled together in such a beautiful way. If you have short hair or are sporting a tomboy look, where you barely need to brush it at all or have no need for clips and pins, he loves the way it fits your facial structure and compliments it at the same time. You and him will play with hair gel and put the short strands in wacky places to stand up funny.
• (Y/N): You love how Iketani's hands are calloused and well worked. With how much he works on his car, they roughened up quite a bit. His arms are also a great thing to feel. He's very in shape and his arms have great proof of that. You like to stop by at the gas station occasionally to watch him work on his car a bit and when he replaces his S13's tires, your eyes gleam at being able to see his arms lift up the wheels, his rough hands holding onto them as he puts it back on the car.
• Kenji: Kenji is a sucker for your waist. He loves how the curves of it accent your body's figure. This man will hold onto your waist with both arms forever if he could. But most of time he has to settle for just one arm going around the side. He like to give it small squeezes from time to time just to feel the softness of your side muscles and move his hand up and down repeating the process.
• (Y/N): Kenji's hair is definitely your favourite. The style of how its cut and his side bangs fit him oh so perfectly. It super soft, too! You have a habit of purposely messing his hair up and having the strands stick out in every direction. He cheeks turn pink when you do it and tells you to stop, but you both know he loves it. (It's why he doesn't fight it. He knows his fate.) With his messy hair and blushing cheeks, he is so much cuter!
• Kenta: This boy loves your arms. Especially when they're wrapped around him. You give great hugs and the feeling of your arms is always very stress-relieving and calming to him. He likes to run his hands up and down them slowly as he hugs you from behind, his nose buried in your hair, taking in the nice scent. If you're both laying together, he will happily be the little spoon if it means he gets to feel your arms wrapped tightly around him.
• (Y/N): Kenta loves getting his tans, but sometimes if he's in the sun too long, he gets tan lines where his clothes covered his skin. And boy, do you love those tan lines on his shoulders when he wears tank tops. His shoulders and top part of his chest are dark, as well as part of his collarbones and upper back, but the light shades of skin that replicate the straps of his tank top compared to his darker tone, is hot as hell to you.
• Kyoichi: This man, is an ass man. He will 100% hold your ass square on at all times. You can bet said ass that he's gonna have a firm grip on it at races. You're a gorgeous lady and a lot of people notice you. Kyoichi would be damned if some other guy sparked your interest and you left him for them. So, to prevent that, he shows the people who you belong to. You like to steal his jackets and wear them almost everywhere as well, making him happier, but he doesn't outwardly show that. It gives him reassurance that you want to be as close to him as possible and no one else. But that isn't stopping Emperor Kyoichi from holding his woman's ass like the proud man he is.
• (Y/N): Kyoichi has some hella good muscles. Your particular favourite would have to be his thighs. When the two of you get going with your sinful delights and he slips his thigh in between yours, the strong muscles rubbing and flexing against yours as he leans on it gets you h o t. When his arms work their magic as well, holding you firmly and keeping you still, the definition and sharpness of them just intensifies that heat your already feeling.
• Rin: The oldest Hojo brother loves the curve of your hips up to your waist. The feeling of your soft skin gracing his hands as he trails them over your sides, gently and smoothly. He likes to leave soft kisses on the side of your hips and waist while having a secure hold on your other side. With all the hardships in his life and the pain he's dealt with for many years, your presence alone had brought a new light of life to him. He started to see the beauty in things again and that's thanks to you.
• (Y/N): Rin has some lovely hands. They are thin and long, a bit calloused, probably from holding the steering wheel of his GT-R roughly often and when he works on it. When the two of lay in bed together you like to hold both of his hands in yours and trace them and small shapes on his palms. He always wears a small smile as he watches you take great interest in his hands. When you notice he's watching you, you ruffle up his long soft locks a bit to which he groans in slight protest but lets you do it anyway. He's a huge softie whether he's gonna admit it or not.
• Go: The younger Hojo bro hands down, is a tits man. He just loves your boobs beyond all rational reason. When alone, he will lay his head on your upper chest just under your chin and shamelessly stare straight at your cleavage. He likes to massage them a bit because it "keeps them in a perfect state" according to him, seeming to believe that if boobs are massaged routinely, they will be in peak condition. "I don't think that's how it works" you'd tell him, but he'd simply shrug and continue doing his thing. This man has no shame.
• (Y/N): There are a few things you dearly love about Go, consisting greatly of his broad shoulders and silky hair in that sexy style he always wears it in. You even have a little spot for that small mole just above his lip. Something about it fits him so well and makes him just a bit sexier. You can't deny though, the feeling of his strong shoulders gets you giddy every time you touch them. When he carries you on his back you love to rest your head on one of those godly shoulders and thrive in the salvation that they give you.
• Wataru: Wataru loves your distinct facial features more than anything. Everything about your face is unique even if the differences are small to barely noticeable. He loves your cheekbones and the smooth arch of the bridge of your nose. His smooth, slim fingers trailing ever so softly along your face and leaving light, loving kisses on your soft lips, nose, cheeks, and jaw. If this boy can kiss you everywhere, he will.
• (Y/N): Your favourite part on Wataru is his eyes. The shape of them are slim and sharp, making them stand out the most. He looks even hotter when he's pissed. His eyes narrowing down, and the ends of his eyebrows become pointed, hot damn. If he was still mad about whatever pissed him off earlier, you can bet there's a good chance you're in for some rough sex.
• Nobuhiko: This genius has a love for your back. He adores the curves it holds and the dip that follows your spine. Your shoulder blades are smooth and relaxed, your lower back is curvy and perfection in his eyes. When he's stressed or worked up about something, he has a habit of resting his head on the middle of your back, arms wrapped around your waist. Part of his chest may also be on top of you, but the little bit of his weight is quite comforting.
• (Y/N): His neck is one hell of a sweet spot for you. His Adam's apple only makes you weaker. The way it moves up and down when he swallows or talks with that rich voice of his, is a glorious thing. The muscles on the side of his neck are a bit noticeable and a line on each side makes a long V down to his clavicle. It's gorgeous and you love leaving kisses and light bite marks on it. On a nonphysical part of him, his glasses are another weak spot. His hair only pairs together with the slightly nerdy look he's sporting, and it fits him amazingly. He knows you love it and when he reads, he'll slide his glasses down slowly over time without you noticing until they're resting on the tip of his nose. When you realize where they're at and how you can see his eyes not covered by glasses, you can't help but blush and wear a cheesy smile. He's so cute with and without them!
• Mako: Mako is a wholesome girl, hands down. She definitely loves your face and how every part of it makes you, you. Every curve and sharp definition of your jaw, to the shape and colour of your eyes is astounding in her eyes. The way your hair style compliments your facial structure and other features blending right in is another soft spot to her. You can bet she'll trace the outlines of your face and run her fingers through or along your hair when you're both alone.
• (Y/N): To you, Mako has some gorgeous hair. Those long reddish-brown locks that softly sway in the breeze is mesmerizing. She could put her hair in any style, and it will always look beautiful. Her bangs somehow make her both look cuter and hotter at the same time. She would easily fall asleep if you run your fingers through her hair long enough, as well. (Which probably won't take long at all.)
• Sayuki: Sayuki is a lady who knows what she likes and she sure as hell has a thing for your stomach. The way your muscles define its shape and give off a small ripple of movement when they tense up, gets her all heated up. If you're packing some abs, you can guarantee she will feel you up as much as possible. She'll always give compliments about how perfect they are and how the shape of you is so damn perfect.
• (Y/N): Let's be real, Sayuki is packing a rack. As soon as you took interest in her, you became a tits kind of person. She's a very confident lady who loves to show off her body shape. When she wears tank tops or dresses that show off a lot a bit of her cleavage, you're most likely staring with no shame. (You're just like Go, honestly.) She'll most likely roll her eyes, put on a smirk and say something along the lines of, "See something you like?" If you're alone together you'd most likely say something like, "Hell yeah I do." If it's in a public setting with a lot of people around and someone notices, your answer might be a bit more shy -if you get a bit embarrassed in public-, which might come out as, "uhh, well, m-maybe? .... Y-yeah."
• Mika: Mika loves your forearms. Since she plays golf a lot it requires a lot of arm usage, thus you can be sure that she'd take notice in yours. She'd always hook her arm around yours when you both are walking together or sitting close. If you two are watching TV on the couch, she'll lean into you and gently hold your arm as she cuddles up with you. She'll give them small massages and rub them up and down unconsciously as well, loving the feel of those muscles.
• (Y/N): Again, since Mika is a golf player, it not only requires a lot of arm work, but upper body as well. She's got some lovely curves, and slightly defined places along her upper body from the time she's spent on practicing her postures. Going to the beach with her is definitely a treat since those gorgeous curves will be showing the whole time and reflecting water droplets which never fails to get you staring.
• Kaori: Kaori is a wholesome girl so she's going to love every part of you, and it would have to be your personality. It's not a physical part of you, but she deserves an exception. She loves hearing everything you talk about passionately and what your dreams of the future are. She's very supportive and encouraging to urge you further to achieve those dreams. She loves every aspect of you and even if you have differences and things you don't have in common with each other, she'll be there for you every step of the way.
• (Y/N): This beautiful lady has some gorgeous curly hair. It's silky smooth and very shiny. Anytime she would stand out in the sun, you'd think she's a goddess with how it shines and fits her entire being so... perfectly. It frames her face in just the right way, compliments her skin tone, and the bit of makeup that she wears, beautifully. Running your fingers through it feels like an ocean of silk.
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Headcanon: Takumi With a Depressed S/O Would Be Like...
Request: Hi! So, I’m actually not sure if one shot requests are open(I’m on mobile) but if they are am I allowed to request a Takumi x a depressed s/o who tries to hide being depressed? I’m really sorry if it isn’t aloud, but I love your work anyways!
Requested by Anonymous
Word Count: 315
Warnings: Talking about depression (nothing severe or graphic)
A.N.- This is mostly based off of my own experiences and what helps me most like knowing that I’m not alone. I know that everyone’s experiences are not the same but I decided to use my own experiences rather than try and take a stance that I haven’t experienced myself.
Tumblr media
When Takumi found out you were depressed, he would be upset with himself for not seeing the signs.
He wouldn't want you to hide anything from him. He would like to know everything, especially if you are having a bad day.
Takumi would take it upon himself to research depression. He would want to learn more to find a way to best help you through your episodes.
Takumi would ask you if he could tell his siblings about your depression. He knows you do your best to keep it a secret, but he is concerned about your well-being and wants you to know that many people care about you.
Takumi knows that he might not always be there for you as a prince, and that thought terrifies him. He is scared that there will be a time when you need him, and he can't be there.
Takumi would be cautious if he checked in with you while you were around other people. Since you hide your depression, he leaves it up to you who you want to tell and who you don't.
Takumi would be glad if you came to him on a bad day. He would be upset that you aren't feeling the best, but he would be grateful that you trust him.
Takumi would take a mental note of your actions and speech patterns so he can start to know when you have an episode to help.
Takumi would also take note of things he does that help you. He remembers what works for you and what doesn't, so he can be better at helping you next time.
Takumi wants to help you with your depression as much as he can. He knows that he can't fix everything himself, but he always wants you to know that he cares about you and he is always there to support you whenever you need him.
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i-know-geography · 6 months
Yandere Takumi Shinada/Black Pepper headcanons
Tw:Yandere,stalking,extreme protection and kidnapping(on the scenario)
Tumblr media
(Reader is a precure member and also Takumi and Yui Childhood friend)
He's been having a crush on you since you both were children.
He tries to ask you on dates,but you're very genuine and doesn't get that he loves you.
Things were just normal until Rosemary shows up.
Now,everytime he tries to ask you out,you refuse because you "need to go and help Mari with something".
He got supicious when he noticed that Yui also needed to "help".
He starts to stalk you,so he can know the reason why you always have to run away when he asks you out.
He's not jealous,of course,he understands very well that jealousy is stupid.
He's just worried.
When he saw you as a Precure,fighting against those monsters...he thought Rosemary was the reason.
Why you and Yui were hiding this? Why Rosemary "forced" you into this?
There's no way he can trust Rosemary after this.
Even after he saw that you were fighting because you wanted to,he thought it was all fake,it was Rosemary who forced you and Yui to fight.
He felt that he must protect you,and he will.
Tumblr media
He finally use his father delicious stone and introduce himself as black pepper.
He will use the stone to protect you and the others,but principally you.
He still doesn't trust Rosemary,even if he tries to support him.
If any ubauzo hurt you in the battle,he gets mad,and just tries to destroy that monster himself.
Of course it goes wrong and the girls have to save him.
The stalking goes harder.
He NEED to keep you safe in and out of the battles.
Principally because when you're not fighting,you're with Yui,that other girls and Rosemary.
He's not a bad yandere after all,he's just extremely protective with you.
Scenario because why not?
You felt on your knees while you saw that misterious man,black pepper,approach you,after you defeat a Ubauzo.
—Are you okay,Cure [insert cure name]?!—He asked,it seems like he was worried.
—I-im okay,just a bit exhausted.—You anwsered,you didn't knew why he was always worried with you,you don't even know him.—Hey,can i ask you some-
—[CURE NAME]! Oh my god,are you okay?!—Rosemary asked you,Precious,Spicy and Yum-Yum were behind him.
—Yeah,i'm fine,i'm strong,after all.—You smiled to him.
—Ah! Thank god,now lets g- —He held out his hand to you,but black pepper slapped it away.
—Don't touch them!—He gave Rosemary a menacing look while hugged you.—I'm not letting you force them into anything again!
—You forced them into this,don't you? You forced [Your name] and Yui into fighting with ubauzos!—In that moment of anger,he forgot to hide that he knows your secret identity.
—H-how do you know my name?—You asked,getting away from his grasp.
—I'm warning you,Rosemary,if they end up getting into more dangerous situations because of you,i won't be friendly anymore.—He grabbed you hand and took you with him when he teleports himself back to the normal world,infront of...Takumi's family guest house? But why would he be here?
He took the delicious stone out of his hat,revealing himself to you,it was Takumi.
—T-Takumi? You were Black pepper all this time?
He noded his head
—Hey,[Your name]. Why you were hiding what you were doing from me? You should've warned me before.—He looked a lot worried,even though his face was blunt as always.—If you've told me,i could have interfered earlier.
—I couldn't! Mari told me to keep it as a secret,because if someone knew about this,could be dangerous!—You anwsered his question,kind of scared of your friend,after the previous events,the way he threatned Rosemary,it was very serious.—Why you threatned Mari? He's such a good person.
—But you got involved in all of this because of him! What if you get hurt? Or die? I just couldn't live without you.—He held your shoulders,trying to calm himself.—That's why i won't allow you to fight anymore.
—Don't get the wrong ideia,it's for your safety.—He held your hand.—You'll be living in my room from now on,i'll tell your parents that you ran away,and tell the others that you're sick,so you can't go and see them.
—Takumi,that's sick!—You let go of his hand and slowly backed away.
—But that's the only way to keep you away from fighting,so...i don't actually care if it's sick or not.—For the first time on your life,Takumi's honesty hurted you.
That was not the calm and cool Takumi you've met.
It was a completely diferent boy,who loves you a real lot.
(Okay,this one was very large,hope i didn't got out of character)
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brxtalsimulation · 10 months
my muses re: armored bear stuffies
Tumblr media
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sendaidivision · 6 months
Happy Pride Month!
I saw many OC's posting their orientations, so I felt it was only right if I did the same. I tried to establish and explain their orientations as best as I could. My apologies if I unintentionally offend someone.
--- Ryūzō
Tumblr media
As a former assassin, Ryūzō learned about sex early on in his life, though it obviously held no real meaning to him. He's never felt anything for his own gender, but has felt feelings for women. However, though he does understand the liking for sex, truthfully it has no real affect on him. Not saying he doesn't get urges from time-to-time or doesn't like it. But whenever he thinks about sex, he typically meditates until the feelings go away.
His feels on love are generally the same. Years of blood and death have made him emotionally hollow inside. Not saying he is completely emotionless, but he doesn't know if he is capable of loving someone or being loved. He does like to imagine life as a husband sometimes, though.
--- Takumi
Tumblr media
Like Ryūzō, Takumi knew from an early age that he preferred women over men. Raised in a predominately male family with a noble heritage, he had many suitors up until the day he was cast from from his family. Despite that, he still only harbors feelings for females.
He is well-known around Sendai for being a shameless flirt, though many women find his rugged looks to be very attractive. He's taken many females home with him after an hour of drinking and flirting. However, that was before he met his fellow co-worker, Kotono, whom he desperately wants to be with. To that end, he is trying to change himself, though he doesn't seem to be putting much effort into it...
--- Kotono
Tumblr media
Kotono can't exactly recall when she found women attractive. Her first time kissing a member of the same sex was in college during a game of 'Truth & Dare' (Kotono was quite drunk). After that, she struggled internally with her feelings, but overtime, got over them, believing that one can't help who they find attractive, whether they are of the same gender or not.
On matters of sex, Kotono has had intercourse many times. Though she finds the act pleasurable, as of now, she hasn't experienced any sexual attraction to anyone. She was, at first, worried she might be asexual, but she still felt something for certain people, i.e. Ryūzō. She hopes that spending more time with her fellow teacher can help her to better understand her feelings towards him and herself.
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blasthis · 2 months
Tumblr media
Request: fluff for takumi or ren plz im begging😭🙏🏼
C|TW: None
Tumblr media
You have a ton of mugs and shirts from different cities he’s visited on tour. They take up most of the space in your cupboard but at least you’re not running out of cups any time soon. Besides that he picks up a small gift to surprise you with when he gets home.
For the places overseas Ren buys snacks that aren’t found in Japan so you could try them together. He’ll also find popular luxury brands and buy you some outfits, a bag, or some jewelry once he finishes his photo shoots.
Ren had you make a custom bear for him to carry around in his bag while he’s away from home. He thinks it’s sweet and that it’ll bring him good luck. Takumi gives him hell for it because it looks ridiculous and he’s “too old” for stuffed animals. Meanwhile, Naoki and Reira fawn over it because it’s romantic and gives them hope.
Tumblr media
Never forgets your favorite shops. He knows where to go when you’re craving something sweet or need a comfort meal. Even when you’re interested in trying a new place Takumi knows which restaurant to choose. Same goes for your favorite tv shows and games, he’ll be sure to surprise you with some merch every now and then.
The way Takumi takes calls or leaves for business at any moment without warning leaves you feeling lonely or insignificant at times. That’s why he started scheduling off days rather than expecting you to console yourself. Instead of leaving you in the dark, he marks up a calendar so you can at least know when he’s going to be gone for a while. It also helps with planning dates and surprises.
It never feels like Takumi is listening to you but he catches everything. The mentions of the broken faucet, missing jewelry, promotions, family events, etc. By the end of the day, he’d have taken care of each situation so you don’t have to worry about it. Takumi may not respond to each sentence but that doesn’t mean he’s ignoring you, he’s just quiet sometimes.
Tumblr media
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mirakeul · 2 years
Tumblr media
HC: You’re lucky I can cook, my dear s/o
notes: kasjdha hi thank you for requesting for food wars!!! :DD also, the names are kinda weird because some has their first names first and some, their last names first. idk it looks weird if i word it different :D also, i included the history from when you two met,,, idk why but ig it’s fine HAHA
warnings: none
taglist:  @hikari-writes​ @kuyog​ @masako55 @kac-chowsballs​
join my general taglist here! if you can’t be tagged, please check your settings/username, thank you!
Tumblr media
Erina Nakiri
you probably met her at the moon banquet festival, to which you were invited to by your childhood friend, yukihira. when she first laid her eyes on you, she never thought you would know yukihira souma. she didn’t think you would associate yourself with such a guy (we all know erina is a tsun HAHA) but yeah, she locked eyes with you and before she knew it, her head turned so fast to avoid your eyes and went on.
she thought your eyes were enchanting <33 and later on, when yukihira went to the booth erina runs with you by his side, she almost burned something and that’s BIG considering she’s a great cook. then she learned that the reason you were such close friends with yukihira was because you’ve always wanted to cook but end up burning food and then, yukihira will just cook for you :DD
erina, after a past few days, maybe weeks, realized how she wanted to be the one cooking for you so she asked hisako to get your number from yukihira. hisako, although confused, did so. that was just the start and now you’re dating! everyone was practically surprised when you visited totsuki and went to erina and not yukihira. whenever you two date or visit each other, she will always bring you something she cooked especially when you visit and she knows you haven’t eaten yet... 10/10 gf, she is the “God’s Tongue” <33
Takumi Aldini
please, okay, i feel like you would have met in italy,,,, and went with him and isami to japan, you to a school known for being the best for scientists and intelligent people alike, and them to totsuki, known for having the greatest chefs graduate there. you’re kinda their best friend, you know and it’s the classic best friends to lovers trope
the others wouldn’t guess that takumi has an s/o because he doesn’t seem like the type, with constantly battling souma, and of course, being a team with his brother. so, when he got a call from you and he responded with “babe,” and a smile on his face, his friends knew they have to meet you!!
luckily, they got to meet you at the moon banquet festival. you were breathtaking, and when they watched how takumi’s eyes lit up when he saw you, they know he’s a goner sksksks n e ways, they were happy for their friend, casually asking you two how you’ve met and when you said you were from italy as well, they’ve all thought of the same question, why you didn’t go to totsuki,,,, you bashfully told them you couldn’t cook :DDD n e ways,, takumi is happy his “friends” know you, now he can brag to yukihira that he has an s/o, take that yukihira souma!
Isami Aldini
okay, i feel like you would have met at the training camp. you know, that day where they were supposed to cook for the resort’s patrons? that one. your family actually is a good friend of dojima gin so you frequented the resort a lot. and when he told you guys about the yearly training camp, of course, you had to go.
you separated from your parents who allowed you to roam the halls of hall b, excited to try the dishes made by the totsuki students that you know are some of the best chefs (i mean, they did pass the entrance exam, so,,,) your eyes locked with a guy who smiles at the children who gathered around him to try his dish. you thought he was cute so his booth was the first one you approached. from there, you instantly fell in love with his cooking and showered him with praises as he got flustered from it. noticing how he needs to get done, you wrote your number on a piece of paper, handing it to him, and said goodbye.
after the training camp, he texted you, although hesitantly, and you immediately asked if you could meet over coffee. you two would click instantly, sharing some passions except for cooking. he laughed at you when you told him you burnt an egg one time while you jokingly pouted at him for teasing you. he likes cooking for you because he sees how you really liked the dish, and he loves it when you visit totsuki, seeing as you aren’t from there, because he likes trying things with you.
Tsukasa Eishi
he probably knew you through rindou,, who brought you to the moon banquet festival and made you go with her as she tried every booth there, and of course, she went to tsukasa’s as well. like his usual attitude, he would fret over whether you’re feeling okay because rindou introduced you as someone important and tries to shy away from you.
he knew he wanted to date you when you didn’t mind his nervousness and strike up a conversation with him like you’re two long lost friends. he noticed how he doesn’t fret that much in front of you for the next few days of the festival, and asks why you’re not in totsuki. you couldn’t cook? no problem, he already figured in his mind that he wants to cook for you
when you became his s/o, expect homecooked meals delivered to your home <33 your parents are just as confused as you when a lot of people were at your house, telling you that you have a delivery and then a lot of food were placed on your table. i feel like eishi would try and lighten up in front of you but you always know he’s stressed so you ask him to explain some dishes to you just to let his mind wander over somewhere else.
Isshiki Satoshi
he probably met you at the polar star dormitory when you visited your aunt, fumio-san, and it was very awkward. he opened the door, thinking it was one of the first years, but then was met by you who subtly tried to not look down but failed. he laughed, apologized, and told you where fumio is. he liked seeing you all nervous and that especially when fumio said that you should visit more.
and you did!!! and isshiki looks forward every time until he got the courage to actually ask you out. he learned that you don’t really cook, in fear of burning things or setting them on fire, and he promised to cook for you one of these days and he did, clad in nothing but his apron. it took some time to get used to him just wearing a piece of clothing barely there to cover his junk
as his s/o, you were subjected to physical touch with just a thin piece of clothing separating you and him,,,, it did make you feel weird at first and he respected that but when you got into almost a year, you were more than comfortable to him just being in his boxers or morning clothes from gardening as he sidles up to you for a hug. fun fact: he tried to teach you to cook but you almost burned the polar star dormitory so you were now banned in the kitchen, ouch
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NANA Characters in Quarantine
I was inspired to write this since I had to go under quarantine earlier this month due to coming in close contact with a co-worker who tested positive for COVID. I returned to work this week and I’m doing just fine! If you wish for me to do this with one of the fandoms on my list, then feel free to request it!
~~Nana Osaki~~
Tumblr media
Does NOT handle quarantine well at first. Being unable to sing makes her jittery and cranky! Will literally rant and rave to anyone who listens and she’ll do that for hours!
But once she gets all of the frustration out of her system, Nana will come up with ways to make the best of the lockdown. Surprise, surprise, they’re mostly music based!
Will use this opportunity to come up with new material and has video calls every night with the band to discuss it. They’re not gonna sit around and be lazy when they could be getting creative as far as she’s concerned!
If she’s with her S/O or Ren during the quarantine, then it’ll make things much better for Nana since she’ll have someone always around to talk to and just share company with! Cuddles! Lots of cuddles! Just don’t tell anyone though.
If Nana is alone during lockdown, then her anxiety will definitely spike and she’ll have panic attacks more often. When that happens, she’ll usually call or text someone while using the paper bag method to keep herself calm.
~~Nana Komatsu~~
Tumblr media
Is pretty bummed about the lockdown but doesn’t want to complain and prefers to make the best of it instead. Will definitely be talking Nana down and off the ledge when she gets too annoyed.
Decides to make BLAST and Trapnest masks to sell online which become extremely popular much to her delight. Yes the bands approve and yes Hachi is making masks for them!
Is the most likely to gain weight during lockdown. Will look up recipes online and try them out which is the cause of said weight gain. Hachi loves food after all!
You can definitely expect to see Hachi on social media a lot and it’ll be her main way of keeping in contact with her friends and family. Livestreaming and making cooking videos will definitely keep Hachi occupied alongside her mask business!
If Hachi is with her S/O, she’ll definitely be doing many things with them and trying to make them a part of her videos which will be very cute and adorable! Awwwww!
~~Nobu Terashima~~
Tumblr media
Takes the lockdown quite well. He’s pretty introverted so being alone and isolated for a while doesn’t affect him as much as others.  
Uses the free time to write songs and new material just like Nana and they call every day with new pieces and ideas.
Spends a lot of time on social media and donates to a lot of humanitarian causes, persuading fans of BLAST to do the same which always succeeds.
Will gladly fight anyone who thinks the pandemic is a hoax, is an anti-masker, or just don’t wanna obey guidelines. You’re not gonna get other people sick on Nobu’s watch!
Likes to livestream and play music for his fans whether it be covers or original material. Hachi is one of his mods and his biggest supporter.
~~Shinichi Okazaki~~
Tumblr media
The lockdown affects his living as a gigolo (if he still does it by then) so you’re damn right Shin doesn’t like it! He hates being restricted and you can expect long-winded debates between him and Nobu on how the pandemic should be handled.
If Shin has an S/O and is with them during lockdown, they can expect a lot of sex and overall intimacy! No one is surprised if Shin ends up getting said S/O pregnant. If he’s gonna be cooped up in the house for a while, then he could at least get some action out of it!
Is lazy AF during lockdown and isn’t interested in music or social media. In fact, don’t expect to hear from Shin during quarantine at all. Everyone has to initiate contact with him first and yes it pisses them off.
The only way to get Shin to do something productive is if his S/O threatens to cut him off sexually and goes through with it. He’ll do anything to get some WAP! Speaking of which, expect to see Shin dancing to music and expect to hear it playing a lot.
The only social media posts Shin will be making is photos of him and his S/O as well as getting on Nobu’s nerves. Shin gets tons of followers because of his looks but his heart is for his S/O only and he proudly displays that!
~~Yasu Takagi~~
Tumblr media
Anticipated the lockdown and went shopping beforehand. He’s always prepared.
With an S/O, Yasu will use this opportunity to get closer to them and have deep conversations that can last for hours. Also lots of cuddles and affection! Yasu’s S/O will definitely be spoiled!
Yasu will be working from home so expect to see him on his laptop a lot. He will be doing video calls frequently with BLAST and upper management at Gaia as well as his law firm if he’s still a lawyer.
Likes to binge-watch YouTube videos and browse on Reddit. He likes to interact with his favorite YouTubers and give advice on Reddit like the kind person he is. Yasu will also donate to humanitarian causes like Nobu does.
Acts as the peacemaker during arguments between Nobu and Shin. Will also calm Nana down if her anxiety flares up. Got any problems? Call Yasu! He’s always available!
~~Ren Honjo~~
Tumblr media
Gives no shits about the lockdown and is zen AF. He has to stay inside for a while? Ok!
Is mostly gonna spend the days in bed with his S/O (if they’re with him) and just wants to be close to them. Sleeping is Ren’s best friend!
If Ren is still using drugs, then he’s gonna be unbearable to be around since this means he’ll have to go through withdrawal and will have no way to get the drugs.
Will be unreachable during lockdown if he’s with his S/O. They come first as far as he’s concerned and he wants to make up for lost time with them as much as possible.
Will play music just to brush up on his guitar skills. May join Nobu on one of his livestreams every now and then and play with him as well as chat with fans.
~~Reira Serizawa~~
Tumblr media
Has the same reaction as Nana when it comes to the lockdown and has bitching sessions with her about it too. Everyone is annoyed (except Shin) and if anyone tries to interrupt, they get bombarded by Reira and Nana to the point of not being able to get a word in.
Is bored AF and literally doesn’t know what to do with her time. Calls everyone and annoys the hell out of them to the point where they block her number. Reira just wants some company! 🙁
Spends the most time on social media out of everyone and mostly sings songs for her fans. Yes she takes requests and yes she gets a lot of them. Joins Nobu on his livestream whenever Ren is present and provides the vocals for their music. It instantly goes viral as one would expect.
If Reira has an S/O, they can definitely expect her to be clingy and trying to always have their attention. If they’re working from home and have to do video chats, Reira will definitely be in the background and will bring you things if you ask. She may or may not be appropriately dressed.
Loves to listen to other musicians on Spotify and will shout them out and uplift them. If anyone sings a cover of one of Trapnest’s songs, Reira will cry with joy and happiness!
~~Takumi Ichinose~~
Tumblr media
Takes the lockdown in stride surprisingly enough. He doesn’t want to risk getting sick nor does he want his bandmates getting sick.
Decides to relax more instead of working which shocks most people. If Takumi has an S/O, he’ll want them to stay with him but if they can’t, he’ll settle for calls and texts.  
Sex, sex, and more sex! His S/O will definitely be worn out unless they have a high sex drive and if they get pregnant, Takumi will be happy and expects it to happen unless you use birth control.
Likes to try new challenges and will have a YouTube channel dedicated to that. Such content includes eating a Carolina Reaper pepper, drinking very strong cocktails, and gaming-related challenges. Yes Takumi is a gamer and his rage is legendary.
Does weekly video calls with the band to make sure they’re taking care of themselves and staying safe. No one’s getting sick on his watch!
~~Naoki Fujieda~~
Tumblr media
Hates the restrictions and whines about being stuck in the house all day, everyday. He wants to have fun damn it!
Will do anything and everything to keep himself busy and if he has an S/O with him, they’ll be dragged into it too! Naoki doesn’t want you to be bored!
Will do challenges with Takumi and plays video games a lot whether it’s by himself, with his S/O, or with Takumi. His livestreams are a riot and there’s plenty of laughter to be had, especially if Takumi is present.
Likes to upload skits and rants that become quite popular due to how funny and true they are. Also gives advice to people which actually works and makes their lives better.
Always makes sure his appearance is on point and likes to promotes fashion brands, ideas, and trends. Naoki loves beautiful things so expect to see a lot of pics of just that!
~~Junko and Kyosuke~~
Tumblr media
Kyosuke takes the lockdown in stride while Junko panics. Junko ends up furloughed (she’s a salesperson) so she worries about finances.
Kyosuke comes up the idea of doing art commissions for money and it becomes a huge success. Junko decides to join in and also makes and sells masks with Hachi.
Their sex life becomes much more active during lockdown and it’s quite noticeable with how relaxed Junko is. Teasing them about this will just make Junko act like a tsundere and Kyosuke act smug.
They network with other artists worldwide and become quite involved, especially in the black community.
Kyosuke watches various livestreams while Junko sticks to services like Netflix and Hulu. Kyosuke is a mod for Hachi’s livestreams and Junko catches up on her favorite shows while live-tweeting with fellow fans of said shows and having discussions.
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