animatewarriorcats · a month ago
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Sunstrike! She was a dark forest trainee, a warrior already by the fourth apprentice. She admires the dark forest cats, but is shocked to find out their plan against the clans, and feels stupid for not figuring it out. She is seen fighting exclusively dark forest cats in the Great battle, and is listed among the slain. Ivypool is shocked when she finds her in the dark forest, because she seemed so nice.
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cloudtail · 10 months ago
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mud-castle · 6 months ago
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Ah character regression development. We love to see it.
It's not particularly important who is talking, but yellow bubble is Breezepelt, pink bubble is Sunstrike, and orange bubble is Antpelt.
Angry cat in the first panels is Ashfoot and the kit is Onekit/star for anyone new here.
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who-shit-myself · 8 months ago
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idk anything about sunstrike #girl
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marmosetpaw · 10 months ago
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barleypaw · 8 months ago
Favorite bg nobody - Sunstrike?
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i am back!!! have a sunstrike
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primrose-paw · 7 months ago
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88- Sunstrike
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frondscratch · 8 months ago
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mega shoutout to @cat-soap-opera for reminding me of cloudsnaps existence 🙏 bless
ik cloud and crouchfoot are a semi popular background character ship but i present you with cloudsnap and sunstrike: two lesbians who were promptly dropped and forgotten by the erins after OotS
ik it was retconned in dovewing’s silence that they werent a df trainee but i Do Not Care. cloud was mentored by mapleshade in the background and inherited her girlbossery
also wtf mistystar? u fr gonna name cloudsnap after one of the most traumatic events of their life? foul for that.
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perchpawz · 8 months ago
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some more cloudsnap ships ive seen floating around i think are cute!
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warriorswarriors · 2 months ago
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theanoninyourinbox · 9 months ago
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Hooooooooo I’m finally finished ahaaaa my wrist! AND WHY ARE THERE SO MANY BROWN CATS IN THE DARK FOREST?!?!???
Complaining over! For the final (for now) theme song picture, we have Snowtuft and the Dark Forest Trainees, to On The Devil’s Back by Katzenjammer! A good jam you should listen to once, very fairytale rock.
Anyhow, it was An Experience to figure out that many Brown Cat designs, and I took some liberties. So, bottom row is Thunderclan, next up is Shadowclan, then Windclan bracketing Riverclan. No Mousewhisker or Minnowtail because of the cross-clan Deal, and no Breezepelt because he has a better relationship with his dad and half-sibs. And no Antpelt because he’s Double Dead. In Longstar canon, Beetlewhisker keeps his mouth shut so he doesn’t die, and the Trainees all survive the Great Battle and go on Probation and get Cat Therapy from their respective Medicine cats.
And this is the start of the Cat Break, where I’ll start working on the Brightstar AU “books” and dump old art on here. Thanks for paying attention to this project of mine, thanks for the likes, and have a happy Holiday Season!!
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sootslash · a month ago
name your most obscure fav and tell me why you like them!!! I love hearing people be like "oh yeah this is Jack a kittypet who's mentioned once in the entire series, here i made them a design and here's all my headcanons and why they're the best" (that's not a real character lol) (no pressure ofc)
ok!!!! this is fun :DD i really like sunstrike! her design is very cool, and her character is super interesting!! i really wanna know more about her and why she trained in the dark forest! i also really like appleshine! shes had very few appearances but ive used her in many aus and got veryyy attached to her hehehehe, same goes for shellfur!
and lastly, twist! she appeared for a little bit in outcast. she's part of stripes' group, whos trying to attack the tribe, but its said that it does seem like she wants to fight which is super interesting to me!!!!! why is she in the group?? why doesnt she want to fight ???
thanks 4 the ask!
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warriorsbutnotreally · 2 months ago
another day and I still get surprised when I remember Sunstrike was a real cat in the books and then remembering that I've had this revelation many times in the past
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sunflowercougar · a year ago
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who-shit-myself · a year ago
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morningdraws · 2 months ago
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windclan’s dark forest trainees! they have the second highest amount of guys training in hell
from left to right; harespring, hailsnap, hazesun, antpelt, breezepelt, weaselfur, whiskernose, furzepelt, sunstrike and larkwing
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rookflower · 8 months ago
Sunstrike for the ask game? Favorite df trainee and I wanna continue the pattern of us all asking for df cats HFHGSHGD
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im STILL obsessed with this cat's name
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