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Hey you. Yeah you. Fanfic author over there thinking their work isn't good enough to be published. Your work is amazing, it's so creative, whether it has 100 words, 10k words or 100k words, your work is amazing.
Your creativity knows no limit, your creativity is so appriciated, it's so very much loved, you're going to do great things with your writing abilities, it's unique, it's uniquely you, it's a little piece of your soul being put on display and your readers ADORE you for it.
You are adored by your readers, you are loved by your readers you are worth the whole world, we love you, we love you like the stars shine on a clear night's sky.
Cut yourself some slack, don't burn yourself out, and remind yourself that you are worth every bit of what joy you give others.
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AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR (2018) dir. Anthony & Joe Russo
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each one of these blurbs will come out every day starting december first (1st) and ending december twenty-fifth (25th)
DAY ONE ;; peter parker + voyerisum
DAY TWO ;; steve rogers + blowjob
DAY THREE ;; bucky barnes + spitting
DAY FOUR ;; scott lang + praise
DAY FIVE ;; tony stark + thigh riding
DAY SIX ;; bucky barnes + marking
DAY SEVEN ;; sam wilson + groping
DAY EIGHT ;; scott lang + squirting
DAY NINE ;; peter parker + blindfolds
DAY TEN ;; tony stark + degrading
DAY ELEVEN ;; steve rogers + size difference
DAY TWELVE ;; sam wilson + facials
DAY THIRTEEN ;; bucky barnes + hand kink
DAY FOURTEEN ;; tony stark + overstimulation
DAY FIFTEEN ;; sam wilson + spanking
DAY SIXTEEN ;; peter parker + dacryphilia
DAY SEVENTEEN ;; steve rogers + wet dream
DAY EIGHTEEN ;; scott lang + body worship
DAY NINETEEN ;; tony stark + dirty talk
DAY TWENTY ;; sam wilson - breathplay
DAY TWENTY-ONE ;; bucky barnes + tummy bulge
DAY TWENTY-TWO ;; steve rogers + hair pulling
DAY TWENTY-THREE ;; peter parker + mutual masturbation
DAY TWENTY-FOUR ;; scott lang + begging
DAY TWENTY-FIVE ;; bucky barnes + dry humping
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Come Around Sundown
Tumblr media
Summary: What happens at Christmas is never just a one time thing, and when summer break rolls around, you find yourself repeating past mistakes. Or is it a mistake?
Characters: Tattooed!DBF!Steve x F!Reader.
Words: 2.3K.
Warnings: age gap relationship, use of pet name (little mouse), explicit sexual content, mention of previous sexual encounter (oral sex— fem receiving), reader is in her 20s, Steve being covered in tattoos, female masturbation, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it kids), cream pie, 18+. MINORS DNI.
A/N: Inspired solely of the manip of Chris used above in the header which I promptly lost my shit at. It’s all thanks to @sweeterthanthis​ 💖 And thanks to user randomimagines (from the tag) for creating the best manip ever. Beta: @princessmisery666​ but all the general bullshit is entirely mine. While likes are gold, feedback is golden. Please support our content creators by sharing our work.
Tumblr media
“Hey Little Mouse,” a familiar voice teases from beside you, “almost didn’t see you sneakin’ around there.”
You flash a small smile at your dad’s best friend, Steve, hating how forced it feels pinching at your lips, hoping he can’t see the strain of it in your cheeks. Your gut twists, warming at the sound of the deep gravelled baritone. You’ve loved the nickname ever since he coined it for you, but right up until six months ago, it’s since evolved into a point of reluctant appetency when it comes hand in hand with the man who gave it meaning. 
A sweet, playful name that used to symbolise your meek and quiet nature. Now it represents something far more licentious, and you can tell by the way the epithet leaves his lips that he’s aroused by the association. 
The attractive woman standing alongside him gives you a clipped grin, not really knowing how to react to the exchange between you. Her presence sets you on edge, and you almost feel like he’s brought her here just to fuck with you. 
Well, it’s working. 
Trying to create some distance, you wander over to the kitchen island. Your gaze travels over the bottles of your parents’ alcohol collection, and knowing which to avoid after replacing most of them with water a long time ago, you smile to yourself.
The first time you tried the vodka with your best friend Trini, you were both violently sick the morning after. And the headache lasted for what felt like days. 
“Something funny, Little Mouse?” Steve asks curiously.
Finally glancing up, your eyes catch purest sapphire. The smirk on his lips makes warmth pool in the cradle of your pelvis. Deep-seated heat that could— can— easily bring you to your knees. You try to keep his stare, but your eyes are drawn to the open v of his shirt, showing off his tattooed covered chest.
“Why’d you call her little mouse?” The brunette tersely pipes up between you. Like she’s pissed off you have a nickname and she doesn’t. 
Steve finally looks towards his date. “This is George’s kid,” he explains like he’s talking to a five year old. She nods as if she knows who George is, but you can tell she doesn’t from the befuddled expression on her beyond pretty face. “She used to be such a shy little thing.” He glances back at you, lips threatening a fresh yet menacing smile.
Used to. 
She seems to accept the explanation without the need for more depth. You’re grateful. You don’t want her knowing the reason you’re no longer shy, or how Steve is privy to such private information. 
“Wasn’t sure if you’d be here,” he continues softly, ignoring his date. “Your folks sure missed you over spring break. I know I did.” The way he stares you down both unnerves and arouses you.
“I had too much studying to do,” comes your clipped reply.
He narrows his eyes at that, completely unconvinced by the lie, but you remain stoic. He doesn’t have to know that you spent spring break with your roommate and her friends, or that the real reason you didn’t want to be here was because you knew he would be.
It’s hard to avoid Steve at the best of times, however since the incident at Christmas, he seems to be around more than usual. 
His existence is a constant reminder of what it felt like to have his face buried between your thighs— his beard both scratchy and comforting as his tongue lapped at you, humming against your clit.
The warmth in your gut starts to stir as he moves around the island, coming to face you over the sea of bottles. You try to keep his gaze, but you’re distracted by the sight of his thick fingers gliding over the polished marble. And it conjures up the memory of all the time he spent tracing delicate patterns across your skin, like he was painting a plethora of invisible tattoos to match the everlasting artwork adorning his. 
“Uh, this tastes disgusting,” Steve’s date suddenly spits, effectively ending your daydream. You look towards her a little confused until you spot the open bottle of vodka in front of her and have to stifle a giggle. 
”I’m so sorry, let me get rid of that,” you mumble. “Must have gone off.” You take the bottle away from her with an overly faux grin, thankful to be given an excuse to get away from Steve.
You manage to avoid Steve for the majority of the afternoon and late into evening just as the crickets start to sing. You’re grateful for your parents seemingly inviting half the neighborhood, making it easy to blend in and hide when you need to, but after a while you get curious, wondering if he’s still around.
You search the house, your hopes slowly dwindling as you go from room to room without any sign of him. Your heart sinks at the possibility that he left hours ago with his date, no doubt showing her just how talented he is with his tongue. Envy nips at your heels, threatening to discolor your thoughts when you finally spot him in the garden, laying on one of the sun loungers. 
He stares mindlessly up into the darkening sky that swallows up the fringes of pinks and reds painting the western horizon. Every few minutes or so, he brings a bottle of beer to his mouth and you find yourself daydreaming about how it would taste to lick the alcohol right off his lips. 
“Hey honey, you alright out here? It’s gettin’ a little cold,” your dad’s sudden voice says from behind you. You turn, giving him a small smile as he rubs his hands up and down your bare arms, no doubt feeling the flourish of goose flesh prickling up over your skin. “Want me to fetch you a jacket?” 
“I’m fine,” you return softly. 
“Okay,” he leans in, giving your hair a kiss, “we’ll be inside.” Dad squeezes your arm gently before letting go and disappears back into the house. This should be your sign to follow him, but your feet are firmly planted to the floor. 
Before you know it, your feet are moving— but not in the direction of the house. Maybe it’s the few vodka sodas that’s giving you the liquid courage to approach him, or perhaps, deep down, you want his attention. 
Eventually you reach him, pausing briefly as Steve looks up at you. As he silently returns his gaze to the ground, you step around the sun lounger beside him and smooth out the skirt of your dress before taking a seat. 
“Where’d your friend go?” you ask softly. 
Steve sighs a little. “She left.” He doesn’t sound particularly upset by the notion. 
“Don’t think she liked you very much,” Steve chuckles, taking another swig of beer as he stares up at the dusky sky. 
Your brow furrows. “Why?” 
“Kept making snide comments about you whenever she could,” he shrugs. “I told her to go if she was gonna spend the night insulting you.”
Your heart constricts in your chest at that and sudden guilt pulls at you. You’ve been cold towards him all evening, and he’s been nothing but courteous, even going as far as defending you against his best chance to get laid tonight. 
“Thank you,” you squeak. Just like a mouse. 
He turns his head to face you— a gentle tender look that sets your skin ablaze, and smiles softly. “No need.”
Returning it, you remain with your eyes locked until you feel a familiar warmth creeping up your back. You shift against the sun lounger uncomfortably before hurrying to stand. Brushing out the creases in your skirt, you’re desperate to give your hands something to do, besides grab hold of Steve and kiss him again. 
You turn to leave, but the rapid way in which Steve moves to a sitting position, combined with the feel of his fingers around your wrist stops you in your tracks. Your stomach twists when your eyes catch his once more. 
“Stay,” he asks of you. You’re distracted temporarily as he places down the empty beer bottle between his spread legs.
“I shouldn’t,” you reply when he glances back up.
“Why not?”
“Don’t you remember what happened the last time we ended up alone together?”
Without warning, he tugs on your wrist, and pulls you onto his lap, whispering with a deep husk, “Of course I do.”
You swallow deeply before quickly turning around to make sure nobody can see you in such a compromising position. You’re so far away from the house that the spotlights don’t reach this distance, the blanket of night slowly swallowing you as the sun sets. 
“Look at me.” 
You obey without a word.
“I think about it every fuckin’ day,” he admits quietly, letting go of your wrist and drapes his heavily tattooed hand across your bare thigh. His other hand slides around to the nape of your neck, pulling you in closer. “I never wanna wash the taste of you off my tongue.”
Your breath hitches in your throat, and unconsciously, you roll your hips, grinding down hard into his crotch. Steve hisses through gritted teeth as you do so, his grip tightening around your neck and thigh. 
“Shouldn’t do that.”
“Why not?” you tease, bearing down even harder as heat blooms beneath your cheeks with delight. You feel Steve react, pushing back against you as the bulge of his cock brushes your clothed sex.
“Because I’m this close to pullin’ your panties to the side and makin’ you ride me for real.” His lips brush yours and you let out a squeak. “There’s my little mouse,” he adds with a chuckle, finally pressing a kiss to your mouth. He tastes of whiskey and bad decisions, but you’re addicted.
You curse under your breath when he pulls away, his hand climbing higher up your thigh until it disappears beneath your dress entirely. His fingers tease the edge of your underwear, hooking them under the material to caress your skin as his thumb glides over the top of the fabric, spreading your folds apart. When he reaches your clit, you moan into his open mouth, quietly begging him to “do it.”
Steve tugs your panties to one side and sinks his fingers into your velvety heat— one at first, then two. With whispered praise and encouragement, he manages to stretch you out to three— gaping and dripping all over his fancy dress pants. You’re on the cusp of coming when he snatches his fingers away and wraps his arms around you, pulling you with him as he lays back on the chair, knees propped up behind you.  
There’s a quick scramble as he fingers open his zipper, and you feel his thick veiny cock spring up between your thighs. And even though dusk has fallen, and he’s nothing more than a hazy shadow beneath you, you’ve never been able to see him more clearly. 
You work in sync, your bodies in tune as he coaxes you, with a hand under your ass, to lift yourself up. He drags the tip of his cock through your puffy folds— up and down, up and down— until you’re pushing against his hand, desperate to feel him inside you. He laughs gently through the darkness— a low echoing chuckle which slowly morphs into a groan as he finally allows you to get what you want. He slips into you with ease, your greedy wetness swallowing him inch by eager inch until he’s buried up to the root. 
You sit motionless for a moment, enjoying the feel of him swelling and twitching inside you, but impatience takes over quickly and you begin to rock back and forth. Steve plants his hands on your hips, helping to guide you back down onto his cock when you rise up. You place yours on his chest, and hard steel melts beneath your touch. Slowly you ride him, wanting to feel every ridge and imperfection in his cock perfectly fill you to your limit. 
You can tell he likes it. The muffled moans and under the breath expletives keep you in the moment, feeling pride swell thick in your chest. One of his hands moves from your hips to your neck, he pulls you roughly in to meet his lips with yours while he continues to groan against your tongue. 
“Fuck, you have no clue what you do to me,” Steve mutters between kisses as you lift your hips, letting his cock slip out to your entrance.
“I think I have a pretty good idea.” You sink back down on him and the word, “fuck,” is sudden and hot on your cheek.
Steve soon takes over— fucking you long and slow, hard and fast— until your gut is tightening to the point where you’re not sure you can hold it anymore. Every thrust of his hips sends you careening further and further towards euphoria, and then you’re shattering into a thousand rapturous pieces. 
Your thighs still damp, you slink back inside the house. Steve is close behind, his hand hovering over the small of your back. You want his touch back on your skin— crave it like a high, but you know that you’ll only be able to take a hit in secret. As you enter the lounge, he hangs back, waiting a beat before following you in. 
“Oh, there you are,” Dad laughs when he spots you. “We were about to send for a search party.”
Steve perches on the arm of the couch before leaning forward to scoop some dip onto his index finger. The same finger that had been inside you. 
“Sorry, we lost track of time,” he replies, sucking the dip from his finger just as your eyes meet. “Me and Little Mouse were too busy catchin’ up.”
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The Sweetest Nectar
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairings: Sam Wilson x Reader. Steve Rogers x reader
Word Count: 1K.
Warnings: 18+ Only, Minors DNI. RPF. SMUT, 
Warnings: Warnings: 18+ Only, Minors DNI. SMUT! Read at your own risk; curate your own experience. Soft Dark Subby Nomad Steve Rogers. Darkish reader. Mention of pre-serum Steve, Lap dance in public, voyeurism, masturbation, mention of drugs and alcohol, pining, angst, teasing, exhibitionism (on reader’s part), possible non con exhibitionism (on Sam’s part). Oral sex (f receiving), p in v, unprotected sex (wrap it up), sloppy seconds, possible cheating. All errors my own.
A/N: Thanks for this ask! It streched me.
I no longer have a taglist. Please follow @rampitupandread and turn on notifications to learn when I post! 😘
I Do NOT Consent to my work being reposted, translated or presented on any other blog or site other than by myself.
You were giving your boyfriend a lap dance on Steve’s couch, and it made the host irrationally happy. 
Steve was glad that Sam had someone, especially someone as sweet as you. Damn, you were probably so fucking sweet.
Steve licked his lips as he watched your hips undulate in front of Sam’s face. This was the perfect opportunity to watch you and ogle your body, because everyone was a little tipsy and a little high and doing it too. 
It was all in fun, right?
You glanced at Steve upside down as you gyrated on Sam’s lap now, and bent backward all the way over, your braids touching the floor, giving the room a view of your luscious tits. 
Yeah. You were perfect. And this night was the highlight since Steve came out of the ice.
You winked at Steve and his face grew red, but he played it off by taking another drink and rubbing his beard while flipping his long hair out of his face.
It worked on countless other women, but you just sat back up and pulled Sam’s face into the valley of your breasts, gasping as he motorboated your clothed breasts and grabbed the glorious globes of your blue-jeaned ass. 
People laughed, but Steve’s mood changed; he started plotting dismemberment and where to scatter body parts when Bucky came up to stand beside him and watch.
“Hold it up a little higher, buddy.”
Steve didn’t tear his eyes away from you as he took another drink and replied.
“What the hell are you talking about?”
“That torch you’re carrying. Maybe she’ll see it if you hold it up higher, Lady Liberty.”
Steve just scoffed and drank some more, not denying anything that Bucky had said.
Bucky laughed and went to get another beer, as Steve practically cried in his, his heart silently aching for you.
You and Sam were in Steve’s bedroom, taking advantage of the fact that everyone else was doing body shots in the kitchen.
“F-f-fuckkkkk! Samuel T-t-t-hom… fuck, Samuel Thomas W-w-wilsonnnnn.”
You were grabbing Sam’s ears as he skillfully ate you out, looking down on him between your legs as he sucked and pulled and played with your clit.
“Fucky, Baby… where did you learn to do … goddamn…”
You panted to try and catch your breath as he inserted three fingers inside you and spread them out.
“Holyyyyyy Shhhhhhh!!!!!!!!” 
You came like a freight train, your knees clamping down around Sam’s head. Sam’s large hands pried you from around his face and came up for air, a triumphant smirk on his face. He held your legs open and gazed at the pretty dark, wet lips of your cunt and the creamy liquid oozing out between them.
“Learning new techniques every day. Just to keep you satisfied, darlin’,”
Sam shook his head and watched as your pretty pussy lips sheltered your still quivering folds.
“It’s a beautiful view.”
Steve silently agreed from the closet, watching your beautiful cunt shine in the dim light from the street. He had his hand wrapped around his cock, fisting himself brutally at the sights, sounds, and faint smell of you. Steve silently willed Sam to action, wanting to hear how that wet pussy sounded when it was fucked good. 
It was just like before the war, when he watched Bucky…
“Hmmmm, Daddy. Give me some. Please? Pretty please. Will you give me some of that thick dick?”
You leaned back, legs still open, looking up at Sam, who was standing now, in front of you.
Your face, fucked out and glowing, looked up at his friend as you licked your lips was everything in the world to Steve Rogers right now.
Steve imagined it was him you were begging, and he didn’t know if he wanted you to suck Sam off or let him fuck you senseless. He just knew that wanted to bust this nut.
“Assume the fucking position then.”
You whimpered, and Steve nearly bust in his hand.
“Yes, Daddy.” 
You got on all fours on the bed and that view was even better than before. Oh, how he’d eat that ass, Steve thought.
Sam smacked both cheeks three times, and your moans and sighs alone were enough to make Steve cum. He watched his friend line up his thick dick and swipe it through your folds, and could almost feel your beautiful wetness. Stevehad to bite his lips to hold in his own grunts as Sam slowly, wetly, and solidly sank into you. 
“Ohhhhhh… shit….DADDY!!!”
Sam’s head lolled back on his shoulders as he bottomed out and Steve’s eyes practically rolled back in his head as he witnessed the ecstasy. 
Then, Sam looked down and smacked your ass again. Steve watched, rapt, as Sam slowly pulled almost all the way out, then plunged quickly back into your wet goodness. He bet you were so warm. Sam did it again and again and again, faster and faster, and faster. Steve stroked in time as you moaned louder and louder and louder, oblivious to the others at the party.
Steve watched your back arch, and your flesh shake and ripple with every back shot delivered. He was so fucking close.
“Daddy? Daddy? Please Daddy.. I wanna, I wanna….I neeeeeed to…”
“Cum, Darlin’... give it to me. Fuck yeah!”
Sam’s voice was a growl and as you started shaking, Steve’s cum started spilling into his palm and the sock that he was using to contain it.
“Shhsshhhhittttttt….” Steve’s whisper was not silent, but quiet enough that you two wouldn’t hear it over your own noises.
You and Sam collapsed on the bed..
“That was great, Darlin’. You shouldn’t tease me like that in public. ‘S not gonna stop me from giving it to you.” 
Sam kissed your nose.
“I am well aware of what that does to a man. Makes it that much better, Daddy.”
Sam laughed, and then moved toward the bathroom.
“We better get outta here, before Steve catches us in his bedroom.”
You looked toward the bathroom and then sat up on the edge of the bed, legs open again.
Steve saw your wrecked pussy, the combination of you and Sam seeping out, and his cock swelled again. He nearly yelled when he saw you playing in it again. It was like you were doing it just for him.
But you stopped when Sam came back out to get dressed.
“I need a little more time to get cleaned up. You go ahead.”
“Ok Darlin,” Sam leaned over and kissed your forehead and you reached for a peck on the lips.
“You made me hungry, took all my energy. I’m going to go eat some food.” 
Sam winked and left the room smiling and happy.
When the door closed, you stared straight at the closet.
“Well? Are you going to stay in there and jack off again, or are you going to come out and clean me up?”
You leaned back on your hands, legs wide.
“Now’s your chance Steve. I know you’re in there. Are you going to come out Captain?”
Steve gulped. Then he couldn’t help but comply.
Steve emerged from the closet, the tip hard cock glistening and stiff at the opening of his undone pants. He walked toward you and dropped to his knees.
You threaded your hand in his hair, brushing it away from his forehead as he closed his eyes at your touch. You guided his head toward your throbbing cunt.
“You get sloppy seconds, but I bet that’s what you like…”
“Yes ma’am.” 
Steve nodded vigorously as his tongue collected the sweetest nectar he’d ever tasted.
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Trying to mend a broken heart
        Part Two
Part One
Tumblr media
Summary: you and Bucky don’t get along, constantly pushing each others buttons, this time he may have pushed you too far
A/N: Non canon; Marvel characters but no superheroes or Avengers; post college AU…..I am focusing on angst for the first few chapters, I’ll decide if it changes to a happily ever after based on feedback
Word count:~1200
Tumblr media
The next morning you woke up and decided you were not going to extend your pity party any further.  Today was going to be a day for you to be self indulgent and selfish as much as you wanted.  It would be the first weekend in a long time that you wouldn’t do a few hours of work at home just to stay on top of all the ongoing projects.  
The first thing needed to start your day was caffeine so you made your way downstairs, happy to see that none of last night's guests were crashing on the couch.  Once your coffee was brewed you put on your favorite Frank Sinatra album that reminded you of your dad and always put you in a good mood.
Deciding to pamper yourself more than your usual self care, you found your most expensive face mask and applied a thick coat to every inch of your face.   
Breakfast was needed, so you began pulling anything that looked good out of the fridge to figure out what you could make.   Before you could get started, there was a knock on the door, knowing you couldn’t ignore it, you answered the door without an embarrassment for being in your pjs or the state of your hair or face.  
The last person you expected or wanted to see was standing there when you opened.  Bucky looked shocked when he saw you, but you ignored it and just stared at him, expecting him to ask for Natasha or at least why he was here. 
 “Uh…hi” was the only thing that came out of his mouth.   
Were you still mad about last night? Yes.  Did you expect him to show up and apologize for the way he spoke to you?  No, but you hoped he would.  
Last night had been a low point for you, sure you had only been dating a few months, but you had hoped that this relationship would go somewhere with Jeffrey.  Then to have this dipshit belittle you like he did in front of everyone hurt more than you had anticipated.  
Deep down you had always hoped that there could be something between you and Bucky.  He was smart, funny, charming, loyal to his friends, and to top it all off, drop dead gorgeous, but his comments last night showed you what he really thought of you.  
It wasn’t playful teasing, like Natasha had tried to convince you through the years. It was mean and hurtful and completely intentional, so right now, him standing in front of you was a bit shocking, but you tried your best to not allow it to show on your face.  
“What are you doing here, Barnes?” you asked, hoping to move this painful interaction along.  
“Right, um, last night” he managed to stutter out.  Was he nervous?  Was he actually here to apologize?  
“I think I left my cell phone here.  I would have called or texted Nat….but I don’t have my phone”   is this a fucking joke?  You scoffed as you opened the door, stupid of you to assume this man had any respect for you at all. 
“I haven’t seen anything but take a look around”  He only nodded as he passed by you, heading into the living room.  
Having no interest in being in the same room, you headed back to the kitchen and started chopping veggies for your omelet.  Focusing on your food, you hadn’t realized that Bucky had entered the kitchen until he cleared his throat to get your attention. 
Staring at him standing there in front of you, you almost forgot the hurtful things he’s constantly throwing at you.  He’s just so handsome that you would probably dissolve on the floor if you didn’t hate him so much.  You scoffed at how you had previously revealed your attraction to him to your roommate in a drunken stupor.
Tumblr media
~~~flashback  (2 months after meeting Bucky)~~~
Today was crazy but you tried your best to get through it without biting anyone's head off.  Being promoted to the head of your department was supposed to make your life easier, but you couldn't be more wrong.  
"All right, gorgeous, that's enough for today, let's go, I'm taking you to dinner." Looking up you see Tony Stark anxiously waiting for you in the doorway. 
"Hi handsome" you shook your head and tried to continue with your work only for him to proceed to annoy you into giving him attention.  
"Chop chop, I'm hungry" he started snooping around your desk without really even asking if you could leave now. 
"Thanks for the invite but I have a lot of work to do" you look at him trying to convince him to leave only to be more agitated by his presence.  
"It wasn't a request, Pepper is stuck in Chicago and if I go to dinner by myself, well we don't want to think what could happen.  And as your boss, cousin and favorite person alive, I insist you join me" he extended his arm to you and you couldn't help but laugh at him. 
 "Ok, you win.  Where are we going?" You asked while grabbing your things and taking his arm.   
Dinner with Tony was a blast, just watching people react and practically trip over themselves to impress thee Tony Stark was very entertaining.  
By the time he dropped you at home, it was later than usual and Natasha and Steve seemed to be waiting up for you in the living room.  "Oh thank goodness you are ok" Steve immediately pulled you into a hug.  
You couldn't help but laugh at his response, "I was at dinner, if you were so worried, you could have called" you booped his nose and laughed again at his response.  
"Are you drunk?  On a Tuesday night?"  That had set you over the edge and you laughed so hard you fell to the floor.  
Only responding with a "yep", popping the P for extra emphasis.  “Oh, and Tony gave me his VIP box at the Knicks game this weekend, so tell  everyone.  M’kay, I’m going to bed”  Heading up the stairs, Nat and Steve were following right behind you.   
“Here, sweetie, let me help you get ready for bed” Natasha was always worried about you when you drank too much, her motherly instincts kicking in to help you out.  
Steve watched from the doorway as Natasha went about helping you wash your face and brush your teeth, before speaking up.  “When you say everyone, does that include Bucky?” He wanted to see you both happy and knew you would be good together but didn’t want to push.  
Your face immediately had a dopey grin at the mention of Bucky, somehow forgetting how he played with your feelings the last time you were around each other. 
 “Oh definitely, he’s so handsome” you smiled at Steve before spitting the toothpaste in the sink.  Steve and Nat exchanged a look that you missed, but you continued to chat about all the positive traits Bucky seemed to possess, almost curious if he was even real.  
Steve left in the middle of your babbling to grab you water and aspirin, but you were curled in your bed snoozing by the time he returned, leaving the items on your nightstand for you to find in the morning.  
Tumblr media
The rest of your week flew by, mostly because you were so excited about the basketball game that you were in a good mood about everything.  When the day of the game finally arrived you were bouncing off the walls, when Tony told you the car would pick up you and your gang an hour before tip off.  
That allowed you all to relax and start the celebrations before heading to the game.  You were on your 2nd cocktail when Steve arrived with Bucky in tow, you were a bit shocked, not remembering anything from your drunken ramblings earlier in the week, but put on a small smile and decided his presence was not going to hinder your good time.  
By the time you all made it to Madison Square Garden, your entire group had a very good buzz going and laughing about anything and everything that was happening.  
The VIP box Tony gave you was fully stocked with food and drinks, but at this point all you wanted to do was watch the game.  You perched yourself on the stool closest to the window to watch the action on the court, even though the game hadn’t started yet.  
Almost immediately the group broke out with the guys huddled together and the ladies hanging by you after everyone had a drink in hand.  Yelena was full of questions, so you did your best to explain the rules of the game, the rivalry between the Knicks and the Celtics, not really paying any attention to the rest of the group.  
Just after tip off the door to the suite opened and in walked Tony.  Most of your friends had met him, and knew your relationship with him was important to you, but most didn't understand the extent of it and that was fine with you.  Tony was your ride or die, he was 10 years older than you and as your only cousin but acted more like a big brother.   
You spent as much time together as you could but when his parents died and he was forced to grow up and run the company, nothing you could say seemed to help, but he knew that when it all got too much, you would be there for him, no matter what.
Tumblr media
He comforted you when your mom passed away when you were 12 and was there for you when your dad started dating when you were 16.  But now, even as adults he kept a watchful eye on you, helping you find your way in the world after graduation, offering you a job immediately. 
A job which you turned down multiple times, as you were determined to make it on your own merit, until you had offers from several of Tony's competitors.  Only then deciding that you would rather work for him than against him. 
 And his continued admiration and constant spoiling you, like giving you the VIP box for you and your friends to watch your favorite basketball team.  You were a little surprised he made an appearance at the game but he was welcomed by everyone immediately.  
"Can you keep it down?  I'm trying to watch the game!" you sassed at him the moment he made his grand entrance.  He made his way over, wrapping you in a hug, and pretended to be interested in the game you were watching.  
Bucky was immediately star struck and watched the interaction without trying to make it obvious.  He didn't know you knew thee Tony Stark, and wasn't sure of the connection but tried his best to get more info out of Sam, as he was the only other person not engaged in conversation.
"So, what's the deal with Stark?" attempting to sound casual but a little to in shock to really concentrate on how he was behaving.  
"Huh?  Oh, Y/N works for him, he is always throwing stuff like this at her" Sam responded without taking his eyes off the game. 
"That's not normal for a boss" Bucky thought out loud still wondering what was going on. 
"Well that's how they act, I think he bought her house for her too" he shrugged then cheering at the play when the team rebounded the ball.  
That has stunned Bucky, there is no way you were just his employee.  There had to be more going on there and he wanted to know, his first thought was family, but he knew Tony was an only child. 
Maybe it was a sugar daddy thing, if thee Tony Stark was buying you a house. 
As Bucky slowly made his way closer to you until Tony noticed and turned to him.  
"You're new, I've never seen you before" Tony eyed Bucky before extending his hand. Bucky didn't react right away, you'd seen it before, how people would be in awe of the mere presence of thee Tony Stark, you found it ridiculous. 
"He's a friend of Steve's" you tell Tony without actually introducing them. At this point Bucky some what snapped out of his daze and shook his hand, introducing himself and immediately gushing on Tony's work on blah, blah, blah.  
You weren't in the mood to talk shop, you were here to have fun and watch the game. Half time had started so you finally pulled your eyes away from the game and refocused on the conversation the two were still having. 
"Well, now you have an in, just send your resume in with Y/N's name as your reference and there won't be any problem" Tony smiled from Bucky to you. 
 "Thank you, uh, I didn't know she had that much pull at Stark Industries" Bucky smirked at you as if he was making a joke, assuming you were some sort of assistant answering phone calls and fetching coffee.  
"What? Didn't you tell your friends about your promotion?  You are looking at the new head of Research and Devolvement" Tony looked like a proud father gushing on his kids report card.  Rolling your eyes at the comment you noticed the look of surprise on Bucky's face.  
"Yes, well, be that as it may, you are going to be late for dinner with your wife if you keeping gabbing" trying to push him out the door while grabbing another drink. "Shit, you are right! What would I do without you, gorgeous?" 
"Crash and burn?   Send the Mrs my love, handsome" he pulled you into a tight hug, kissing your cheek, and with that he was out the door.  
Bucky stood there for a moment, not sure how to continue the conversation without Tony there, but he would try.  
"Head of R&D for Stark, that's impressive" Bucky stated as he sat in the empty seat next to you.  
You eyed him, tempted to start a fight as to why he seemed surprised but decided against causing a scene, you just wanted to watch the game and have a good time with your friends, so the only thing your dumb brain could come up with a was "thanks" along with a forced smile.  
Trying to be friendly seemed way too difficult for you at the moment, but it was 1 night, you could make it through.  Looking at Bucky, you could tell he was expecting more so you took a deep breath and continued, 
"I've been there since I graduated, working hard to make my way up the corporate ladder, but Tony's a great boss, so it's worth it" you shrugged before accepting another drink from Yelena when she plopped down on the other side of you.  
The rest of the night the two of you chatted, nothing deep but you were nice and friendly with one another.  Maybe you could let him into your inner circle, if Steve and Natasha thought he was so great maybe you could try and tolerate him for their sake.
~~~~end flashback ~~~~
Tumblr media
"Found it" he raised the phone in his hand.  You simply nodded and continued to cook your breakfast, not sparing him anymore attention.  
"Um, about last night" he started and you could feel yourself cringe at his comment. 
"Nope, we aren't going there" you shook your head and continued to ignore him.
 "Come on, I just want to" but you cut him off before he could finish.  
"I don't care what you want, and I don't give a damn about what you have to say" your cold glare made him take a step back.  Realizing how badly he had screwed up, he wasn't sure what to do next.  
"You know where the door is, you can let yourself out" you grabbed your food, passed him and headed to the living room to enjoy your breakfast.  
Bucky let out a breath before heading to the front door, closing it behind him as he dialed Steve’s number. 
"That didn't work" he grumbled into the phone before getting on his bike.  
"Ok pal, we'll figure this out" 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
warlord steve and prince tony for the 2022 @cap-ironman​ big bang based on gottalovev’s fic
check out these links from team foxtrot!! fic: A Leap of Faith by gottalovev art: a leap of faith [FANART] by me (uncropped) art: tumblr post of massivespacewren
my biggest thank you to my teammates for this big bang, it was so fun working with them!!! :D and thank you so much to the mods for this amazing event!!
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the fact that cap quartet didnt get their happy ending as a group of best friends living in the modern world like a disney channel movie enfuriates me every day
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Just a little something....
I felt really inspired today, or reason. 😊
Like what you see?? Come and talk to me for some art for your fics. 🤩
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holylulusworld · 20 hours
BC (1) - Meet the good girl
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary: You meet two cocky men. Biker. How can you not fall for them?
Pairing: Biker!Steve Rogers x fem!Reader x Biker!Bucky Barnes
Characters: Ayo, Okoye, Natasha Romanoff
Warnings: none so far
A/N: I decided to turn this one into a collection of drabbles about Biker!Stucky and our reader.
16.666 followers ‘16 days of requests’ celebration
Biker Code masterlist
Divider by @firefly-graphics​
Tumblr media
“Nice bike,” Ayo swoons as another biker slows his bike down to park next to his friends. “I bet it costs more than my car.”
“What is that guy doing? Why is he pointing two fingers at me?” you cock your head as a brunette biker points two gloved fingers at you. “Did you see?”
He smirks while running his fingers through his short strands as you talk to your friends.
“He’s hot,” Ayo hums to herself. She’s not talking about the guy looking in your direction. She points at an even bigger man, with long blonde locks. “Uh-look at the other one.”
“Ayo, stop staring at them,” crossing your arms over your chest you huff. “I don’t think you want to get involved with a biker. Those men are dangerous, and you don’t know if they are involved in crimes or stuff.”
“Just look at him,” you roll your eyes as Okoye agrees with Ayo. “Yeah, take that leather jacket off. Show off your muscles, babe.”
“Okoye, stop,” she snickers. “We don’t know these men.”
The guy points two fingers at you again. He chuckles as you stare in his direction. “Do you think he’s flirting with me?”
“Maybe,” Ayo says. “Go over there and ask him.”
“No way,” you huff. “If he wants to flirt with me, he should come over here. Pointing two fingers at a woman won’t make her fall for you.”
“Ladies,” you squeak as a tall blonde suddenly stands next to you. He points two fingers at the brunette, laughing as the biker gives him a wink, “sorry but that cocky guy greeted me. He didn’t want to scare you, doll.”
You look up at the tall biker. He’s running two gloved fingers over his thick beard, humming as you huff next to him. “I wasn’t scared. I just didn’t understand why he was pointing his fingers at me.”
“That’s how we greet each other,” the blonde explains. “Especially when we drive past a fellow biker. Bucky just likes to mess with me.” He chuckles loudly. “That man will make me lose my mind one day.”
“He’s your man,” Okoye sighs deeply. “What about the guy next to him? You know, the sexy man candy.”
“Sam? He’s single for a few months,” the blonde shrugs. “If you want to, I can introduce you to my club. What about you, doll?”
His eyes search yours. “I’m good over here. If my friends want to talk to your gang, it’s fine by me.”
“Y/N don’t be such a spoilsport,” Ayo teases. “I’ll go over there and say hi to that tall blonde hunk. Okoye, you are coming?”
“Count me in. Y/N, come on. You need to loosen up for once. No one can always be the good girl," your friends make their way toward the little group of bikers while you are glued to the spot. 
“Don’t you want to get to know Bucky?” the blonde still stands next to you.
“Good girls don’t do biker,” you snap back at the biker. “I think you should leave me alone.”
“Doll,” he dips his head to purr in your ear, “Don’t you know. Good girls are just bad girls who haven't been caught yet. What do you say? Let me introduce you to Bucky. You know, he has a thing for good girls. He loves to ruin them.”
You whimper as the brunette walks toward you and the blonde.
“What?” you choke out while staring up at the tall blonde biker.
“We both do…”
>> Part 2
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
“Why don’t you go and start the shower? Get yourself as clean as you can, I’ll come and join you in a few minutes, all right?”
for chapter 11 of A Call to Motion by JJK (@trenchcoatsandtimetravel) 😇 (WIP, 95k, E)
my art  ✵  commissions  ✵  Twitter
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Vision: You are supposed to bang your fist against mine.
Steve: Why?
Vision: I am told it is a widely accepted gesture for mutual success.
Tony: I love it when you two impersonate human beings
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