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weird and fake Speed cover... marvel give us a solo!!!
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Pietro Maximoff/Tommy Maximoff
They even having matching stripes down their arms in the middle two! :D
Wanda and Billy Comparison is found 👉🏼 wanda/billy
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Keanu Reeves as Jack Traven Speed (1994), dir. Jan de Bont
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I'm Better
Five x Wife F.Reader (Superspeed)
Summary: To say she was like him was incorrect, she was better. She was smarter and she was definitely faster. Meeting at the commission was only the first step that led it all to blossom into some form of chaotic love- but not listening to his wife -as usual- proved he's dumb as hell.
Powers: Superspeed
Genre: Fluff
Requested by: @whoreofscience
Tumblr media
To say Y/N was an easy person to get along with was an overstatement. She was extremely smart- a genius some would say- but was extremely stubborn. Oh, and she had certain powers that made AJ from the commission pull her out.
Therefore, the girl who ended up in an orphanage after her parents had died in a car crash was approached by a weird fish on top of a man's body that appeared in her room. Naturally like any other child in an orphanage, she decided to run away, but unlike any other child, she ran back at him with a bat. All done in under a minute.
It was safe to say that he had to put up a fight before trying to explain to her how she was special and he was here to take her away from this place;
"Then adopt me like a normal parent you bowl head."
"My, my, such a tone for a young lady."
"I'm still holding a bat freak, and I ain't afraid to kill a fish."
"I know, but you should know that no one would give a little girl under the care of a fish."
"You have a gift Miss Y/N, and I can polish it for you."
"What do I get in return?"
"A place to call home."
"Do I look like a sap to you?"
"Alright, what would you like?"
"Books. Unlimited access to knowledge."
"I think we'll get along really well."
That was how at the age of 7, she became his student. He would train her to fight, test her limits- pushing her to the edge. In return, he'd let her choose where ever and whatever to obtain if it categorized as "knowledge". At the age of 10, she had asked him to let her visit the Library of Alexandria.
"But child, that was burnt, you know you can not take anything from that place."
"I won't, give me a week and I'll read through the whole place. Super speed remember."
"I'll think about it."
"I'll do the endurance test."
"A week in Alexandria it is."
By 21 she was officially the top member of the commission, smarter than everyone else, stronger than everyone else, and way faster than everyone else. That is word of a new recruit began to spread, a gifted young man brought in by the Handler herself- Y/N knew this was nothing more than a competition between her and AJ, neither of them had any sentiments towards the people they had brought in. Yet, she felt the urge to go and check out how special this a** really was.
To say their first encounter was ideal would be an...overstatement. The first time he laid eyes on her he felt the world stop, literally. She was the most beautiful creature he had seen, yet he felt the urge to smack that (mind you, metaphorically) smug expression off her pretty little face as she zipped past him- invading his safe zone.
He had been hiding in the storage room, he didn't have any cases that day, but as usual, the Hander was UP HIS A**. Hence, he chose to work on the math in a place where the horrendous would never come. He was glad he was alone, the twenty-one-year-old could finally get some work done- that is a gush of find almost flipped him off his seat, sending his papers flying. Sitting straight, confused af, he looked around the room, there were no windows here and the weather was nothing but sunny a while ago.  Before he could stand up he heard a,
"The working is wrong."
Then another blast of wind swirled his swivel chair, at an unimaginable speed, forcing him to blind a meter away- his footing weak as the spins messed with his balance.
"Ah, spatial manipulation I see...neat little trick" someone whispered in his ear, as a reflex his arm swung in the direction, only to hit nothing.
He heard a chuckle, head whipping in its direction as he glared at her with eyes filled with rage, ready to kill. 
"I'm Y/N"
"I don't care, leave before I swat you like a fly, roadrunner."
"Ouch." She feigned hurt only to run around him spinning him for a second before he blinked away, forcing her to stop, utterly confused as she looked around the empty room. She was about to leave when she was pushed forward to the ground. Her face was about to hit the ground, eyes clenched shut as she braced for the impact, only it never came. Opening her eyes she saw that she was no longer in the storage room but outside in the garden. Squinting at the sun she huffed, muttering a "Sneaky little bastard".
Naturally, like any sane person who was trying to avoid a conflict, she did the exact opposite. Swooshing back into the storage room, zipping past everyone, papers flying, skirts being pulled down by screaming women, she slammed open the door, only to find him sitting in the same place where she had initially found him. 
"Hey, you little-"
"I'd love to entertain a brat like you, but I'm currently busy."
"You can't find the mistake, can you?"
"I'll kill ya if ya ain't gone by the next 10 seconds."
That was how the two met, the day their paths crossed, the day Five realized how much he hated knowing someone was as smart as him- if not smarter. He had no issues with her, other than the fact that she would not stop irritating him. Any moment of peace that he got was when he was on a mission, at the commission she'd be everywhere, it was like her sole purpose was to piss him off. 
Whenever he'd make his coffee, setting the mug on the table of the office kitchenette, his mug would be stolen every time he'd go to get a spoon. Every damn morning. If he would be walking down the hallway, she'd zip past him, almost knocking him off his feet, laughing when he'd hear her curse at her- often threatening to kill her. On one particular occasion, he was in the library looking for a few books, as soon as his hand would reach out for a specific book, a gust of wind would come out of nowhere and the book would no longer be in its place, he'd look down the aisle and see her holding the book, "Oh? You wanted this? Well, first come first serve, I guess". If anyone would ask Five about her he'd usually respond with a 'To hell with the Roadrunner, gonna use a mallet on her one day.'
He never did though, he'd claim to be irritated, but he'd entertain her little games almost every day. He wasn't sure why, but the sight of her having powers made him feel a little less lonely, not that he appreciated her torment. In all honesty, he was just studying her, to beat the enemy one must first know the enemy- not saying that she was a threat, but according to the Handler, everyone who worked directly under AJ was the enemy.
She had suggested that Five should give the girl a taste of her own medicine, to some extent he agreed, and he sure as hell was going to, Five Hargreeves lost to no one, but his plan to blink her to the center of the Earth was put on pause after a specific event.
He had come into his office late at night, his mission had been boring and extremely long- he was mostly tired, wanting to go home and cry himself to sleep as usual. But the sight of her in his office made him sigh in frustration, he was in no mood for games tonight;
"Why are you in my office?"
"I needed help"
"Listen race car, I'd love to help you out but I'm busy"
"No, Five seriously, I need your help."
"And?" He asked, stuffing his hands in his pockets, "why exactly should I help the commission's brat?"
"Well...because..." She glared at him before huffing, "Whatever you're too stupid to help out anyway" and zooms past him.
And for once at least for a moment, he felt like he won, it was nice to see her all angry and frustrated. Whistling he walked down the empty corridor only to stop at the office where they had all the briefcases, grunting in frustration before opening the glass door;
"What the hell are you doing?"
"None of your business blinker."
"Nice one"
"Shut up, I'm too busy to insult you right now"
Leaning against the door frame, arms crossed over his chest, tilting his head,
"Busy committing a felony?"
"Busy trying to collect material for research"
"That research being?"
"Hey, what's your last name?'
"Last name? Do you not have one?"
"It's Hargreeves. Why?"
"No reason"
She hopped off the shell and looked at him, patting the briefcase, running past him in a flash after having the final say as usual;
"I don't discuss business with whistleblowers."
"What?' utterly confused he turned around to look at her blurry image, oh, so she had heard him whistling, stupid chipmunk.
It was safe to say the next day Five was called in by the handler to answer a few questions as to why he had checked out a briefcase in the middle of the night to go to a random city.
"I what?"
"It's checked out under your name -Five Hargreeves, now dear, we don't use the bag for personal errands."
"...I am aware."
"So you did not use it?"
"No, but I'll sort it out."
With that he had gone to find the little maze rat, blinking into her office. There was an urge to yell at her, but the sight of her sitting on the floor surrounded by books and a mess was something he did not expect to see. 
"Care to explain"
"I couldn't do it."
"Do what?'
"One was unethical and stupid, would've messed up the timeline" she groaned and kicked a book before standing up and going to a chalkboard, reading the numbers, "And the suitcase was useless because I need a stronger energy source for the calculations to be accurate- this junk is like only 20% of the real deal"
"The real deal being?"
"Your powers."
He scanned the room, the calculations, and the work was much similar to his, he was actually amazed by the fact that someone else in the world had the same, he was about to compliment her until he saw a date on the board, next to coordinates- no way in hell was she,
"Were you going to do what I think you were?"
"You mean to stop the car crash, then yes. I was but when I arrived last night a few hours before it I realized how stupid I was being- but that's not really why I took the briefcase."
"Then why did you?'
"If I tell you, you'll tell on me.'
"I won't."
"And I should trust a blinker light?'
"Lisen speedy Gonzalez" he blinked in front of her, glaring down at her, who was glaring back up at him, "I would like to leave with a mess I created FOR MYSELF- I do NOT want to be dragged by a roadrunner knock off."
That was it, a conversation that could have flown smoothly was then converted into a horrible battle, between the two across the commission. He would blink to a different place every time she'd shoot, and she'd speed off when he'd blink behind her to stab her.
Whenever one had the upper hand the other would slip away, to say they were injured would be an understatement. Je broke her arm when she was running away, instantly blinking beside her, grabbing her, and blinking her into a wall- the impact was bad enough to emit a crack from her bone and a small yelp from her. In return however she was about to break his nose, for when he blinked away thinking he'd won, he turned around only to be smacked in the face by a bat she conveniently found.
It was safe to say the horror only ended when the two were bloody and out of juice. Panting as they stood at opposite sides of the handler's office, glaring at each other.
"WhaT's the matter? OUT OF GAS?'
"FUNNY was gonna ask you that, you desert rat"
"THE feelings mutual"
"WHAT ARE YOU TWO [email protected]?"
As a result, the two were partnered up indefinitely, as a punishment, much to both's displeasure. 
Nonetheless, after a whole year of bickering during missions, taking each other's kill, they slightly got the hang of it. Often one would distract while the other would kill, and vice versa. This 50/50 deal was the only way the two could complete missions without one feeling useless, while the other did all the work.
Somewhere down the line, Five realized how she was like him, she was impulsive and impatient (more than he was), but she was smart and calculative. She would never rush in like a fool, she'd wait, she'd observe then go in for the kill. Kind of like a tiger. Mind you he had no other interest in her, after missions their ride back to the motel would be filled with silence. 
Until two years in of  their partnership, they were coming back from a mission, the date was the same date she had written on the board that he had read- minus the year- and out of pure habit he asked,
"Mind telling me what you were trying to do with the briefcase?"
"Needed to know how it works"
"Feeling nosy today, aren't we?"
"Tell you what, I'll answer if you answer too."
"Fair enough-"
"How did you end up in the Commission Five? they don't just bring in anyone."
"Didn't I ask first?"
"Did you? Hadn't noticed."
"Alright, ya cheater- I time traveled my way to the apocalypse at thirteen, lived alone till 21 until the Handler recruited me."
"So, that's like...8 years alone."
"Wasn't alone, I had Delores."
"Oh..." No, she was not jealous at all
"Your turn."
"I needed the power source so I could configure this, I was going to dissect the case, then I looked at the watch and I guess...I kinda let my feelings take over for a while" She pointed to the wristwatch she was wearing, it was a man's wristwatch, an old faded one.
"If it makes you feel any better, my mom sold me to a rich billionaire who created a band of traumatized heroes."
"I'm...not sure that's supposed to make me feel better- psycho."
"Psycho, I'm not the one who let a fish bowl adopt me."
"Which were?"
"For my thirst for knowledge"
Giving her a side glance he parked the car, "That all?"
"And food that didn't taste like garbage. Not that you'd know what that's like, you were bought by a billionaire-"
"And we're done for the day."
That conversation was probably the start of something new because, after a month of asking each other such questions, there was a weird bond formed between the two, one that neither wanted to address. But she'd notice how he'd casually brush his hand against hers while walking, or the time his chest was pressed against her back when he reached to the top shelf to grab a mug for her. 
Not like he had it any easier. His ears would pick up each groan that would leave her lips when she'd be frustrated, murdering the paper with the tip of her pen. How her laughter would make the room a bit brighter, even if it was after insulting him- this was confirmed when she insulted his tie, laughed at him, and ran out of the bar, he could see how all eyes were on her.
Naturally, neither wanted to act upon such trivial feelings, both having different goals in mind. He had to go and stop the apocalypse, and she wanted her watch to travel like the briefcase so she could ditch the commission and travel across time at her own pace and will.
By thirty the two were nowhere near their required answers, frustrated and exhausted, Five threw another ball of paper at the wall. They were done with the mission, which was why he thought working on her wristwatch issue would be easier than his own work- now don't get him wrong, he wasn't doing this because he liked her or anything, he just thought it was easier to figure out and she was just dumb. So when the door swung open and she rushed in with a crate of whiskey he wanted to ask her if she was in her senses. 
"Tonight we drink"
"And what is the occasion"
"I was adopted by a fish bowl."
"Ah, I see."
He'd kill for a drink right now, which is why he gave in to her request. 
Unfortunately, drunk Y/N and drunk Five were not the best combination, turns out the a**hole within both surfaces and things go downhill really fast after that;
"Wait...this is..work MInE" she slapped the paper on the table, turning to glare at the...two Fives before her.
"Yeah- was doin' it for ya dumbass."
"DUmB? mY Ass is anything but DUMB you sociopath."
"Ohh, the pretty girl finally got somethin' right..." he groaned, he was about to take another swig of the bottle when his world turned blurry, hair tossing around with the speed at which he felt the soft mattress. Blinking away the blur he glared up at her, "This counts as harassment."
"So does staring at my butt."
"Tis' nice to stare at." With that he grabbed her collar and pulled her down, their lips only an inch away, "I win" he smirked before flipping them over, hovering above her, amused by her petrified expressions. He knew she didn't doubt him, nor was she afraid of him, but the thought of him winning against her was going to torment her for years. 
Before she could come up with a snarky response he kissed her, making sure to have her squirming beneath him but blinked away when she began to respond.
"WHAT THE F*** FIVE" hissing she sat up, watching him scribbling on the paper, completely lost in thought.
"Shut up, I think I found the solution"
"By KissING mE?"
"Yeah. Imagine what other questions could be answered if we fu-"
"NOPE" she zoomed out of the room.
It was safe to say that the next morning, both parties woke up hungover like anything. 
"CloSE thE SUN" she hissed, burying her face into something warm and soft, sighing in contentment until that something pulled her closer and as a reflex, she kicked it off the bed.
"Oh...Well, why am I in your bed?"
"The hell do I know, last I remember was you trying to touch me without my consent."
"What?" she spat out, sitting up to realize she was in fact in his bed, the room was littered with several bottles and for some ungodly reason, she was wearing his shirt, while he was dressed in his old man pajamas. As guilt was about to hit her and she was about to apologize, the words stopped right at the tip of her tongue, "I- WAIT YOU KISSED ME FIRST"
Nodding in return he walked over to the table, flipping pages to find the one in which he wrote the solution, pulling it out with a grin, "Solved your equation by the way-"
It was snatched out of his hand faster than light could travel, as her eyes scanned over each number.
"A thank  you would be nice."
"5318008 is not the answer"
"What do you mean??" he snatched it back from her, frowning and wondering why he wrote those numbers because last night he did this he made a discovery.
"My friend, turn the paper upside down and read the numbers."
Following her request, he squinted at the answer before groaning in frustration.
"Guess you were thinking with your d*** and not your brain last night."
"Shut up."
After that night, the two were a bit more open with each other, after she had made him swear never to work on her equations again- no need for more of her body parts to be written down in numbers. Although he agreed reluctantly, he had to admit that he had begun to show her a more, soft side, one that he didn't even know he had- it wasn't his fault though, she'd just end up doing things to him, kissing his cheek when he'd get her coffee, holding his hand while walking around the road during a mission, snuggling closer to him. 
There was another realization between the two, a more sad concept that the two had discovered, the lack of attention and love had left them clinging to each other. Which is why, as soon as that hit her- she began to block him out again. She had simply refused to show any kind of affection, she'd say it was nothing, but he wasn't a fool, nor was she. It began from demanding they sleep on separate beds, to having breakfast either before he did or after he did, the rides back from missions became silent again, and every time he'd ask she'd just brush him off. It got worse when he finally asked;
"Y/N, what are we? You've been avoiding me for a while now if I've done something to offend you... I mean I know I've been busy but so have you and-
"Friends with benefits, how about that?"
"Five, I'll become a liability to you and you for me and I don't want that okay!"
"Listen to me Y/N, it's okay to be afraid-"
"YES, YOU ARE" He slammed the brakes, turning to look at her, "Stop.Running.Away."
"Make me." With that she ran out of the car, faster than she had expected, which she only realized when she stopped under a random tree, completely dry. It had been raining cats and dogs, yet, even after running across an entire field, she was dry as ever- 'Note to self: emotions affect speed' She was about to run away further when a flash of blue stopped her, gripping her wrist.
"Five, stop I-" pausing when her eyes met the hurt in his forest green orbs, swirling with untold feelings.
"Please, Y/N, I- you're not the only one who's out of their comfort zone," he whispered, hoping to God she'd stay and not pull away again. Honestly, he'd usually catch up to her when she'd run, but tonight, her blur of a frame was too fast for him to blink to, he hadn't even realised she was gone till after a solid minute.
"Five...I can't- I don't want to feel that way again..."
"You don't have to feel alone, grieve for your parents but don't suffer alone- suffer with me."
"...was that supposed to be romantic because."
"Oh for the love of God, you just love ruining the moment."
"Why? were you going to propose to me or something-"
"I was."
She was about to call off his bluff but he let go of her wrist and blinked away before she could, leaving her standing in the rain. 
Either way, when she reached the car, he was standing outside, rain dripping off the tips of his raven locks as he smirked at her. A very unusual proposal because before he could get down on one knee for her, she punched him in the face, earning an 'I regret nothing, woman.'
Hence, the secretly betrothed couple continued to live their lives in the commission until they had figured out the solution- well Five had, but she still said something was off.
"Five, I think the decimal is wrong."
"Woman. How long have we been married for?"
She looked at her husband, sitting there in all his grace with a fedora over his balding head and that mustache she had tried to shave off many times at night but he'd always blink away. 
"Around 28 years"
"And if I ask you, in exchange for those lovely 28 years to trust me, to have the slightest OUNCE OF FAITH IN ME" he growled, pressing the tip of his index finger and thumb together, "This much trust would do wonders, darlin'.
"You realize your fingers are touching-"
So the two stood at the portal staring at it. She wasn't supposed to use the portal though, she told him she'd use the watch with th3 same equation, even though he had insisted they go through the portal.
"I'm using the watch Five."
"What if it doesn't work"
"Please we worked on it together, we're like basically a genius duo."
"I'm serious, love."
"Then...then I'll wait for you to come and get me."
With that she grabbed him by the collar, quickly kissed him, and pushed him into the portal, watching it fade as she sighed. By the heavens she hoped for her watch to work, if not, her plan B was to make sure he can stop the apocalypse and she'd end anything or anyone from the Commission within a blink of an eye.
Taking a deep breath she remembered what he had told her to do;
*3 months ago*
"Count till 3, then press the button alright?"
"You realize I'm not an idiot-"
"But you're reckless and...I care about you."
"Sheesh, a married old man blushing as he tells his wife he cares-"
"Okay goodnight " he turned around in bed, turning off the lamp as she laughed, running to his side to turn it on then back in the sheets before he could react.
She did as he had told her, counted till three, and pressed the button.
"Shit" he hissed looking around at his siblings before entering the kitchen. They watched him make one sandwich right after the other:
"Exactly how hungry are you?" Allison asked only for him to snub her,
"It's not for me. Now, what's the date, exact date?'
"Of what?"
"So, are we gonna talk about what just happened?" Luther finally stepped in,  "It's been 17 years." 
"It's been a lot longer than that."
"Where'd you go?"
"The future. It's shit, by the way." he paused before thinking about Y/N who was still not there, "She should've been here by now."
"How long were you there?"
"Forty-five years. Give or take."
"So what are you saying? That you're 58?"
"No, my consciousness is 58." he sighed, irritated by how long this was taking, "apparently, my are now 13 again- shit, she'll kill me" he sighed as he heard something outside.
"Who is she?" Diego asked, staring at the psycho.
"She's my-"
A blur zoomed into the room and Five was slammed into the wall, falling to the ground, coughing in pain.
Everyone standing in battle stance now (minus Klaus, who was covering Vanya) stared at the back of a little girl visibly shaking in anger as he hissed, "THE DECIMAL"
He stood up slowly, pointing at the woman- girl- feeling accused, "Why WOULD YOU DO THAT-"
"I don't think it's appropriate for me to comment on it anymore, considering we're kids-" 
"Who is this Five?" Luther asked, pulling back Diego who looked ready to kill, there was no need to murder a child. 
"This is Y/N Hargreeves-"
She runs out of the room before he can finish his statement, sighing he continues, "She's my wife, and she has powers like us."
"Aw~ you married, never thought anyone would marry you-"
"Klaus, I'll kill you."
She zooms back in, scaring the shit out of everyone except for Five, he knew what she was doing, this was a stupid power move, much similar to his blinking around, everyone to intimidate them. Placing two paper cups of coffee she looks at Five:
"Conclusion, the sugar and caffeine rush increases the speed by 94.32 % unless more than three donuts are consumed with a mug of coffee. Adverse effects would be the excelled heart rate and the after-effects of the rush, possibly leading to one or two of the following;
1)Instant fainting
3)Urge to use the washroom
4)Heart attack
Five grabs a cup and watches her go, enjoying how everyone else is freaking out, he'd be lying if he were to say it didn't turn him on when she'd do that- well he wouldn't say that now because they were thirteen- again.
She zoomed out again, speeding in back to the kitchen, this time in someone's uniform, stopping by Luther she poked his arm before humming to herself, then taking a knife from Diego's hand and throwing it at Klaus' feet, watching him squeak and yell "HEY,"
"Super strength, Target Manipulation, powers related to voice also categorized as manipulation, and let me guess, you don't know what your powers are?" She stared at the siblings before chugging down her coffee.
"You forgot about her." Alison taunted only for her to shake her head,
"No, I didn't, she's normal- hence, only permanent factor, unchanging at least for now."
Throwing the paper cup away somewhere Five stood up, looking around, "Well, then, if you're done with your payback for me placing the wrong decimal, shall we go?"
"I'm not done with you."
"Of course not." He grabs her hand and blinks them away, leaving everyone sitting in the kitchen in silence.
"What the f***"
"Hey...did anyone notice how he just married a female Five?"
"I feel harassed."
It was safe to say it took a while for the siblings to get used to her, at times she was worse than Five, probably because she was always eating something sweet, even though he'd tell her multiple times not to.
"Stop what?"
"Didn't I say no more sweets?"
"You also said to trust you, how'd that work out for us."
"Can you two please stop arguing,  as a single dad I am highly offended at my upbringing"
"Five, please I'll just run in and get the records instead."
The siblings noticed how chaotic the couple was, they never really took no for an answer, and each was always trynna one up the other, but one thing was clear, as Deigo said after he placed a drunk in his bed, next to a drunk asleep Y/N that Luther had gently placed on the bed.
"Damn...if I got a woman, I'd get one like that one."
"One that ends up drunk?'
"No, Luther, you idiot, one that goes to hell and back for me."
Luther looked at them asleep, she was hugging his arm, face pressed against it, they looked, peaceful. 
"I guess you're right."
But when the two fought, they were ready to slit each other's throat, this was something the siblings witnessed. It was when he blinked them back to the mansion, letting her hand go accidentally, which led her to fall, landing on her wrist, shattering the wristwatch. Let's just say when Deigo and Allison reached home, they found the place to be a mess, Pogo running to them and telling them about the fight. They ran to the main room to find Five blinking around the place, 
"I DONT WANT YOU SORRY YOU A**, GIVE ME HIS WATCH BACK, I WANT MY DAD'S WATCH BACK" she was screaming at him, running around throwing things at him, barely missing him each time. 
The fight only stopped when her emotions got the best of her, f*** teenage hormones and the caffeine wore off, she crashed into a wall, falling to her knees as she sobbed loudly, rubbing her eyes furiously. Five had blinked in front of her, sighing as he got down to his knees, hugging her close, whispering how sorry he was, how he'd fix it for her (even though he knew she was perfectly capable of doing it herself).
Luther and Allison believed that the couple was more destructive than lovely, though Klaus disagreed, as he said,
"Five like a challenge, that sociopath would eat up and spit out any weak s/o, no, he deserves someone who teaches him how love is soft like a chicken's butt but as strong as Diego's skull."
When they were about to time travel again, with an unconscious Vanya she looked at him, mouthing "63" then they teleported, only problem, as they were split up and she had ended up with Klaus.
Five on the other hand almost lost his mind when he realized another apocalypse was on its way after he met with Hazel. As soon as he was at Elliot's he saw a photo of her and he felt a bit better, knowing she was still there and safe.
Cue, her rushing into the place, pushing everyone out of the way to stop and foot away from Five, smiling at him like an idiot, "Hey there, lover."
"Wait, are you two a thing?" Lila asked from the couch to which Y/N glanced at her and then made a face;
"Who got little miss teapot on board?"
It got worse when they went to see the Handler, the fact that Lila was working for the Handler had Y/N laughing like an idiot;
"Boy, she has a thing for collecting psychos"
"Darlin' you ain't any different from us."
But when they were told to kill the board, that's when things got messy, 
"Oh and Y/N dear, I want you to bring me back AJ, not Five. It has to be you."
So, yes, she did stare at the man who had saved her from that hell hole, watching him beg for his life, but before she could swing the bat, Five grabbed her hand and blinked her to the garden, much like he had done the first time they had met.
"FIVE" zooming back inside she found him putting the fish in a bag of water, 'Let's go."
When they didn't show up on time, let's just say Y/N didn't take it lightly.
"Easy Y/N" he placed a hand on her shoulder as Allison,
"For your information Y/N, we have important things to do as well-
"NO, YOU DO NOT. YOU HAD ONE JOB, LAY LOW, BUT DID YOU? ALL OF YOU MESSED WITH THE TIMELINE? DIDN'T YOU? AND WHAT'S WORSE IS I HANDED MY FATHER TO A DEATH SENTENCE FOR YOU PEOPLE AND I...." she stopped talking as it hit her, she really had given AJ to the Handler, he really was dead now.
"Y/N" he whispered trying to calm her down before she swat his hand away, "No, I'm done Five. You said you wouldn't let it happen again, I just lost my family.." Her voice cracked as she whispered, "again". Before he could console her she ran away, leaving everyone a bit too guilty as Five blinked outside to see where she had run off to, though he failed.
This is why he decided to go with plan- F, which stood for F***
"Luther, I need ya to be my spotter."
"Your spotter?"
Cue them meeting the elderly couple, Y/N stared at Luther then at little Five. "What the f***"
"Hey, there lover, where's your husband."
"He went to pee, so shall I kill you before he arrives or after?"
"Actually, doll I'd like to have a word with myself" he gave her a weird grin.
(눈‸눈) "Let me guess, you got the decimal wrong"
"Ounce of trust, love."
"Who is this?" Older Five asks glaring at Luther and Five.
"Our secret love child."
Cue the paradox psychosis hitting the psychos as Luther walked beside an older Y/N. She was much calmer than the Y/N they had seen.
"Tell me, boy, do I die in the future?"
"What- no, no, Ma'am nothing like that...hah..its..uh complicated."
"I see, does he" *points at kid Five yelling at a man about how he wished he could pull off those shorts, "Still love me?"
"Well, I wouldn't call it love I mean...you guys are..weird? But I guess it is love according to Klaus"
"Well, that's- EEE" She squeaked, hands going to her butt as kid Five marched past her, "Stop flirting with my spotter".
So, when the Fives actually break out fighting, Y/N just stands there, casually watching them as she checks the time on her watch. Luther loses his mind as he tries to stop them,
"No, I'm good, plus the loop has to complete itself."
Hence when older Five is thrown in the portal, the younger one turned to look at Luther and Y/N, groaning at the sight of the wrecked suitcase. At this point he felt like it was all pointless, even this didn't work out and-
"Why am I mad at you?'
"How the hell did you know that"
"Would've been here otherwise."
"Well dear lover, much like now, I proved to be useless to you, got you stuck in a child's body, trapped in time, followed by an apocalypse and broke your dad's watch- true husband material."
Luther watched the exchange quietly, he had never seen Five so...distraught- no, he looked disappointed in himself. That's a first. And like the softie, he was expecting her to show his psychotic brother some form of kindness- or so he thought;
"Man, you f***ed up, huh?"
"Thank you Mrs.Hargreeves, I wasn't aware of that."
"Well, time to go then- oh wait" she reached for her pocket, taking out a small diary, "Here, also, Five don't beat yourself up, you just learn TO LISTEN TO YOUR SMART WIFE".
As she disappeared with the blue flash Luther stood there, utterly confused about the chaotic exchange, only to realize that Five was actually smiling to himself, staring at the diary.
"So uh, what now?"
"Oh we're screwed, Luther."
After their horrible supper with their father, Five comes back with little to no information, only to go to the rooftop of the building. Leaving all his siblings in Eliot's living room. Opening the door he saw her sitting by the edge, legs dangling off as she looked at the cars below.
"Hey" he muttered, sitting next to her.
"Feeling better yet?"
"I can't control my hormones, which means I can't control my emotions, which means I cant comtrol my speed- Five, I've lost control of everything. I'm not supposed to lose control of anything I-"
"I slapped older you's a***"
"....what the actual f***"
"You were getting too comfortable with Luther"
"Perhaps it does, who cares, she's my wife, not yours."
"That makes no sense."
"Well, does anything? I got you this by the way." He showed her the diary, smiling when she took it from him and kissed his cheek.
Nonetheless, nothing had gone according to plan, and now they were called terrorists, they were cornered at Sissy's farm and before Five could blink, his wife had pushed him out of the way of being shot, falling to the ground, coughing up blood.
He winced at the pain in his abdomen, glaring at the Handler who only smiled wickedly at him,
"To think I gave you a second chance Five, and you ruin it for her-" she turned the nose of her gun to Y/N who was barely holding on to the string of life, but her eyes burnt with pure hatred as she glared at the woman.
"I enjoyed killing your dad" with that she shot her a few more times, the bangs echoing around the barn along with Five's scream. His trembling hand reached to touch the hand of his wife that lay limp beside him, hollow eyes staring at him.
"You take something from me Five."
"I'll take away everything you love-"
She gasped, turning around to see that she had been shot.
Then it hit him, seconds matter, much like their father had told him. And as he went back in time, blinking to grab her gun before she could shoot and watching her die, he called it off before throwing his weapon down. Y/N taking the other man's gun from him and throwing it somewhere in a blink of an eye
So they sat there with a suitcase, saying their final goodbyes, while Five and Y/N sat on the porch, staring at the mess.
"Damn..." She muttered, resting her head on his shoulder.
"I'm sorry" he 2hispered to her, "I almost let you die."
"But then you fixed everything, you always do, that's why I trust you."
"You do?"
"Yes, this much," she said pressing the tip of her index finger and thumb, much like he did back in 63, forcing him to let out a chuckle.
Things were going to get better, they were going to go back to 2019, and everything was going to be okay. Or so she thought because as they stood facing the sparrow academy she groaned internally.
She ended up punching the raven-haired lady in the face, knowing Five was out of his trance, he was kissing the air;
"That better have been me."
"Trust me, my tongue was down your throat"
"I take it back, I don't trust you."
"Kinda late for that now, isn't it love."
"All because of a bloody decimal and male ego."
"Fair point- but, we've got other things to worry about my little roadrunner."
"I swear I'm retiring after this."
"*WE* are retiring after this babe."
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