aenreth · 3 days
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standsforjinxed · 3 days
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feat. Jinx and her pretty pink eyes (part 9/?)
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itsme-tori · 3 days
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Act 3 - Episode 8
Oil and Water
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silcosentropy · 1 day
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Part 3/4 of the Ghost comic commission for @sherwood-forests
Part 1 Part 2
Final part will hopefully be posted around next week
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ink-and-dagger · 2 days
astro car sex?? just for this silly little anon perhaps
Just for you silly little anon 🖤🚗 *beep beep*
Tumblr media
Backseat Bumpers
Silco x Reader || Silco x Astrid || Established Relationship || NSFW || MDNI || Car sex || Oral [f receiving] || Overstimulation || Light bondage || Wc: 1K
Written for Astro but can be read as general AFAB!Reader
Drink With Me Masterlist 🥃
Tumblr media
Hot air + cold surface = condensation. 
Even you, an uneducated Trencher, can understand the basic science behind such a concept.
Another shuddering gasp streams from your mouth into the chilled interior of the carriage; a cloud of curling breath which further fogs the now nearly opaque windows. The cold is only partially responsible for the marble-cut peak of your nipples and the goosebumps which cover every inch of your naked skin – the rest is entirely Silco’s fault.
He kneels on the floor in front of the bench you’re on, seemingly rather content to sit back on his boot heels with your legs hooked over his vested shoulders and his face buried between your trembling thighs.
The leather seat creaks beneath you as you squirm in overstimulated pleasure, unsure whether you’re attempting to get away from the unceasing lap of his tongue and the unyielding vacuum of his lips around your clit, or trying to grind yourself deeper onto the three fingers plunged inside you; coaxing your poor, wrung g-spot with slow, meticulous strokes. You’re restricted either way by the silken neck tie which binds your wrists to the headrest behind you – reducing you to a powerless, writhing mess.
“Silco—” you babble; his name a half whine, half sob that trips over your clumsy tongue. A mystery even to you as to whether you’re pleading with him to stop or begging him to keep going. Your body crackles with too much blazing intensity to bear another second of this divine torture, and yet you teeter upon the threshold of further ecstasy, the likes of which would be unthinkable to abandon.
It’s a miracle he even hears you, given how tightly you squeeze your cum soaked thighs either side of his head. But he does. Of course he does.
Silco’s half-hooded, sea-foam eye lifts alongside its coal-stoked twin to peer up at you, the insolent gaze accompanied by an overtly lascivious hum of inquiry that has your jaw falling open in a ragged, drawn-out moan. The diaphragm-deep vibrations of his hot, wet mouth shove you over the edge, and send you plummeting through a blinding swathe of stars which haze your vision just as thoroughly as the fogged car windows. The very marrow inside your bones sparks with lethal electric pleasure – twice as intense as your last climax. Three times as intense as your first.
The flesh of your palms throbs from the crescent drill of your fingernails. Lashes soaked with rhapsodic tears which run and cool upon your overheated cheeks. And it’s only when your body goes limp and your nonsensical sobs soften to hoarse whimpers that his fingers finally slip from your spent cunt, and his lips detach from your swollen clit with an almost spiteful pop.
You sink lower in your seat, wrists suspended overhead and spine moulding to the sharp bend of the bench as Silco straightens with your knees still hooked atop his shoulders – the new position elevating your pelvis and leaving only your lower back upon the soaked leather cushions. 
He peers down the length of his nose at you, folded and helpless beneath him whilst he towers long and lean above. Sharp, slender lines, painting the perfect picture of smug arrogance in a way that further stokes your seemingly insatiable desire for this insufferable man. The short, salt and pepper hairs at his temples stand on-end, wonderfully ruffled from the grinding rub of your thighs, and your release glistens upon his chin, a single wayward drop sliding down his throat to slip beneath the open collar of his burgundy shirt.
“You— you said you were g-going to— to drive me home,” you pant; breathless words misting in the chill car air.
The hook of his lip is so subtle you almost miss it; a self-assured curl to accompany the hand which snakes around the front of your thigh and reaches for the straining buttons of his trousers.
“So I did, and so I have,” he drawls, “Three times, if I counted correctly.”
You whimper lamely as he pulls his cock free, allowing its hot weight to flop onto your sensitive sex in an obscenely indecorous display. Broad, calloused palms curl around the fronts of your thighs, and sweep a warm and promising journey up to your knees. Unhurried – deliberate – he unhooks them from his shoulders and leans forward, pressing them towards your chest under his weight, folding you even further in half.
You gaze down the gap between his body and yours to where the long, scimitar curve of his shaft rests in the drenched cleft of your pussy. His flushed, flared tip leaking pearls in a promise that thickens your throat with gluttonous want. 
His hands shift again – pressing outwards, leisurely spreading your legs, “And yet I haven’t received even a simple thank you for my generous service,” he reprimands with a disappointed click of his tongue, using his grip on your shins to push them farther apart, farther back, until your knees brush the leather bench either side of you, leaving you stretched and lewd beneath him.
“Not only have you no manners,” Silco croons, dragging his cock through your folds with teasing little rolls of his pelvis until he’s just as slick as you are, “but you have also ruined my upholstery. Truly, a terrible passenger. Luckily for you, I’m in a forgiving mood tonight… I’ll overlook your misdemeanours—”
He shifts his hips, catching at your entrance and sheathing himself to the hilt inside you with a single, devastatingly smooth thrust. Your cunt flutters greedily around him and you bite down on the hitching whine which bubbles from your throat, canines drilling into your lower lip and dampening the noise to a muffled, splintered groan.
He begins to fuck you slow and deep – filling the small carriage with yet more warm, breathy moans and the sound of wet, slick friction. The triumphant glint in his eyes is as dark and sharp as the promise on his tongue:
“— and I’ll even drive you home a few more times.”
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cherryrobber · 2 days
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my take on young Silco… he’s just… a guy.. a really REALLY weird guy
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ravenkinnie · 19 hours
one of silco's best traits is that he's really always ready to give a sermon or answer a question like he's a fucking rabbi. jinx asks 'what's for dinner I'm hungry' and he goes "what IS the nature of hunger? all consuming force that knows no friend, no foe, just its feeder, the drive and the obstacle at once. how can you even know what is true drive if you've never once hungered, if you've never felt your body devour itself from within, cry out for sustenance you knew wouldn't come? I love you. I want us both to eat well' and jinx is like jesus fucking christ. no don't get up I'll just make myself a sandwich
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pink-dragonair · 16 hours
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@sweatandwoe ‘s Silco sweatpants story will not leave my brain thank you for your service
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sweatandwoe · 10 hours
Secret Ingredient really gives me, "Why does mom call you baby girl?" energy.
(especially after chp 20)
"Why does mom call you baby girl?"
Silco chokes, his coffee now out over the table while Jinx doesn't seem to have a care in the world about him nearly dying over her question. It definitely wasn't expected. "What do you mean?"
"Mom. She calls you baby girl." She cuts some of her own waffle, blueberry ones, before looking up at him. "Why?"
He can feel his good eye twitching. "Where did you hear that?"
"Your mother does not call me," he takes a deep sigh, using his napkin to pat down the mess on his tie, "baby girl."
You enter the kitchen next, fixing your hair for the day still. "Good morning." A kiss to Jinx's forehead, "Pumpkin." You greet, before moving over to Silco. And you're smirking, speaking quietly so Jinx could not hear. "Baby girl."
If anyone wonders why he's red-faced for most of the day, thankfully, they are smart enough not to ask.
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askvanco · 3 hours
Singed could help them, if you hurry he might be able to help Silco.
Tumblr media
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dc27552790 · 2 days
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singed’s gotta tell them to keep it down
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sosooley · 2 days
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arms of the ocean
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togetherhearted · 3 days
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Silco never liked when someone walked around his office without his permission; you and Jinx were the exceptions.
You came earlier to give him the lunch box he forgot at home, but you found the room empty.
You sat down on his old,yet still comfy somehow,chair and rummaged the desk's drawers.
You found an interesting pair of glasses at some point;under all that garbage. Probably sunglasses?
-It's not for fashion-
You yelped when you heard Silco's voice. 
-I wasn't-
He rested on the doorframe. -That's for... Protection, yes- He invited you to put them back, averting his eyes;somehow he looked embarrassed.
Tumblr media
-Viktor?What are these?- You handled carefully a pair of glasses. They were clearly not suitable for reading, judging by the dark lenses.
-Jayce bought them for me as a joke.He called them "sunglasses"- He walked towards you  -He said that I need to spend more time  in the daylight or I won't "grow up" and "get stronger" and these will help my eyes to not burn,or something like that. You know how he is- He shrugged. Jayce wasn't wrong though. Viktor needed to stay outside the lab more.
-Want to try them?-
You eagerly nodded and put in on you. You walked towards the window;everything felt so strange.
Viktor chuckled watching you with taking a walk aeound the lab with mouth open.
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For Mylo you weren't supposed to discover the shades. He stole them from a Piltie just for you. He wanted to impress you with a wonderful gift for your anniversary and now everything was ruined.
It was no one's fault if not his. He forgot them on the table and when you came back you ready were all over them.
-Where did you get these?!They're so cool!-
The boy sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck -I stole them...-
-Stole them?!From who?- You were concermed.
-A...Piltie- He saw you furrowing your brows -No one saw me I promise!And I got them for you! You know?For our anniversary!-
Your face lit up but you had to smack him in the forehead for being so reckless.
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pansy-boy-fag · 3 days
How long do you think it took Vander stop thinking about Silco after he ya know tried to kill him and like not even in a shipping way like they considered each other brother How long till he didn't immediately want to tell Silco about things How long till The Last Drop didn't seem to be filled with Silco's ghosts How long till he could make Silco's favorite drink without needing a moment or thinking of Silco How long till he moved on? Or did he never move on Does he still have to remind himself Silco is gone Does he still have to take a moment when someone reminds him of Silco Does he get moody and emotional around the anniversary of him trying to drown Silco(or any anniversary relayed to Silco)
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lunnyypryanya · 23 hours
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It feels like they have winter
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ink-and-dagger · 21 hours
Tumblr media
Featured banner art by @simply---words
The 'Drink With Me' Art Gallery🥃🎨
Displaying a collection of the world's finest fan art.
All works are split into five categories for easy browsing: Astrid, Silco, Astro Ship, General DWM, & Spicy, and are listed in chronological order of when they were posted.
If you've created any art for DWM that isn’t listed here then please let me know as it will have been my mistake!
All the links are to Tumblr posts unless specified. Please note I may update the list from time to time. Click the below link to head back to the main fic masterlist:
Drink With Me Main Masterlist 🥃
Finally, please don't forget to show these incredible artists some love by interacting with their work 💜
Tumblr media
Astrid Art (Reader)
Blairs-Witch - Astrid
Leoxnin - Astrid wearing Silco's coat
Wood-white-writer - Astrid "I do not snore"
Grayhoodiesrule - Noir style Astrid
Foppish - Astrid
Designfailure56 - Astrid
Iseutz - Astrid
Foppishish - Astrid 'coward'
Coffee-oreo - Astrid WIP
Lizzthefrizzzz - Drunk Astrid doodle sheet
Lizzthefrizzzz - Astrid in the club blackout (Chapter 8)
Lemmielem - Astrid
Fenyafaraday - Astrid
LittleKittenAmy - Astrid (twitter link)
Coffee-oreo - Miku!Astrid
Artwithvivien - Astrid
Lizzthefrizzzz - Astrid in the warehouse (Chapter 17, tw; blood)
Sweet-candi - Astrid
Dad-dumpster - Astrid
Sleepietimegal - Catgirl!Astrid
Ink-and-dagger - Astrid
Silco Art
Whooshhhhhh - Silco's hip tattoos
Simply---Words - Silco's hip tattoos
Thesaltybuns - Silco fresh from the shower ft. hip tattoos
Pomegranatebat - Feral Silco (Chapter 14)
Lemmielem - Feral Silco (Chapter 14)
Aromansoul - Silco in office wreckage (Chapter 14)
Simply---words - Silco sleeping like an angel (Chapter 18)
Xeiling-skies - Smoking Silco with hip tattoos
Astro Ship Art (Silco x Astrid)
Soutzart - Astrid & Silco
Kofemate - Astrid & Silco smoking
Six-feet-sleep - Astrid fixing Silco's tie
U2dessertflower - Astrid & Silco dancing
Sleepietimegal - Astrid & howl!Silco
Thesaltybuns - Astrid in the rafters and Silco's 'wtf' face (Chapter 16)
Officially-grim - Astrid yanking Silco's tie (Chapter 15)
Lizzthefrizzzz - Drunk Astrid playing with Silco's hand (Chapter 9)
Grayhoodiesrule - Astrid & Silco tender moment (Chapter 13)
Shadowparcourt - Astrid & Silco sofa makeup (Chapter 11)
Jennithejester - 'Before lightning struck' (End of Chapter 13)
Simply---words - Silco & Astrid super serious and tense moment (Chapter 17)
Aviidus - Silco at Astrid's bedside (Chapter 17)
Aviidus - Soft Silco & Astrid asleep together (Chapter 18)
Simply---words - Astrid lovingly holding Silco's face (Chapter 18)
Grayhoodiesrule - Astrid & Silco asleep together (Chapter 17)
Kikiiswashere - Astrid doing Silco's hair
General Drink With Me Art
Whooshhhhhh - Chapter 9
Spirits-lament - Death AU
U2dessertflower - Astrid, Jasper & Max group photo
Indigo-Aspect - Slice of life at The Last Drop
Spirits-lament - Chapter 5 Riverside Conversation
Spirits-lament - Family photo (Astrid, Silco, Jinx)
Simply---words - Family photo (Astrid, Silco, Jinx) plus bonus surprise photo of Silco half-dressed
Sleepietimegal - Astrid & Jinx
Ace-of-zaun - Quote embroidery
Artssaholic - Group birthday pose
Fluffydogboo - Incorrect quotes comic (Ft. Astrid, Silco & Sevika)
Sleepietimegal - Bottle and rose (Chapter 18)
Lizzthefrizz - Beautiful Monster quote typography
Sygmarie4-w - Drink With Me Doodles
Silver-spoon-paper-plate - Astrid & Jinx
Fluffydogboo13 - Drink With Me Doodles 1 || Doodles 2
Spicy Art
The below art is NSFW - click with caution
Thesaltybuns - Silco & Astrid in the taproom (Chapter 12)
Lemonmancer - Silco & Astrid (twitter link)
Grayhoodiesrule - Astrid & Silco in the taproom (Virgin AU; Chapter 2)
Tumblr media
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