thekunstwollen 4 hours ago
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Hello! I've been obessed lately with this song and I thought I needed to make a hairstyle inspired by the beautiful Wonyoung :)
As always, any problem please let me know, I hope you like it!
Some of you already asked me about the outfit, I made mine only for the render, but you can get an amazing Wonyoung outfit by @fangchuti91 here 馃挄
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-Female, teen to elder
-Maxis match
-Hat compatible
-All LODs
-Disabled for random
-Restricted for opposite frame
-EA colors + 9 extra colors
-Custom thumbnail
-The polycount is around 8k
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-Patreon (EA)
-My site (17/10)
Tumblr media
-Please don't reupload to other sites/games
-Please don't edit this hair, you can recolor but tell me first
-Enjoy! 馃挏
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leightonmejmadabout 21 hours ago
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mcwexlie 7 months ago
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have i posted this one here yet
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vodka-con-amor a month ago
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untitled74224 4 months ago
Si pienso demasiado me duele vivir.
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weirdhoney a month ago
also, i鈥檓 not sure if it鈥檚 just me, but the final form of jean jacket fucking terrified me. abstract monsters and cosmic horror type stuff always creep me out. the way it becomes significantly larger and puffs out into this flowy white creature, but with a contrast of a square neon green 鈥渕outh鈥, the striking difference of this angelic presence of the body, and almost man made and technological appearance of the opening into its mouth. and then inside the mouth it鈥檚 meaty and squishy inside. it鈥檚 character design i鈥檝e never seen anything like before, yet a little too realistic for comfort. hard to comprehend.
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cecesimsxo a month ago
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Slasher Tee & Bleach Effect Jeans
Details & Download Here
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kittykittycatnip 29 days ago
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object au brain go brrrrrrrr
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isntlscc 2 months ago
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59 Beautiful anime posters in one set 鈽嗏寬(*锛-銈)v
My biggest poster set ever made to date!
This is base game compatible as always and does add to your environment :)
Some Anime in the set are:
*Attack on Titan
*Tokyo Ghoul
*High Rise Invasion
*Black Butler
*Demon Slayer
*The Future Diary
*Death Note
*Hunter x Hunter
*The Disastrous Life of Saiki K
*Meiji Tokyo Renka
*Your Lie in April
*Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
*My Little Monster
*The 7 Deadly Sins
*Samuri Champloo
*Kaguya-Sama : Love is War
*Fairy Tail
*Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku
*Kemono Jihen
*Assassination Classroom
Download to find out what the rest are 馃槇
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gregrulzok 2 months ago
Hot take: Those posts neurodivergent people make about how their special interest "isn't CUTE and SOFT like those OTHER NDs, instead it's [Insert Horror Genre] and [Insert something super niche and specific]" have the exact same goddamn energy as "I'm not like OTHER girls".
Not ONCE have I seen ANYONE assume that all ND special interests are cute. Never. Y'all are just making up a strawman to feel special, and getting in a weird and unjustified snipe against people with cute special interests while you're at it.
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ilragazzodellultimobanco 3 months ago
Chiacchere fino a tardi continua ad essere uno dei gesti pi霉 belli che due persone si possano regalare.
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shapeofmetal 4 months ago
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and next up is a Ratchet mermay comm for
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cannibalchicken 3 months ago
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vodka-con-amor 5 months ago
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overcompensator a month ago
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did i ever post him
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weirdhoney a month ago
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Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn / Sharp Objects, dir. Jean-Marc Vall茅e / Dark Places, Gillian Flynn / Gone Girl, dir. David Fincher / Sharp Objects, Gillian Flynn
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cognitivedoodles 5 months ago
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A proper master post for them, here are the functions鈥 introduction post
Main Functions
Shadow Functions
Function鈥檚 enneagram + MBTI (silly idea but i鈥檓 adding this cause it is info)
I鈥檒l be adding more to this post if i uploaded more ramble/worldbuilding stuff
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