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electronicsquid 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Grace Kelly in New York
(Lisa Larsen. 1956?)
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yespumpkindoodlesthings 3 months ago
Hi Pumpkin! I hope you are doing well. If you're still taking prompts I have a funny story for you.
Hubby and me went to a store and split up. Each of us got a cart and when we met, we started laughing, because both of us had grabbed exactly the same stuff!
This just feels like something that would happen to Darcy and Brock 馃榿馃槀馃ぃ
I loved this one! Here it is:
Tumblr media
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whump-softie a year ago
Rescued Whumpee finally allowed things!!
Showers/baths! They stay in the hot water for what seems like hours, scrubbing and using soap and enjoying the peacefulness of getting clean
Eating regular meals! They scarf down their food as fast as they can, but eventually they take their time and enjoy the meal and also enjoy the company of Caretaker at the table
Omg is that a dog?? Whumpee is careful and cautious, and treats the animal with the utmost respect and hesitation. The dog, of course, loves Whumpee and barrels into them, licking their face and making them smile and laugh, pushing the dog gently off.
Picking out their own clothes! Going shopping with Caretaker and admiring the outfits, and not thinking that any of them will look good on them. But Caretaker insists, and Whumpee ends up fluffy sweaters galore
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sun-crests 6 months ago
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justintaco a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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camkablam-reblogs a year ago
Tumblr media
Decided to have a go at using a stock photo as a background instead of trying to draw my own haha Surprised with how happy I am with it!!u
Decided to have a go at using a stock photo as a background instead of trying to draw my own haha Surprised with how happy I am with it!!
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shortandfiestyoncrack 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Shopping trips be like
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veilofemptyspace 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Day 04: Christmas Shopping
"Lance...don't you think we have enough?"
"Still have a few more people on my list! Or do you want to repeat the "missing birthday gift" because you forgot?"
"Oh come on! Keith wasn't that upset over it..."
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keh-arts 10 months ago
Tumblr media
A cheerful picture of my character, Alice, going on a shopping trip 馃挅 [I miss shopping trips ;_; ] I tried out a quick, painterly marker colouring style that I really like with the sepia lines - I'll definitely use it more! Done as a postcard art commission example (available only via my patreon at the moment, although I hope to open public commissions again at some point)
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eldritch-queern-magicat 6 months ago
Going up to Walmart today. I have to avoid going into the garden section because chances are good of me trying to buy a little cactus. I really want a cactus. I need a journal, a new blender, and a couple other things. A cactus is not on the list. I need some money to put aside for my phone plan and cotton yarn from JoAnn's.
This is a reminder, we still have several other plants in our room. As cute as they are, we're going to be fine without it. Not that Dad would mind.
-Catra 馃Ж馃樅
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ceirci666 4 months ago
They went shopping today and diddn't get back till late...
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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alien-baby-boy a year ago
disclaimer: this was written on 5/25/2021 then copy & pasted from my notes app on 6/7/2021. some of the author's notes will reference that this is my first fic using alternating pronouns, but i've practiced since then. i'm glad people wanted to see this purely self indulgent fluff. don't repost, obviously, but reblogging is okay :)
Shopping Trip
by alien-baby-boy
[tags] L/Light, fluff, clothes shopping, clothes sharing, bribery, he/they pronouns for L, because i said so, nonbinary L, cute, crossdressing, innuendos
"I will bribe you with sweets"
L hummed in thought, considering Light's offer.
"I'll also do that thing you like with my tongue, if you cooperate"
L grabbed his hand as they stood, "Let's go"
Light sighed when he saw L wearing a plain white shirt and jeans, "Don't you have anything else to wear? People are going to think you're homeless."
"I don't care if they do, but I suppose I could wear one of your hoodies if necessary," L started looking through Light's closet as they spoke, "Light has a lot of clothing"
Light picked out a navy blue hoodie from his closet. "Wear this one, I've outgrown it & it'll compliment your skin tone. Do you have any other jeans?"
L took off his shirt, uncaring that Light was looking at his prominent ribcage and tiny waist as he slipped the hoodie on. "Mhm, a black pair."
Light examined the jeans, they were fairly stylish in an emo way and a much skinnier cut than what L usually wore. "Put those on"
L stepped in his jeans, they were a much better fit than the blue ones, with a rip in each knee showing a peek of smooth pale skin. "Light is aware I'm not a doll for dressing up, yes?"
"L is aware they are horrible at choosing outfits, yes?" Light teased with a smile. "C'mon, we're going shopping."
"No." L scrambled to think of an excuse, "I have work."
Light waved his hand in the air as if pushing what L said away, "It's Sunday. Your work can wait."
Light thought of ways to sweeten the offer as L shook their head. Light thought L was very pretty, and they'd look even prettier if they put effort into their appearance. Or at least let Light put in the effort for L. "I will bribe you with sweets"
L hummed in thought, considering Light's offer. He didn't really mind shopping, but L wanted to push his limits before agreeing too quickly. L's detective training could come in handy for every day life, after all. Plus, he was a bit of a brat.
Light smirked as he thought of a promise that would guarantee his companion's acceptance of going shopping & being dressed up "I'll also do that thing you like with my tongue, if you cooperate"
L grabbed his hand as they stood, "Let's go"
Light held L's hand as they walked into a department store, "Knew you'd see it my way"
L hummed around the cherry lollipop in their mouth, discreetly scanning the building out of paranoia. Thankfully it was nearly empty with just a few workers and some customers L decided didn't look concerning.
Light was used to L's quirks by now and waited until he was done looking around before leading the way to shirts and jackets. "What size are you?" "Small? You really need to eat more than sweets."
L rolled his eyes, "One lecture at a time, Light. My eating habits are perfectly healthy and a fast metabolism is nothing to be worried over."
Light sighed, mentally shelving the conversation for another more private time. "Okay, Ryu. Size?"
"I'm not entirely sure. A small should be fine."
"What, you've never been clothes shopping before?" Light glanced at L, who had finished their lollipop and was absentmindedly biting their thumbnail, "Don't answer that."
Light handed L a soft gray v-neck sweater, "You should try this. It'll bring out your eyes."
"Okay. It's very soft. Is that all?" L carefully placed the sweater in their basket so it wouldn't become wrinkled.
Light laughed at L's question before gently squeezing his hand, "No, Ryu, that's only one thing. Let's get ten things for you to at least try on."
L paled, which Light didn't think was possible. L felt Light cup his face and stroke under his cheekbone as Light softly instructed "Hey, look at me? You'll be fine. It's just clothes, nothing you don't like, and you can take as many breaks as you want." He turned his head to kiss the inside of Light's wrist, just over the band of Light's watch.
"Thank you, Light, you're very reassuring. Ten isn't that big of a number, I just wasn't expecting it."
Light placed a gentle kiss on L's forehead. "Let's pick things out one at a time, instead of worrying about the total. Tell me if you like something, ok?"
After nearly ten minutes of looking around, L found something that looked like a very long sweatshirt in a nice pale blue color, "I like this."
Light glanced over at L and the item in their hands, unsure if L knew what it was or if they were even okay with crossdressing, "Ryu, that's a dress."
"So? I like this." L gave Light a stubborn look, crossing his arms over his chest as he replied.
"You'll look very pretty." Light kissed L's cheek.
L smiled up at Light as he placed it in their basket.
Light continued his search for stylish clothing for L. It wasn't that hard, considering L liked neutral colors with the occasional pastel. Eventually, he saw a pair of black thigh high socks and started thinking 'Oh, L would look amazing in these. Would he like them? They're pretty soft' Light called him over, "Hey, Ryu, what do you think of these?"
L glanced over Light's shoulder at the socks, "Black socks? I'll try them on, if you really want me to, but you know I don't like wearing socks."
"I know you don't like wearing normal socks, but these go up to your thigh, and I think you'll look really good" Light unashamedly checked L out, looking at their body up and down, "Really really good"
L rolled their eyes again, sometimes they forgot despite Light's intelligence and usual maturity, he was still a teenager at 19. "Calm down, Light. Maybe I won't even let you see me wear them."
Light gently squeezed L's hand before kissing it in apology, "Sorry, I got carried away. Did you find anything else you liked?"
L couldn't help but smile shyly at Light's affection and nodded "Mhm, Light will see them when I say he can. Did you get anything?"
"No, I don't like these sort of causal clothes"
"Really? I would have assumed otherwise, with your age & all the sweatshirts you own."
"Those are just for working out, Ryu. Not all of us wear jeans to exercise, you know" Light teased L.
They went to the dressing rooms for L to try on the outfits they picked. Including a few graphic tee shirts and alternative styles Light wouldn't have guessed L would like, a few new jeans, and merchandise for bands Light didn't recognize. Some things were eliminated if L didn't like the fit or the fabric, but there was just over a dozen things kept. Finally, L was trying on the last outfit.
Light forgot to breath for a few seconds when he saw his companion's outfit of an oversized sweater dress that was thankfully short enough to show off his lean legs and black thigh socks that contrasted beautifully with his pale skin. Light's mind went to the gutter as he imagined doing that thing with his tongue to L right now, without even taking off his dress. Light quickly regained control of himself as he breathed out "Wow. ...You look so beautiful. Please say you'll wear that again soon."
L gave Light a mischievous smile, enjoying the extra attention Light was giving him, all because of an admittedly comfortable dress. "Hm, I might. What sort of occasion would Light suggest it for?"
"Oh, you know, everyday wear or lounging around...maybe in bed?" Light looked at L hopefully.
L finally broke their expression to chuckle, kissing Light's cheek before going back into the dressing room, "That sounds perfect."
[end notes]
Ryu is just a nickname of Ryuzaki, pronounced Re you, since Light can't call L his name in public. i've never written alternating pronouns before, i tried to keep it fairly even & not switch midsentence, so the fic is easier to read. i hope i did it well. til next time :)
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65eatonplace a year ago
Tumblr media
Sharon Tate photographed by Terry O鈥橬eill after a shopping trip in spring 1969 while聽鈥12+1鈥 was in production in London UK
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safelittlespace a year ago
Alright, as promised, here is what I found on my little gear shopping trip to Dollar General and Walmart.
First, Dollar General.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
2 SUPER SOFT cushions
Hello Kitty coloring book
3 sticker sheets
SpongeBob sippy cup (I have phases where I鈥檓 obsessed with watching SpongeBob, so this will be great for that)
Purple speckled bowl set
Panda lovie (it鈥檚 so soft!)
Antibacterial hand spray
Handy basket to store gear in
Now Walmart:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mr. Bubbles twin pack bath foam
Cupcake scented bubble bath
Johnson鈥檚 baby lotion (I鈥檓 going to see if this will help the dry skin on my feet)
3 pack cute bowls
Film for my Instax camera (gotta take pictures of the stuffies!)
Big box of crayons
Colors of the World crayons (where were these when I was a kid??? Do you know how many yellow people I colored??? Everyone looked like SpongeBob!!!)
Purple scrubbie
3 pack cute plates
Cute plastic silverware
Tiny real silverware set
2 kinds of Goldfish crackers
Juice boxes
Yoohoo boxes
Kraft mac-n-cheese
Sweet carrot Goldfish crackers
Welch鈥檚 fruit snacks
Swiss Cake Rolls
Golden Grahams s鈥檓ores cereal bars
2 kinds of tiny muffins
Teddy Grahams
Five different kinds of Lunchables (not pictured, had to get them in the fridge when I got home)
Dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets (also not pictured)
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somefashion a year ago
Tumblr media
Shopping in Paris. (source)
follow @somefashion for more
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tuliharja 9 months ago
Is there love in the air?
Yesterday when I went to the supermarket, I couldn't help but notice something. I noticed various people had hearts in their clothes. One woman had a heart in their beanie, while one had a heart-shaped luminous badge on their butt, one younger girl had drawn a black-lined heart on her cheek while one old man had a heart-shaped luminous badge on his chest, and so on.
At first, I didn't really pay any attention to it, until I saw the fourth person having heart-shaped in their clothes. It made me ponder aloud to my friend if there was some sort of heart day or sort of that we had missed. I felt really out of the loop like I had missed something.
After a while, my friend suggested maybe those were leftover hearts from Valentine's. It made sense, but once I got back home I couldn't help but think: Valentine's day had been days ago. Almost a week ago, people had still worn hearts in their clothes. Not to mention, Valentine's day isn't in here such a big event as in some other countries. Yet despite that, a lot of people that I had seen yesterday had worn hearts even after Valentine's.
Maybe something has changed, thanks to the pandemic. If not anything else, it made me smile and feel like there was a bit more love in the air than usual.
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