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Set: Something's off. Nephthys: Maybe you've finally developed emotions and feel bad for hurting people. Set: No, but that's funny
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its my misson to make mtl tumblr hate me
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Some random game characters by はんくり/Hungry Clicker
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my little meow meow 🐈 ‹𝟹
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family portrait
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Hello! Congrats on 1k 🎉🎉 , I didn't know you do ennead!! Im half blind so i guess i didn't see it.😶
Can I have; Male reader with Seth(Ennead). Prompt # 17, ( Bodyworship + Breeding + Hickeys). Pleaseeeee.
‧₊˚⊹ sub seth x male top reader
prompt: "spread yourself open for me so i can see you."
cw: drabble, dom reader, male reader, bodyworship, breeding, hickeys words: 609 1k event
when it came to your cute seth you had no self-control at all. all you wanted was to hold him in your arms listening to him moan your name over and over again. and that's how it was now.
"haa! (name), go slower..."
you had the redhead by the waist as you helped him ride you. it was so incredible this position because your whole length was going in so deep. you were both out of breath.
to help him make the experience less painful and let seth focus on the pleasure, you kissed, kissed, mer and sucked on his neck. he was so sensitive in that area, he really couldn't help but moan every time you sucked on that area.
"fuck, you're l-leaving marks on me..." seth would scold you as he kept rocking his hips on you and moaning in pleasure every time you attacked his sensitive skin. there was no one who could understand him.
to you the god was so beautiful that every time you had the chance to be with him and make love he was everything. your hands kept touching, groping and squeezing him. you looked at him with adoration and love.
you wanted him to know how much you loved him and that everything about him was beautiful. 
you gave his waist a squeeze, loving how soft and small it was, your hand fit so well in it. you gently kissed his lower abdomen until you trailed a line of kisses down to his chest.
"you are so beautiful... so divine, i love you." you commented sincerely looking into the red eyes of your beloved. 
seth was not so used to flattery of that kind. he was always surprised and his cheeks burned. the god could only shyly approach you and embrace you. 
it was all too much for him, the way you fucked him, the nice words, the caresses of his body with love. he needed support.
you massaged his hair and increased the rhythm of your hips, continuing to penetrate him. harder and steadier.
in that position you could hear Seth's muffled moans more clearly, right in your ear. you loved it and you couldn't stop grabbing his ass and continuing to join him.
"nhg, (name), i'm... so close." with a couple more thrusts you felt seth's essence spill into your chest followed by a loud gasp. 
It wasn't long before you came inside him too. you gasped for air and moaned as you continued to cum inside the redhead.
"more, more (name), i want it all."
you were afraid that after this seth would send you to hell since you deliberately didn't ask him if you could come inside him. but the god didn't seem to mind. when you came seth kept asking you for more and more.
you came out of him. and placed seth on his throne. with his breath choked, marks on his neck and filled by you. it was so morbid to see him so gone for you. you wanted to try something.
"seth, spread yourself open for me so i can see you."
and he did so without a word of complaint. seth placed both legs open on each of the armrests of the big throne. he reached back and opened his ass a little with his hands, even though it wasn't necessary, it was already open for you.
you could see your semen slowly trickling out of his hole, staining the big seat. seth's eyes were lost, his hair was a mess, and his clothes were a mess too, leaving everything exposed.
"fuck” this was an image you were never going to forget.
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A moment of silence for all the things that could have been avoided if Seth had observed No Nut November (lettuce, headaches, the moon).
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Late summer blackberries 
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God of War in Egypt
I kind of wish that the God of War sequel series had taken place in Egypt instead of Midgard. Aside from just loving Egyptian Mythology and it being severely underrated, I really think it could have worked thematically with God of War.
Let me explain.
So, the most famous myth in Egyptian Mythology, and arguably the most important, is the succession crisis between Horus and Set. Basically, Horus is the son of Osiris, the previous King of the Gods, whom Set, Osiris’ brother, murdered and took the throne for his own.
But, it’s not so cut and dry. See, the original King of the Gods was Ra, the creator deity, who was forced out by Isis, mother of Horus and wife of Osiris, and then forced him to name Osiris his heir. Set was Ra’s greatest general and oathsworn warrior, and by all rights should have been king after Ra stepped down. So Horus’ claim isn’t as ironclad as it appears.
So, why does this work?
Because it’s a legitimate divine WAR. A war where no one is clearly in the right or wrong, and both sides have to stand on the strength of their morals, rather than being ruled by a generic fantasy Evil King you need to rebel against.
So, picture this for the God of War sequel series:
Kratos makes his way to Egypt after the fiasco in Greece, and there he meets Nephthys, the sister of Isis and a Goddess of Night, the Dead, and Air. Nephthys is in hiding as she doesn’t want to get involved in the war between her family. She knows who Kratos is, he’s got a reputation, and hides her identity as a Goddess, tending to his wounds. They end up falling in love and having a child together, whom they name Atreus. But Nephthys gives him a different name in secret.
She names him Anubis.
When Atreus is young, the family is thrown into the Succession War when Nephthys’ identity is revealed. This obviously pisses of Kratos because he’s still in his “hates all the Gods” thing and thinks Nephthys used him. But he still loves her, and despite the tension the three of them try to keep themselves together and try to stay alive in the midst of this divine war.
They don’t really like either side of the war, and both occupy a somewhat villainous position in the beginning. Horus is an arrogant jerk and Set is a brutal warrior. Both are meant to be a parallel to Kratos as well, Set having a similar backstory and warrior mindset and Horus emodying the brutal hateful anger at everything that made Kratos destroy the Olympian pantheon.
Basically, Atreus/Anubis in these games would be Kratos’ opposite. He’s gentle and weak where Kratos is brutal and powerful. Atreus’ unique ability is to communicate with the dead, drawing power from them and laying their spirits to rest. It’s this power that makes him indispensable to the war, as he gains the ability to do the same with dead Gods as well, including Osiris.
Ultimately, it’s revealed that Apophis, the Chaos Serpent, has been manipulating both sides this whole time in an effort to throw the world into chaos. Isis finally relents her mbition, Horus unbend his pride, and Set stops fighting.
They end up putting Ra back on the Throne for the coming conflict with Apophis, and the gods recognize Atreus as Anubis, one of their pantheon. Kratos is forced to learn to trust Gods and realize that Ra is not the tyrant Zeus was. He forgives Nephthys for her deception and accepts his son as a God, and they work together against Apophis.
I dunno. I just think it could work.
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Tumblr media
Illegally(?) modified Seth
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egyptian mythology: seth
seth is the god of the desert, foreign lands, thunderstorms, eclipses, and earthquakes.
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Chaos is a Friend of Mine (1)
a/n: so quick storytime: i am obsessed with ancient egypt. i love the history and the culture and the mythology - it's all so beautiful and interesting to me. it actually started after i read the Kane Chronicles so thanks rick so when Moon Knight was announced then released, I think I had a stroke from how excited I was. And the show surpassed all expectations I had like....it was amazing. (i think my parents had a grudge against Moon Knight bc it reignited my passion and i talked nonstop about literally anything to do with ancient egypt.) okay sorry for that, the fic will start now (this the first part of a new series)
prompt/plot: you were once the avatar to the god of chaos - living your best life as you exacted torment upon your enemies. but when he was encased in stone, you lived your life in hiding from the Ennead. When the pyramid crumbled, Marc, Steven, and Layla didn't think about the consequences. After all the statues were broken, the formerly trapped gods went back to their former avatars (if still alive). now, you're back as a threat to the world and to kill the new avatar of khonshu. word count: 1.8k taglist: @nyx-aira (thank you for the title! i hope you like the fic!) pairing(s): (all platonic/enemies - for now) steven grant x fem!reader; marc spector x fem!reader; layla el faouly x fem!reader warning(s): gif not mine and not really relevant to the fic but it's cool; reader is a bit crazy - you're a villain, congrats; changing perspectives/POV; use of Y/N
Tumblr media
The chaos came on Tuesday, like it always did. It started with all your plates falling out of the cabinets, hitting the ground with muffled bangs. After the fifth time, you had traded out all your plates to plastic. Then came the bookshelf. Books pushed themselves off the shelves, opening on the floor, the pages ruffling as your AC came on. But the most annoying was when your blanket was ripped from you, exposing you to the cool air of your apartment. 
“Uugghh, what ghost did I piss off?” You mumbled to yourself, getting up from your chair, setting your coffee down on the end table. As you bent down to pick up the plates, waiting for the blinds to start opening - the pattern of chaos ingrained in your mind, you heard a shattering noise followed by liquid spilling. You stood up straight. 
“Oh hell no-” You stormed over to where you set down your coffee, sighing angrily as you saw your mug in pieces and the coffee all over your floor. You flared your arms upward, frustration in your voice as you yelled at your ceiling. 
“Okay, what the shit did I do to you? Did you live here centuries ago or something? Did-” You were cut off by the feeling of steaming coffee steeping into your sock. As you hopped on one foot, hissing in pain, you noticed the coffee forming strange puddles. You crouched down, cocking your head to the side as you tried to make sense of what was happening. Maybe your floorboards were uneven. But as the steaming brown liquid continued to swirl, you recognized what they were forming. 
“Hieroglyphs?” You whispered in disbelief, hand reaching out to trace the symbols. Just as your fingers touched the coffee, the hieroglyphs seemingly translated in your mind. You scrambled back at what it said, chest heaving in shock. After you calmed down, you stood up calmly, aware of the presence behind you. You rolled your shoulder before raising an eyebrow. 
“So..you’re back?” You shook your head, laughing as excitement weld up inside of you. You turned around, a smile itching to form on your face. 
“Hello Set.”
Marc was vibing. He was free of Khonshu’s burden, free to live his life with Layla and Steven, without any possibility of danger ahead. He leaned back in his patio chair, sunglasses sliding down his nose as he basked in the sun. Layla sat in front of him, her hair creating a halo around her head, glowing in the sun. Even though she was no longer the avatar for Taweret, she was still a goddess. The streets bustled around them, families out shopping, vendors calling out their goods, music playing faintly in the distance. 
“Why are you smiling so big?” Layla asked as she took a drink of her sugar cane juice, a happy look on her face. Marc spread his arms out wide, gesturing to the energy around them. 
“This! We can finally have a moment like this without having to look over our shoulders! We can finally take a breath!” Marc looked down at the mirror he now carried around, seeing Steven smiling as well. 
“I can’t believe it’s actually over.” Steven gushed out, as he fronted. Layla’s eyes widened in excitement when she heard Steven’s voice. 
“And how are you doing? Do you plan on going back to your museum job?” Before Steven could answer, Marc’s reflection yelled a “No!”. Steven laughed, shaking his head. 
“I think I’m going to have to talk to the voice in my head about that.” Layla chuckled, shaking her head. Marc put on a faux offended look. 
“I really thought we had gotten closer Steven, I really di-” when he didn’t finish, Steven raised the mirror up, concern written on his face. 
“Marc, what is it?” Marc fronted, looking around, a bad feeling growing in his gut. Layla set down her juice, also looking around. 
“Marc what-” people started screaming, their eyes glossing over. Marc stood up quickly, knocking his chair over as he, Layla, and Steven watched the chaos around them. People were running around, clawing at each other, their words garbled together like they were speaking under water. Layla squinted, looking at the ground, taking a cautious step towards Marc as she watched sand seep through the streets, rising and falling like an ocean caught in a storm. Soon, Marc and Layla were back to back as they watched the chaos unfold. The sand rose up, swirling around them like a tornado, crashing to the ground, crushing the table they were once sitting at. Steven fronted, rubbing his forehead. 
“What the bloody hell.” He mumbled as the crowd started to become more violent with each other, some people’s eyes dripping sand. Everytime Layla or Steven tried to move, they realized their legs had gotten trapped in a pool of quicksand. They heard a woman scream as her friend threw a knife at her, scrapping her side, their heads snapping in that direction. 
“Beautiful, isn’t it?” A new voice spoke, a woman’s voice with overlapping echoes. The quicksand rotated, causing them to turn around, letting them see the owner of the voice. A woman sat on the edge of the roof of the building across the street, leaning back on her arms, a pleased yet nostalgic look on her face. 
“You’re doing this?” Layla asked, her voice filled with disbelief. The woman shrugged, her eyes still focused on the crazed people. 
“Maybe. But don’t worry, darling, it won’t last long. It will stop when I get what I want.” 
Steven and Layla looked at each other before Steven asked. 
“And what do you want?” His voice was hesitant, but without fear. The woman laughed to herself, looking down at her hands as she fiddled with her rings. When she looked up, her eyes were pits of fire, burning into Layla and Steven. 
“I want the avatar of Khonshu. Dead.” She turned her gaze to only Steven who swallowed, letting Marc front. Marc chuckled, scratching his head. 
“Look lady, I guess you haven’t heard yet. I’m no longer Khonshu’s avatar!” The woman with eyes of fire faked looking disappointed before bursting into a giant smile, laughing loudly. She stood up. 
“Oh honey, it’s cute that you actually believe that.” She placed her hands on her hips, smirking. “You know, when my friend was released from his prison of stone, I thought: Finally. You know why? Because I’ve waited years, decades, to kill Khonshu once and for all. Killing his avatar is just the first step. But then,” she laughed, raising her hands in the air - causing the sand to rise up Layla and Marc’s neck to their chins, “I find out the avatar of Khonshu that I knew had gone crazy, started a cult, worshiped the alligator lady, became her avatar, then got shot in the head. By Khonshu’s new avatar.” She watched with glee as Marc seemed to put it all together. His chest fell, shaking his head as he looked towards the sky. 
“I’m still Moon Knight.” 
“Well, not exactly. Your third identity is, you and Steven are just along for the ride.” Steven fronted, much to Marc’s annoyance. The egyptologist frantically traced his mind, desperate to figure out what she meant by her friend trapped in stone. 
“You’re an avatar.” The woman raised her eyebrow, looking to the side then back at Steven. 
“Well duh. And I thought you were the smart one.” Steven shook his head, confusion etched into his face. 
“But who’s your-”
“Set.” Layla spoke, her face hardening as she named the god of chaos, deserts, and disorder. The woman pointed at Layla, making a finger gun motion. 
“Bingo. But don’t worry, you haven’t met him yet. This,” she waved her hands towards the street, “is all me.” She said proudly. Just as Steven was about to respond, the woman’s eyes lost all of their humor, shining with hate as she looked behind them. Layla and Steven turned their heads to see Khonshu behind them, holding his scepter in a menacing way.  
“Y/N. I thought you were dead.” She shrugged. 
“You thought wrong, pigeon head.” The moon god growled, preparing to attack. Y/N cocked her head to the side, as if listening to someone speak. An evil smirk grew across her face. She flicked her wrist, the sand surrounding Layla and Steven collapsing, sending them to the ground. Y/N smiled at Khonshu, no warmth present. She adjusted her cuffed sleeves and collar, waving as she dissolved into sand, disappearing into the wind. In a flash, the sand in the street was gone, and people carried on as they were before, no trace of the madness from a few seconds prior. Marc fronted, turning towards Khonshu, anger written in his eyes. 
“I thought we had a deal.” Khonshu nodded solemnly. 
“We did. But now we see that Moon Knight is still needed. Set has been released and his avatar, that Y/N, is arguably more dangerous than he is. She won’t stop till I’m dead, killing whoever is in her way.” Layla shook her head, frustration seeping in as she ran her hand through her hair. 
“And why is that our problem?” Khonshu sighed, pointing to her wrist. 
“Because of that.”
On her wrist, or seemingly under her skin, was a shifting symbol. A Was-scepter. Marc groaned when he saw the same thing on his wrist. 
“She can track you with that mark. She’s able to see wherever you are, hear what you hear, hunting you like a predator,” Khonshu looked towards the horizon as Marc and Layla looked at each other with devastated looks,
“No matter where you go, she’ll find you.”
You reformed in your hotel room, shaking excess sand onto the floor. You cracked your neck and knuckles, rolling your head to the side. Set appeared on the bed, lounging with his arms behind his head. You rolled your eyes, taking off your rings as you went to change for bed. 
“I’m not sharing the bed nor am I sleeping on the floor.” You called out from the bathroom, pulling pajamas on. When you walked out, you saw the mule headed god playing with a TV remote, jumping when he accidentally turned the television on. You shook your head, muting the sound when you took the remote from Set. 
“Can you see them?” He asked, his voice like cries of war. You closed your eyes, smiling as Marc Spector and Layla el Faouly came into view - furiously packing their stuff, looking around cautiously. Marc was scratching as his brand, the was-scepter seemingly burning him. When you opened your eyes, you nodded. A smirk grew on Set’s face, the fire in his eyes burning brighter. He got off the bed, raising his arms like a champion in battle. Your hotel room walls shifted and reformed, creating itself into a palace on the inside. You laughed. 
“You’re so dramatic.” Set shrugged, nodding acceptantly. You sat criss cross on the bed, looking at Set intensely, your own eyes burning with flames.
“So, what’s next?” Set laughed.
“Well, my child, we get your revenge.”
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HAPPY HALLOWEENIE CUTIES 🎃✨💖 This Halloween will be the ultimate babygirl, Sethtachi 🙏
Twitter | Carrd
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Tumblr media
Happy family... After's true.
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Tumblr media
Father and his son      ( Anubis and Seth )
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godsofhumanity · 8 months
Ra, to Set: We are not mad. We are just disappointed.
The rest of the Ennead: No, we are mad.
Ra: Yes. We are. We are livid. But we are going to let this one slide.
The rest of the Ennead: No, we’re not!
Ra: I am not a mind reader, guys!
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