beckywiththegoodhijab · 5 months ago
Dear kids: sometimes, self-care is ridiculously unsexy. It's cleaning your filthy bathroom after weeks of ignoring it. It's washing your bedsheets and vacuuming your floors. It's forcing yourself to take a shower and brush your teeth. When that temporary motivation strikes, RIDE THAT WAVE as far as you possibly can. It's the kindest thing you can do for yourself sometimes.
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notabled-noodle · 3 months ago
learning to stop hating yourself isn’t something that happens overnight.
it’s a series of negotiations you make with yourself over your whole life. it’s making one less self-deprecating joke. it’s looking at yourself in the mirror with a little more generosity. it’s forgiving yourself for that little mistake.
it’s not one thing and then you’re good. it’s many small choices you can make that slowly make your brain and body a little less uncomfortable to live with
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brytning · 8 months ago
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Self-care Sunday: Does anyone else feel like they need more concrete instructions than "just let go" of intrusive thoughts? Hunter Clark-Fields (author of Raising Good Humans) explains that the reason labeling thoughts works to help let them go is because the process activates the prefrontal cortex---the part of the brain responsible for logic, reason, and decision-making, i.e. the part of the brain that's good at focusing and setting emotions aside. It's been really helpful in my meditation practice to notice where my thoughts go, give them a label, and find it easier to refocus on the present. Labeling thoughts isn't just helpful during meditation! It's a useful practice at any time of day when you notice unwanted thoughts cropping up. The key is in the noticing.
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akindplace · a year ago
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Mentalhealthceo on instagram
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neep-neep-neep · 6 months ago
you are good even when you are unemployed.
you are good even when you need to rely on others’ help.
you are good even when you are depressed.
you are good even when you are hurt.
you are good even when you are scared.
you are good even when you are overwhelmed.
you are good even when you are not tidy.
you are good even when you are confused.
you are good even when you have difficulty performing tasks.
you are good even when you feel like you’ll never measure up to being an adult.
symptoms are not morality.
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perfectfeelings · 10 months ago
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c-ptsdrecovery · 8 months ago
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thenib · a year ago
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Gemma Correll.
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liberaljane · 6 days ago
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Joy is a constant practice. 
{Digital illustration of a woman wearing a head scarf, sweatshirt and jeans while sitting cross-legged on the floor. On her lap is a white cat, and to her left is a cup of mysterious white tea. Text reads, ‘Joy is a constant practice -- not a destination.}
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anonymousdandelion · 14 days ago
Self-Care Game
So I had a fun, random game idea. Making people practice self-care by reblogging posts is all well and good, but! What if we took it a step further?
Very simple rules to this game:
Everyone who reblogs this post is required to do one thing to care for yourself — something big, something small, whatever works for you.
Every time someone reblogs this post from you, you are also required to do one self-care thing.
Feel free to reblog as many times as you want, from as many people as you want, to make each of them do self-care. You still have to do your part each time, though.
It’s your big chance to make your mutuals, followers, and followees take care of themselves… all with one post. The only catch is that, in order to participate, you have to follow the rules and care for yourself as well. :D
Reblog if you’re up for it. I’ll play too. Wouldn’t be fair otherwise.
(Feel free to share what you’re doing for self-care in the tags or comments if you want to hold yourself accountable or inspire other people. You can also keep it private if you prefer. Honor system.)
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amyyboo · 4 months ago
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spiritualseeker77 · 5 months ago
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notabled-noodle · 5 months ago
sometimes self-care is imagining what your tomorrow-self would be grateful to your today-self for doing. and then doing that
it’s about looking after your future self
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brytning · 5 months ago
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I feel like my self-care goes pretty well when I treat myself like I would treat a child. (Did Brittany get enough to eat? Make sure she gets to bed on time. If she's cranky, put on this music she likes. Make sure to pack a snack, just in case!) It's all about bringing more gentleness into the things I expect from myself and making sure I get what I need.
I've heard of people who approach their self-care by imagining they're a rare animal in a zoo, or a beloved pet, or an expensive system that needs regular maintenance. Whatever metaphor makes you care for yourself in the way you deserve!
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akindplace · 5 months ago
You are not "wasting your potential" because you took a break, or because you're exhausted, sick or because you are struggling to find purpose. Please, take some time off, take care of yourself, listen to the needs of your body and your mind. Do the things you want to do to make you happy and fulfilled, not what others think you should, not what's more successful in their minds. You aren't wasting your life, nor wasting your potential. You are still deciding how to live it, what is the purpose of it, and you will find motivation to fight for what you want when you figure yourself out, but please take your time and don't listen to the pressure of people around you to comfort to their expectations of success.
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the-healing-mindset · 9 months ago
Sometimes, taking care of yourself means not putting pressure on yourself by thinking that you’re meant to be further ahead or that you’re supposed to be doing more with your life by now.
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