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security tape
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pairings — beefy!biker!bucky x fem!reader
warnings — dom!bucky, unprotected sex, breeding kink, lap dances, talks of sex tapes/pictures/audios, dumbification, beard burn, mentions of balls, oral fem receiving, daddy kink, exhibitionism/public sex, dirty talk, spit kink and cum play
summary —only for our eyes.
wc — 3.2 k
authors note — AHH !!! OVER 2.5 K OF YOU BABIES!!! LOVE U ALL SO MUCH !!!! SO IN HONOR OF THAT, HERES THE FIRST INSTALLMENT OF MY NEW AU VERSE !!! will be part of the for our eyes only verse
࿐ m.list 🂱 s.stan list
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Well look who finally decided to make an appearance.” Bucky’s voice rang through the beer infused air, back pressed back up against the dark color cushion and behind the wooden table that was littered with papers, a screen and a nearly finished glass of bourbon. The hum of the ice makers coming to life and the music fading from one song to another.
A sympathetic and amused look, thrown in his direction as your legs took you to stand in front of the table. Hands pressing themselves against the cool wood table and resting your body against them. 
“I told you I’d be here around six.” Leaning further on to the table and at the pout forming against his lips and the space growing larger between his hairline and eyebrows. 
He scoffs at the audacity, looking at his watch, “Yeah, a whole forty seven minutes after.” Firm glare or what was trying to be, but the glimmer of his midnight eyes proving otherwise that he was happy you were here, with him where you where were suppose to be.
“Yeah ‘s in the general area of six.” You protest while holding back the laugh that you so desperately wanted to let go off at how childish the six foot four leather clad biker was being about this.
His arms uncross from one another and his lip untucked itself from his pearl white teeth. Not saying a word as he slid out of the booth and over to the low lit bar where the open bottle of bourbon sat, pouring himself another glass. 
It was comical when you really thought about it. The six foot something tattooed cover biker with a sour look and grumbling under his breath. To anyone and everyone else he was labeled as grumpy and scary, but to you— he was a big softy, with a weak spot for you. 
Making your way over to him, you squeezed your body between him and the cool wooden bar, doe eyes already begging for forgiveness, “‘M sorry. I didn’t mean to be late. I, uh got distracted.” Tucking your lip between your teeth, your cheeks growing warm at the faint thought of what made you late. 
Grabbing his attention, the midnight eyes searched your face for an answer to said distraction. The pink dusted cheeks— warm to the touch, the dazey hooded glimmer in your eyes and the slightly ruffled hair was drawing a conclusion, but couldn’t quite draw a conclusion.
Then, with one last sweep over your enhanced features, it all clicked.
Bucky biting back a smile— or a smirk, “Distracted?” His voice dropping low and hands bruising your hips as he deposits you up onto the bar. “Care to explain, Ace.” Glimmer of hope you’d spill all the details he was desperately trying play in his mind.
“Uh, I couldn’t find my keys.” That was believable.
“Really?” His hands trailing up your bare legs, only covered by a denim cladded mini skirt. “When I left an hour before you, could’a sworn the were on the gold dish on the counter.” Challenging you.
Your eyes growing ten times in size, “I, uh mean my wallet. Yeah, couldn’t find my wallet.”  The goosebumps rising the closer he got to the hem of your mini skirt. Fingers playing with the distressed material as he hummed at your answer — not believing your words for a moment.
Bringing your body closer to him, his lips hovered over yours, “Sure it wasn’t something else that made you late?” Bourbon mixed with mint meeting your cotton candy like lips, “Maybe something like on your phone.”
Wicked, delicious and a dangerous game.
One of Bucky’s ring cladded, tattooed hand leaving your thigh as it met the heat of your cheek, thumb brushing against the high point, encouraging your answer, “How’d you figure it out.” Sheepishly asking with a glimmer of pride.
“Cause ‘m usually the one makin’ you look that way.” 
“Bucky!” A hand meeting his concrete shoulder, doe eyed and face warmer than before and far pinker. 
“Love it when ya scream my name.” Smiling before pressing his lips against yours. Bucky’s tattooed hands seemed to have a mind as they wandered around your body, meeting your legs , under your skirt and ever so lightly ghosting against your thighs which elicited a moan letting him deepen the kiss and sliding his tongue into your mouth.
A fucking dream come true. His best girl — perched on the bar, leather jacket and all, nape of the neck exposed for his lips, sloppy kisses and even messier hands.
“Which video did ya watch?” Bucky spoke against your lips, trailing down your jaw and to the column of your neck, a trail of destruction everywhere his lips connected to your skin.
“I— the one of us after Sam’s house party.” Gasping out when his teeth grazed your skin. “Y’know the one where you tore my panties right in half.”
“Didn’t seem to mind when I made you cum four different times that night.” He hums against you, eyes gleaming with pride when he met your eyes that were watching his every move.
Four years of love and two years of living together. Soulmates. Complete opposites, but alike in many ways. 
A crisp autumn night, layered in a waffle white long sleeve tucked away in a leather jacket with light washed denim jeans. One too many tequilas as your sneaker cladded feet took you to the very man that you’d come home to every night and show you how much he loved you every morning. And Bucky thanked his lucky stars every day for those doe eyes and wicked tongue. 
You fell hard and fast for the six foot something, leather wearing, tattoo covered biker.
Neither one of you loving someone the way you loved each other. Day in and day out proving your worth to one another.
“‘Specially when I did that thing with my tongue.” He mumbles out, his forefinger running between your wet folds followed by many curse words.
You gasped out a string of incoherent words when his cold rings could be felt when his finger dipped into your messy hole.
“Gonna let me wreck you.” Other ring adorned hand squeezing your bare thigh, voice dangerously low and the midnight eyes pleading for your acceptance. “Let me destroy this little pussy. Make her cry and squirm.” Retracting his finger to bring to his lips— tasting his favorite thing. 
“Sweeter than ever.” He hummed out pressing his lips against yours so you could taste you on his lips. “And always so messy for me, for daddy.”
“Bucky.” You whine grinding against his jeans, trying to alleviate the ache between your legs. The pleading, close to pathetic look you were giving him was enough for him to flip your skirt up and blow against your puffy pussy. “Don’t tease me, touch me.” Lips pouty and prominent with the taunting promise of watching them quiver.
“Yeah? Want me to make ya sing, baby? Play with her all night? Make her weap and cry till she can’t take it anymore?”
A moan escapes from your bruises lips with a nod and eyes fluttering closed.
“Gonne let me eat your pussy, baby? Know you’re gonna be my good girl for daddy tonight.” He questions licking his lips as his eyes follow your glistening pussy, “Shit, baby. A drippin’ mess, s’all for me? Needs me that bad, huh?”
Nodding your head in response, your walls clench around his forefinger and middle finger, your head becomes even fuzzier when his lips connect with your clit as his tongue begins spelling words that word spoken between the two of you.
“Got the prettiest fuckin’ pussy ever. Can’t wait to show you what she looks like when ‘m done with her tonight.”
Your senses are in overdrive. Hypersensitive. And when his beard brushed against your folds the most pornographic sounds falls from your bruised lips and he inserts a second and a string of saliva leaving his lips runs against your folds to your hole. 
It’s filthy and delicious. 
The pathetic whimpers leaving your mouth mixed with the wetness from your pussy and the moans from Bucky are driving you closer to the edge. 
“D— Daddy, ‘m gonna cum.” You cry out, squeezing your legs around his head, only making him shove his face further into your sensitive pussy. “Don’t stop, please.” Whining out rubbing your face against his mouth and beard. The burn of his hair increasing the pleasure and without a doubt leaving the promise of him on you tomorrow.
Bucky’s tongue laid flat against your clit, his eyes connecting to yours holding eye contact telling you to cum, to be his good girl. He’s desperate to taste you — your warm cream filling his mouth. He needs you spread on his beard and he’s begging for it with every lick and curl of his finger.
A few more swipes of his tongue — spelling his name, the promise of coming home and the curl of his cool cladded fingers brushing against your spongy spot was enough for you to cum, squirming against him as you see the stars. 
Bucky continues to clean you up. Never missing a drop of the warm cream lapping up every last drop. Standing tall and proud with a smirk plastered on his lips, noticing how floaty and fucked out you already look.
Your slick glistening against his beard, swollen pillow like lips and blown pupils, “Think ya can give me another on, baby?” Bucky husks out, nudging his nose against yours — smelling you on him.
Your eyes lashes flutter close when your lips meet his, moaning into his mouth with the taste of you on the tip of his tongue, as you palm at the prominent bulge hidden beneath his jeans.
The zipper makes a loud, thick sound, as your hands find the bottom of your shirt, pulling it up and over your head— only left in your mini skirt when his angry cocks’ finally able to breathe.
“Shit— gettin’ pretty everytime I see you.” The butterflies soaring in your stomach when you feel the mushroom leaky tip drag up and down the reminiscence of the mess he created earlier before he eases the head into your sore but desperate hole. 
“Just stretched her out this morning, how’s she this tight already.” Bucky continues, “Guess ‘ll have to fix that, seein she’s gonna suck me back in everytime I pull out.” Bottoming out — pelvis to pelvis, chest to chest.
“Gonna fuckin’ ruin her and you, baby. Gonna have her a weapin mess, beggin’ me for more after I fill her up.” Bucky states as he slams in and out of you at a bruising but promising speed.
Bucky fucks into you as if his life depends on it. His midnight eyes connecting where his cock meets your needy hole, moaning when he sees himself covered in your slick.  Bucky’s balls slapping against your ass as words fall from his lips when he feels you suck him in and clench around him. 
He pounds into you relentlessly, the girth is snug and length is delicious. His bulbous tip brushing against your g’spot, the delivering of every thrust is deliberate and tasteful. He’s demanding you feel everything that makes his cock — veins, crevice and mushroom tip.
“Daddy needs you to be a good girl. He needs ya to drench his cock. Need ya to make a slutty mess, c’mon I didn’t fuck you that stupid, yet. Cum for me. Make a mess so daddy can make a mess in you.” Bucky states, eyebrows furrowed, cock slipping in and out of you.
His balls are heavy. Begging for a release. Begging to fill your silky creamy walls. Needing it. 
“Be a messy slut and cum for me.” Buckys fingers start rubbing your little clit, in small deliberate circles, as you moan loudly clenching his cock like a vice making his balls tighten and body tighten.
Your legs to shake and spazz around his thick thighs, as your pussy wheeps and creams around his cock riding out your orgasm.
“Good girl, baby, fuck, gonna cum.” Bucky moans ropes of his seed shot from his bulbous tip, spewing into your bruised and velvet like walls, flooding your pussy to the brim, riding out his and your orgasms. 
A few moments of labored breaths and stolen kisses, he slowly slides himself out, careful to not let anything spill out. His fingers coming down to collect the cum that’s dripped out, collecting it and running his fingers along the rim of his glass— a promise to taste you the rest of the night. 
“I have to save some of you for later Ace” Licking his lips and fingers once done.
Tucking himself away and helping you collect yourself you catch that lovestruck boyish look he’s given you a million times.
He cups your cheeks, cold rings flushed against your pink cheeks, keeping you close to his heart and the steady thumps beating at the same rate. Passionate and messy. Desperate and yearning. Actions speaking louder than words. Each kiss expressing the impact and heaviness of his love. Everything pouring into this kiss. 
“Much as I love those sweet lips, gotta get ready to open the bar.” Speaking lowly and with a huff. Meeting your eyes as he leaned down for one last kiss.
“Oh and Ace,” Your eyes connect with his, your head titling to the side — indicating for him to continue, “Can’t wait to watch the security tape later.” His tongue licks the rim slowly and deliberately as he goes to get the supplies to clean the counter.
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Bride and Groom
Pairing: Mob!Nick Fowler x Female Reader Summary: Nick lives in a dangerous world, but it won't stop him from marrying the love of his life. Word Count: Over 2.3k Warnings: Implied explicit sexual content, swearing, possessive behavior, slight fluff, mentions of violence, Nick Fowler (he’s a warning, okay?). A/N: I began this in January and finally finished the start for this new AU. @11thstreetvigilante, @sweeterthanthis , @dreamlessinparis , @christywantspizza , thank you for letting me scream about this. ❤️ Beta read by the beautiful @whisperlullaby (thank YOU as well!), but any and all mistakes are my own. Divider by @firefly-graphics and moodboard and banner by yours truly.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Today marks the most important day of Nick Fowler’s life. It was also the happiest. He was marrying the woman he loved. He never thought the day would come because for a man like him, love is a liability. It also represented something pure in a world of power, blood, and death.
You were an unexpected equation in Nick's life. It was difficult for him to describe, but he never thought he'd find someone like you. He admitted he was somewhat jaded after serving time in the military, his outlook on life darker with some of the things he witnessed, some by his own hands. Finding his place in the mob didn't make his world any brighter. 
Though it did give him structure and purpose, he felt something was missing. He didn't dare breathe it to his men that he didn't feel whole, not wanting to appear weak. He wasn't sure at the time why he felt that way. And on an ordinary day, he received his answer in the form of you.
Alone at the bar, a hole in the wall place he had grown fond of, you had the attention of every man there. Nick was always good with women. He could read them and know what they needed or wanted. But it felt like the other way around when you looked his way like you knew that he needed and wanted you. And he always got what he wanted. 
"Let me buy you a drink."
You smiled and told him you were waiting for a friend. Had your friend been a man, he would’ve gotten rid of him easily. It took some convincing, which he enjoyed watching you smile as you tried to resist, but you took him up on his offer since your friend was running late. They ended up bailing and he couldn’t have been happier. 
One drink turned into two. He was careful not to let either of you have more. He wanted a clear head so he could remember every detail about you. Your humor sucked him in because hardly anyone made him laugh. Your sincerity made him want to shield you from the other men around. And your beauty and what it did to him? He made his intentions very clear.
“You’re a dangerous man, Nick Fowler.”
“You have no idea, sweetheart.”
Your first kiss took his breath away. It anchored him to you. It angered him momentarily that you shifted his entire path in life from a single touch of your lips. No one had that kind of control over him. But he knew you weren’t the type to take advantage of him or his feelings for you. Not like others who ran in his circle.
His men looked into your background, of course. They informed him you didn't have any immediate family, as you lost your parents after you graduated from college. You didn't say much about them, though you had photos of them around your place. He knew you were lonely, even amongst your friends. He understood that feeling all too well.
"We can make a family together."
Nick hadn’t felt so possessive over anyone in his life before. You were his and he wouldn’t let you go. He wanted forever with you. Once he set his mind on something, it was nearly impossible to sway him. 
Even when word spread that I had someone, I couldn’t let you go. Even after what I did, I had to hold you closer in my heart.
It was selfish of him in some ways to take a wife. You didn't belong in his world. There was so much good in you, yet you still trusted him when he told you what he did for a living. That he killed when it called for it and ruined others to set an example. He revealed ugly parts about himself while you brought out the best in him.
But you still didn’t know the worst of him, the thing he kept hidden from you.
You should have run away the moment we met, sweetheart, and never looked back. It’s too late now.
Looking in the mirror, Nick took a deep breath. Not a single hair was out of place, the short style accentuating his features. He debated shaving, but you loved the feel of his scruff against your skin. And his suit jacket was one of a kind and matched his cerulean blue eyes. He had to look perfect for you. 
It killed him that he hadn’t seen you all morning. He didn’t like letting you out of his sight. Part of him feared that if he went too long without seeing you that someone would steal you away.
Someone like Steve. 
He felt rage at the thought, slowly exhaling. No one would get to you and he wouldn't dwell on unpleasant thoughts. He had men on every corner and Jake Jensen updated him periodically, letting him know that you were okay. He was one of his most trusted men and he protected you like a brother. You were comfortable around him, which put him more at ease.
The small voice in the back of his mind began to fill him with doubt as he fixed his bowtie. 
What if you change your mind at the last second? What if you decide this life isn’t worth it? Is love enough to endure the unknown of our future?
“Nick?” your voice rang out, surprising him as he looked toward the door. You knocked three times, followed by two slow knocks. It was a signal between the two of you, but why were you in the hall? 
Where the fuck is Jensen?! 
“Don’t open the door. Everything’s fine. Jake’s a few feet away,” you said as if you read his mind. “He hasn’t let me out of his sight.”
“Except when she changed, boss!” Jake promised.
Good because I’d hate to hurt one of my best men on my wedding day. 
"Didn't you say it's bad luck to see you before the ceremony?" he reminded you. He was, personally, against that superstition. It probably had more to do with the fact that he wanted to ruin you before you went down the aisle and you were more than aware of his intentions. He hated hiding things from you, but his need for you was never something he had to mask.
Your soft laugh pulled him out of his thoughts, bringing a brief smile to his face. "Doesn't mean I can't talk to you. Just had this feeling you needed to hear my voice."
He didn't confirm or deny it as he adjusted his cuff. You knew he needed you. You always knew, like it was an instinct to go to him when his thoughts grew too heavy. "What did you want to talk about, lubi?"
"The things I love about you. If you want to hear them."
Nick took a step forward, wanting to be closer to the sound of your voice. Unlike a siren leading him to his doom, you were his salvation. "I'm listening."
"That's one of the things I love about you, Nick. You don't just hear my words. You listen to me," you said. He could see the smile on your face so clearly in his mind. Do you know how beautiful your smile is? "And we both know you don't listen to a lot of people."
He chuckled and nodded, even though you couldn't see him. "I'm stubborn like that.”
"Like how you stubbornly insist on giving me your sweater or jacket because I'm cold, but it's also because you like people to see that I'm yours."
I want everyone to see that you’re mine and only mine. 
“It’s not my fault my clothes look so good on you. And I thought you liked the smell of my cologne on them.”
"I do. Makes it feel like you're there with me, even when you're not around."
"I don't like being apart from you," he admitted, finding himself at the door before he could stop himself. "Anything else you love?" he teased, not wanting to dwell on his admission.
"I don't like being apart from you either, Nick," you said. The statement wrapped around his heart and he understood to an extent why love made people do crazy things. He'd burn the world if you asked him to. "Anything else besides the little things? Like how considerate you are by making sure the pantry is always stocked with my favorite things or how you kiss my forehead before you leave for work?"
Nick's palm touched the doorframe. "Yes," he whispered.
"Besides how devilishly handsome you are with your tattoos and how great you are in bed?" you teased. 
"Great? The best," he corrected you. He never wanted you to think about past lovers. If he could, he'd rip them apart for ever touching you.
You giggled, not rising to the bait. "I love you for who you are. The real you. I know telling me about what you really do wasn't easy. Trust isn't easy in your line of work, so thank you for having that faith in me."
Nick shut his eyes. He was thankful you couldn't see him through the door. He would've been torn between turning away from you, undeserving of your devotion, or pushing you again the door and fucking you within an inch of your life.
"I should be thanking you, lubi."
"I'll take a kiss as a thank you."
Nick chuckled and shook his head. "If I kiss you, I may not be able to stop."
"I think you can control yourself," you teased. "Keep your eyes closed and open the door, please."
Ex-military and a leader of one of the most powerful crime families, yet keeping his eyes shut as he turned the doorknob was one of the toughest things he had to endure. The moment the door swung open, the scent of you filled his nostrils. Sweet and addictive, distinctively you. A vision of you danced behind his eyelids as he stood still.
Your fingertips moved along his cheek, featherlight and delicate, before you pulled him close. The brush of your lips against his brought him back to your first kiss. Once again, you teetered him to you. Powerless and powerful all at once because of you. 
"Thank you," you whispered as you pulled away.
Oh, no, you fucking don't.
He kept his promise and didn't open his eyes. It didn't stop him from pressing you against the doorframe and swallowing down the sound of your whimper. The lustful haze began to take over as he pressed his body closer. His trousers did nothing to hide how his cock was stirring. 
True torture is being this close and not being inside you.
"You sure I can't fuck you now, sweetheart?" he asked, kissing the corner of your mouth before he left a searing trail down to your neck. "Have you dripping as you walk down the aisle, my cock still wet from being inside you?"
You shivered at the suggestion as his hands began to explore. He wished he could tear the offending fabric away and indulge. He warned you not to pack much for the honeymoon. No one would see you since he rented out all the surrounding villas in proximity to your new vacation home and he planned to take full advantage of the privacy. 
"Nick, it's almost time," you moaned, but made no move to shove him away. 
"I can be quick," he smiled, grazing his teeth over your racing pulse. "You telling me how much you love me got me worked up."
"Wait until you hear my vows. You might fuck me at the altar."
"Fuck, don't tease me," he warned. He'd fuck you in front of everyone if you let him. Just another reminder of who you belong to. 
The sound of Jake clearing his throat snapped him out of his haze. "Boss, Andy is asking to speak with you after the ceremony."
Nick hated being interrupted, but you were right. It was almost time for the ceremony to begin. And he didn't need you questioning why Andy wanted to talk to him. 
I can't lie today.
"Go before I change my mind," he whispered, giving your neck one more kiss. "I love you, lubi."
Thank you for putting me at ease. 
"I love you, too," you whispered, slipping out of his grasp before he could open his eyes. "No work on our wedding day! I won't allow it!" you called back down the hall. 
"See you in a few minutes," Jake said.
"Wait," Nick ordered before he could rush after you. "Did Barber say why he wants to see me?"
"No, boss," Jake said, swallowing as he checked his phone again and adjusted his glasses. "But he said you better keep your bride safe and that he'd hate to see anything happen to her."
Nick's eyes flashed as Jake took a nervous step back. It was no secret that Andy Barber didn't approve of this wedding. The former lawyer turned mobster still wasn't happy with him after what went down with Steve. 
One of my only regrets. 
"Tell him to worry about his own wife and I'll worry about mine," he said through his teeth, nodding for Jake to go after you. Careful not to slam the door once he was alone, he let out another deep breath. "Fuck."
He didn't want to worry about Steve on his wedding day. His enemy would never forgive him for what he did and he didn't deserve it. One day, he'd have to tell you what happened and deal with the fallout, whatever that would be. 
Today wouldn't be that day. 
Steve wouldn't take away his happiness. 
I love you, lubi, and that's all that matters in this world.
Tumblr media
Love will keep them together, right? Nothing bad could possibly happen. 😏 Love and thanks for reading! ❤️
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Summary: Don’t Worry Darling movie premier leads to events that you didn’t expect.
Pairings: Harry Styles x Fem!Reader (exs), Sebastian Stan x Reader
Word Count: 5.4kish
Warnings: One big thing is non-consensual kissing, crying, brief altercation of physical fight between two people, anything else? Let me know pls
A/N: hi! Here’s part 4 of my power mini series! I wasn’t too sure where to go from my last part. I was still a little hesitant on this part, but overall felt satisfaction when I finished it. Thinking of maybe doing only one more part? And it’ll probably be a time jump! Song inspiration for this part: “Exile” by Taylor Swift ft. Bon Iver
Also this is a repost because my original post wasn’t coming out in the tags! 🥺
All mistakes are my own. Please do not repost or translate my fics on any other side nor this one.
I appreciate any likes, reblogs, messages, and interactions.
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Tumblr media
September 6th, 2022. 
Venice, Italy. 
“Do you want to talk about it?” 
Your boyfriend's soft voice breaks the silence in the room. 
You don’t look at him, instead you focus on your nails. Two of them broke off earlier at the after party. You pick at the remaining piece to try and get it off. You still couldn’t wrap your head around the events that had happened tonight.
You feel his warm hand touch yours to stop you. 
“Look at me,” he demands. His tone is not rough, but airy and delicate. As if you can break any second. 
Which isn’t wrong. 
You slowly look up at him, your eyelashes touching the skin underneath your eyebrows, feeling wet, and you sniffle when you meet his sky blue eyes. 
He gives you a small smile, his lower lip torn but luckily isn’t bleeding anymore. 
His touch lingers against your skin, not moving, but waiting for you to react. 
“Are you upset with me? Because… because I punched him?” His voice sounds scared, like a small child waiting to get punished. Your eyes go wide, shaking your head, “Of course I’m not. I’m not upset with you… I’m upset with him.”
His eyes soften at your reply, he sighs lowly, and gives you a weak smile.
You feel love in his stare, your heart feeling heavy, but you wrap your fingers in his and pull his palm to your lips. You kiss his hands gently, leaving red lip stains, and he closes his eyes by your gesture. 
“I’m here for you,” he whispers and reciprocates your gesture by doing the same. 
You pout, lower lip trembling, and you know he’s being honest. 
“I know,” you express, wiping away a fallen tear, and meeting his gaze. 
“I know we are still taking this relationship slow… going at your pace.. But if you need space,” he pauses for a moment, his hand tightening his hold on yours, and he continues, “I’ll understand.” 
You shake your head, “I don’t want space. Not from you. Never from you.” You try your best to explain to him with all honesty in your tone. 
“Then please talk to me,” he begs. 
You slowly nod your head, “I’m sorry.” 
“Don’t apologize, baby. I just want to know what’s going on in your pretty little head.” He kisses your inner forearm. 
“Tonight was…” you trail off. 
“Overwhelming,” he states with a sigh and you nod. 
“I…” you start and he only waits for you to continue. Your gulp down the lump in your throat, your dress feeling itchy against your skin, and you sigh. 
“I know I don’t really speak about him to you.. just during the times it’s needed. And.. and maybe I should have spoken about him more to you. But I was just trying to put my past with him behind me. Because I want a future with you,” you lock eyes with him, his eyes soften, “I’m being one hundred percent truthful right now.. I-I want a future with you. Only you. But…” 
You whimper, “But a part of me… a part of me feels guilty. Guilt for staying there and listening to his stupid words. Not being over him. Over Harry.” His name feels foreign leaving your lips. 
“Not being over him in the way of not being over what he did to me,” you state. 
“He hurt me… he hurt me more than anybody ever has. He loved me one day… and then… and then he left me the next. It blindsided me. How.. how can someone do that to another person?” Your eyebrows crinkling together because you’re finally letting out every single thought you’ve had for the past almost two years. 
Your boyfriend caresses your hand slowly, encouraging you to continue. 
“I couldn’t think straight for months. I couldn’t… I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep… I had to basically build myself up from scratch from the day he left me. It never got easier. I just had to move on. Just… just like that. I had to move on from being happy and engaged to the person I believed was the love of my life… to suddenly living alone, not engaged anymore… and then hearing he was with the one person I used to admire.” 
You feel warm tears falling down your cheeks, you notice your boyfriend hesitating on getting up to comfort you, but you place your other hand on top of his to hold him down instead. You need to speak without being comforted right now. His touch was all you needed right now to feel safe. 
“I remember when I saw that photo of him with her at that wedding…” a rush of sadness rushes through your body, “I was shocked. I was truthfully blindsided. Blindsided by everything because I couldn’t believe it. He had left me…left me… for the director of the movie we both starred in.” 
You let out a burst of laughter because you couldn’t believe it. Even saying it out loud felt crazy. 
“Can you believe them?” Your laugh turns into sobs. 
“I hate that he still has this power over me. I hate that he can still make a cry like a fucking baby,” you seethe out. 
“I hate how he made me feel tonight,” you cry out in a whimper. 
“I hate how he did that to me. I would have never done that. I just.. I-I just don’t understand.”
Your boyfriend decides then to get up, not letting go of your hand, he pulls you up into his arms, holding you in as you cry, wrapping his arms over you, you cry into his chest, finally letting go of all the suppressed anger and tears you had been holding in since you didn’t know how long. 
He kisses your forehead, placing his hands on your cheeks, and pulls your chin up to wrap his lips against yours. Your salty tears mix into the kiss, but he doesn't care. He kisses you deeply, showing you how much he loves you with his actions, even if you both haven’t said the three words out loud yet, you can feel it all around you, and you hold him tightly against you. 
You pray that he’ll never let you go. 
15 hours earlier… 
You had intentionally avoided getting to Venice on time because you simply did not want to be in the press conference with Harry and her. 
Your assistant, Ellie, told Olivia after many messages and calls to Ellie’s cell phone that you would not be attending. You made the excuse that you were too busy filming another movie in a secure location to attend the event that early. 
But yet, here you were… arriving right after the press conference had started with a big smile on your face and Sebastian by your side. 
You held onto Sebastian’s hand tightly as you waved at the paparazzi snapping millions of photos of you two. You were a bit nervous at entering Italy with Sebastian since you two have been official for a while now, but you needed him by your side today. 
Sebastian only held you close, giving his dazzling smile to the photographers, and you soon made it to your hotel. 
You both walked into your shared suite, kicking off your heels, and throwing yourself onto the king sized bed. 
You let out a loud laugh when Sebastian plops on top of you, giggling as you kiss his lips, gasping out, “Get off of me, you big teddy bear!” 
He lets out a laugh into your neck, kissing you there, and gets up. He starts unbuttoning his breezy button down, kicking off his shoes, and lays down next to you in only his tight briefs. You get up and do the same, wanting to cuddle with his naked skin, before you have to get ready for the night. 
Your body intertwines with his, easily and as if it’s second nature, and he holds you against his chest while his hand goes into your hair to play the strands. You inhale his sweet scent, feeling warm and safe, and cuddle into him. 
His chest moves up steadily, your nails grazing up and down, and you both lay there silently. 
“Are you nervous?” 
You look up at him, adjusting yourself to face him, “A little.” You reply honestly, not bothering to hide that you are. 
He nods, “I’ll be there the entire time.” 
You kiss his cheek before kissing his lips, “I know. Thank you for coming.”
“Of course, my love.” 
You guys are able to cuddle for maybe two hours before you are rudely interrupted by multiple people waiting outside of your hotel room. 
“It’s time,” he whispers, placing a kiss on your forehead, squeezing your shoulders, and you swiftly get up. You wrap yourself in the hotel robe and Sebastian does the same. 
You open the door to your team which they all pile in carrying multiple bags and pull in a rack which is holding your covered dress and Sebastian's tuxedo. 
You sit in the chair, anxiously waiting for your team to start, and Sebastian smiles at you from the bed. Which he’s sitting on and admiring you. His eyes twinkled underneath the lights. Your heart flutters at the sight of him. 
Your team gets to work and you slowly daze out, letting your team pamper you, and you feel light as they work on you. You let yourself relax into the chair, closing your eyes to let them work on you, and you hear Sebastian playing your favorite music from his phone. 
Your makeup team had decided on doing a light makeup look, with a bold cherry red lip, and your hair was styled away from your face. Azkiel, your hairstylist, had styled it into curls that fell down your back. He sprayed down your loose strands and gave a kiss to the air when he saw his finished product. 
“You look beautiful, my dear.” He gives you a smile as he steps aside to let yourself look into the mirror. 
You smile slightly as you look at yourself in the mirror, feeling prideful at how beautiful you look, and you tilt your head side to side to admire the work they did on you. 
You look at Sebastian, who is coming out of the restroom in his all black suit, and give him a big smile. His eyes melt when he sees you. 
“Beautiful,” he says with a wink and his signature smile. 
You stand up to change, your assistant Ellie follows you into the bathroom to help you, and you pull off your robe. Ellie has seen you naked plenty of times since she’s been with you for years now. 
You still blush as you take off your robe, Ellie rolls her eyes at you, and laughs. “I’ve seen you naked how many times, babe?” 
“Stop it,” you say flustered as she helps you into your dress. 
You stand in front of the mirror, adjusting the front, while Ellie hooks the neck part together, fixing your hair, and zips up the zipper at your waist. 
You adjust your breasts at the open neckline which falls to above your naval, smiling to yourself because you feel sexy, and Ellie lets out a low whistle. 
“You look hot,” she states with a big smile. You put on your simple pair of diamond earrings, your favorite silver rings, and smile at her. 
“Thanks,” you breathe out, starting to feel nervous, and Ellie opens the door for you to go back into the room. 
Sebastian is fixing his hair in the mirror when he notices you come out, his eyes go wide, and he twirls back to face you. 
You walk up to him, smiling, and he sets his hands on your exposed back. 
“You look breath-taking,” he says, placing a kiss on your cheek gently, and goes back to admiring you. 
“Yeah?” You ask, beaming up at him. He steps aside to allow you to stand in front of him and you both look at your reflection in the mirror. You sigh happily as you fluff your dress out, admiring the deep neckline, the side of your breasts showing from the opening, and you love it. You love the way it hugged your curves and the red lips complimented the dress perfectly. 
You smile with a hum, sitting down to slip your feet into your black heels, and Sebastian bends down to help you strap them around your ankle. 
He kisses the inside of your ankle, shivers run down your back, and you shake your head at him. Once he’s done, you stand up in front of him. You mess with the tulle of your dress, pressing down, “You don’t think it’s too out there?” Your insecurity is peaking out slightly. 
“Never. You’re the lead actress. This film is all about you, honey.” 
You nod at his words, shoving down the insecurity, and holding your head up high. 
“Ready?” Ellie asks, exiting the bathroom in her own black dress, it’s simple but elegant, and she still looks beautiful. Her beautiful blonde bob framed her heart face perfectly. You think she looks beautiful. 
“You look lovely,” you say to her and she brushes you off, her cheeks tinting pink.
“Thank you, hun. We’re running late, let’s go.” She walks hastily in the room in her heels, grabbing all the important stuff, shoving it into her purse, and you roll your eyes. 
You don’t feel rushed. “There’s no rush, Ellie belly. Who cares if we’re late?” 
Sebastian lets out a laugh, placing his hand on your open back, and you both walk out to the awaiting black SUV. 
The ride to the red carpet is a quiet one, your nerves filling you up, and Sebastian knows. He knows without you saying anything and simply holds your hand in his to ground you. 
You soon arrive infront of the red carpet, you peer out of the window, and see that everybody has already arrived. You see them all walking down the red carpet, posing for photos, and the paparazzi is going crazy. All you see is bright flashes and loud screams from all the fans. You gulp at the sight. 
Sebastian kisses the inner corner of your wrist, you turn to look at him, and give him a weak smile. 
“I’m going to get off now, baby.” You nod at him, letting out a shaky breath, “I’ll be waiting for you at the end.”
He leans in to kiss your lips softly to not ruin your lipstick. You hum in content. 
Ellie knocks on the window once Sebastian pulls away and they both exit the SUV. 
Ellie waits on the edge of the red carpet for you while Sebastian walks the red carpet with his sensational smile on his face. 
Your heart warms as you watch him pose for a couple photos and you can hear the screams. He’s a big actor and you know people will know you’re coming next since he’s here already. 
You grip your hands together, slightly shaking as you feel like you might vomit, and you quickly check your make up in your compact mirror. You smile to check if you have any lipstick stains and adjust your dress one last time. 
This was your first time at the Venice Film Festival and you closed your eyes for a second to relax. You brush off the nerves and knock on the window. 
As soon as the door opens, you hear the screaming and the chanting of your name. The flashing of the cameras always blind you, but you step out of the car with a smile on your face. 
You adjust your dress while Ellie adjusts the back of it to make sure it’s perfect. 
You pose for the cameras in front of you and you walk down the red carpet. You hold your head up high, the smile never leaving your face, and happiness is almost bursting from your chest. 
You stand proud as you walk the carpet, waving at the fans that are trying to get your attention, and make your way towards them. 
You smile for different cameras, sign different things for your fans, and speak to a couple of them. 
You even do an interview with someone in Italian for the festival.  One of the questions made you laugh when he said to you, “Your role was so inspirational.” 
“Really? What was so inspirational about it?” You asked with a sweet smile, battling your eyelashes at him.
The poor man flushed furiously and stumbled with his words after that. 
You had even made a comment about how it was inspiring to say no on and off the screen. 
“How did you feel about the feminine power your director insisted the movie is about?” 
You burst out into a giggle, covering your mouth with your hand, and you look at him with a dazed look. 
“Feminist empowerment? Maybe misogynistic empowerment, I believe. Not too sure what she's on about, honestly. But maybe the director has a different view point.”  You say with a shrug and a sly smile. 
The interview ended soon after that, but you didn’t mind one bit. 
You soon make your way stop at the end of the paparazzi photo line up. 
You pose in different angles and you can hear different paparazzi shouting for Sebastian to come stand next to you. Everybody wanting to have the first official photo of you two in public. 
You peer at Sebastian, only looking at him, and avoiding everybody else for the moment. He’s shaking his head no to the paparazzi until he sees you looking at him. You wave your hand at him to join you and he breaks out into a smile. 
You both melt into each other. Your arm landing on his back, his arm wrapping around your waist, and you place your free hand on his chest. Melting into his side with a beaming smile. 
You couldn’t wait to see these photos online and to frame one. 
You both pull away when you think they’ve gotten enough. You turn to the awaiting cast members, laughing loudly when you see them all with their cameras photo yelling at you to pose for them, you jokingly pose crazily for them, Sebastian laughing along with you, and you feel so happy seeing all your DWD cast members. 
Chris Pine on his knees taking pictures of you with a disposable camera, Nick Kroll right next to him snapping shots with his iPhone, and Gemma laughing loudly behind them. 
You and Sebastian say hello to them all. Gemma and Sebastian catching up since they are both Marvel actors and speaking about their next movie. 
Chris is the last one you see, he wraps his arms around you, and squeezes you tightly in his arms. He always treated you so well. As if you were a daughter to him, always giving you advice when you asked, and even checking up on you constantly since DWD filming ended. Him knowing personally about the situation that occurred after filming finished. He absolutely hated Olivia and Harry with the same passion as you. 
Your heart was bursting with happiness at merely being close to him again. “You are a gem!” You beam at his compliment as you both fall easily into a conversation about what you both had been up too. Him complimenting you on ‘Fresh’ and saying you did phenomenal. 
You even take photos with the cast members with Chris and Gemma standing on your side, not allowing Harry and Olivia to get close to you. 
You had never been more thankful for them than you were right now. 
You all disbursed after the photos and went back to your previous conversation with Chris. 
In the corner of your eyes, you can see Harry and Olivia hovering around. You try your best to avoid their eyes. You can see Harry staring at Sebastian with a disdained look. You didn’t even look at them long enough to take notice of what they were wearing. 
Sebastian avoids them as well, not bothering to turn their way, and once his conversation finishes with Gemma, he walks back towards you and says hello to Chris. You and Sebastian talk quietly amongst each other, smiling and giggling together, and then you see Olivia walking towards you from behind him. 
Your face falls slightly which causes Sebastian to stop mid sentence and turns slightly to look behind him. 
He spots Olivia walking towards you with a big smile on her face, Harry walking behind her, your eyes widen when Sebastian looks back at you, your mouth frowning at the sight of her, and Sebastian moves to cover you quickly. 
Your eyes met his and you feel furious at the fact that she’s even coming towards you guys. Your hands grip onto his as you think about the audacity she has coming towards you. 
Fuck her. Everything went downhill after you accepted the lead role for her fucking movie. 
You see Olivia right behind Sebastian about to say something, but you quickly wrap your arm into Sebastian’s and walk away from her. 
You look back at her, angrily, and watch in satisfaction as her face falls. Chris notices the situation and falls into step walking behind you with Gemma to create more distance between you and them as you all walk inside with you leading. Not even having to say a word to them, not even a look, and they just knew. 
You ignore the icy stare you feel from Harry. Not even looking at him either. 
You wrap your arm around Sebastian tighter as you walk into the theater lobby. You huddle with him in a corner with Chris, Gemma, Nick, and his wife. You all carry conversation before going into the theater. 
You watch Olivia and Harry make their way into the theater first. Your eyes meet Harry’s for a brief moment because you look away and peer up at Sebastian. He’s smiling at Chris at something he said, but his hand never leaves your skin. Always holding your shoulder or your waist, or simply your fingertips in his. 
You cuddle into his side, feeling content, and soon the staff is letting you know it’s time to go watch the movie. 
Chris and Gemma go in first while Sebastian holds your waist to walk in front of him. You walk inside, Sebastian kissing your cheek as he goes to sit in the row behind you, and you follow Chris to your seat. 
You stop as you see your name next to Harry who is sitting next to Olivia. They both look at you. Harry’s face shows no emotion while Olivia is smiling at you. You avoid their eyes, looking at Chris for help, and he shuffles to the seat next to Harry. 
He looks at the names on the seats, rips off your name and falls into the chair with a loud huff. 
Harry looks at him with a raised eyebrow and is about to speak, but then Chris says, “They must have made a mistake.” Harry purses his lips and looks away from him. 
You mouth a thank you and squeeze his shoulder in appreciation. You sit down next to him as Gemma sits next to you. Along with the rest of the cast. 
You peer behind you to smile at Sebastian, he smiles back, and places his hand on your shoulder to give you a gentle squeeze. 
Soon enough the movie begins and you have to avoid cringing in your seat. Not because of the movie itself but because you feel awkward watching yourself in this movie with Harry. 
It wasn’t how you felt with Sebastian when you watched Fresh together at the premiere. You had watched it side by side, smiling and laughing together, and you felt happy the entire time. 
Now you feel weird watching the scenes with Harry kissing you and the sex scenes make you peer at Sebastian every time. 
All he does is smirk at you and give you a wink. Never making you feel awful that he’s watching this. You know in his mind this movie is just you acting. But you know this movie is a movie you did with your fiancée at the time. It feels awful because you really did love Harry throughout the entire thing. 
You try to black out the whole movie. When the standing ovation is happening, you smile at everybody, staying until the end of it, and once the clapping stops.. you hurry out the theater. Waiting for Sebastian at the entrance and you both walk out to the awaiting care. 
Sebastian pulls you into a heated kiss in the car, wrapping his arms around your waist, and mumbles into your ear, “You did amazing, baby. A fucking amazing actress.” 
Your driver drives you both to the secluded after party that’s happening at a rented out venue that was for the entire cast, crew, and the attending DWD crowd. 
You pull away from Sebastian’s lips, panting, and you wipe his pouting lips with your thumb. He pulls your thumb into his mouth, sucking slowly, and you moan at his gestures. 
“Stop it,” you tease him with a giggle. 
Soon enough you were both at the after party, enjoying yourself with all your cast members. Olivia and Harry were secluded on their own, speaking to different members, but it was an unspoken rule that you were not interacting with them at all. 
You were already a couple drinks in when you whispered to Sebastian that you were going to go to the backyard of the venue for a breather. He asks you if you want him to come with you, but you shake your head no and kiss his lips. 
You stand by the glowing lights that illuminate from the pool, sipping on your drink, and enjoying the quietness around you. Enjoying this peaceful moment. 
You almost jump out of your bones when you hear someone speak behind you. 
“You look lovely.” 
“Jesus!” You yell out with a hand on your chest, frightened slightly by Harry’s voice, and you twirl around to look at him. 
You finally look at him for the first time tonight. He’s still wearing a suit, but his hair is messed up and he has a buzzed look on his face. The buzzed look of his when he’s had too much to drink for the night. 
You sip on your drink as you look at him. Not ready for whatever he’s going to say. You twirl the liquid in its glass as you wait for him to say something. 
“You’ve moved on, huh?” 
You roll your eyes, scoffing “Give me a break, Harry. Of course I’ve moved on. You did before we even broke up.” 
Harry’s face falls, his lips turning down into a frown, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Y/N.” He steps closer to you, but you don’t move. You only stare at him with a sad look. 
You gulp down the rest of your drink, warmth filling your belly, and your skin feels hot. 
“You know… I’m really happy with Sebastian. I can honestly see a future with him. As crazy.. as crazy as it may sound. I-I do, I really do. I never…” you pause, Harry listening to you intently, “I never thought I would move on from you.” You snort a laugh as you say that out loud. 
“I always thought it would be me and you, you know? We had our entire future figured out.” Your eyes narrow at his, “But you had to fuck it up, Harry.” 
Harry drops his glass onto the grass nearby and steps even closer to you, “I did, too.” He admits, “I wish.. I wish I hadn’t fucked it all up. I… I don’t know why I did what I did. I was an idiot. I'm still an idiot… I, fuck, I never thought I would ever look at someone else.. ever.. when I was with you… you were it.” 
Suddenly, his hands are gripping yours. You furr your eyebrows at him, trying to tug your hands out of his hold, but he doesn’t budge. 
“If we could go back, would you give me another shot?” His eyes wide, looking at you, and you part your mouth open in shock. 
“I still love you so much,” he admits and you want to slap him. “I’m so in love with you. It kills me to see you with him. It drives me insane. I-I wish I could go back.. I want to go back and change what I did,” tears fill his eyes, “I want you. I need you.”
He reaches down to try and kiss you, you instantly pull back quickly, trying to shove him off of you, “Get off me! What are you doing?!” You try to push him off, his hands gripping your wrist tightly, and you cry out as his lips touch yours harshly. 
You can’t believe this is happening. 
His lips move roughly against yours, tugging your hands away from his tight hold, but he doesn’t budge. You open your mouth to cry out, but he forcefully pushes his tongue inside of your mouth. Tequila fills your taste buds and tears fill your eyes. 
You manage to pull away from him, crying, and trying to shove him away from you still. 
“Harry, stop!! Harry, please stop!” You yell out as he drunkenly tries to kiss you again. 
For the first time, you feel scared of him. You have never been scared of Harry before. You’re trying to shove him off, the pain of your nails breaking against his chest feels like nothing compared to the fear you feel right now, and you wonder how you got here. 
In what world were you afraid of Harry? 
You want Sebastian. 
Where is he? 
In an instant, Harry is ripped away from you and punched in the face. Harry tumbles to his side, mumbling profanities as he almost falls down to the cemented floor, and you step back quickly. 
“Ohmygod!” You cry out covering your mouth as you see Sebastian punching his face, furiously and angrily, and now there’s a crowd forming around them in shock. 
Gemma wrapping her arms around you to comfort you when she notices you crying, Harry punching Sebastian, his lip splitting open, Olivia watching in shock and trying to figure out what is happening. 
“Don’t ever fucking touch her again!!” Sebastian yells at Harry as he pulls his fist back to punch him again, gripping him by his coat, and Harry’s right eye is swelling shut now. 
You cry out his name, Sebastian throwing Harry to the ground with a big shove, and he quickly turns to you. Blood rushed down his split lip and down his neck slightly. You cry harder at the sight of him being hurt. 
He pulls you out of Gemma's embrace, wrapping his arms around you, holding you tight, one hand in your hair, and the other holding you close. He’s kissing your head repeatedly and whispering that it’s okay. That you’re safe now in his arms. 
“Let’s go,” he says as he holds you in his arms, hidden away from all the confused stares, and you suddenly feel someone pulling you away from his arms. 
You yelp as you see Olivia holding your arm in hers, angry eyes, “What did you do?!” 
You pull your hand out of her hold and instantly slap her hard. The smack is heard by everyone and it’s instantly quiet aside from the gasps around you. 
She’s holding her cheek in pain, tears filling her eyes because of it, Harry is stumbling to his feet watching you two in shock, his nose bleeding, and you shove Olivia away from you. 
“Get the fuck away from you, you homewrecking bitch!” You yell at her loudly and see red. You feel rage seeing her, your heartbeat racing in anger now, and you feel flushed from your neck down. 
“Don’t fucking touch me ever again, you stupid bitch.” You spat at her, wrapping your arms around Sebastian, and you both exit the venue quickly. Paparazzi snapping shots of you, a million questions coming your way, ignoring them all, you both hide your faces as you walk to the car quickly, and you both sigh loudly as you relax into the seats. 
You cry into your hands. Not believing what had just happened. 
Sebastian pulls you into his lap, the driver putting the partition up when he notices you're sitting on his lap, arms wrapped around him, and he wipes away your tears. 
You thump away the blood from his lips, kissing him gently, he tries not to hiss at the pressure he feels, and kisses you back slowly. 
“Did he hurt you?” His blue eyes fill with worry, lips frowning. 
You kiss his cheeks, shaking your head slightly. “You saved me,” you whisper, placing your forehead against his. 
“You’re safe with me,” he says in a low voice, arms wrapping around you. 
You nuzzle yourself into him, letting yourself relax in his arms, “I know.” 
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aalyssah · a day ago
Tumblr media
Parring: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader
Warnings:Smut. Aftercare, Choking, Daddy Kink, Degrading, Fingering, Humiliation, Names (Whore, Slut, Dumb Baby), Praise, ROLEPLAY, Spanking and maybe more.
Word Count: 2,052
Summary: You and Bucky do roleplay and massage him.
A/N:Honestly I don’t like this one. Enjoy!
You loved to massage people. Just taking away the stress and helping people feel good makes you happy. So, when Bucky asked you to give him a massage but in a sexy way, it made your day so much better.
You gave him a towel “Go in the stall and wrap this around your waist.” Bucky smiled and walked in the stall. You got the oils ready and he came out. “Lay on your stomach please.” He laid how you told him to.
“What oil would you like me to use?” You asked “Whatever one you want doll.” That nickname. That nickname always gave you butterflies. You grasped the side of his neck gently, kneading your thumb and forefingers together rubbing slow circles in his muscles and tendons. “Oh god that feels good!” He moaned out.
You moved down to his back pouring oil in your hands and on his back. “Any sore spot specifically?” You asked rubbing the oil over his back “No doll. Do what you have to do.” You ran your hand up and down from his shoulders to his back.
When you reached the lower part you would knead your thumbs hitting the nice tense knots. “Fuck Y/n!” You then stopped “Are you ok? Did I do something wrong?” You asked sounding concerned. “No doll don’t stop, keep going.” You took that as a sign and kept going.
“I’m going to your arms now.” You told him walking to the side. It took everything in Bucky’s power to not grab your waist. Using both hands you rubbed circles around his upper arm. You did that slowly going up and down his arm a couple of times before switching to the other.
“Doll my arms are fine. Do my legs please.” You mumbled an apology and pushed the towel up a little. You could see the outline of his ass, but you didn’t think of it. You used the heel and palm of your hands all while rubbing in a circular motion up and down his legs.
“How are you so good at this?!” He moaned/yelled in pleasure. “I’m a professional Buck.” You simply answer. You were glad you could help Bucky loosen up a bit. After all he’s an avenger and working like that gets you sore.
“Can you turn over please.” You said tapping his back. He sighed. As he got up his towel fell off on the side causing you to get a glimpse of his huge cock. You instantly started blushing. “I-I’m gonna do your h-hands.” You stuttered grabbing his hands gently.
“Yes doll my hands do a lot of work.” He said looking up at you with ‘innocent’ eyes smiling. You somewhat avoided eye contact and pulled and bent the bones of each finger until you heard a crack.
“Feet next.” You walked to his feet and looked up at him and almost choked on your spit. You could see his boner, poking up with no shame.
“You gonna go doll?” God this man was playing with you. He was smiling and calling you that nickname. “S-sorry.”
You circled the bending point of the toes and fold them in half. You pulled gently before hearing a pop. “You’re doing so good.” He praised you making you blush even more. “Lastly, your face.” You were hoping you could get this done fast before you creamed your panties.
You walked over the other end and kneeled down a little before using your pointer and index fingers to go in a circular motion on his forehead. You even scratched his scalp making him ‘hmm’ in enjoyment. “Ok I’m done!” You said clapping excitedly.
“No you’re not.” It came coldly. “You forgot something Y/n.” Oh no. He said your real name. What happened to doll you thought. “Did I?” You ask walking back over “Yeah I saw the way you looked at my dick. I know you want it so come be the whore you are and come suck my dick.”
Normally you would be offended but this was Bucky Barnes. How could anyone say no to that? “Uhh Bucky… I don’t-“ Bucky then cut you off. “I don’t like repeating myself Y/n.” You instantly sunk to your knees. There you were on your knees between his legs looking up at him waiting for his say.
“Go on.” You moved the towel to reveal his hard cock. The tip angry red with precum dripping out of it. You licked your lips and kissed the tip. You licked the slit and spit on it all while looking at him. You then felt your hair getting pulled back so you were looking at him.
“Don’t play with me Y/n.” You got scared and took him in your mouth. You hollowed your cheeks while sucking up and down. You used your free hand to play with his balls. “God yes don’t stop.” He said letting out a breathy moan and leaning back a little.
“You’re so good at this!” When he praised you it opened up something else inside of you. You sat up a little on your knees and full on took him down your throat. He jumped out of shock and pleasure “Oh Fuck! What are you doing to me?!”
You’ve never done this before but you were enjoying it. It felt like you had something in your throat and all you could do was choke and gag on it. It must of triggered him when you used your free hand to get all the spit dripping down your neck and played with his balls he jolted forward.
“S-stop. Thats e-enough doll.” You’ve never heard his stutter like that. It was cute. Maybe one day he will let you be in control you thought. “Get over here.” You smiled standing up at him.
“You think you’re better than me? You think you can over power Daddy?” He said gripping you jaw hard. “S-sorry.” You apologized hoping he would see your truly sorry. “I don’t know.. you’ve been a bad girl.” He said as his hands trailed down to your butt.
“N-no no I haven’t. I’ve did everything you asked me to.” You argued back. His eyes got dark and his hand clasped around your throat. “You’re talking back now?” He laughed as his hands trailed your waist down to your butt squeezing it. “I think you need a spanking. Don’t you?” He said putting his hands through the waist band of your pants, rubbing your butt.
“No I don’t-“ He cut you off. “Well that’s too damn bad because I’m Daddy and you’re just my little fuck toy.” He stood up and whipped you around so you were bending over the (massage chair) “How many should you get?”
“Zero.” You smiled when you heard him growl “You got such a smart mouth you’re lucky I didn’t fuck that smart out of yours.” He said smacking your ass. “You already tried but when I made you my bitch you took me away.” You loved being bratty especially in roleplays because it makes it more spicy.
Bucky was passed now he took the belt from his jeans and hit your ass. You let out a loud cry. He grabbed your chin and forced you to look back at him. “You think it’s funny to be a brat!?”!He said landing another smack. “Well that’s good because I love brat taming.” A scary smiled formed in his face as you hit you with the belt.
“You better count every single on of these slaps or I swear we will start over.” He demanded. You don’t know how many spankings you were gonna get but judging by how mad he was it would be over 30. He landed a harsh smack in your left cheek “One.” You wanted to still tease him so you did.
He smacked your right cheek “Two. Come on Bucky you have a metal hand and you’re still weak?” You yawned. You heard him let out a growl and left. Where did he go you wonder until you felt the worst pain ever.
A thin leather feeling burned your rips. “What the fuck!” You cried out. “Wanna repeat what you said earlier?” Bucky said in your ear making you get the shivers. He was real kissed now because he was using the flogger.
He knew you liked it because you never said the safeword. “Get to counting.” He hit you on your ass again making you squirm “T-three.” He counties switching from cheek to cheek, even striking the same in 4 times in a row. You just wanted to say you’re sorry and beg him to fuck you but the brattiness in you said don’t give up.
“S-s-seventy-E-eight.” You don’t know how long you’ve been bent over this massage table for but all you know is your legs are shaking, your ass was hurting, and your makeup was ruined. This man has pushed you to your brattiness limit with even fucking you.
He stopped holding you up and let you fall to the ground. “Are you done acting like a brat?” He said putting away the flogger “Y-yes.” You breathes out. You voice was hurting from all the screaming and crying. “Do you want to stop?” He took a moment asking you for permission. “No.”
He continues like it was nothing he picked you up and pulled his underwear off. He didn’t even need a blowjob anymore because he was already hard. He walked between your legs “Beg me.” He teased rubbing the head of his cock between your folds. You sighed throwing your head back in annoyance.
“Please Bucky please fuck me.” You sarcastically said. He slapped you making your head turn to the side. “I’ll leave you right now and go fuck your coworker instead.” He warned you. “Please fuck me Bucky, I want you to feel you for days, I don’t even wanna walk please!”
He took a second to think in entered into without warning. “Good you’re so tight. Maybe you need to be massaged but don’t worry I’ll help.” He stared pounding into you making you wrap your legs around his waist pulling him deeper. “God you’re so deep!” You yelled.
He was so focused on your pleasure he doesn’t look away from your pussy. Watching as his cock plunged in and out and how your moans become louder and louder. “B-b-b” You were a babbling mess already.
“Awe look at you, can’t form a sentence.” He teased pushing your chest so you’re in your back and grabbing your ankles so they were in his shoulders. He leaned down reaching even deeper than before. He thrusting into making you squeal and squirm. “Y-to d-deep.” You said clawing at his arms.
“No you can take it.” He groaned pushing deeper. He was hitting all the right spots making your legs shake and your arms flail around, knocking oils,lotions, and other materials on the floor. “How does it feel Y/n? Tell me.” He purred going down in your ear.
“G-gooddd.” You could even say more than 2 words because of how good he was fucking you. You never thought it was possible until you met him. “You wanna cum 4 times?” He asked rubbing your clit. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head and you could even hear or understand what he was saying, all you knew was you were getting a pounding.
He laughed at your fucked out state and sped up his pace. “Fun for me Y/n. Cum.” He said forcing you to release. There was a vision of white with your mouth left agape and your body shaking. “Ah fuck you’re gonna make me cum doll!” Bucky groaned referring to how hard you were squeezing him.
You felt strings of liquid squirt into you making moan. “Fuck.” He said slowly riding your high down. Bucky took a moment seeing you still recover. He grabbed you carrying you to the bedroom.
“You did so good baby.” He praised you while cleaning you up. “Next, time you gotta be my sexy nurse.” He teased making you laugh “Yeah next time.” You were so tired you couldn’t move a muscle. When he was done he pulled the blanket over you to and cuddled you and y’all fell asleep.
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How I sleep after having the most dirty thought about someone I'm crushing on
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sebastian Stan as Nick Fowler in The 355 (2022).
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The Legend of the Winter Soldier 
Tumblr media
Pairing: Demon!Bucky Barnes x Innocent!Reader
Word Count: 3.2K
Summary: Innocence is a virtue, but you're tired of it; so, you call on forbidden fruit to tempt you into damnation.
Warnings: 18+ MDI, this story contains smut. The reader is a virgin and very innocent, mentions of religion (christianity), choking, pet names (petal)
Divider by the wonderful @firefly-graphics
Masterlist | Marvel Masterlist
Tumblr media
“Winter Soldier” You uttered into the empty bathroom. Your hands trembled with anticipation. You gripped the countertop to keep yourself upright. 
You were being ridiculous, you knew you were. This was a terrible idea, the weight of your sins dragged you down each time you’d considered doing this. 
After years of ignoring the niggling feeling in the back of your mind, curiosity had gotten the better of you. You needed to understand the things that everyone else seemed to know. 
The parts of life you were completely innocent to, or in their eyes clueless.  You were fed up with being called Mary at college just for wearing your pretty white dresses. 
You knew there was a different way to go about it, you could have asked any of the guys in your class and they’d show you what you were missing out on. 
But you’d always felt somewhat connected to him. You’d created a relationship with a man of legend and man that to most didn’t exist. To you he was very much real and he was your only option. 
Well he was the option you were willing to explore at least. 
“Winter soldier” Your voice shook as the name rolled off your tongue for the second time.
His name meant so much to you, his story was always one that compelled you. 
He was infamous amongst your peers in the church, his story was used as a cautionary tale to ignite fear in kids and make sure they stayed abstinent. 
He was used to ward horny teenagers away from the path of sordi sin. To steer them away from the pull of this enticing demon. Should you succumb to his devilish appeal, then he would claim your soul and drag you down with him into eternal damnation.  
The story had had the opposite effect on you, you were enticed by the story, curiosity ate away at you for years. You wanted to know how it all worked, you needed to know how he would claim you. 
You were the ultimate sinner, you knew if anyone knew your true feelings you’d be shunned forever. 
This weighed on your mind as you uttered his name a third and final time, waiting for something, anything to happen. 
Dead silence settled over the bathroom. You waited with baited breath for his arrival, but he didn’t come. Nothing happened. 
Years and years of anticipation built to a big anti-climax that left you with an overwhelming sense of disappointment. 
A defeated sigh escaped your lips, you looked away from the mirror, unable to stare at the silly girl in the mirror any longer. You’d believe in the story, but that’s all it was a silly little story, told to silly little kids. You were just the fool who fell for it. 
You flipped the faucet on and water swirling in the sink. You cupped your hands together, collected it and splashed your face. You needed a cold, hard wake up call. 
You went about your nightly routine, getting yourself ready for bed by brushing your teeth and washing your face. 
You hardly noticed the change in the air, the cold wind that swept through your bedroom and settled around your feet in the connecting bathroom. 
The light over the mirror flickered three times. You hardly noticed the change in the air. The cold wind swept through your bedroom and settled around your feet in the connecting bathroom, slamming the door shut. 
You gasped loudly, gripping the sink. You peered around the room, only to find that there was no change, you were still alone. 
A fresh ripple of disappointment flooded your body and you slipped out of the bathroom into the darkness of your painted pink room. 
There was a cloaked figure in the corner of the room, but you didn’t notice it at first. The shape turned to face you, staring at your body covered in your pretty pink pyjamas. 
“Well… You might just be the most innocent little thing I’ve ever seen.” He remarked loud enough to grab your attention. Your heart stopped all together, your lips parting dumbly as you turned to face him. 
“I can’t wait to ruin that.” He smirked. 
You knew instantly who you were dealing with, you didn’t need to be told. He was the Winter Soldier demon. This was the being that you had heard the tale of all of your life and at first glance he was utterly mesmerising. 
He removed the hood of his cloak, your eyes entranced by his dark radiance. He had brown shoulder length hair that almost hid his sharp stubble covered jaw. His cerulean eyes sparkled in the moonlight.
Your mouth warted at the sight of him, your thighs rubbed together wantingly. You had never felt a stir like this before and you wanted more. 
Your eyes fell from his face, travelling down his body, his shoulders were covered by a long black robe. His thick muscled arms poked out from the cloak.  
Even in the darkness you could make out the deep scarring on his right arm. The legend spoke of how the day the angels found him roaming the Earth, oh how they attacked with a change in the weather and a thunderbolt had ripped at his skin. 
His cries of pain could be heard in every corner of the world and he rarely resurfaced after that unless he was called on, scared of what else they could do to him.
It should have scared you, but looking at it now you thought it made him more beautiful. 
His chest was bare, except for a leather strap clipped over his toned pecs. He wore very small, tight black leather shorts, loosely laced up, a patch of dark hair peeked out over the tied laces. 
Slick spilled from your sensitive area, dampening your white cotton panties. Your breath heaved at the sight of him, your heart was beating out of your chest so loud that you were certain he could hear it. 
You’re confused by the mix of emotions tumbling through your body. The mere sight of him lit a fire in your stomach, your curiosity had peeked higher than ever before. You needed him to help you understand. 
“You’re him?” You squeaked, wincing at the uneven tone of your voice. 
“Yes.” His smirk morphed into a grin, he strode towards you with determination, his muscles rippled with each step.
“Nothing else to say, my sweet little petal?” He towered over you, not waiting for a response. “It’s okay, the first time is always daunting but I promise it’ll feel amazing.” 
“I don’t understand…” You muttered, looking away sheepishly. 
“No, I suppose that’s why I am here. That pretty little brain is so curious, yet scared to sin.” His hand grasped your cheek, tilting your head up to meet his entrancing eyes. “ I can sense the turmoil in you. Petal you’re too pretty to be so worried.” 
He inched his face closer to yours and you released an involuntary whimper.  His lips hovered over yours, pausing before he pressed any further. “You must know that once I kiss you, there’s no going back. You’ll belong to me.” 
There’s no hesitation in you, you nod frantically. “I want this, I really do.” You moaned out a desperate plea and pressed your lips to his. 
You realised very quickly that you had no idea what you were doing, but the Winter Soldier took control, his warm, plump lips gliding across you. You followed his lead, drinking in his intoxicating minty taste.
He placed his hands under your bare thighs and picked you up, wrapping your legs around his waist. Your core pressed into the hard ridges of his abs and you whined at the contact. 
He walked you over to the bed and placed you down carefully. To your surprise, everything felt so soft and sweet, he was delicate in a way that was never explained to you before. 
He removed your night shirt, throwing it to the bedroom floor. He smiled down at your bare chest, licking his lips hungrily. 
He pushed your body down flat against the bed. His fingers hooked onto the  waistband of your shorts and pulled them down, taking your panties down too. 
You laid bare on your bed before him, nerves tingled in your stomach. Your hands covered your chest coily, but he pulled your hands away shaking his head. 
“Tell me petal, have you ever been touched before?” You shook your head, feeling your body heat up in shame. 
“Have you ever touched yourself down there?” His fingertips whispered over your sensitive skin, trickling down over your stomach and cupping your mound. 
“Never.” You confirm, “please, please touch me.”
He held back a groan, thinking about your innocence. He granted your wish, his thick fingers ghosting over the hood of your clit. A jolt of electricity shot through you and he pressed his fingers down on the bundle of nerves. 
His fingers explored your core as slick spilled from your aching hole. He was testing the waters, exploring the area you’d never ventured into before and it felt heavenly. 
He hummed approvingly, the rough pads of his fingertips massaging your entrance. He gathered your slick on his finger and slowly pushed inside you. 
You cried out at the intrusion, unsure whether you were experiencing pain or pleasure. You glanced down at him worriedly and he met your gaze, pressing his lips to your thigh. 
“I need to open you up ready for my cock, petal, it’ll feel good soon.” He muttered. Slowly, he moved his finger in and out of you, massaging your walls tenderly. 
He brought his lips to your clit, swirling his tongue over it lightly. Your hips bucked into his face, uncontrolled as a wave of pleasure washed over you.
He sucked and licked your clit as he moved in and out of you. It was overwhelming and yet not enough, you needed more of him. 
You whined feverentl, wiggling your hips into his hand and mouth. He sensed the desperation building in you. “Oh what’s wrong, sweet girl? You want more?” 
You nodded, pulling your bottom lip between your teeth to hold back your whines. “Well all you had to do was ask.” He smirked, pushing a second finger deep within you. 
He picked up his pace, scissoring his fingers inside you. You whimpered, feeling the sting of him stretching you out. Your hips moved on their own accord, grinding down on his fingers, trying to get him as deep as possible. 
“Good girl.” He muttered, the radiance of his wicked smile gleamed in the darkness. Pride bubbled in your chest, heavy breaths fell from your lips. 
“Please, please, please.” You begged, unsure of what you were really asking for. He understood and answered your pleas by curling his fingers inside you, hitting a new spongy spot that sent your body into overdrive. 
A pleasured moan ripped through you, something was building, but you didn’t know what. Your body was trying to let go, but you held it back, your heat gripping his hand like a vice. 
A soft chuckle left his lips. “Let go petal, you don’t have to hold it back.” 
His words triggered the bullet from the smoking gun, pleasure crashed down onto you. An indescribable feeling of euphoria flooded your body and you whimpered a feeble thank you. 
“That was… incredible.” You sighed as you came back down, your head lulling sleepily into your pillow. 
The demon watched you closely, a smile resting on his pink lips. “Open up petal.” 
Your eyes fluttered open, watching him with rose tinted glass of pure lust. He placed his wet fingers to your mouth, pushing them inside. You hummed sweetly as your juices swirled round your mouth, you sucked his fingers dry.  
“You like tasting yourself?” He asked, his piercing blue eyes bright with admiration. You nodded, his thumb traced along your bottom lip, wiping up anything that you hadn’t already swallowed. 
“Maybe you’re not so sweet after all, petal. Maybe you just needed someone to show you what you wanted.” 
A sudden wave of confidence took over you, you threaded your fingers through his hair and pulled him down to you, connecting your lips hungrily. 
He pulled your lip between his teeth, pulling at it roughly. You gasped into his mouth and he slipped his tongue into your mouth. 
“I’ll take that as a yes.” He growled against your mouth. His hands trailed over your body, feeling every part of you. 
He leaned back on his knees, staring down at you with a desire that made your knees week. Slowly, teasingly his hands trailed down his own body, fingertips grazing his hard abs and down to his little black shorts. He pulled at the drawstrings, loosening them enough until they fell down his legs. Your eyes widened at the sight before you, gasping softly at his size. 
“You ready for this, petal?” He grunted, taking himself in his hand and jerking his hand up and down his length. 
“Yes.” You answered just a little too urgently, raising your hips up towards him. He ran his length through your slit, wetting his cock with your slick. 
He nudged your entrance, slowly pushing himself inside you. The stretch was unbelievable, discomfort swirled with pleasure into one movement. Your breath was shaky as you got used to feeling so full. 
He took his time, driving into you inch by inch. He watched you intensely as your eyebrows furrowed, your eyes screwed shut, your lips parted and trembling. His eyes flickered from your face to your core, mesmerised by the way your tight pussy swallowed greedily.
He stilled his movements as he bottomed out, allowing you a moment to adjust to his thick size. Your body shook as the initial pain subsided. “O-h oh my God.” YOu stuttered. 
His hand clamped around your neck as the words left your mouth. The serene adoration on his face dispersed, over taken with animalistic anger. 
“Don’t you dare, ever mention that name in my presence.” He growled, “He’s not making you feel this good, I am.” 
You stared up at him, fear tingling in your stomach, somehow his anger made you want him all the more. 
“Sorry.” You squeaked. “What do I call you?” 
“James.” He circled his hip, not pulling out but pushing himself deeper than you thought possible. “My name is James.” 
He pulled out of you, his thick length dragging along your walls and you felt the air return to your lungs momentarily before it was knocked from you again. His hips snapped like a rubber band and thrusted into you fully.
You cried out, arching your back off the bed, your eyes rolling back into your head. 
“You feel like a dream, petal. So fucking tight.” He grunted, driving his cock in and out of you slowly with a force that left you breathless. 
He peppered your body with kisses, you felt him everywhere. He was all over you and he made sure that you could feel every inch of him inside you. 
You gripped his taut biceps roughly, dragging your nails along his marred skin. A flash of worry ran through your mind, fearing that you’d hurt him but he groaned against your soft skin. It  seemed to make him more hungry for you. 
“James!” You whimpered into the cold air of the bedroom. 
“I know petal, can feel you squeezing me so tightly.” He muttered, his fingers travelled between your bodies and pressed down on your clit. He rubbed circles into your pearl and the coil in the pit of your stomach wound itself tighter. “You gonna let go for me?” 
“I don’t kn- Oh fuck, James!” You screamed, the coil snapped instantly and you came harshly. It hit you harder than before, seizing your body entirely, frozen in the moment of pure bliss. 
James nuzzled his nose against your cheek, whispering praises into your ear as you floated back down to earth. His hips rolled into your sensually, your eyes fluttered open to meet his hot gaze. “There she is, how are you feeling?” 
“Amazing.” You sighed. 
He lifted one of your legs over his shoulder, angling his cock deeper inside you. You whined at him, trying to move your body up the bed, but his hands clamped around your hips and his hips moved faster. 
“J-James, it’s too much.” 
“I know petal, but you came, only fair that I do too.” There’s a hint of wickedness in his voice but you’re too far gone to notice it.  
Suddenly, he set a brutal pace on you, pistoning his hips into yours roughly. He pressed his hand over your stomach and pushed so that you could feel him there. 
You moaned his name loudly, your pussy clutching him. His hips stuttered erratically as his own high neared. 
“Fuck you’re perfect.” He grunted roughly as he came and painted your walls. 
You both laid still,  heavy breaths bouncing off your bedroom walls. He pulled out of you and you whimpered at the loss, feeling empty as his seed spilled out of you. 
He laid down next to you, pulling you into his side. Your timid hands ran along his chest, daring to trace the scars on his right arm.
You understood now and you were more than content. You don’t want this to end ever. 
“What happens now?” You muttered, pulling your lip between your teeth and gnawing nervously. 
He connected your hands together, bringing it to his lips and kissed each of your intertwined knuckles. 
“Well, now you have a choice, you can remain here and I’ll visit you from time to time.” He paused, noticing the way your shoulder sagged at his words. “Or you can come back to the underworld with me and live like a queen. My queen.” 
“Really? That’s an option.” You peered up at him, hope in your eyes. 
“Yes petal.” A soft smile resting on his lips. "If you go back to the underworld then I will show you my true form."
You felt no fear at the mention of seeing him truly, you were certain you'd be mesmerised by in any shape. “And if I stay?” 
“Well everyone will know what you’ve done.” 
He releases your hands from his, taking hold of your wrist and bringing into the moonlight. Indented into your supple skin was a bright pink mark, in the shape of a star. A symbol of what you’d done, his symbol.
There was no shame in you when you looked upon the scar that rested proudly on your wrist. 
“Have many returned with you to the underworld before?” A twinge of jealousy settled in your chest as the word left your lips, fearing the answer to your question. 
“No, none have, but I’ve never cared enough to ask anyone else.” He spoke softly, “usually the curiosity is quelled after the first time and they regret what they’ve done almost instantly. I don’t sense that in you.” 
“I don’t regret it at all.” You stated, looking into his eyes with determination. 
“Not everyone is like you, petal.” He hummed, his blue eyes sparkled. 
You’re quiet for a moment, thinking about all those people who had used him over the years and anger bubbled in your chest. “I want to come with you.” 
“I don’t want you to decide right now.” He murmured, his thumb caressing your cheek, “you’re tired, I need you to sleep for now.” 
You yawned, your eyes fluttering shut as you snuggled into his side. “Okay, goodnight James.” 
“Goodnight my sweet little petal.” He murmured as you drifted off into a dreamless sleep, a smile resting on your lips.  
Tumblr media
Tags: @theselilwonders @elemenhoepe @ramp-it-up @delaber @nikole-witha-k @mistressmkay @maladaptivexxdaydreaming @im-a-marvel-ous-hoe @aquariusbarnes @ysmmsy @anxiousgirlsarehotter @give-me-bucky @natbarnes1917 @pandaxnienke
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junipermuses · 2 days ago
dark bodyguard nick fowler with a majorrr cnc and size and age gap kink.. just a thought hihi <333
pairing 彡 bodyguard!Bucky Barnes x bratty!reader
warnings 彡 This story will contain the following content: sexual implications, underage drinking (in the US, the legal age to drink is 21), significant age gap (reader is nineteen, Bucky is early forties)
word count 彡 652
author’s note 彡 Hi bestie ;) I don't write for Nick Fowler but I could totally imagine this for Bucky. What if... the reader is the president's daughter and she's on a mission to tarnish her father's (the president's) reputation?? And of course, Bucky has to remind her of her place.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
He’s been staring at you for a long while since he’s fetched you from the club, and the gravity of his probing gaze is inexplicable. You’re not accustomed to it—usually, he stares at you with a sort of dissatisfaction that easily comes across as parental, but everyone over the age of thirty regards you in such manner. Naturally, you’re the object of the older, elite demographic’s ridicule, with your childish determination to sully your father’s name with your careless and reckless agenda. You haven’t quite pulled it off yet because the president has an impressive way with words, he could somehow manage to talk his way out of a murder allegation he truly committed, with the blood of his victim on his hands—but your father is far too virtuous of a man to kill someone anyhow.
You try to ignore your bodyguard seated beside you in the backseat while your chauffeur drives you both home. Bucky’s gaze is currently burning a hole in your cheek, and it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to pretend you don’t notice it. You hate that your father sent him to get you. The entire situation was humiliating—how he effortlessly stormed past the bouncer and charged through the throng of dancing bodies, easily spotting you seated at the bar with a fine gentleman who could’ve been in his thirties or forties, most likely married, and currently sweet-talking you into allowing him to take you back to his estate for “the best time of your life.” Before you could reciprocate with your overtly flirtatious reply, Bucky swept you away in a flash of movement, tossing you over his broad shoulder as though you weighed nothing and carrying you to the car while you pummeled his chest with your tiny fists and thrashed your legs, demanding him to release you (your plea met deaf ears, though). The weight of everyone’s stare and judgment was all but tangible.
You can’t help but snap, finally, “Don’t you know it’s impolite to stare?”
You finally meet his gaze and notice his incensed expression that hasn’t relented since he found you, “I don’t think you know a thing about politeness.”
“You shouldn’t have come.”
“I shouldn’t have come?” he seethes through clenched teeth, “You’re not even old enough to drink, Y/N. You’re nineteen. How the hell did you even get in a club?”
You don’t respond, tugging the hem of your sequined dress.
“This behavior is unbecoming of the president’s daughter, Y/N,” he continues, relegating you to a child simply with his condescending tone of voice, “You can’t keep doing this to your father, he’s worried sick about you.”
“Why doesn’t he tell me that then?” you respond without intending to raise your voice, “I haven’t seen my father in weeks!”
“You know he’s busy,” his tone lessens in volume, and there’s a dash of sympathy laced in his words, “I’m supposed to protect you, Y/N. That’s my job. You’re makin’ this more difficult than it needs to be by pullin’ stunts like this.”
“I don’t need you to protect me.”
“Of course you do,” Bucky counters, “Until you stop actin’ like an entitled brat, you fuckin’ need me.”
“Fuck you,” you mutter under your breath, and in a flash, Bucky pinches your jaw between his thumb and forefinger and cants your chin, forcing your hooded gaze to meet his fiery one as he spits out, “Want to repeat that for me, sweetheart?”
“I—” the color drains from your cheeks as you gaze up at him, every ounce of confidence within you dwindling in a matter of seconds.
“Would you like to know what I think about little girls with potty mouths?” you can’t quite read the glint in his stormy blues, but it nevertheless makes your stomach drop. You can’t bring yourself to reply, therefore Bucky takes it upon himself to answer anyway.
“I think punishment is in order, what do you think, baby?”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
SEBASTIAN STAN as LANCE TUCKER The Bronze (2015) | dir. Bryan Buckley
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unearthlydust · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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goldenjo · 21 hours ago
red light
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairings — beefy!biker!bucky x fem!reader
warnings — dom!bucky, dacryphillia, dirty talk, fem!receiving, overstimulation, cum play and recording
sunmary —makin’a mess
authors note —i saw the beard and the leather and had an idea. sinful sunday c’mon in HOT !!!! plus @r0und3bitch doesn’t help my addiction. PART OF THE FOR OUR EYES ONLY VERSE
࿐ m.list 🂱 s.stan list
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“‘S too much daddy.” Whimpering as you try to wiggle free from his grip possessive, demanding yet loving grip.
Leather skirt folded up, legs hooked over his spread out beefy thighs and his fingers working your weeping overstimulated pussy. Shirt pulled off your shoulders— your breasts on full display while his fingers twisted your hardened nipples.
Bucky’s beard rutting against your neck as his tongue and lips marked the sides of your neck and his eyes connected to the screen in front of him. Bucky’s lips pressed together, gathering his saliva, dropping it on your hypersensitive pussy— thumb spreading him all over your needy clit and hole.
“Ah ah,” Bucky’s words sending shockwaves straight to your leaking pussy, “Shoulda thought that through, before ya came in here wearin’ nothin’, baby.”
“Prancin’ around, bendin’ over in front of daddy’s cameras.” Curling his two thick long fingers brushing your spongey spot, digging your ass into his crotch— where his hard leaking dick hid.
“What if someone saw my pretty pussy?” Nipping at your ear, “Saw how worked up she gets when she needs her daddy?” Blue turning to Navy when he looked at your overworked pussy on the screen.
You whimper, grinding your over stimulated pussy into his ring cladded hand.
Bucky’s hand was brutal and possessive.
“Just so desperate to be full of me. Needin’ to be full of daddy, just leakin’ outta your pretty pussy— anytime, anywhere.”
Bucky curling his fingers, thumb with a heavy sensation and having you fall apart with just his hands might be one of his favorite things.
Tears running down your face, jumbled sentences and a messy brain to match your lips other pair of lips that Bucky had insisted on another orgasm.
“Needa cum daddy, ‘m sorry.” Speaking through whines and moans, desperately trying to get his fingers to hit your g’spot again.
“Yeah? You ever gonna do that again.” Referring to the screen in front of you— bare and desperate to be filled with Bucky’s cock and a rush of pleasure.
“‘M not, won’t happen again, daddy.” Whining as your orgasm approached fast. “Sorry.”
“Ok, baby. Cum for daddy, so he can clean up your mess.” Nipping at your neck and increased his speed with his fingers, pulling the orgasm you needed to give him.
“Good girl, baby. Makin’ such’a mess for daddy.” Eyes widening at the screen and the blinking light, as he watched your cum leaked out of you.
A few labored breathes and scoops of your cum Bucky’s voice graced your ringing ears, “At this rate,” A chaste kiss against your neck, “Will have to add another shelve in the library at home.”
taglist: @mackenzielovee @r0und3bitch @glitterandsparklessss
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Tumblr media
Can we talk about the fact those kids are hanging on Sebastian's arm??????
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marvelilovebucky · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
How is he real?!😮‍💨
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5 • Operation: Charity Gala ... A Rescue Mission & Performance Review | OPERATION: FAKING IT ...?
Tumblr media
5 • Operation: Charity Gala … A Rescue Mission & Performance Review | OPERATION: FAKING IT …?
Description: The morning after the night before, how will things change between you & Bucky, will the sexual tension finally be resolved or will you slip out of Bucky's grasp before he's even told you he loves you?
Pairing: Beefy Bucky Barnes x Female Avenger Reader
Word Count: 10k 😬
Warnings: NSFW, angst, abduction, guns, worried Bucky, Cute Bucky, Fluffy Bucky, Bucky with children, swearing, all the smut, p in v, unprotected, oral sex (M + F), public sex, Daddy kink (only twice), mentions of choking, unprotected sex.
A/N: One more chapter left after this, thank you for all the comments & likes on this, this does have the D-Word kink but I kept it down to a minimum but beefy Bucky kind of embodies it.
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A firm set of lips on your neck pulled you from your sleep, you were entirely warm, wrapped in a pair of strong arms, one noticeably cooler than the other. It didn’t take long for the smile to spread on your face as you heard Bucky’s gravelly morning voice.
‘Morning Sweetheart’
You giggled as he held you tighter & peppered you with kisses anywhere his lips could reach, this was heaven & the best hangover cure you’d ever had.
‘How you feeling? There’s some water & adville there for you.’
‘Hmmm the kisses are helping, you do take good care of me Bucky Bear.’
‘What time is it? Should we get some breakfast? There’s a place near my apartment that would fix us up good & proper.’
With a kiss to the back of your neck he let out a long sigh, ‘Fury called, I have to go on a mission. Quick & easy, they don’t have anyone else that can speak 30 languages on call, so it has to be me.’
‘Oh, ok.’ You were disappointed, you wanted to spend every waking minute with him & then every minute of sleep in his arms, maybe your co-dependence with each other might need to be worked on if the thought of being away from him for a few hours was making you miserable & the temptation to beg Fury to let you join him overwhelming. You twisted around so you were facing him, like always he cradled you head in his hands running his thumb over your pout.
‘Don’t sulk darlin’, I’ll be back tonight & I plan on taking you on that date. Can’t waste another minute with my pretty girl.’
You nodded & leaned in for a kiss, another scorcher to add to the growing list, hungry yet tender, as he pulled away he wanted to make sure last night wasn’t some sick twisted dream that his fucked-up brain fabricated, ‘you still my girl?’
‘Always.’ You ran your hand through his hair, maybe he needed as much reassurance as you did that this whole thing was real.
His lips were back on yours whilst he spoke, ‘Gonna miss you, told Burtie to keep you safe.’
You giggled at him being such a teddy bear.
‘I’ll be fine, probably get some actual work done without ya.’ Your finger crawled up his chest as you said it, his lips moved straight to your neck, you were practically humping him as he did it. Nick Fury you motherfucking cock blocker.
‘Not my fault I’m irresistible Bambi.’
‘Hmm, guess not. What time you goin’?’
‘Now darlin, just wanted a kiss before I left.’
‘Ok, be safe & come home to me.’
You attached yourself to him, arms crossed around his neck, legs crossed around his back & your lips locked to his, he had rolled you over on your back & you could feel his whole length rutting against you.
‘You make it hard to leave darlin’, I’ll be home before you know it.’
‘Ok’ you wanted to say you loved him but instead you watched him get out of bed, try to tuck his very impressive erection into his tactical pants & with one final kiss leave you for the mission. This sucks.
You had been keeping Bucky updated on what you had been doing all morning, turns out he was as much of a distraction over texts as he was in your lab, not that you were complaining. You had caught up with Thor & Scott over breakfast about the rest of their nights after you & Bucky went to bed, apparently Nat gave Steve a lap dance after Scott dared her & you were told there was a recording which included a very red Steve & a very obvious Steve junior making an appearance once it was over. The re-enactment by Thor had you crying laughing, who knew he had such snake hips, Jane was a lucky lady. You of course updated Bucky with the story & promised to forward the video once you were in possession, he immediately reassured you it was to see Steve’s face not Natasha’s dance, like he knew the thought would be sat in your head the minute he asked. He was too sweet to you.
With the rest of the morning to yourself you decided a walk in the park with Burtie would kill some time whilst your Super Solider was otherwise occupied, you had both decided on a low-key night in date, so you wouldn’t be disturbed, nothing to do with the proximity of your bed. Nothing at all.  
The mission was dragging, all Bucky wanted to do was get home to you, cook you dinner then start something called Game of Thrones that you insisted he needed to experience & afterwards spend the night buried in you until you couldn’t take any more. 
Unfortunately, the ambassador he was currently listening in on was taking his sweet time in the bathroom, he had all the information they needed but had to stick around until he left, just in case he spilled any more state secrets to the obvious bad guy he was meeting with.
He quickly checked his phone to see if you had messaged him after he had gone incognito, there was a few texts detailing your walk to the park & all the random things your brain concocted, he loved you so much because he found it utterly adorable whereas Steve often said you were draining, not that he’d tell you Steve said that, he was a punk & didn’t know how amazing you actually were. There was a voice note too, he loved the idea of you sending him them, all for him, your beautiful voice memorialized permanently on his phone, so he could listen to them whenever he wanted. He pressed play waiting for the inevitable random thought you plucked from your brain to be narrated to him.
‘Bucky’ Oh how his heart soared hearing his name come out of your mouth.
‘I think I’m being followed.’ In a split second it dropped to the depths of hell, lower even. He continued to listen to the message.
 ‘I’m just on the corner of 8th & West 29, I was in the park with Burtie & this guy was watching me, I figured he probably recognised me & was trying to work out who I was. So, I set off & every time I look back he’s still there.’ You sounded shaky & Bucky wanted to tear his hair out at the thought of you being afraid.
‘He’s tall, dark hair, slim build, kind of like a capybara.’
A capi-what? Bucky thought.
‘They’re like the largest rodent.’
So, a rat.
‘But don’t think he looks like a rat, his face isn’t pointy enough, they’ve got a rounded snout, they’re cute, the baby ones look like humbug sweets, they’re adorable. I watched this programme once where this British dude was saying they …’
Focus Bambi.
‘.. Not the time, he looks really average. I’m gonna speed up & try to lose him but I’ve put my location on for you to track if you don’t hear from me. I’ll be fine ok? I … I’ll see you when you get back’
That was 30 minutes ago. His heart had ceased to function & he was running on pure adrenaline, he could feel it pumping in his veins fuelling his need to find you & blocking out the urge to breakdown & fade into nothingness at the thought of being without you, the mission was done, he had to get to you.
He took off running, it was just an intel gathering mission, no one was in danger he later justified to himself so it would be fine to leave his post. His bike wasn’t far from his station at the speed the Super Solider Serum blessed him with, his body on instinct manoeuvred all the obstacles within his path without need for any kind of conscious thought, that was all focused on you & finding you. The tracker had stopped 15 minutes after you sent your message, you could be anywhere, taken without a trace from a rat man whom probably had a vendetta against The Winter Solider. How could he fuck this up already? To not even have you for a day before it all went wrong, think Bucky … Bertie. 
You had insisting on adding something called a tag to his collar after Peter & Thor kept taking Burtie for cuddles, it meant you could pin point his location to the meter within a building let alone the street, it took him a minute, but he found the email from when you had shared the log in, ‘just in case’ he ever needed it. Bucky recognised the street name but couldn’t recall why, once he got to his bike he rang Tony explaining the voicemail & abandoning the mission, Tony immediately got to work trying to track your location whilst Bucky set off. 
His mind was racing, imagining the worst-case scenarios, seeing you in every state he had ever seen a victim, he couldn’t stop some tears from escaping blurring his vision as he rode to you as quickly as his bike allowed. His mom had taught him to never leave important things unsaid, you’d think he’d have fucking learned that in his hundred years on the planet but apparently, he was a complete idiot. He should have told you he loved you before he left, it was on the tip of his tongue but why would he tell you that when he was seeing you in a few hours. 
Why were you even interested in him? He was dangerous, he put you in danger just by associating with him, he knew something would come along & fuck all this up, it was too good to be true. Even if you survived this why would you stay with him? You deserved more, you deserved someone stable with no enemies ready to take you when you were walking the dog & his brain couldn’t even process Burtie in all this, his sweet little boy, he would never forgive himself if he was hurt. 
None of his conjecture mattered he knew, what happened after could only happen if there was an after for you, he just needed to get to you, to get you safe, that was all that was important.
He smashed through the entrance to what looked like an upmarket block of apartments, he would answer questions later if necessary & Tony could foot the bill for the damage, every second counted as he raced up the stairs two at a time clutching his phone like it was the only lifeline he had to you. His eyes darting constantly between where he was heading & the app on the phone leading the way, he seemed to pass floor after floor, door after door, it appeared to be residential, several people moved in horror out of his way with panicked murmurs of avengers, he probably should have reassured them, Steve would have, but there was no time. Finally, he found the door the tag had guided him to, he pulled out his M17 & was begging his training to kick in, instead of the overwhelming panic & fear he was experiencing. His knuckles sharply knocked on the frame, he pulled up his gun to shoulder level & braced himself for the worst, a single tear escaped his eye as he waited, white noise clouded his brain & when the door swung open he swore he saw your face & heard your beautiful voice.
You looked at Bucky who was clearly going through something holding a gun up & looking distraught, ‘Bucky, are you ok?’
He grabbed you, smashing his lips into yours like he couldn’t believe you were in front of him. You were slightly perplexed by his behaviour but went with it, I mean he was kissing you & had his hands all over you, you pulled back when you felt the tears on his face.
‘What’s going on Bucky, are you ok?’ 
He was panting, darting his eyes around your face, your body, the apartment he found you in. ‘Am I ok? Are you ok?’
‘yeaaah, why wouldn’t I be?’
‘The voice note.’ He noticed the confusion on your face as the adrenaline still pulsed in his veins.
‘Which one?’
‘There was only one.’
‘I sent another telling you it was ok.’
‘Oh’, he drew in a breath to calm his nervous system back down to earth from high alert, he rested his forehead on yours to ground himself & make sure you were really with him.
‘Oh Bucky, I am so sorry. I should have called to tell you I was ok. I just didn’t want to jeopardise the mission.’
‘Yeah about that, I may have abandoned my post. One sec.’ He let out a firm breath & dialled Tony to let him know you were fine, you took the phone & explained how you thought you were being followed but it turns out it was Loki who stopped by for a visit & was fucking with you, you were near your apartment so nipped in for a catch up & to water your plants. 
Tony stopped laughing long enough for you to say your goodbyes & you turned to the slightly embarrassed Super Soldier ‘Oh honey, I am so sorry.’
‘No, it’s me I panicked & went on instinct, I just thought I’d lost you.’
‘Hey, come here.’ You wrapped your arms around him, holding his head & letting him have a minute of calm in your embrace, ‘I’m right here.’
He was muffled as he spoke, ‘I thought someone had taken you to get to me & I just leapt into action without thinking, I just had this instinct to come & save you, the thought of you hating me because they hurt you was killing me.’
He pulled his head from your shoulder & you looked into his misty azure blue eyes, you held his face in your hands. ‘I love you so much Bucky, absolutely, entirely, every ounce of you, nothing or no one will change that, ok?’
‘Oh thank fuck, I love you too Bambi, more than anything.’
He couldn’t hold himself back anymore, he needed to be as close to you as possible. He latched his lips to yours, firmly & with intention, you felt how different it was to all the other kisses. He immediately relaxed, he needed this after the agony of thinking he had lost you, he promised himself he would be as upfront about his feelings with you every second for the rest of his life, he couldn’t waste any more time with you.
‘Great apartment you have here Bambi.’ You noticed him not even looking at it, you knew where this was heading & you were squealing inside at the thought.
‘Thanks, Burtie’s asleep in the study, you’d love all the books in there. I’ll give you a tour’
‘Show me the bedroom.’ You glanced up at him & shyly nodded. 
It was so you, Bucky couldn’t think of any other adjective, it was peaceful, calm, yet chaotic & bright somehow, he noticed there were plants everywhere & it was everything he wanted, he couldn’t face returning to his grey dull apartment having seen the alternative.
He softly closed the door behind him & reached to you to pull you back in his arms, your back was pressed to his chest & he slowly traced his lips from your ear down your neck & sucked on the spot that turned your legs into jelly. He hadn’t even touched you, yet knew exactly how to make you crumble, he ran a finger up your side making you shudder, he could see every laboured breath you were struggling to steady, your eyelids fluttering at the thrill of being touched & the anticipation of finally having each other, he was teasing you, wanting you to be so desperate for him that you would beg for it.
 His fingers moved from your side to your front, painfully slow he traced your curves, cupping your tits & pinching your nipples as you jolted forward from the pleasure, they moved further down your body & as your breath hitched his fingers cruelly ghosted your mound.
The whine you let out was music to Bucky’s ears, ‘Don’t be a brat Bambi, you’ll get everything you want I promise. I just can’t decide what I wanna do to ya first.’
‘Touch me Bucky, please.’
‘I’m gonna touch you, taste you & fuck you til you can’t take any more.’ Maybe he wasn’t as innocent as you thought he was.
You turned around so you could face him, you were both fully clothed, he was still in his tactical gear & you quickly began unclipping his suit to get to him. ‘Wanna suck your cock Buck.’
He almost came in his pants just from you saying it, he could talk the talk but there would be a very good chance the first time would be a 2 minute job he wanted you so much.
‘Best get on your knees & be a good girl for me.’ Without hesitation you dropped to the floor & your hands were scrambling to release the hard dick being constrained in Bucky’s pants, running your fingers over it as your other hand tacked the belt & buttons. You practically drooled when you finally reached into his boxers & carefully pulled out the long thick cock waiting for you, it was perfect, just like Bucky.
‘Fuck.’ You looked up at him as you wrapped your hand around him, not even being able to get your fingers all the way around & began pumping the silky smooth skin, he was looking down at you transfixed, his perfect girl so delicate & soft being so careful with him & your beautiful hands giving him so much pleasure but when you glanced up & brought his tip to your perfect mouth he almost lost it.
You placed your lips on him, kissing gently before running them down the thick shaft on the underside of his cock, then tracing back up with your tongue & finally taking him in your mouth. He was by far the biggest you’d had & you struggled taking him fully but with some careful teeth placement you manged as much as you could with your hand pumping the surplus. Bucky was in heaven, he would worship your mouth until the end of time with the things you were doing with your tongue, he gently held your face in his hands & slowly pumped his hips taking over.
‘Fuck Bambi, tap me if its too much.’ You attempted to nod with your mouth full & he sped up his movements & somehow managed to fuck your throat with minimum choking, you would have to tell him later a bit of choking wouldn’t hurt you.
He could have easily finished right there in your pretty mouth, but he promised you his cock & he would deliver on that, he pulled your lips off him & dropped to his knees desperately kissing you, his tongue intertwined with yours, you knew you’d both be absolute messes after this.
‘Wanna taste ya Darlin.’ He lifted you to your feet & guided you to the bed pushing you down as the backs of your knees met the frame, he wasted no time stripping himself down to nothing & set sights on you. Your leggings were roughly ripped off your person taking your knickers with them in their wake, he paused admiring how you looked, so debauched, riled up & yet so pretty, his good girl patiently waiting for him. 
You scurried back on the bed to make room for the broad man crawling in sync further up & you whipped off your hoodie leaving you both bare, ‘perfect, Jesus Bambi, fucking perfect you know that?’ He kissed your inner thigh before settling in between your legs, anchoring you with his Vibranium arm & gently moving your legs over his shoulder, he wanted complete access. 
He dove right in, his incredibly nimble tongue lapping against your clit, circling your entrance & then fucking you with his tongue. Back & forth, it was heaven, all thoughts were numbed & all you could do was surrender yourself to the unwavering pleasure building at each flick of Buck’s tongue.
‘You taste even better than I imagined.’
‘God, you’re so fucking good at this.’ You were hurtling towards your climax, embarrassingly quickly, he traced his finger around your entrance as he focused on sucking your clit, you were in Nirvana, your head thrashed back in pleasure & you could barely hang on, he quickly added another digit stretching you so perfectly with his thick fingers.
‘Gonna cum Bucky, don’t stop, please ... d-ddon’t stop.’
‘Let go doll, fuck, can feel you squeezing me.’ He was practically fucking the mattress as you ground down on his tongue & fingers letting the building pleasure overtake you sending pulses of euphoria to every extremity until you were a twitching mess.
Without hesitation you pulled on his arms to bring him up to you, kissing him deeply & tasting yourself on him. ‘hmm you like that Bambi, here.’ He pushed his fingers up to your mouth & let you suck on them, his cock twitching as your tongue twirled around them, ‘you like your mouth stuffed don’t ya Doll?’ you nodded pushing his fingers further down practically choking on them ‘Next time you’ll be taking all my cum down there honey.’
Whenever guys you’d been with in the past had attempted to talk dirty it always fell flat, Bucky of course blew them out the water & you had no doubt he would do exactly what he described at the earliest possible moment. You’d do anything he told you to if he spoke to you in this dominant tone, anything.
He moved his hips upward to be level with yours, you were both writhing, his cock at your entrance, your pussy wet & waiting for him but he paused for thought. ‘Shit, don’t we need protection or something’
‘No, I’m clean & can’t get pregnant’. He immediately stopped his movements at your words.
‘Oh Bambi, I’m so sorry, was it the bullet?’ His fingers grazed your side where your scar sat, mocking your stupidity every time you looked at it. You giggled at his reaction; he was so God damn sweet.
‘No, you silly flapjack, I am on contraception.’
‘Oh’ his face scrunched up in a smile & then like a switch he was back to the dominant man ready to fuck your brains out.
He carefully lifted is hip & pushed himself to your threshold, it was such sweet torture as he slowly filled you up with his thick cock. There was no coming back from him, he held your entire being within his as he bottomed out stretching you like nothing you’d felt before, he stilled his hips waiting for you to adjust all the while peppering you with kisses trying not to breakdown that this perfect angel in his arms loved him & was giving herself to him.
As you began moving your hips he focused back on you, kissing you deeply & fucking into you slowly & deeply, hitting spots you’d never felt before, saying the most delicious filth in between sucking on your lips, tongue, skin, ‘God you’re my good girl’, ‘taking me so fucking good. Knew you would.’ ‘so fucking tight.’, ‘can feel you clenching me.’ 
It was like nothing you’d ever experienced but you knew he was suppressing his urges trying to make your first time tender & soft, it was Bucky in a nutshell, but you wanted him to let go entirely. ‘B-Bucky, do what you want to me, don’t hold back.’
‘No Bambi, wanna make love to you.’ He kissed you, pushing in gently, enjoying every second he was connected to you.
‘You have, now fuck me like you’ve imagined, let me be your good girl.’
‘Fuck, don’t say that to me Bambi. You wouldn’t be able to handle it.’ 
‘I can. I can handle it …D .. Daddy.’ You had an inkling he would enjoy being called that during sex, from twitch of his cock you felt you were right.
‘Fuck, don’t call me that Doll, you have no idea what you’ll start.’
‘I want it. All of it, whatever you want to do to me. Please let me be your good girl Daddy, please.’
He sped up his movements, his resolve snapped the way you so beautifully begged, he was feral for you. ‘You asked for it Bambi.’ 
Your hips were lifted & he drilled his cock into you deeper & harder, the sounds of your skin slapping together & the guttural grunts & moans from you both filled the apartment.
In one quick motion he pulled his cock from you, leaving you hollow & crawled up the bed straddling you pushing his cock in your gaping mouth, gathering your hair into his hands & holding you still with the other to fuck your face, you were pinned to the bed taking him so perfectly. 
‘Touch yourself Bambi, but you will be punished if you cum.’
Your hand moved down to your swollen mound before he had even finished his sentence & you were switching between fingering yourself & massaging your clit, your climax was building but you kept yourself on the brink. You kind of wanted to experience his punishment but also wanted to be his good girl, he took the choice off you when he ripped himself from your mouth panting ‘on all fours Bambi.’, you had unleashed a beast.
The dominance of his tone had you moving swiftly into position, you could feel him running his hand up & down your thigh, gripping your ass cheek & releasing, then bringing his palm down sharply to your skin, the shock & sting was thrilling, you moan was music to Bucky’s ears, you were trembling not knowing his next move was. He pressed his lips to your tingling skin making you whimper. You looked over your shoulder, his eyes were wild ‘Please Bucky, fuck me.’
Like a flash he slid inside you, filling you back up. ‘This what you wanted Doll?’ his thrusts were relentless, you were completely fucked out being jolted forward at each snap of his hips. He raised his hand & connected it to your behind practically cumming at how much you pussy gripped his cock on contact. ‘Answer me Bambi, was this what you wanted?’
‘Yes, yes sergeant.’ 
Fuck he should have been doing this since the moment he met you, you took him so fucking well & shared all his filthy desires to be his good girl. You were like putty in his hands when he so easily pulled you back & sat back on his thighs, holding you by your tits as you bounced up & down on him.
‘Fuck yourself on my cock Doll, you’re taking me so well.’ You ground your hips, enjoying every inch of him, ‘Ne ..need to come Bucky.’
He couldn’t get enough of you & yet again pulled you off him, you were so compliant as he lifted you turning you around & sitting you back on his cock, fucking up into you brutally as you were mummering how good he was making you feel. ‘Not yet Bambi’ He latched his mouth on to your neck & connected his thumb to your clit circling it gently in complete contrast to him fucking the life out of you, the pressure building inside you was screaming to come out & you used every bit of clenching you could to stop you climaxing before Bucky told you could, he could feel you desperately hanging on for dear life & the intense grip your pussy had on his dick had him hurtling to his finish.
‘Cum for me Doll, fuck you pussy is so fucking tight.’ One final pump & you screamed in the pleasure rippling through you, ‘don’t stop, fuck fuck fuuucckk’ Bucky was right there with you painting your walls with his seed, lost in the unwavering ecstasy that fucking you brought him, muttering complete filth into your ear as you both hit your peaks.
‘I love you so fucking much Bambi.’
‘I love you too. Forever.’ Crying after sex was probably frowned upon but Bucky was on the brink, he had everything he had ever dreamed about in his arms looking blissed out on another plane of existence, your hair was plastered to your skin, your lips red & swollen & your mascara smudged. You had never looked as perfect. He leaned down to kiss you gently, it was like you both breathed some form of life back into each other, you were staring at him exactly the way he was you, allowing yourself the moment to let what happened truly sink it.
A smile spread on your face, you were still on his lap impaled on him but lightly giggled remembering what he had said earlier ‘Hey Bucky, where do you think the ovaries are?’ 
He shrugged trying not to smile, ‘I dunno why?’
‘The whole ‘was it the bullet?’’
‘I panicked. Thinking it was a terrible thing for you.’ You cackled laughing in his arms, you didn’t think it was possible to love him more.
‘Must you laugh so much when my cock is still in you?’ he tensed his thighs shifting his cock inside you.
‘It’s so funny though, you were so worried, you’re a cutie pie Bucky Barnes.’
He paused for a second, picking you up & laying you both down on the bed, stroking your face with his thumb ‘Have you ever thought about kids Bambi?’
‘Yeah, I would have to retire though, you?’
‘It would be nice to have a family & raise them, I agree with the retiring, I’ve spent my life fighting, would be nice to have some peace … someday.’
Bucky opening up to you somehow managed to fill your heart with joy that he trusted you with his dreams but smashed it in two for being so heartbreaking ‘Have you ever told anyone that?’
‘Nope’ he tried to hide the melancholy on his face with a smile, it only made you more determined to give him the life he deserved.
‘Why not?’
‘I guess I figured I have a debt to pay before I can think about my life, everyone has done so much for me, taken me in, removed the programming, given me freedom, a new arm. Figured it was my way to pay for it by helping save the world or whatever.’ He shrugged & you hated how dismissive he was of his own needs, he was a good soldier doing as ordered without thinking of himself.
You could feel the tears falling on your cheeks that this victim of unspeakable atrocities still felt he owed the world a debt, ‘You were deserved those things Bucky, you were a prisoner for so long, you deserve peace.’
He swept up your tears with his thumb ‘Don’t get upset Doll, I met you because of it. I’d live it all again to be right here.’
‘You would?’
‘Of course, I would, to be here with you, the woman I love I’d live it a thousand times.’
You shrugged, ‘I think you deserve more after what you’ve been through.’
‘I don’t know how many times I need to spell it out to you sweetheart; you are my great love, it doesn’t matter if we just got together, you have been mine since the moment I set eyes on you, I’d walk to the ends of the earth if you asked me to.’
He could see you struggling to accept his words, to truly believe how much he loved you, but he knew he would spend every day showing you, actions speak louder than words & his would be shouting from the rooftop that you were his girl.
Life was good once you got back to the tower, your routine didn’t particularly change apart from being pulled into various cupboards & offices multiple times a day to fool around, turns out Bucky really wasn’t as innocent as you thought, the opposite in fact. He worshipped every inch of you & didn’t seem to get bored of telling you either, whether it was storming into the gym & picking you up half way through your work out with Nat then fucking you senseless over the crash mats in the equipment room or throwing you over his shoulder after watching you bend down in the kitchen & marching you through the compound making it as far as the cleaning closet then ripping your leggings off to eat you out, pausing only to order Gerald to make a coffee because Bucky swore he was watching. You felt bad violating his home.
You also finally had your first official date, he greeted you with flowers, this time daisies & you went to a hole in the wall Pizza place in Brooklyn that he swore was the best, then you walked around arm in arm around all his old stomping grounds like he promised he would show you, it was perfect. He was perfect & didn’t hesitate to show you all the affection he had been holding back on, you were kissed, snuggled & nuzzled until you were drunk off him, being fucked against a brick building in an alleyway was just inevitable, in fairness he managed to find the cleanest one in the city. You headed back to your apartment giddy & hungry for more of each other, Thor & Scott were on dog sitting duties so you knew you had time to explore each other fully, in-between the intense bouts of pleasure you talked about everything & anything until you fell asleep in each other’s arms excited for all the plans you had made.
Another day, another event. Today a gala to raise funds for a children’s charity, the gardens of the upstate Avengers compound had been transformed, cute little round tables sat underneath a giant white gazebo, wildflowers were scattered on the ground forming pathways to the various activities & groups of kids dotted about in their little dresses & suits, it was adorable. You had been dressed by Valentina again, a gorgeous white form fitting dress with flowers climbing up the body, it all felt a bit too dressy for a garden party, but Tony had insisted it be formal hence the babies in suits.
Bucky had already been tackled by three rambunctious kids & proceeded to hold them all up at once on his vibranium arm like he was a set of monkey bars, it was ovary aching sweetness & you noticed Tony pointing it out to the press who lapped it up, their camera shutters being put into overdrive at the sight. It had all started to feel icky, forced, you & Bucky had both decided that after this you’d call the PR nonsense off, it was literally pointless now you were together.
Whilst Bucky was occupied, you had noticed a young mother with two children struggling between holding her baby, keeping the other in check & trying to enjoy the food that was being served, she looked like she needed a lie down let alone a short reprieve from the pair, you approached her trying to put on your friendliest of smiles without looking like an attempted kidnapper. ‘Can I take them off your hands whilst you grab a bite to eat?’
Her eyes lit up at your offer. ‘That would be wonderful, thank you.’ She looked completely relieved at your offer. ‘This is Ben & Maisey.’
You held out your arms & the baby so sweetly reached out to you for you to take her, as you rested her diaper padded bottom on your hip you leaned down & took the hand of the chaotic child at her side.
‘Come on honey, lets give mamma a break. I know someone who will wear you out in no time, we won’t go far.’ You walked with him towards your Super Solider who had been watching you the minute you held the baby in your arms, he couldn’t lie, it made him feral, he had never seen you with kids & you appeared to be a complete natural. For a second, he let himself imagine you were his wife, they were your kids & it filled him with such hope for the future, he’d never dared think he could have everything he once dreamt of, but knew he’d fight to the death to make it happen with you.
‘Let’s say hello to Uncle Bucky shall we?’
He greeted you with the biggest smile, connecting his lips to yours appropriately for once, his big palm reached out & cradled Maisey’s little head stroking her cubby cheek & it made your ovaries melt, he was so gentle with her. The toddler clung to your leg as he looked up in awe at the superhero in front of him. As per the norm when you were with Bucky you didn’t hear any of the commotion or flashes surrounding you as the photographers went wild snapping pictures of you both, Bucky collected the toddler off the floor & held him high in his arms. You’d never seen him so relaxed.
‘My name is Ben.’
‘Hi Ben I’m Bucky, this is Bambi.’
‘Bambi?’ His head whipped around trying to spot his mother. ‘Mamma, dis Bambi.’
You were all laughing at his excitement turning around to a very proud looking mother gasping in surprise.
‘You know why I call her Bambi?’
He shook his head.
‘Well, she is the most beautiful girl in the whole world with those big doe eyes & gorgeous smile, she’s so strong & smart but so incredibly clumsy. Thought it since the second I looked at her & she tripped over her pyjama pant leg trying to shake my hand.’ 
Bucky knew the child wasn’t understanding a word he was saying but he wanted you to know, even back then he thought the world of you.
You laughed out loud at his admission, you couldn’t believe he remembered that, he had only started called you Bambi after you had mentioned the cabin in your demands so assumed it was linked to that. Apparently not. Somehow every time he spoke he managed to remind you how much he loved you, how much he had always adored you.
He ran off with Ben before you could kiss him senseless, probably a good thing with a baby in your arms, you sat down on a bench with the gorgeous little tot on your lap facing the party, she was fascinated by all the people & you watched the love of your life zooming around with an uncontrollably giggling toddler in his arms. You were practically a puddle on the floor, you teared up not knowing how you could love someone so much so quickly. You knew he wanted a family & you swore you would fight hand & tooth to be the one to give it him, he deserved it. Of course, Tony had to come & sit next to you on the bench having seen you swooning over your man ‘You guys don’t half put on a show.’
You managed to tear your eyes away from your Super Solider & looked to Tony raising your brow as you so often did to him, ‘How so?’
‘Well I’d bet money that the headlines tomorrow will be all about the two additions to the Barnes Clan, you both are playing happy families flawlessly Kid.’
‘Just giving their mom a break to eat something, not like it’s hard looking after this gorgeous girl, can you make sure the press doesn’t print their faces please.’ You bounced Maisey on your lap.
He nodded, smiling to himself, ‘Speaking of reproducing, I’ve had some strange reports from around the tower, various storage rooms & offices not accessible at weird times of the day, odd noises being heard too. Wouldn’t happen to know about that would you?’
‘I would not. No’ You tried to hide your smirk but failed miserably.
‘hmmm.’ He shook Maisey’s little hand & she grabbed his finger holding on to it tightly. He gave her his best smile ‘Tony Stark, nice to meet you kid, ever think about having one?’
Your eyes darted back to Bucky, he was holding Ben looking at you in that way he always did, ‘Not until very recently.’
Tony put on that fatherly tone he always did when he was talking about something important instead of his usual cocky smirk, ‘You should, it suits you.’
‘We’d have ... I’d have to leave the team.’
He shrugged ‘Wouldn’t be the worst thing, sure I’d lose my best hacker but fewer accident reports to fill out, you know I hate paperwork, less chance of friendly fire & I bet my insurance premiums would plummet.’
‘Might do it sooner with that sass. Move to Wyoming, live off the land.’
‘As long as grandad has unlimited visiting privileges.’
‘That could be arranged, although the grandad part not for a while yet.’
‘So, still time to make a mini Ironman suit for them.’
‘Plenty’ you watched Bucky spinning Ben over his arm & the little boy joyfully laughing & begging him to do it again, ‘but maybe start on the prototypes soon, yeah.’
‘Will do.’ He stood up, buttoning his suit back up & leaned down to give you a kiss on your forehead. ‘Happy for you both Kid.’ 
As per usual you never needed to say anything to Tony, he just knew & always accepted your decisions like the supportive adopted dad you needed. 
Eventually you both relinquished the temporary custody of the kids with overwhelming thanks from Janice who invited you to babysit any time, Bucky wore out Ben as promised & helped carry him to the car & strap him in safely.
Upon his return you felt two arms snake around your waist & a set of lips at your ear, ‘Dance with me Bambi.’
He led you to the little dancefloor that had been laid over the grass, the sun was setting as the party was dying down, you were too busy with the kids to notice the fundraiser going on in the background but knowing Tony Stark it would have been a success. 
As Bucky twirled you around the parquet floor he couldn’t help asking. ‘Is it too soon to ask you to marry me?’ you giggled.
‘Yes.’ You ran your thumb over his little pout that had appeared on his gorgeous face. 
‘Well I don’t know how long I can keep it in for.’ Oh this man, he was just trouble for you, you couldn’t say no to him.
‘I mean, I’d say yes if you asked, but people will think we’re nuts.’
‘They already do darlin’’ 
‘True, promise you’ll marry me someday?’
‘Wild horses couldn’t stop me Bambi, you promise you’ll marry me someday?’
‘Thanos & his army couldn’t stop me.’ He leaned in to kiss you, somehow smiling at the same time. If all you ever had was each other for the rest of your lives that would be alright with you.
‘Good, that should keep my inner 40’s instincts at bay ... for now.’ 
You giggled & danced away until you were the only ones left, the band had dismantled but you didn’t need music to sway in his arms. The floodlights were removed & your surroundings were gently lit with strings of fairy lights, you didn’t need to see to kiss the night away, you would always find him in the dark.
Tumblr media
You thought about whipping your favourite Jean Luc Picard line out when it came to the review meeting Tony had arranged, ‘The line must be drawn here. This far and no further!’ But Bucky told you it was a bit dramatic for a casual chat & the accent you were adding wasn’t going to be as effective as you hoped if they were all laughing when you said it.
You both quickly learned that if you had somewhere to be together you needed to set off earlier than necessary because you always seemed to end up waylaid in a storage closet enroute to your destination, today was no exception & you found yourself being dragged into a dark cramped space with your Super Soldier on his knees in front of you manoeuvring your leg over his shoulder.
‘Fuck, you can’t be wearing this kinda dress around me honey’
You shrugged innocently ‘Thought it looked cute.’
Bucky shook his head at you, you knew exactly how to look as fuckable as you could for him in your little summer dresses ‘It looks fucking adorable on you.’ He wasted no time, flipping the skirt over your hips & saw what was waiting for him ’Fuck no panties Bambi.’
Again, you shrugged your shoulders batting your eyelashes at the man on his knees ‘Wanted you to fuck me with your fingers in the meeting.’
He tipped his head back & his eyes fluttered shut as you slipped your foot over his growing cock, ‘Fuck, my filthy girl.’
‘Only for you.’
He got to work, pulling your hips to his face by your bare bottom, running his tongue along your soaking folds, lapping up everything you were giving him, it didn’t take long for your hips to aid his efforts & grind down on him. 
‘Feels so good, fill me with your fingers James.’
He slowly inserted his metal forefinger into your gloriously soaking pussy & couldn’t help pulling his hard cock out of his jeans to stroke himself, you couldn’t hold in the moan as he pushed up further curling his finger up to connect with that spot that drove you wild, you could feel lightening up & down your spine as the permanently cold tip stroked it, god he was good at this, but you needed filling properly.
You reached down & ripped his hand away, ‘need you to fill me’, he could see the look in your eyes. Wild. He sat back on his knees & you lowered yourself onto his lap, lining up his thick cock & readying yourself for the wonderful stretch only he could bring.
You both groaned as you struggled to take him fully ‘Come on Bambi, you can take me, all the way down.’
One last shift of your hips & he bottomed out.
‘Fuck baby, so full.’ It took your breath away how you could feel every inch of him, every ridge & vein, it was utterly delicious albeit somewhat painful, but it all added to the glory of being fucked by this man.
‘Such a good girl taking me so well, like you were made for me darlin’.’ He felt your pussy clench at the praise, ‘you like me calling you that, don’t you my sweet girl.’
You could barely form words as he fucked his solid cock into you, the stretch of him seemed to send you to another realm of pleasure. ‘yes, fuck, you feel so good.’
It was embarrassing how quickly he needed to blow his load as soon as your warm tight pussy was around him, but he didn’t care when it felt this good & also kind of the point of a quickie in the closet. He picked up his pace & connected his thumb to your clit whilst you bounced up & down on his lap, you were a goddess of that he was certain, the noises you made whilst trying to be quiet he wanted playing on repeat.
A few squeezes from your pussy had him in heaven, he knew you were close, he’d been on the brink the entire time but needed you to hold it a little bit more, make it that much sweeter when it hit you, ‘Hold it a little longer Bambi, then you can make a mess on my cock.’
He continued to snap his hips against you, spearing you with his length, you were clenching for dear life trying not to tumble over the edge, hold it for him, be his good girl but you were on cusp of not being able to control it before you heard the glorious words ‘Let go Bambi, cum for me.’ You sped over the threshold of pleasure, white hot lightening took over your body, he locked his lips to yours to muffle the sounds of your climax, your pussy clenching around him & with one final thrust of his hips he was past his limit as he spilt into you, hands roaming your curves, making sure you were really with him in his arms twitching & writhing as you came down with him from your pleasure induced high.
‘I love you beautiful.’ The scrunched-up nose smile on his face took your breath away, how was this man yours? You needed to count every lucky star in the night sky a thousand times over that you were here with him.
‘I love you too gorgeous.’
You tamed each other’s wild hair giggling at the thought of walking into a meeting filled with his cum, he gently ran his fingers under your eyes to sweep up the slightly smeared mascara.
‘Good as new Bambi. They won’t suspect a thing.’
You strolled into meeting room as casually as possible hoping you didn’t smell like sex, Tony was surprisingly on time & sat with Rebecca & the HR director. Shit. Maybe the quickie wasn’t the best idea. After sharing some pleasantries & fixing you & Bucky a coffee you sat beside your Super Soldier, it felt foreign to not be sat on his lap or touching in any way, you shifted your seat closer to his, just in case he needed grounding with your touch at any point.
Rebecca got straight into action with her PowerPoint of praise detailing how well the plan was going, ‘We’ve seen a dramatic shift in Sargent Barnes’ profile & public perceptions over the last two months & as we hoped most of the uptake has been via social media & sharing their interactions with you both.’ The slide show was moving as she spoke displaying the positive comments, tweets & photos you were constantly stopped for in the street, so many people loved Burtie & wanted a picture of him too, he was the star of the show. 
‘We have formulated the next steps in the plan starting with a sit down interview & photo shoot with the two of you to discuss the rumours of you being parents to the two children in the photos that are currently circulating in the press, the Gala seem to have shown the softer side of Sargent Barnes so we’re keen to keep the momentum going with a visit to a children’s hospital & Tony mentioned moving in together, maybe appearances at some open houses will solidify the idea of the relationship being serious & moving forward.’
You could see Bucky rubbing his face trying to get a word in edge ways to stop this going further & wasting the time of everyone in the room, the presentation was clearly rehearsed & timed perfectly with the movement of the slides, you couldn’t help smiling at the pictures of you both sharing a kiss with the kids in your arms, you really looked like a family. She finally stopped speaking & he jumped in before she could carry on ‘Thank you for your hard work Rebecca in all this, it’s nice to know people care about me & want the best for me but we have talked about it & don’t want to carry on with any more of this going forward.’
‘Oh, I would ask that you think about it especially the latter of the ideas because it will solidify everything you have done so far.’
‘I mean I’ll visit a hospital any time & hang out with the kids & yeah will probably be looking at houses but …’ he was struggling to say something without saying anything to scare you off or tell the people in the room too much. 
You helped him out & just laid in down for them, ‘Sargent Barnes & I have decided to pursue a romantic relationship, so any further input isn’t really needed.’
Tony couldn’t help himself now that you had said it out loud, ‘I would haven’t ever guessed it from the four bleach baths my eyes have had to endure to erase CCTV footage of the two of you before I instructed Friday to turn off the cameras whenever you two are in the same space.’
The smile Bucky was trying to stifle the smile & shrugged ‘I mean you didn’t have to watch.’
You laughed & pointed out the obvious, ‘It’s kind of your fault for encouraging this, you told us to kiss for the cameras.’
The HR lady Paula chimed in, ‘Pardon me? Mr Stark when the idea of this public relations stunt was brought to me you were under strict instruction not to suggest anything physical between members of staff.’
‘I think we’re due some compensation, don’t you Sargent Barnes?’ you turned & winked at him.
As you listened to the HR director sternly put Tony in his place & school him on appropriate work place etiquette Bucky’s hand was situated on your thigh, as you crossed your legs he moved closer to your centre & his middle finger toyed with your pussy, he could feel the combination of both of you leaking out of you, he gathered some & pushed it back in. The struggle to keep a straight face & not react was intense, he looked unaffected but from the tent in his pants forming you could tell he was enjoying this.
As you were manoeuvring your palm to lay on his bulge the squabble between the two died down & you were yet again the focus.
‘Ok with the new information we will have to go through some procedures in regards to you both, I will consult with some stakeholders regarding missions together & any potential issues that could come to light there. I understand you have both been living in the tower, this will be re-assessed now that the stunt is ending, I need to be informed with any details that would pertain to you not being able to carry your duties out & absolutely no fraternisation in the public areas of the workplace. I will also need to be informed if the relationship ends & any issues that would arise in that scenario.’
Bucky butted in, ‘That won’t happen.’
‘& I would ask that you treat my child well, she will require the best of the best, I expect to be asked for permission for her hand in marriage plus a ring & a wedding befitting of her.’
‘Jesus I’m not up for swaps with the next village for some fucking goats Tony.’
‘Me demanding you to be given a big diamond isn’t exactly trading you off Kid.’
‘Well, it feels like it, I don’t need a diamond.’
‘Yes, you do, Barnes don’t listen to her, no child of mine is getting anything under 3 carats, Tifany’s is acceptable … just, but Harry Winston is ideal. You know what I know a guy I’ll give you his number.’
‘Tony, he’s from the 40’s I’d be married to him with a baby on the way by now if it was up to him. He needs discouraging, not you goading him into buying a diamond ring.’
‘It’s true I do. I nearly got down on one knee last week when she made me some cookies & wore an apron.’
You smirked ‘Well, you did end up on your knees.’
‘Nope, no, not even funny, that incident made me re-program Friday & a close the kitchen for a full decontamination.’ You rolled your eyes at his dramatics; it was a great morning & the cookies being ready after your second climax was the icing on the cake so to speak.
‘Maybe this is a family discussion rather than a HR issue.’ Paula added before packing up her planner & notes, Rebecca had long since checked out & was enjoying witnessing the squabbling after you had confirmed your relationship.
‘Well congratulations to you both, glad this worked out on all fronts. I will put out a press release to say the kids aren’t yours & if you have any further announcements just give me a call.’
You smiled at her attempts to keep it professional, ‘Thanks Rebecca, I appreciate it.’
As the meeting was drawing to a close Tony piped up as always in his Tony Stark nonchalant fashion, ‘Oh before I forget, Barnes you’re suspended for a month for abandoning your post & leaving a mission early, you are too Kid, for hanging out with the enemy, I suggest you use the time wisely.’ 
He was just so smug; you knew exactly what he was doing & you loved him dearly for it. Of course, it went without saying that if either of you were actually needed you’d be on the next quinjet to the action but a whole month free together to do what you liked you couldn’t wait.
You turned your attention to your Super Solider who was still sat down looking baffled at the meetings conclusion, you got up from your chair & returned to your rightful place, snug in his lap, his hands supported your legs & your fingers raked through his hair, it felt so nice to be free of any obligation to be together. You were choosing this, choosing each other, a soft press of your lips to his gave you a great idea of what to do with your time off, ‘So, what’s Wakanda like this time of the year?’
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Rumplestiltskin, Part 1
Summary:  Ransom only wanted what his brother couldn’t have
Pairings:  Ransom Drysdale X Reader, Lance Tucker X Reader
Rating:  mild
Warnings:  forced marriage, 18+ ONLY
Word Count:  2.6K
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
“Mother!” Andy’s eyes already roll, as he stands up from kneeling in front of his parents.  His baby brother rudely screams through the castle as he demands attention.  They had made him that way.  Andy had the responsibility of taking over the kingdom of Pomona, while Ransom became a spoiled brat.
“Moth-er!” He couldn’t wait until he was in the throne room before his voice screeched out his newest disapproval over something silly.  Andy was treated as an apprentice to the throne, while his brother was the sniveling child.  “Mother!”
“My god, does he have to scream throughout the palace?” Andy groans, looking at his mother who was the biggest culprit for Ransom’s behavior.
“He’s young, Andrew.”
“He’s thirty-three,” Andy speaks through his teeth.  A low growl emits from his throat when he hears the door swing open quickly, and his lousy brother walks through.
“Mother!  Why is he getting a ball?” Ransom’s finger presses hard into Andy’s arm, and he slings Ransom off of him.  “I deserve a ball, too.  This isn’t fair.”
“Andy needs to pick a wife.  She will be the future queen of this kingdom.  It is important for him to choose wisely,” even his father was growing weary of Ransom.  The King settles a bit lower into his throne, wishing Ransom could change his ways.
“Darling, you are getting a ball,” Andy and the king look at the queen, both sighing.  “Andrew’s must come first.  You understand don’t you, baby?” when Andy gruffs at the ridiculousness of it all, his mother turns to glare at him.  “However, there is a neighboring kingdom, Melora, that has a daughter that will become their queen.”
“So she would outrank me?” Andy swears his brother stomps a foot at their mother.  “No.  I demand my own ball, and I will get one.  She may not be queen, but I will not be under a woman.  It’s unheard of.  It’s my birthright to…”
“Always stay a prince,” Andy grunts before walking away.  This too would be something he’ll have to clean up after his brother.  He should have taken the chance to become a king, even if he was never to be The King.  
Tumblr media
Ransom eyes the crowd, already annoyed at the lack of maidens left.  There were more girls at Andy’s ball, and he still didn’t choose a wife.  He was destined to be alone, because he needed a strong woman.  Needed someone to be his equal.  Ransom wanted to rule, and there was not a meek woman here.  They were all so…opinionated.  They wanted to climb the social ladder, and why not use Ransom to become one  the princesses of Pomona.  
Their heads held high as they danced and pranced around in front of him.  Pathetic.  He needed someone beneath him.  Someone who would treat him like the royalty he was.  “Mother,” he leans over his mother’s throne, getting a side eyed glance from his father.  “I don’t want women of this stature.”
“What do you mean, son?” Her delicate hand touches softly to his, just as delicate and pristine.  Never had done any hard work.  Never adorned a soldier’s armor.  “Ransom, I don't understand.”
“I’m going to bed.  I’m going to visit the kingdom.  I want someone who lives in a cottage.  Someone who knows that she is marrying up.”
“Son, that’s unheard of.”
“Someone that will gravel at my feet should I ask.  Someone like Andy’s ferrier.  Doesn’t he have a daughter?  I believe his horse needs to have new shoes.  Maybe I should go with my dear brother to see why he always visits him,” with a yawn he walks out of the ball.  His father clenches his fist tightly at his spoiled son.  Thankfully he had Andy.
Tumblr media
You gather a bit of oats, walking over to your favorite horse, Walter, giving him a treat.  Petting along his velvet nose, and giving him kisses along his smooth coat.  Your father’s eyes look out into the distance as he spies the royal caravan approaching.  “Daughter, get inside.  Keep quiet, lest they discover your whereabouts,” this time it was different.  It wasn’t just Prince Andy.
There were Andy’s colors, but a smaller group was with him.  The regal prince jumps off his horse, and with a few clicks of his tongue, leads her over to your father, “She’s a bit down, sir.  It’s time.”
“You always take such good care of your animals.  How a man treats his animals is a good indication on how he treats others, Your Highness,” Andy shakes his head quickly, holding his hands up.  “Sire, that is proper.  I must address you like a subject.”
“Of course you should,” the royal brat.  Ransom jumps off his own horse, with no regard to his well being.  “I’m thirsty.”
“He is busy,” Andy growls back at his brother.  He’s not even sure why he came along.  His eyes search over the property, lingering at one of the windows.  “Make yourself useful.”
“Hmm, I’m good.  Do you mind if I step inside?  I am quite thirsty,” Ransom responds.  Andy shakes his head no, but your father gestures to the front door, “I’ll fetch my own water,” your father starts to speak, but decides against it.  While Andy might not mind him speaking frankly, he gets the feeling that Ransom would throw a tantrum, demanding his death.
You start panicking.  He spotted you.  Andy typically came alone, save a few guards.  This one was new, but you had heard of him.  You spent most of the time that Andy was there looking at him through the window, before you were tasked at tending to his horse, and then to the future king.  Feeding him, and giving him water before he followed you out to the barn.  But now there was someone new.  Untrustworthy.  The cottage was quaint, with very little hiding spots.  
You watch horrified as the handle turns down, and turn around to put your back to him.  “What have we here?” Ransom asks with a smirk.  The door already closing, as he walks closer behind you.  “What is your name?”
You hesitantly give him your name, as he slowly walks behind you.  His hand rests on the small of your back, and you lurch away, finally getting to see his face.  “Oh,” he favored Andy in many ways.  Not the pure kindness of Andy, but that was a dream that you would never see happen.  
“Is something wrong, My Lady?” your eyes cast to the soup that’s cooking, needing to look away from him.  You were no lady of his stature.  Just a simpleton, but the way those dark blue eyes bore into your soul, it makes you twitch around.  “Are you married to the ferrier?” 
“He’s my father,” you squeak out, taking another glance at Ransom.  You had barely heard ramblings about the younger prince.  He didn’t have the responsibility looming over his head like Andy, so he never visited the kingdom.  
“Really?  Has he kept you locked away all this time?  You’re of marrying age, am I correct?” Nodding your head, you look back out to Andy, and then return to Ransom.  There was an uncomfortableness that radiated from him, and still you were curious.  “Hmm,” Ransom looks out the dingy window, seeing his brother right in your eyesight.  
He wondered if there was a reason that Andy chose this  particular ferrier.  Why did he come out a bit further for a man that wasn’t even in the city limits?  Surely, there was more to coming here so often than having good horse shoes.  And then he catches his brother looking into the cottage a bit directly at you.  “Have you ever dreamed of becoming a princess?”
“Doesn’t every girl?”
“It’s settled then,” he walks quickly outside, snapping his fingers.  “I have found her,” he doesn’t miss Andy’s footsteps walking closer to the house.  His eyes worriedly look towards the cottage.  Finally something that Andy wanted, but he couldn’t have.  And if Andy wanted you, you were good enough for Ransom.  
“Gather her up.  I have found my future wife.”
“What?” You and Andy both demand at the same time.  Your eyes start to well with tears at the realization of what was happening.
“Brother, you can’t be serious.  She’s,” Andy bites his lip, trying to find you, needing to apologize before he says another word, “She’s a commoner.  You’re a prince.”
“You’ve made it perfectly clear that I will never be king.  It isn’t important who I marry.  It’s important who you marry.  I wager she doesn’t have much to gather.  Load her up.”
“My horse,” you say quietly.  “I have a horse.  I can’t leave Walter.  But my father needs him for the garden.”
“I’ll buy you another horse, if you can’t make a decision.  I shall see you at the palace.  I’ll get a room ready for you.  You’ll have to stay there until we’re married.  You understand, right?” Ransom leaves quickly, and you run to the door, finally seeing Andy’s eyes.  You can’t allow yourself to think that he’s just as hurt by this moment as you are.  Ransom was not your Prince Charming, and Andy could never be yours.  
“I told you to stay hidden.  And I told you not to bring him,” he points at Andy.  “We had a deal.”
Tumblr media
You pick at your new dress, sitting in the small room.  A room fit for a servant.  In the basement, and far away from your future husband.  A husband that you didn’t choose, nor did you want him.  It was cruel.  Inhumane.  And you detested Ransom more everyday.  Only allowing you to walk about the grounds accompanied by your ladies in waiting.  
Oh, but if Andy was around, Ransom couldn’t keep his hands off of you.  You hated him.  And hated it here.  
You stand up quickly when the door opens, assuming it to be another lady, but are surprised to see that it is Ransom instead.  “You know,” he begins walking over to your bed.  It was improper for him to be in here with you alone, and it worried you.  “I realize that you don’t have a dowry.”
“You knew where I came from, Your Highness,” always with that title.  Ransom was a prince, and he wanted everyone to know about it.  
“You see, it’s not quite fair to me.”
“I don’t understand.  You’re a prince.  This kingdom…it’s yours.”
“Well, it’s my parents, and then the future king’s.  Not mine.  You see the predicament I’m in?  I had hoped to put a smaller castle on the outskirts of our kingdom.  Possibly Andy gives me a small part of the kingdom to make one of my own,” he rolls his eyes, annoyed at the fact it would be smaller, “But with no dowry, it doesn’t seem fair.  I’m sure that you see this room and wonder what kind of a cruel man that I am.  But I’m not cruel.  I have a job for you that will make us very very rich.”
You move backwards from him, not sure exactly what he was proposing.  “Did you know your father bragged to my brother that while you were but common maiden, you could spin straw into gold?” 
“No, I…”
“So, since that is possible, that door,” he points over to a small door.  Walking over to it, and turning back to smile at you.  “This door will lead you to the answer to our problems.  Don’t disappoint me,” he says before leaving you.  You had heard rumors of what Ransom did when he was not with you.  Not at all what an engaged man should be doing.
Your father got you into this mess.  Thinking that all Andy needed was a promise, even if it was a lie.  He had seen the lingering glances that you and Andy had made.  Love was never enough for royals, you needed to add to their wealth, or there was no chance.  Opening the door, you start sobbing.  A room full of straw and a spinning wheel in the center.  
“I can’t do this,” turning back around to flee, the door slams shut, and another man appears before you.  “You’ve come to kill me, haven’t you?”
He walks closer to you, shaking his head.  “He’s selling me isn’t he?”
“No, Your Grace.  He knows not of my whereabouts.  I have come to help you.”
“Unless you can spin straw into gold…”
“And I can.  Where do you think your filthy lying father got the idea?  Why do you think you have never met your mother?  I make deals you see?  I will do this for you, but what will you do for me?  Choose your words very carefully.”
Your fingers twitch on your dress, looking around the room as you swallow bile.  There was no way out for you.  If you didn’t make this happen, you would die.  If you did make this happen, you would be in his debt.  “What do you desire?”
“A child.  Your first born.”
“If you do this, and I don’t die.  I will gift you with mine and Ransom’s first child.”
He nods his head, grabbing a handful of straw as he sits down on the spinning wheel.  Beautiful strands of gold replace the straw as he starts to work.  The tiniest of gleaming golden thread.  “The Princess of the Golden Castle.  Golden things usually get you in trouble,” he says flinching.  Reaching behind him, you see him scratch his back awkwardly.
“Are you an angel?”
“A demon now, I suppose.  Was once a faerie.”
Something inside of you was telling you to keep him talking.  Find out what you can about the mysterious demon faerie.  “What’s your name, kind sir.”
He looks up at you with the tiniest bit of kindness shining in his eyes.  This wasn’t about making a deal.  It was about finding a friend.  He hadn’t had one in so long.  Was tasked to protect the forest, but made one wrong move.  His body twitches around, and he tries to fight the evil growing inside of him.  “Call me Lance.”
“Thank you for your kindness, Lance.”
“Not kindness,” his eyes blink closed harshly.  “This is a deal.”
“You didn’t have to offer it to me,” he happens to glance towards you one more time, there was no malice or trickery in your face.  You weren’t trying to get one over on him, you were being serious.  
“You’re welcome.”
“That wasn’t so hard was it?”
“It was harder than you think.”
“Could I learn to do this?” Lance shrugs his shoulders, continuing to make mountains of golden thread.  “A golden castle, huh?  So do you read Ransom’s mind, or do you listen in on his conversations?”
“He would kill me, wouldn’t he?” Lance nods his head.  “What of my horse, Walter?”
“Turned him out.  He was just a simple work horse.  Should you be successful, you will ride one of his, black as night.  That’s how they tell the difference between him and Andy.  Andy’s horses are white, while Ransom’s are black.”
“Like the color of his soul,” he gives you a sad smile, you were smarter than Ransom gave you credit for.
“You would marry Ransom even though you love another?” no one had ever called you out on this notion.  Your feelings towards Andy were kept a secret.  No one usually came with Andy when he visited.  
“I don’t have a choice.”
“You would have children with a man you don’t love.”
“My first born with Ransom belongs to you.  It won’t matter.”
“You surprise me, Aurelia,” gathering up a bit more straw, you were showing him kindness that he hadn’t seen in a long time.  Helping him, a demon of the forest.  He believed kindness was all but gone now.  You were special.
“It means golden,” with a smile that makes Lance’s eyes glow, he goes back to his task.  Hoping that this would be enough to make Ransom happy.  You deserved it.
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