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I've been seeing a bunch of "Humans are Space Orcs" and "Earth is Space Australia" but I raise you to this....
Humans are the galaxy's equivalent to the Saiyans
Allow me to explain.
- We live on a world that would be considered difficult for others to survive on (Planet Vegeta having 10x Earth's own gravity and Earth having storms, volcanoes, natural disasters, and more)
- We aren't as advanced as other species and would likely just learn from them and their technology (Saiyans are primative on their own and only have such advanced technology thanks to the Frieza Force/Cold Force and while we have advanced technology now, we would more likely than not just obtain more advanced tech from other races if not cannibalize old or worn down ones for our own benefits in advancement)
- We are typically perceived as barbarians who are just violent by nature, probably incredibly dangerous as well (Saiyans being a warrior race who believe strength is everything while humanity... Yeah just look at the Humans are Space Orcs posts, they kinda just speak for themselves with how f*cked up a species we are from an outsider's perspective)
- We are just "built different" than other races and even grow stronger from damage (Both Saiyans and Humans having their natural ability to recover from damage and while we aren't getting the benefits of a Zenkai boost, there is a reason "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" is a common saying.)
- We found a species different than us and specifically breed and designed them to suit our needs (Saiyans have the Saibamen which are specifically designed for combat and training purposes and humanity has created all the different species of dogs from wolves for special tasks)
- We have legends of our race being capable of superhuman feats (Saiyans have the legend of the legendary Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan God with Yamoshi while humans have legends from mythology such as Hercules and Achilles)
- When put to the test we can perform incredible feats and overcome anything thrown at us when we put our mind and heart to it and will never stop growing (Saiyans have broken their limits time after time and constantly seek to become stronger to overcome whatever threat they come across, while humans have adrenaline for immediate danger and have survived insane things over the course of history, helped by how technology is always evolving over time and we learn more and more about the world around us and beyond the stars)
Am I overthinking a race of superhuman alien monkey people and comparing them to humans? Maybe? Do I think this is beautiful and a testament to how powerful humanity is with their ability to survive on a planet that would be dangerous to other races? Yes, absolutely.
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vegeta blushing ❤
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What if
[By 14kironosatosui]
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I really had a blast making this and can't wait to see the movie! 🥰 Download can be found on my Patreon! ConceptCat is creating Art | Patreon
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*Do not repost / use.
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Dragon Ball Males x reader - Pregnancy HCs
[Reader and (character) are married]
When you tell him you’re pregnant, he’s confused at first but when he places his hands on your stomach and spends a moment in silence, his eyes widen in realization and he begins to smile
He has a vague understanding of what pregnancy is
Keep in mind that he has two children from his ex-wife, Chi-Chi
Goku was very happy and gives you a large yet gentle hug
He’s excited to be a father again (he loves children even though he isn’t the most responsible with them)
He’s especially happy that he gets to spend even more time with you, his beautiful wife
The pregnancy is long and hard especially when the kid started kicking (remember, this is both Goku’s kid and a half-saiyan so the kicks are strong)
Fortunately, the cravings didn’t get too strange and, much to your husband’s delight, you were very cuddly which meant lots of affection for both of you
When the child is born, they turn out to be a healthy baby boy
Goku couldn’t help but smile when he was holding his newborn son for the first time
“He’s.. so small..” You chuckle softly, tired from giving birth
“Yeah, he would be. He’s just a baby.”
You two decided to name him “Kumo” meaning “Cloud”
“When can I start training him?”
“Goku no.”
When you tell him the big news, he’s shocked, blinking at you as he processes the information
It’s not the first time he’s been told that his wife was pregnant, but it shocks him every time
He hesitantly tried to sense the child growing in your womb, and when he found them, his eyes softened
He slowly approached you, giving you a gentle hug and a kiss
“I’ll protect them with my life. I promise.” He whispers softly as he buries his face into your neck
Even though you were pregnant with Vegeta’s kid, the 9 months were rather easy
Vegeta had little to no problem going and getting whatever you needed to sooth your odd food cravings
Vegeta’s ex-wife, Bulma was more than happy to help you both out when the baby was due
Trunks, your husband’s first born and your step-son, was elated to find out he was going to have another sibling
When you finally gave birth, you presented Vegeta with a beautiful baby girl
He couldn’t hold back a smile as he held her in his arms
She had a full head of black hair and her father’s black eyes, indicating her dominant genes were Saiyan
“Hello, Eschalotte.” He murmured softly letting out a soft purr as he nuzzled his daughter affectionately, causing her to let out a giggle
Naturally, he’ll get both happy and nervous when you tell him
Yes, he’s been a father before, but he gets anxious about making sure everything goes smoothly
While he’s not going to be there at your side all the time, having to keep up with work, he’ll do his best to satisfy your needs and make you comfortable
At your word, he’ll rush to the store for food or (if he’s home and not too busy) to cuddle with you
Honestly, he’s a cinnamon roll
When you give birth, he’s surprised to find that he’s the proud father of a little quarter saiyan boy, now lovingly named Daiko (Powerful Light)
He got incredibly emotional and began to cry happy tears
“Th-thank you, (Y/n). I love you so so much.”
He was shook
“Y-you’re pregnant? Are you sure?”
At first you were worried that he was upset with the news but then he reassured you that he was actually happy
He was just making sure you weren’t pulling a prank on him
Lucky for him you weren’t joking
He’s never been a father before and he has no idea what exactly to do
Saiyan pregnancies are handled differently than human pregnancies so everything he knows is just thrown out the window at this point
Needless to say however, he does his best to make sure you’re happy
Expect lots of affection and service during your three trimesters
When your baby bump appears and the child starts kicking, that’s when he starts “talking to the baby”
“Little one, I’m so glad you’re so eager to meet us, but you need more time in there. We want to make sure that you’re nice and strong and healthy so you can take on the world with us. Be nice to mommy, okay?” 
Your heart melts every time
When you end up giving birth, it’s through a long and tough labor
Raditz is seriously panicking
However, it was all well worth it to see your saiyan husband’s reaction to the sight of his child in the bassinet
Tears began to fall from his eyes while he tried to hold them back or hide them
He looked so happy and he held his hand out toward his newborn daughter, Rutaba
“She’s so beautiful.. just like her mother..”
Zamasu (Goku Black)
Well, you were certainly nervous when telling him
You knew a bit of his ideal world, a somewhat mortal free place, and that made you nervous about how he would react to what you had to tell him
A half-kai-half-human child, a.k.a. a technical demigod
When you approached him, he looked your way, sensing that you wanted to talk
However, before you could get the words out he smiles and asks how far along you are
You just stand there in shock and confusion
“How.. how did you..?”
“I can sense her energy. She’s rather strong for an embryo.”
That’s how you found out that you were pregnant with your and Zamasu’s daughter
For the most part, your strange behavior and cravings during the next nine months didn’t bother him
He did find it occasionally annoying when he was trying to plot his ultimate takeover of the universe and you called for him to grab you some odd food combination that made him cringe in disgust
However, he got over it and pretended like everything was perfectly fine
And thank goodness he did because when the due date finally arrived along with your daughter, he realized that the frustration wasn’t necessary because everything was so perfect
He kissed the forehead of his daughter who stopped crying when he did
“Hello there, Kamiko (Little goddess).”
You couldn’t help but smile as you realized that you never needed to be nervous about being pregnant
You knew he would treat you just right
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That's the way it was 😏😏😏😏✨✨
Source : Bulma Loves Vegeta on Facebook
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me at 6 years old, me now at 26.
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Saiyan Legend 🔥
[By utsushie_]
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Something cute of kid Bulma and Vegeta because I was in a Dragonball mood
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Goku, to Goten: You really shouldn’t be fighting with your brother. You guys are family, you’re all each other have.
Chi Chi: Goku, your brother is on the phone for you.
Goku: Tell him he can go to Hell.
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Who do you like best among them?👀
#saiyan kids
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