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Me posting on tumblr:
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*pokes u*
INPRNT is doing a 15% off sitewide sale for the rest of the week! 🌷✨ my art could be cute on ur wall or among ur holiday gifts 🤔
my INPRNT shop
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GS-003 Getting Started Share, Replies, Reblogs & Likes — What’s Up?
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You may have noticed a bunch of little icons on the bottom of posts. Here’s what they mean.
Tumblr media
The arrow is post shares. You can share posts externally by embedding them, copying the link, or to another social media site.
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The reply icon is post replies. When you reply to a post, the comment stays in the notes section of the post. Sometimes this isn’t available because replies were turned off.
Tumblr media
The two arrows are reblogs. Reblogging a post reposts it to your blog. This is where the fun happens. You can simply reblog a post. Or you can throw in your own content in a reblog, adding to the conversation.
Tumblr media
And the heart is likes. Liking a post adds it to your liked posts on your blog.
Notes are the number of likes, reblogs, and replies combined. Notes can also refer to the section under a post that displays the history of likes, reblogs, and replies..
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I remember long ago there used to be this feature in labs that let you see the reblog chains for posts, I don't know what it was called but it looked something like this
Tumblr media
I left Tumblr for a while, and when I returned the feature had been removed. I remember trying to find out why it had been removed and saw a lot of people expressing interest in having it back, as it was a really cool feature that allowed you too see how traction was gained on a post. Would you ever consider bringing this feature or something like it back?
Hello @bluhbluhwarhammer, thanks for submitting this question. Also, thank you to @superwobble, @thoughtkick, and @christinaseas for asking a similar question.
We’ve seen some user feedback about how this feature allowed users to find more content surrounding a specific post/reblog. Well, some good news here—the engineering team is currently working on bringing Reblog Graphs back! @cyle made a post about progress on the project here. Go check it out!
Lastly, welcome back to Tumblr, @bluhbluhwarhammer! We’re glad you’re here.
—Jas (Tumblr Marketing)
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New Notes View
Howdy buds,
We’ve redesigned the notes view on all platforms (that’s iOS, Android, and web), and we’re planning to roll it out to all of you by February 7.
Some of you might have already noticed these changes. That’s because, as with any change we make, we’ve been A/B testing it since November 2021, so you may have come into contact with these updates already.
What does this look like?
This is a redesign of the reply, reblog, and like screens on mobile and web. We’ve updated the notes design and created a new tab for each note type. We’ve also added new filters to the reblog tab, which allow you to filter by your basic reblogs or by reblogs with comments. And we’ve introduced an option to sort replies by oldest or newest.
What does this mean for you?
Well, we know how y’all feel about change. But first and foremost, this is something many of you have been asking for, for a very long time. For those of you who remain unconvinced, these changes will give you much easier insight into interactions on your posts—from trusty followers and dusky strangers alike.
Questions? Catch us on @wip or Support, and keep an eye out for more changes on the aptly named @changes.
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Sparkle on! It's Wednesday! Don't forget to be yourself!
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reblog to give the person u reblogged from a cute little animal eraser
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From the Writing About Writing Facebook page.
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Hey yes it's me again, reminding yall to SUPPORT CONTENT CREATORS and REBLOG ART AND WRITING :)
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because appearently people here forgot that the ones who post original content would like to be supported. (and not because we're selfish, but because CREATING ORIGINAL CONTENT IS DIFFICULT AND TAKES TIME, and not receiving support is really demotivating. )
Now take a look at these.
The notes i used to get some months ago:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
And the notes i get now:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
People literally stopped reblogging art. (and tumblr hiding our posts and not suggesting them to other people SURELY DOESN'T HELP😀) Which makes me wonder.
Reblogging is the only way you can help artists and writers to get the stuff they post seen by others, and it lets us understand that people care about what we do. Consider it like... giving a tip to the artist: they make original content, and if you really like it, you reblog it, helping them and also making them happy :). (Also if people don't reblog, small artists will never have the occasion to shine so PLEASE do it.)
Also, Liking a post is nice, yeah, but unfortunately it won't get the post anywhere.
So. If you like an artist/writer and wish to support them, LIKE but also REBLOG, it takes two seconds to click that green arrow button and share something with your followers and people should learn again how to do that.
Tumblr media
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I don’t know if it’s already been said on here but here’s this info:
Tumblr media
“Anyways, here's an article that spells out exactly how the data you provide on an app is legally able to be sold to third parties, and that your state can access this information w/o your knowledge or consent”
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——Little Freak | b.b——
Tumblr media
wc: 2.9k
warnings: ANGST. Sad sad sad. No happy ending. Just depressing. Suggestive themes at some point, minors DNI 🔞. break up, and moving on. Young Rooster & Y/N
description: You and Bradley dated for a few years in college, before he promptly leaves you behind. Now, a decade later, you both are reminiscing on the better parts of your lives.
a/n: hi i’m so sorry this is very sad, but i love it. this is one of my favourite songs from Harry’s latest album. i hope you enjoy (and don’t cry too much). This turned out much longer than I intended lol.
part 2: (happy ending)
reblogs, comments & likes are gold❤️
──────── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─────────
The first time you and Bradley met was your first day as a freshman at UVA, where you accidentally stumbled into him while walking to your lecture. As if this couldn’t be more perfect, you drop all your belongings. After looking at him like your cat just got killed, he promptly bent down and helped gather your belongings.
“Thank you so much, i’m very sorry for running into you.” you exclaim, shaking from either embarrassment or anxiety, or both. He looks at you with a confused face, noticing your shaking hands as he gives you your items.
“It’s okay, are you new here? You look kind of lost.” he asks, also assuming, because you’re shaking like a cold dog.
“Yes, i am. Is it that obvious?” you chuckle.
“A little bit, wheres your lecture? Maybe I can help you find it.” he says eagerly. He notices your smile as he offers his help, all of a sudden he feels very warm like your smile was expelling sunshine.
“Uh, -“ you look at your timetable, “-room 26, Professor Jensen.” you say smiling. You notice he has really pretty eyes. It’s not overly bright in the hallway, but it was enough to get a good look at his hazel eyes.
“Ahhhh, Jensen. Well good news, Sunshine -” you chuckle at the nickname, “- I also should be in Jensen’s lecture, but I decided to skip it. It’s down the hall to the left, then you take a right and it should be 2 doors down.” He grins at you. “Orrr, you could skip with me, and we could get lunch?” He’s honestly surprised at himself for asking, he’s never been one to be forward like this.
“As tempting as that is, I should probably not skip that class. Maybe next time?” you shoot him a wink. You see his smile fade from his bright, confident one.
“Oh, no worries yea. Whats your name?” he asks, moving a bit closer to you.
“Y/N, whats yours?” you look at his eyes again as he moves closer.
“Bradley” he says, getting one more look at you before he opens his mouth again. “Actually, I think i’ll join you in class. Lets go” he states, as he grabs your hand, practically dragging you to the lecture.
You find two empty seats, surprisingly because this lecture was packed. Eager new students, asking a lot of questions. Older students, just trying to get this elective over with. You were the eager student, making sure you wrote all your notes, paid super good attention to the slideshows, and made sure to get all your questions out. Bradley was the polar opposite of you, he stayed quiet in lectures, he was the observant kind. Before he met you, this lecture was just another stupid elective to take. He obviously paid attention in class, but not this one. He kept glancing over at your eagerness to learn. He was amazed anyone could find these topics interesting.
That was the beginning of your love story. You would see him on Tuesdays, and Thursdays for this elective. He never skipped another lecture. You made sure you were always early so you could save your favourite seats. He would bring you snacks, sometimes would try and distract you, but you quickly learned how to tune him out during the important parts.
A few weeks of seeing eachother during Jensen’s lectures, he finally asked you to lunch again, this time during the weekend. You gave him your number a few days ago to “work” on a project with him. You guys have skyped three times now. Usually starting off talking about that days lecture, or an assignment. You both never wanted to end the call, so you would talk for hours about random things, getting to know each other more and more.
More weeks have gone by, you both realized you had feelings for each other and you finally made the decision to start dating.
The next few years went by quicker than ever.
Bradley was a year above you, which meant he’d be starting his career and life before you. You knew he wanted to be in the Navy, a Naval Aviator. He constantly talked about his dreams, how he’s carrying on his dads legacy. After all he’s told you, it felt like you knew his parents.
You sit high atop the kitchen counter
Stay green a little while
You bring blue lights to dreams
Bradley moved out of the dorms in his junior year of university, and you moved into his apartment that was right next to the university, which helped save money on dorm costs. Sophomore year was pretty busy for you, after you decided your major, you stuffed as many cool electives you could in the free areas on your schedule. Eager to learn more and more. Bradley fell in love with you more and more.
One morning, he woke up to the smell of breakfast cooking. He was so confused, because it hasn’t smelled like breakfast cooking since he lived with his mom, before she passed away in his senior year of high school. He walks out of the bedroom to the best sight he’s ever seen. He quietly sneaks up on you, wrapping his big arms around your waist. Nuzzling into your neck. He nearly scares the absolute crap out of you, but luckily you recognize his smell pretty quickly.
“Hi Sunshine” he says, peppering kisses up your neck, pushing you into the counter.
“Good morning, handsome” you grin, looking back at him, twisting yourself around so you’re facing him. He grips your waist, hoisting you up onto the counter.
“Want to help me solve a little morning problem?” he looks down, you follow him. You notice his morning wood, which was just a semi until he walked in on you in his shirt, and only his shirt, making breakfast.
Starry haze, crystal ball
Somehow, you've become some paranoia
A wet dream just dangling
But your gift is wasted on me
Since you two lived together, you both could be as loud as you pleased. He swore you were the best he’s ever had, and he was the only one you ever had sex with. You were a virgin when you first did it together. He was honestly surprised, but coaxed you through it alright. It was the best first time. Ever since then, you mastered it. You were like a gift sent from heaven.
At the end of his senior year, he said how he had to go away for a long while. You had a few options; you could follow your university boyfriend across the country and transfer schools. You could stay at UVA, and put up with a long distance relationship. Or, the one you least thought about, — going your separate ways.
Neither of these situations were ideal. You’d have to move away from your family, or suffer 8-9 months of long distance phone calls, weekend trips, holidays… or you lose the love of your life.
After a long night of screaming matches, and painful arguments. You couldn’t pick up your life and follow Bradley across the country, especially not after tonight.
The night started off fine, you both were on the quieter side, not wanting to bring up the fact that he’s leaving in three days, and this could be the last time you two spent time together. For the last few months, you danced around the subject of him leaving. Tonight, was one of the worst nights of your life. You finish up dinner, while doing the dishes, Bradley walks back into the kitchen. “We need to talk.” he sighs, sitting at the table, picking at his fingers.
“I really don’t want to talk about this right now. Tonight has been good so far, and us arguing is only going to ruin it. Please, Bradley, lets just talk tomorrow.” you say, choking in between words to prevent yourself from crying.
“No, Y/N -“ you cringed, nearly let out all the tears at his use of your name. He rarely ever said your name, besides in bed. He always had his nicknames for you. Sunshine, baby, darling, sweetheart, beautiful, love bug, the list went on and on. “- we can’t keep avoiding his conversation.” he sighs, rubbing his hands down his face.
“So have you made up your mind?” you state, tears now falling down your face.
He scoffs, “Me? Have I made up my mind?” he stands up, moving towards you, “This is a decision we’re coming to together” he hisses. Tears are flowing harder the more his voice changes tone
Still facing away from him, not letting him see your soaked face. “Well I want to make us work. It just seems impossible” you sniff, he notices your sniffling and walks up to you, turning you to face him. He sees your mascara running down your face. How could he have not noticed you were crying? What has got to him?
“How about we just try the long distance. If it doesn’t work, its only 8-9 months. You can come out here after and we can make things work again.” he tries to cheer you up, wiping your tears as he places a kiss on your cheek. “Everything will work out, i promise”.
After a few weeks of barely any communication, between Bradleys busy military schedule, and your constant classes. Senior year was your busiest year yet. You hardly had any time to yourself. You still lived in Bradleys apartment, everything a constant reminder of the love you were lacking. You see his name flash on your phone, “Good afternoon baby -” he smiles, “- how was your day?” he states, shuffling around in his base living quarter.
“It’s ok. I really miss you.” you give a half smile, not feeling the best. You have this god awful pit in your stomach, you’ve tried snacking on crackers, drinking gingerale, nothing working.
He see’s how tired you are of this, of not talking, of not knowing when you’ll see eachother next.
“Hey, hunny?” he asks.
“Yes?” you respond, that pit in your stomach getting worse and worse, and you know whats going to happen next.
“I’m not sure how much longer I can handle this. We’re barely talking, with our busy schedules. We haven’t seen each other in weeks,” he mutters, fighting the tears welling up in his eyes. You’re also trying to hold back tears. Bradley hardly ever cried, and when he did, it was over something really important.
“I understand. I’ve been feeling the same way lately, just wasn’t sure how you were feeling.” you partially lie. You were feeling the same exhaustion, the not knowing when you’ll talk, or see each other. You thought it would last longer than 8 weeks. Three years just over.
Tears slipping out of your eyes, you say you’ll see him later, and go to hangup the call. Once you put your phone down, you sob for hours into your pillow that still smells like him. On the other side of the country, there Bradley was, quietly crying into his pillow, that did not smell like you.
——————————10 years later.. ——————————-
By all odds, you find yourself walking into a bar that was very familiar to someone you tried your hardest to forget.
The moment you walked in, you felt that uneasy pit in your stomach, the same one you had the night the love of your life stopped trying. You glance around trying to find him, and your eyes land on the back of this 6’0, sandy brown haired Aviator, and you nearly have a heart attack. He has his arm wrapped around what looks to be another pilot, she has brown hair and is around your height. Instantly, flashbacks of the greatest time of your life come on.
Tumblr media
(sorry, just admiring how HOT he looks in this gif wtf, ok back to tears sorry)
He turns around as he hears the bell to The Hard Deck ring, squinting his eyes over his aviators. He can hardly believe his eyes right now.
You. There you were.
His sunshine.
The woman who he swore was it for him.
10 years later. You ditched the braces, you dyed your hair, you were clearly exercising.
You looked even more like sunshine than he last remembers. He quickly removes his arm from Phoenix, after discussing who’s buying the next round.
You catch him looking at you, and you promptly turn around out the door.
He’s pulled out of his thoughts of you when he hears the bell again, and sees you running (🏃🏻‍♀️ sorry, i had to) out of the bar. He contemplates following you out. You obviously didn’t want to see him, facing the love of your life. He quickly hurried out of his seat, abandoning his fellow aviator friends.
You make it back to your car, panting and hyperventilating. He looked much older, way more tanned. From what you could see, he had been working out.
You hear a familiar voice call out, “Sunshine”, and your heart breaks even more. You stop, slowly turning around and seeing the new Bradley up close.
He had worry lines, a stupid porn stache, that looked way too good on him. He looks way different than you last remembered, the nerdy, pale, and sweet boy you fell in love with.
“Hello, Bradley” you wince, you never thought this would happen, ever. “I had no idea you were here in San Diego.”
“Only here for a special detachment. What are you doing here?” he questions, with a small smirk. You avoid his eyes, not wanting to get lost in them like you did the first day you met.
“Just driving through San Diego, this place had good reviews and i needed a break from my roadtrip -“ you state, feeling his eyes burn into you as you continue to avoid them, “- i’m driving across the country” you add.
“Oh, that sounds fun.” he says, kicking the sand beneath his feet. “Are you going to come inside? I could recommend a few drinks for you” he smiles, hoping to catch up with you.
“I really shouldn’t. I’m sorry” you say, unlocking your car, sliding into the drivers seat. You turned the car on and finally looked at Bradley. You seen he looked like he was about to cry, which only made you feel worse. You quickly backed up and sped out of there like your life depended on it.
I was thinkin' about who you are
Your delicate point of view, I
Was thinkin' about you
Bradley couldn’t help but find himself crying in the Hard Decks parking lot. Just as he was wiping his face, he pulls out a polaroid picture of you two when you first moved into his apartment. You were on his back, holding the keys in your hand. You were both smiling, the happiest you ever were.
He kept that in his helmet whenever he went flying. He also had a few other polaroids laying around his locker, truck, living quarters. So many people have asked who you were. He just says an old friend.
You were the love of his life.
You drive for about 20 minutes, pulling over to the side of the road to turn off the car. You’re full on sobbing at this point, hitting the steering wheel.
You should have never walked into that bar. How was it he was at the only bar you stopped at on this trip? How was it that when you nearly finally get him out of your brain, there he was.
I'm not worried about where you are
Or who you will go home to, I'm
Just thinkin' about you
Just thinkin' about you
Despite the sadness, you don’t feel much for him anymore. He was the guy who broke your heart. You seeing him today meant something in terms of your healing. What that was, you have no idea. Seeing him with that girl? Maybe that was closure? Hearing him call you sunshine one last time? There were endless possibilities.
You have all the power in the world to turn around and go back, maybe catch up with him and confirm what this means for your healing.
But instead, you just keep driving.
Leaving him forever in your rearview mirror.
He watched you drive off, hoping you’d come back. He knew deep down that was the last time he’d ever see you again. He cherished the way you looked, with your dyed hair, your soft looking skin that he missed touching.
He sat there in the parking lot, silently sobbing before he was knocked out of his daydream of you, by no other than Hangman. “Who’s got you all upset, Rooster?” he asks, looking genuinely worried.
“Sunshine,” he mutters out. Hangman, utterly confused, tries to find what to say in response to that. He settles with sitting next to Bradley.
Another 10 minutes go by, before Bradley quickly gets into his Bronco, speeding down the way road you drove down in 15 minutes ago. He has no idea what he’s doing, he’s just driving.
Within 10 minutes he notices your car in the distance, pulled over to the side of the road. If he was just a few minutes prior, he would’ve stopped you.
By the time he caught up with where you were parked, you were speeding off into the sunset, leaving him behind in your rearview mirror.
Tumblr media
a/n: hi besties. while writing the end, i thought about releasing a “happy” ending version of this?? would that be something yall interested in? let me know either in my ask box or in the comments.🤍☁️✈️
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prinsomnia · 11 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
black friday sales have started on INPRNT 🙆‍♀️✨ get 25% off my prints from today til monday!
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Tumblr media
Via @/nnattawin Instagram
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Tumblr media
i love this filter 💖☺️
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wip · 6 months
Thank you for the disable reblogs option, a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I have to ask, once you disable reblogs does it still get reblogged by people who've already queued the post?
Hello, @alicedraws-kostyalevin!
This is a great question. Your answer, as things work right now…
Blog A makes a post and leaves it open for anyone to reblog.
Blog B queues a reblog of Blog A’s post.
Then Blog A changes their mind and edits the same post so that no one can reblog it.
Blog B’s queued reblog publishes just fine.
This does not feel right to us. We have filed this as a bug and will have our folk looking into this as soon as possible. Thanks for the question, and keep it coming!
—Cyle (Tumblr Engineering)
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