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the bee鈥檚 knees 馃悵
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Bumbleby Week Day 2 Meeting Parents
Firm believer that Ghira will like Yang immediately (unlike how he felt about Sun)
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yang commission? yang commission <3
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Sometimes Facebook does good things.
Saw this post and figured I鈥檇 share it here. This is such a sweet tradition to have started. 102 cards seems to be their record, but I think we can blast past that and make someone鈥檚 holiday.
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they never came back out
based on this post i made last night
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Not totally convincing
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Illusionist Neopolitan wants to battle! 馃崹馃挜
Edit: Why the Pokemon choices under the cut!
Starter - Mimikyu. Hiding your true self under a 'mask'.
Ditto. Helps with shapeshifting.
Espeon. Wanna think this one can use telepathy, to communicate messages from Neo.
Vanillite. ICE CREAM!
Polteageist. Elegance with a twist.
Bewear. Cute but deadly, like her.
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Crimson Pack Part 2: The Wolf Pounces
Jaune: You going to sleep in your dorm tonight Ruby?
Ruby: Yeah, but I might come in to check on you sometime.
Jaune: Right, and I'm definitely not going to wake up with you asleep on my chest again, right?
Ruby: Nope! Or well, I'll try not to. But you just look so comfy when you're asleep.
Jaune: That's okay Rubes. *Scratches behind her ear a little and kisses her on the cheek* Good night.
Ruby: Good night. Sweet dreams.
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HELLOOO new pieces are up now on my redbubble! plus a little treat
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rwbybutincorrect 2 days
Blake: I鈥檓 into dark humour
Yang: *turns off the lights* Would you like to hear a joke?
Blake: I鈥檓 in love with you.
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Patiently waits for v9 <.< I swear if we don鈥檛 get a bees kiss this volume I will riot! >.< XD
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juanarc-thethird 1 day
How do you know?
Jaune: And that's how the male reproductive system works.
Prof. Peach: Congratulations Jaune, it was an impeccable exposition.
Weiss: But teacher, how are you going to accept that exposition? He just showed some photos of his..."thing".
Prof. Peach: And how do you know it's his, Miss Schnee?
Bleiss: *A little angry* Yes sister, how do you know is his?
Weiss: *Nervous* Um...
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howlingday 2 days
Papa Arc: Son... We need to have a serious discussion about the type of Pok茅mon you've been catching.
Weiss: (Froslass, Stands defiantly in front)
Ruby: (Kirlia, Sitting on Jaune's shoulder)
Pyrrha: (Armarouge, Clinging to Jaune's arm)
Cinder: (Bisharp, Clinging to other arm)
Velvet: (Lopunny, Hiding behind Jaune)
Jaune: What do you mean?
Papa Arc: Like, this one? This one right here?
Nora: (Tinkaton, Walks in)
Papa Arc: This one is straight up just a girl!
Jaune: I mean, she carries a really heavy hammer.
Nora: (Lifts hammer high into the air, Hammer's heads have suspicious shape)
Papa Arc: (Wide-eyed)
Nora: (Waggles brows)
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moistmailman 2 days
Pyrrha: I don't apologize too much.
Jaune: You accidentally stepped on our roomba yesterday and said sorry to it.
Pyrrha, awkwardly:....We added googly eyes to it, and I grew a maternal instinct for it.
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hadesisqueer 2 days
Ruby: Can you buy this for me please?
Yang: Sure.
Blake: You can't just pay for her.
Yang: Sure I can, I'm her sister. I can buy her anything she likes.
Weiss: But we're playing monopoly!
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