iguanamouth · a year ago
this is murmur, who was commissioned by a friend of mine for their dnd campaign! she is made out of cardboard, paper mache, and cotton, and she is malicious
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folkloredeluxe · 23 days ago
i truly believe that we’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg and she has so much more in her, it scares me and excites me
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longelk · a month ago
as much as i draw KAYCEE im embarrassingly far behind on the challenges but every time i play i discover some new wonderful things
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people have definitely noticed already but i love how Leshy world-builds around Kaycee's challenges, like him awkwardly acknowledging the expensive pelts or all-totem battles before he's like "ah yes. my minions are hard at work i see."
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it is so fucking cute. he values story above everything so of course he's gonna do that. they are literally adding to the game together in their own way
and even more, assuming all of the new cards in kmod were added in by Kaycee.. Leshy does his own little descriptions of them just like his own cards 😭
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bluelokk · a month ago
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Chapter 1 ✖ A Genius
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birdmans · 11 months ago
psychological study who’s ur favorite roy sibling and what’s ur ordinal position [eldest, only child, etc]
#it’s abt the oldest unappreciated kendall connection the eldest forgotten & burdened connors the scared of failure shivs…#the pls love me in a way i understand acting out romans…#succession#i either can’t find og post or i hallucinated it#let the record show i don’t think im gonna find anything groundbreaking but im v curious#i am Not a psychologist just curious#im so fucking Obnoxious with praise for this show but that writers room portrays siblings eerily well#the art of knowing ur sibling is full of shit but they know u just as well and everyone ignores it until someone explodes#shiv w/tears in her eyes angrily spitting on her older brother’s agenda figuratively AND literally is a scene from my childhood#the younger sibling alliance but snapping out of it to appear morally better yea#in retrospect I should’ve phrased this post differently bc just bc u like a character doesn’t mean u Get them or are similar#not that it matters but it may sound ambiguous#also they are HORRIBLE PEOPLE! and very much unlikeable so i definitely could’ve used a different word#don’t even rly know what im asking at this point i guess just who are u most drawn to sums it up#idk i guess i just appreciate the nuance?? connor is the oldest but not the heir and treated like a second dad without the fear#kendall is the number one chosen son and went to harvard and put in the work at waystar but his insecurity & addiction makes everyone forget#how qualified he actually is (and isn’t lmao) then roman who is quite actually the human shield of his siblings bc of how logan targets him#so severely even when he hasn’t done anything (logan taking out anger at shiv on him @ argestes) but also being the one who consistently#reminds his siblings of how horrible they are and that he knows better than anyone#finally shivvy the baby and only girl who has the most killer instinct and loose morals of all of them but never taken seriously in a sense#that she is their father’s favorite but not the number one boy#when ur the youngest but suddenly ur father and older brother want u to protect them#anyways to anyone who read this i apologize for making u experience the equivalent of an ap lit presentation that went 20 minutes too long
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susceptible-to-propaganda · 6 months ago
Being the oldest child is a lot of pressure. But being the oldest daughter with a younger sister is just being a caretaker, friend, guard, example, matchmaker, cage, biggest fan, mother, protector, adversary, schemer, comforter, test subject, villain, father, rough draft, pioneer, editor, tutor, provider, embarassment, first to fail, selfish, opposite, competitor, refuge, only one who understands, martyr, ruin
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daisybrained · a month ago
I think this post by @aurorabyler has clarified at least one reason why the Mike Monologue felt so weird to me. I’d have to see an edit with this done to be sure, but I genuinely think that the monologue would have felt almost totally acceptable if it had focused on flashbacks instead of on his face. It feels like we shouldn’t be seeing him say this stuff. It feels like they should be montaging some good memories, and there are plenty they could pull out, but they just don’t! It’s almost entirely Mike’s terrified face intercut with El, Will, and Jonathan's equally terrified faces. Instead of feeling lovely and big and important, it feels like everyone is waiting in a panic to see if it’ll work. It doesn’t feel like a love confession. It feels like trying a key in a lock when you don’t know if it’ll fit or not.
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squipdop · 7 months ago
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"You weren't there," said Camilo, "You could have helped. You could have protected us. You could have taken us away from here - you could have done anything.  But you didn't. You watched every second and you didn’t lift a finger. And now you wanna come back into our lives like nothing happened and tell us what to do?"
Bruno was backed up against the wall. Camilo hadn't realized he was closing in until he was already there, staring his uncle in the face.
"You don't know me. You're not my family. I'm not doing anything for you."
- When the Cat’s Away by @cheetee
im absolutely in love with cheetees “Encanto TV episodes from another timeline” series, and especially this scene from WtCA just... stuck with me so i had to draw fanart,, i hope you like it, cheetee!! thank you for writing your amazing stories!!
pls click for better quality!!
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snappjawz · 2 months ago
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i am not frothing at the mouth, no sir
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not-mandip · 8 months ago
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Our good hearted weirdos
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greatestjubilee · 3 months ago
Your love for sellen invigorates me because I share that love
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thank you me too. im going to put the rest of my response in the tags
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heartslobbf · 5 months ago
rgu is one of the few shows tackling abuse that gets how to write abusers well. like akio and touga? fucking awful guys, but i could explain with such understanding in such a comprehensive capacity why they are the way they are. i know why they came to be, their hamartia, what triggered the fall from ‘grace’ (we aren’t giving them that much credit lmao). like you know when you get villain backstory and it’s like ‘wahhhhhhhh no one likes me’ and you just don’t care, because here’s this awful fucking guy and the show wants you to suddenly sympathise with him? no!! rgu makes me understand akio and touga, however awful they are, but it doesn’t make me think ‘oh maybe i was wrong and they’re not that bad after all’. they are incredibly real characters and that’s what’s so important about them. like, is touga’s backstory incredibly upsetting? yes! does that change how reprehensible and disgusting his actions are? not in the slightest! all it does is offer some insight into why he did it, and that makes him more compelling as an antagonist, more human, horrifyingly so. in a show about cycles of abuse, what’s the point in portraying abusers as so divorced from humanity? how does that help anyone recognise abusers in their own lives, when we so often love and ‘understand’ those abusers? (anthy and nanami!!)
you know, awful things happen to people and can change them forever. rgu is all about being able to put yourself before your past, about recognising that there is no equity in suffering, no thing that makes it ‘just’; you have to leave the sorrow, try to push past the grief, rather than drowning in it. akio and touga are both completely consumed by their past, to the point that they’re dead? the idea of both of them as ghosts and like especially in the movie, god it’s just fascinating to me. like utena and anthy are in the coffins but they’re waiting to die, not already dead— and then they leave them. sometimes people are too bad to ever be forgiven, even if their lives are ‘tragic’. like you are not a bad person for leaving someone who hurt and violated you, it is not your responsibility to wipe their tears (as anthy very literally does with akio). i for one feel a lot of guilt about even acknowledging that my abuser was that to me because there are a lot of upsetting reasons why they did what they did…. but like why should i give a shit? that was never my problem, or responsibility, or fault. their trauma does not excuse their abuse of me. idk. rgu good show. akio and touga should die again and again and again and ag
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thafterglows · 3 months ago
give me more obi wan x reader fics based off taylor swift songs.
imagine one being based of Dress???? “Our secret moments in a crowded room.” “i don’t want you like a best friend” “EVERYONE THINKS THEY KNOW US BUT THEY NOT NOTHING.”
N E W. Y E A R S. D A Y.
Please im not confident enough in my writing to do this i will actually pay someone if they make obi wan fics/oneshots based off any of theses ideas.
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rosebiler · 11 months ago
so to clarify, lazlo is staying behind to look after baby abomination colin robinson and has not told nadja bc he doesn't want to stop her from achieving her goals and also believes she can look after herself and so is sending gizmo w her not bc she needs a bodyguard like he says but because he doesn't want her to be alone and they're all a family I'm going insane it wasn't meant to be like this love is stored in the dick joke vampire show
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maschotch · 4 months ago
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seawherethesunsets · 9 months ago
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ya-know-nothing-yet · 4 months ago
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It fell on him, the obligation to continue the creation of destructive yet, obedient creatures. The ends justified the means, and if the means meant falling apart at the seams, then so be it. And so, his father’s puppets regularly fell apart without ever owning a dream. And he wondered, how could his father ever control their strings, when he too, had no control of his own? The boy’s heart never hardened while observing his father work but then... Then he saw his uncle go. He saw him go, he saw him go, he saw him go, and the boy's gentle heart went cold.
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