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fav signs at the protest
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lil tomodachi life guys 4 u :]
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LITERALLY ALL OF THIS…. when miku and ladybird crossover real… WHEN BINGY IS REALLY TALENTED, SO SKILLFUL !!!!!!
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sometimes i realize im talking abt a mf named wilbur soot of all things like can u get any more storybook fairytale character than that name and then his hobbies he plays guitar he likes geography and history cats love him he writes and tells story like yeah i bet u fucking do. i bet u do. disney princess mf. Grow up.
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a hero, a warrior, and a kid make a bittersweet perfect family.
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dsmp containment breaches masterlist:
the woman who named her rooster after badboyhalo and went viral on fox news
amazingphil reacting to ranboo and dream on youtube shorts
mckenna grace aka most famous child actress alive being a dnfer on main
the stucky instagram artist who posted a story like ‘fuck the dream smp except philza minecraft that one bee boy and his tall goth boyfriend’
jack manifold in his blue wig on the australian news
that tiktok guy who got told he looked like karl jacobs and replied with “please don’t say that”
someone on tumblr thinking a post abt c!wilbur being manipulative was about wilbur from charlotte’s web
tom simons rollercoaster vlog appearing on spanish tv
ranboo my beloved locket being projected on a billboard in times square
ted cruz wishing dream happy birthday because his daughters are dream stans
anthony mackie saying his kids care more about minecraft youtubers than the fact that he’s the falcon
the kpop stan who called georgenotfound their little meow meow
ben shapiro rting velvetiscake
“never underestimate someone that has trained under techno blade”
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You know what you're doing and you know all these nsfw jokes are actually very boundary breaking, it seems like you never actually cared.
they weren’t lying, there really are twitter users moving to tumblr
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Wi Ha Joon | Bad and Crazy
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c!Cliff (Micheal Clifford from 5SOS) was real and definitely not c!Jack’s sleep deprived/drunk hallucination I promise
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Heyyy Turtle Fans,,,
[Image ID: A drawing of Leo, from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as a human and in the pose of Fallen Angel, by Alexandre Cabanel. He's japanese, with dark tan skin. He has dark birthmarks where his usual stripes would be: over his eyes and on the sides of his arms. His hair is dark brown, almost black, and is dyed blonde at the ends. The roots have begun to grow out. His eyes are dark brown. Lightning flashes behind him, and it's storming out. He's scowling. End ID.]
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Are Spanish-speakers unique in this regard or is everyone making a whole stink outta nothing bc I don't think it is that outlandish to write Medic tf2, a person whose second language is English and first language is German, as replacing English nouns with German nouns while saying a sentence in English. I am Hispanic. I know a lot of people who speak English well, but their first language is still Spanish. My first language is English and I still substitute English nouns with Spanish nouns when I can't remember the word for it in English or learned the Spanish word first (words like bacalao, aguacate, cucubano). People often criticize characters who speak Spanglish as being "unrealistic, no real Latino person talks like that" even though some literally do - it feels like people are criticizing Latino characters for being too Latino and not assimilated enough. Are people... critiquing other people for making Medic tf2 too German? Your Medic isn't assimilated enough. Canceled
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Furudate saying that Ushijima wouldn’t be much of a character without Tendou, “For every ten words Tendou says, Ushijima says one”.
What if this was my last straw. I’m going feral.
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