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Lily Maymac 馃尭馃崚馃拫馃尭 Yokohama Queen Square
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Gone with the Wind, a novel written by Margaret Mitchell, first published on June 30, 1936. 聽
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made a questionable purchase today
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my irish scottish and welsh besties i hope youre doing well on this fine day
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Soulmatism but with Marinette and Adrien using the Cat Miraculous
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鈥淧鈥橮lu, my kindest brother. Don鈥檛 let him disappear again.鈥
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Thinking about how Chat Noir's first instinct whenever Ladybug is stressed is to hug her and how he's the only one who can make her feel better
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My pronouns are they/them 鈥榗ause I鈥檒l never be HER馃挄
Saw this comic by @mushtoons and their outfit designs has been living in my head rent free ever since
#rottmnt#raphael#rottmnt raph#cant stop thinking about this design honestly#I鈥檝e never drawn a full body turf before so I think I need to practice the proportions more#need to shorten his limbs and make him more square#but aaaa#seriously loved this yes#I was too tired to do this yesterday after school but gosh I was spiritually with the turt bros last hot girl Fridays#if you haven鈥檛 guessed really masculine characters with feminine features or feminine girls with masculine features are my weakness#uuuffff#obsessed#they can鈥檛 do much cause of the whole鈥his鈥.situation#but they could maybe party on the roof of some of the gay bars together and debate weather lady gags or Britney is the true queen#love it ahh#I could keep going but I won鈥檛#oh I binge watched all of rise this week while I worked#I feel I missed some things by not properly watching but I loved it I鈥檒l deffo go back and see the#properly when I can#also yes I know I was meant to do requests around work today but when I tell you this is all I could think of I meant it#he鈥檚 just spinning in my head like a microwave#he鈥檚 so sharp and angular but that top is so light and soft like him aaaaaa#and pinks a shade of red so it鈥檚 still his colour scheme it totally counts#I think I鈥檓 so used to drawing vectors long arms I stretched Ralph鈥檚 limbs out too much I鈥檒l practice winding them back in#oh ehile im here inlowkey wanted this to match that crocs vector monty designed that i drew last year#for personal reasons uwu#mushtoons
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Long weekend vibes鈥 Broadway Wines & Liquors; Astoria, New York 漏 Leah Frances Follow me on Instagram! New book coming Fall 2022
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Reblog if you ship the love square and poison apple/rapple
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Considering canon has given us:
The True Love鈥檚 Kiss spell break during Dark Cupid聽
AND Sleeping Beauty-mode frozen Adrien Agreste in Style Queen
What are the odds that as things go dark...and maybe once they know who Hawkmoth is (or perhaps because of it), we see both of these two concepts finally meet in the middle.
Given all the craziness they鈥檝e already gone through and how being close in Ephemeral, even fleetingly was all Gabriel needed to turn the tides in his favor in the darkest way possible, I kind of doubt even if the Love Square reveal to each other happens before Hawkmoth is unmasked.聽 If anything their love and their doubts might make them both only pine that much harder.
Until Adrien tries to break free of Gabriel鈥檚 control.
Gabriel already has the alliance rings to pretend his son is there and real.聽聽
And with no Nathalie to keep Adrien in line...and the Gorilla鈥檚 competence already in question, it wouldn鈥檛 be a leap to see Gabriel take a drastic move.
Especially since he conveniently has had at least two glass coffins for his wife since he seems to be pretty prone to smash the glass in a fit of rage.
At least to anyone who might not be watching him close enough.
Of course, Marinette would know.聽 She would absolutely worry...and with maybe only Alya else to lean back on, her Gabriel Agreste theory might come back up... (especially since Alya鈥檚 early theory was far more spot on than either of them ever realized.)
It just would make Adrien鈥檚 suddenly compliant behavior all the more suspect.
She wouldn鈥檛 let him suffer.聽 Not when she could do something about it.
We know from Style Queen that Plagg could be free when Adrien was in stasis, so long as he escaped.
We also know Adrien still has the spy tools he picked up from when Felix dropped them.
Getting down into the basement would be easy.聽 And with Plagg unseen by cameras, he could easily mess with the cameras to hide Ladybug鈥檚 presence in the Agreste basement.
Surely it would be shocking for Ladybug to see Adrien鈥檚 mother lying prone in the middle of the basement, after she was supposed to have been dead for more than a year.聽 But it would be seeing Adrien lifeless and unmoving that would be the most chilling.聽 Especially after knowing how free and animated as Chat Noir that Adrien had proven himself to be.
It all felt wrong.
She tried jostling him.聽 She tried pleading.
She even tried crying.
Her mind raced and must have tried a dozen more things -- to include her Lucky Charm to bring her Prince back to her.
Until, finally, a mad, truly reckless thought occurred.
True love鈥檚 kiss had worked once before.
She just hadn鈥檛 realized why.聽 She never would have imagined Chat Noir and her Adrien were one in the same.
So, Ladybug鈥檚 powers weren鈥檛 the only ones she had.
Which meant there was hope.聽
With her earrings beeping furiously, Ladybug leapt forward, hastily pressing her lips to Adrien鈥檚 chilled one before she could second guess herself again.
Not daring to breathe.聽聽At least not until he finally did.
Adrien鈥檚 green eyes fluttered open.
The soft pink glow of her de-transformation haloing around her head as Adrien slowly smiled back up at Marinette, his hand lifting up to dry the tears from her eyes.聽聽鈥淗ello, my Lady.鈥
She dove back against Adrien as he sat up, hugging him for all he was worth.
鈥淣ot that I鈥檓 complaining,鈥 Adrien smirked, fingertips hovering just over his lips.聽聽鈥淏ut this isn鈥檛 exactly the way I expected to be woken up.聽 Your plans never fail to amaze me.鈥
Bracing her hands on either cheek, she covered her lips over his once again.聽聽鈥淚t was a last resort,鈥 she assured, exhaling as she backed away from him a little more.聽聽鈥淗owever, unless you want that kiss to be our last, we both need to suit up quick, to deal with your father.鈥
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鈥淪he is mine,鈥 he said \(//鈭//)\
90 Days Until 鈥 鏉庢辰瑷0113鐢熸棩蹇箰~ .鈦狅健鈦*鈦犫櫋
*鈦鉃 The reassurance + sense of security in such crucial moments... 馃ス
The compilation of Victor claiming his girl in the main story (S1 & S2), because why not 馃珷鉂わ笍鈥嶐煍
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I'm preserving this, it's like a brother to me
[ID: A Screenshot of a Tumblr Ask sent by Anonymous saying: 'your a wizard blog why are you posting politics about the queen's death its disrespectful']
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Live at Madison Square Garden, New York City, 1977.
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Queen Elizabeth attends premiere of Richard Attenborough's film "Chaplin" at the Odeon Leicester Square in London December 16th 1992.
Top photo the Queen talking to Geraldine Chaplin who played her grandmother Hannah in the film, Kevin Dunn who played Mack Sennett and Anthony Hopkins who played a fictional editor. Bottom Geraldine Chaplin, the star of the film Robert Downey Jr and director Richard Attenborough.
Photographer Brian Smith (Royal Rota) for the Daily Telegraph.
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