slfcare · 2 days
you don’t need an excuse for being good to yourself, you can be good to yourself just because. even if everything went wrong, even if you feel like you haven’t achieved anything in a while, even if you’ve been unproductive and tired, you’re still allowed to treat and take care of yourself.
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ninoirl · 1 day
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youseeingthis · 9 hours
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smiles-advice · 2 days
🌻🌼🏵everybody grows at a different rate🏵🌼🌻
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kingjaspy · 3 days
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a friendly reminder!
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atinycupofpositivitea · 13 hours
I don't know who needs to hear this, but if you wish you were interested in something (a hobby, a topic, a subject), then let me tell you... YOU ARE ALLOWED TO BE INTERESTED IN IT. Just because you don't own a collection of books about something, don't know much about it, and haven't liked it until like literally this second, doesn't mean your interest isn't valid.
Interests aren't meant to be performances. You can like anything you want, and you can decide whether you are interested in something. Be free little cupcake.
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moonlume · 20 hours
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let myself indulge in a bit of hopepunk for this sticker set <3
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that-bookworm-guy · 10 hours
Shoutout to everyone
Drink some water
Straighten your back
Take care
Sending you hugs
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I’ve turned some of my personal mantras into something wearable :)
I try to stay positive of my personal mental health progress even when it’s really hard
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dinosaurguy · 14 hours
This is a positive post
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🪷 i hope you remember - today is never too late to be brand new 🌼
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memeuplift · 2 months
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ninoirl · 7 hours
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mentalquotes · 8 months
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slfcare · 2 months
good things to pay attention to more often
the color of trees
clouds and how they look different throughout the day
the different colors the mornings can have. sometimes it's an orange hue and sometimes pink and sometimes it's too misty to tell
pretty color schemes in random places (the trees and your neighbors wooden patio and the color of their car)
the states of the vehicles passing you by, dents and scratches and the different trinkets suspended from their rearview mirrors
the sound of silence
the shadows the lights cast in your home, like how sunset looks different than sunrise, and the shadows the sun casts look different than those of your lamps and candles
pretty details in buildings and houses like certain types of windows or doorknobs or archways
the movement of things in the wind. flags, leaves, flowers, people's hair and coats
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artsyolivia · 1 year
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