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tagapagsalaysay · a month ago
ur favorite type of thing to draw hehehe
I love clouds but also umm I'm not sure what else..I feel like I'd say clothes but I don't draw them enough
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the-medicated-artist · 5 months ago
When you read a fanfic and a character says such a raw line that it fucks you mentally for the rest of the day
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justpastryvideos · 5 months ago
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kirayaykimura · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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obsob · 5 days ago
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happy autumn!!!
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fandomfairyuniverse · 23 days ago
The don’t worry darling stuff is sending me into orbit like “my favorite thing about this movie is that it feels like a movie” bestie what is it supposed to feel like??????????
Also how much did Chris pine get paid to do this because it’s clearly not enough
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themakeupbrush · 17 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Lily James at the 2022 Emmy Awards
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kwillow · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Finished up the ref for Amaranthine!Ambroys as well! My dear awful pony, lover of intricate embroidery, destroyer of my wrist.
It was fun coming up with the brief summation of his personality on this. Like opening a thesaurus to the section titled “Words to Describe the Worst Man You’ve Ever Met.”
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castielcommunism · 3 months ago
wait u guys weren’t kidding cas eating meat in 5x14 is textually carnal. the couple at the beginning of the episode become so horny they eat each other
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Back to the beginning again on yet another full rewatch (I've lost count) and NEED TO MENTION how cute (well "cute" XD) it is in the episode Werewolf Feud when the werewolf is in the Fancy Room, Guillermo is already stood right up close to Nandor, half hiding behind him, but then when the werewolf starts to wake up properly, Guillermo grabs Nandor's arm and smushes up against him, hiding behind him.
And, cos I'm super cool and not at all a loser, I slowed my video down to .25 speed in order to catch the super quick panning past them again in the next shot and see What's Going On 'Ere Then, and Guillermo is still properly hanging off of Nandor's arm. Like proper clingy grip too. And Nandor has not shaken him off, and does not ever shake him off or push him back or say get off me you horrible little Familiar I don't care if your're scared of the big bloody werewolf don't touch me. In fact, you know what, it actually looks like Nandor has his arm protectively in front of Guillermo! Aw.
It's a low bar, but come on, have you seen how other vampires treat their Familiars?? Nandor's dead sweet!
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atthesafehouse · 2 months ago
there's an alternate reality where this vegas:
Tumblr media
and this pete:
Tumblr media
most definitely fuck.
#i have a scenario in my head where the bodyguard disperse to find porsche and as vegas is heading out back to main foyer area#he bumps into pete and pete just looks at him with disgust and knows vegas is Upto Some Shit and porsche disappearing is bc of him#and vegas who's already Mad does not need pete to be looking at him like that so he spits out a 'what the fuck are you staring at?'#and pete just cuts to the chase and asks vegas 'where the fuck is he i know you're upto some shit.' and vegas just smirks and says 'who?'#whilst he steps closer to him until he's trapped pete up against a wall and leans into his ear and says 'who pete?'#and pete spits back in vegas' face how 'i know you've got your eyes on him. don't think i haven't been watching your every move.'#and at first it feels like a bucket of ice water has been thrown on vegas but then he composes himself and says#'why? are you jealous?' at which pete just scoffs. and then vegas tries again and says 'or do you like what you see? the thrill of it?#eyeing me just to see what i do next?'#and pete doesnt respond. just bites the inside of his cheek. bc there is a thrill to it#but he is not gonna give vegas the satisfaction. and yet all vegas has to do is look at pete as he clenches his jaw and he gets his answer#and then vegas just rakes his eyes all over pete's body and says 'you've never looked so good'.#and pete isnt gonna get distracted by the fact that vegas of all people is telling him this. so he asks again 'where is he?'#and vegas just tuts and steps even closer and presses their bodies together and says 'fuck him. i'm talking about us.#stop being so fucking good all the time pete. doesnt it get tiring?'#and pete's trying to stay focused on the task at hand here and he knows exactly what vegas is doing as vegas carries on saying#'don't you wanna be bad sometimes pete? what if i let you be that with me? no one has to know.'#and the invitation sounds so tempting. the prospect of it. that he should be with kinn doing his job but instead he's fucking his cousin#and just being the centre of attention for once. being vegas' centre of attention .... it makes pete's toes curl.#and vegas glances down at pete's mouth that's fallen slightly open. and its so pretty. so pretty that he has to touch it. and as he does#pete opens his mouth wider and vegas runs his thumb along pete's entire bottom lip. and he can feel pete breathing hard.#'you want this.' vegas says. 'look how you open up your mouth for me so pretty to have more.'#and now vegas is calling him pretty too and pete's resolve is breaking brick by brick until he moans when vegas wraps his hand around his#throat and vegas says 'i wanna taint you so bad that you'd have to wear this to cover the bruises on your neck. and the next time i see you#i'd do it all over again.' and pete asks in a barely there voice 'next time?' and vegas smirks and leans into pete's ear and says#'if its what you want. because i do. i wanna see you be bad for me. just for me. i want you to come to me only. for me only.'#and then vegas bites down on the skin there making pete clutch onto vegas' blazer and as divine as vegas looks pete wants to rip it off.#and just as he's about to do something about it vegas steps back leaving pete's arm mid air. and pete hates that. and vegas sees it all#over his face and says 'what do you say pete? you either leave with me right now or you can go back and be the good little boy they think#you are.' and vegas holds out his hand. and no one's ever treated pete like this before. so he takes it. and lets vegas take him.
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halcooper · 3 months ago
When you want tumblr to have literally any content about a good movie but all anyone cares about is seeing a shirtless man
Tumblr media
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ghosts-graveyard · 6 months ago
This scene made me lose my mind because just the contrast from the opening scene of Batman saying that he’s the darkness, he lurks in the shadow, he’s vengeance, and all that vs how now he is literally the LIGHT!!! he is a beacon for all of these people.
Batman actually saves almost nobody in this movie until this end part which I think shows how he was so focused on being a symbol of fear and power that he forgot what exactly he was doing all of this. For the PEOPLE. And at the end he finally realizes this and decides it’s more important to become a symbol of hope for those who need him.
Tumblr media
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atissi · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
*twirls my hair* so there’s these lab partners
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professorthaddeus · 4 months ago
as someone who’s graduating soon and going into clinical psych, taliesin calling fcg a “first year psych major who is clearly the problem” has me on the FLOOR like. that’s it that’s fcg’s whole deal i love it so much
like aside from asking all the stereotypical shrink questions, fcg is clearly coming at things from the angle of “i have an idea of what’s Healthy and i want to FIX people” instead of meeting people where they are and working with them to get to know themselves better and it! makes so much sense!! because they’re a robit who has been programmed to help others and they clearly have some very black-and-white thinking going on and ofc that would apply to their programmed purpose
and wrt to the moment fcg had with imogen last episode, it fits so well that they crossed a boundary without hesitation in the pursuit of that programmed purpose and honestly it didn’t seem like they were all that sorry when imogen confronted them?? and i’m so excited to see where that goes (and don’t get me started on the implications of imogen’s (understandable!) reaction to it or we’ll be here all day lol)
i’m also really excited about their existing relationship with ashton, who has also now been confirmed by taliesin to 1) not like telling anyone anything about themself and 2) like to think they know themself and really don’t. that’s just another confrontation/point of conflict waiting to happen on both their end and fcg’s end and i can’t wait aaa
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francy-sketches · 23 days ago
Still haven’t seen a single person explain why making alicent more sympathetic is bad beyond “well it was different in the book and book good tv bad always no exception” What’s so compelling about a one dimensional evil stepmother character that makes you throw a tantrum when she’s changed to have depth lol
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anghraine · 3 months ago
I’ve been thinking about the development of Elizabeth’s feelings for Darcy in P&P, and one of the things I find really intriguing is how incredibly careful Austen is in her handling of their physical attraction to each other.
A lot of takes on Darcy’s initial attraction to Elizabeth focus entirely on the physical element, but Austen’s description of it folds together his attraction to her intelligence, her expression, her body, and the “easy playfulness” of her manner. Of these, the earliest mentioned is his realization that her face is “rendered uncommonly intelligent by the beautiful expression of her dark eyes” and her eyes are the physical feature that he seems to dwell on the most.
At any rate, Darcy’s attraction to Elizabeth is established early on (Ch 6) and continues as a thread from that point on. And—I mean, even in 1813, it’s one thing to show a man in his twenties being attracted to the pretty heroine. Austen is a lot cagier about Elizabeth’s feelings.
The narrative is structured so that we know Darcy is physically attractive from his entrance in Ch 3, when the narrator refers to “his fine, tall person, handsome features, noble mien” along with his wealth. But we’re not in Elizabeth’s head at that point, and iirc, she isn’t shown as saying or thinking anything about his physical attractiveness until she blushingly agrees that he is very handsome forty chapters later.
Even there, Austen leaves the dialogue to stand on its own and tells us nothing of what Elizabeth actually feels about it. The conversation moves to Darcy’s personal virtues, which reveal the critical fact that Darcy is consistently kind and good-natured in the domestic sphere. So Elizabeth’s concession that Darcy is physically attractive is narratively linked to the suggestion that he would make a safe husband, emotionally speaking (although her concession comes first, which may be significant).
Between the initial, omniscient narrator-type description of him and Elizabeth agreeing in Ch 43, we do get references to his looks a few times, but during the period of Elizabeth’s dislike, it’s always either through implication or through someone around Elizabeth rather than Elizabeth herself. So Bingley, for instance, jokes about how Darcy is so much taller than he is, but the narrator only remarks on Elizabeth’s assumption that Darcy is offended by this.
We know that Elizabeth looks for a resemblance to Darcy when she first sees Lady Catherine, and finds it, but this isn’t explicitly linked to her conclusion that Lady Catherine might have been handsome in her youth.
Then there’s the introduction of Colonel Fitzwilliam, when he arrives with Darcy, as “about thirty, not handsome, but in person and address most truly the gentleman.” Obviously the contrast is with Darcy, who is handsome but has less gentlemanly manners, but this isn’t explicitly spelled out. Austen simply says that Darcy “looked just as he had been used to look in Hertfordshire” and moves to the manner of his compliments to Charlotte.
We do get an explicit contrast later, when Darcy, Georgiana, and Bingley come to Lambton (so, after the critical revelations):
Miss Darcy was tall, and on a larger scale than Elizabeth; and, though little more than sixteen, her figure was formed, and her appearance womanly and graceful. She was less handsome than her brother; but there was sense and good humour in her face
Austen breezes past this to Georgiana’s manners and Bingley’s arrival. There are a couple of discussions of Darcy’s appearance earlier at Pemberley, but entirely held between Mr and Mrs Gardiner, who admire his figure while Elizabeth is consumed by embarrassment. She mentions that it was obvious that he had only just arrived via horse or carriage, but not how she knows this or what she feels about it beyond repeatedly blushing.
Then they meet again, he interacts with the Gardiners for awhile, and Elizabeth and the Gardiners leave. The Gardiners discuss the encounter including Darcy’s appearance, and Mrs Gardiner—who at this point, still thinks Darcy has mistreated Wickham—first concludes that Wickham is handsomer, then immediately re-considers and decides that Darcy has perfect features, but not Wickham’s angelic countenance. She (Mrs Gardiner) goes on, “He[Darcy] has not an ill-natured look. On the contrary, there is something pleasing about his mouth when he speaks.”
Elizabeth does not opine on Darcy’s mouth, lol, and instead defends Darcy’s moral character as far as his financial dealings with Wickham are concerned. We don’t hear much more of it apart from that, and in general, we see Elizabeth’s reactions to Darcy more than we hear about them:
Their eyes instantly met, and the cheeks of both were overspread with the deepest blush.
She blushed again and again over the perverseness of the meeting.
The colour which had been driven from her face, returned for half a minute with an additional glow, and a smile of delight added lustre to her eyes, as she thought for that space of time that his affection and wishes must still be unshaken.
Darcy had walked away to another part of the room. She followed him with her eyes, envied everyone to whom he spoke, had scarcely patience enough to help anybody to coffee; and then was enraged against herself for being so silly!
The colour now rushed into Elizabeth’s cheeks in the instantaneous conviction of its being a letter from the nephew, instead of the aunt
She had only to say in reply, that they had wandered about, till she was beyond her own knowledge. She coloured as she spoke
I do not personally think there can be much reasonable doubt about whether Elizabeth is attracted to Darcy during this phase of the book. But the narrative does dance around it enough (for understandable 1813 reasons, I suspect, given that Elizabeth either dislikes or hates Darcy for a significant portion of the book) that it’s not at all clear when she begins to finds him attractive, especially given that she does not actually see him between receiving the letter and acknowledging his attractiveness at Pemberley. So I think there are multiple valid interpretations or headcanons one could come up with for that.
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