fluxedbuds · 9 days ago
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constantly overjoyed with the amount of Hermitcraft AUs about putting evil stuff in a guy!!
ft Prion AU Grian by @canned-goose-feathers, Eldritch Horror Keralis by @mawofthemagnetar, and Endermited Tango from @infinityroom
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sparring-spirals · 6 months ago
Call me paranoid, but I cannot stop thinking about how Imogen's line of thought with the gem has progressed something like:
"I need to look a little more at this gem, I just need to make sure its not going to hurt me and my friends, just need to check." to
"This is definitely bad business, its promising things that are too good to be true- unless? Unless? What if it can mutate things from good to bad" to
"If it was going to corrupt one of us, it might be too late already, I might as well keep holding onto it, its probably better if I hold onto it."
Even with Imogen being careful, recognizing her doubts and instincts about this gem being dangerous and suspicious: There is a very specific blend of Imogen's anxiety, caution, and self sacrificial tendencies that feels like its being twisted to give the gem exactly what it wants- to be kept close, to be used, to be relied on.
And it is fucking terrifying.
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batshit-birds · 5 days ago
OMG Jason and Tim becoming siblings without realizing their connection. Accidental sibling acquisition is one of my top ten tropes. If there is more you would like to discuss about this. Like how Tim and Jason’s dynamic works, how Dick fits into everything/if Dick fits into everything, what you need to change from canon and why. I would absolutely 100% love to read it
no yeah okay i'd love to talk about my plans/thinkings for this fic. because Jason knows exactly who Tim is from the start - Tim (for a bit) and everyone else is completely in the dark about who the Red Hood is.
first, the canon changes. i think i've tweaked it in a way that works for what i'm trying to do while still staying somewhat faithful to canon. so the fic is going to start pretty soon after the fakeout thing - i need Tim in Gotham and acting as Robin, i need Jack alive, i need Steph alive, i need a neutral zone of time to establish things & get shit done. also i would like to note that comic timelines in the comic itself makes no fucking sense so i'm at artistic liberty to stretch things a bit lol. so even though technically its roughly a month between the Clayface fakeout debacle and UTRH, i'm gonna make it multiple since i need some Time to set up dynamics and go through shenanigans. so this is going to take place pre War Games, etc. i'm also going to have to do some more research on the shitshow Dick is going through, since i know around UTR is when his Bludhaven troubles are hitting their peak and he's going to be somewhat important in this fic.
next, Jason & Tim's dynamic. at the start, it's going to be hilarious because Tim has no fucking idea who the Red Hood is but the Red Hood knows who he is. it's a very cautious alliance of the two of them trying to suss out where they stand and if the alliance will work. and then of course it's a rapid downhill slide into them being chaotic brothers - especially once Tim finds out who the Red Hood is. they develop that top tier dynamic of one second they're fistfighting on a rooftop and the next Jason is asking Tim what he wants for dinner. of course in the field they have to maintain this fake "we dont know each other" enemy relationship, so that's fun. they do become pretty protective of each other, but they're funny about it because yeah, they's brothers of course they love each other, but they'll also push each other off of a roof for shits & giggles and are almost constantly fighting. yeah this fic is going to be both angsty as hell and a comedy. there should be a name for that.... sobcom. it's a fucking sobcom lmao
with Dick - he's important of course. it's a fic that mainly focuses on Tim, we gotta have his big bro. he's going to figure out that Tim is no longer living with his parents and immediately go into full detective / big brother mode. i would like to mention now that he does see/meet Jason as civilians, but he does NOT recognize Jason because he looks completely different. i maintain my stance that anyone recognizing Hood Jason by his face/voice is entirely unrealistic and improbable. Again, i'll have to look into Dick's personal problems at this time (any help is appreciated), but this is going to be a source of even more stress. trust me when i say he's going to cause problems (he just loves his little brother a lot okay and he needs One Thing to not be terrible)
other characters who are going to be important: Steph, Cass (#2 problem causer), obviously Bruce but he's honestly more background than you'd expect
some extra thoughts: what i'm thinking is this fic is going to span from Red Hood & Tim meeting way earlier than canon all the way to UTRH (roughly. maybe just to War Games?). a LOT of shit is gonna change. i'm also excited to tackle the subject of Jason going non-lethal because Boy Do I Have A Thought About That. an abridged version of my thought: it's not gonna last long <3 i also want to tackle how sometimes Tim is a little unhinged. he and Jason are both going to influence each other - especially since they don't have much solid bad blood between them. they're mostly starting off on a neutral-ish relationship so that's gonna be fun
basically the fic is gonna be Tim trying to keep Jason's secrets while keeping his own secret & pretending everything is fine while Dick and Cass do their best to figure out the truth. and Steph is an enabler.
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zakochac · a year ago
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deathtodickens · 5 months ago
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mareliini · 6 months ago
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related: discord server said rip and i wasn't able to post the last pic 😔😔
Here are!!! Fairy fashion planning, albeit for one outfit only. It's Varpu's for some very very very lategame chapters somewhat based on known finnish iron age dresses.
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aimeeleighgemstone · a month ago
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When I was in the ER because of a ptsd episode or whatever they wanted a sample for a pregnancy test and I was like no I am not pregnant, literally no chance, please don’t waste time running the rest just get me out of here and the doctor was mad at me she straight up snapped that they have to because if they gave me medicine it could hurt the baby if I was pregnant and it didn’t matter what I said because I couldn’t actually be sure, when I said I was gay and never had straight sex she was like well then just do it anyway. Turns out, when I got my discharge papers, they tested me for drugs and not pregnancy as far as I could tell. Thanks guys, least helpful hospital visit of my entire life
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dont-offend-the-bees · 2 months ago
O o o f should not have showed the folks everything everywhere all at once
#One of those classic 'puts piece of media that basically represents my heart and soul and innermost feelings in someone's hands' things#I did think that they wouldn't be a fan of how Much it is but they loved swiss army man and I thought they'd appreciate the sentiment#But mum stopped paying attention immediately bc I'm pretty sure she's got sight issues she won't address and her eyes glanced off the subs#And dad enjoyed it a bit more but still had sort of a mildly disapproving face on for a lot of it#And idk ten years ago mum and I would've discussed a movie like that all night#Even if she didn't care for how it was done we would've chatted about the themes for hours#But she just.... Didn't really care#Or get it#Bc she doesn't have the memory/attention to absorb something with so much going on anymore#And always misinterprets if you try and bring up something that's on your mind#And just hums whatever music's in her head no matter what else is going on#And I'm fucking sad and angry that this fucking movie came out too late for the phase in my life when anyone might've given a shit#And at some point my bro is gonna watch it and I hope he'll find it comforting but lbr he's gonna be on the joy Wang nihilism train#And idk I feel a bit like lil waymond getting perpetually divorced and yelled at here bc I'm trying to connect and just not connecting#Looking on the brightside and finding moments of joy and connection is basically my only weapon too and it just#Feels like the people in my family are resisting at every turn#And it's not always their fault!!! Mental health and shit isn't anyone's fault#But even the most neurotyoical of us just isn't interested really in any attempt I make at reaching out#Guys I'm fucking here I'm here for the long haul bc I feel like if I turn my back you're gonna lose the rest of your marbles and disappear#Can we stop!!! Acting!!! Like strangers!!! Sharing a house!!!!!#*screams into pillow*#OK tag over share over#Delete later maybe idk#mr. bees speaks
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My sister is only on the second episode, my brother doesn't watch it, my father's girlfriend has watched up to the end of season 3 but pays no attention and just calls me "adorable" in a "stfu now" way when I try to talk about the show, and my father apparently loves it and pays a lot of attention but I haven't spoken to him outside of a handful of brief texts in the last 4 years and also he's kinda homophobic and I'm pretty sure an undiagnosed sociopath, so......
#never shuts up#stupid vampire show#its driving me mad#my best friend watched it ages ago but doesnt really like it#and anyway shes just moved to live on a boat and shes super stressed and we hardly see each other or talk anymore#my partner is a darling and puts up with my incessant babbling but doesnt watch it and would honestly hate it with a burning passion anyway#a guy im work-friends with at work has watched it but isnt obsessive about i5#and i feel kinda bad to always just talk about the vampire show#cos its like me dominating conversation all the time#but i dont have anyone to talk to about it :/ all i can do is yell into the tumblr void and that just isnt the same#so thank you to the few people on here who sometimes chat to me about the silly vampire show#you are all very important pressure valves helping me not to explode with pent up excitement#im not a terribly social person but i AM a terribly enthusiastic and obsessive person who LIVES FOR the sharing of ideas and passions#i think thats why im usually asocial. cos most other people arent like me. other people like small talk.#which is fine but i just struggle with it its a real hard effort for me#i just want to talk for 6 hours about my current hyperfixation with someone else who at least has a passing interest in it#its hard being a freak yknow#stupid vampires#stupid thoughts about stupid vampires#stupid me#honestly I miss the Raffles fandom SO MUCH!!! that was perfect cos you are all as unhinged and unreasonable about your love as i am#and its such a small fandom that we could all really get to know each other and become great friends#qnd stay up all night having long ridiculous in depth discussion about the books and their adaptations#ugh my dear darling raffleites you all mean so much to me i love you all so much.#every time i get obsessed with anything new jt makes me miss the crime and cricket fandom and how small and familylike it is#bigger fandoms can feel so isolating. and anyway it isnt always easy to make new friends. you never know if itll work out#but with the raffles people i KNOW you chaps now and love you all for all your quirks and differences.#i wish i could just carry you all in a little sack to every new interest i latch onto 😅😅😅#so self obsessed of me. i just miss you all. and NONE OF YOU will even see this. oh well.
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danny-chase · a year ago
100% Dick, Duke, and Cass go clothes shopping together, that is all.
#they all buy matching dresses#Dick pays for everything despite it being Bruce's money they're using#yeah i see how fashionable Cass is in the Outsiders yeah you can't tell me she and Dick don't share clothes#in my world Duke is super into color theory and saw one of Dick's old outfits and was like yes this - this is it#and so he tags along to info dump about all the extra colors he can see in the stuff Dick buys#this all starts because Cass tells Barbara she wants to go on a date with a girl and Barbara blabs to Dick#and Dick comes over like girl we're going shopping right now you're about to look so good and fruity#Cass deserves to be spoiled more#the boys get their nails done while Cass gets her hair cut#Damian tagged along once and nearly died from boredom#they lost him in a clothes rack#they made it like 3 stores farther and Duke was like... wait#something's missing here#*cue Dick walking around the mall yelling Damian like that scene in Heavy Rain*#Damian's like curled up taking a nap under a pile of sweaters cuz he was just so done#Dick just buys the pile of sweaters and picks up the box and puts it in a shopping cart and pushes Damian around the rest of the time#Duke comes home one day in a disco suit and Bruce has flashbacks just like *not again*#Dick (in tears): that's my brother#anyways they don't actually buy things like 90% of the time they just go and try on absolutely everything#and then get fancy lunch together and talk about their lives#i think it would be like a cute monthly tradition#or they'll go if a gala is coming up#Dick just picks out crap for everyone else because he knows everyone's size and knows they hate shopping and like boring clothes#Duke (watching Dick pick out yet another black suit for Bruce): gross#*proceeds to pick out a lavender tuxedo*#*Cass throws a pair of matching heels at him*#Dick (in tears again): finally someone in this family who also has style#dick grayson#cassandra cain#duke thomas
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crumble-cookii · 7 months ago
and a devil concept, for funsies
close-ups under cut
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
their wings can get very big, big enough to carry someone with them, if they so desire
their staff can't change forms, but sizes
their eyes dilate like a cats
while they can turn into their smaller form at will, it also serves as a defense mechanism
they bite people
#cookie run#cookie run fanart#devil cookie#they eyes go big when they see fire spirit#they go ⚫️w⚫️#they do that with angel too but its not AS big#i dont think that they can handle being yelled at#i didnt know how to add that into the art so im putting it down here instead#if they get yelled at(either a prank gone a little too far or just someone taking their anger out in general) they just.. stare#at what? anything. as long as they can avoid eye contact#once theyre done being chewed out they disappear into a puff of smoke for a worrying amount of them#they quickest theyve ever disappeared is a week and the longest was a little over a month#not even fire spirit knows where they go or what happens to them(and they tell him EVERYTHING)#more on fs hes definitely a father figure to devil#they rant to him and go to him for comfort if anything happens to get them down#fs teaches them little fire tricks#pitaya is also there sometimes#pits and devil dont have much of a relationship outside 'ah yes you are the child of my child and i acknowledge that'#angel and devil are also really close#devil takes angel on piggy back rides in the sky since they cant fly very high on their own#angel is also one of the biggest targrts of their pranks(not that they mind)#angel actually loves being mischievous to devil in sneaky ways that seem just so innocent#but devil knows that angel knows what they're doing#if anyone saw their relationship from the outside theyd think devil is mean and hates angel and angel is just naive and stupid#which is kinda hoe devil wants it to be seen#but thats not actually how it is#they depend on each other a lot for various things and theyd both be sad if anything happened to the other#angel has a lot of bitemarks from devil though#thats how they show their love#FS doesnt accept their love and hits them(lightly) whenever they try to bite him
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drabbles-of-writing · a year ago
my mom’s a disney stan, like, the brand. so she uses lumity as an example on why disney is “so cool and accepting!”. meanwhile, i’m sitting here thinking about toh s3 being cut in half
anon i am so sorry for you
anyway, fuck disney for being supposedly 'progressive' despite the fact that hundreds of other creators had to fight for this rep long before them so this could even be considered, including Alex Hirsch, who had any of the rep he wanted FUCKED over by the rat. Despite the fact that Dana had assured that the higher ups in disney were cool with letting this 'slide' this time, only to have S3 cut short the second lumity showed signs of becoming legit. Despite the fact that subtitles for Knock, Knock, Knockin' On Hooty's Door on Disney+ misgender Raine. Despite the fact the Owl House is shown to be so immensely popular and loved that most disney execs would be frothing at the mouth for new content of it to get more money, but that's suspiciously not happening.
Disney has never once cared about progression or the community, they are perfectly content with the same cookie cutter characters for everything that has their name on it, in fear they piss off the 20 Karen moms and miss out on 20$. fuck disney.
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snowshinobi · 9 months ago
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ohsweetflips · 8 months ago
things do not feel Good right now <3
#i’m abt to go on a very long laundry list of reasons why i’m throwing myself a pity party#which i beg all of u to. ignore.#bc ik w/ posting on social media there is an air of. wanting to be seen.#which i will not deny! but it is much easier to yell into a void of profile pics then. be by myself or (god forbid) actually talk to someone#but like! here are all my fantasy escapist media so i can ignore how i am trying to avoid reality at all costs <3#alcohol continues to be the devil. i am so tired.#and does an adult in ur life ever say something so off-putting that u don’t even know how to interpret it#like wtf does ‘this house will all be yours anyway just make sure u take care of my pets :)’#like. i’m 90% sure that means my house will be left to me but. it was just. weird.#which tying into some other things my m*ther said tn im just like. what the fuck is happening#anyways i feel so guilty having m*mmy issues bc i don’t trust my own perspective of things#so what if im just ungrateful and a bitch? <3#also sometimes i feel too anxious to leave the house#and i am either too anxious or too low on energy to talk/talk consistently with most people i know#so that’s all fun#and i want out of here but idek if/when that will ever happen#and i am so very tired! and so very anxious! and i would like to be able to just talk abt that#and hope get the point across how it’s ruining my mental health without having to say it#and not have to hear advice that just evades the point that. when i am without any distractions i am deeply unhappy <3#i am at all times stuck in august/september and i feel like i will not let myself leave#and when it turns out that this is all pmsing and hormones i will simultaneously become worse and pretend this never happened <3#anyways. ‘im scared and i do not want to be like this’ lines that will haunt me forever#anyways. sudden downspirals that make u want to be medicated but also just sleep for a while.#i have had an uptick of sudden downspirals lately and it’s all bc i no longer have the motivation of. self-care/self-preservation.#and in the morning. i will either wake up more anxious or wake up embarrassed.#either way. i always feel like a brat complaining abt my home life or my job or my mental health etc etc etc but. alas.#i just. miss a lot of things rn. and i would like to not be like this.#i rly don’t want advice or. sympathy or anything like that. bc idek what i would say to most stuff#so instead i will bury this post with posts abt my funny little guys <3
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hella1975 · a year ago
everyone who told me to drink something i now have sambuca in a water bottle are you not entertained
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mars-ipan · 2 months ago
that doctor post i just rbed is making me think abt how when i described my life-inhibiting anxiety and depression (the symptoms not the illnesses) to the doctor at my wellness check she started off by giving me breathing exercises and encouraging me to keep my physical health as good as i can i.e. sunlight and hydration and exercise. and like don’t get me wrong that IS good advice but i’ve literally been working on that for years lmao. thank god for my mom who explained that A.) i know all of this and B.) i’ve been to therapy before. thank you mom for making sure i’m not also diagnosed in my 30s :))
#i hated talking abt my brain shit to a doctor btw#the one cool thing that happened was her validating that my tic is an actual tic#(and then going ‘not a tourrettes type of tic but one brought on by anxiety’#yes i know ma’am)#it was so funny i’d be like ‘yeah i study psych as a hobby so i know i’m probs a bit of a hypochondriac but i wanna get checked out#bc i do have actual notable symptoms + a colorful family history so. safety first :)’#and she was just like ‘cool! here’s a nifty breathing exercise. also i appreciate how clearly you communicated all that’#which was actually a nice compliment bc i spent a LOT of time rehearsing getting help in my head#but at the same time like. miss doctor i do the breathing exercises and the sunlight and the water and the friendship and the sleep#can’t complain too much tho. i did get a list of referrals :)#eternally fucking grateful to my mother for supporting me so hard with all of this#my dad is hesitant to get me to see a psychiatrist bc he has an aversion to pills#i’m not even at the point of prescription i’m looking for diagnosis#but my mom should go to bat for me there. probs bc she’s the one who’s taking psych pills#i understand my dad’s worries- you don’t wanna see a surgeon if a chiropractor will fix it just as well#but like. the surgeon can let me know if anything is more deeply wrong. a chiropractor can say ‘this may be bigger’ but they also might not#yanno. i’d love to go back to therapy but i think also putting some words to my brain shit will help a lot too#he’s offered getting me to a therapist before a psychiatrist and i’m just like. why not… both lmao#why not see a therapist. AND a psychiatrist#that conversation ended with me walking away so i wouldn’t yell at him whoops#we never resolved that. note to self#when my dad and i disagree on psych stuff it can get dicey sometimes#yes he learned abt it in college but he was a dropout and reading the dsm III.#i have less experience but i do have some experience and it’s more recent#we both like jung tho. jung rules great dude
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abyssal-soul · 10 months ago
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#30DaysTillEndwalker Countdown Challenge
Day 26/30: Ascian
The Martyr’s folly.
(If you haven't looked at Igeyorhm's lorebook entry please do so HW MSQ did my girl SO dirty and I'm still grumpy about it.)
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