#October Prompts
nosebleedclub · 2 days ago
October Prompts
i. into my arms ii. vertebrae iii. light sleeper iv. hurricane season v. sentinel vi. replacement vii. station wagon viii. VHS ix. tiny god x. blue roan xi. not a lot to give xii. release xiii. gouge xiv. skeletal xv. false idols xvi. winesap xvii. bad plan xviii. lazarus xix. possession xx. honeyglow xxi. early sunsets over ___ xxii. behind the stables xxiii. scorpio xxiv. phantom crosses xxv. chestnut tree xxvi. vetiver xxvii. boxcar xxviii. fireside xxix. after the war xxx. seance xxxi. bonechill
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metamatronic · a day ago
Tumblr media
Day 1: Glitch
guess who’s doing an october art challenge? me! thanks to @rnad-ness for the prompt list.
If all goes according to plan, I should get to draw every Danganronpa character once! Let’s see if I can pull it off. They won’t all be this edgy, promise.
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tubes-ann · a day ago
Caught-on-tober day 1: Window display
Tumblr media
Just a guy in a mall at night, 'cause he got into a dare of some sort....and also his friend is there but you don't see her yet.
Tumblr media
more info on the mannequin peeps. prompts by @nonetoon
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vyladromeave · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Inspired by similar October Prompt Lists, Aphtober is a 31 day event in which MCD-related content is created day by day using the prompts listed above and below!
Official Prompt List:
- Welcome Home
- Shadows
- Flirt
- Jury
- Next Generation
- Dearly Departed
- Eye Candy
- Phoenix Drop
- Siblings
- Another Dimension
- Unlikely Duo
- Travel Downtime
- Marriage
- Magick or Witchcraft
- Forgotten Fave
- Unforgotten Fave
- Left Behind
- Passage of Time
- A Day Off
- Is This Love...?
- Loyal
- Meanwhile...
- Transformation
- Memory
- Outfit Swap
- Redraw a Scene
- Divine
- Threat
- AU or OC
- Reborn
Feel free to use these prompts to inspire any kind of creative work, be it drawing, writing, or something else entirely! Tag any creations with #aphtober or #aphtober2022 (and feel free to @ me if you want your work shared here to make sure I see it!) And most importantly, HAVE FUN!!! Can't wait to see what everyone creates!
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matkachai · a day ago
october prompts for couples 🍂
𝟙. spending the entire day turning your house into something straight out of a fall catalogue.
𝟚. buying a bunch of pumpkins with the intension of carving them for halloween but ending up repurposing them to attempt baking pumpkin flavored delicacies with.
𝟛. stealing sweaters because it's officially sweater weather season.
𝟜. getting into an argument over what your matching couples halloween costume is going to be.
𝟝. getting into an argument over what the best halloween candy is.
𝟞. telling each other spooky stories while sitting by the fireplace sipping your pumpkin spice lattes.
𝟟. halloween themed prank wars.
𝟠. going on a stroll around the neighborhood to judge and rate everyone else's lawn decorations.
𝟡. spending the entire evening raking leaves in order to jump in the large pile you make.
𝟙𝟘. catching colds and taking care of each other.
𝟙𝟙. having regular weekend horror movie nights.
𝟙𝟚. going on a road trip to a scenic fall destination to see all the trees changing colors.
𝟙𝟛. going on a picnic at the park to watch the sun set but immediately getting cold and rushing to car so you can finish your food.
𝟙𝟜. crocheting each other scarves, or trying to at least.
𝟙𝟝. finally being able to cuddle in bed after spending an entire summer avoiding physical contact when going to sleep because it was too hot.
𝟙𝟞. visiting a corn maze and getting lost.
𝟙𝟟. going to a petting zoo and getting bit by a hungry baby goat.
𝟙𝟠. forgetting that thanksgiving is in november and spending hours preparing a huge feast that you two have no choice but to finish.
𝟙𝟡. getting into an argument over what you're going to do over fall break.
𝟚𝟘. going trick or treating even though you're not little kids anymore.
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tippenfunkaport · a day ago
Tumblr media
It's that time again! I will be participating in Sheratober again this year and I HOPE TO MARA I'll be able to keep my fics short this year but knowing me I will probably fail. 😂
While Don't Go Project isn't on Tumblr (just Twitter and Instagram), I wanted to share the prompts list here as well if anyone wanted to make something for them! If you are on Twitter and IG, make sure you tag them in whatever you make so they can share it!
I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone makes!
Text version of the prompts after the jump!
Unlikely Friendship
(I took the liberty of correcting what seemed like typos)
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alejandropoeta · a day ago
Into My Arms
Into my arms, my life ajar,
Came in your lust and dreams and scars.
I embraced you, right from the start,
To ignite your soul with my own heart,
Then set you free, bright, a shooting star.
Alejandro Fabián
@nosebleedclub October prompts / into my arms
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frogspawnn · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
It's the first of October, you know what that means! I made a list of prompts for any ZeldaAU creator or fan to do, as for me, I'll be doing a mix of AUs that I've enjoyed since getting into the fandom. Anyone can use it, tag it as #ZeldaAUtober2022 (I know, not very orginal ajhfdlkasf). You're given two prompts, pick one for that day (or even combine them? somehow?) and you can express it in art, writing, any medium. Use your own AU, a friend's AU or an AU that has peaked your interest recently. Have fun! (as for me, I'll be doing sketches of some of these prompts on @spawnnfrog and if I ever finish any, I'll post them on this account).
I'll be real, I quickly threw this graphic up in like 10 minutes because I realised a screenshot of a notes page is not good enough.
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tigerwolfproductions · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
For all your werewolf prompt list needs!
= = =
I enjoy doing spooky prompt lists for October, but I don’t really enjoy the official “Inktober” ones these days. So after failing to find a werewolf based one, I’ve decided to make my own Weretober prompt list!
Anyone else is free to use it, and you don’t even have to bother tagging me. Have fun! :D
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cosmoshard · a day ago
Hey for anyone who’s interested, here’s the prompt lists for October I am doing this year on insta.
im posting these over here for funsies too, so I figured I’ll just provide the lists for anyone who wants to join in.
Tumblr media
Rottmnttober prompt list is by meowharhar
Tumblr media
Monkietober prompt list is by aniflowers1998
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mirclealignr · a month ago
scenarios ;
crunching leaves
caught in the rain
pumpkin picking
carving a pumpkin
trick or treating
watching scary movies
tim burton
halloween party
ghost stories
coffee date
rain walks
exploring a graveyard
apple picking
reading by an open window
playing chess
library / bookshop date
black cat
castle trip
local bakery
studio ghibli
blackberry picking
back to school / university
making halloween costumes
shopping for halloween costumes
dialogues ;
“it’s sweater season!”
“are you scared?”
“your costume looks great.”
“i don’t like scary movies.” - “i’ll keep you safe.”
“pumpkin spiced latte, please.”
“you’ve got leaves in your hair.”
“do you want some hot chocolate?”
“you’re soaked through!”
“did i scare you?” - “no!”
“it’s a fire hazard in here, you don’t need this many candles.”
“what are you reading?”
“i bet you can’t catch a leaf.”
“i hate pumpkin.”
“your entire wardrobe has changed!”
“i forgot how cold it could get.”
“here, take my sweater.”
“isn’t this stuff for kids?”
“you’re supposed to be quiet in the library.”
“do you like cinnamon?”
“stop playing around with the lights, it’s not funny.”
“you’ll get bad luck.”
“careful, there might be vampires. or werewolves!” - “yeah, or ghosts!”
“wow, dark already.”
“you think someone died here?”
“your hands are cold.”
“come on under the covers with me.”
“what are you doing?” - “making a leaf angel.”
“here take this!” - “it’s a white sheet.” - “yeah, put it on.”
“you look cold, do you want a hug?”
“it looks lovely and cozy in here.”
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metamatronic · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Day 2: Texture
How bold of me to have my one of, if not my favorite character not even appear fully in his own picture. I mean, I didn’t even draw his signature eyebrows! Don’t worry, he’ll be back for day 30.
In truth, I had no idea what to do for this prompt. So, uh. Taka. Tomorrow we’re back to being edgy!
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super-un-stable · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Wanna draw the turtle fam ALL month long?! it’s your chance! Draw, Write, Edit, WHATEVER you want! Just have fun and be chill all month!
It starts on Oct 1st 2022! And use the Tag #TMNTtober #TMNTtober2022 for everything ya do so we can all see it!
Feel free to skip and change any of the prompts you want! No pressure just here to have sick time!
Also feel free to ask me any more questions if ya got em!
Weirdos and losers stay away! This ain’t for you 😋😋😋
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oc-tober2022 · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Couldn't find a prompt I personally liked so I made my own!!
Use #OC-tober #OC-tober2022 or tag me so I can see and reblog your art/writing/crafts!
Don't feel pressured to do all the days and remember the most important thing is to have fun!!
Background is by pikisuperstar on Freepik
Day1: Childhood
Day2: Impossible
Day3: Control
Day4: Hidden
Day5: Failure
Day6: Reflection
Day7: Routine
Day8: Graceful
Day9: Role reversal
Day10: Dream
Day11: Fight
Day12: Beginning
Day13: Fear
Day14: Legend
Day15: Reality
Day16: Victory
Day17: Lie
Day18: Obstacle
Day19: Facade
Day20: Death
Day21: Different era
Day22: Memory
Day23: Bound
Day24: Forgotten
Day25: Weakness
Day26: Temptation
Day27: Strange
Day28: Disease
Day29: Change
Day30: Free choice
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onesacrificiallamb · 7 days ago
Hiya! I’m the artist for the a new october prompt list!
This is the prompt list for the discord server, cult of the tumblrs! It will be called cultober :)
Here is the list if you are interested in doing this with us!
Tumblr media
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heathtrash · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
my Hallowe'en Prompts list for The Worst Witch fandom, or anyone of the witching kind or spooky persuasion! 🖤
feel free to complete as many as feels right to you, combine several, or just pick your favourite. fill the month of October with all that creative energy!
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mrkida-art · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
The prompt list for Dwarrowtober 2022 is now up! It's open for anyone to join with any sort of creation; writing, art, photography, crafts, screenshots etc, do whatever you want! If you join, please use the tag #dwarrowtober so I can see it.
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