bigbrain · 28 days ago
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Day 4: Toriel
I tried a bit more elaborate doodle for goat mom! Shhh, let the old lady rest, she needs it. Also the part where the Annoying Dog steals her phone is gold
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moeblob · 8 months ago
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almost 1am time to post an OC I’m really nervous to post because one (1) person really likes her after seeing her on stream. If I wake up to regret this..... that’s a problem for future me to delete.
So her story is basically she starts off as a guy (as seen in the top picture) who is a bounty hunter. One day he goes off to face a witch that is proving too difficult for other hunters and he takes pride in his work. Once confronting her however she says she will grant him one thing he couldn’t get himself. He’s made a decent living and has always been able to get things he wants, which isn’t much. So he says “what? the girl of my dreams?” in a mocking tone (seeing as he’s asexual and uninterested in anyone) and the witch just smiles and says she will grant him that and to come back tomorrow.
He says he’ll give her one more day alive but he will return. And then he goes home and goes to bed pondering how bizarre she seemed for a bounty. And when he wakes up, he’s a she. And now he’s really confused and returns to the witch but finds it feels... better. Like a relief. So she doesn’t kill the witch. Turns out, she’s the girl of her dreams and finally develops a positive sense of self and proudly lives her life instead of just going through the motions as she did before. And the other bounty hunters think she’s a bit weird and accepting but then realize how much happier she seems even if she doesn’t express it well and the bounty on the witch is removed at her request.
So basically she learns to love and appreciate herself. That’s the plot. Self-love and acceptance.
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windviator · 8 months ago
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Peter Capaldi as Max Roy in House of 9 (2005) - Part 1/2
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dogboyfrank · 7 months ago
#IT WAS THE RHODOCROSITE I WAS WEARING AS A NECKLACE CLEARLY 🙄🙄🙄#NO BUT OMG#WHEN WE WERE ABOUT TO KISS I GOT SO ANXIOUS AND NERVOUS AND DUMB OMG SORRY WHY AM I LIKE THIS#NO BUT FR I WAS LIKE A 12 YEAR OLD ON TRUTH OR DARE. AND IT WAS LIKE THE FIRST TWO TIMES HE LEANT IN I STARTED LAUGHING BC INWAS SO MERVOUS#AND I MEAN NONE OF MY CRUSHES IN THE PAST TWO YEARS HAVE ENDED WELL AND I DO NOT HAVE THE HIGHER SELF ESTEEM SO I WAS LIKE STUPID#AND THERE WERE THESE FUCKING KIDS FOLLOWING US EVERYWHERE BC WELL THEY ARE TEN THEY WANT A LOL SPICE BUT 😭😭😭 LEAVE US IN PEACE FFS#OFC WHEN I ACTED ANXIOUS/UNCOMFY (i wasnt uncomfy but it was like my thoughts attacked me) we talked and he reassured me and it was so nice#he has the prettiest eyes i cannot go on with this#for me it was a bit ?? that he asked me to be his gf (i do not bother the gendered term that much) so soln but hey it isnt bad!#soon*** i also told him that i still like my fcrush and he was so chill about it and said he didnt mind as long as hes my bf ?? omg#sorry im writing like this im just mckejfjdk oh also once we kissed he said like that felt so good and that he was waiting for that for#so long guys im lgkskfmdnclggk#we need to repeat that asap (bc it only lasted like two seconds bc the fucking kids started screaming)#but guess what!!! his prents dont like me bc they think im an antisocial 💀💀💀💀 the long term consequences of mcr on my life#well i was like this long way before mcr tho but tou get what i mean#also yesterday after that i went to a local festivity that celebrated the ending of harvest with my mom and it was so great!#it is anvery artsy event and i enjoyed every moment lf the play. the part where they choose the prettiest skinny white woman#is the part that i dislike the most. it is tradition and it involves the jobs of doezens of people so i do not think it should be erased#but it must be changed somehow. it is just plain misogyny and racism. also inkind of find it boring but good for the girls! /gen#anyways now im not single anymore what the fuck#crush#random
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albatris · 6 months ago
OK you said Alex Nd Zeke go on a date so can we get an Zeke/Alex/Quinn for the drawing thingo? If no-one else has already asked for it idk?
If someone Has already asked for it then ! I wanna know what the dynamic between Alex & Yvonne is like?? Which is more for rambles than drawing
beloved lilah hello hello thank you for the questions mwah
I'll have some Alex n Yvonne rambles for you coming right up except not, like, RIGHT right up, because I have to write them first, but uh, have Drawing. sketchy and not very polished drawing but drawing nonetheless
Tumblr media
I thought the poses were cute :3 plus these are the ideal circumstances for Quinn and Zeke not to end up arguing or trying to murder each other because
they are asleep
there is an entire Alex separating them
but yes. they're sleepy n comfy. they've had a long day. also Alex is best to snuggle with 10/10 would recommend
anyway hello I love you goodnight
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xumoonhao · 2 months ago
why did i need to see a sasuke figurine w/his dick out when i opened up twitter to clear my notifications 😑
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cuntmerlin · 15 days ago
i’m so unbelievably annoyed with my roommates and today ik it’s on me like they didn’t do anything. but it’s not any less annoying
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fbismostwanted · 8 months ago
thanks to the magic of eyelash glue and spare piercing jewelry i just learned i look so fucking good with a vertical labret and now i want it along with both my nostrils pierced
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kierancaz · a month ago
*likes post* *checks the comments* *realizes this is actually a hate post and not just a silly little joke* *unlikes post*
This is awkward.
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himbodream · a year ago
i have this AU idea sooo... George is a semi famous model and receives some criticism during his work. Wilbur, who is just a singer in this universe, picks him up in his car and tries to make him feel better. they live together. angst at first but then fluff because georgebur make me so soft.
*clapping excitedly* famous aus!! my heart! i lovee like, idol aus, actor aus, famous aus so much. i don't know it's just such a niche. i really like writing people acting?? hence why i also have a huge fondness for like, arranged marriage aus or fake dating aus :> idk idk, you guys have such good ideas!! oh my gosh! it feels like i'm being handed someone's child and i'm afraid to drop it (aka not do a good job with the prompt) but i shall try my best anyway!
send writing prompts pspsp
“Fuck, sorry.” George cringed as he shut the car door a little too aggressively, his frustration and anger from this afternoon receding to make way for a wave of shame and just a tiny bit of self-loathing. He shouldn’t take his emotions out on others or other things. In the end, wasn’t it him who was the problem which was why they couldn’t proceed with the photo shoot?
“You’re alright,” Wilbur’s voice seemed to smother all the thoughts in his head, gentle fingers finding their place on the back of George’s head where they massaged the tension away with practiced ease. George wanted him to lean over, or to lean over himself, and kiss him. But Wilbur’s windows weren’t tinted and who knew what the media was like these days. Neither of them would consider themselves famous, though when they argue about which one fits the title more Wilbur always ends up winning. Regardless, they both value their privacy and neither really want to take risks in something that could ruin that. “Rough day at work, hm?”
“A little.” George wasn’t ashamed to admit. Things just don’t go well sometimes. He has to live with that fact a lot, of course, since he’s not perfect and has never made himself out to be. But it’s also the way it all went down that made his mood even worse. He opened his mouth, about to rant about it, when he noticed Wilbur’s attire. As a model, he has an eye for fashion; which had been one thing that drew him to Wilbur in the first place. It isn’t hard to notice that he’s dressed fancier than usual. Realization of what day it was hit George like a sack of bricks. “Today’s–”
Wilbur chuckled and nodded, not sounding upset in the slightest, and it only makes George feel worse. They’ve both been so busy lately, George in getting a slight boost in fame and Wilbur in preparing for his  band’s new album, that they specifically set aside this weekend to take a break. Especially since it’s the anniversary of them moving in together. “It is,” he acknowledges, his hand still on George’s nape, lingering, as he always does. “Are you still in the mood to go out? Or do you just want to go home and relax? We can do whatever you want, love.”
“Didn’t you make reservations?” Wilbur shrugged.
“We can cancel. I don’t think you’re in the mood to get bombarded by your little fans if we get recognized.” Wilbur laughed again at the way George’s expression immediately soured.
“Right, but…”
“But you don’t want to go home yet.” Wilbur supplied, as though reading his mind. Being together for as long as they have does that to you, he supposed. After a brief moment and a slight squeeze that seemed more instinctual than anything, Wilbur took his hand off George’s nape and began starting the car.
“Where are we going?” George asked, buckling his seatbelt.
“Just trust me. Go ahead and call the restaurant to cancel our reservation, and after that, you can tell me all about the day you had at work if you want.”
- - -
“And then she had the nerve to tell me that I was just too difficult to work with when all the other photographers I’ve worked with in the past never had that problem!” Wilbur nodded, eyes flickering to George’s face scrunched up in anger for a moment before returning to the street upon the lights turning green.
“Sounds like she just has a stick up her ass. You guys just probably aren’t compatible. That happens sometimes, right?”
“Yeah, I guess.” George heaved a sigh. It feels stupid now that he’s gotten it off his chest. Part of him wishes he had just sucked it up and not ruined whatever plans Wilbur had for them today. Knowing him, he could either have had the entire afternoon and evening all planned out. Or, he could have had no plans at all. Considering today, it was probably the former.
“Well, forget about that for now cause we’re here.” George blinked. He hadn’t even realized that they were reaching their destination. Too caught up in recounting everything that happened. He looked out the window and noticed that they were parked by the side of the hill, the scenery familiar.
“I know neither of us are the sentimental kind.” George snorted at that. He may lean slightly less so, but Wilbur can be such a romantic with these sorts of things sometimes. It’s one of the things that made George fall in love with him. “But I figured this would be the perfect place to go to for a short break. I was already planning on taking you here after dinner, but well…”
George pulled Wilbur in by the collar and kissed him silent of his rambling, just like how Wilbur probably wanted to in the car earlier if the fervor at which he returned the kiss was anything to go by. George smiled to himself, thinking about how different they were now from how they were the last time they came up here, on their first date. Even the way they kiss now was nothing like the shy awkward mess of their first kiss in this very car, all those years ago.
He thought his heart would beat right out of his chest that night, under the stars. It makes him laugh now knowing that Wilbur was going through the same thing, confident as he seemed when he quietly cupped George’s cheek and brought him close, as though about to tell him a secret. In a way, he sort of did, and George would stop at nothing to keep their secret safe in his little pocket.
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5uptic · a month ago
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bulletsgirl · a month ago
Without a sound, I took her down
And dressed in red and blue, I squeezed
Imaginary wedding gown
That you can't wear in front of me
A kiss goodbye, your twisted shell
As rice grains and roses fall at your feet
Let's say goodbye the hundredth time
And then tomorrow, we'll do it again
Tomorrow, we'll do it again
I dragged her down, I put her out
And back there, I left her where no one could see
And lifeless, cold into this well
I stared as this moment was held for me
A kiss goodbye, your twisted shell
As rice grains and roses fall at your feet
Let's say goodbye the hundredth time
And then tomorrow, we'll do it again
I never thought it'd be this way
Just me and you, we're here alone
And if you say, all I'm asking for is
A thousand bodies piled up
I never thought would be enough
To show you just what I've been thinking
And I'll keep on making more
Just to prove that I adore every inch of sanity
All I'm asking for is, all I'm asking for is
Come on!
These hands, stained red
From the times that I've killed you and then
We can wash down this engagement ring
With poison and kerosene
We'll laugh as we die
And we'll celebrate the end of things
With cheap champagne
Without, without a sound
Without, without a sound, and I wish you away
Without a sound, and I wish you away
Without a sound, without a sound, and I wish you away
Without a sound, without a sound, and I wish you away
Without a sound, without a sound, and I wish you away
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catch57 · 9 months ago
bah I actually dislike not being perceived as a guy like it actually kind of ummmmmm i actually kind of hate it a bit
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headgehug · 6 months ago
jumping from the fire emblem three houses fandom where I was coerced into reading heartbreaking heartwarming angst with a happy ending trope fics to sunny where idc about the Big Ship and live here just for the rat man is like. where is my 50k hanahaki disease charlie kelly reader fic. you want ME to write that?? an angel has not yet done it??
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kawaii-pigeon · 10 months ago
Seems everyone's hounding me.on when I'm gonna start doing work again, when am I gonna work? When am I gonna go to school? Why not college? You gotta do something!
You gotta
You gotta
You gotta
Fucking stop.
Like- I'm liable to break down sobbing at the faintest memory of my mom still, I've been falling over cause my blood pressures been outta wack, I'm still trying to figure out how to manage my blood sugars.
I ALREADY feel like a freeloader okay!?
Even tho I still pay the bills! With what little money I do get to stay outta sires life!
I pay the bills, I make sure there's groceries, and I clean and clean and I'm still hounded about when I'm gonna get a job.
And they won't take a "I don't know" for a answer
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onelonelyghost · a year ago
I am preparing for a war to break out on Hermitcraft even though I know that’s never going to happen. Dream smp has changed me, holy.
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emopoetree · 5 months ago
it’s getting dark. i don’t know if you’ve noticed. i noticed—i always do, i feel the loss of light like it’s a loss of air, it’s like the world ends when the sun goes down. i don’t know if it’s the same for you. i hope not.
every night another story closes out. it’s unhealthy to let yourself die every night, i think, just to be born again in the morning, but i have to let things go. i have to let this fade to black. 
i have (had) many friends who loved winter, loved the dark: and when i said my favorite season was summer, they couldn’t understand. that’s alright. i don’t understand a love of the last cold vestiges of the year. i’m clinging to long days like a lifeline (and i think the short days were a relief, for them. a refuge.)
it’s getting dark, dear. i know you’d like to continue living, i know it’s the time for you to come alive—but i have to lay my head down on a pillow, now, and lay a weary soul to rest. it’ll be someone different in the morning, maybe. but it’ll be in the morning. always in the morning. 
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